Warrior Princess

by Heruda

Whining horses running to and fro

The clashing of weapons at war was loud

The sounds of pain and agony

The smell of blood and death

It was all driving me mad inside

There was so much anger in my heart

Then, out of nowhere, a battle cry was heard "aaaaiiiieeee" was the sound

To my astonishment and before I could react There before me crouched--sword in hand, a wry smile on her face and blue eyes twinkling in anticipation--Xena ready for battle It was my first meeting with the warrior princess and I was frozen where I stood I stared into her eyes, blue as the sea and I felt myself being embraced by the cool and gentle waters

Calm and serenity, which I had not felt before Overcame the entire essence of my being

As I returned to reality, to my dismay

The warrior princess stood majestically in front of me There was peace in my heart

Which had not been there before

Out of my hand dropped my sword

A smile touched my lips

She turned and walked away

Ready to take someone's anger away

Yet, the princess glanced back and smiled For she knew the anger in my heart

Was forever gone

Just as I knew my heart was forever hers


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