H.M. Ryan



Disclaimers: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle do not belong to me…etc.

Warning: Sexual content between consenting adults of the same sex…if this offends you, is illegal where you live, etc. please do not read this piece of fan fiction.

Additional Notes: This is my first piece of fan fiction…I do not claim to be a writer. I woke up a few mornings ago at 4:00 am with this running through my head and had to get it out!!! LOL!!! I'd love to hear your comments. hmryan71@gmail.com

The air is warm and humid. I watch her through the canopy of trees under which our small camp is nestled. She is watching the progress of the summer storm gathering in the distance. Lightening plays across the sky. The sky that most ethereal blue, darkening blue, matted with growing clouds, reflecting the creamy peach light of the sun. Opposite colors intensifying the other – rare in their current coming together. The air is positively crackling. Crackling with a particular energy I cannot quite put my finger on. Or can I? She stands across our camp fire, her back to me. What is she thinking in this silent, breath taking moment? This moment teeming with a connection so compelling to me that I could easily fall to my knees as I pray to the gods that she is thinking of me as I am thinking of her. That she is aware of this palpable energy and desire pulsing ever stronger in me with each roll of distant thunder. As I end my silent plea, she turns her head towards me ever so slightly – a glimpse – but enough for me to know the answer. And in that single moment I can no more stop myself from accepting, desiring, acting on the intensity of my emotions then I can reach up and physically pull one of the lightening bolts from the sky before us. Yet as I suddenly move towards her, as I never have before, I feel as if I am holding one of these very lightening bolts – plucking it from the sky with my own hand – all its energy rushing through my very veins.

I step into her back, without warning, wrapping my arms around her with a momentum so strong, unexpected, we are propelled forward – both stumbling to our knees. She catches our combined weight with her arms as my forehead presses into her flesh between her shoulder blades, my eyes closing tightly. My entire being hums. It hums with a desire so strong and tangible it literally roars in my ears, burns through my fingers, pulses through my neck and chest with each rapidly increasing beat of my heart. I am suffocated by it completely. I do not know which one of us brought the sound of the motion to life – but it echoes through my head and my heart as if life itself depends upon it.

As my right hand moves lower, seeking out the warmth of her, my left hand moves up, my palm pressing flat against her heart – pulling her into me even tighter. The front of my thighs brush against the back of her legs as my right knee dives into the soft ground between her knees. My left leg shifts to the outside of her left hip, bending at the knee and resting on the ball of my booted foot. With this newfound leverage I pull her to me and simultaneously press into her for all I am worth. Beneath me I can feel her do the same. Our bodies begin to move together. I turn my head to place my cheek, nose, and chin firmly against her bare skin – my lips and tongue now tasting the sweat now building on her back. My right hand moves under her skirt, beneath the thin fabric separating my questing fingers from the wetness I hope so desperately to find. She folds her right arm down along the length of mine, clutching my forearm and wrist with her fingers as my own digits find their way – Home – to finally reside inside a warmth – so smooth, so silky, so very strong – beyond anything I have ever known. She shifts to support us both with her left arm. Her neck and back arch backwards, the back of her head pressing into the top of mine. Our hair flows together into a perfect blend of glistening dark and glowing light. Seamlessly our pace increases. Whimpers and growls utter forth, drowning out the ever rolling thunder – the only sound surpassing them is the blood rushing through my ears – ringing out with our primal offering to compose the one true Sirens Song. Her trembling begins beneath me. It radiates around my fingers, through her thighs, across her back, against my palm, which still rests against her thrumming heart. The world simply falls away as her deep throated cry rings out – forcing me to suck in a breath of air so deep and penetrating as if I can possibly inhale every particle of what is happening between us and carry it inside me for eternity.

As her shudders slow, she removes her right hand it place on my arm and brings it around behind me tugging at my clothes. With one fluid movement of her own she raises us both up and brings me around to face her. Our lower bodies press together, our knees entwine, offering mutual support as we both shake with still ragged breathing. Shy, tentative smiles play across both our lips in anticipation of more to come. My arms slip around her waist as the fingers of her left hand move up to ruffle my now sweat drenched bangs and her right hand settles over my heart…then, and only then, do either of us allow green and blue to fully immerse in the other, since this motion began - mere moments ago in reality but a lifetime now…and the rain begins to fall.

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