Hallowed Crossing

Frau Hunter Ash




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Chapter 8 Hallowed Passion


Annie was barely awake when they pulled up in front of a small house in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Jeannie consulted a note and nodded to herself.

"Wait here, I'll make sure she's home," the Watcher said and Annie nodded while Travis played in the backseat with a couple of plastic animals they bought at the zoo.

Annie watched Jeannie walk not to the front door but to a small door by the larger garage door. She rang a bell and waited for a few moments. The writer watched her friend and editor talk to a barely open crack in the door and then motion for Annie to follow her.

The blonde got out of the car clumsily and opened the back door for Travis to get out. It had been an exceptionally trying day for her. Whatever was eating away at her strength and health hadn't eased up. Annie knew she had lost weight she couldn't afford and had no energy. A visit to the zoo and grocery shopping in The City had worn her out, even with the wheelchair Jeannie brought.

The apartment of Tshaya was like many other garages in San Francisco. A small apartment had been built inside the large garage of a home, which was above it. It was small, almost a studio, but it was cozy and comfortable.

The place was well illuminated, lightly decorated with small but comfortable furniture. Annie was a little surprised, almost expecting a dark place with a table and crystal ball in the center of the room. The kitchen area was painted a pale yellow and the living room in a light sky blue with furniture that complimented the colors.

Tshaya was dressed just as she had been before: a brightly colored skirt that went to her ankles, old black shoes, a red peasant top and a beautiful scarf tied around her head. Tshaya looked more like the stereotype gypsy Annie had been expecting.

Annie had no idea how old Tshaya was, figuring anywhere from fifty to ninety-nine. The writer had resisted smirking to herself when she first met Tshaya, the old woman looked almost like a twin for the old gypsy woman in The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney, Jr.

Travis politely said his hellos to the old woman and sat down on the carpeted floor to play with his animals. Annie's eyebrows rose in surprise when Tshaya smiled at them and pulled the peasant top off, revealing a baggy t-shirt underneath. She then pulled the scarf off and shook her shaggy gray hair out. Next the dangling gold earrings and bracelets were removed and she looked less like a typical gypsy and more like Annie's grandmother.

"I do readings, the traditional clothing helps," Tshaya explained as she motioned for Annie and Jeannie to sit at the kitchen table. "Jaleka has explained your situation and I agree that we must see what the Fates have in store for you."

"Jaleka?" Annie asked as Tshaya poured tea for them and handed Travis a soda.

"Thank you," Travis said softly.

"My Rrom name," Jeannie explained.

"Let us begin, please," Tshaya suggested. "Can you play quietly for awhile, Travis?"

"Yes Ma'am," he answered softly, as a plastic tiger attacked a giraffe.

Once again Tshaya brought out herbs and poured several onto an incense charcoal.

"The connection to your vampire?" Tshaya asked and Annie handed over the St. Jude medallion Cerys had left behind.

The Rrom woman closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply.

Annie wasn't sure anything was happening or going to happen when ten minutes went by without any sign of movement from the gypsy. The mother glanced over and found Travis had gotten bored while watching them and had gone back to his plastic animals.

Tshaya jerked slightly and Jeannie leaned forward in her chair to turn on the small tape recorder.

"The seer is with your Warder," Tshaya said very slowly. "The witch is powerful, she can see us. The portal will be at Sutro Park, on Mother's Night. Wait at the main cave, the one everyone knows about. "

"Mother's Night?" Annie asked softly.

"Shhhh," Jeannie urged.

"Your vampire sees you with the help of the witch," Tshaya said softly. "She is worried about you."

"Oh God, Cerys," Annie whispered, breaking into tears. "I miss you."

"The witch is fading, says be strong," Tshaya voice faded with the vision and the old woman's head dropped forward.

Jeannie shut the tape recorder off, went to the sofa and gathered up a blanket from one end. Annie wiped away her tears as her Watcher friend wrapped the warm covering around the old woman's shoulders.

"Do the other Watchers know about this gate?" Annie asked softly as Tshaya raised her head slowly.

"No, I don't think so," Jeannie shook her head and sat back down, pouring a fresh cup of tea for the Rrom. "I didn't know about this one. Watchers have always suspected there was a portal there, though. The place has the weirdest vibe and a history that is fascinating. Lots of pagans and magick users are drawn there."

"When is Solstice?"

"You know as well as I do, December 21st," Jeannie said impatiently. "Two days from now."

"Can we do it?"

"Shouldn't be a problem getting out that night," Jeannie said thoughtfully as Tshaya sipped her tea, listening to the two women. "The problem will be getting down to the cave and avoiding anyone else hanging around on the Solstice."

"We've been to the park and the Cliff House but only kinda glanced at the ruins of the old baths," Annie said thoughtfully. "I think I remember a cave in the far cliff."

"Yes, it goes all the way through the cliff to a very small beach and rocks on the other side," Jeannie nodded. "I love going out there. I've spent many hours sitting on a bench up in the park overlooking the ocean, near where they had the statues at one time."

"Travis loves the statue of Diana," Annie grinned as the boy looked up and smiled at them. "He likes to leave flowers whenever we go to the park."

"Me too," Jeannie admitted. "She reminds me of our Warders."

"I am in shock!" Annie said, playfully grabbing at her chest. "An editor with a romantic streak!"

"Oh shut up!" Jeannie grinned.

Annie grew serious again. "What happens when she crosses over, what do we do?"

"Well, as far as I can tell, there are two options," Jeannie rubbed her temples and closed her eyes. "Cerys stays here and the three of you go on the run. Cerys will be a vampire and you'll have to worry about a small boy while running."

Annie frowned.

"The other option is that Cerys spends two days and nights with you and leaves on the third night," Jeannie continued. "You'd probably never see her again."

"I don't care for either of those," Annie grumbled.

"I know, but give me something different and we'll work with it," Jeannie grumbled back.

"I know, I know," Annie whined.

"What will you do, Annie?" Jeannie asked softly.

The mother looked over at her son, her eyes troubled.

"I don't know," Annie said truthfully.


Janska held Cerys as her daughter broke down once again. The older Warder had been proud of the young Warder after the seer broke contact with the Terrain Realm. Cerys had thanked the male seer and walked out of the room with a confident stride until they got outside into the garden. It was then that Janska saw Cerys' shoulders sag and her feet stumble.

Janska reached out and drew Cerys into her arms.

"I saw her, Mama," Cerys whispered. "She's hurting so bad."

"I know, young one," Janska said softly.

"How can I tell her goodbye?" Cerys whimpered.

"To save her life and yours, you have to," Janska said firmly. "If you don't sever the connection between the two of you when you return, she'll die. They don't know enough or have enough magick on their side to counteract the affects like the healers are doing with you."

Cerys pulled out of her mother's arms and sat down on a low garden wall.

"If you don't sever the connection then you'll be stuck here when you return," Janska continued, her manner firm.

"I know," Cerys nodded miserably. "What if I stay there?"

"And what? Live forever as a hunted vampire?" Janska demanded gently. "What about her son? Is he old enough to live as an outlaw in their Realm?"

"No, he's not and she wouldn't agree to bringing him here with the price tag that comes with our realm," Cerys said wearily. "I'll be okay, Mama."

"I know it's not easy, Cer," Janska said gently. "We knew when we became Warders that the price would likely be death."

"I've been near death several times and I've been a vampire," Cerys said slowly. "This hurts worse than death."

"Love usually does," Janska smiled gently.


Annie wasn't aware of much the next day; Jeannie let her sleep most of it away.

The night was spent planning on getting away from the light surveillance on Annie and Travis in order to get to the ruins of the old Sutro Baths on the night of the Solstice.

"What the hell is Mother's Night?" Annie asked, remembering what Tshaya had said.

"The first night of the Yule season," Jeannie explained. "In the old Baltic traditions there were twelve nights of celebration beginning at the Solstice and ending at the New Year. The first night was dedicated to Mothers, both goddess and human."

"So we go out the bottom floor entrance, where they take out the trash, right?" Annie clarified, trying to focus.

"Yes, my sister in Oakland is going to rent a car and leave it on the street and then drop the keys through your mail slot," Jeannie said, going over the plan again. "I'll be waiting downstairs in the shadows to drive. We drive around for a while and end up at Sutro Park. We'll park on one of the residential streets and go down to the cave to wait."

"Will there be any rangers or something?" Annie frowned.

"Probably, I'm going to go out tomorrow and nose around a bit," Jeannie said.

"Recon the place?" Annie grinned. "You sound like something out of a war movie."

"Well?" Jeannie smirked back. "Then we decide what to do with you two."

"I guess that depends on if she's staying for more than two days," Annie said softly. "I can't take Travis into that realm and I can't take him on the run with a vampire. Cerys and I might be able to run for awhile but not with Travis and I'm not giving him up."

"I know," Jeannie said softly.

"She has to go back and I have to say goodbye, don't I?" Annie said softly, wiping away her tears.

"I can't see any answers, Annie," Jeannie agreed. "But, I'll arrange the best two days and nights of your life."

"Enough to last a lifetime?" Annie asked bitterly.


It appeared that they had managed to outwit the surveillance on Annie's apartment as Jeannie drove away from the curb. The sedan with two men continued staring at the main door of the apartment building as Jeannie and Annie drove by.

The drive went fairly quickly, considering the traffic in San Francisco. Jeannie had planned for it and insisted they leave earlier than the usual after-work rush.

Point Lobos was banked in fog, making the area seem even more eerie than usual at dusk. Jeannie drove down past the ruins of the old swimming baths, Cliff House, and back up around Sutro Park. The editor parked on a residential side street behind the Seal Rock Inn. Jeannie insisted that they eat a small dinner at the Inn even though Annie wasn't hungry, as usual.

"When does this happen?" Annie demanded. It was barely 6pm in the evening and Annie's energy was fading, despite the food and several sodas.

"I'm hoping that she comes through the first gate, somewhere around 8pm," Jeannie said. "It'll take a little bit to walk down to the cave, especially in this wet weather."

"I'm glad I wore my father's pea coat," Annie muttered. "One of the few things I ever got from either of them."

Jeannie smiled a sad smile and picked up the check. "Let's get out of here. We can take our time walking up the street, casual like."

"Okay," Annie agreed, wishing she could just curl up somewhere instead.

The walk was almost surreal, like something out of the Maltese Falcon. The fog muffled sounds and the sounds of the ocean below the cliffs sounded faintly like thunder. Jeannie led them across the busy street towards the trees lining one side of the street and apartments on the other. Annie could make out the parking area above the ruins but still below them on the left.

"It's awfully wet, how do we get down there?" Annie asked with a frown.

"It won't be easy but we couldn't get closer, they lock off the access to the parking lot to cars at dusk," Jeannie said. "We'll walk along like it's an evening walk and when we swing back around, we'll walk along the parking area and down the stairs."

"That's a long way down," Annie commented with a frown. "I don't think I can get back up."

"I'm hoping that when you and Cerys get back together that your energy level will improve," Jeannie said.

"What about the blood lust after coming through a portal? I'm not strong enough to give Cerys blood," Annie asked.

"I've got some blood in my backpack, all Watchers keep some around in the fridge,"

Jeannie grinned at Annie's look of amazement. "Does your husband know what you do?"

"Not totally," Jeannie admitted. "He thinks I have some very unusual writers and work too hard."

"I'll agree with him," Annie mumbled, trying to watch where she was walking.

Jeannie kept the pace slow and easy. Annie was surprised they actually met other people out for evening walks. The two women nodded and said hello to their fellow walkers. One was a young with a cat on a leash. Both Jeannie and Annie stopped to watch the girl set the cat down at the edge of the trees and unhook the leash.

The young woman smiled at Jeannie and Annie as the cat disappeared into the brush and she began to walk slowly along the tree line. Jeannie shrugged and began walking again, slightly behind the young woman. After about 10 minutes of walking along, the girl called and clicked her tongue towards the brush and Annie broke into a grin at the sounds of something crashing through the weeds and bushes. The cat ran up to her owner and rubbed against the young woman's legs, willingly letting her snap the leash back on and be picked up.

The girl smiled again at them and headed back towards the apartments.

"Only in San Francisco," Jeannie smiled.

Jeannie led them down the busier street that ran along Sutro Park, down past the Cliff House and curving along the coastline. Once again Annie was grateful that Jeannie seemed to share her tendency of being a Boy Scout when Jeannie pulled out two sets of flashlights and handed one to Annie.

"Keep it off as much as possible, someone might call the cops," Jeannie urged as they walked along the rough gravel towards the long steps that led down to the ruins that had once been the glorious Sutro Bath House, a delight in luxury swimming and socializing years past.

They stopped for several minutes at a park bench while Annie rested, leaning her head on Jeannie's shoulder.

"Jeannie, I can't possibly thank you or pay you back for this," Annie said softly as they watched the fog play in and out of the ocean below them, the foghorns and waves sounding distant.

"Don't worry about it," Jeannie shrugged. "I'm a sucker for romance. If everything goes right, the Watchers won't find out about this two-day vacation you're taking with Cerys. After that, I'm hopeful that you'll be back to normal and can train to be a Watcher."

"Once I say goodbye to Cerys, I might get my health back?" Annie asked bitterly.

"Yes, from what I can find out from the Rrom and other magick users, this connection you have with Cerys either has to be broken, you two get together or you both die," Jeannie explained.

"I'd rather be with her," Annie said softly, trying not to cry again.

"I know, Annie, I know," Jeannie nodded slowly. "I just can't figure out a way to do that unless you want to leave Travis with me and go on the run from Watchers, Warders, and the bad guy vampires."

"I can't do that and I don't want to be a ghoul on her side either," Annie said, repeating what they both already knew.

"Don't you think Cerys has had the same thoughts and come to the same conclusion?" Jeannie asked gently.

"You mean she's coming to say goodbye to me?" Annie asked, her voice suddenly small.

"More than likely," Jeannie said firmly, hating the situation.

Annie wiped at the tears escaping her eyes and Jeannie pretended not to notice.

"Let's head down, it's a long walk," Jeannie urged.


"Warder Cerys," Mage Kirklyn approached the young Warder slowly as Rysla began the spells to open the gate, focusing her energy.

"Yes, Elder Mage," Cerys responded.

"You give your oath as a Warder that you intend to return at the last gate?" he demanded.

"Yes, I give my word," Cerys said softly, gritting her teeth. She was determined not to show anyone how badly she was hurting, both physically and mentally. "I will make my farewells to the Terrain and return."

"Then cross, Warder, and may the spirits and Higher Ones guide you," the Mage said gently.

Cerys turned to the doorway that had been transformed into a portal in the garden of the Library. Rysla was standing before the energy swirl with her arms outstretched and head thrown back. Cerys was accustomed to the opening of gates and traveling through them but that didn't mean that she liked it.

"Cerys," Janska slowly walked up to her daughter. "I love you and I am proud of you. This is the hardest thing I've ever seen a Warder put through."

"I love you, Mama," Cerys said softly, quickly hugging her mother. "I'll be back."

"I know and we'll help you heal," Janska promised.

"From a shattered heart and soul?" Cerys asked bitterly.

"No, but we'll help you live," Janska corrected, understanding the depth of pain.

Cerys turned to the gate and closed her eyes for a moment, taking a few deep breaths. She stepped to the portal edge and fell into the energy vortex.


Annie was shivering in the cold spray coming off the ocean waves pounding at their feet and from the fog surrounding them. The water was bitterly cold and the fog seeped into the body all the way to the bones. It had been a long walk down and the writer knew that she'd never make it back up the long and twisting flight of stairs that ran down the cliff to the ruins.

The cave entrance was at the bottom of the last set of stairs along the far cliff wall, hovering out on a point of land. Annie was very grateful for the pea-coat; it had stood the test of the ocean many times during her father's career as a military man and it was one of the few things Annie had grabbed when her family had thrown her out. It didn't cover the legs or Annie's face, however, and she was chilled to the bone.

Jeannie waited at the edge of the cave's entrance, watching for flashlights or signs that anyone had followed them. It wasn't easy with the fog but Jeannie was grateful for the thick stuff. It would hide the vortex fireworks that came with a gate opening and might conceal them from the rest of the world.

A metal door was closed and locked, sealing the cave off from the outside but Jeannie assured her writer friend that the portal would still form. They didn't have long to wait until Annie felt the familiar energy and stumbled back against Jeannie.

"Come on!" the Watcher shouted, "Move back along the steps!"

Both women moved as quickly as they could, stumbling over the water slick wood and clinging to the railing as the vortex formed in the doorway behind them, sending out energy sparks that danced across the wood and over into the waves and fog. Annie heard several sea birds protesting the change in energy surrounding the cliff and something go crashing through the brush near the steps they came down earlier on the cliff side. Annie wasn't sure she wanted to know what was big enough to cause enough noise for them to hear it. Something big that lived out here? Annie shivered at the thought.

Jeannie cried out and shielded her eyes against the sudden glare, a flash of light that was like a series of fireworks going off in a contained space. Annie squinted and waited impatiently, clinging to the rock face, trying to stay away from the railing. She didn't trust her strength to keep her upright that close to the ocean waves.

Sounds of energy crackling and a small bang filled the air and the light was gone.

Annie turned on her flashlight with shaking hands and pointed it towards the cave and growled when the beam only showed her part of the entrance. She moved forward despite Jeannie yelling at her to stop until she was standing in front of the metal door where she shined her flashlight up and down. It rested on a non-moving figure huddled against the door.

"Get back!" Jeannie ordered, grabbing Annie by the collar and pulling the writer behind her as she fumbled for her backpack.

Annie started to protest but saw the figure raise its head in the flashlight and yelped in surprise. The writer had forgotten what a vampire in full blood lust looked like, with red-yellow eyes, fangs and a look of hunger that was terrifying.

Jeannie tossed a bag of something at the dark figure and then another. The editor turned and lowered Annie's flashlight as the figure ripped into the bags with a very loud growl.

"Just wait," Jeannie urged as Annie whimpered, holding onto Jeannie's arms desperately. "She'll rip your throat out if you get too close too soon."

"Annie?" a voice called out in the darkness, harsh and weak.


Annie moved past Jeannie and stumbled back to the door and went to her knees as Cerys tried sitting up. Both women hesitated, as if not believing they were both there and then Annie collapsed into Cerys' arms, crying.

"I've missed you," Annie sobbed.

"I missed you too," Cerys smiled, holding the writer close in her arms as Jeannie walked up.

"Let's get you two somewhere safe and dry," the Watcher suggested.

Cerys stood up and helped Annie to her feet, taking Jeannie's flashlight and looking Annie over carefully.

"I see you've been taking care of yourself," she joked and smiled when Annie smacked her on the arm.

"Yeah, you look like you just got out of Auschwitz yourself," Annie grumbled.

"Can you two walk back up the cliff?" Jeannie asked, glancing around, hoping the portal hadn't been spotted.

"I'm feeling better," Annie admitted.

"So am I," Cerys nodded, still holding tight to Annie.

Somehow the three women made it back to the street with Cerys helping Annie up the stairs. Even when they reached level ground, Annie still clung to Cerys, as if afraid to let her go.

Jeannie surprised Annie by leading them not back to the car but to the Seal Rock Inn, to the elevator.

"I rented a room earlier for the two of you," Jeannie grinned, looking much like the cat who swallowed the hapless canary. "I'll be back tomorrow at dusk with the rental car so you can get out of the room for awhile."

"Jeannie," Cerys hesitated. "I've got the feeling that I owe you a lot for taking care of Annie."

"Nothing a friend wouldn't do," Jeannie grinned.

"The Watcher Council doesn't know, do they?" Cerys asked as she held Annie.

"No, they don't," Jeannie admitted. "Does yours?"

"I" Cerys choked and glanced down into Annie's eyes.

"You can't stay," Annie said, more of a statement than a question and lowered her eyes when Cerys nodded.

"Spend the time together then," Jeannie urged as the elevator door opened. Jeannie handed them a key. "I checked and there's no one on either side of you."

Annie blushed and quickly hugged Jeannie.

"Take care of Trav," she whispered.

"He's with my kids, pity the babysitter, not Trav," Jeannie laughed and waved as the two entered the elevator and the doors closed.


Annie smiled and made a mental note to thank Jeannie again and again for her insight and planning. On the bed of the hotel room were two knapsacks and the writer had the feeling they contained clothes and personal stuff Cerys and Annie would need for the weekend.

Annie turned to her warrior and found Cerys noticing the knapsacks and smiling as well. The writer closed the door and leaned against it, her heart pounding loud in her ears.

Bother writer and vampire warrior looked at each other, both afraid to move or talk.

"Do we talk or do you hug me?" Annie finally demanded with a smile. Cerys smiled and appeared to relax slightly.

"Well, what can we talk about? I can't stay and I'm only here for two nights," Cerys said bluntly. "How about hugging?"

"I'd like that," Annie said softly and reached out to grab Cerys by the front of her shirt and pulled the vampire against her. Annie whimpered and felt her control totally slip as Cerys' lips met hers and she held desperately to the other woman as her lips parted, letting Cerys' tongue match hers.

Cerys growled as both sets of hands began pulling at clothing while their tongues battled.

"You're freezing, let's get these clothes off and into a shower," Cerys suggested, trying to regain control over her emotions.

"Only if you're in there with me," Annie growled, ripping Cerys' simple shirt open, sending buttons flying. The writer moved as quickly as a cat attacking a bowl of milk, moving down to Cerys' chest, her tongue dancing over Cerys' nipples, her hands filling with the warrior's breasts.

"Oh gods," Cerys growled, her body reacting instantly to Annie's touch. The vampire felt her fangs extending and fought them back as her leg went between Annie's thighs, pressing against Annie's sex.

Annie whimpered and clung to Cerys as the vampire turned her towards the bathroom. Somehow they got to their destination and out of their clothes on the way. Cerys bent over to turn on the water and Annie took advantage of the opportunity.

Annie, feeling better than she had in two months, dropped to her knees and ran her hands up the inside of Cerys' legs. The vampire yelped and jumped in surprise, almost falling over into the shower. She spun with a growl and pulled Annie up into her arms, crushing the young woman against her, both of them moaning at the feeling of skin hitting skin.

Cerys noticed Annie's skin was as cold as hers and so she picked Annie up, the young woman playfully wrapping her legs around the vampire. Cerys got them into the shower, letting the warm water hit both of them as they continued kissing. Annie lowered her legs and slid down Cerys' body, as she ran her hands up and down between the Warder's legs.

Cerys, trembling, fell back against the shower wall, holding onto it with her hands as she gasped. Annie's fingers reached Cerys' labia lips and she moaned, feeling the wetness and just a touch of warmth in the Warder's body. Annie had wanted to take her time touching and pleasing Cerys but it felt like she was being carried away by the intensity and she couldn't seem to slow down. Her tongue reached out and began exploring the taller woman's sexual region, her hands holding Cerys to her.

"Oh Gods," Cerys whimpered, feeling the same overwhelming energy sweeping over her. One hand reached out to the shower rod as the other held onto the wall, as Annie's hands and tongue demanded Cerys spread her legs wider.

"Annie!" Cerys whined as the writer's tongue danced between her labia lips and over her clit, driving her insane. It had been over a year since the Warder was with anyone sexually. Add in the soul connection she had made with Annie, and Cerys was almost in tears as her body rocked, begging for more.

While it was known that Warders felt emotions more deeply than Terrains, what wasn't well known was that it took a lot to arouse a vampire's body. The feeding was always erotic but this was beyond that.

Annie was amazed with the feelings rocking her as well. She had been with several women during her adult years and one male, but nothing compared to this. The last two months had been agony for the writer and she felt like her body was making up for it. Her energy was back, Cerys was with her and they weren't in immediate danger. Annie wasn't going to think about letting Cerys go in two days; right now the only thing that existed was Cerys' body.

Annie felt Cerys' hand in her hair and felt the Warder's frenzied silent begging. The writer entered the Warder with three fingers, roughly as her tongue and lips pulled Cerys' clit into her mouth.

"Yes! Annie!" Cerys whimpered.

The writer lost herself in the worship of her Warder, letting her tongue dance over the clit and lightly nibbling it with her teeth. Cerys bucked against her, impaling the Warder's body harder down on Annie's fingers, that in itself causing Cerys' body to jerk even more. Annie felt Cerys' muscles convulsing, clamping down on her fingers and opening and clamping again. Annie thrust harder and deeper and sped up her tongue strokes as Cerys cried out, clutching the shower rod.

Annie kept it up, taking Cerys into three more orgasms before pulling out of her lover, moving up to take the Warder into her arms.

"Oh Gods," Cerys whimpered, holding tightly to Annie as her body trembled. "That was incredible."

Annie blushed and held her lover close, letting the warm water flow over their bodies.

"I missed you," Annie growled, nuzzling Cerys' neck.

"I missed you too, it was a nightmare without you," Cerys muttered, leaning down to kiss Annie deeply, her tongue demanding entrance.

Annie felt Cerys' energy returning and whimpered as she melted into the Warder's arms, her body on fire with need.

Cerys growled and Annie pulled back. The small blonde felt a shudder of desire and apprehension sweep over her body as Cerys' eyes changed from deep blue to vampire yellow.

Cerys surprised her lover by turning Annie around slowly and pulling Annie's body next to hers. Annie moaned at the contact of skin to skin as the water flowed across her chest. Cerys' hands grasped Annie's breasts, rubbing and caressing them, tweaking the nipples lightly. The writer whimpered with her own need and then cried out softly as Cerys' hand went lower, her fingers going between Annie's sexual lips, parting them and discovering that the water wasn't the reason that Annie was very wet between her legs.

Then the hand moved around behind her, caressing her ass and working its way between her legs again and then her lips. Annie whined and put her hands against the wall in front of her as Cerys entered her body, the other hand dropped down the front of the writer to tease her clit.

Annie thrust back as Cerys pumped into her. The human was so aroused that Cerys thought Annie just might swallow the Warder's entire hand as Annie's body demanded more and more of her. The vampire was more than happy to do anything to please her lover after their long absence from each other.

The writer began crying out; making small noises that nearly drove the Warder insane with arousal. Cerys felt her fangs extending as both bodies began to shake and she sank them into Annie's neck from behind.

Annie's scream was piercing as her body crashed over the edge, shaking and convulsing as Cerys continued to pump into her. Cerys teased Annie's clit and drank from her neck, sending the blonde into orgasm several times.

When Annie opened her eyes again, she was lying in Cerys' arms, the Warder leaning against the walls, a blanket covering both of them.

"Whoa," Annie whispered.

Cerys, who had been extremely worried, sighed with relief. She gently brushed Annie's hair away from her forehead.

"Hey, you worried me," Cerys said softly.

"That was beyond incredible," Annie smiled shyly.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Cerys grinned.

"Oh yeah!" Annie said enthusiastically. "Think we can do that again when I can uncross my eyes and see straight?"

Cerys laughed and hugged Annie tightly.

"I think we can arrange that," Cerys said, her voice husky with arousal. "This time, slow and forever."


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