by Ian Hayes

First published: September 2008

DISCLAIMER: Xena: Warrior Princess, its characters and back-story are copyright MCA/Universal, StudioUSA, and Renaissance Pictures.

This story incorporating those characters is copyright Ian Hayes.

VIOLENCE WARNING: None – although there might be, in due course!

SEXUAL CONTENT: This story contains graphical descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults of the same gender. If you are under 18 years of age or this is illegal in your country then come back later, emigrate or don’t tell anyone, OK!

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Author’s note: This story started life as simply my first attempt at writing some graphical sex as a bit of an experiment. Basically, I had the urge to try my hand at it (how’s that for an innuendo-ridden sentence!). Anyway, while pondering it, the idea for turning it into a short story emerged.

Timeline: The story takes place shortly after the events depicted in The Quest.

Gabrielle lay, naked, on her back in the middle of the bed, her long blonde hair cascading in a golden halo around her head. She had her eyes closed, her arms were stretched out away from her sides, her hands open, palms towards the ceiling. Her legs were together and a small smile gentled on her lips as she waited.

Xena stood at the bottom of the bed, also naked, looking down at the recumbent bard. Her lips arched into a broad smile and then separated in a wide grin, her white teeth shining in the glow provided by the two candles at each side of the bed. Her eyes caressed the length of the bard’s body taking in all of the delicious curves and tempting features spread before her. She made her decision and slowly a pink tongue licked her lips, leaving them glistening with moisture.

She placed her knees on the bed, one each side of Gabrielle’s legs, and leant forwards taking her weight on her hands. She shook her dark mane of hair loose, letting it fall down towards the bard. Its ends draped across Gabrielle’s hips and, as she slowly crawled forwards on all fours, they trailed up across the flat abdomen beneath her. Gabrielle’s smile broadened and she chuckled silently, the shaking of her chest making her breasts jiggle slightly. Xena watched them in amusement before making a choice and lowering her head towards the left.

Pursing her lips Xena blew a jet of air onto the small, pink nipple and watched, delighted, as the areola pebbled up and the nipple’s tip stretched up towards her. She opened her lips and lowered her head, sucking the nipple into her mouth and teasing the firm point with the tip of her tongue. She closed her eyes focussing on the sensual sensations in her mouth as a faint “Mmm!” of pleasure hummed from the bard.

She released the nipple from her lips’ tender attention, to the accompaniment of a faint sigh of protest from its owner, and transferred her oral caresses to its twin. At the same time she shifted her weight onto her elbow to free up her opposite hand to continue teasing the first nipple by pinching it firmly between her thumb and first finger. As she sucked and licked one nipple she rolled and pulled gently on the other.

Gabrielle groaned as a bolt of energy shot directly from her nipples into her groin, igniting a fire in her belly. She arched her back, pressing her breast harder into Xena’s mouth. Xena sucked and pulled a little harder, stoking the fire.

Slowly, she lifted her right leg and gently slid it between Gabrielle’s. The bard opened her legs fully allowing the warrior to slide herself between them. She lowered herself carefully, her breasts touching Gabrielle’s lower belly. Slowly, releasing her lips from the captured nipple, she moved herself forwards, placing butterfly kisses all the way up the bard’s chest and neck, trailing her breasts up the firm abdomen, her nipples drawing twin thrills of sensation across the bard’s skin.

Lifting herself herself up on her arms Xena pressed her own tensed belly onto the mound of golden curls below her, feeling a moistness dampening her skin. Another, deeper groan arose from Gabrielle’s throat as the bard tilted her hips forward to increase the pressure, fuelling the ache that had started deep in her groin. Xena ducked her head and captured the bard’s lips in a deep, passionate kiss that started the bard rocking her hips rhythmically and moaning in time with them into Xena’s mouth.

The warrior drew back a little and caressed Gabrielle’s moist lips with her tongue, at the same time adjusting her weight and sliding her now free hand down the bard’s side and onto her stomach. She slid her hand lower until her fingers entered the golden curls. Gabrielle’s breath caught and a small whimper emerged from still open lips.

Long fingers continued their decent entering the warm, silky folds of the bard’s swollen and very wet sex. Xena traced her two middle fingers along either side of Gabrielle’s slick valley, carefully avoiding the sensitive nub and circling the deeper entrance. She slid her fingers back and forwards, teasing and pressing as she moved. The bard emitted a low, guttural groan between ragged breaths as her hips synchronised their rocking with the stroking of Xena’s fingers.

The warrior’s own breathing deepened as she watched, listened, smelled and felt Gabrielle’s body responding to her caresses, and she had to resist the growing urge to plunge her fingers deep into the bard’s centre to bring her crashing into orgasm. Instead she held her fingers circling at the entrance and gently rubbed and teased the now engorged nub with her thumb.

The noises coming from Gabrielle’s throat took on a note of urgency with a hint of frustration as the groans became an odd mix of cries and grunts, her breaths coming deep and irregular and her hip movements becoming more violent, her body searching for the penetration that would bring her a desperately needed release.

Xena was, at once, enthralled with her bard’s rapidly climbing arousal and also having to work hard to keep herself under control and focussed on what she was doing with her own arousal also climbing to an almost unstoppable level, her groin aching for attention of its own. But she wasn’t ready yet to release the bard, she wanted something more; something that she could tell she would very soon receive.

“Oh gods, Xena, please… please”

Xena smiled at receiving her reward.  With delicious anticipation she slid her two fingers fully into Gabrielle’s waiting entrance, opening them, pressing them firmly against the soft, silky walls, easing them slowly out and plunging them in again, her thumb keeping up its steady teasing.

Gabrielle’s body almost immediately went rigid, arching itself upwards, forcing the centre of the sensations hard against Xena’s hand. A flood of intense sensual feeling washed through her, radiating from her groin out to her feet and up to her head. The orgasm pulsed through her, again and again and again, loud cries emerging from her throat with each pulse.

Xena continued sliding her fingers inside Gabrielle for a few pulses, feeling the muscular walls around them clenching rhythmically in time with the rest of the bard’s body, then she pressed her hand hard onto the wet, warm flesh, her fingers still enclosed. She watched the bard’s face, a broad smile on her own, and with a depthless look of love in her eyes.

Slowly, the spasms in Gabrielle’s body subsided. She was panting rapidly as her body drew in air to replenish the oxygen it had used up but gradually, her breathing slowed as her heart rate began to come down to more normal levels. Xena gazed at her as blonde lashes fluttered open to reveal forest green eyes, almost black with fully dilated pupils. “By the gods!” Gabrielle looked up into warm, sky blue eyes and opened her mouth, silently asking. Xena smiled and ducked her head to grant the unspoken wish, her lips joining with the bards in a tender, loving caress.

“You okay?” whispered Xena, as their lips eventually parted.

“Mm.” Came the quiet, contented reply.

Xena ever so gently eased her fingers free and slowly relaxed the pressure of her hand to the accompaniment of a faint sigh of almost disappointment from the bard.

Gabrielle looked deeply into Xena’s eyes not surprised to see undisguised passion and desire looking back at her, reigniting her own libido. “Your turn Xena.” She said, her eyes widening slightly in anticipation and a small smile catching at the corners of her mouth.

Without a flicker of hesitation, Xena lifted a leg back over Gabrielle’s so that she now straddled one of the bard’s powerful thighs, firm with well developed muscle. She pushed herself up onto her hands, extending her arms fully and tilted her hips to bring her own aching nub of sensitivity into contact with Gabrielle’s skin. The bard smiled and bent her knee to change the angle of her leg and increase the contact.

Xena began, slowly at first, sliding herself back and forth along the tense thigh, the slickness created by the moisture from her own sex causing explosions of sensation to radiate outwards from the nub as it rubbed against the silky, skin-covered firmness. Her breathing quickly turned ragged as her already aroused state rapidly climbed again towards release.

Green eyes watched as blue eyes closed and a small furrow appeared in the forehead between them. Gabrielle smiled again feeling a delicious echo of the sensual feelings that were painting themselves across Xena’s face. She raised her hands and gently cupped the breasts that were dangling temptingly just above her. The warrior gave a deep throated whimper as she twisted her shoulders, trying to increase the pressure. The bard’s smile broadened as she pressed her hands against Xena’s chest, squeezing the heavy breasts tightly against it. She carefully but firmly began to  massage them. Xena’s whimper became a groan that Gabrielle could feel vibrating through her hands.

Xena’s movements quickly became more urgent as her hips rocked increasingly rapidly and pressed harder onto Gabrielle’s leg. Her breathing came in short gasps as her face scrunched in focussed concentration.

As Gabrielle felt the telltale twitches in Xena’s body begin she relaxed her hands and grasped the warrior’s hardened nipples in her fingers, rolling and pulling them firmly. Xena emitted a loud groan and opened her eyes to look directly into the smiling green ones below her. Her body tensed as her own, long awaited orgasm crashed through her in wave after wave of ecstasy, each accompanied by its own quiet grunt from deep within her throat, finally calming into a drawn out groan as she relaxed her arms and collapsed onto the smaller body beneath her.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around the warrior and hugged her tightly, two tears sliding from the outside corners of her eyes as she closed them contentedly.

A pair of eyelids beneath a mop of shaggy black hair slowly flickered open, the eyes staring up at the ceiling, closely followed by a quiet groan of frustration.

“Hmm? Did you say something, Auto baby?” A silky, deep voice asked.

Autolycus turned his head to his right and could just make out the long dark hair in the glow from the red lamp over by the window. “Mm, no. Just a dream” he said.

A hand belonging to the owner of the hair slid across towards Autolycus stopping as it encountered a firm obstruction, currently causing the bed sheet to take on the appearance of a rather squat tent. “Ooh, Auto,” the silky voice continued. “I’ve never known anyone have so many ‘interesting’ dreams.” The hand took a gentle hold of the tent pole.

Autolycus looked back up to the ceiling and groaned again. “Xena, I don’t know whether you did this deliberately or not, but it’s costing me a fortune.” He mumbled, pondering the seven days he had spent almost living in the brothel.

A lighter, slightly husky voice spoke up from his left. “Mm, again?” There was a hint of anticipation in its tone.

Autolycus looked over, able to make out the long, blonde hair cascading over the pillow beside him more easily in the dim light. “But worth every penny.” He chuckled raising his arms above his head as dark and blonde heads turned towards him. He didn’t hear the gentle giggle from the far corner of the room.

Hades winced slightly as he watched. “You’re going to kill the guy if you keep this going, you know. Not that I’m complaining of course.” He smirked.

“Oh, Hadey, don’t be silly. That’s just an old wives tale spread by… well… old wives I suppose.” Aphrodite giggled again, her breasts jiggling slightly under her diaphanous dress.

“What in Tartarus gave you the idea to do this anyway?” With an effort Hades turned away from the entertainment to look at his deity kin.

“Well, after you told me what the three of them got up to while Xena was enjoying…” she made little quote marks with her fingers, “…your hospitality, it sort of… came together.” She chuckled to herself, pleased with her little pun.

Hades looked back at the energetic activity going on nearby. “I still can’t believe you got Morpheus to help you do this either.” He mused, somewhat distracted. He shook his head after a few moments and continued. “I know that you’re into this sort of thing, but what do you get out of it?”

Aphrodite had her head cocked over to one side as she watched the proceedings. “Oo, I’ll have to remember that one.” She mumbled. “Hadey, you have no sense of fun.” She replied, reproachfully.

Hades shook his head again before vanishing. Aphrodite, giggled again as she watched the tangle of legs, arms, dark hair, blonde hair and a moustache writhing in the centre of the large bed. “I just can’t wait to watch his reaction when he next meets up with Xena and Gabrielle for real.”

The End.

(And it may well be for Autolycus unless he can control himself!)

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