Written for J M Dragon's "Dragon Jules Storybook Challenge" August 2004 (http://www.jmdragon.net/) - premise - write a love story based upon a song - the story must have as little angst as possible and must incorporate the elements of your choice of song. So - Inspired by "The Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-Las - lyrics available here - http://www.elyrics4u.com/l/leader_of_the_pack_the_shangri_las.htm


They look like them, they're not them. Don't sue, I'm broke.

I don't own the song either - and I haven't quoted the words so no copyright is infringed.

It's two women but nothing graphic, if you know you shouldn't read it then don't.

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That's When I Fell


Insane Englishwoman

Chapter One

"Damn." The blonde woman stopped her headlong rush down the High Street; coming to such an abrupt halt that the young mother behind was unable to avoid her. "Ouch." The double buggy cannoned into the backs of her knees. "Oops, sorry." Stepping out of the way she looked around for a newsagent or sweet shop, having at the very last minute remembered her aunt was coming for tea, and it was the birthday of the aunt in question. Said aunt possessing an extremely sweet tooth a box of chocolates would make an excellent, if predictable, gift. Muttering under her breath, "Damn, damn, damn", as she realised she had no idea where the nearest sweetshop was.

"First sign of madness that is, Betty."

She turned towards the voice of her best friend. "Hello, Mary." She smiled at the bouncy little redhead. "I wasn't talking, I was swearing. I need chocolates for my Aunt Susanne and I haven't the faintest idea where there's a shop to buy any. And don't call me Betty"

Mary laughed. "But it suits you Betty-Boo, and it's what your parents always call you." The blonde frowned. "Oh alright, Beth, if you insist. And as for chocolates, well that's because you're little miss perfect-obedience and wouldn't dream of going against your parents' strictures to 'not eat sweets between meals'. Mary made quotation gestures before linking an arm through her friend's. "Now a chocoholic like me, on the other hand, knows every sweetshop, newsagent and convenience store from here to Bristol. There's a Thornton's Hand Made just round the corner from the cathedral. And while we're walking there you can dish the dirt on you and Nigel."

Beth stopped walking, once again causing unsuspecting pedestrians to collide with her. "Ouch, second time I've done that in the last ten minutes. I'm sorry, sir, are you alright?" She handed the man his briefcase, which she had knocked from his hand and turned back to Mary. "What do you mean, dish the dirt?"

"Well..." Mary stretched the word into three syllables. "I left the law library about 20 minutes ago and Nigel was there, I think he might have been a little drunk, but he was telling everybody who would listen that he'd dumped you and that you were a frigid bitch and lousy in bed. I didn't even know you'd done the horizontal mambo with him! I take it you're the one who dumped him. I wouldn't think anyone as arrogant as he is, no matter how cute, and he is cute." She paused for a moment to relish the vision. "Yes, he is very cute, but he's arrogant and thoughtless and rude. He thinks his parents' money allows him to do whatever he chooses. But I'm wandering. What was I saying? Oh yes, I wouldn't think anyone like Nigel would be particularly good in bed. Was he?"

Beth had remained silent throughout this monologue, and had Mary even glanced her way she could not have failed to notice that the blonde was flabbergasted. Standing completely slack-jawed she struggled to find her voice.

"He said what?"

"He said he dumped you. Why didn't you tell me you'd slept with him, I am your best friend."

"Because I haven't. I wouldn't. And yes, I told him we were through. I don't care if my parents think he's a 'wonderful catch'. He's selfish and arrogant and he kept pushing me to sleep with him. I told him I wanted to wait." Annoyed now, Beth started walking in the direction of the cathedral.

Mary looked towards her friend. "You know, you are the only 21 year old virgin I've ever met. You may even be the only 21 year old virgin left in England. Why are you still saving it for Mr Right?"

"I'm not. I'm just not giving it away to Mr Right-Now. I want someone who.... I don't know.... they don't have to light a fire, just a little spark would do. I want someone who when they kiss me I forget my name, not wonder how soon I can get away to clean my teeth. I want someone who makes me feel something. I have never had a boyfriend who did that."

"You don't want them to set the world on fire - but you want to be kissed until you forget your own name. You don't see any discrepancies here?" Many laughed.

"Well, yes, when you put it that way." Beth grinned in response. "Of course, ultimately I do want someone who will set the world on fire, who will take my breath away, but I don't expect that in every boyfriend. I would like it if just one of them could inspire something other than boredom or a faint feeling of distaste."

Mary stopped walking for a moment and stared thoughtfully at Beth, then resumed her progress. "Well, I'm sure you'll find the right...person eventually. You've dated... what.... four boys? Don't give up."

They rounded the corner into the narrow little lane which led to the speciality store; the narrow lane which currently was partially blocked by a large motorcycle. A motorcycle whose pillion passenger was waiting, but obviously not waiting patiently, because as they approached she whined, in a nasal voice, towards the sweetshop doorway. "Jimmyyyyyy. Can we go yet?"

A deeper voice from within, "I'll be ready when I'm ready and not before."

The voice sounded very fed up. But whether this was due to frustration with the pillion passenger or the inability to find whatever it sought, Beth was unable to decide. Mary whispered in her ear, "Surely it can't be...comfortable riding on the back of a bike in those clothes?"

Beth looked at the woman; her clothing consisted of a pair of very short shorts and a brief top that might have had ambitions to become a t-shirt when it grew up, but quite patently was much too small to be considered one at the moment. And which did absolutely nothing to hide the fact that the woman was not wearing a bra, both nipples and nipple-piercings were clearly visible through the tightly stretched material. The rather badly done bleach job perfectly completed the picture of "Laner", the local name for "trash". "I don't think "comfort" is her intention." Beth replied drolly as they entered the store.

Going from the unseasonably bright, sunny, warm late October day into the much cooler, dimmer shop left the two friends momentarily blinded. Mary paused to allow her eyes to adjust; regrettably Beth did not. The inevitable happened; for the third time that afternoon Beth collided with another human being. A tall, solidly built, leather clad human being by the feel of it, with strong arms which caught her quickly, before she could crash to the floor as she reeled from the impact. Beth could almost feel the body chuckle as the voice, which had earlier responded to the plaintive cry of "Jimmy", breathed huskily into her ear, "Well, I'm fairly used to women throwing themselves at my feet but not generally those as beautiful as you are." The sultry tones sent a shiver through her, as the arms, having steadied her, withdrew. She found herself wishing they hadn't.

Beth's vision adjusted itself and she realised with a start that 'Jimmy' was a woman. And what a woman, Beth's eyes travelled from the cowboy boots, up long legs clad in faded blue denim, across toned abs clearly outlined by a form fitting white t-shirt, the whole ensemble topped off by a black leather biker's jacket. A crash helmet clasped loosely in one hand confirmed that this was indeed the owner of the motorcycle parked outside. Beth continued her scrutiny; long dark hair framed the high cheekbones of what had to be the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Her eyes were the most incredible shade of blue; eyes which were twinkling with suppressed laughter she realised. She blushed scarlet.

"Like what you see?" The question was almost a growl, a low, sensuous drawl. "I sure do." Suiting action to words the brunette copied Beth's appraisal, running her eyes up from the low-heeled pumps, across the light, print, summer dress; a dress which whilst being simple was stylish and it looked to Jimmy had cost more than she earned in a month. Short blonde hair, a face that Jimmy felt belonged to the cutest, most drop-dead gorgeous woman she'd met, and forest green eyes, eyes to get lost in. Startled Jimmy wondered to herself where that had come from. I don't usually wax poetical about a bit of skirt. Ah but this was no ordinary bit of skirt she admitted to herself. This was Elizabeth Campbell. "Oh, yeah, Beth", she purred, "I do very much like what I see."

Beth was blushing even brighter shade of crimson. She attempted to speak but found words wouldn't come. She was short of breath she realised, and her heart was pounding so loudly she was astonished the other woman hadn't commented on it. Eventually regaining control of her vocal cords Beth stammered, "You know my name?"

"I've seen you around at the University."

"Oh. What are you studying? You aren't in any of my classes, are you? I would have remembered someone as... tall... as you."

Jimmy smiled softly. "Thank you for assuming I'm a student, and not for deciding that someone like me, a working class tough, couldn't possibly be intelligent enough for university. No we don't share any classes and I doubt you will have seen me. I've noticed you in the refectory at lunch-time. One of my part-time jobs is in the kitchen."

Beth opened her mouth to say something more, she had no idea what but whatever it had been didn't matter, they were interrupted by a whine from the doorway.

"Jimmy, ain't you done yet?"

Beth was still watching Jimmy's face which was why she caught the quick flash of emotions that no-one else did. She wasn't quite sure if she'd interpreted them correctly but it had seemed like regret, followed by shame, followed by despair, and then Jimmy's expression had turned completely blank. Beth found she wanted desperately to know why.

Jimmy swept a bow towards Beth. "It's been a pleasure meeting you." She said, then she turned and left the store. Beth watched her start the motorcycle and roar off, and felt inexplicably pleased at the rather sour expression visible on the face of Jimmy's pillion passenger. Although as she moved began to make her selection from the hand-made Belgian truffles on display she experienced a twinge of some other emotion which she couldn't quite name but which left her stomach churning.

Chapter Two

Chocolates having been purchased and the box gift-wrapped, the two friends made their way back through the town centre in the direction of the university car-park. Mary broke the companionable silence by suddenly stating, "My sister went to Sixth Form College with her."

Beth stopped, checking behind her first for wayward passers-by. "Who? What?"

"Jimmy. My sister was doing her 'A' levels at the same time as Jimmy. They say she's a genius you know. She was two years ahead of herself at the time. She's only three years older than us. But everything went wrong for her, that's why she's still at Uni and didn't leave years ago."

"You aren't making a lot of sense here, you know. What do you mean, at Uni? She said she worked in the kitchen." Beth was as puzzled as she sounded, but privately she admitted to herself she was very interested. She wanted to know everything about this fascinating and beautiful woman. Fascinating? Beautiful? What on earth?

Mary continued, oblivious to the blonde's confusion. "Oh yes, she does. She works several part-time jobs to pay her way. She's reading for a Master's in history and mediaeval studies. She lives in a squat somewhere in the 'Lanes', on the other side of the river." Mary named the area of the town generally considered to be the lowest of the low-class districts. "She was one of the top students in her school and they moved her to 6th form when she as only 14. They were predicting a great future for her; she was expected to get scholarships and everything."

"Well, what happened?"

"She's...well... you saw for yourself today.....she...erm...likes girls. She had a girlfriend in college; they were making out one day when the girl's parents came home early. They absolutely exploded, called Jimmy's folks and when Jimmy got home her suitcase was packed and sitting on the doorstep. Her parents told her she was no longer welcome and that was that. She dropped out of school, started hanging around with a bunch of bikers, the gang she leads now. She got a squat and started working in a bar. She's fairly notorious around town because she's such a womaniser but all the same a lot of people respect her because she went to evening school, passed her exams and was accepted to the university. She supports herself and studies. You wouldn't run into her at Uni because none of your classes are at the same times and you probably don't know any of the gossip about her because your parents keep you away from anyone they think is bad for you."

"Yes, and they'd certainly consider someone from her side of town to be that. I'm so grateful they let me see you."

"Ah, well, having a high-court judge for a father does give one some standing." Mary arched her brow and both women giggled. "I don't know how you stand it, Betty-Boo. Your parents I mean."

"I have no choice, Mare. I'm not quite smart enough to win scholarships and my family is far too wealthy for me to qualify for a grant or a student loan. I need their backing to finish my degree. Even if they do think that the only reason a woman needs a degree is so that her husband can show off an intelligent wife." Her voice betrayed a slight touch of bitterness. "Once we graduate, well, it will be different. I'll be able to work to support myself and then I'll do what I want. Until then I'll behave. I only have to hold on for another year. Next summer I'll be free. Now tell me, is her name really Jimmy?"

"No." Mary chuckled. "I don't know what her name is. I'm not sure anyone does anymore. She's been Jimmy since junior school. Her last name is Dean and...well you saw her attitude! She had it even then. So they called her 'Jimmy' Dean, and the 'Jimmy' stuck.

They had been walking slowly throughout their conversation and Beth was surprised to see that they were standing beside her car. She had no recollection of the path they had taken to get here. 'Auto-pilot.' She thought with a smile. "Can I drop you anywhere?" The blonde waved in the direction of her car.

"No, thanks for the offer though. I'm meeting Jerry in about 15 minutes for a coffee. See you tomorrow, Betty-Boo."

"Yes, bye then. And don't call me that!" She reached into her bag for her keys, smiling as she watched the redhead gently jog away, obviously eager to meet up with her current boyfriend.

Chapter Three

Beth shivered as she left the warmth of the law faculty building and stepped into the light drizzle. The brilliant sunshine of just two weeks ago had gone to be replaced by typical November weather, grey, cold and raining. Not wanting to stay out in it for too long she broke into a brisk trot. Unfortunately the steps, slick with rain, proved just too slippery for her court shoes to grip and she felt her feet slip from underneath her. 'Oh this is going to hurt.' She thought, bracing herself for a hard landing on the unyielding granite. The expected impact never came as she found herself caught and held in a pair of strong arms, which gently returned her to a stable upright position before withdrawing. She shivered again, but for totally different reasons as a familiar voice set her pulse racing with its drawled comment.

"There you go, throwing yourself at my feet again."

"Jimmy!" Beth beamed looking up into startlingly blue eyes..

"Hey, you look pretty pleased to see me considering you don't know me."

"I am pleased to see you, and I'd like to know you. Would you like a coffee, we could get one in the student union club?" Beth held her breath, amazed at her boldness, this was most unlike her. Her delight at seeing Jimmy was short-lived. The sudden fleeting look of disgust that sped across the tall woman's face was like standing under a bucket of cold water.

Jimmy's lips twisted into a cynical smile as she replied. "Your class of people don't usually want coffee from me."

"Oh." With a gasp Beth realised what Jimmy must be thinking. Since meeting the attractive biker Beth had gone out of her way to gather information about her. She had discovered that Jimmy was considered to be "easy". In addition to the "laners" she ran with, more than one of the bi-curious women students at the university had made a play for her. And slept with her. If you could call what they had done 'sleeping'. In fact one woman had called her "a slut". Which Beth had found strange since that self same woman had been talking about her own little escapade with the brunette. If you deliberately set out to have sex with "a slut" what did that make you, she'd wondered. It was painfully obvious that Jimmy believed that was her purpose in inviting 'coffee'. It was also fairly plain that this belief hurt her.

"No, no. That wasn't what I meant. I really do want coffee. I want to get to know you." Beth stressed the word 'you'.

Jimmy looked at her for a long moment before asking "Why?"

The blonde gave a small laugh. "Do you know, I have no idea. But I like you and I would like to get to know you. I'd like to be your friend. She held her breath again as Jimmy contemplated her.

The brunette smiled rakishly, a slow, crooked heart-stopping grin. "I can't remember the last time I had a friend. Biker mates, yeah. Bed partners - plenty of those. But a friend - nope - can't recall. I think I'd like that."

Beth was unbelievably happy with Jimmy's reply. Almost giddy with joy in fact. Deep down inside she knew she aught to be worried about that, or at least asking herself some stern questions, but she chose to ignore her inner voice and enjoy the moment.

A coffee turned into several. Close to three hours passed as they chatted about any and everything under the sun, before Jimmy suddenly caught sight of the time.

"Hey - I gotta go. I'll be late for my evening job in the pub if I don't! It's been really great talking to you, Beth. Can we do this again?"

Beth nodded, secretly delighted. "I'd love to, how about Wednesday? I finish lectures at one and I'm free all afternoon, I usually just go to the library but coffee with you would be wonderful." The blonde blushed, thinking she'd said too much.

Jimmy caught her hand, bowed over it and gently kissed the back. "Wednesday would be good. I'll see you then."

She rushed off. Leaving a smiling blonde sitting at the table staring at her hand, until she was rudely awakened from her daydreams by a rather sarcastic voice. "It's none of my business, Beth, but do you know what they say about that, that person." The intruder managed to make the word person sound like a communicable disease. "She's a dyke you know. And totally from the wrong side of town. She's trash and belongs with trash."

"You're right, Jennifer. It's none of your business." Beth stood and walked away.

Chapter Four

November rolled around into December, Beth and Jimmy having begun by meeting for that first 'one coffee', then a couple of times a week, now met everyday. They had coffee, they went for walks through the university grounds, they sat by the ornamental ponds and they strolled in the woods.

Jimmy behaved like a perfect gentleman each and every time. Beth didn't know whether to be flattered or offended by this. She did know that spending time with Jimmy was becoming necessary to her. She'd spent one or two sleepless nights considering exactly what this meant. What it said about her, and her sexuality, before deciding it didn't matter. If she was gay, well that's what she was. Being with Jimmy made her feel more alive than all her (admittedly not many) boyfriends ever had. She decided to go with the feelings wherever they led.

She was not, however, looking forward to the Christmas break. It would mean three weeks of no Jimmy. And she'd been agonising over presents. Should she get Jimmy one? And if so what exactly? Nothing too expensive, because Jimmy wouldn't be able to get her anything too pricey. But then she spent anxious moments debating whether Jimmy would want to buy her a present.

She was just working her way round to an almost certain nervous breakdown about the whole thing when a husky voice purred in her ear. "Hello, princess, been waiting long?" And a leather clad arm draped itself across her shoulder.

She grinned broadly. "Hello handsome. Not long. Want to walk or get a coffee?"


"Yes? Yes is not an answer to an either/or question". They both smiled at the phrase that had become a tradition between them.

"Walk, then coffee to warm up." The biker stated firmly. She removed her arm from the blonde's shoulders. Beth mourned the loss briefly but smiled happily as Jimmy held out her hand. Hand in hand they strolled towards the ornamental fountain which dominated the square behind the organic chemistry lab.

When they reached the small grove of rhododendron bushes which screened them from the eyes of anyone else who might be in the grounds at that moment, Beth stopped walking and gently tugged Jimmy round to face her. She had made a decision last night. Her dating experiences had not been extensive, and she had always limited her encounters to a few kisses. She had never felt comfortable with the whole thing. But last night she'd admitted to herself that if any man had made her heart beat as fast as Jimmy could with just a smile she would probably have slept with him by now - no matter what her parents thought about it "spoiling" her for marriage. Now, if she could just get up enough courage she intended to find out exactly what kissing Jimmy would do to her pulse. If she could get the nerve. It was a very big word considering it was only two letters, 'if'.

She became aware of the fact that Jimmy was looking at her quizzically, with just one eyebrow raised. How does she do that, she thought, just the one. I can't no matter how I try.

"Jimmy..." She stopped. "Jimmy.." She tried again. Why couldn't she formulate a simple English sentence all of a sudden?

"What's wrong, princess?" Jimmy let go of her hand and putting her arms around the blonde drew her into a loose embrace.

Beth let her head drop to rest against the biker's chest and sighed with pleasure. She had absolutely no idea how she was going to do this. She tried again, mumbling into the leather, "Jimmy, we need to talk, no I need to talk. I need to say something. Oh, good lord, why is this so hard?"

"What's the matter, princess?" Jimmy moved one arm, putting two fingers under the smaller woman's chin and raising her face in order to look her in the eyes. "You breaking up with me?"

Beth stepped back, vehemently exclaiming. "Breaking up? No, never!" Then - "Hang on, if you're worried about breaking up does that mean we're actually going out? Together I mean."

The brunette smiled; that sexy smile Beth loved so much. "Well, I kind of hoped we were. I mean, I know I never asked you if you wanted to be my girl and all, but I sort of hoped you did." More softly she added. "I haven't been with anybody else since our second coffee meeting."

"You haven't? Oh my. Oh yes, I'm your girl. I want to be. I want... I mean I'd like.." Beth blushed scarlet and cursed her return to the ranks of the incoherent. Fortunately Jimmy seemed to understand exactly what the blonde meant. She bent down and gently kissed her. "Ohhhhh. Yesss. That's what I wanted." Beth murmured without opening her eyes, which had closed, quite without her permission, at some point. "More". The biker obliged.

Their coffee meet-ups became daily make-out sessions.

But Christmas break drew ever closer. There were just four more days to go before the end of term. Beth wondered if Jimmy was as upset about it as she was. At that moment the biker sighed and drew the blonde closer, wrapping her arms more tightly about the younger woman who was sitting on her lap. "Christ, princess, I don't know how I'm going to get through Christmas without you. I've got used to seeing you everyday."

"We'll find a way, somehow. Not everyday, but I'm not going to give this up for three weeks." The blond swore as she leaned in for another kiss.

They managed to meet just twice in the days leading up to Christmas. Either Jimmy was working or Beth was obliged to accompany her parents while they attended various charitable or society functions or on visits to see numerous relatives with whom she had the barest of passing acquaintances.

Beth was determined to see her girlfriend on Christmas Eve. Her main problems were firstly, they had not arranged to meet so it meant a home visit, and secondly she had only the vaguest of ideas where Jimmy lived. I'm an intelligent woman, she rationalised, I can ask directions.

Chapter Five

Placing Jimmy's present on the passenger seat of her car she drove across town and into the housing estate known as The Lanes. She looked at the houses. Well they weren't all scruffy and rundown. True there were a few with the stereotypical Ford Escort with no wheels, propped up on bricks. And yes, one or two did have a rather extensive collection of kitchen appliances rusting in what should be the garden. But more of them had neatly tended gardens than not. If she had been prone to the prejudiced generalisations of some of her peers regarding this side of town she would have been swiftly disabused of that notion.

Now where? She spotted a man cleaning a large motorcycle. Would one biker know another? Pulling over she stepped out of the car. "Excuse me. I'm looking for someone, I wonder if you could help me," The man favoured her with what could only be described as a leer.

"You've found someone darlin'. I can do more for you than whoever you're after could." He took a step towards her.

"Thank you. But I'm looking for Jimmy. Jimmy Dean."

He stopped and stepped back, adopting a far more respectful attitude. "Ah. You're hers." It wasn't a question. "Sorry miss, I didn't know. Down here a bit, second left and it's the house at the end. Number 7. Erm, don't tell her I.. erm.."

"Thank you again, and don't worry." Well, that was gratifying.

Stepping from the car outside Jimmy's squat she suddenly had doubts. What if Jimmy wasn't home? Worse what if Jimmy didn't want her here, was angry that she'd come? Too late to back out now. She knocked on the door nervously; jumping slightly when it was flung open.


All doubts were erased as the blond was swept into her girlfriend's arms and passionately kissed. As they pulled apart Beth became aware of cheering and whistling.

"Sod off, you lot." Jimmy shouted amiably to three young men standing on the opposite side of the road. They laughed and sauntered on. "Sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you. I was just pleased to see you."

"I'm not embarrassed. And you can be pleased to see me whenever you like if I get that kind of welcome" Beth murmured.

As the biker stood back to allow Beth to enter the house a motherly looking woman called from the window of the house next door. "Looks good on you Jimmy. About time."

Jimmy blushed and replied "Thanks."

"What looks good?" Beth was curious.

"Explain later." Mumbled the brunette as she followed her partner in and closed the door.


Nestled in Jimmy's arms, curled together on Jimmy's sofa. How much closer to heaven could she get, she wondered. She looked again at the ring on her right hand. The biker had completely taken her breath away when she'd opened her Christmas present and seen that.

"Call it an engagement ring," she'd said. "It's an emerald - to match your eyes."

Now cuddled here she knew there was something more she needed to say. In fact she couldn't believe she'd never said it, neither of them had.

"Jimmy, I need to tell you something." The brunette looked at her. "I want, need - oh why is this so hard?"

"It's ok, princess. I know."


"I could see it in your eyes, princess. Me too. It's the reason you're the only woman in my life."

Beth pulled the biker down for another kiss, long, sweet and tender. And with that she made up her mind about something else.

"Jimmy, take me to bed."

"Are you sure? We don't have to, not till you're sure."

"I'm sure."

Jimmy had stood up with the blonde still cradled in her arms and carried her into the bedroom.

It had been tender, and gentle and passionate. Jimmy had been patient and loving and absolutely wonderful. Beth had felt as if every nerve in her body was on fire. She had never felt so alive. And when Jimmy had finally brought her to an earth-shattering climax and held her in her arms as the shudders died away, Beth had asked herself if it was possible to be this happy.

It hadn't been that which had brought the tears. Nor had it been her second or third orgasms. It wasn't even the way Jimmy had gasped out her name as she had rocked with her own powerful release.

No. What had made her cry had been Jimmy's words as they'd lain together in bed, just holding each other, afterwards.

"You know. I've never done that before. Oh I've kissed lots of women, and I've touched lots of women. I've even had sex with a fair few of them, but I have never, ever in my life before made love with someone."

And when the biker had been brave enough to state that and lay her heart out for the taking Beth had finally been able to say it.

"I love you."

Chapter Six.

It had been hard over the break, but they'd made it. The University was back in the swing of things. The long haul was coming to an end; all that remained was the last mad rush to the final exams. Beth and Jimmy met daily for coffee and kisses, and were managing to get together most weekends to make love. They were young in love and barely aware that the rest of the world existed. It. however, was perfectly aware of their existence.

Beth was in her room finishing an essay when she heard her mother calling her. She glanced at the clock, not nearly time for dinner, wonder what's up. Running lightly downstairs she queried, "Yes, mother?"

"Your father is in the drawing-room and would like to speak to you, Betty."

Puzzled Beth entered the room. "Father?"

"Sit." Beth sat like a well-trained poodle. Her stomach took a short stroll around her abdomen as she realised that Nigel was present in the room.

"I have received some rather disturbing information. It would appear that you have been seduced away from your fiancé.." Beth snorted, her father appeared not to notice. "...by a depraved and unnatural person. It would seem that she has preyed upon your innocence and led you from your true path. Your heartbroken fiancé has been forced to bring me this very upsetting news. What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

Beth took a deep breath. On God, what was she going to say? "Father, I have no fiancé, I have never had a fiancé. I did go out with Nigel for a short while, but I ended things with him because he continually pressured me towards sleeping with him. I did not wish to. I wanted to save myself for someone I truly loved. I have made friends with several people at university that is correct, but none of them fits the description you have just given." There, not one single lie but not one single admission either.

Her father stood - he looked enraged. Beth was suddenly very nervous.

"Fortunately, I am well acquainted with the notorious pervert who goes by the name of 'Jimmy'. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that you are unaware of her true nature, but I command you to break off your friendship with her. You will not see her anymore. You will not speak to her. If you truly find this young man to be so objectionable I do not insist that you marry him, I will find you some other more suitable match. But you will become engaged. Is that clear. Failure to do so will mean that I will cut you off without a penny. You will leave this house and support yourself; I will not pay your university bills or your tuition fees. I will arrange a meeting for you so that under supervision you can tell this, this..... creature that you will have nothing more to do with her. Now go to your room."

Beth ran up the stairs and threw herself onto her bed. What on earth was she to do? Oh God. I can't give up Jimmy, but I can't support myself, not yet. Oh God, it was only one more term, that's all I needed to get through. Oh Jimmy! She cried herself into a fitful sleep.

The following day her father called her downstairs.

"I will not have that...person in this house but I have arranged for you to speak with her on the doorstep. Have you made your choice? If you wish you may leave now, with her, but you take nothing but the clothes you are wearing. If you come to your senses and behave like a natural woman I will continue to support you.

Emotionally drained, tired from lack of sleep Beth could not focus. She opened the front door. Jimmy stood there, soaked, in the pouring rain.

"Princess, are you alright?" The biker took a step forward and reached out to embrace her.

"No. Don't touch me."

Jimmy stopped, looking bewildered.

"I can't see you anymore. We're through. I'm not like you. I'm seeing someone else, a man; we're going to be married. Go away Jimmy. I don't want to see you again." A robotic monotone, not a human voice.

The biker stumbled backwards. "Princess." It was a groan.

Beth looked at her devastated lover and felt her own heart shatter. She saw the moisture on Jimmy's face. Was it rain or tears? She didn't know. "Go away Jimmy, go away."

The biker uttered one last word. "Why?"

The blonde couldn't answer. All she could do was sob.

Jimmy swung on her heel, jumped on her motorcycle and roared off into the night.

Chapter Seven

Beth didn't see the biker again for over a month. Not even the smallest of glimpses. When she finally did see Jimmy again she wished she hadn't. The biker roared up to the front of the university astride her motorcycle. Her pillion passenger dismounted and passionately kissed her goodbye before walking into the on-campus book store.

The blonde walked into the building and through the lecture hall, tears streaming down hers cheeks. Students and lecturers alike stopped and stared at her. She didn't care. All that mattered was the one she loved and had thrown away had kissed another woman, she'd found a replacement and Beth had no-one to blame but herself. She could have walked out. She could have gone to live with Jimmy. She could have found a way, somehow. Now it was too late.


Beth sat in the refectory, toying with a salad. She'd done it. She'd graduated. The results were posted and she was free. There was only the degree ceremony to go through. She even had a job offer. Somehow it seemed hollow. She had checked the rolls of the master's degrees too, looking for Jimmy. Her heart had skipped a beat when she finally found it. "Dean, Kathleen. First Class Honours." Jimmy's name was Kathleen? Her musings were interrupted by the laughter of her best friend. It had been touch and go with that friendship too. Mary had been furious that she'd thrown away happiness and incredibly angry with both Nigel and Beth's parents. But eventually they'd worked things out. Mary still thought she was a fool though.

"So, are you going to eat that salad, or just torture it for a while longer? I think it's quite dead." Mary sounded amused.

"Hi, Mare. No, I'm not really hungry; I don't know why I got it."

"You've lost weight you know, you don't eat enough."

Beth was about to reply when a despised voice broke through.

"Well if it isn't the frigid bitch. "

Nigel. He had greeted her with that comment regularly since she had informed him that while she might have ended things with Jimmy, they'd be ice-skating in hell before she'd go out with him again. That was the one thing about all of this she was proud of. She hadn't dated anyone else, no matter how hard her parents had pushed. She simply informed them she wanted to devote all her time to her studies.

She'd had enough. She rose and pushed back her chair. The refectory was packed she noticed with a kind of perverse glee. She stood on her chair. There was total silence.

"How the hell would you know you disgusting little piece of slime? I have never slept with you. You never had as much as a button on my blouse undone let alone get close enough to know if I was frigid. I was a virgin when we met and I was still a virgin when I ended things. Do you want to know how I lost my virginity? Do you?" She shouted. "I lost my virginity to a woman. A woman I love more than anything else in this world. A woman I was stupid enough to drive away on the orders of my father. A woman who loved me enough to give up everything for me. And do you want to know what it was like?" She glared at them all. "It was incredible. It was wonderful, tender and passionate and exciting and I wish to God I could have another chance to tell her how I feel."

The blonde drew breath to continue, but froze in place as familiar tones rolled quietly over her.

"And what would you say to her then, princess?"

Beth dared not turn around.

"I would tell her I'm sorry. I would tell her I love her very, very much. I would beg her to give me, to give us, another chance." There were tears in her eyes and her throat closed up. She couldn't continue.

"Step down, princess."

There were hands around her waist, helping her down from the chair. The refectory was so quiet you could hear a feather land on a carpet.  Beth looked up finally. Into the blue eyes of the woman she adored.


“Shh. It’s ok. I never stopped loving you princess. Please come back to me.”

Jimmy drew the blonde towards her. The refectory erupted into cheers as they kissed.

“Forever.” Promised Beth.


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