Help Wanted

Irish Eyes


Welcome to my first attempt at this writing thing.

The characters in this story mine, but if ya ask nice, I might let ya borrow them.

Love and sex: That would be a yes please!

Acknowledgements: To Jo and Badsquirrel for all the help in making me look like I know what I am doing. A special thanks Badsquirrel, who when I asked to read this, she was worried about how to nicely tell me it sucked. We were both glad when she didn't have to.

Teaser: Agreeing to help a friend of a friend should have been easy. A way to fill in time between jobs, but when Reese meets Teddy, things don't exactly go according to plan.   Falling on her backside in front of her potential new boss wasn't the way Reese thought it would go. Little did she know that the distraction Teddy presented would continue to create chaos in her life. Would her attraction for Teddy prevent her from completing the repairs to the ranch? Her mind may not have been on the ranch, but it was definitely on the sexy ranch owner.

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Crap…being nice really does suck sometimes, Reese thought to herself as her truck pitched from side to side going down the road. Road…now that was a joke. Whatever the hell I'm on is about as far away from road as I am from my sanity, she thought.

I must be insane or I wouldn't be driving down this road, on the way to God knows where, doing a favor for a friend of a friend. Her internal ramblings stopped as the last rut her truck hit sent her flying off the seat, only stopping when her head hit the top of the cab.

“Shit that hurt!” she yelled as she rubbed her head, already feeling the start of a knot . “Perfect-- just perfect--if this isn't the best way to start a day, I don't know what is!”

After another fifteen minutes of torturous roads later, Reese saw the ranch up ahead. Pulling to a dusty stop in front of the old farmhouse, Reese looked around before getting out of the truck. Including the house, Reese noticed several other buildings in need of repair. She saw what looked to be an old bunkhouse, barn, livery stable and a tool shed of some sorts. Shaking her head slightly, she reached in through the truck window, snagged her cowboy hat and headed up towards the house. Grabbing the railing as she started up the porch steps, she fell backwards as the hand rail broke off in her hand and landed on her ass at the bottom of the steps.

“Well, fuck . That's just...oops. Sorry, ma'am.” Reese was blushing as she looked up at the striking woman laughing down at her. Using the broken railing to help her back to her feet, Reese brushed herself off and climbed the steps towards the still laughing woman. Extending her hand, she said, "Hi…umm…I'm Reese…Theresa Miller, that is. I...uh...I'm looking for Mrs. Henley."

The woman on the porch laughed again. "I'm pretty sure she's somewhere near the Gates of Hell waiting for her mate. I'm Teddy…Theodora Henley. Will that work?"

Chuckling at the response, Reese said, "Well, if you're a friend of Mrs. Jones and you need some work done, then I guess it'll work, Mrs. Henley."

"Reese…may I call you that? The real Mrs. Henley, my mother-in-law, is busy elsewhere and Theodora would make me look around for my mother, I'd preferred to be called Teddy. And yes, I am friends with Mrs. Jones, and I'm in desperate need of some help around here. As you can probably tell."

“I see a lot of potential here. Maybe you could show me around, and kinda tell me what you want done.”

Reese followed Teddy around the property, as she explained what she needed and wanted done to each building. While Teddy was talking, Reese covertly checked Teddy out from under the brim of her hat. What she saw was a pleasant surprise. When she had reluctantly agreed to help out a friend of a friend while she was between jobs, she'd expected some 80-year-old bitch from hell, for whom nothing she did would be good enough. What she hadn't expected was a total knockout. Reese figured Teddy to be close to fifty, maybe a little older; very fit; with deep set brown eyes and collar-length salt and pepper hair…heavier on the salt. Her skin was deeply tanned—an outdoor tan, not a purchased one. Teddy had a feminine persona and build with just a hint of butch thrown in. What surprised Reese the most was the attraction she felt towards Teddy. At thirty-seven, Reese never found herself attracted to older women. They were attractive, sure, just not what she normally went for. No, Reese liked them young and stacked and those were pretty much her only requirements.

"…At least to start with. I'm sure once all that's finished, there will be more that should be done. Do you have any questions, Reese?"

Hearing her name brought Reese back to the business at hand, but she had no idea what Teddy had been saying. Her mind was on anything but what Teddy was talking about.

"Not really, Mrs...I mean Teddy. You seem to pretty much know what you want done. I think the best way to proceed would be for us to list everything building by building, so nothing is forgotten. It will make things easier to plan. That way, when it comes to the bigger projects, I can arrange for any help I might need in advance and that will help minimize downtime."

"Sounds like a plan. I should be able to help you with some of the larger projects. All you have to do is ask. Why don't you grab your things and I'll show you where you'll be staying while you're here…if you agree to do the work, that is. After you're settled, we'll go over what needs to be done in the house."

“Well, it's definitely work I can handle. All we need to do is make the list and agree on a price,” Reese said as she grabbed her bags. She followed Teddy into the house, up to the second floor and into a nice, spacious bedroom.

"This is your room. Unfortunately, the bath up here is only partially functional. You may want to move those repairs to the top of the To Do list." Teddy laughed, "One that seems to be getting longer minute by minute."

As Teddy turned to head back downstairs, she paused and said, "I'm sure you're feeling kind of grimy after the ride up here. Why don't you freshen up a bit, then meet me in the kitchen and we can start on that list"

" Kind of grimy is putting a mildly,” Reese laughed. “I was afraid to drink any water for fear it would turn into instant mud the minute it hit my mouth!"



The first part of week went by smoothly; most of it was spent going through the house and the out-buildings, listing all of the work that needed to be done. The two of them would discuss the day's progress over a leisurely supper and decide on the priority and details of each job before retiring for the night. The quick-fix repairs were handled as they cropped up. By Wednesday evening, Reese had a healthy supply list and enough work to last her for the next few weeks…and she wasn't even halfway through the original To Do list.

Teddy had offered to pick up the supplies, but Reese didn't really know enough about her to trust her with the list. She was very particular when it came to the materials she used, and unless she had a trusted worker doing the shopping, she preferred to do it herself. Again when Teddy offered to start on the roof, the first item on the To Do list, Reese was hesitant. It wasn't that she didn't like the help, but until she knew how someone worked, she didn't like leaving them alone. Most times it just ended up making more work for her.

Knowing that Teddy was eager to help and still not knowing if that eagerness would be a help or hindrance, Reese asked Teddy to go with her to pick up the supplies. Reese had the trailer attached to her truck and was waiting for Teddy to join her, hoping that involving her now might placate her .

When they arrived at the home improvement center, Reese steered them towards the lumber section. She knew it would be much easier to load the lumber with Teddy's help, trying to get a store employee to help was like asking for a glass of ice water in hell... just ain't gonna happen.

Picking through the lumber and finally being satisfied with her choices, they got it loaded on several carts. Reese then gave Teddy part of the remaining shopping list; simple things she was sure Teddy could find with little or no trouble. Teddy looked at the list and raised an eyebrow at Reese before heading off to get the items.

After loading and securing all the supplies onto the trailer, they stopped for lunch. Sitting down with their food, Teddy looked at Reese and said, "Reese, I know I hired you to do the work for me, but I really can help out more if you'd just let me. Did you make the list you gave me by following some guidelines in the Letting the Little Woman Help the Butch manual or what?"

Having never mentioned her sexual preference, the question caused Reese to choke on the soda she was drinking and a deep blush to cover her sun-darkened face. "I...umm...umm... I..."

Laughing at her, Teddy added, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Reese, and I'm sorry if I offended you with what I said, but really, any six year old that could read could've filled that list. Granted there are things you'll be doing that I can't do, and a lot I wouldn't have the time for, but I am so not a Little Woman . Not only do I own a hammer and other tools, I actually know how to use them…regardless of how I look."

Properly chastised, Reese looked at Teddy from under her hat. "Sorry, really I am, but I'm so used to people with good intentions wanting to help, and usually it just means more work for me and I have to eat the extra cost. I've become overly cautious I guess. If I promise to let you help more, will you forgive me? As far as being uncomfortable with your reference to my sexuality, I wasn't uncomfortable, just surprised. I don't hide it, but also don't advertise it. My being gay has cost me more than one job."

"You don't advertise? Maybe I'm unfairly stereotyping you but the minute I saw you on your backside with my porch railing in your hand, I pegged you as gay. It might have had a little to do with the fact I'm close friends with Susan Jones, but even without knowing all about you and her daughter Sarah, I still would have assumed you were gay." Reese gave her a questioning look and Teddy added, "I'm sure you're well aware of the saying ‘gay and proud'. In this case, Sarah may be gay, but her mother is proud, so she tells everyone and your name gets mentioned a lot when Susan is talking about Sarah's latest escapades."

Blushing again, Reese said, "Good Lord please don't tell me anything you've heard from Mrs. J. I don't suppose that I could convince you that most of the things she has probably told you were exaggerated, could I?"

"No, I don't suppose you could."

After arriving home they unloaded and stored all the supplies. "Reese, remember what I said, I'm here to help you whenever you need it," Teddy said, before heading to the house.



The following week, Reese took Teddy up on her offer of help and started her off with small things. When Reese went to check on the jobs Teddy had done, she felt more comfortable having her help because the workmanship was up to par. Watching Teddy work, she thought, maybe comfortable isn't the right word; confident is better, because I am far from comfortable around her. Damn if she doesn't make it hard to concentrate .

Reese dressed in her normal work attire; cut-offs, tank top and work boots. She never gave the way she dressed a second thought. The first time Teddy came out of the house dressed in a similar fashion made Reese slip with her hammer and scream, "Ouch, motherfucker, ouch!" Meeting Teddy's laughing eyes, Reese mumbled an apology and quickly averted her eyes.

When Teddy climbed the ladder and joined Reese on the roof, Reese ran a slow eye over Teddy and thought, Just kill me now, Lord, because if you don't, I'll end up doing it accidentally if she keeps dressing like that around me. Putting her sore thumb in her mouth, she noticed that her throbbing thumb matched another throbbing body part. She didn't notice Teddy approaching her until Teddy pulled her thumb out of her mouth. With a laugh, Teddy said, "Let me see how much damage you did. The way you screamed, I was expecting to see a gallon of blood and missing limbs." Looking at the large blood blister forming on Reese's thumb, Teddy gave it a quick kiss, "Anything else I can do for this?"

The innocent kiss to her thumb shot straight to Reese's clit, making it throb harder than it already was. Pulling her hand away quickly, Reese replied, "No, I'm fine, thanks. If I try to doctor it now, I just run the chance of infection."

"You sure?" At Reese's affirmative nod, she asked, "Okay, boss lady, what do you need me to do?"

Wanting Teddy as far away from her as possible to avoid any further damage to herself, Reese answered, “Go on the other side of the peak and start removing the damaged shingles, but don't remove more than you think we can replace today.”

“Got it boss.” Teddy replied with a grin.

Reese watched her cross the roof to the other side, her clit throbbing more with each step Teddy took, taking in the muscular legs and firm ass. Good lord, she's trying to kill me, I just know it! Looking at her throbbing thumb, she was silently thankful that it was not throbbing as hard and fast as the lower part of her body was.

Laughing at herself, Reese couldn't remember the last time she had done something so stupid as smashing her thumb like that. But, she also couldn't remember the last time looking at a woman had such a profound effect on her.

Reese had been in mid-swing when she caught Teddy out of the corner of her eye. The sight of perfectly toned legs under cut-off jean shorts and a too-small, low-cut tank top accentuating large, firm breasts, with semi-erect nipples…well they had just begged Reese to come play with them. Her attention on the beautiful woman had distracted her completely and the hammer had come down full force on her thumb, missing the nail entirely. Down girl, Reese thought to herself , you so don't do straight women. Been there, done that and lost. You don't do older women, you like them young and firm…gods, she does look firm…Enough! She's your boss; she's straight; she's off limits. Get your ass back to work, girl. You need this job. The bank really likes it when you make your mortgage payment and you really like it when you can afford to eat. Work Reese, just work. This job will be done soon enough and you'll never have to see her again . The last thought gave Reese an uneasy feeling she couldn't explain.

Her internal pep talk did wonders for everything but her clit, but at least her mind was on the right track now. Reese continued working without any further mishaps, even when she joined Teddy to help finish up on the other side.

Almost done with the day's work, Reese was on her last trip down the ladder, ready to call it a day. She was very thankful that she had caused no further damage to herself. With only a few steps to go, Reese looked up and saw Teddy starting down the ladder. The sight of that shapely backside caused Reese to misstep and fall down the last three rungs, landing flat on her ass…again.

Hurrying down the ladder, Teddy was beside her before Reese could get to her feet. “Goodness, Reese, are you ok?”

Feeling a blush all the way to the roots of her hair, Reese replied, “Fine, I'm fine, really. Must have been something on the rung that caused me to slip.”

Giving Reese a curious look, Teddy reached for her hand. “Grab hold and I'll help you up.” Taking the offered hand, Reese mumbled thanks and headed to the shed to put away the last of her tools.

While she was putting them away, Reese gave herself extra time to reign in her emotions. She was still having a hard time dealing with her reactions to Teddy. Sure, Teddy was an attractive woman, anyone could see that, but Reese had met plenty of attractive women. None had made her feel like a bumbling teenager the way Teddy did. I just need to get laid. That's all this is. It's been too long for me and besides, I'm out in the middle of Bumfuck Egypt and Teddy is the only woman for miles. It doesn't mean anything except that I really need to get laid and soon!

Heading upstairs to take a much needed shower, Reese caught sight of Teddy in the kitchen making dinner. What she saw made her come to a dead stop, causing the rug she was on to slide out from under her leaving Reese on her ass yet again. Teddy looked up from what she was doing to see a red-faced Reese scrambling to her feet and heading up the stairs. Shaking her head and laughing at the mumbling Reese was doing, Teddy went back to preparing dinner for the two of them.

Slamming her bedroom door behind her, Reese leaned heavily against it. Christ, who still wears fucking tube tops? Pushing away from the door, Reese started pulling off her clothes on the way to the shower. They should be illegal. Not only are they ugly as hell, they sure don't leave much to the imagination! If she had bent down any further, I swear I would have been able to see her belly button. I so don't need this.

Standing under the cool water, Reese let the powerful jets ease her tired muscles. Grabbing the bath sponge, she loaded it with body wash and started scrubbing away the day's grime. She jumped as it came in contact with her breasts, surprised at how sensitive they were. Gently rubbing the sponge over her tender breasts and aroused nipples was sending a pleasant throb to her groin. Moving one hand further down to ease the throbbing in her sex, her other hand continued to tease her breasts.

Her delving fingers were met with a warm, thick wetness. Her hands worked in unison: one was teasing a hard nipple, the other was doing the same teasing motion to her clit. Pinching the nipple firmly, she slid two fingers deeply inside herself, her knees almost buckling at the intense sensation upon entrance. Sliding her fingers in and out slowly, she enjoyed the fullness she had been missing until her body demanded more. Reaching up, Reese adjusted the shower head flow to a pulsating stream. Lifting the shower massager from its hook, she aimed the jets of water first on her nipples, then on her clit. The first touch of the water to her clit forced her back to the wall so she could remain standing and was almost enough to make her come immediately. Reese eased up on the direct flow of the water to her pussy; she wanted to enjoy the sensations longer before she let herself come.

Fingers steadily pumping in and out; the pulsating water teasing her clit on every forward stroke; her fingers soon became Teddy's in her mind, and the water, Teddy's tongue. The vision of seeing Teddy on her knees in front of Reese, feasting on her pussy was enough to make Reese scream out in release as one of the most intense self-induced orgasms ripped through her, making her lose all strength in her legs. She slid to the floor of the shower in exhaustion.


Dressed and refreshed in more ways then one, Reese made her way to the kitchen, enjoying the aroma of the meal Teddy had cooked. Sitting down to a meal of pot roast with potatoes and gravy, a ravenous Reese started attacking her food with gusto, until she glanced across the table at Teddy to answer an unheard question. Suddenly her appetite for food was gone, in its place was an appetite for Teddy that she thought she had satisfied in the shower. Looking at Teddy brought back the visions she had while in the shower, causing a slow blush to work its way up from her neck. Trying to carry on a conversation while also trying to avoid looking at Teddy made the rest of the meal extremely awkward for Reese, and extremely confusing for Teddy. As soon as politely possible, Reese excused herself, leaving a still confused Teddy at the table.




The following week passed in similar fashion with Reese doing fine until Teddy walked out of the house in clothes that Reese just knew were meant to test her. A test she was slowly failing and she had the bumps and scars to prove it.

It was finally Friday. The supplies were mostly dwindling, a new list was ready and Reese was going back to her place for the weekend. She was planning on returning Monday morning, ready to tackle the next projects on the list. Reese couldn't wait; she didn't know how much more she could take without exploding. Instead of her lust for Teddy abating like she had hoped, it had increased ten-fold. Reese had lusted after women before, just nothing this intense. Since Teddy really wasn't her type, she had no explanation for it other than the fact that she just needed to get laid. She only hoped that when she went home and found someone to help release all the sexual tension that had been building up, her desires would go back to normal.

Lost in thought while working on replacing worn out breakers on the electrical panel out back, Reese wasn't prepared for the sight of Teddy walking towards the pool in a towel and bikini top. Losing the grip on the screwdriver she was using, it landed on a hot wire causing sparks to fly and Reese to cuss. Laughing out loud, Teddy changed her direction from the pool to Reese. Standing in front of a blushing Reese, Teddy reached up and ran her hand through Reese's short, curly hair. Without losing eye contact, Teddy grabbed Reese by the back of the neck and pulled her face down. Glancing briefly at Reese's lips, Teddy closed the distance, placing her lips on Reese's.

Shocked at first, Reese didn't react, but when she felt Teddy's tongue trace her lower lip, she opened her mouth, allowing Teddy entrance, grabbing her and pulling her closer. Reese's tongue met and played with Teddy's as her hands roamed over a bare back and toweled backside. Pulling Teddy closer, she moaned at the full body-contact, enjoying the feel of Teddy's breasts against her. As quick as it started, Teddy pulled away. She looked Reese in the eyes and said, “Maybe now you'll be able to finish up without killing yourself.” Placing a small kiss on Reese's lips, Teddy turned and started walking back towards the pool.

A stunned Reese just stood there watching Teddy walk away. When she reached the pool, Teddy glanced once at Reese, dropped the towel and jumped.

“Fuck this,” Reese said as she removed her tool belt and let it drop, following the path Teddy had taken. Reaching the pool Reese jumped in, fully clothed, and swam towards Teddy, meeting up with her in the middle of the pool. Reese reached for her, pulled her close and kissed her savagely. Only the fact that they were sinking stopped the kiss. Guiding Teddy to the steps, Reese followed her out of the pool. Once they were both standing on the cool decking, Reese reached for her again and brought their lips together, kissing her gently but thoroughly. Without words, Reese lowered them both until Teddy was lying on her back and Reese was next to her, half draped over her body. After sharing another kiss Reese asked “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Wasn't it obvious why? I kissed you for two reasons actually. One being, I was afraid that you would cause more damage to this absolutely gorgeous body of yours if I didn't. And secondly, but most importantly, I've wanted to since forever.”

“So, what took you so long? Did you enjoy watching me make an idiot out of myself and seeing me in pain?”

“Honestly? I know about your taste in women. Susan Jones remember? I didn't think you would be interested and I don't purposely set myself up for rejection. Then I noticed all the ‘accidents' you seemed to be having. I figured either you were accident prone or maybe you were a little interested. Since you have a rep for being good at your job, I was leaning more towards you being interested. So, I thought I would see if I could peak your interest a little more.”

“Peak my interest, is that what you call it? Yeah, well, let's just say I thought you were trying to kill me. You definitely peaked my interest and way more than just a little,” Reese said as she lowered her mouth to capture Teddy's lips in a passionate kiss. “And walking out of the house in this,” Reese said, tracing the edges of the swim suit top with her tongue, “was just down right evil. I'm lucky I didn't fry myself when I saw you.” Taking Teddy's nipple in her mouth and nipping the hardening bud stopped any response Teddy was going to make.

Untying the strap that held the top in place, Reese lowered it until she freed Teddy's breasts. Lowering her mouth again to capture a nipple without any barriers, Reese moaned at the feel and taste of Teddy. Cupping the other breast in her calloused hand, she enjoyed the firm fullness and the hard nipple poking her palm asking for attention. More than willing to do just that, she pinched the nipple, pulling slightly before replacing her fingers with teeth and tongue, trying to fit as much into her mouth as possible.

An overwhelming urge of lust and want shot through Reese, filling her with a desire to ravage Teddy…to consume her…to be consumed by her. Reese released Teddy's breast from her mouth and trailed kisses up to her ear. “Sorry, got a little carried away, but you have no idea how much I want you, or for how long I've wanted you.”

“Oh, I think I can imagine, and don't apologize for that. And for gods sake, don't stop what you were doing.” Taking Reese's lips in a hard, deep kiss, Teddy rolled them over so Reese was now under her. “You have far too many clothes on,” she said as she released Reese's mouth and started pulling on her clothes. Laughing at their struggle, she commented, “Maybe next time you should remove these before jumping into the pool.”

“Well, at the time, I'm pretty sure my brain was far from being fully functional, what with you walking around half naked and then laying that kiss on me and just walking away.”

Having Reese finally naked, and removing the rest of her own suit, Teddy moved so she was laying on top of Reese again, moaning at the contact. Nuzzling her neck, Teddy said, “Mmm, you feel even better than you look.” Her hands and mouth roamed freely over Reese's body.

Not used to the position she found herself in, Reese struggled to reverse their positions, but Teddy wasn't allowing it.

“No Reese, let me…please,” Teddy begged, capturing Reese's lips once more before moving down to her breasts, paying attention to both of them before she continued her journey down Reese's body. Looking up at Reese as she dipped her tongue into her belly button, Teddy winked and continued on. Reaching the trimmed patch of reddish curls, Teddy inhaled, enjoying the aroused aroma that was uniquely Reese. Grasping a few hairs between her lips and tugging lightly, she smiled as Reese's hips rose up to follow her.

Spreading Reese's legs open a little more, Teddy settled herself between them. Spreading Reese own with her fingers, Teddy ran the tip of her tongue the length of Reese's pussy, avoiding her clit, and back down, dipping inside to taste more of Reese's intoxicating flavor, laced with a hint of chlorine. She nibbled on the swollen lips, licking and tasting all around her clit, feeling the juices run from Reese, before dipping her tongue deep inside of her, all traces of the chlorine now gone. All she tasted was Reese; a rich sweet taste; slightly salty; and definitely addictive.

Removing her tongue, she placed two fingers at Reese's entrance. Capturing her clit between her teeth to tease it with the tip of her tongue, Teddy easily slid both fingers all the way inside. Reese's hips surged upwards at the invasion of the long slender fingers, her hands clasping Teddy's hair, holding her tightly in place. Starting slow, Teddy was sliding her fingers in and out of Reese, as Reese's words and hips urged her on.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…don't stop, please, don't stop, faster baby…gods yes… harder…god, Teddy more baby…please…aww fuck…so good, Teddy, so fucking good, Jesus woman, please Teddy, please baby, more…”

Adding another finger inside of Reese, Teddy placed her arm across Reese's hips, holding her down as she increased her thrusts and pulled her clit deep into her mouth; sucking it; bringing Reese to a screaming climax, not stopping her thrusting or sucking until Reese begged her to.

With a final kiss to Reese's pussy, Teddy was licking her way up Reese's body. Reese grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. Rolling over so Teddy was now on the bottom, Reese increased the intensity of their kiss and abruptly entered Teddy with three fingers; fucking Teddy relentlessly until she arched upwards in a shattering climax. Not stopping her thrusts, but slowing down a little, Reese brought her mouth to Teddy's pussy, latched on to her clit, sucking until they both came again. Leaving her fingers buried deep inside Teddy, Reese rested her head on Teddy's flat stomach, trying to catch her breath and wondering about the intense need she still had to take Teddy again and make her scream.

At Teddy's urging, Reese reluctantly removed her fingers and moved up to join her, settling herself on top of Teddy with her hips between her legs. Kissing her softly, Reese avoided Teddy's eyes, not sure of what she would see. She had never just taken a woman like that before, but there was something about Teddy. Once she finally got to touch her, she couldn't control herself any longer. Deepening the kiss, her hip started grinding on their own, into Teddy. Soon both were grinding and thrusting against each other, kissing wildly, the only sounds heard were heavy breathing; slick skin rubbing together; and wet sloppy kisses; until a groan, close to a growl, came deep from within Reese as she exploded with a mind altering climax, bringing Teddy with her.

Resting her head on Teddy's shoulder Reese exclaimed, “Jesus Christ, woman…fuck! I think you just melted half of my brain cells!”

Kissing the side of Reese's head she could reach, Teddy said, “Reese look at me.” When Reese didn't move, Teddy repeated the request, this time pulling Reese's head off her shoulder, forcing her to look in her eyes. “Reese, what's wrong? Why won't you look at me?”

With her eyes still closed, she answered “I've never done that before.”

“Done what? Had sex with a woman?” Teddy asked with a laugh, getting the reaction she was hoping for when Reese opened her eyes and gave her an incredulous look.

“Funny, Teddy, no. I've had sex with a woman before smartass, I've just never been so forceful. But, I couldn't stop myself. I just had to have you and make you come and I couldn't slow down. Right now, even after all we've done, I still want you so bad I ache. If I had it with me, I swear I would strap-on and fuck you til your voice was hoarse from screaming; you were too sore to walk; and you were begging me to stop. Even then, I don't know if I would be able to. You have me completely mesmerized. All I can think about is you screaming out my name in release.”

Kissing Reese gently before moving her so she could stand up, Teddy said, “Hmm, I don't seem to recall me complaining about anything that you did, do you?” Grabbing her towel and wrapping it around herself, she looked at Reese once more over her shoulder before heading to the house and saying, “Oh, and Reese, that part about the strap-on, the fucking, and screaming and all that nonsense you just mentioned…I think that can be arranged.”

With that said, a stunned and grinning Reese watched her lover walk towards the house.


The End??? Maybe…maybe not…

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