Moonlight Wonderings

by J. Gardner

Disclaimers: Written for fun not profit. The characters are borrowed not owned. All mistakes are my own. No copyright infringements intended

Notes: This is a story about two female character who love each other. If you

don't want to read a story like this, then please return to the archive. If

you do, Please enjoy. J. Gardner


The moon shone brightly in the forest glen, an owl flew into a tree and turned to the clearing. The owl looked upon a neat campsite with twomortals in peaceful slumber. A golden mare and a white wolf were sleeping by their masters. The owl hears a small noise. One of the humans groans in her sleep. The owl moves to a lower branch leaning closer to see what was about to unfold.

I awoke and sat up. I listened to the sounds of the forest. I heard only thenight creatures and the wind. I looked around our campsite. Everything is how we left it. I can clearly see our packs on the ground by the big rock we have been using as a chair. The fire had burned down, so I threw another log on it. The temperature had cooled over night. The Moon is full and sheds light on the whole clearing. I look to my side. I see my Partner is still sleeping, but she moans. I now know why I awoke. She seems to glow in the Moons embrace. She is strong and so beautiful.

I wonder when the nightmares started. I know a soft word or touch from me will ease her back to a restful sleep. It has been six seasons since we met and two since we were joined. When did the nightmares start. Was it Chin or after Britannia, maybe before that. I guess it doesn't matter when they started, I watch and listen. The moon shines bright, as I look around again. Argo's Golden coat gleams. An owl is in the tree next to Argo. The owl hoots. It's eyes are like shining orbs watching over us.

It had been a wonderful night. We talked and played. I told her a story. We danced it the moonlight. I look up at the moon , I find myself remembering another moonlit night. It was the night she proposed. She looked at me that night and said, " You are the best thing in my life. Will you join with me and be my wife?" I looked into her eyes the moonlight made the tears I found there glisten. "It would make me the happiest person in the known world to be your wife. You are my soul mate without you I'm not complete." I whispered. She leans over and kisses me. I know that I have found my home.

That was two seasons ago. Our joining was held in the Amazon village. My love looked radiant in the light of the moon. She exuded strength and confidence. Her leathers gleamed in the moonlight. The moonlight steamed over the village illuminating the Joining Circle. The platform was lit with torches. It was the finest moment of my life. As I stood beside her, we said our vows and vowed our love to the Moon Goddess. A cloud flitted across the moon, I thought Artemis had winked at me.

Here we are on our anniversary under the stars, just the two of us. We are so happy, and our love continues to grow each day. It is as if Atremis gave us the full moon as a promise of a lifetime of love. My Partner stirs. I look over to find her emerald orbs watching me. She seems to glow these days. In the moonlight she is magnificent. "Why are you awake my love?", she asks. "I was just thinking and remembering our time together." I say. She smiles as she touches my leg. "Go back to sleep my love. Herc, our constant companion these days, will keep watch. Honey, he is a watch dog. Let him do his job.", my Partner states as she yawns. Our dog lifts his head and looks our way before he lowers his head back to his paws. She pulls me down to the furs. "I love you my heart." she says as she slips back into slumber. "You are my love, my life, my Gabrielle.", I whisper as she snuggles against my side.

A night hawk flies overhead looking for its evening meal. It looks down to see two sleeping mortals nestled in their furs. It looks over to the moon. The hawk sees the Moon Goddess smiling lovingly down at the couple. Artemis smiles fondly at her chosen, Gabrielle Queen of the Amazons And her consort Xena the Warrior Princess.

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