25 Years Without.....

by Jaden

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Sex- of course, this is another one of my shameless smut works. Plots? I don't believe in plots! If you are under 18, or if this is illegal where you live, I'm sure you'll find (feedback, please) something else to read.

Language- I have a potty mouth(13 years of catholic school will do that to ya) so naturally, so do my girls....

Spoilers- this little piece(feedback!) Takes place after the last scene of "motherhood," the season 5 finale.

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We stood out on the beach, watching our daughter play with a spider for what seems like hours. Our daughter. Xena had said it herself, and it made me feel a little better about all we had been through. I still had a bit of a headache, but I guess that's to be expected. Xena did kill me after all. I'll get paybacks on that one for sure.

She stands behind me, putting her arms around my waist she pulls me close against her. I can feel her hot breath against my ear, her breasts against my back, and the familiar stirrings between my legs.

"It's been a long time Gabrielle," she whispers, then takes one of my ears between her teeth.

"What about Eve?"

"She's keeping herself occupied."

I swatted her arm,"Xena! Don't you want to spend time with her?"

"We'll all be spending plenty of time together, but right now, I need alone time with you."

I pretended to be mulling it over, but my mind had already been made up.

"Well, technically, it has been over 25 years Warrior Princess."

"Exactly my point."

She nips her teeth against my neck, and my eyes begin searching for a place for us to go.

"There are some dunes over that way, come on," I say as I start to walk away, leading Xena by the hand.


I lower myself onto a patch of grass, pulling Xena on top of me. I look into her eyes, and get lost in magnificent pools of blue. She's trembling, and I realize she's actually nervous!

"Xena, it's okay. it's not like this is our first time."

"Gabrielle, with all that has happened, I feel like it is. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this. I love you so much, I would do anything for you."

"All I want and need right now is your love."

Xena lowers her head and our lips meet. Her kisses start off soft, as if she is savoring every taste. Her pink tongue darts across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I open my mouth and our tongues flow against one other... Xena groans from deep within.

I break away, unable to control the raging fire within me. Foreplay be damned, I need her now.

I sit up and begin removing my clothes. Xena watches me, her eyelids heavy with desire, a lazy smile across her beautiful lips. She needs this just as much as I do. My hands are shaking as I reach over to remove her clothing, she lets me undress her, watching my face the whole time.

I lay her back and straddle her waist, my wetness slicking across her firm belly. She begins kneading my breasts, pulling at both nipples as she bucks her hips against me. I reach behind and feel how wet she has become...it's dripping down her thighs. I bring my hand to my lips and lick each finger carefully, then she flips me over, and covers my mouth with hers again.

"I need to fuck you Gabrielle," she says, and who am I to refuse?

Her fingers slip between my folds, entering me swiftly. I cry out inside of her mouth, raking my fingernails across her back. She throws her head back exposing that exquisite neck, and I waste no time biting and sucking at it with my teeth, leaving trails of red and purple bruises.

She puts three fingers inside of me, using her thumb to rub circles against my engorged clit. I know I won't last long. Xena places her sex against my leg, and pumps in rhythm with her long fingers. Entwining my hands in her silky black tresses I pull her tighter against me, grunting with each thrust she makes, her wetness coating my leg as she grinds against me.

"Gab, I'm gonna... I can't hold on..."

"Let it go Xena, come with me."

Bucking even harder against one another, the intensity of the orgasm courses through my entire body as I scream out her name. My hands clench her hair as she moves inside of me, gritting her teeth as the pleasure consumes her, and a growl emanates from deep within her body.


I don't know how long we lay like that, two figures hunched against one another on the beach, our heartbeats in perfect unison. After our breathing became steady, and the sweat which coated our bodies was dried off by the ocean breeze, Xena sat up and began helping me dress. I didn't feel like moving, the intensity of our lovemaking was too much, my body was still humming with pleasure. I was thankful for the help.

"Are you all right?,"she asked, pulling her own clothing back on.

"Much better."

"Still got that headache?"

"I think it's gone, but we can chat about that later."

She catches the twinkle in my eye, and smiles.

"Sorry babe."

"You're always sorry, Xena, but I don't mind."



"Right....," she says, her voice trailing off as she looks at the sun make its descent.

"We better go and find Eve."


Eve sat just where we had left her, watching the ocean, turning to smile when she saw us return.

"All done?"

Xena's eyes widened, as she sputtered, trying to think of a comeback.

"I'm a big girl, Mother, you don't think I've noticed how you two look at each other? I'm surprised you made it as long as you did without jumping her, but I guess you've been occupied with other things," she said, a lopsided grin covering her face.

"I think I'll go find dinner,"Xena managed, leaving me blushing profusely in front of my daughter.


"Don't be embarrassed Gabrielle, really, I'm glad you two are together. We're finally a family again. Now, tell me stories about my mother," she says as she puts her arms around me.

A Family. My Family. I could get used to this.



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