by Jaden


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SEX~ Yes, you'll find sex in this here story, so if you aren't 18, or if this is illegal where you live, or if the idea of two hot women getting it on bugs you, find something else to read.

DEDICATION~ This one is for Lariel, best wishes and lots of love.

I reach out to her and she pulls away. It has been the same thing night after night since we left Egypt. I've tried to talk to her and she replies with one or two words, then silence. I know she's a little more than pissed, but what can I do?

She has argued her points, and left me basking in the absence of sound. She said that she knew I would fall for Antony, knew that I couldn't resist his looks, his charm, his foolishness, his desire to rule the world. She contended that had Brutus' soldiers not attacked us that night under the pyramids, I would have slept with him. As much as I wanted to deny it, I couldn't. She said it herself- I've got a soft spot for bad boys.

I tried to explain to her that I attempted to seduce him for Cleopatra, and for the greater good of Egypt. She said fucking for Egypt's sake wasn't a very good excuse, especially since we're supposed to be together. I couldn't argue with that. She said that maybe she isn't enough for me, that my little escapades with Antony have shown her that. She couldn't be more wrong.

I suppose there were other ways I could have gone about saving Cleopatra's Egypt, but I didn't have the luxury afforded by time. Cleopatra was dead and I had to act, I had to become Egypt.

I've always thought her little jealous streak was cute, how she has always warded off anyone she thought was getting too close to me. According to Gabrielle, I inspire her jealousy. I don't think she's ever gotten this upset before. She won't even look at me for Zeus' sake.

Doesn't she know how much I love her? How much I need her? How every day with her makes my own life complete?

Maybe I take her for granted. Maybe I don't say these things to her as much as she needs to hear them. Why do women have to be so damn confusing? I'm not like that.... I think I'm pretty easy to figure out. Then again, if I was, she wouldn't be so pissed.


" What?"

" Can we talk?"

" I'm not in the mood."

"Fine, but you can listen."

I kneel in front of her, and take hold of her chin, forcing her dark green eyes to meet mine.

" Look, Gabrielle, I'm not very good at this, you know that. I just want to say that I love you, and only you. I know you're angry with me, and you have every right to be. I know that if I saw you kissing on anyone else, I'd rip their fucking head off, no questions asked. I should've thought things through a little better. I have no excuse, nothing I can say that will make you feel better. I know this, and it makes me sick. I have felt so awful these past few days, knowing that I hurt you. I only want to make things right again, but I need you to help me. I can't do it alone. Talk to me, please. You're the only one for me Gabrielle, you always have been. I think sometimes I don't treat you right, I don't give you enough credit for what you do for me, and for Eve. You're her mother too, and we both need you so much. I would do anything to make it up to you, anything. You're my heart, my soul, the air that I breathe. Without you, I couldn't exist. I wouldn't want to. Please, I'm on my knees Gabrielle, begging for your forgiveness."

" I think there are far better things for you to be doing on your knees than begging, Warrior Princess."

She's smiling through the tears that are sliding down her cheeks. I wipe them away with my fingers. The moon is reflecting off of her face, and I catch my breath. She is so beautiful. She forgives me as she has so many times before. How did I ever get so lucky?

I start to laugh, and pull her to me in a fierce embrace. I have missed her, missed feeling her body against mine, the taste of her...her lips, her tongue, her mouth, her neck. She throws her head back as I run my mouth over her breasts, biting at her hard pink nipples. I can't contain my desire for her any longer. I have to have her before I explode.

I lay her back on our bedroll, placing kisses down her body as I lower myself in between her thighs. She is already so wet, so ready for me. I run my tongue along her glistening folds, coating my tongue with her sweet juices. Gabrielle's clit is swollen, and begging for my attention. I flick my tongue over it and she begins to tremble. I enter her with my fingers.

Xena pumps her fingers in and out of me, and I make myself tighter around them. I could stay like this forever. She has other ideas.....

She flips me over so that I am on top of her and staring straight into her sex. I spread her open and fuck her with my tongue... she tastes so good, and I feel her moan against my pussy, her hot breath against my clit. I love the slurping sounds she makes as she eats me, and the way she runs her strong, callused hands over my ass.

"Xe, spank me honey."

She rubs her hands over me in a circular motion, then smacks aching flesh. I gasp at the sharpness of the pain, which gives way to wonderful aching desire. I'm dripping all over her face, and she's groaning and bucking against my mouth. She repeats the motion and I feel as though my legs are going to give out, my whole body is quivering.

I know I won't be able to hold out for long, this feels too good. I wait until I feel her body tense under mine and I suck hard on her clit, shoving three fingers inside of her. My own orgasm rips through me, as our screams fill the cool calm night.


Who knows how long I laid in between her thighs, unable to move or form a coherent thought. All I know is that she eventually lifted me off of her, and brought me to lay beside her. I snuggled against her warm body, my head settling into the hollow of her neck.

She smelled of sweat, of sex, of the light musk that was her natural scent. She was pure Xena, and she was mine. I tossed my leg over hers, grinding myself against her.

" Gabrielle, aren't you tired?"

" Don't tell me you're tired after just one!"

"Well, it was a really good one."

" You said you'd do anything to make it up to me."

" That I did."

" Well, let's just say I'm far from through with you making it up to me."

" I'm in for it, aren't I?"

" Xena, with the things I have in mind, neither of us will be walking for days."

" Did I mention I was sorry?"

" Paybacks, Xena."

"Yes, Gabrielle, I know all about your paybacks."

" Let the games begin."

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