The Challenge
By Janet Lynne

Part 3


The room was lit by half a dozen candles, and in the warm illumination, Ryan's naked form looked glorious to Janna. She relaxed on the bed, enjoying what was, in effect, a wonderful floor show. Her mate was oblivious, busily preparing for their second impregnation attempt. As she strode toward the bed, Janna admired the strong, lean lines of her body, and the way her sculpted muscles shifted under her bronzed skin.

As she gazed at her wife's gorgeous body, she shuddered with pleasure and anticipation. Her gaze rested below Ryan's strong, muscled shoulders, on her luscious, full breasts, which were topped by dark nipples. She sighed as her gaze lingered there and then moved downward, along her tight, six-pack abs. My God, how many women have abs like that? Her workouts certainly have paid off in a beautiful way. Then, her gaze moved downward again and lingered at the dark patch nestled at the apex of her legs and she licked her lips unconsciously. Ohh, Jesus...Slim hips above strong thighs and long, lean legs completed the stunning package and her gaze swept upward again.

As she gazed at the beautiful, classically chiseled planes of her mate's face, marked by high cheekbones, a long, straight nose, and those piercing blue eyes, all framed by thick, wavy, shoulder-length black hair, Ryan returned her gaze and smiled, taking Janna's breath away.

"Puma," Janna breathed.

Ryan was startled by the use of her tribal name and then was surprised further when she noticed Janna's leer. She felt her wife's desire then, through their bond, and it almost overwhelmed her with its intensity. Her own blood began to boil as her heart pounded, matching the rhythm of its twin in her soulmate's body, and the effect of feeling both her own and her wife's desire nearly overpowered her. She continued toward the bed and leaned over to place the items she held onto the nightstand, her eyes locked with Janna's.

She straightened and stood next to the bed, gazing intently down at her wife, her lust and desire written all over her face as well. And her love. Slowly, she knelt on the bed and reached out to her mate, who rose to her knees to meet her. They embraced as their lips met passionately and Ryan pulled Janna's body tightly against hers, settling her hands under her firm, round behind. Janna's hands went up around Ryan's neck and locked the two of them into the passionate kiss for long moments. Eventually, Ryan broke the kiss and bent her head to nip at the pulse point which was pounding at Janna's throat. Janna threw her head back and moaned, as Ryan's touch ignited her desire.

"Mate with me, Puma." She whispered.

Ryan captured her lips again, kissing her deeply, from her very essence, and then wordlessly, gently laid her wife on her back and covered her body with hers. As Ryan lay fully atop her shorter mate, Janna's soft patch of golden curls tickled her abdomen, while her creamy, coral-tipped breasts fit just above Ryan's.

As their legs intertwined and tongues danced erotically, lovingly, Janna murmured, "Sixty-nine first, love."

Silently, Ryan broke the kiss and turned above her mate, straddling Janna's face. As she buried her face in Janna's curls, she settled her own soft mound onto Janna's face, and they gently, slowly began making love to each other. Ryan nuzzled Janna with her nose, breathing deeply of her wife's scent, allowing it to fan her desire and feed her need and she gently kissed Janna's outer folds. They both started with loving kisses, but the touching quickly became more fervent and stroking tongues darted and danced on inflamed anatomy, setting bodies and souls afire.

When her desire began to cascade and she felt herself beginning to plummet, Janna murmured against Ryan's warm cleft, "Slow down, baby." Ryan immediately complied and moved her touches back outside of Janna's body, laying gentle kisses on her curls and inner thighs. At the same time, Janna increased her devoted stroking, and Ryan felt herself losing control. She rested her cheek against Janna's thigh and moaned loudly, signaling her imminent release. As Janna's loving mouth and tongue alternately stroked her deeply and sucked on her erect nub, her hips began rocking involuntarily and she sat up, forcing deeper contact. Janna then began stroking her deeply, and faster, and Ryan's moans gained in intensity and volume. She arched and threw her head back as she moaned her wife's name.

"Janna...yes...Jaaannnaaaa." As her name reverberated off the bedroom walls, Janna felt her partner's powerful release as strong inner muscles gripped her tongue, and she tasted the release of Ryan's sweet fluids. She continued the stroking and Ryan continued to wriggle above her as the powerful climax rocked her body and satiated her soul. After what seemed like many minutes the delightful spasms slowed and Ryan fell against Janna's warm body, sated and spent.

After taking a few moments to catch her breath, she felt, both spiritually and physically, Janna's desire, and turned to face her lover. She leaned down, kissing her wife ardently, then bent her head to lavish wet, warm kisses on her breasts.

"Oh, God...I'm very close, love..."

Ryan trailed the kisses back up to Janna's mouth and lingered, before pulling back, revealing tear-filled eyes. As a tear escaped, she sobbed, "I love you, Janna," then kissed her wife hotly again and sat up. She pulled a latex glove onto her right hand and grabbed the loaded syringe, then crawled down to Janna's golden curls and kissed her tenderly there before snaking her tongue out and stroking her deeply. Janna moaned loudly and pulled her knees up, spreading her legs widely at the same time, and almost immediately, Ryan felt Janna's muscles begin to clench. She gave Janna's cleft one more loving stroke and then pulled back and inserted the syringe. She slowly stroked Janna deeply with the instrument and as she cried out, plunged the sperm into her lover. She continued stroking until Janna's body stopped its motion and then, after disposing of the glove and syringe, crawled up to share tender kisses with her wife.

"God, I love you Janna," Ryan muttered breathlessly into her mate's mouth.

"Mmm," was all Janna could manage at that moment, but Ryan understood the sentiment. She reached a long arm down and pulled the sheet up above Janna's waist, to protect herself against pregnancy. She cradled Janna's head next to hers and their tears intermingled for long minutes as they simply held each other.

The silence was broken a short time later when Janna quietly uttered, "I feel completely at one with you, Ryan. As if, right now, we share the same soul."

"I do too, Janna. And the Spirit friends are here with us." She clasped hands with her soulmate and brought their hands to her heart. She spoke aloud, quietly, asking, "Great Spirit, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, we respectfully ask for your blessing as we attempt to create life and we thank you for your guidance. Aho." She kissed their linked hands and then shared a sweet kiss with her wife before they curled up together and sleep swiftly claimed them.

The Grandfathers and Grandmothers and the Great Spirit and the other Spirits heard Swift Puma's prayer and they all smiled, as it had already been answered.


Janna awoke to a room filled with a soft, yellow light and found her head pillowed in her sitting wife's lap. Long fingers played gently with her short blonde hair as she turned and gazed up at her mate. Ryan bestowed a smile on her that reached into the deepest recesses of her soul and took Janna's breath away.

"Ryan," she breathed.

"Janna, my love." A tear dropped from her wife's eye and Janna gingerly reached up to catch it.

"Why are you crying, love?"

"Because we're pregnant, baby."

Janna sat up and faced her wife, grasping her hands. "How do you know, Ryan?"

"My Grandfather visited me in a dream. He told me."

Janna swallowed as her tears began. "Ryan...really?"

Her wife nodded. "He told me many things. One thing, he asked me to share with you." She gazed solemnly at Janna. "He said that we will face challenges in the future and that we must always remember our love. That I must remember that my heart beats not only in my chest, but in my twin soul's chest as well. He told me to tell you to remember the same thing." She swallowed hard and looked down at their linked hands before gazing back up at Janna. "We must always remember the love, Janna. Keep it matter what is happening in our life."

" you know what the challenges will be?" Janna gazed worriedly at her mate.

"No, Janna. I only got the sense that they would be serious." She grasped Janna's cheek tenderly and pulled her forward for a kiss. Through sweet kisses, she communicated her love for her wife and her belief in the strength of their bond. When they parted, she stated, "We'll be alright, Janna. I have no doubt. My love for you is too strong to be overcome by anything. He showed me that too. He showed me a vision of us as old women together and said that we are strong enough to make that reality long as we..."

"Remember the love." Janna finished her statement.

"Yes." Ryan smiled warmly at her mate. "I don't see that as a problem. I'm reminded of how very much I love you every minute of every day. Every time I look at you, or think of you. Hell, Janna, I thank God, the Universe, the Grandfathers, the Spirits, many times every today for you."

Janna laughed as more tears escaped her eyes. "I do that too, Ryan."

Ryan pulled her close and kissed her hair. "Don't worry, baby. I promise...I promise you, Janna, that we will be fine. We'll face the challenges together and become stronger." She pulled back and her brilliant blue eyes gazed pointedly into Janna's vibrant green. "I know it, love."

"And so do I, Ryan." She gazed warmly into Ryan's eyes. "Love conquers all, right?"

"Yes, baby, we know it does. It did in our warrior life, remember?"

"I'm reminded almost nightly, in my dreams, love." Janna curled into Ryan's embrace and they sat quietly, contemplating the both happy and unsettling news.

A few minutes later, Ryan chuckled. Janna looked up at her with twinkling eyes. "What?"

"The picture of us as old married ladies, Janna. It was incredible! You looked like your Aunt May, sweet-faced and kindly and I looked like a wise, stoic old Grandmother, with a weathered face and a white braid!" She hugged Janna tightly. "We were sitting together on a porch swing, holding hands...and I could see the love, Janna...I could see it between us. It was almost like a glow that surrounded us."

"What an incredible gift that was, Ryan. How can we thank your Grandfather?"

"Let's have our cuddle time, then go outside and make an offering of tobacco."

Janna nodded eagerly and Ryan pulled them down to lay side-by-side on the bed. As they kissed and began their gentle morning connection, Grandfather Sun illuminated their entwined bodies and smiled his pleasure upon them, including their unborn child.


As Grandfather Sun climbed into the dazzling New Mexico sky above the breathtaking desert and mountain vista, the family sat on the patio, enjoying Sunday brunch.

Earlier, Zac and Marty had observed their sisters' loving, respectful offering of the sacred tobacco, so Ryan and Janna had shared their news with them, including the unsettling portion. In response, Marty had silently approached and quietly embraced each of them.

"You have been given a very special gift. Please use it wisely." She had said seriously, but had let her eyes communicate the love and respect she felt for her new sisters.

"We will, Martha, believe me." Ryan had responded, equally seriously, as she pulled Janna close to her.

Ryan leaned back in the comfortable chair, took a sip of orange juice, and eyed her brother. "Well, Zac, I guess your duty is done. We won't need another donation from you."

"Are you sure, Sis? Because it is no problem for me...are you sure you want to trust the dream vision?"

Ryan eyed him seriously and then smiled. "You know I do, Zac. I have no doubts."

"Neither do I, Zac. We've been bringing spiritual practices into our lives in a big way recently and we're both sure about this. I can feel that it's true...I'm sure I'm pregnant." Janna glanced at Ryan and grinned. "I've even had an overly emotional, hormonally charged episode already."

Ryan laughed and picked up her mate's hand. "Yep, baby, I think you're right. You probably were pregnant already."

She looked at her brother and remarked, "Those are some mighty fine swimmers you've got there, bro."

Zac nearly spit his coffee across the table, and as it dribbled down his chin, his girlfriend burst into laughter. "Shit, Ryan...look at what you made me do."

"Just paying you the compliment you're due, Zac." Ryan grinned at her wife, who was scowling playfully at her.

Janna remarked, "I think my wife is bored. I need to find something to keep her busy."

Ryan's leer was automatic and her three companions scowled in unison.


"Honey, I was thinking something along the lines of a run, or something athletic like that." She patted her mate's hand sympathetically.

"Christ, Ryan, haven't you had enough of that anyway?" Zac asked as he shook his head in amazement.

"Fuck no! Oh, uh...sorry, Marty." She threw an apologetic look toward the Native woman, who smiled gracefully. "I mean, no friggin' way, Red Hawk."

"Okay, Puma. I get you." Her brother smiled warmly.

Ryan turned to her mate. "Hey, Janna, I have been feeling a little restless. How about some aikido-mai?"

"Great idea, honey!"

Ryan addressed her brother, "Zac, do have any Native music that we can work out to?"

Zac glanced at Marty and grinned widely. "Do we have any Native music? I think my love here has every Native CD ever produced!"

"Cool!" Janna replied excitedly. "Where should we do it, honey?"

"I think out here would be best, where we have lots of space...Zac, can we hear the stereo out here?"

"Sure can, since my Communications Expert rigged up some remote speakers out here."

Ryan turned sparkling eyes on Marty. "I see she has many skills, bro...I think you lucked out, buddy. Are you sure you're good enough for her?" As she took a large gulp of her juice, she was unprepared for the roll that sailed across the table and hit her in the face.

Ryan looked at her brother, eyes wide with shock, and boomed, "Whoa! War, buddy! You are so dead!" She leapt out of her chair, but Zac was just as quick and was already running away. He leapt over the low, stone patio wall and took off down the path of the partially completed, xeriscaped garden.

Ryan followed, hot on his trail and steadily gained on him. Her profession as a bicycle patrol cop kept her strong legs in maximum condition, more so than his Military Policeman career did for his. As the chase in the large yard continued noisily, Marty and Janna laughed, shaking their heads.

"Will they always be children, Marty?" Janna asked as she wiped her eyes.

"I'm afraid so, Janna. But it does make life more interesting, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yes. Absolutely! And to tell you the truth, I love her all the more for it. I wouldn't have her any other way."

"Nor I Zac, Janna." Marty's lovely brown eyes twinkled her mirth.

The shouting suddenly intensified and their mates reappeared just as Ryan made a flying leap and took her brother down into the relative softness of the drought-tolerant sage species that grew along the border of the property. She playfully pummeled her brother as she sat atop him, shouting obscenities all the while. Zac skillfully threw her off, only to be caught again by the aikido black belt and held within her grasp.

"Apologize, asshole...I'm not letting you up until you do."

"No fucking way, Ryan, you started it."

"Then we'll sit here all day...I don't mind, you're rather comfortable...all soft and fat."

"Fuck you, Ryan!" He squirmed under his sister but she held him fast. "God damn it, you're strong for a woman. Alright, I'm get the hell off of me."

Ryan grinned down at him. "Thanks, Zac...that wasn't so hard, was it?" She gracefully leapt to her feet and held a hand out to him.

As he grasped his sister's hand, he mumbled, "Yeah, right." But he threw his arm around her shoulder as they walked back to the patio where their mates sat, still laughing.

As they approached, Janna asked, "Do you two feel better?"

"Oh, yeah!" Ryan grabbed a glass of water and downed it. "Baby, I do feel better...I think I can skip the aikido now."

"Oh, no you don't, Ryan. I still need it and you can keep me company." She stood up, holding her hand out to her mate. "Come on." Ryan, ever putty in Janna's hands, smiled her agreement and grabbed her wife's hand.

Marty stood as well and asked, "What kind of music would you like? I'll put something on."

"Anything peaceful with a good beat is fine." Ryan replied.

"Ryan, Native music is all beat, for God's sake." Zac scowled at his sister.

"You don't want another ass kicking, do you Zac?" Ryan asked, eyebrows raised.

"Shut up and go do your ki thing." He grinned before adding, "I'll deal with you later."

"Oh, just keep thinking that, bro, if it makes you feel good." She threw her arm jauntily around her wife's shoulder and pulled her close. Janna wrapped her arms around Ryan and accepted the offered kiss. After parting and gazing for a long moment into each other's eyes, they realized that the music had started and they separated, somewhat embarrassed. Zac and Marty, however, had given them space and gone back into the house.

"Jesus, Janna... we do get lost in each other, don't we?"


"Come on, baby...let's move together." She pulled her mate along behind her as she moved to a cleared part of the patio.

"Anytime, my love. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow."

"Ooh, baby, I'm gonna remember you said that." Ryan replied, leering gently.

"You do that, my love."

Just then, Marty reappeared, smiled at them and walked around the patio, using an Eagle feather fan to smudge the area with sage and cedar.

"Thank you, Marty...I was just going to ask you if I could do that!" Janna exclaimed.

"You're welcome, Janna. I'm glad you don't mind."

"Oh, God, Marty, she probably uses the stuff more than you do." Ryan smirked.

"Well, Ryan, it's wonderful that she understands the importance of it."

"Yeah,'s about time you woke up to the traditional way." Zac said as he reappeared on the patio.

"Yes, I know...and I have Janna to thank for that. I'll never be able to thank her enough." She sent a loving smile to her wife.

Janna hugged her and said, "I'm sure you would have found your way back to it eventually, sweetheart."

"I'm not so sure, Janna. Come on, baby, let's move." Janna eagerly grasped her hand and stood beside her as they calmed and centered themselves.

Zac and Marty sat nearby, watching curiously as their sisters began the enchanting movements. They moved separately, but seemingly as one, to the beat of the music, feeling the energy within their bodies and moving with it freely. They each danced around the patio, using flowing movements, letting the energy of the space move them.

The calming movements bestowed looks of peace and contentment on the soulmates' faces and the love that bound them was obvious to their family. Ryan wore black biking shorts and a tight black tank top and looked every bit her spiritual namesake as she moved gracefully around the patio. Even more so, she looked the part of the Puma's dark counterpart, Panther.

Her mate was a vision as well, in her blue running shorts and white tank. Although still a relative beginner at aikido – she had only begun studying with Ryan six months previously – she moved with a grace and beauty that nearly matched her partner's. Indeed, she had already achieved the rank of blue belt and had become the most advanced student in Ryan's beginning class.

The two students of the peaceful art came together then and danced closely together, gracefully performing modified defensive moves for several minutes, all the while keeping with the beat of the Native flute and drum music. They ended by leaving the aikido and slow dancing together for several more minutes, finishing with a loving kiss and an embrace.

Marty sighed and Zac applauded the lovely scene, and Ryan and Janna came back to Earth and looked over at them, grinning. Ryan bowed to her audience as Janna blushed and they made their way over to their family.

"That was very beautiful, Ryan, Janna."

"Yeah, Sis...I had no idea you could be so graceful...and so peaceful."

"You should've recognized it, Zac, it's what I used to take you down a while ago." Ryan grinned crookedly.

Janna pulled her naughty little girl by the hand and sat her in one of the large cushioned deck chairs, then settled into her lap and wrapped her arms around her. Ryan immediately pulled her close, forgetting her bratty brother for the time being, and kissed her deeply.

Zac grinned, looked to his mate, held out his hand, and laughed as she settled herself in his lap. They commenced the same activity that was taking place across the table from them and the atmosphere around the patio remained quiet and loving for quite some time.


White gypsum sands stretched out along either side of the highway. Janna gazed out the passenger window and sighed, "Ryan, this desert is breathtaking. I had never seen the white sands before."

"Mm. I had never been this close either." She turned her head to glance at her wife and another breathtaking site caught her eye. "Janna, would look at that?"

Janna returned her gaze to the side window and gasped. The desert floor, where it met a large outcrop of rock, was a brilliant yellow-orange carpet of flowers. "Oh, my God, honey...that's gorgeous!"

"Mm, I think those are Mexican poppies, babe." She reached a hand up to run through her wife's short, blonde hair. "They're almost as gorgeous as you are."

Janna turned a breathtaking smile on her wife and exclaimed, "Thank you, honey. Take a glance into the rearview mirror though, if you really want to see gorgeous." She brought her wife's long-fingered hand to her lips and gently kissed each finger.

She couldn't see Ryan's eyes behind her dark glasses, but she could see the tightening of the muscles in her jaw and her intake of breath, and she could feel the jolt of desire through the link they shared. Ryan returned her gaze to the highway in front of her and swallowed convulsively as she thought, I knew we should have made love this morning, dammit.

Janna, still holding Ryan's right hand, smiled as she continued to gaze at her wife. "Sweetheart," she began. "What do you say to a lazy afternoon in the hot tub? Zac mentioned that he and Marty wouldn't be home until about 7:00 tonight. We can make a salad, you can have some wine..."

Ryan returned her gaze to Janna and grinned widely. "I'm there, have no idea, baby."

"Um, I think I do, love. We should have made love this morning, shouldn't we have?"

Ryan looked abashed, even behind the sunglasses. "Yes, love, I guess we should have. Why don't we, Janna, whenever we have time in the mornings? We're halfway there every morning anyway, during our cuddle time. We both want it...we both love it...hell, we both seem to need it. Why don't we try to make it a priority, as long as you feel up to it?"

"Let's do that honey. I know that sex isn't everything, and it shouldn't necessarily be the focal point of a relationship, but with us it's"

"Perfect...natural...astounding." Ryan's wide grin set Janna's heart aflutter.

"All of the above!" Janna linked her fingers with Ryan's. "And, it's possible that before too long, I won't feel up to it in the mornings...though, when Kris was pregnant, with both kids, she felt sick all the time...for two months."

Ryan grimaced and moved her hand to Janna's thigh, rubbing it lightly. "I hope you don't have it rough, honey. God, I hope you don't."

"Hey, whatever happens, I'll deal with. The reward at the end is more than worth it."

Ryan grinned. "You say that now, baby. Can I remind you of that when you're puking into the toilet at dawn? Or when you're in labor?"

"Please do." She smiled coyly as she added, "Especially if you want to be bitched at and reminded that you weren't brave enough to take this on."

Ryan's face fell into the cutest pout that Janna had ever seen. "Oh, baby, but you wanted know how I am with hospitals and all that painful sh..."

Janna giggled. "I know, honey...I'm just picking on you. I have no problem with this...any of it...and you should know that."

"I know, Janna, I just...I'm so happy about this, but feel a little guilty about not being willing to take it on myself...big, tough cop...shit..." She shook her head.

Janna felt the small measure of dejection that her mate was feeling and moved to soothe it. "Ryan, honey...I wanted to do this so much that had you wanted to as well, you would have had to fight me for the right!" She linked their hands again. "Ryan, this is the right way for us...I want to be pregnant, you don''s no big deal. Anyway, I know that you will be fully present every step of the way...from my first ob/gyn appointment, to doing Lamaze classes, all the way through the birth."

"Through the birth? Hell, Janna, I'm there through the college admission, babe. And beyond."

"Yes, love, that's true, isn't it?" She smiled warmly at her tough cop. God, she's soft-hearted...where only I can see it.

As they neared the Missile Range, and their lunch date with Zac and Marty, both women sighed contentedly, simply enjoying each other's presence and the life that they were sharing.

After checking in at the main gate, Ryan followed Janna's directions to the base's Italian Café. As they drove past the Missile Range museum, with it's display of immense rockets and missiles in the park beside it, Ryan exclaimed, "God, those missiles are impressive. Makes you glad you've never been on the receiving end of one."

"For sure, babe. I must admit that Zac and Marty have challenged some of my pacifist views while we've been here. For the first time, I'm aware of how safe I am as an American...and realize that it's due to the sweat and blood of soldiers...good them. I'm afraid I may have taken my safety for granted in the past. I feel bad about that."

"Mm, good point, love. I've never been hawkish myself, though as a cop, I'm aware of the need for a strong defense...and not just on a local level."

As they drove slowly by, they gazed with interest at the fifty-plus weapons, which sat impressively, aimed toward the brilliant sky.

A short time later, they sat with their family in a booth in the comfortable café. Ryan and Janna sat on one side of the table, across from Zac and Marty, and surreptitiously held hands under the table.

"Um, you guys are aware, aren't you, that the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy doesn't apply to civilians?" Zac asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Right, Zac, but soldiers aren't exactly known for their open minds when it comes to gays in general, are they?"

"Oh, you might be surprised, Sis."

Ryan raised her eyebrows but made no comment.

Janna smiled and tightened her grip of her wife's hand, then turned to her mate and asked, "You're not having wine, love? You always have wine with pasta."

"We're pregnant now, baby. I'm not drinking."

Ryan's matter-of-fact response surprised and amused Janna, who looked at her mate comically. "Um, sweetheart, I'm the one who needs to abstain from alcohol and caffeine, not you."

"Wrong, babe. We're doing this together. If you have to do without, so do I."

She could see that Janna was about to disagree and stopped her short. "Baby, let me do this...please? I know how much you love your beer, and your tea, and I'm not about to sit around drinking those things in front of you when you can't." She looked at Janna and then at her brother and Marty and smiled, adding, "End of discussion. What d'ya feel like eating, babe?"

Janna sat, stunned. "Ryan, that is so not necessary, babe..."

"Sweetheart, my mind is made up. Let's eat, huh?" She buried her nose in the menu she held, effectively ending the conversation.

Zac and Marty raised eyebrows in unison and shrugged, as Janna remained motionless in her seat. Finally, she turned toward her wife and bestowed a glowing smile upon her. "Ryan, I think that is the single most unselfish act that I've ever heard of in my life. Thank you, my love."

Ryan put the menu down, as she answered, "It's nothing, Janna. We share everything, love...hell, baby, half the time I think we share the same soul. It's no big deal." She shrugged.

"Sis, is a big deal, so take the compliment, okay?"

His sister blushed before burying her nose in the menu again, and her mate rubbed her thigh warmly and let her love for her wife flow strongly to her through their bond. Ryan felt the love and was moved nearly to tears. Nearly...there was no way that she would let that happen in public, much less in front of her brother. She simply took a very long time deciding what she wanted to order.


Ryan bent over the side of the hot tub and checked the temperature of the water. Too hot is not good for pregnant ladies and their babies...better settle for lukewarm. It's warm out anyway. She adjusted the temperature setting and straightened, then turned to gaze out at the lovely view from Zac's patio. Breathing deeply of the clean, dry air, she thought, I could live here.

Her reverie was broken, but pleasantly so, when two arms found their way around her waist from behind. She leaned back into her wife's smaller body and smiled.

As Janna rested her cheek against Ryan's back and joined her in her quiet reverie, she remarked, "I love it here, Ryan. The desert, the energy, the vistas, the slower pace, the people, are all wonderful. I could live here."

Ryan closed her eyes and swallowed hard, thinking, Jesus, before she replied, "I could too, baby. Easily. Maybe we should consider retiring here." She turned in Janna's embrace and kissed her wife's forehead before leaning back and gazing into her eyes. "I think we should stay where we are, at least until the kids are older, because we have so much family support there. Your parents, your brother and his family, all our friends are there. What do you think?"

"I agree, love. I want the kids to be as close to as much of their family as possible. Of course, that leaves Zac and Marty out."

"Well, you know what? Why don't we come out here for a week or two every spring? We can come for your birthday." She looked around at the beauty surrounding them as she remarked, "It's beautiful here in the spring."

"It sure is. It's a plan then, love. Thank you!" Janna's lively green eyes twinkled up at her mate in the bright sunshine.

"Thank you, Janna. I love you so much, baby." She pulled Janna close and sighed deeply. "I turned the spa down so it's not too hot for my two babies...let's go on in, love."

"Okay, um...are you wearing that?" Janna gazed at Ryan's cargo shorts and tank.

"Nope, I'm going in this..." Ryan deftly stripped off her shirt and stood before her wife, topless and grinning.

"Ryan!" Janna quickly glanced around. "What if someone sees?"

"Janna, who's gonna see? You can't see the neighbors houses from here and they can't see us." She waved her arm at the desert view before them. "There's only white sand, sage and lizards out there."

Janna, clearly considering the possibilities, slowly grinned before reaching for Ryan's shorts. "You won't need these for what I have in mind." Meeting Ryan's gaze, she slowly unzipped the fly and pulled the shorts down. She was hampered somewhat when her wife pulled her close and stole a kiss, but managed to strip her of her clothing eventually.

"Mm, Janna...I've been needing you all day, baby." As she nipped at her mate's neck, Ryan slipped her hands under the band of Janna's shorts and pushed them, along with her panties, off her hips and to the ground. She pulled Janna tightly against her body, kissed her deeply, and reveled in the tingling sensations their skin-on-skin contact always caused.

"God, Janna..." Already breathless, Ryan stepped back slightly and pulled Janna's t-shirt off over her head, happy beyond words that there was no bra to hinder the glorious view as Janna stood before her with her arms raised. She scooped her mate into her arms and resumed the passionate kiss.

They lost themselves in the sweet softness of each other as desire and passion built and Ryan picked Janna up off the ground and held her in her arms as she explored her mouth ardently for several minutes more.

Janna mumbled against hot, sweet lips, "My strong warrior. Love me again, Swift Puma."

"Always, Janna, my Little White Owl. I will love you always and forever."

She carefully settled Janna into the comfortable water of the spa and sat in a corner. Janna sat in her lap and rested her head on Ryan's shoulder.

Janna spoke quietly, "Am I your Little White Owl, Ryan? I love the sound of that."

"Yes, Janna. That's what my Grandfather called you in my dream vision. You have a tribal name now, my love."

"God, Ryan, that's so special...thank you." Tears of joy streaked down Janna's cheeks as she lay against her wife. Ryan bent her head and kissed the tears dry before turning Janna to face her.

Janna straddled Ryan and threw her arms around her, gazing deeply into her blue depths. "I love you, Ryan Swift Puma Norden-Zamora...with all that I am."

"And you, Janna Beth White Owl Norden-Zamora, are everything to me." She lifted Janna gently and very softly kissed her still-flat belly. "You and our baby." When she looked back up into Janna's eyes, tears were coursing down her own cheeks.

Janna clasped Ryan's face to her chest and held her tightly before sinking back onto her lap and kissing her deeply. As tongues met and danced sensuously, hands began to blaze trails of fire down the skin of backs and arms. Ryan pulled away slightly and bent her head to Janna's breasts, generating a chorus of soft sighs and moans as she stroked and sucked lovingly.

"How do you want me to love you, baby?" Ryan's sultry voice asked around a sweet nipple.

"Tantra, love. Together..."

Ryan's mouth came back up to join with Janna's again as she sat forward slightly and allowed her mate to wrap her legs tightly around her waist. As they kissed, communicating their love from the depths of their souls, two hearts began to beat wildly in unison and heat spread from nether regions to every part of their bodies, setting every nerve ending within two bodies on fire.

"God, Ryan, love me before I pass out, baby..."

"Janna...breathe," Ryan coached, becoming the teacher for a change.

"Yes...I forgot," Janna panted. "Besides, you took all of my breath away..."

They slowed their breathing in tandem and each gently inserted loving, stroking fingers into her mate's body, beginning their slow, sacred sexual dance, allowing the fire within to grow slowly, steadily, until it shot up their spines and exploded, carrying them to higher planes of existence. Before the enlightened ecstasy, they would enjoy valley orgasms that would peak and wane, growing stronger with each crest, creating a cycle of pleasure that would be prolonged for many, many minutes.

Above, Grandfather Sun smiled as the two beings with whom he was well acquainted made beautiful love together. Loving hands stroked inner depths as their bodies gyrated in unison. Voices called out tribal names on several occasions, to be lost on the wind and carried to the mountaintops, along with the loving energy they created.

Later, as the sun spirit sank below the mountains in the west, Ryan brought Janna to orgasm again as she stroked her mate's delicious anatomy with a hot tongue.

"Oh, God, Ryan...that is so good, baby..." Janna's head rested against the house wall as she sat on the edge of the spa with her mate's face buried between her legs. As she called her wife's name for what seemed like the hundredth time that afternoon, they heard a car door slam in the front of the house. Janna let the delightful spasms fade however, before she allowed the threat of being caught startle her.

"Ryan," she panted, "They're home."

"Mm," said the happy mouth that rested against her belly.

A moment later, the patio door slid open and they heard Zac's voice. "Ry, you guys out here?"

In a strained voice, she replied, "Yeah, Zac. Could you give us a few minutes, please?"

"Oh...sure Sis, sorry."

"No prob, bro. See ya in a few."

The door slid shut and Janna slid down into Ryan's embrace. "God, love, that was close." She giggled. "I'm glad we both had another turn."

"God, Janna, so am I. That was incredible." She took a deep breath. "Whew. Jesus fucking Christ, Janna...I'm completely worn out, but I've never felt so good in my life. In my whole fuckin' life, baby." She nuzzled Janna's hair.

"I know. God, Ryan. Earlier, with the Tantra...we went forty-five minutes. A forty-five minute orgasm cycle, Ryan!"

" wonder I'm spent. Baby, I'm not sure I can lift myself out of this spa." She grinned at her mate.

"Why don't we stay here for a while then. They'll understand."

"I'm not sure they will, love. Zac told me he's not familiar with Tantra."

"Ah, but Marty told me that she knows Native techniques. Recommended some books." Janna's grin and raised eyebrows matched Ryan's.

"Oh, my God...more sacred techniques? First Tantra, then Taoist, now Native? Baby, maybe we should become sex therapists."

Janna laughed. "Oh, no, love. This is private. You and me."

"You and me, Janna. Kiss me, baby."

Part 4

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