The Homecoming
By Janet Lynne

Part 8


Additional Disclaimer: The lovemaking descriptions in this chapter cross the line from PG13 into hard R territory. Sorry, couldn't resist If graphic descriptions of love bother you, please skip the end of chapter 17.

A few days later, on a breezy, partly cloudy Thursday afternoon Janna oversaw the completion of the installation of her mate's long-awaited spa, complete with gazebo. It sat on the rear deck just outside the French doors. She hadn't told Ryan that it was arriving that day, wishing to surprise her. They had planned to have a relaxing evening after Ryan's extended shift was over, with Janna giving Ryan her first Reiki attunement, and the new spa could be worked into those plans beautifully.

After the installer showed Janna how to operate it and handed her the owner's manual, he began filling it with water. She could barely contain her excitement at the thought of bringing Ryan out there later and showing it to her. Even the weather is cooperating: it's not too hot. Too bad there won't be any moon until very late.

After the installation men left she stood back and admired the new structure. It was a large, white, octagonal building with built-in decking up to the edge of the spa. It had removable lathe privacy screening on the sides and on the top, allowing the occupants to view either the yard or the night sky if they wished but also afforded complete privacy if that was desired. Janna had a very strong suspicion that the complete privacy option would be exercised more often than not. She blushed mildly as a vivid picture entered her mind. Fanning herself, she went back inside to try to complete more work on her latest photo project.

Ryan and John finally extricated themselves from the scene of their latest altercation. Ryan looked at her watch and noted that it was nearly time to get over to the Avenue Market. She blew out a breath, wishing she didn't have to work the extra shift tonight. She wanted to be home with her mate, relaxing. Plus, she was looking forward to receiving her attunement. They had decided that tonight would be a good night to do it because she didn't work the next day.

As Ryan stuffed her notebook back into her pocket she shook her head in disgust and looked at her partner, "Jesus Christ, John, didn't the full moon end two days ago?" She spoke into the uniform radio on her collar and cleared them for further duty.

"Yes, but you'd never know it would you? Fourth day in row we've had way more than the usual number of wackos." He reached down and snapped the catch on his weapon holster.

"I am so ready for my three days off, John, I gotta tell ya." She ran her fingers through her hair and put her helmet back on.

"Uh, I hate to break it to ya buddy but we're working Saturday, remember...the music festival...2 to 6?"

"Aw, shit...that's right." She shook her head in dismay then added, "Well, it shouldn't be too bad. It's a short shift."

"Hey, Sara plans to come out...maybe Janna would like to hang out with her?"

"She might. She's certainly into music." Ryan flashed a wide grin...the mere mention of her soul mate had dispelled her sour mood. "Let's get over to the Avenue, John." She looked over her shoulder, checking traffic, then added hopefully, "Hey maybe the threat of rain will keep people away and we can knock off early".

"What's the matter bud, you got plans for later?" He smirked, but then thought better of the remark and added, "What am I thinking, of course you have plans."

"Yep, you should be so lucky." She smirked at him and took off, forcing him to play catch up.

As The Cranberries' Delores O'Riordan serenaded her with a lilting song about dreams, Janna put the casserole in the oven and set the timer. Good, it should be done just about when Ryan gets home. After cleaning the kitchen she turned the family room stereo off and returned to her new darkroom.

She stood in the doorway for a few moments, admiring the new space. The workmanship was pristine and she admired her brother's handiwork. One wall was lined with built-in cabinets for all of her supplies. The opposite wall had a built-in countertop with shelving above it and more cabinets below. Here the enlargers, both color and black and white resided, as well as a set of large light-tight paper drawers and a compact stereo system. The third wall had formerly housed a window but now sported more shelving and cabinets above and below a long, divided sink. To the left of the sink hung a drying line and in the corner sat a tall drying cabinet. In the center of the room was a large, square worktable, which held large paper cutters and sported more cabinetry in the base for matting and other mounting supplies. There were several lovely matted and framed landscape photos on the walls, examples of Janna's handiwork.

She entered the room and pushed the play button on the sound system. Bad Religion blasted forth with a diatribe against television as Janna, head bobbing to the beat, flipped the light switch and the yellow incandescence was replaced by a warm red glow. The smell of fresh paint still hung faintly in the air, soon to be replaced, however, by the acrid aroma of developing chemicals. I should bring an aromatherapy diffuser in here.

Janna, still moving to the beat...always moving to the beat...flipped the light on the enlarger on and checked the image projected onto the base. Before she could focus on her work, however, her mind wandered to her partner. I wonder how her day has been? I haven't heard from her.

She sat back on her tall work stool, closed her eyes and focused on their link, reaching out over the miles to her partner. She immediately felt the rich, loving warmth that she associated with her mate. She concentrated further; detecting what seemed like irritation. Ooh, I don't think she's in a great mood. I'll have to see what I can do about that. She brought her love for her mate into focus, and then projected it outward through their link. After a few moments she felt the irritation evaporate, to be replaced by a loving warmth and then by a sharp pang of erotic desire that shot straight to her groin. She swallowed hard as her eyebrows rose in shock. Well, I guess she showed me huh? She's a quick study. She smiled at the evidence of yet another of her partner's many skills. She is absolutely amazing.

While she sat contemplating that revelation her telephone rang and she answered (seriously this time), "Zamora-Norden residence."

The business-like female voice on the other end said, "This is SCPD dispatch with a message for Ms. Janna Norden."

"Speaking." Janna held her breath, more in confusion than in fear, as she would certainly have felt if anything were wrong.

"Ms. Norden, I have a message for you from Officer Ryan Zamora. It reads: 'Message received. Thanks'."

Janna released her breath and chuckled. "Thanks. May I give you a reply?"

"Go ahead."

"Return message received. Don't be late." She thought she detected a slight chuckle on the other end of the line but couldn't be sure.

"Thank you Ms. Norden. Good evening."

"Good evening Officer."

Janna clicked off the phone and sat on the stool in front of the enlarger station, smiling and shaking her head in disbelief. I have a strong suspicion that life with her will never be boring. She said another silent prayer of thanks to the Universe; about the one thousandth she had uttered in the weeks she had known Ryan.


Ryan and John quickly locked up their bikes and made their way into the station. As they strode purposefully down the brightly lit cream-colored corridors Ryan informed John that she would take care of her portion of the day's reports at home. He tried (unsuccessfully) to hide a grin and told her it was fine with him. She ignored his glee and headed for the exit. "See you Saturday John."

"Later Ry."

She strode with long, quick strides across the parking lot to her truck, beeped the security system from twenty paces and quickly hopped behind the wheel, dropping her gym bag on the seat beside her. It was a pleasant evening. The cool breeze and partial cloudiness had kept the temperature down and the sky in the west still held a hint of red from the sunset and was bisected with black lines of clouds. She noticed none of that however. Her mind held a single- minded intent at the moment and nothing would deter her progress toward home and the reward that awaited her.

Within three minutes she had pulled into their driveway and quickly exited and locked the truck. She nearly jogged into the house, the gym bag containing her utility belt and holstered weapon swinging with her arm's purposeful motion. As she reached for the kitchen door, it swung open and her mate, who had a cold bottle of Corona in one hand, greeted her. Ryan stepped inside, closed the door behind her, drew the new aluminum blind, set her bag carefully on the floor, and swept her mate into her arms.

Janna threw both arms around Ryan's neck as their lips met passionately. Ryan lifted her off her feet with the force of her embrace and told Janna, with her lips and tongue, just how much she had missed her all day. Janna moaned and nearly lost her grip on the slick beer bottle in her left hand. Ryan gently set her down, parting from her slightly and Janna took the opportunity to press the bottle to her partner's lips. Ryan threw her head back and downed half the bottle in one gulp. Then she set the bottle behind her on the counter and returned her attention to Janna, scooping her back into her arms.

With lips pressed against Janna's she said, "Hi honey I'm home."

Janna's response was a moan and a demanding tongue prodding Ryan's lips apart.

Ryan's response to that was to pick Janna up and set her on the kitchen table, still kissing her deeply as she did so, with both hands working the buttons open on her mate's blouse. Janna wrapped her hands around Ryan's neck, forcing their mouths into even deeper contact. Ryan pushed the now unbuttoned shirt off of Janna's shoulders and covered her breasts with her large hands. Janna arched at the contact and wrapped her legs around Ryan's waist. Ryan's lips left Janna's and migrated down to her neck, sucking and nipping lightly at the sensitive skin while her palms caressed hardened nipples through her bra.

Janna panted, "Ryan..."

A deep, desire-roughened voice answered, "Yes, love?"

"What about the kitchen window?"

"I'll get a blind for it tomorrow." Her hands pulled the bra down off of Janna's breasts, freeing and lifting them temptingly and bent her head to taste them hungrily. Her freed hands moved around to Janna's back and pulled her closer.

"Ohh, God...ohh, but Ry...Ryan it's a window" she panted breathlessly.

With a mouth full of delicious coral-colored nipple Ryan grumbled, "Then I'll fuckin' have one custom made and put a rush on it."

Her tongue resumed it's stroking and Janna gasped, "Oh...kay...good...ohh Ryan, I love that..."

"Good" was the mumbled response and Janna felt her hips lifted slightly as Ryan attempted to pull her shorts and panties off. Janna impatiently pushed Ryan's hands away and removed them herself, unlinking her legs from around her mate's waist just long enough to allow the clothing clearance to drop to the floor.

Ryan moaned and moved down from Janna's breasts, trailing kisses along her abdomen, down across the top of a leg and down the inside of a thigh. Janna gasped and writhed, using her hands to gently guide Ryan's face to where she desperately wanted it. Ryan tenderly kissed the thigh where her lips rested and pulled away, straightening just long enough to pull her own shirt off, followed quickly by her bra. Then she undid and dropped her shorts and underwear and stepped back against her lover, removing the rest of her clothing as well and explaining, "I want to feel all of you baby." Then she embraced Janna and kissed her lovingly, deeply before returning to the precious area between her legs.

"Oh, God Ryan, yes, right there baby..." Janna implored as Ryan bent to her task with loving devotion. Ryan delighted in the sweet nectar of her soul mate and nearly cried as Janna's release came quickly and powerfully, accompanied by a piercing scream. She continued to kiss her lover tenderly as the spasms continued, and then finally faded and she rose to embrace her. She kissed Janna deeply and then buried her face against her neck as they held each other close. "God, I love you Janna. So very much."

"I love you too Ryan, more every minute. Thank you." As Janna tried to catch her breath, Ryan gently caressed the sweat-slicked skin of her back.

As soon as her legs would support her, Janna slowly moved off of the table and turned Ryan so that her backside was leaning against the rounded edge. Janna stepped between Ryan's legs and kissed the pulse point throbbing visibly at her neck. The kiss ended in a gentle nip as she brought one hand up to a hardened nipple and bent her head to tend to its companion with her mouth, her left hand caressing and stroking in time with her tongue. Ryan threw her head back and moaned loudly, leaning back on her hands to support herself and pressing the center between her legs firmly against Janna's stomach. Janna felt her lover's moist need and slowly lowered a hand, caressing soft skin as she circled lower and lower. Her fingers lovingly caressed Ryan, soothing her swollen need while her lips and tongue continued their loving devotion to both breasts. When she felt her lover's velvet-smooth inner walls begin to tense and clench she brought her mouth and tongue down to join her fingers, matching their rhythm. Ryan gasped and tangled her hands in Janna's hair, hanging on for dear life as she tumbled over the precipice in rapturous release, screaming incoherently. Janna kept her mouth firmly in contact with her mate and lovingly tended to her as the spasms went on and on and then finally, slowly ceased.

As Janna rose to embrace her, Ryan's legs buckled and she slowly collapsed to the floor, bringing Janna with her. They curled up on the cool tile together, both completely spent and unable to move for long minutes. Neither of them could communicate their intense feelings...not with words at any rate. As they held each other, their devotion passed between them through their bond, both Ryan and Janna understanding completely the depth of the other's feelings. The silent communication bordered on telepathy and Ryan gazed at Janna in awe as she held her tightly in her arms.

As they basked in the afterglow of their love, tears slowly trailed down both women's cheeks. Ryan regained the power of speech first and said, "Janna, what just happened? That was without a doubt the most intense orgasm of my life. And I thought all the others with you were fuckin' awesome."

Janna tried to answer, though she was feeling faint and tingly, "I don't know Ryan. It just gets better and better every time. If it keeps up at this rate I'm afraid I'll die in your arms one of these times." She nuzzled Ryan lovingly before adding, "Intense is not even the word for it. I have no explanation for it, except that it must have to do with our bond."




"Honey, let's get off this cold floor, huh?" Ryan stretched uncomfortably, dislodging Janna from her comfortable nest.

"Okay. Follow me. I know the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the aftereffects of whatever that was that we just experienced. Come on." She stood and beckoned to her life mate, green eyes still dark with passion but sparkling again.

Ryan's eyes, also still dark with passion, took on a glimmer as she stood and faced her mate with a sly grin. "What are you up to Janna?"

"Just come and see. And leave your clothes where they are."

She took Ryan by the hand and led her out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the utility room, where she grabbed two towels from a folded pile. "Here, better cover your beauty up for a minute. I need to turn the light on in back." Ryan looked perplexed as they wrapped themselves in the large, soft towels. Then Janna flipped the light switch next to the French door, illuminating the deck area and the beautiful gazebo that now sat to one side.

"Fuck, Janna!"

"Mmm. Again?" She giggled and Ryan blushed.

"I'm sorry, I mean, oh my God, the spa is in?" Ryan looked at her incredulously and then burst out the door, forgetting to secure her towel, which dropped to the deck. She picked up her mate and spun her around gleefully. "Oh, baby it's beautiful. I love it!"

"I'm glad Ryan. Consider it yours." She gazed at her partner with such obvious devotion that Ryan's eyes misted.

"Oh Janna, not mine. Ours." She kissed Janna's head tenderly then turned to look at the spa, wiping her tears away with her hand. "Can we use it now?"

"Absolutely. It should be ready...I've got it set on it's not too hot. After you, love."

Ryan entered the gazebo and climbed slowly into the spa. She moaned with pleasure as the comforting warmth bathed her skin and she immersed herself in it. She quickly found a very comfortable corner and settled back, motioning for Janna to join her.

Janna lit the four candles that she had strategically placed around the spa decking earlier and stepped back into the house to turn off the deck lights. After securing the privacy screen in the gazebo's doorway, removing the roof panel, and shedding her towel, she stood before Ryan, warm candlelight glinting softly on her skin.

Ryan's blood began boiling anew at the sight of the naked beauty before her and she gasped. Janna slowly, seductively lowered herself into the water and joined her mate, sitting back against her chest. Ryan wrapped her arms tightly around Janna and kissed her neck, mumbling, "Jesus, Janna, what you do to me. I just spent my self completely loving you, but I want you again already."

"Mmm, I feel the same way. Why don't we relax for a while and then see what happens?" She inclined her head and arched her neck as Ryan continued her soft kisses. "Dinner's ready too. In case you're hungry."

"I'm always hungry, baby," Ryan drawled as she began soft, slow caresses of Janna's abdomen and delighted at her partner's sharp intake of breath.

"I''m...oh, Ryan." She sighed as Ryan's hands began roaming more fervently. "I'm talking about food sweetheart and you kn...know it...oh God, Ryan!" At that moment she forgot her empty stomach completely and turned around in Ryan's lap, meeting her lips hungrily.

They made love again, this time slowly and gently in the Tantric position, face to face. Janna showed Ryan how to feel their connection and her body's responses in each of her seven major chakras. The Tantric practice served to lengthen and intensify their climaxes and Ryan resolved to make a deeper study of the ancient tradition. If they ever left the magnificent, bubbling comfort of the spa, that is.

Later, they both lay against the side of the spa, Janna's head pillowed against Ryan's shoulder. They gazed up at thousands of stars in the dark sky, which glittered and twinkled gently through the warm summer air. Empty dishes and half-full wine glasses sat nearby on the decking.

"Janna what is it with you and tubs," Ryan asked lazily.

"It's a fish thing...Pisces. I find water to be the most soothing of all the elements. I hope to add a pool back here some day too."

" what would my element be?" she asked as she idly traced shapes in the bubbles on her mate's chest.

"Virgo? Let's see, that would be Earth. You like to keep your feet firmly on the ground. You're stable and practical."

"Oh, right on! And you're a fish...and what else?"

"A dreamer...a visionary." She grinned shyly at her mate and added, "I've certainly got the 'dreamer' part down pat. Reality seldom lives up to my dreams. Except where you're concerned that is. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine something as wonderful as this happening." She kissed the inside of the arm that was wrapped around her shoulder.

"I never would have believed it either Janna. If anyone had told me this would happen to me I would have told them they were nuts." She chuckled quietly and added, "John says that the 'Lone Wolf' has been captured and tamed."

"Well, domesticated possibly, but never tamed."

"Oh, you tame me Janna, believe me. I've always had this restlessness in me. I always had to be doing something, and the more productive the better. But now I'm content just to be with you. I feel complete I'm not searching for something anymore. I feel like I've finally come home."

Ryan turned slightly and brought a wet hand up to run though Janna's hair. "You know, I always thought it was absurd when I heard people, especially women, say that their mate completed them. I wondered why in the hell they felt that they needed someone else in order to feel complete...I thought it was sad. But now I realize that they weren't necessarily invalidating themselves or their own worth, some of them were simply acknowledging that there is another human being that complements them completely. Like being two sides of the same coin...or the light needing the dark and vice versa."

"Yin and yang."

"Yeah. I totally understand that concept now." She warmly wrapped her arms around Janna again and kissed her hair.

"Cool, love. Yeah, it's my favorite esoteric symbol, I think. I used to have a yin/yang decal on my guitar and kids would often ask me about what it meant."

"Yeah, I like that t-shirt you have...the psychedelic one." She leered gently at her mate who smirked at her.

"That's because it's short and tight. I know you are a wolf. That I will never tame."

"Oh, but baby, you're welcome to try. I respond to pleasurable stimuli."

Janna laughed quietly. "Oh, God, don't I know it!"

They kissed gently for a few minutes, until Ryan pulled back, sighed and said, "I'm sorry we didn't get the attunement done tonight love."

"That's okay Ryan. We'll do it tomorrow. It will be better then anyway. You had a rough day and it's best to be rested and relaxed." She glanced up at the sky." We should think about getting some sleep. It's pretty late."

And late it was, as the last quarter moon was just rising above the trees in the yard. The lovers each greeted their friend silently and thanked her for watching over them so well. She smiled her light down upon them as they rose from their pool of bliss.


Ryan sat in a straight chair, her hands quietly resting on her knees and feet flat on the floor as Janna circled her with a smoking smudge stick. Several candles burned throughout the family room, adding a soft warm glow. Janna had partially closed the vertical blinds, cutting the glare from the bright sun and enhancing the relaxing atmosphere. On the table near where Ryan sat, a large cluster of rose quartz held a small candle in its center, suffusing the vicinity with a soft pink glow and a gentle, loving energy. Ryan thought that she could feel the warmth from the crystals gently nudging her heart center, but was unsure about it.

After smudging Ryan, Janna set the still-smoking wand of sage and sweetgrass in an abalone shell on the table. The acrid-sweet scent filled the air and cleansed the space and it's occupants of all old and negative energy. Janna approached her mate and gently took her hands in her own, bending and bringing them to her lips and kissing each one tenderly. She gazed deeply into her love's eyes and let her love for her pour out of her heart center. Ryan's eyes filled with tears and she swallowed hard. Janna smiled warmly and then she stepped back and closed her eyes, visibly centering herself. She opened her eyes and instructed Ryan to take a deep breath and relax. She then began the short, ancient ritual that would give her partner the ability to conduct Reiki through her body to use for healing, for herself and others.

The attunement, or the placing of the knowledge of the ancient symbols into Ryan's aura, only took a few minutes. When it was finished, Janna instructed Ryan to keep her eyes closed for a few moments. As she did so, Janna silently asked the Reiki Masters if they had a message for Ryan. She could feel the presence of the ancient ones in the room with her and let her love for them and her gratitude for their support of her fill her being. In answer, they surrounded her being and suffused it with the loving energy from the Other Side.

In answer to her question, a thought, clear and distinct, popped into her mind: "She has always known to trust in her instincts. She should now extend that trust to include her psychic intuition. If she does, nothing will be hidden from her." Janna thanked the Masters and felt them leave the space, leaving behind an intense feeling of love.

Janna instructed Ryan to open her eyes when she felt ready to, and after several more minutes she did. Ryan's eyes opened slowly, blinking as if trying to clear them. She looked up at Janna somewhat fuzzily and grinned weakly.

"How do you feel, Ryan?" Janna's voice was gentle and warm.

"I'm not sure. Strange. My whole body is buzzing's like my soul is vibrating." She shrugged and grinned lopsidedly, "It's hard to explain."

"No need to love. I've been there. I'm there now, actually, through our link." She added, "And your observation about your soul vibrating is right on target. You are literally now vibrating at a slightly different frequency than you used to. A slightly faster frequency."

She kneeled before Ryan and added, "I have a message for you from the Ancient Reiki Masters...the ones who brought the gift to the planet millennia ago. I'll share it with you verbatim and let you work through it's meaning on your own." She did so and watched Ryan's eyes widen in surprise.

"Janna, I know that. That idea has been nagging at me for about a week now. How did you know?" She looked at her partner with disbelief.

"I didn't. The Masters did. See, they were right, weren't they? Think about the message Ryan. Give it time and digest it thoroughly." She smiled gently at her partner and held out her hands. "Wanna try to stand?"

Ryan got up, wobbling a little and Janna grasped her by the arm.

"Whoa, that kinda hits you hard, doesn't it? But feels really good", she added with a grin.

Janna matched her grin and nodded her head in agreement. She picked up a large glass of water and handed it to Ryan. "Here love, drink this. It will help to ground you. You'll need to drink lots of extra water for about the next week help your body detoxify. The Reiki now in your system is purging it of impurities."

Ryan, throat parched, downed the entire glass as Janna held on to her. Then Janna led her mate to the French doors overlooking the backyard. As they stood together gazing at the lovely view, Janna asked, "Take a look around for a few minutes, Ryan and then tell me what you notice."

Ryan gazed at the attractive yard, which was ringed with flowerbeds that were alive with summer color, the small lawn separating them from the deck.

After a few moments, Ryan responded, "Janna, the colors are so intense! Is it possible that I'm seeing shades that I never saw before?" She looked at Janna, the question knitting her brow.

"Yes! That's it Ryan! That was the first thing that I noticed too. In fact, I had been mildly colorblind before my vision tests are perfect."

Ryan continued to gaze out the windowed door with wonder, her head turning from the grass, to the flowers, to the trees, to the sky, and then to her mate's gentle face beside her. Her face gained a look of wonder as the stared a little beyond Janna's head.

"Janna,'re surrounded by colors." She drew her bewildered gaze back down to Janna's face just in time to see a tear slide down her mate's cheek.

"Oh, Ryan, that's my aura! I was hoping the Reiki would open that up for you, like it did for me." She embraced Ryan and wrapped her arms tightly around her, sobbing quietly.

Ryan returned the embrace and felt tears leave her eyes as well. "Janna, what an incredible gift this is. Thank you so much!" She rubbed her cheek against Janna's hair and reveled in their shared warmth.

Janna pulled apart from her slightly and wiped Ryan's tears and then her own, saying, "Come on. Lets go sit and I'll answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know about this new gift you have." She took Ryan's hand and led her back to the peaceful quiet of the family room.

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