The Best Kind of Revenge


Jazmine Heard


Disclaimers: Please be gentle with me since this is my first posted work. All the characters belong to me and my imagination.

Love/Sex/Language: This is an uber alternative fiction story. It depicts a sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under the age of 18 or live anywhere where this may be illegal, please move on. There is bad language that may offend some, but you'll get over it.

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I already know what to expect, but maybe I am just a glutton for punishment. It's 4:00 pm, and it's my lunch break. I work for a dot-com company. I love it; or rather I did love it until last Thursday. Last Thursday was the day that Veronica decided to tell Madison that I am a lesbian. Who's Veronica? Who's Madison ? Madison was someone I considered a friend. Veronica is a piranha aka the office bitch and gossip. You know the type: thinks she's the gods' gift to the world. Some would say she's gorgeous until she opens her mouth and spews venom. Then you pretty much forget that she's a 5'10 stacked blond, Amazon with a set of breasts that have to be silicon laced since they are so perky and perfect. There is no other reason, but I digress.

Veronica just happened to see me out and about Wednesday night at a very popular strip club frequented by my fellow women lovers called Ass and More . It's a standing event with my best buds. We get together at the club and give all our monies to the ladies willing to bare it all. Now it doesn't sound so bad, and trust me it isn't. The bad part is Veronica saw Candace (one of those luscious ladies) proposition me outside of the night club by giving me a taste of those sweet candy lips (the ones above the waist). Yes, I have had the pleasure of sampling the ones below, but that was in the past. I was young, dumb, and very horny. For anyone who hasn't had any in over a year, you know exactly what I mean, but again I digress. I knew once Veronica saw Candace kissing me, everything that she may have seen would be known to my fellow co-workers by the afternoon. Now I am a 29 year old woman, and I have no shame about my sexuality. I just don't advertise my sexuality. I love women, and I am not ashamed of it. I just hadn't told Madison I was a lesbian. Why? Well, Madison and I were becoming good friends. I usually don't become friends with a woman until after the relationship is over. With Madison , it was never like that. I never wanted to sleep with her. Nah, I'm lying. The first time I met her I wanted to hook up with her, but once I got to know her, I didn't want to. There's nothing wrong with her except she is extremely kinky and doesn't always practice safe sex. She's had a few pregnancy scares, which I think may have been resolved by abortions. She also has a tendency to go into explicit detail about her sexual encounters, which I honestly don't care to hear about. In any case, I don't view her as a sexual partner. I know her way too well now. Anyway, I am rambling again.

When I came in last Thursday morning, I sign on to my system and the first thing I see is an email from Madison telling me to let her know when I get in. Before I can respond to the email, I get an IM from Madison2u asking me " is it tru ?"

I respond back " ? ".

" r u a lez ?" she typed.

My fingers pause on the keyboard and just for a second I am tempted to lie, but then I respond " yep ".

No response back. I look at her IM status, and its shows she's away. That was Thursday. Now it's Wednesday, and Madison has been to work every day since that Thursday. She just has been unavailable to me. I call, email, text, and IM her, and no response. I swing by on breaks, and she's conveniently away. I don't want to believe that she is homophobic, but what else can it be? If she was mad because I never said anything, she would have cursed me out and everything would have been OK. I guess it didn't help that Veronica was the one who told her, and she did it in front of our coworkers. My teammate Trish who sits is on the cubicle across from me told me Veronica had caught up with Madison in the break room as Madison was preparing her first cup of coffee. She said something to the effect that she wanted to give Madison a heads up about her girlfriend cheating on her. Madison was baffled and apparently very embarrassed. She asked Veronica what the fuck she was talking about. Veronica was all too happy to tell her how I was slobbed down by a stripper, and she said she wanted to tell Madison because the girlfriend was always the last to know. Madison was still baffled and said Veronica probably saw someone else since I was not gay. Veronica started laughing and told Madison that she would know me anywhere. Veronica continued to laugh when she saw the look of confusion on Madison 's face and said that surely she knew I was a lesbian.  Madison slung her coffee towards the trash can and stalked out of the break room not even noticing that most of her coffee ended up on Veronica's skirt. There was a little justice in that.

At first, I was hurt because Madison had been avoiding me like the plague, but now I am extremely pissed. OK, yeah I should have told her that I love women. I know she hasn't told me everything. Yes, my sexuality is a big thing, but it's not everything I am. I am more than just a lesbian. I know it seems like I lied to her. She would tell me about the guys she bombed out with, and I would say I am not seeing anyone, which was the truth. I should have said something, but I just get tired of having to announce my sexuality like its action news. I think Madison is just acting like a jerk, and I don't know if her problem is that I didn't say anything or she's just a homophobic bitch. Whichever one she is, I am tired of trying to figure it out. I am just pissed that I was starting to get close to her. That's the main reason why I don't like to say anything to my female friends because the first thing they do is act like you are looking at them like you want them or all of a sudden they are curious and ask all kinds of questions thinking that you are so hard up you'll have sex with them. WOMEN!! I am just tired of the whole situation. I need to blow off some steam; I look at the clock and see that's only 4:15pm. I decide to warm up my lunch. As I am walking to the break room, who do I run into but fucking Veronica! I am more than pissed and a little horny too. I can't help it because her breasts look so tasty in the pink v-neck sweater she is wearing. The color reminds me of cotton candy. I can visualize myself sticking my tongue right into the vee to see if she tastes like cotton candy.

'Where's Tina?"Asks Veronica with a half smirk interrupting my lewd thoughts.

“Who the hell is Tina?" I asked confusingly.

"Well I figure you're Bette, and Madison is Tina." Veronica says as she starts to laugh.

Now, why would she know anything about the L Word? Hmm, that's interesting. I take a few steps closer to her.

"Bette and Tina aren't really together." I reply.

 "Doesn't matter because they will be." She quips.

"You know a lot about the L Word. I wonder why that is. Must be something you find interesting on it; perhaps the sex." I reply smiling arrogantly. I move a little closer.

"No that would be why you watch it. I watch it because it awesome." She answers back while taking a few steps back.

"Yeah and you know all about awesome shows.” I say sarcastically as I leer at her breasts. I move closer until she is backed up against the counter.

"You're worse than a guy." She snaps while rolling her gray eyes and pushing me out of her space. She moves to walk away.

"No, sweetheart, I am a whole lot better," and then I remember that I am pissed at her too for running her big mouth. I grab her by the arm to turn her around. "Maybe I can show you because you have too much free time." She stares at me for a minute with her mouth open and then snaps it shut making a clicking noise.

"Don't worry about my time since there is nothing you can do for me." I laugh.

 "You couldn't imagine the things I could do for and to you, or maybe you have." I respond with a sly smile while trailing my fingers up and down her arm. She shudders, and I see her nipples through her sweater looking very tasty. "You know I wouldn't have to worry about your time if you didn't spend it talking about me. I think you want me." She walks closer and puts a hand on her hip.

"You are so full of yourself. Look, all I did was state a fact. I thought you guys were together, and you were cheating. How was I to know that she didn't know you were gay?" I stare at her incredulously.

"It's none of your business what I am or what I do. You mouth never stops moving with gossip." I yell out exasperated with her reasoning. With a predator grin I purr, "I can show you something better you can do with that mouth." She seems even more shocked.

"Keep talking and I'll take you right to HR." I just smile and give her the once over lingering on her breasts.

"And say what, 'Hey I told everybody she likes pussy and she asked to fuck mine.' You're so full of shit. You gossip about everybody, and the first time anyone says something to you, you scream HR. Stay the hell out of my business." I yell and walk away.

I am no longer hungry. Plus, I want to have the last word. I hear her saying something else, but I just walk away like I don't hear a thing. I don't know why I let her get under my skin like that. It's been that way since I started working here. On my first day, I am coming out of the bathroom and run smack into Veronica, which would not have been so bad had I not landed with my face in her crotch and didn't move for a minute. She smelled wonderful. She actually had her hands on my head so when her boss came by you can just imagine what she was thinking. Being summoned to your boss' office on the first day for inappropriate behavior was not how I thought I would start out my new job. Plus, imagine trying to explain to your boss that you tripped and fell face first into someone's crotch. I was surprised I wasn't fired the first day. Veronica had a few choice words for me even though I apologized. After a few apologies from me and more harsh words and comments from Veronica, I started snapping back and making lewd comments and suggestions. She always gives as good as she gets, but lately I have noticed that I am not the only one leering.

Around 6pm, I decide to take a break from looking at my computer screen. I go outside for some fresh air and mentally count down the remaining things I have to do before I can leave for the day. I've already decided to take a few personal days. With all the days I have accumulated, I could take off for a month and still have time left over. As I am walking back into the building, Madison is walking out. She gives me a quick glance and then stares straight ahead like she now doesn't see me. Well now I have my answer: homophobic bitch it is. I feel let down, but I am about to feel worst because here comes Veronica sashaying her way a few feet behind Madison .

"Lovers' quarrel?" she quips.

"Shut the fuck up, Veronica." I snarl out.

I am so not in the mood. Apparently she can tell that by the look on my face and mutters whatever. She rolls her eyes and continues on her way. I am no longer even thinking about Madison . This all started because she couldn't keep her mouth shut. She deserves a taste of her own medicine. 8o'clock can't come soon enough. Damn, she looked so good in that sweater. I can see myself peeling it off of her to find a sexy sheer bra. I'm so preoccupied with my fantasy I almost past the door to the building. 'Okay, Kody, get a grip.' I say to myself.

After another hour, my libido is back under control, but I am still fantasizing about Veronica. I look up and see Trish has started to pack her stuff up. We have about 15 minutes left, and hopefully no issues come up.

"Damn, I am so happy this day is almost over." Trish groans as she stretches her 5'8 frame. She pulls out her compact to touch up her make-up on her honey complexion. "Girl, I don't know how you restrained yourself from killing Veronica this week."

I run a hand through my dark brown hair thinking it's time for a hair cut before it grows out of the slanted bob I like.

"I don't know how I did either. I did get into it with her earlier. Hell, I thought about getting back at her by spreading some gossip about her, but I didn't know any. I should tell everybody we slept together, but that would be so high school so.." my voice trails as get a good look down at myself and realize that I have really bulked up my 5'11 frame.

"Girl, you should do it. As much as she likes to gossip about other people, she needs to be gossiped about. Then maybe she will keep her mouth shut." She says closing her compact and pulling out her lipstick.

There is no love lost between Trisha and Veronica. Apparently, a month before I started working here three years ago, Veronica spread a rumor about Trish having sex with some manager out in the park lot.  The gossip got back to the guy's boss and needless to say, it caused a bunch of nonsense. His boss thought that Trish was being sexually harassed and was too scared to say anything about it so now every summer we have to take a sexual harassment class and a sex diversity class. There is no getting out of going to the classes. So now whenever those classes roll around, Trish has to put up with a lot of flak from co-workers because the classes are so boring, and class participation is required. Yes, Trish pretty much hates Veronica.

"Honestly, girl, I still think Veronica likes you." she says while brushing her short brown hair. Her hair is cut like Halle Berry 's was the time she won the Oscar.

"Whatever." I reply. From the day Trish found out I was gay, she was always saying Veronica had a crush on me. I think she knows that I am attracted to Veronica.

"I am serious. She is always looking at you and finding reasons to touch you. I think she wants you. Hell, you should get with her. You can tell she not getting none cause she is always running that mouth. If she was getting some, her ass would go to her seat and not get up until it was time to eat, pee, or go home."

I am laughing now. Trish is a trip. I love talking with her. She can be a little abrasive and crude, but I like that about her.

"Girl, you know I am telling the truth. The girl is not ugly. I'll give her that much. If she could just keep her mouth shut, she would be alright," she says after applying her lipstick. "Any hoo, I am going out with my husband tonight."

"Ah, where is Roger taking you?"

"I have no idea. His mom is watching the kids, and he is picking me up so who knows, but I do plan on having a good time...” she pauses and then looks at me."What are you doing tonight? I hope you not going to that club again. You need to get a girlfriend."

Here we go. I love Trish, but have you ever noticed how your married friends always want you in relationship. I have some married friends' who will tell me what bitches their spouses are and then in the next breath tell me I need to settle down. Oh yeah, that's at the top of my to-do list now.

"When I meet the right woman, I will settle down. Ah and there it is. It's 8 o'clock. I'm out." I say as I shut down my computer and grab my bag that I packed around 6:30 pm.

"Alright, Kody, I will see you on Monday.”

"No, I am going to take off a few days so I won't be back until next Thursday."

"You are not just gonna leave me to fend for myself here?" she asks incredulously.

"Oh yes ma'am. I need a break. I'll probably be online so you can hit me up if you get bored." I say adjusting my backpack and purse.

"Alright, Kody, well enjoy your time off. I'll make sure I save some work for you." She replies with sly smile.

"Well, thanks."

"I do what I can. Bye, girl!"

"Bye." I say good night to the rest of my co-workers that I see and get into my car to enjoy my time off.

I ask myself where the time went as I pull into work on Thursday. My time off seemed to fly by. I just cleaned up around the house and caught up on my emails. I played a few video games on my 360 and PSP and watched a few movies I had been meaning to look at. It was a great break. After walking into the building, I head to the break room to put my lunch in the frig. I see a few people huddled up, and they snicker as I walk in. I am not going to let anything ruin my mood. As I put my food in the fridge and turn to leave, Vincent who works in the Helpdesk walks up and taps me on the arm with his fist. Did he just touch me? That's a no no.

"Hey Tiger."

Tiger? I think. I'll let that slide as long as this dufus doesn't do anything else stupid.

"Hey, Vince." He stands there with a stupid ass grin. Here we go.

"Good job, dude." He says grinning broadly.

"Um, ok." I am baffled. Some of the people who were huddled up chime in "Real good job." The hell with this. I am going to my cube. As I am walking out, one guy says "Man I wish that was me." What the hell is going on? Ok, maybe I am about to get a promotion. No, because I didn't apply for anything. This is the Twilight Zone. Welcome to the Dark Side. Ok, now I am losing it. I drop my bag on my desk in my cubicle.

"Girl, you are going to kill me." Trish says as she comes to lean on my cubicle wall.

'Well, hello to you too, Trish. What am I gonna kill you for?" I ask as I start up my system and sit down.

"Um, remember what we talked about before you left?" I sit there trying to remember. Roger was supposed to take her out. Veronica liked me. I should tell everyone I slept...No!!! She wouldn't! I stand up so quickly my chair slides to the other side of my cubicle.

"Trish, tell me you didn't. Please tell me you didn't. What the hell were you thinking?" I yell pissed at her beyond all reasoning. I can feel my blood pressure rising. This is why I took time off: to get away from this bullshit.

"Girl, I am so sorry. We had a sexual harassment class together, and she just kept making little comments so I just told Hilary in accounting that she was probably just cranky because you had her up all night, and she was worn out." Trish says sheepishly.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Hilary has a bigger mouth than Veronica. I bet that shit spread like a California wild fire. Why the hell did you bring me into this?" I stare at her like she has grown three heads.

"It was payback for you too." She says seriously.

"Payback for me? Are you fucking kidding me?" I grit my teeth. "Ah, fuck, do you know that she can and probably will take me HR for making up rumors and all kinds of bullshit? She's probably been waiting on something like this." I look to the ceiling with my hands on head.

"Hell as much shit as she has said about folks, she should know that folks can take her to HR too." She replies while sitting back down in her seat.

"Who? No one has ever said anything when she has said something about them. Nobody is gonna back me up like that." I can't believe this shit. I grab my chair.

"Girl, please, everybody likes you, and I know she has heard the rumors and hasn't said that they weren't true."

I look at her at questioningly as I sit down. "What?"

"Nope, she hadn't said a thing. As a matter of fact, Madison came up to her and said that she always knew that she was gay." She said with a little smile.

"Ah, hell now both of them has started up too." I feel a headache coming on. I open my drawer to pull out some aspirin. I take out two pills after popping the cap. I grab a water from my stash and quickly swallow the pills with a mouthful of water.

"Veronica told her she was just jealous cause you would never want her. Then she walked off so once she did that everybody pretty much thought it was true."

I start choking. I cough until I feel the tickle from my throat has cleared. Trish moves to get up from her seat, but I stand and wave her off. I take another drink of water. I flop down in my chair and put my head in my hands. Why me? Why me?

"Hey, it will be fine." Trish soothes.

I look at her like her elevator doesn't go to the top. "It will be fine. Are fucking kidding me, Trish? That girl is going to kill me. She has been waiting on something like this to use against me." I exhale deeply trying to refrain from snatching Trisha out of that chair. I stand up with a new resolve.

"OK, I know what I have to do. I have to go tell her that I didn't say anything like that."

Fuck, I so do not want to go apologize to this woman for anything. I don't even want to see her. Damn, Damn, Dammit. My mellow mood has been shot all to hell.

"Trish, I could fucking kill you right now." I state through clenched teeth.

"Girl, I am so sorry, but you know how she is." she says apologetically.

I start to walk out of my cubicle, but then I think of something and turn around. "When did you do this?"


I stare at her close to choking her. "You IM'ed me on Tuesday, and you didn't think to mention this?" I question with my hands balled at my sides. I could strangle Trish right now.

"Girl, I am so sorry." She says again. "I swear I will make it up to you."

"Oh, you fucking owe me. Damn, do you know how much this irks me to have to go and apologize for something I did not do; especially to Veronica? Oh man, and she is just gonna love it. Fuck." That's the thing that pisses me off more than anything else. I stomp my foot just for the hell of it.

"Girl, I will make it up to you I promise." She says again.

I just throw my hand up as I walk away. Damn, I so do not want to even deal with Veronica. Fuck me. Maybe she won't be at her desk, and I can just leave her a post-it note or something. No such luck!! I see her standing and talking to Karen who sits in the cubicle behind her. Ah man!! Karen must have told her I was coming because she turns around. She has this little half-smirk on her face. This is going to hurt for a long time. As I get closer I notice that she has on a turquoise wrap dress that hugs her breasts and curves just right, and she just cut her hair. Damn, she looks good enough to eat (pun intended). "No thoughts about eating, Kody. Stay focus. Damn she smells good. Okay, okay we are going to do this." I pep myself up.

"Umm, hey, Veronica. I think we need to talk about..."

She interrupts me. "Hey, baby." She reaches for my hand and pulls me closer in her cubicle.

Baby? Am I missing something here? She is going to make me beg I just know it. I run my other hand through my hair and try to form an apology.

"Um, look, I just wanted to apologize for the rum...”

"Baby, you have nothing to apologize for." She looks at the clock on her cubicle and cuts me off again when I attempt to speak. "Damn, I have a conference call that is about to start now, but why don't we hook-up for lunch. We can finish our talk then, okay?" she says while stroking my arm. I can feel my nipples tightening up. She smells so good, and she's standing so close. I am getting a little flustered and wet.

"Ah, ok. I take lunch at 4 pm so do you want me to come over here when you take lunch in an hour?" What the hell am I saying? I just need to apologize and go on with my life. She trails here hand down my arm and squeezes my hand.

"No, sweetie, I am working 12-8 now as well. I thought I would change my schedule to yours. Maybe we can start commuting."

Commuting? Ah, hell, this has got to stop now. I remove my hand from hers and take a step back meeting the wall of her cubicle. She steps forward and grabs my arm again.

"Um, Veronica, look I....."

Her ringing phone interrupts me. She withdraws her hand from my arm to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" She tucks her hair behind her ear and winks at me. I want to walk away, but I need to get this resolved now. I lean back against the cubicle wall and admire Veronica's ass while she is hunched over her desk. Damn, she looks good. Ok, I need to focus on the issue at hand. Her response to whoever she's on the phone with breaks my train of thought.

"Hey, yeah I planned on jumping on that conference call. Ok, I'll get on now then." She hangs up the phone and looks at me as she sits down. "I'm sorry, honey, but I have to take this call. When I get through, I'll come get you, and we can talk then, ok?" she asks with a beautiful smile.

I shrug a little. I'm kind of flustered from the sultry look she is giving me.

"Um, oh...oh...ok." I quickly turn around and go back to my seat. I sit down, and Trisha comes over.

"Girl, damn are you ok? Is she going to HR? Damn, I am so sorry, Kody!! I should have never said anything. Kody? Kody?" She shakes my arm.

"Huh?" I am completely dumbfounded. I don't even remember getting back to my seat.

"Girl, what did she say?" Trish asks anxiously.

"She said she wanted to have lunch." I replied blandly.

"Lunch?" She questions.

"Yeah, it was so bizarre. She was calling me all these sweet names: baby, sweetie, honey. She was being really nice. She must be up to something." I say as I try to make sense of what just happened since I came into work.

"How are ya'll gonna have lunch together? Doesn't she have lunch at 1 pm?" She asks confusingly.

"She said she changed her schedule to mine. She said we should start commuting?" I don't know what dimension I walked into when I came into work, but I just want to go home and go to sleep.

"What? Commuting? What the hell is wrong with her? They may need to do a drug test on her." Trish says seriously.

I giggle. This whole situation is strange. I haven't been here a good 20 minutes, and my day has already been one for the record books. I put my head in the palm of my hands. Ok, I need to focus. What the hell happened to me? I should have just told her I was sorry and been done with it. Why did I agree to lunch? Commuting? Yeah, she is definitely up to something. She has to know I didn't say anything like that. I haven't been here. Oh man, this is so not good. Ok, I need to snap out of this and focus. I did nothing wrong.  I look at all the folders and documents stacked on my desk. I guess Trish did keep her word and save me some work after all.

"Did my desk become a dumping ground for you while I was gone?" I question amazed at all the work that was dropped off.

'Girl, you know how it is. Once folks figured out you weren't here, they just started dropping work off." Trish says matter-factually.

I can't really get mad because I do the same thing whenever someone else takes off. I pick up the first folder and log on my computer. I can't worry about this Veronica thing. What's the worst she can do? I don't need to blow this situation out of proportion. I decide to lose myself in my work. I'm engrossed in fixing a customer's FTP file when I get an IM from TenderRoni247.

" Hey !"

"Hey " I type back.

" I am still stuck on the call. "

" That's ok. " Ok here is my chance to say I am sorry and be done with it.

" I didn't tell anyone we slept together or anything like that. I am sorry that has been getting around. " I heavily exhale. There I said. Thank the goddess for technology. I feel so much better now.

" Oh, don't worry about it. We'll talk about it later. "

No, No, No. We don't need to talk later. I have already done my part. " Um, what else do we need to talk about? I have already said I am sorry ." Please don't let this woman get anything started.

" Oh, we need to talk about how you're going to make it up to me. "

What the fuck? " What? "

" Oh yes, and you will make it up to me ."

Why can't my life every be simple. " %&*$ "

" We can start with that ."

I really am gonna kill Trish. I look over at Trish and yell, "Trish!!!"

Trish jumps in her seat. "What girl? Damn you hollering my name like you're crazy or something."

"Yeah, I am screaming your name because I just apologized to Veronica, and now she is saying I have to make it up to her."

She looks baffled. "What? Girl, she may just want you to wash her car or something."

I shake my head at her. "Or something? You know you're being very nonchalant about this whole thing, and this shit is your fault."

She looks at me for a minute and then states, "Alright, whatever she wants you to do, I will do it. Will that make you feel better?"

I exhale slowly and think on the offer. "Not too much, but ok."

Trish looks relieved. "Alright, now can I get back to this script?"

"Yes, ok cool." I am so relieved because I just know Veronica is probably going to say I have to do something really embarrassing.

I get another IM from TenderRoni247.

" r u curious ?" she types.

So many smart replies run through my mind, but I am already on thin ice with this woman.

I've gotten my confidence back because if nothing else Trish can and will take the heat for any fallout. I don't have anything to lose.

" curious about ?" I type back.

" about what I want u 2 do " she types.

" not so much now since Trish is gonna do whateva u ask me to do since she was the one who started the rumor ." Ha, take that.

" hmmmmmmmm, what I want, Trish can't do for me ." Yeah right, Trish is going to do it. I don't care what Veronica tries to set up.

" I am pretty sure Trish can ." I type back.

" Oh and do you have firsthand experience in what Trish can and can't do ?" She types in response.

What the hell is she talking about? Alright, now I am curious.

I type: " ok, what is it you want me to do ?"

She types in response, " Taste me. "

My clit swells, and my vaginal walls clench. I can actually see myself doing that; especially in that dress she is wearing today. Yeah, I should not have worn khakis today because I just came a little in my pants. I am breathing heavily. She is just playing. I know it. Oh how I would love to play with her though. I want her to tell me. If she tries to take me to HR, I have some evidence of a relationship now. How much that will help me I don't know, but damn this woman makes me crazy. My hands clench involuntarily. I inhale and exhale deeply a few times and type back: " Don't play ."

" I'm not playing. I want you to taste me. " Ok, maybe I am missing something here.

" Taste what ?"I type.

" You know these IMs are monitore d."

" Yes, I know. Now taste what ?" I type. 

" Me ."

My nipples are hard, and I think my khakis have a wet spot in the crotch. I can picture myself under her desk while she's still on her conference call licking and tasting every inch of her pussy. I feel a little more wetness seep out. Damn, this woman makes me crazy.

I type: " You just ruined my khakis. "

She types:" Did I really? Is that all it took? Just a few words? Hmmm, you may not be able to handle what I have in store for you then. "

The hell I can't. I want her right here, right now. I type: " I can handle whatever you have, and I really, really do what to handle it. You look amazing today by the way. "

She types back: " Thank you. You looked nice today as usual. "

I am glad she thinks I look nice. I think I am cute, and I know my best features are my green eyes and my athletic body. I try to stay in shape and eat right. I type back: " I try ."

She types: " You succeed ."

I'm tired of playing. If she is serious, I am going to make this happen today. I type back: " Veronica, are you just playing? Is this just to tease me? "

" I do want to tease you, but in a way we both will enjoy. "

Ok, damn, I need a break. I type: " be right back " and head to the bathroom. My khakis aren't completely ruined, but they will be if I keep talking to her. It's been too long since I have been with a woman, and Veronica is so incredibly sexy. OK, no more thinking about her. I go into the first stall and try to wipe some of the abundant wetness from my core and my panties. I try to delicately wipe around my clit and stifle a moan because it feels so good. I hear the bathroom door open and decide to hurry up and get back to my cubicle. Whoever it is knocks on the stall I am in and tries to open it.

"Someone's in here." I yell out in a husky voice.

"Yeah, and I want in." replies Veronica.

I hurry up and pull up my pants and slide the latch for the door.

Veronica stands so close to me. I can actually feel her breath on my lips and nipples against mine. She smells delicious.

"I couldn't wait." She says and closes the remaining space between us to kiss me and wrap her arms around my waist.

Damn, she tastes so good. There is no hope for my khakis. She opens her mouth wider to allow my tongue to caress and tease hers. I suck on her bottom lip while I palm and squeeze her breasts. She moves her hands from around my waist to grab my butt and begins squeezing. I can feel my wetness running down my thighs. She pulls back slightly and looks in my eyes. Her eyes are lazy with desire probably just like mine.

"Do you know how long I have wanted this?" she asked while nibbling on my lips.

I shake my head no. I can't speak. All I want to do is feel her beneath me.

"I wanted you the first day I saw you. I couldn't stop thinking about being with you, and now here we are. I want you so much. Tell me you want me too?" She demands while sucking on a pulse point on my neck. I feel another gush of wetness when she nips a particularly sensitive spot.

"Damn, I do. Feel how much I want you." I say as I move her hand to slide inside my khakis and panties.

"Damn, baby!!" she says when she feels how wet I am. "Is that all for me?" She questions while trailing a finger along my slit. "I want you right now." She begins rubbing her fingers steadily against my clit and gives me another open mouth wet kiss. I moan into the kiss. I know I am about to cum. I try to pull back and stop.

"Wait, baby, please wait." I try to gain some semblance of control leaning against the bathroom stall breathing heavily. Damn, the bathroom. She starts kissing my lips and lightly biting my neck.

"Baby, I need to feel you right now." she replies looking at me with hooded eyes.

"Veronica, I want you too so much. You can feel how much, but I don't want our first time to be here in a bathroom." I try to reason with her as I try to move away from her wonderful lips.

She takes a step back and grabs my hand. I can see the desire in her eyes along with something else. She looks at me seriously.

"I do want to be with you. More than just be with you. I want to go out with you and spend time with you. I want to make love to you."

'I want that too." Do I? Yeah, I do."What are we gonna do?" I say while squeezing her hand. I drop a kiss into her palm smelling and tasting myself.

"I do want to go out with you, but not tonight. Tonight, I want you in between my thighs all night long." My khakis really are ruined now.

"Fuck, you're making me crazy." I say trying to adjust the seam of my khakis away from my highly sensitive clit.

Veronica smiles seductively and leans over to kiss me light and quick."I know. I am going to go home early. I'll tell my boss I got sick, and I need to leave."

I shake my head."I don't think I can leave. I just got back from vacation!"

"Tell them you have an emergency because you do," she grins seductively as she pushes her hand between my thighs and lightly squeezes my mound.

"I'll tell her I have an emergency." I say as I nod like an idiot.

"I'll leave first, and then you leave. I'll email you my address. Please hurry as soon as you can." She starts backing up towards the door and then turns around and kisses me fully on the mouth. "See you in a bit."

"Ok," I reply and exhale heavily smelling my scent. Oh my goodness, I can't believe this is happening. Ok, I have to get the hell out of here. I try to put my clothes in order and walk rapidly back to my cubicle.

"Hey are you ok?" Trish asks when she sees my face.

I am slightly shaking. I am so ready for Veronica. I didn't notice our boss Denise standing there. This is the perfect opportunity. "No, I have an emergency and I need to leave early." I must look pretty shaky because Denise tells me to go ahead and leave now and be careful. I hurry up and gather my laptop and backpack not really bothering to put anything up. I grab my purse and make a mad dash to the door. I run across the parking lot to my car and hastily stuff everything in the backseat. Shit, I forgot to get her address. I pull out my phone and call Trish's desk phone. I am squeezing the steering wheel and praying Trish picks up quickly. The phone rings three times before she answers.

"This is Trish with OVE"

I release my death grip on the steering wheel. "Hey I need a favor." I say in a rush.

"Anything, girl. Is everything alright?" Trish questions.

"Yeah, I need Veronica's cell number. Can you check the contact spreadsheet and get it for me?" I ask anxiously while shifting in the seat. My seats are cloth I hope I don't leak on them.

'Girl, don't worry about her. Handle your business. I'll deal with her." Trish says with a promise.

"No, I will definitely handle it. Can you get her number for me please? I need it now!" I say with a lot more authority than she is used too.

"Um, ok. It's 588-474-1240. Is everything ok?"She asks again gently.

"Oh, everything will be just fine. I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." I disconnect the line without waiting for a reply or goodbye. I dial Veronica's number immediately. She answers on the second ring.


"Hey, I need your address." I have no time for idle chatter.

"OK, I am at 5482 Worthington Ave near the new strip mall."

"I know exactly where that is. I am on my way." I say while starting up my car and pulling from my space in less than 5 seconds.

"I'll be here ready and waiting."

I exhale while closing my eyes. "I hope so cause I am." I hang up and drive like a mad woman taking road rage to the farthest limit.

I turn onto Worthington Ave after three minutes. I see 5464 and 5466, and I start to slow down. I keep going until I see 5482. I am so tense. I need to calm down. I pull into her driveway, and I see the curtains part a little.  I take a moment to try to relax. It's funny. My day started out mellow, then confusing and frustrating, and now it's going to end with me satisfied. I know this is going to be wonderful, and if I am honest with myself, I have always had a thing for Veronica. All the snide thoughts and quips I made about her really just was about my trying to hide how much I really wanted her, and now here I am in her driveway sitting here wasting time. I hurry up and get out of the car. I turn right back around when I realize that the car is still running. I turn the car off, grab the keys, and make sure I lock the doors. I walk rapidly to the door and raise my hand to knock only to have Veronica open the door and grab my shirt to pull my inside. She's changed into a short, sheer pink robe. She looks a little unsure and walks around idly straightening up magazines and little items on her foyer table. I look around taking in her house. It's beautiful decorated in sunny hues of yellow, vanilla, and orange. Everything looks bright and sunny like her.

"When I saw you go back to the car, I thought you were leaving." she states startling me out of my perusal.

I walk towards her and pull her back to my chest while wrapping my arms around her waist. I lightly trail kisses along her neck. She shivers.

"I forgot to turn the car off. I was in such a rush to get to you." I bring my hands up to cup each breast and use my fingers to squeeze and pull her nipples. I adjust my stance so my clit brushes against her ass. We both moan. "I want you so much. Nothing could keep me from this." I say as my hands brush aside her robe to palm a naked breast in each hand. Her nipples stroke my palm. She turns her head and kisses me deeply. Tongues are fighting for dominance. I move to stand in front of her to push her robe the rest of the way off and break the suction of our lips to trail kisses along her neck until I get to her breasts. I lick a path between her breasts and drop to my knees. I flick my tongue across her left nipple while I squeeze and lightly pull her right nipple with my fingers. I hear her moans and feel her try to steady her legs while clutching my head to her breasts. She pulls back suddenly, and I follow never losing contact with her breasts. She gently grabs my head and pulls back breaking contact with her nipples. The release makes a loud popping sound.

"Baby, let's go to bed, okay?" She says as she grabs my hand to help pull me up. I hurry up and stand grabbing her and holding her close. I give her a long leisure hug and step back allowing her to lead me to her bedroom. I trail behind her slightly so I can watch her robe hug her ass.

"Damn, you are so sexy, baby." I say in awe. We walk in her bedroom and there are candles everywhere making the room glow. The sheets are already turned down. She climbs on the bed and slowly removes the robe.

"I believe I asked you to taste me so unless you have an unbelievably long tongue, I need you to come over here now." I half stumble half run to the side of the bed and began stripping down to my boyshort underwear. She leans back on the bed and throws her robe on the side of the bed. She leans back on the bed and stares at me with hooded blue eyes. I unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor. I ease my boyshorts down my waist, and I see my wetness seeping out. I step out of the shorts and climb on the bed. Veronica opens her legs wider, and I can see the thin strip covering her womanhood glistening with moisture. I stretch my body over hers but not making contact just yet. All my weight is on my hands and arms. I look into her eyes and lay on top of her. We both moan at the contact and our intermingling wetness. She spreads her legs further, and I can feel her clit right above my pubic bone.I push down lightly and began a slow rhythm while I place open mouth kisses on her lips and neck. Damn, she feels so good. We're both moaning and our bodies still have not stopped moving. I know I need to slow it down because I want the first time she comes in my mouth. I push down a little and began sucking on her nipples. She moans loudly and grips the sheets. I can still feel her trying to rub her clit against my abs. Her wetness is covering my stomach and navel. She smells so good. I continue to suck her nipples until they look the color of cherries. She's thrashing beneath me pushing my shoulders down.

"Please baby, I need to feel you in me."

"What do you need to feel?" I ask. "Is it this?" I rub my nipple across her clit.

"Ah, yes. Please!!" she begs.

"Or is it this?" I ask while penetrating her with two fingers and rubbing my thumb over her clit. "What is I ask?" as I repeatedly penetrate her with my fingers and suck her nipple.

Her teeth are clenched and her eyes are squeezed closed tightly.

"Answer me!!" I demand thrusting deep and fast.

Her eyes pop open. "Ah, yes, I want it. Please don't stop." She begs.

I can feel her walls fluttering around my fingers, and I know she's close.

"No, I remember what it was." I say as moving further down her legs to settle between her thighs. Her sweet scent is so strong I actually feel my mouth water. I see her pretty red clit stick out between her lips. I immediately suck it into my mouth and I feel her orgasm began. I never stop thrusting inside of her. She begins to buck, but I never stop.

"Ah, Kody. Ah fuck. Hmm, oh goddess. Oh. Ah Koooodeee. Aaaaaaaahh!!" She screams. I continue to thrust and suck. I began swirling, sucking, and nibbling her clit. She tries to move my head away.

"No more, I can't take it." she begs. I grab her waist and lock her legs never losing rhythm.

"Please, oh God, stop. I can't take it." she continues to beg and squirm. I can feel a fresh round of wetness erupt from her core. I hold her tighter.

"Don't run. Take it. I'm not gonna stop until I get my treasure." I continue to stroke her walls and devour her clit.

She squirms and screams, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah........ Oh....Oh...God......Kody....Please." She erupts all over my face. I get what I have worked so hard far. I lick up ever sweet drop of her cum. I can feel my orgasm building up, and I know it's not going to take much to send me over the edge. I plant light kisses up her body until I reach her lips and give her a deep tongue kiss letting her taste herself from my lips. I began grinding my clit against hers. She grinds back, and we establish a rhythm. I feel the familiar twitch of my orgasm, and swiftly Veronica lowers herself between my thighs and sucks my clit into her mouth. I clench my toes and back feeling the extreme intensity of my release. My ears are ringing, and I am screaming Veronica's name. She slips a thrusting finger inside of me causing another orgasm.

"Aaaaaah Veronica," I gasp. I barely have the energy to pull Veronica up in my arms. I cradle her close to my heart while planting gentle kisses on her forehead. The combined beating of our hearts lull us both to sleep. We awake a few times during the night and early morning to make love again.

Now, three months later, Veronica and I have fallen in love and moved in together, and yes we are commuting. Pretty much everyone at work and our families know. Trish is happy for me although she and Veronica are not friends but not enemies either. I look forward to each day because I get to share it with her. Who knew the best revenge could be love.

The End


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