For Diane


J.B. Ivie

72 Hours



It took 72 hours to get here.

It took three days for me to understand

What you would mean (to me).


And at three days – I became you

And after three days – I will become you


72 hours.

A resurrection.

In ways, you have been

So much more brave

Than I.


In ways, I have been more free.


Isn't that poetic?

Isn't that resurrection?

First brave, then free.


A word and doors are opened.

No words and they are closed.


A 72 hour window of opportunity.

A 72 hour doorway

Whose threshold has not been broken.


(I want to walk through.)




Hopeless, as it may seem

My addiction to you

Has become quite extreme.


The very first step

Since I'm powerless

Is to admit the problem

My compulsion to confess.


Craving your closeness

Your beauty I see

An appetite for destruction

No detox for me.


I want to drown in you

No intervention will turn the tide

I'll take another shot of your love

And in a hazy stupor abide.

Analytical Poetry


So many words

Tacked up on white pages

Where I said something

And you saw nothing


Verse upon verse

Multiple mixed messages

Disguised in rhyme

Hiding behind reason


Lines in succession

Like soldiers in battle

I gave you too much

You returned too little


It is not easy

To be analytical

When the poems that I write

Belie my feelings



Critical Thinking


Think about where you started

Now, consider where you are

The journey that you have embarked upon

Has carried you this far.


Think about what is remaining

Now, consider what is at stake

You are moments away from everything

Knowing with every breath you take.


Think about your master plan

Now, consider how to make it real

The planets are aligned for you

Trust your instinct, trust your feel.


Think about your destiny

Now, consider your current goal

You can pull it all together

Let the sum become the whole.


Think about your tenacity

Now, consider what is left to do

Letting up is not an option

To yourself you must be true.



IN ception

IN duction

IN the beginning

Is it form or function?


Pulse-pounding, body aching

Your senses awaken

To each step

That you are taking


THE goal that you have set

THE purpose all along

THE impetus that drives you

Is to finish – finish strong!



Then you stop.



Stop thinking and start feeling

Stop looking to the past and start healing

Stop hiding and start revealing

That you can finish – finish strong


FLOW like a river to the sea

FLOW with pure passion and unfathomable intensity

FLOW until you reach your destiny

Is it rhyme or reason?


You decide how far that you will go

Catch the wave

Ride the tide

Be in the flow…




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