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Ten hours later, I finally walked out of the station and headed for home. All I could think about was getting there and seeing Caty. I needed some time with her, and she was off shift for the next couple of days. I called to let her know I was on my way but got her voicemail, so I left a message and hoped to see her at home.

While driving home I thought about the weird events of the day and decided that I would wait until I could talk to Spike and her doctor to decide if staying with me was best for her. I worried that I couldn’t provide the time and care she needed. At least, not while I was also covering her shifts at work.

I had just gotten out of my car when Caty came out of the house to meet me in the driveway. It felt so damn good to hold her that I just wanted to stop time and enjoy this forever.

“Mmm, hi baby, what time did you get home?”

“A few hours ago. I went to my house to grab more stuff before I came back here. I stopped and picked up some stuff to make dinner too. Sorry I missed your call, I was unloading groceries.”

“I knew I loved you! You are the best, thank you. I’m too tired to think about cooking right now. I just want to get my boots off, grab a shower, and hold you.”

She snuggled into me a bit tighter and kissed my neck. “Sounds like a plan. You go get showered and I’ll get started on dinner. Just come down in time to eat and then I’m yours to hold all night.”

I gave her another squeeze before letting her go so I could grab my gear bag. I held her hand as we headed into the house, then pulled her back to me to kiss her lightly. Her lips felt so soft and warm beneath mine, I couldn’t help but kiss her a little longer. I teased her lips open with my tongue and slipped inside her mouth. Her tongue slid against mine as we pressed closer together. When we finally broke apart, I was gasping for breath, my heart racing.

“Want to join me in the shower?” I asked Caty. “Plenty of room you know, and we could conserve water.”

She laughed, shaking her head. “As tempting as that is, I think you should shower, I’ll cook, and we can pick this up again after I get you fed. I know you didn’t eat most of today since I was the one sending you on too many calls during the majority of your shift. Now go, get cleaned up and I’ll have food ready when you get back down.”

I grabbed at her but she evaded my searching arms and laughed as I gave her a disappointed pout. I sighed heavily, as if to show her how tortured I was, but when I saw she wasn’t buying it, I grinned and headed upstairs. It was strange, but it felt really great that she wanted to take such good care of me.

Walking into the bedroom, I saw some extra stuff spread around that I knew were from Caty’s room and I liked the feeling it gave me to see her things here among mine. I felt grounded, loved, and safe. Things I hadn’t thought to seek from outside of myself in a long time.

I stripped off my uniform, tossed it in the hamper, and headed for the shower. When I entered the bathroom, I found a surprise waiting for me. The tub was filled with hot water, scented with the sage and green tea bath salts I loved. There was a note, held down by a mug, with a thermos standing next to it. I read, “I thought you might need to relax and I didn’t want you to argue with me. I ran the water when I realized I missed your call so it should be hot. There is just the right amount of honey in your tea, enjoy your bath, and I’ll call you in time for dinner. Love, Caty.”

I was in shock at her thoughtfulness but I decided to thank her later and do as her note said for now. I moved the mug and thermos to the tub and eased into the hot water. I poured some tea, blew on it to cool it a bit, and sipped before leaning back against the tub to relax. I could feel the tension ebb from my body as the tea and hot water worked their magic.

I was fully relaxed when Caty walked in a little while later. She smiled at me, leaned down and kissed my forehead before asking, “Feeling better? You sounded so stressed earlier today that I thought you could use some time to unwind.”

“You are undoubtedly the best woman in the world Caty Connor! I feel so great right now, thanks baby. Is dinner ready? I think I’m about to turn into a prune anyway.”

“Yup, by the time you get dried and dressed, I’ll have dinner ready to serve. Come on down when you’re ready.”

I watched as she left the bathroom, taking the mug and thermos with her. I let the tub drain, watching as the water swirled around the drain before shaking myself from my thoughts. I pulled a thick bath sheet around me as I got out of the tub and went into the bedroom to dress. I slid on some comfortable baggy shorts and a slightly too large tee shirt, and gave my hair another brushing before pulling it back into a ponytail. Deciding against socks or shoes, I padded downstairs to the kitchen and found that the table had been set, the wine poured, and my wonderful Caty was waiting for me.

“Something smells great honey. You didn’t have to go through so much work for dinner. I would have been happy with a sandwich as long as you were sharing it with me.”

I got another kiss for that statement before being shown my seat.

“Just sit down and let me get dinner out of the oven. Besides, I love to cook for you and you know it. You’ve been dealing with a lot lately and this one way I’ve come up with to help you and pamper you a bit.”

As she spoke, she was pulling dishes from the oven and bringing them to the table. I watched with anticipation, feeling the hunger in my stomach make itself known. “You made your mashed sweet potato casserole? If I hadn’t already asked you to move in with me, I would certainly do it know,” I joked.

In truth, her mashed sweet potatoes are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. She uses baked sweet potatoes, scoops out the insides, mashes them with some butter, cinnamon sugar, nutmeg, and a little cream. Not enough sugar to make them too sweet like those marshmallow concoctions at thanksgiving, just sweet enough to revel in.

“You made turkey for me too?” I looked over at her as she settled down next to me at the table. Before us sat a roasted turkey breast and a dish of stuffing. There was even a salad to go with everything. “Did you have a reason for this mini-Thanksgiving?”

“I do actually. Aside from the fact that I am, of course, very grateful for us becoming us, and our moving in together, I am grateful that Kristy is getting treated in the hospital. I think she may need more help than we realized. I figured we could both use comfort food tonight and what better than Thanksgiving? Besides, I admit to cheating. I bought the stuffing at the pre-made foods section of the grocery store deli.”

“Baby, it could have been from a box, just that fact that you made us dinner, that you chose comfort foods on a night I really need comfort. I am at a loss baby, you have pampered me from the moment I walked in the door in a way I never thought possible Thank you, I love you.”

I leaned over and kissed her gently, taking a moment to appreciate the feeling of being loved so well. When I sat upright again, I started serving us both dinner and promised to do the dishes.

“What do you think happened today? She didn’t know where she was or how she got there. I have to admit, I was scared when we got there and found her like that today.”

Caty finished chewing, and then she answered me. “I’m not sure what was going on but I did find out that it actually had been her house at one time. She lived there until she was six years old. She moved around quite a bit from then on before she was placed in the foster care system.”

I thought that over but it made me have more questions than it answered. “So, you are telling me that a six year old remembered her childhood home well enough for her to find it today, thirty one years later? What do you mean foster care? I didn’t know she was in foster care.”

“Well, she didn’t exactly remember the house. Her doctor hypnotized her to try to make sense of what happened this morning. Her medication wasn’t the cause apparently. All I know is what she told me. By the time I got to the hospital her doctor had been there for a little while. They moved her to a quiet lounge and talked for a while and I went to the cafeteria. The doctor expedited things and got her moved upstairs to a private room very quickly. She put her on a med/surg floor and is calling it a possible medication reaction to keep it off her records for now.”

“Wow, that was really cool of her. I’m a little surprised though. Why is she willing to do that for her?”

Cait shrugged, “I don’t know for certain, but she said something about her loyalty to EMS. I think someone in her family must have been a member of the service also. Maybe that’s why she tries to focus on EMS personnel.”

“I guess it would explain things if she had a family member in service. I’m just glad she’s taking such great care of Pauly and Kristy.”

“Honey, she will be okay, you know that right?”

“I hope so.” I sighed as I said it because I just wasn’t sure if I believed she would ever be back to normal.

“Well, I know you’re worried about it her. You hardly ever call her Kristy. You only do that if it is a serious talk, you told me that once.”

“Oh? So now you’re an expert on me, are you?” I grinned to make sure she knew I was kidding. “Well, I guess you’re right. Today I saw Kristy, a vulnerable, injured woman. There was no sign of Spike, the medic extraordinaire that I worked with for years.” I mentally shook off the chill that accompanied the reminder of the scene that morning. “So, what else did you learn at the hospital?”

“I couldn’t stay too long since I did have to get back to work, but I talked to her by phone during my ride home. From the hypnosis, they discovered that she had lived there until her Grandmother died. Then her father kept them moving for a few years, until he passed away in an accident at his construction site. Her mother had taken off when she was a baby, so there really wasn’t anyone to take care of her.”

“I had no idea about any of this stuff. She told me she moved a lot as a kid but not about the foster care. I guess I just figured her family was military or someone kept changing jobs.”

“I don’t know but she was only nine when she entered the system. That’s really as much as I learned today other than one thing. I think the doctor wants to keep her in the hospital for a few days. She mentioned something about more hypnosis to figure out what is bothering Kristy enough to have this morning happen.”

“Is it all right for me to visit her tomorrow? I don’t want to intrude but I don’t want to leave her there all alone either.”

“We can both go in the morning if you like. I don’t work until noon.”

“Thanks baby, I’d like that better than going alone I think.” Her shift registered with me, finally. “Noon? Why are you doing a mid shift? That means you get off at nine?”

She nodded, “I’m doing a favor for someone and switched. I prefer my day shifts but I don’t mind helping out now and then. Kind of like I don’t mind working weekends when you do too. I know that you’re off tomorrow, but I figured you could make me dinner tomorrow night.”

“I knew there was a catch in there!” I grinned at her, “I will gladly make you dinner tomorrow night. Any requests?”

“I’m off the next day with you, so I have no bedtime and that means it doesn’t matter. Surprise me with a chef’s special.”

She laughed but I started planning the meal in my head. I love cooking for an audience, and Caty is my favorite audience.


I awoke to find Caty already in the shower. I smiled to myself as I slipped from beneath the covers and headed for the bathroom to join her. I knocked gently on the doorframe to announce myself. I wanted to seduce her, not scare her into arresting in the shower. She looked good enough to eat as I watched her through the frosted doors of the shower. It was one of those older tubs with the double glass doors, one of the features I liked about the house was the frosted doors had pictures of palm trees and a beach etched into them. I had decided that it was sort of like showering in a tropical setting every day.

At my knock, Caty looked up and opened one door slightly. “Good morning, I was letting you sleep in a bit. You were so tired that you fell asleep before you hit the pillow.”

I groaned, “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to be such a dud. I guess I was more tired than I thought.”

She invited me to join her in the shower and slid the door shut after I entered. She moved her slick body against mine as she swept my hair back from my face. All I could feel was her skin against me everywhere. The tips of her breasts were rubbing against mine, both of us with nipples fully erect. Her legs moved so that one was between my thighs and her hands ran over my body in the warm water of the shower. I buried my head in her neck and pulled her tighter against me, needing the warmth of her embrace.

She moved against me, slicking her hands down my back to grab my ass. She ground her thigh between my legs and held me there tightly. My clit was throbbing and I could feel how wet she made me. She started nibbling at my neck and moved to suck my left earlobe into her hot mouth. I groaned and pushed against her leg, feeling my hips move on their own. “Baby, you’re killing me. I want you so badly. Let’s go back to bed,” I suggested.

She moaned as I found her breasts with my hands and bit down gently on the tendon in her neck. “I don’t want to stop, I want you right here and now.”

With that, she pushed me against the wall of the shower and knelt down below the stream of water. She quickly spread my pussy open with her fingers and moved her tongue up and down my slit. She didn’t tease me much, knowing how close I was already. “Is this what you want Chloe? You want my tongue? So, you want my fingers too?”

I groaned and tried to keep myself from sliding down the wall. “Please baby, please, go inside me. I want you inside when I come.” I could feel it building, that tightening of my muscles, the way my hips moved without thought, seeking out the warm caresses of Caty’s tongue.

Caty moved quickly then, she slid two fingers in me and I almost screamed from the pleasure of having her inside me. Her tongue moved all over my pussy before settling in a flicking motion against my clit. I knew I wouldn’t last long but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to come and then make her come. I couldn’t wait to feel her, to be inside of her, and taste her sweet come. Just thinking about it got me so excited that I felt my orgasm start. “Oh God Caty, don’t stop. I’m gonna come. Oh God … yes baby, YES!” I screamed and then had no more air to scream. My body screamed instead as wave after wave of electric pleasure ripple through me. All I could feel was Caty’s magic tongue as she continued to gently lick me clean, as I finished my orgasm.

She moved up my body and held me against the wall of the shower. As I started to come back to myself, I felt tears on my face.  

“Chloe, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head and tried to figure out what was wrong. “I don’t know, maybe nothing. Maybe I’m just so happy I started crying. I love you so damn much baby.”

She wrapped her arms around me tighter and ran her fingers through my hair as I rested my head against her shoulder. “I love you too honey, I love you too. I love how you love me. Let’s go lay down for a bit. I want to hold you.”

We dried off and went back to bed, snuggling under the covers. I relaxed as she held me, letting my mind drift a bit as my hands wandered over her beautiful body. She was slowly stroking my back and held me close to her, keeping as much skin in contact as possible.

I felt the muscles of her abdomen under my hand and started to move slowly upward in small circles of light massage. “Let me show you baby, let me show you how much I love you!”

I continued to massage her as I reached her breasts, working my way around the outer skin of her breasts as I shift my body to lie more on top of her, than on my side. I let my thumbs graze her nipples, which were already stiff and enlarged for me. I heard her moan and felt her body shift to allow me greater access. I ran my tongue around her navel before starting to slide my tongue up her body and started nibbling the undersides of her breasts. I let one hand wander down to stroke the smooth skin of her thighs, while my other hand was tangled in her shiny brown hair. I feasted on her breasts, moving from one to the other and back again while my hand, guided by her moans, moved towards her pussy.

“Please Chloe, touch me. I need you inside me.” She moved her head back and forth letting out little gasps as found sensitive areas and teased them, before moving on to different spots. I let one finger brush gently against her opening before moving to slide her wetness around her cunt.

Groaning with need, I slipped through her juice, coating my fingers which I then used to paint her nipple before returning my hand to her. I licked her breasts clean and moved to kiss her neck before moving to capture her mouth.

“What do you want Caty? How do you want me to take you?”

Gasping, she replied, “I don’t care, just take me hard, fast, and soon. I need to come so badly. Please baby, let me come.”

Grinning at the need in her voice, no, I grinned because I put that need in her voice; I decided it was time to move things along. I pulled her arms up and over her head.

I told her what I wanted. “Hold on to the headboard, just like that. Just leave them up there or I’ll stop what I’m doing until you’re holding on again.”

She whimpered and nodded, need driving her crazy. I could see it in her eyes, those gorgeous hazel eyes had grown darker with an even darker ring around the iris. I kissed her again, hard and demanding. I settled between her hips, spreading her legs even wider for me. When I thrust my tongue into her mouth, I also pushed three fingers into her dripping cunt. I put the force of my hips behind it as I sank into her heat and we both cried out from the sheer pleasure of it. I started moving, making sure that my hand bumped into her enlarged clit every time I entered her. I could feel her body as it tightened, preparing for her release.

“You like it this way, don’t you baby? You feel me inside of you?”

“Yes, yes. Deeper, Chloe, go deeper. I want you all the way inside me.”

Unsure, because I thought I knew what she was asking but I didn’t want to hurt her, I stopped moving and stayed buried in her. I looked down into her eyes and asked her. “Are you sure? Did you just ask me to fist you?”

She moaned, trying to move her hips and get the friction she had to be craving, but I had her hips pinned. “Yes baby, please! I want you all the way inside me. Hurry, please baby.”

I was scared, I’d never fisted anyone before. I knew that even as wet as she was, I should use lube, so I pulled out. Ignoring her protests, I moved away long enough to reach into the bedside table for a bottle of lube. I leaned down and kissed her, my heart racing as I handed her the bottle. “Get me ready baby. Get me nice and slick for you.”

Caty poured some of the lube into her hand, and then she warmed it as she rubbed it between her hands. She reached for my hand and started rubbing the lube all over my hand, fingers, and wrist. She worked my arm like she was working my dick and I could hardly believe how excited I was. She smiled at me and leaned back, spreading her legs wide and raised them to rest on my shoulders as I leaned forward into her.

“Tell me if I hurt you too much, alright? I’ve never done this with anyone before baby, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She shifted her body, trying to get closer, “I’m fine, I’ve never had this done but I want it with you, please baby. Fill me up.”

I started to enter her with my fingers, stretching her slowing before adding additional fingers. I worked my hand in enough to tuck my thumb into my palm to start pushing inside. I gasped at the feeling of my hand pushing inside of her. She cried out and jerked me forward with her hips, pulling me into her faster than I planned. “Did I hurt you? Should I stop?”

 Panting hard, her chest heaving she shook her head, “Don’t you dare stop! It did hurt but you’re in now, please fuck me!”

I couldn’t stop myself after that plea. I pulled my fingers down a bit and then I started thrusting into her, slowly at first but I picked up speed listening to her groans and her plea for more. I was practically slamming my body into hers, both of us crazy with the love and lust we shared when I felt it. The first stirrings of my own orgasm. I fought to hold it off. I wanted, no, I needed her to come first. “C’mon baby, come for me. I feel you, oh God I feel how close you are.”

I could hardly move my arm inside of her. She was starting to clamp down so tightly as she got closer to coming for me. I looked down and watched as my forearm pumped in and out of her and my brain exploded.

I went into over drive, my hips pumping into her, my arm thrusting, sweat covering both of us as we moved closer to the edge of oblivion. Suddenly, I felt it start, her entire body went rigid and clamped down on my fist so tightly it almost hurt. I watched her face as she cried out, practically sobbing my name as she rode wave after wave of her orgasm. Watching her come pushed me right over the edge I had balanced on for what seemed like forever. I fell forward onto her body, trapping my arm between us but needing to have more contact with her skin. I’m not sure how long it took before I started to feel the discomfort of our position, but slowly, I shift back so I could ease out of her body.

She groaned and came again as I brushed over her clit while starting to pull out, so I gave her one more thrust to ride and pulled out as her body relaxed its grip on me. I collapsed next to her on the bed, thoroughly wasted and sated.


I sat up suddenly in bed, automatically reaching out for Caty next to me. She wasn’t there and I felt the panic rise in my throat. I threw aside the covers and went looking for her. I found her in the guest room that Kristy was staying in. She was on the phone and I relaxed a little. It must have rung and I didn’t hear it. She heard me and turned to motion that she would be just another minute.

“Yes, I understand, thank you for calling.” Then she clicked the telephone button to the off position.

“What’s going on? I’m sorry, I didn’t even hear the phone ring.”

She took a deep breath and started crying. Not knowing what to do I gathered her in my arms and tried to sooth her. “What happened baby? Is it Kristy?”

She tried to get her voice under control, and then pushed in closer to me. “That was the Captain. There was an incident at a call today and Pauly was injured. She in the ER at University right now.”

“What happened? Let’s get dressed and go over.” I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom so we could wash up from activities that now seemed far away. I helped her get dressed while she continued to cry and to try to tell me what she knew.

“They went out to a call for an injured person. Turns out, it was a domestic issue and there were no cops on scene. They went in and there was a call from Tony for police to respond as well as another crew. That’s really all the Captain could tell me.”

“Let’s get down there and find out. I’m going with you and we’ll take care of her.”

We jumped in the car and headed down to the hospital, about a ten-minute drive. There was absolute silence until we drew close. I didn’t know what to do other than hold her hand and she just stared out the window.

As we got close, Caty turned to me and asked, “What will I do if something happens to her Chloe? She’s the only sister I have. My parents told me to look out for her.”

I glanced over as I turned into the parking area by the ER. “You didn’t injure her Caty, you are a great sister, and Pauly knows how much you love her. Your parents would never have expected that you care for her constantly. She is an adult and she knows how to take care of herself. Let’s just get inside and see what is actually going on.”


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