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Chapter Eighteen

 “Another day, another save!” exclaimed Tony.

“You know it! What are we? Three for three this week?” gloated Gina.

The two medics walked into the lounge at the station, practically floating at another successful call. In truth, they had been very busy this week. There had been two full codes that they brought back to life. The third call wasn’t exactly a save. It was more of a good catch and speedy preemptive care.

“Yeah, I think so,” crowed Tony.

Bran tossed a pillow at him as he crossed in front of the television. We hadn’t had the same luck this week. It seemed every call was either a frequent flyer, someone to sick to help, or someone not actually sick enough to need our help. Weeks like that can get frustrating.

“Hey you two, you’re doing great this week But just remember, the call volume Gods can change your fortune in a heartbeat! Don’t gloat, it’s unseemly!”

The voice came from the doorway and we all turned to look. It was the Captain and he was grinning as he came in the room.

“Hey Cap!” called Tony. “You want some coffee?” as he headed to the kitchen with his mug.

“Sure Tony, thanks. Black is good if it’s fresh.”

“Tony, I  just made it. Bring me a cup too please!” I called into the next room.

“Got it Donny! Anyone else?”

Bran grinned, “Sure Super Medic, I’d like a cup too!”

Tony laughed as he came in with the mugs. “Hey, when you are as good as us, it is good to be humble enough to serve some coffee.”

“Damn Tony! You’ve been a good mood lately! Dating someone new?” I joked.

To my surprise, he blushed. In fact, he turned bright red and started stammering. Apparently, I had hit the nail on the head.

Gina started laughing so hard that tears ran down her face. The rest of us just looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

When she caught her breath, Gina explained. “Tony came out with me one night when I met Pauly at a bar after shift. She brought along one of her new crew mates and the two of them hit it off. Tony’s been on a cloud ever since.”

The rest of us started laughing at the thought of Tony settling down. I decided to defend him though. “You know what? I think it is great Tony! You finally found someone in the service, but out of our station! May it work out!” I raised my mug to him and the others followed suit.

“As great as that news is, I came down here for another reason,” said the Captain. “Donny, I need you and Bran to go help out at the Academy again this week. Tomorrow at 0800 rendezvous with Kristy at the Academy field for details. Questions?”

“Any special equipment we need to bring?”

“Just you and your turnout gear. You don’t need a rig either, just go over in your personal vehicles.”

I shrugged and looked over at Bran. She seemed to be less surprised but she kept her mouth shut. “Sure thing Cap.”


I rolled up to the main parking for the Academy at 0750, allowing plenty of time to walk over to the main area with my gear bag. I didn’t see anyone else around but I didn’t think anything of it. I assumed Kristy would be coming from the faculty lot and Bran might be running a few minutes behind me. I set my bag down and sat on top of it, nursing the cup of coffee I had picked up on my way.

At 0800 I stood up and tossed my now empty coffee cup into a nearby trash can. Still no sign of anyone. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I decided to wait a few more minutes before calling someone. Finally, at 0805, I hear a car pull up. Bran joined me a few minutes later with her gear bag and three cups of coffee. She handed me one before setting her bag down.

“Thanks Bran. Where’s Kristy?”

“I don’t know. I thought she would be here by now.”

Suddenly, a radio crackled to life from nearby. I looked around to locate the source of the sound. I found a portable two-way radio behind the bleachers near us. Trotting over, I picked it up just as I heard it crackle again.

“Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, respond” I knew that voice. I knew it intimately. Something weird was going on and Caty was involved somehow.

I keyed up the mike and answered, “This is Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, Go ahead.”

“Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, you have two minutes to gear up. Repeat, two minutes to gear up before your next transmission.”

I had no idea what was happening, but I decided it was best to go along for now. “Copy that, two minutes for full gear. Medic Supervisor standing by.”

I looked over at Bran and shrugged. “I don’t know what’s going on, but let’s gear up! Did Kristy say anything to you about this?”

Bran shook her head at me. “Nope, Kristy didn’t say a word to me about anything for today.”

We were finishing fastening our turnout coats when the radio called again. “Medic Supervisor Two Two Three.”

“Medic Supervisor, go ahead.”

“Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, report to the smokehouse ASAP. Repeat, report to the smokehouse with crew, ASAP.”

“Copy, report to the smokehouse with crew.”

I looked over at Bran. She was looking over at the smokehouse across the field from us. She raised her hand to point. I followed her hand and saw the smoke starting to rise from the training facility for firefighters.

“Shit! Let’s go! I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t like it one bit!” I grabbed the radio and clipped it to my coat then headed towards the smoke with Bran. We fastened our helmets as we trotted the hundred or so yards. When we arrived, we saw no one around. I keyed up the radio again. “Medic Supervisor Two Two three is on location. Report.”

No response. Just as I was about to lose patience and key up again, the radio woke up. “Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, you have a two story structure with smoke showing. Fire crew is delayed and there are reports of two victims inside. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for two is enroute to you now. Make entry once you are properly geared and find those two victims.”

I was frustrated now. I didn’t mind helping at the Academy, in fact, I usually loved it. This run around with no information was getting on my nerves though, and I hated going into the smoke filled training house. “Dispatch, Medic Supervisor Two Two Three. What is going on here? Why are we being asked to make entry? I thought we were here to assist in a training exercise!”

“Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, follow orders and it will be discussed during your debriefing.” I couldn’t tell what was going on from the tone of Caty’s voice and she wasn’t giving any hints. The fact that she was involved made me feel a little better at least, but I still didn’t like the feel of things.

“Hey, over there! There’s a golf cart coming!” called Bran.

Sure enough, a guy drove up to us and used his thumb to point out the two SCBA’s in the cart. I sighed but lifted one out. Bran did likewise and the guy in the cart took off without saying one word to us. We checked the gear, making sure that it had a full charge of air and that there was a good seal on the masks. We helped each other into the tanks and with one more look at each other, we prepared to mask up and make entry. Before going in, I reported in by radio. “Dispatch, Medic supervisor and crew prepared to make entry. Any additional information on the two victims?”

“Medic Supervisor Two Two Three, victims reported on second floor. Back up is enroute, ETA ten minutes.”

“Copy that, making entry now.”

We got close to the doorway, put on the masks, and checked again for airflow. I motioned Bran to follow me in and we felt along the walls to the staircase. Thankfully, I was familiar with the layout and got us to the stairs with relative ease. The building had filled with smoke, making it difficult to see even a few inches in front of us. Everything would be done by touch.

Inching up the stairs, I kept low, hoping for some visibility. At the top of the stairs we started a search along the perimeter first. When we found nothing, we improvised a search grid that would take us through the room. Finally, we found the two mannequins that were playing the role of victims for us. At least they were small enough that we could each lift one over our shoulder and carry them out.

We made our way back to the staircase, down the stairs, and out the door. When we broke back into the sunlight and clean air, we were both surprised. Suddenly, the entire class we had expected was out there. Four students came and took the “victims” from us and started to triage and treat them. We were guided by two other students to a rehab station and examined for signs of fatigue, high blood pressure, and smoke inhalation. After an all clear was given, along with some sports drink, I wandered over to a grinning Kristy and Captain.

“So, someone want to tell me what the heck that was about?”

The Captain grinned at me. “Well, you know that every so often you have to recertify your firefighter skills, so we thought this would give you a chance to do that while showing the students that medics can and do handle their duties as firefighters, as well as their medic duties.”

“And we were kept in the dark why?” I was a little pissed off by that part, but what was there to do when the Captain is the one that set me up?

“Partially, so we could show the students a true as possible scenario. Medics get called out for an unknown call and arrive to find a fire in progress. Partially, because I thought it could be good for our crews to do this with no warning and see their reactions. You were the first, but we’re going to run the other crews through drills like this also.”

I nodded. It made some sense, and I decided to take it as an honor that Bran and I were the crew chosen to test the idea on.

“One last question Cap. How did you get Caty involved?”

He laughed. “That was the easy part. We called over to dispatch and asked for an available dispatcher to relay for us. When she heard what was going on, she offered up her services.”


“Anything fun happen at work today, dear?” I asked as I swept Caty into a tight embrace.

She laughed at me and couldn’t stop. I decide to take what revenge that is available to me and add to her merriment by tickling her without mercy. “Stop!” she gasped, her face red and her eyes shining.

I growled at her, but I stopped my efforts, content to simply hold her in my arms. “I can’t believe you set us up like that today.”

She turned to face me, concern etched in her face. “You know that I didn’t know about it, right? I mean, not until the Captain called over to ask for our help. I asked to cover it so that I would know what was going on. Well, also, I figured if you heard my voice, you might not get as mad about the duplicity of the event.”

I sighed and hugged her closer again. She knew me so well. “The truth is, I was pissed that you might have known about it. I did figure out that you wouldn’t have done it without good reason. I wasn’t really mad, just confused. It was actually a good way to test our reactions and prove to the students that we are real firefighters, not just band-aid pushers.”

Caty chuckled as she returned my hug. “You have an interesting way of looking at things, you know that? Either way, I’m glad you aren’t upset with me.”

I cocked my head to the side, confused. “Why would I be upset with you? You were doing your job. I thought we took care of this baby. I’ll never blame you for anything that happens as a result of one of your dispatches.”

“No, I meant for the trick they played. I didn’t want you to think I withheld information. Speaking of which, I have some for you.”

“Some what? Information? On what?” The way she changed gears sometimes befuddled me but it did keep life interesting.

“You know how you told me that Bran went to Chicago for a girl? I think that was only a partial truth. I think she left her because of a girl, she ran to Chicago to leave that girl behind.”

“What are you talking about? And, how would you know about all of this?”

“I was talking with Kristy this afternoon and she let it slip that Bran was joining her for dinner tonight.”

I shrugged, “So what? They knew each other years ago and have reconnected their friendship again since Bran moved back here. Big deal!”

“Well, I think, based on some stuff Kristy told me, that she was the girl Bran was trying to forget.”

I choked on the water I was trying to drink. “What? Oh please! Kristy’s straight! Bran wouldn’t be interested in her!”

“Why not? They are both attractive, intelligent women, who haven’t had a serious relationship in their lives. Don’t you think that could be explained if they were hung up on each other?”

“Uh, yeah if Kristy were gay. Bran came home to care for her family, not to see Kristy. Don’t you think she would have avoided her like the plague if she were hung up on her? Why torture herself with someone she can’t have?”

“I don’t know honey. Why did we keep getting closer and closer when neither of us was willing to take a risk and tell the other how we felt? Why is my idea so far fetched?”

I thought for a minute and decided that Caty might be on track. “Okay, let’s say that Kristy played a part in Bran leaving town. What is so different know for her? Kristy is still straight.”

“So, you know that for a fact?”

“Well, she never said she was interested in any women.”

“Has she ever said she was interested in anyone Chloe? I mean, really, have you ever heard of her dating anyone?”

I shook my head. “I guess not. I always thought of her as sort of asexual, to be honest.”

“My point exactly. Her past wrecked her for relationships of all kinds, including friendships that were too personal. She kept things mostly professional with everyone. She seems to be interested in making her relationships deeper now.”

“You think that she and Bran? Really? I guess it could explain a few things. She winked at me when I declined going out to eat with them…I thought she was winking because I was coming home to you. Maybe she thought I was giving them time alone on purpose.”

Caty grinned widely, “I think they’re dating! They may not even realize it yet, but I bet they end up together!”

“Okay Yenta, we’ll see what happens. No interference from you though. Promise me?”

She leaned back in my arms and smiled slowly, licking her lips gently. “What’s in it for me if I promise?”

Grinning, I kissed her gently on her sweet and soft lips. I moved my mouth down her neck and sucked gently at the pulse that beat insistently against my lips. When she moaned and I felt her pushing against me, I guided her upstairs to show her the results of her promise.


I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee wafting up from the kitchen. I stretched and groaned in appreciation as I made a mental note to thank Caty for getting up early. Then I realized, our shower was running.

The events of the previous night came back to me and I sighed. Deciding that I had to deal with it sooner or later, I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to catch Caty in the shower. I heard the water turn off just as I got to the door and decided to see if she needed help drying off instead. Grin in place, I slid the door open a bit so as not to scare her, before opening it the rest of the way and slipping inside.

“Morning baby, I was wondering when you would wake up!” A cheerful Caty chirped at me.

“Hmm, for some reason, I was a bit tired when I got to sleep last night. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” I grinned as I wrapped her in my arms.

She batted her eyes at me as she tried to play innocent. After a moment she gave up and laughed. “Yeah, but it was a lot of fun wearing you out!”

I chuckled as I moved in for a kiss. “It was a lot of fun being worn out by you as well. But, right now, we have other people in the house.

“We do?” queried Caty.

“Yeah but I don’t think they’re hostile since I smell breakfast being made.”

Only Pauly had an extra key to the house so it was a safe bet that she was the intruder.

Caty quirked an eyebrow at me and grinned. “Really? I bet that means that they want to talk terms on the house! Honey, this is great!”

“Calm down baby, we don’t know that yet. Let me get cleaned up and you go put some clothes on. Then we can find out, OK? No putting pressure on them either.”

Caty half danced into the bedroom and I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard the tune she was humming. The strains of Matchmaker from “Fiddler on the Roof” floated across to me as I turned to get ready for breakfast.


As we entered the kitchen, there were Gina and Pauly, sitting at the table waiting for us with a carafe of coffee and covered platters of eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

“Look at this feast honey! I think we should have them over more often,” joked Caty.

I waited a second as I looked them over. “I don’t think so, this looks like they want someone to help them move heavy furniture.” I grinned at them as the nervous expressions fled form their faces. “I happen to know a few big, strong guys I can suggest for the job…and we might be able to arrange the schedules to make it so that you are all off at the same time.”

Gina jumped up and hugged me, then quickly backed off. “I’m sorry Donny, I didn’t mean…”

I just laughed, happy that things had worked out for them. “It’s ok Probie. Around here the only command structure is that Caty is in charge and we all listen to what makes her happy. Right honey?”

Before I could duck, an oven mitt hit me in the chest and everyone laughed.

Over breakfast we worked out the details of getting the younger women set up in the house and Caty handled the financial end of things since it was her house. They cleared out after breakfast and I turned to look at Caty as they pulled out of the driveway to get Gina’s car. “I think those two have a good chance. Don’t you?”

Caty looked down the road another minute then turned to me and said, with a twinkle in her eye, “Yeah, as long as Pauly learns that Gina is in charge sooner rather than later.” Tossing me a smirk, she ran for the house as I chased her down.

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