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Chapter Twelve

The day after their visit to Fox Chase, Jay went back to her office for the first time since her surgery. She met with Sharon to fill her in on the upcoming events after deciding that she would play her time off by ear. She also met with her team to praise and thank them for handling things as well as they had in her absence. After attending a scheduled meeting for the various VP’s of all the lending sections, she returned to her office and sat behind her desk with a sigh of relief.

Scott was in her office in a flash, “Can I get you anything Jay? A drink or something?”

Jay looked up, bemused, “Since when do you offer to fetch and carry? I thought it wasn’t part of the job?” she teased.

Scott blushed, “I admit it, I was worried about you. You’re one of the good bosses and I’m just glad to see you back.”

She thanked him and declined the offer of a beverage. She did fill him in on her future absences, glossing over the details but giving rough time estimates. He then left her to her work, which she tackled gratefully, working until after one pm before thinking about lunch.

“Scott, can you get Sharon on the phone for me please?” she called. He buzzed her a minute later to let her know Sharon was on line two.

“Hi Sharon, I was wondering if you had gotten lunch yet?” Jay knew Sharon didn’t usually eat until close to two most days.

“No, not yet.”

“I was wondering if you wanted to get together for lunch, maybe step out for a bit?” Jay really wanted to talk to her outside of the office about some concerns and thought this was the most casual way to handle it.

“Uh, sure Jay, did you have a place in mind? We could go to that new Italian place around the corner.”

“Sounds great, I’ll meet you in your office in fifteen?”

“Sure, see you then.” Jay hung up and thought through how she wanted to approach Sharon, and then got ready to head out.

Sharon was surprised by Jay’s call and offer of lunch. Typically, Jay ate in her office, if she ate at all. During the past year or more, she hadn’t really sought Sharon out for much of anything. She was puzzled but assumed it had something to do with the time off Jay would soon need. Perhaps she had some contingency plans for handling her responsibilities. It wouldn’t surprise her if Jay had it all worked out so that she could work from her hospital bed, but Sharon was not going to allow it. Jay needed to take the time off and rest so she could beat this disease and come back to her job healthy and whole. She made sure she was ready to emphasize that, as she got ready to meet Jay.


They had their Pellegrino and were waiting on their entrees before Jay got down to the reason for her lunch request.

“Sharon, I’m going to need some help during the upcoming months. The way I figured it, from the estimates given to me by the doctors, we’re talking about six months of surgery, recovery, and treatments. It could go a little longer, it could, hopefully, be less time.”

“Jay, you take whatever time you need, you have a ton of vacation and sick time saved up, a great team in place, and Bailey has been doing a great job. I don’t want you to worry. Your job is safe, your department is safe, and I just want you to focus on beating this and coming back healthy.”

Jay was a bit surprised by Sharon’s comment but it opened the door for what she was really concerned about.

“That’s great Sharon and I appreciate the support but I’m actually more concerned about Bailey. She won’t qualify for FMLA, since the company doesn’t recognize domestic partners, but there will be times when she’s going to want to be with me, or that I’ll need her at home. I don’t want this to become a problem, you know the work will get done, but this is a problem we’re both facing, not just me.”

Sharon took a drink of her mineral water to stall, while she thought of how to respond.

“Jay, you know I’m sympathetic to your situation, I really am. I’m not sure how I’ll justify Bailey’s absences from the office. I can’t just tell people that you’re her partner and she needs to be with you, can I?”

Surprised that it could be this easy, Jay went ahead. “Yes, you can. By acknowledging our status and showing the humanity to allow her the time off we need, you can set the bar in this company. We can use this to bring more awareness to the company of same sex couples and maybe we can make things better.”

Sharon looked surprised and asked, “You want me to out you both? I don’t know if I can do that Jay.”

“Of course you can, if it helps us. Besides, people know we’re gay so it isn’t an outing per se. We’re proud to be a couple and though I know it is unorthodox, I really think that times have changed enough that this won’t be a major issue. If something good can come out of this mess, then let this be it. Partnership rights are something we should be giving our staff, no matter what. The fact remains, that Bailey will need some time occasionally, and she’s taking it either way. Money isn’t a huge issue. I’ve invested well and lived frugally, and we’ll be fine financially for quite a while, even if we both quit. We like what we do, and we work where we do because it is overall, a good company. But, another company would take us both, gladly, in a heartbeat and we both know it. Our company is going to have to change eventually, and this is a tool to make it happen.” 

Taken aback, Sharon slowly nodded her head. “What about all the gays and lesbians hiding in the company now? Have you thought about how this affects them? Some people just aren’t comfortable being out at work.”

Jay waited for the waiter to deposit their food and leave before responding. “Of course I have. They have the option of staying closeted or coming out and helping us fight for equal rights and recognition. I’m sorry Sharon, I know that group includes you but I’ve said all along that we should be able to offer equal benefits no matter what the gender of our employees’ partners. I have to go with my heart on this one. This isn’t going to start a hunt for those staying in the closet and I suspect more people than you expect would speak out for this idea.”

Sharon looked at her with a little fear, but a lot of respect. “Sounds like you thought this through Jay. Let’s say I go along with this, how and who, did you want me to approach on this first?” Jay outlined her plan as they ate and by the time they left the restaurant and headed back to work, Sharon was fully on board with the plan. She understood what she needed to do to try to help Jay. Back in her office, Sharon recalled asking Bailey what she could do to help them. Apparently, this was to be her role in Jay’s recovery. She hoped she succeeded.


Saturday evening, Bailey and Jay headed to Bucks County for dinner with their parents. They had decided in advance that they would spend the night at Jay’s parents’ house. Everyone agreed that Jay would be most comfortable there. They decided to share their plans with everyone tonight, and ask for help with transportation. Jay understood that she wouldn’t be able to drive herself once the chemo started so they were looking into other options. Bailey had already talked to Riley, without Jay, and knew that Riley was willing to stay with them part-time to be available for Jay’s treatments. She only had one weekday a week that she had to be at the club, so she could cover four days if needed, but she knew Jay wouldn’t want to have Riley that tied up in her illness.

As they pulled into the driveway, Steve came out to meet them and grabbed Jay’s overnight bag from her hand.

Jay lashed out, “Dad, I’m not crippled and I’m not in treatments yet, I can carry it.” A little quieter she added, “But thanks Dad, I appreciate you caring that much.” Jay reached out, gave him a hug, and took her bag back from him.

He greeted Bailey with a hug as well and walked into the house with them. They left their bags at the bottom of the stairs and headed out to the patio to see everyone. It was getting cooler now, so Jay’s dad had put in the storm windows and fired up the heater. With the heater on it, was a useable room almost all year round, so most gatherings still happened there.

After greeting everyone and getting drinks, the questions started flying. Jay and Bailey took turns filling them in on the meetings with the doctors and the upcoming surgery. There were some questions, but mostly everyone just listened until they were done.

Jay’s mom, Laura, asked, “What can we do to help you two? It will be hard enough trying to get everything done that you normally do, but Jay won’t be able to drive, and Bailey, you can’t miss all that work. Can I help out? I’m a woman of leisure these days.” Laura had retired two years before, and though she kept busy with charitable works, gardening, and other things, her daughter was her number one priority.

Jay decided it was time to fill them in on her talk with Sharon as well. With a glance at Bailey, she started talking about the lunch they had shared a couple of days before. There were a few chuckles, and an “Atta Girl!” from Marc, Bailey’s dad, but they listened until she was done. Bailey chuckled, wishing again that she could have seen the look on Sharon’s face but also knowing that things went smoother because of the length of time Sharon had known Jay. It might have backfired if Bailey had been present as well.

“That’s a big step, isn’t it? Essentially you are taking on the Board, aren’t you?” Steve said.

“Yeah, but I don’t think the Board is really the problem. I think no one has ever taken a stand on the subject before. The highest person in the chain of command who would care is Sharon and she’s still a closet case. A lot of the employees just go about their lives never thinking that they could effect change on topics like this one. I’m in a position to take a stand and I don’t have anything to lose by doing it. A lot of people may stand to gain by me taking this chance.”

Laura asked, “What about the income? What if they decide to let you or Bailey go over the issue of you two dating?”

“Mom, I know it’s going to spread through a lot of the company and they may use us to make an example, but I don’t care. The reality is, we don’t need the income, although the health insurance is nice, I can use Cobra if I had to until I found insurance. I know that staying there is the best possible thing insurance wise, but other than that, screw them all if they can’t understand that I need my partner and she needs me through this thing.”

Bailey almost glowed with pride hearing Jay speak with such passion about their relationship. She walked over to Jay and stood behind her with her hands on Jay’s shoulders. “Honestly, I’m not as well off as Jay, she’s been in a higher paying position longer than me, but I’ve done pretty well on my investments as well. It really won’t be a burden if I have to leave to take care of her, and I can always find something else after she’s done with treatment.”

Helen and Marc looked proudly at their daughter, happy that they had raised such a caring woman. Laura and Steve echoed the thought and were thrilled that these two had finally gotten together.

Steve smiled and said confidently, “I think you have made a wise choice in both a partner and as issue to fight for within your company. I think I speak for all four of us when I say the following. If you need any help, financial or otherwise, just ask. We stand behind both of you one hundred percent.”

Jay looked around and saw everyone looking misty eyed. “Hey Mom, didn’t you cook anything? I’m starving!”

With a laugh everyone mobilized, getting the table set and the food served in record time. Helen and Marc left around ten thirty and the two women headed up to bed shortly after.

As they got ready for bed Bailey asked, “So, you think it went well? They seemed fine with everything.”

“Fine? Are you kidding, they looked immensely proud of us honey.”

Bailey chuckled but when she thought of how her parents had looked at her, she choked up a bit. She wished that things could be different, but at least their parents knew what was going on and were prepared to help out if needed.

Jay looked over at Bailey and her breath caught as she realized again how beautiful she was.  Jay lay down in bed and held her arms out to Bailey, “Come to bed babe, I need to hold you.”

Bailey gladly went to bed after turning off the lights and snuggled in with Jay, wishing that this moment could last forever.


            The day before Jay’s surgery, they went out to dinner with Riley for dinner to keep their minds off things. Riley was bemoaning her lack of a social life when Bailey teased her, “Hey, your lack of a life means we get to have you around to help out at least.”

“Glad to be of service to someone.”

Jay actually felt bad for Riley, she knew she was much happier with Bailey in her life, and she wanted that happiness for Riley too. She was such a good friend to them both that she’d become a part of the family. Jay’s parents even had Riley over for dinner during the week occasionally as almost a substitute daughter. They were laughing and kidding around, Jay’s spirits were good, and everyone was having fun.

            Riley looked at her watch and saw that it was getting late. “Hey, did you guys need to get home and get to bed? You have to be up early tomorrow.”

Jay just cracked a joke about sleeping through tomorrow anyway, and Bailey didn’t care as long as Jay had fun tonight.

“Do you want to go to that pub near your place? They have live music tonight and it might be fun.”

“Sure, might as well check it out.” Bailey agreed, and they headed off to the pub.


            Bailey and Jay got in around midnight, the pub had been fun and they were glad of the extra time out with Riley. Jay gave Bailey a hug and suggested that they shower since they would have to leave early.

“Good idea sweetie. Together?” she asked with a hopeful lilt in her voice.

Jay grinned at her, “Of course baby, I won’t get to for a while after the surgery, might as well take advantage now.”

They raced each other for the door to the bathroom, shedding clothes as they went. Bailey got the shower going, and while it warmed up, Jay took her in her arms.

Relishing the feel of her naked lover in her arms Jay said, “I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m so thankful you found me.”

“Honey, I’m the lucky one here, I was welcomed back into your life when you could have shut me out. You amazed me with your generosity.”

Jay leaned down and kissed her gently, “I didn’t have a choice, you always had my heart.”

They got in the shower together and Jay started shampooing Bailey’s hair, savoring the feel of it in her hands. Bailey returned the favor, having Jay bend over a little so she could reach. As Bailey ran her hands through Jay’s hair, she felt a brief sadness, knowing that Jay could lose all that hair soon to chemotherapy. She shook off the sadness and focused on the woman in front of her. Jay sensed something was wrong and turned to face her.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just being silly.”

“C’mon, if it’s making you sad the it’s not nothing. We’re best friends, not just lovers. Tell me so we can work it out.”

Bailey related what she had been thinking and Jay looked into her eyes and promised, “It will grow back. I might not lose it at all and if I do, it will return. The important thing is getting the treatment so I can stay with you for a lot longer.”

Bailey nodded, “I know, like I said, it’s silly. I just don’t want you to have to go through this mess. I’m fine though, it was just a bad moment.”

            Suddenly, the water temperature started to fluctuate, so they quickly finished their shower and dried off.

Jay looked at the bedside clock and asked, “Do you think it’s worth trying to sleep? We have to get up in two hours anyway.”

“What did you have in mind?” asked Bailey, noticing a twinkle in Jay’s eyes.

Jay pulled Bailey down on the bed and settled on top of her gently. “I think I can think of something I’d rather do than sleep the rest of tonight away.”

Jay leaned down and started kissing her, gently at first and then she deepened the kiss. Bailey moaned into her mouth and Jay could feel her wetness against her abdomen. She worked her way down Bailey’s body, cupping her breasts and taking turns lavishing attention on each nipple with her tongue and teeth. Bailey pressed up into her mouth and her fingers were pulling at the sheets. Jay moved lower, kissing and licking her way down Bailey’s body, until she reached the junction between her thighs. She lowered her head and inhaled the wonderful scent that was Bailey. She dipped her head down and caressed the swollen folds with her tongue, gently at first, dipping into her, then taking turns sucking and licking her clit until she could feel how ready Bailey was for her.

Jay slipped two fingers inside and curled them up to reach her G-spot and kept the pressure there, rubbing in time with her tongue. She felt Bailey tighten and increased her pressure and tempo, pulling her over the edge. Bailey let out a cry as she came, tensing, and then relaxing back onto the bed. Gently, Jay pulled out and eased up the bed to lie next to Bailey and hold her as the last of the shockwaves rolled over her.

            “Oh my Goddess, you are amazing,” breathed Bailey. She started kissing Jay’s  ear before moving to her jawline. She leaned over, kissing Jay, and tasting herself on her lips. She started kissing down Jay’s neck and shoulders, marveling at the smooth, strong feel of Jay’s body beneath her own.  She started kissing down between Jay’s breasts, then leaned over and enclosed a nipple in her mouth while teasing the other one with her hand. She switched sides and then let her hand wander down and slide between Jay’s labia. She groaned feeling how wet she was, just for her.

“Please,” choked out Jay. Not able to hold back anymore, Bailey started trailing her lips down, following her hand when Jay reached out and stopped her.

“Come up here babe, I want you again, please?”

Bailey groaned at the thought and shifted so that her hips settled over Jay’s mouth, and her mouth was right where she wanted it, teasing Jay’s clit. Bailey worked her faster; sliding her fingers into Jay and feeling the smooth, hot muscle surround her. She felt Jay start bucking and knew she was close. Suddenly, Jay let out a muffled moan and her orgasm pushed Bailey over the edge again as well.

            When she could move, Bailey slid around and settled in next to Jay, her head on her shoulder. They sighed in contentment and Jay pulled her a little closer.

“I love you so much baby.”

“Hmmm, me too. Do we have to get up yet?”

Jay looked at the clock and realized they did, as they both needed showers again. “Yeah, I think another shower is in order and then we should head out.”

            They got up and showered, then got the rest of Jay’s things together for the hospital. All Jay could have was a few sips of water, so Bailey decided to wait until Jay was in surgery before grabbing something to eat. They decided to head out a little early and get on the road instead of sitting around the condo, waiting awkwardly.

Jay drove, after announcing it was her last chance for a little while and she would enjoy it. They held hands the whole trip and mostly stayed quiet, just listening to the radio. They just soaked up the enjoyment of being in each other’s company.

Continued in Part 13

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