by Jenna Dixon



We went to the local diner for lunch, because it was quick and easy and nearby, both of us were nervous after our revelations in the park. But, for me the thrill of starting this with Ryan was calming my nerves.

I looked at her and smiled, I could tell how nervous she was because she was fidgeting, with the menu and the salt and pepper. She looked up and caught me looking, I grinned at her and she took a deep breath and grinned back. She seemed to calm down then and stopped fidgeting, the waitress came over and we ordered. Conversation stalled I didn't know what to say, my brain froze.

"I'm really hungry."

'Oh my god, how lame was that, saying what nice weather would have been more interesting, she's gonna think I'm an idiot'.


'Tyler is so cute when she's flustered, she's really sweet. Her not knowing what to say was a relief, because I didn't either', I smiled at her.

I had calmed down and was looking forward to getting to know this beautiful women better, I decided to just talk. Let my heart rule my head for once.



"Do you want to have breakfast with me?"

'She smiled, well at least she caught my meaning. I can't believe how forward I'm being.'


'Breakfast! I hope she means that, because I couldn't wait to be close to this woman, I never believed in love at first sight, until this morning that is'.

"I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do. How about we have lunch, and then go to my place. And, we can relax and get to know each other better. Because, I don't think I can say goodbye yet."

Ryan just nodded, she tried to say something but, she was interrupted by the waitress returning with our food.

She looked rattled by the interruption, I decided to give her a breather, so I started a conversation and would wait until she was ready to say, whatever it was that the waitress interrupted.

"So, do you like teaching?"

Ryan smiled, I could tell this was a good subject to pick.

"I love it, not just because I love to read, but it's being able to help kids understand what the books about. I love it when they figure it out, it's a big inspiration to me. When a student comes up and thanks me for giving them all these great literary works. It makes my job worthwhile."

I couldn't stop smiling, she got so animated about her work, it lit her from within.

"It sounds like you make a great teacher, I can tell you love it."

"I do, I love to read so it was the only option really."

Tyler nodded, "Didn't you ever want to write?"

Ryan laughed, a sound that warmed my heart.

"No, I couldn't get into it. I found teaching easier."

Tyler nodded, and finished her lunch.


'Okay, now it's my turn to ask questions'.

"Tyler, why did you decide to become a writer?"

She leaned back and took a sip of her coffee. "Well, I've always written. Poems and stories, and when I was in high school Nikki found one of my stories. And, she kinda persuaded me to try and get it published."

Ryan nodded, "Sounds like she was a great sister."

Tyler smiled sadly. "She was, we were more like twins. I miss her so much."

Ryan saw the tears build up and scooted around to Tyler's side of the booth. She pulled her into her arms and tried to soothe her pain.

"I'm sorry I bought up bad feelings."

Tyler shook her head, "It's okay. It does me good to talk about her."

"Okay, what about the rest of your family?"

Tyler wiped her nose, I hated making her cry.

"Well, there's my mom Catherine, she's great. My dad died when I was a baby so I never knew him."

I smiled at her and held her hand tight. I was never gonna let her go.


I blew my nose, I hadn't lied. Even though I was upset, I was glad that Ryan was interested enough to ask me these questions.

I sent a thank you to my sister, I felt her presence and smiled.

I looked at Ryan, she was miles away. It gave me the opportunity to watch her. She turned and caught my look, I smiled and squeezed the hand holding mine.

"So, what about your family?"

"Well, there's my mom Mickey. She's a bookstore owner and then my sister Maddy. She's the baby and is currently at Law school."

"Are you close?"

Ryan nodded, "Not so much anymore, they were a bit shocked when I came out. Our relationship is still a bit strained."

I hugged her close, "I'm sorry about that."

Ryan nodded, "I know you are. But, funnily right at this moment it doesn't matter."

I laughed, "I know what you mean."


We talked for about another hour, about everything we could. But, I still thought that we could talk all night.

Tyler asked for the check and paid before I had a chance. I still hadn't mentioned the writer's block, but I didn't want to push.

The one thing that I was absolutely sure of, was that I had fallen for this incredible woman the second she had asked to sit down. But, had kept it in because I didn't want the freak her out. But I knew that before the day was over, I would tell Tyler James that I was hopelessly in love with her.

I had read numerous books that mentioned love at first sight, but I for one was sure I would never feel the power of one of cupids arrows. But, I was so glad that I had, because I had a feeling that life with Tyler was going to be something to write about.


I paid for lunch, I wanted to get out of that diner so badly I would've paid anything. She's got this look on her face, it's so peaceful. Like she's decided something big. I hope whatever it is, that it involves me.

The only guaranteed thing for the moment was my love for Ryan Phillips. I think it was from the moment our hands met, I had never felt that connection with anyone before, and I couldn't wait to see where the evening took us.

I stood up and offered Ryan my hand, she took it and we left, hailing a cab I gave him my address and we spent the entire journey in silence. Both of us lost in out own thoughts, but not separate because our fingers were still entwined.

We pulled up at my house, I paid the cab and we got out and walked up to my front door. We stopped at the door and looked each other in the eye, not stopping the almost magnetic pull when our lips met. We kissed slowly, just affirming our feelings.

I pulled back and unlocked the door. I opened it and let her go in first and said, "Welcome home."

To be continued...

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