After a couple of minutes she picked up the phone and dialled Liz at the hospital. When she got through she asked for Liz and when she got on the phone she spoke.

"It’s Frankie."

"Hey, you okay?"

Frankie shook her head. "Not really. I bought a bottle."

Lizzie was worried about her friend, "Have you opened it?"


"Drink any?"


"Well that’s something. Listen I can’t come cause we’re stacked out. Can you call Cameron?"

"Yeah. I just didn’t know what to do."

"Call Cameron. And I’ll call you in the morning, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks Lizzie."

"You’ll be okay."


Liz put down the phone, and hoped that her friend would get through this.

Frankie redialled, she was crying heavily now.



"Frankie? What is it?"

"Cam." Frankie couldn’t get her words out.

Cameron was worried. "Frankie. I’m coming over. Open the door for me."


"I’m on my way."

Cameron grabbed her keys and left, berating herself for not pushing Frankie earlier.

Frankie opened her door ajar and sat down on the floor by the window, arms circling her knees. About five minutes later she heard footsteps coming down the corridor. She didn’t look up but heard Cameron come in and shut the door.

Cameron saw Frankie, but also noticed the bottle of vodka on the table and the broken glass on the floor.

She went over and knelt in front of Frankie, she took one of Frankie’s hands in hers and with her other hand tilted Frankie’s head up so she was looking at her.

"I’m here. For whatever you need me for, I’m here."

Frankie didn’t speak. She just looked beaten. Cameron took her in her arms, telling her she’d be okay and that she wasn’t going anywhere. She was worried about her, because she knew that whatever had made her buy the bottle must be serious.

About twenty minutes later Frankie took a deep breath, let it out, and then looked up at Cameron. "Thanks for coming."

Cameron smiled. "I told you I’d be here when you needed me. You called……I came."

Frankie smiled at her. "I know."

"Now. Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?"

"I couldn’t do it. I bought it because I kept seeing that girls face and her dad disappearing over the edge. And, I couldn’t face it. It made me remember how I felt when my parents died, how desolate I was. I can’t imagine how she’s feeling, she’s only a baby. She shouldn’t have been put in that situation. And I couldn’t clear my mind, I thought the only way I could block it out was to drink. But, then I got angry at myself for going to the easy option, so quickly. So, I phoned Liz and she couldn’t leave work, so she told me to phone you."

Cameron sat down next to Frankie, still holding her hand. "Why didn’t you say you were upset at the station? You know I would’ve stayed with you."

Frankie squeezed the hand holding hers. "I know you would have. But, I……I needed to try and do it by myself. I needed to know that I can handle situations like that. But, as you can see that’s not the case."

Cameron shook her head. "Hey. I think you handled it okay. So, you bought a bottle, you didn’t drink it. Maybe you just tried to do it all by yourself too quickly. But, now you know for next time. And……you know that unless I’m on the other side of the world I’m only a few minutes away. Okay?"

Frankie nodded. "Okay. I know that……really, I do. I just lost sight of it for a second there. My mind froze."

Cameron stood pulling Frankie with her. "Come on."

She led Frankie to the kitchen, picking up the bottle on the way. When they got to the sink Cameron handed the bottle to Frankie and said. "Make a decision."

Frankie didn’t think twice, upended the bottle and poured the contents down the drain.

Frankie was relieved, Cameron was right. She might’ve slipped a little but she had the strength to keep her focus. She smiled and gave Cameron a big hug. "Thanks. I think I just needed a little support."

"You’re welcome. I’m just glad you called."

Frankie nodded, "I’m glad you were home."

"Me too. Are you gonna be okay?"

Cameron had such a caring look on her face as she asked, Frankie felt so

……happy. "Yeah. I am now."


Frankie didn’t want her to go. "Do you feel like watching a movie and getting some Chinese?"

Cameron nodded, "Sounds like a perfect end to a bad day."

They ordered Chinese then watched a movie, a funny one to make them both laugh.

At one point Frankie looked at Cameron, she just watched her watching the film. Feeling extremely blessed that this incredible woman was her friend. She looked away before Cameron caught her staring.

They had a great evening, Cameron gave Frankie a big hug before she left, thinking all the way home how glad she was that Frankie had called her. She was glad she’d been able to help. When she got in she went to bed, able to relax knowing her friend was okay.

Frankie cleaned up the broken glass and went to bed, reminding herself to phone Lizzie in the morning. She was so glad that Cameron was her friend, that she slept a dreamless sleep.

In the morning Frankie woke up and went for a run, when she got back an hour later she had a shower and then called Lizzie.




"Yeah it’s me."

"How’re you doing?"

Frankie smiled. "I’m good. I called Cameron, she came over and we talked. I tipped the vodka down the drain."

Lizzie smiled, glad her friend had made it over this hurdle in her recovery. "I’m glad. I was worried for you."

"I know. Thanks for being there. I have to get ready for work but I’m going to a meeting tonight."

"Okay. I’ll see you there. I’m proud of you."

Frankie smiled. "Thank you. I’ll see you later."


Lizzie put the phone down happy, so glad that Cameron could help her. She knew that they would get a chance to talk about it at the meeting.

Frankie got ready for work, knowing that one of the things they had to do was talk to Sophie and her mother. But, Frankie knew that she’d be okay because she wasn’t alone.

Cameron woke up early and went to the gym, then she went to work and she arrived before Frankie. She sat thinking for a while, thinking about what had happened the night before. Glad that Frankie had wanted her help, she was still lost in her thoughts ten minutes later when Frankie arrived.

She smiled when she saw Cameron and said, "Morning."

Cameron smiled back, "Hey. How are you today?"

"Good. I’m going to a meeting tonight as a precaution."

"Good idea."

Before they could carry on their conversation they were called out and didn’t stop for the rest of their shift. At the end of the day they said their goodbyes, Cameron went home and Frankie went to her meeting.

She had a long chat with Lizzie, and felt much better about everything. When she got in she called Cameron, as much as anything she just wanted to talk to her friend.


"Hey it’s me."

Cameron smiled. "Hey Frankie. How was the meeting?"

"It was really good. It reminded me that two weeks on Saturday will be my two thousandth day sober."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah. They asked me to do a speech, and……and I wanted to ask, will you come?"

Cameron’s smile grew, "I wouldn’t miss it."

Frankie smiled. "Thanks, I’m going to ask Billy and Mandy to come as well."

"I think that’s a great idea."


Cameron was confused. "What‘s that for?"

"For being my friend."

"Thank you for letting me. And for being mine."

"Always. Night Cam."


Cameron hung up the phone with a smile on her face, happy that Frankie wanted her at the meeting. Since telling Frankie about what had happened in New York she had been thinking about it a lot. And, had for the past few days been writing a letter to Sophie’s husband to see how he was. Some closure to help her cope, she finished the letter and went to bed thinking.

When Frankie hung up she called Billy.


"It’s Frankie."

"Hey sis. How are you?"

"I’m good, how are you?"

"Tired but doing okay."

"Good. I was phoning to ask you if you wanted to come and stay with me for a couple of days? My two thousandth day sober is two weeks Saturday and I’m giving a speech, I wanted you to be there."

Billy grinned. "Wild horses couldn’t keep me away."

Frankie smiled. "I’m glad. When do you think you can come?"

Billy thought for a minute, "How about Wednesday? Then we can have a couple of days. I’ve got exams and stuff starting the Wednesday after."

"Wednesday will be great. I’m going to call Mandy and invite her too."

"Great I’m looking forward to it."

"Me too. I’ll see you then, if I don’t talk to you before."

"Okay. Bye for now."

"Bye little brother."

Frankie put the phone down very happy, decided to try Mandy as well, she wasn’t home so Frankie left a message to call her at work. Frankie went to bed, contemplating what to say in her speech.

The next day dawned, a bright, sunny day. Frankie went to the gym and worked out for an hour, she felt invigorated. Even talking to Sophie and her mother didn’t seem to bad, they had to postpone it from the day before because they had been so busy. She had a shower and went into work, making two cups of coffee, one ready for Cameron who walked in a couple of minutes later.

Cameron had woken up late, had enough time for a shower so when she was the steaming hot cup of coffee on her desk her mood lifted. She smiled at Frankie, sat down and took her cup and took a sip before saying anything.

She looked up, smiled at Frankie and said. "Morning."

"Morning." Frankie smiled. "Feel better now?"

Cameron smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, sorry. I missed my coffee this morning. Slept through my alarm."

Frankie laughed. "You’re forgiven. I called Billy and he’s coming. I had to leave a message for Mandy."

"I’m sure she’ll come."

Frankie nodded, "I know."

Cameron smiled at her, a reassuring smile. "Back to work. What time are we talking to Sophie and her mom?"

Frankie looked at the file in front of her, "About ten. And, from there it’s up to fate!"

Cameron smiled, "Okay. Let’s work out how this is going to go."

For the next hour they went through all the statements from the scene, and their own notes to give themselves a base of questions to ask Sophie’s mom Sophie.

They got there just before ten, Sophie came straight to Frankie who knelt down to say hello. They took them into the interview room, an hour later the interview was over and Frankie and Cameron wrote their reports and handed them to John. It seemed Matthew had lost custody due to a drug problem and he was deemed unsafe, Frankie was just glad she’d been there and that she had helped.

The rest of the day was pretty normal, they had a couple of call outs and that took a bit of the day to sort through. They had a lot of paperwork to clear as well, by the end of the day both were ready to leave, as they left Frankie turned to Cameron and asked, "Pizza?"

Cameron nodded, "Yeah, that sounds great. I haven’t got the energy to cook."

They went to the pizza place then back to Cameron’s place to eat.

When they got in Frankie had a look around while Cameron got some drinks. "The place looks great."

Cameron came in and handed her a soda, "Thanks. It’s a bit tidier that last time you were here."

Frankie grinned. "Yeah. You’ve been busy."

Cameron laughed. "I’m just glad it’s done. It feels more like home now."

"I’m glad."

Cameron smiled and ate her pizza, feeling really hungry. When they were done they just talked and watched TV. Frankie left early because they had to get up for work in the morning.

She drove home and found a message from Mandy waiting on her machine, she decided to call her in the morning as it was so late.

She went to bed and instantly fell asleep, with a smile on her face, which was normal for her; lately anyway.

Cameron cleaned up and threw out the trash, then went to bed suddenly exhausted and didn’t stir again until her alarm went off. She got up and had a shower, she decided against the gym and just relaxed until she had to leave for work.

Frankie woke up and took a bath, when she got out she called Mandy.


"Morning Mandy."

Mandy smiled at the sound of her nieces voice. "Morning sweetheart."

Frankie smiled at the name. "Sorry I missed you last night."

"That’s okay. What did you want to talk to me about?"

"It’s my two thousandth day sober a week next Saturday and I’m giving a speech, and I wondered if you’d like to come?"

Mandy smiled again. "I’d be honoured."

Frankie grinned. "Good. Billy’s coming for a couple of days and Cam’s coming too, so you’ll be able to meet her."


They talked about all the details and when Frankie got off the phone she was still smiling. She got dresses and set off for work, she arrived at the same time as Cameron and they met at the car, said hello and went in.


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