When they were both ready they went back to the station, Cameron was in tight black jeans, and a blue silk shirt with her hair flowing loose over her shoulders, Frankie was in leather pants with a black tank top and her hair just normal. Frankie thought that Cameron looked beautiful, and knew that she’d have to be careful, playing girlfriends was going to be easy and extremely hard not to play it for real.

They got to the squad room and got the same response as Frankie had had the night before.

Aidan was going to be with James in the van, and he wolf whistled when they came in, Cameron laughed and turned to Frankie.

"Well he approves."

James smiled, "Are you two ready. Cameron’s on the list as your guest. We’ll be in the same spot as yesterday. Equipment’s the same, so we’ll be in contact at all times. Frankie if you feel like you’re being followed, don’t let him know you know, just be ready when he strikes."

Frankie nodded, "I will. What time is the cab arriving."

James looked at his watch and said, "About ten minutes."

Frankie nodded and they went downstairs to wait.

Twenty minutes later they were at the club, Cameron took a deep breath and they went in. they checked in their coats and Cameron took Frankie’s hand, when Frankie looked at her she smiled and mouthed ‘ready?’

Frankie nodded and they went in, when Frankie looked around this time she noticed the majority of people were women and most were dancing or snuggling with their other halves.

She leaned in and said, "I must’ve been blind last night."

Cameron shook her head, "You weren’t looking for that, it’s not that noticeable."

They got drinks and went to find a table, Frankie said, "Any possible?"

Cameron was looking, and then James came over the ear piece, "Possible just entered, black trousers and white shirt. Short hair and glasses."

"Okay, we’ll keep an eye out."

She couldn’t help but tap her foot to the music, she put her drink down and turned to Frankie. "Dance?"

Frankie smiled, "Let’s go. We’d better make this look good."

Cameron nodded, they got up and went onto the dance floor, always looking around. They moved like they’d been dancing together forever, Frankie moved in to whisper to Cameron, anyone watching would think they were lovers.

"Behind you at ten o’clock. He’s been watching since we hit the floor."

Cameron danced Frankie around, "I see him. What do you want to do. Dance some more. Or see if he takes the bait?"

Frankie thought, in her heart she wanted to dance, "See if he takes the bait."

Cameron nodded, not happy, but she thought it was because she scared for Frankie. "Okay, we’ll leave the floor. Argue and then you storm out."

Frankie nodded, "Let’s do it."

They went off the dance floor and started to fight, because of the music they knew they didn’t have to shout, but just look like they had fought. Then Frankie turned and walked off.

She got her coat and walked out into the street, she heard Cameron telling the guys what was happening. She did what Michelle did, she walked away from the club and around the corner. She had to smile when she heard Cameron tell her the guy had left after her, when she heard footsteps behind her she tapped on the camera to tell the guys he was following.

Cameron got her coat and went to meet James, Aidan was going to stay on surveillance in case Frankie was overpowered.

"Where did they go?"

James pointed and they followed. Cameron listening for any clue from Frankie, she spoke to Aidan, "Anything yet?"

"Yeah, she covered the camera like we said, she’s being followed."

Cameron said, "Okay, keep us posted." To James she said, "Let’s go."

They picked up the pace and followed where Frankie had led him.

Frankie could almost feel his breath on the back of her neck, she had the fight her natural instinct to run. She kept walking and then he attacked, he grabbed her from behind and put one hand over her mouth, she went into action. Stepped down on his instep and, when he let go, she turned and saw he was about to attack again. She didn’t let him. She grabbed his outstretched hands and flipped him over. And knelt down on his back to stop him getting away. She heard running footsteps and shouted, "Over here."

Cameron and James came barrelling around the corner. They stopped running and James came over, handcuffed the guy and took him away; reading him his rights.

Cameron came over and hugged Frankie, she held on tight because her heart was pounding. Thankful that Cameron was holding her up.

Cameron pulled back and looked at her, "You okay?"

Frankie nodded, "Adrenalin."

Cameron smiled and they followed James back to the van. They saw the guy being loaded into a cruiser and they went with James and Aidan back to the station.

They got in and put the guy in the cells over night, they decided to talk to him the next day.

Frankie and Cameron went their separate ways, and both fell asleep straight away, Frankie because the adrenalin rush had subsided leaving her exhausted and Cameron because all the worrying about Frankie had tired her out.

The next morning Frankie was up early, and she went for a run to loosen up muscles that were sore from her confrontation the night before, she was home and showered in an hour. She went to work early because she was full of nervous energy.

When Cameron arrived an hour later, she found Frankie buried under paperwork, she hadn’t seen her come in. so, Cameron went and got two cups of coffee. She took them over and Frankie looked up and smiled. Cameron handed her a cup and sat down.

"Thanks Cam, that’s just what I needed."

Cameron smiled, "You are welcome. How long have you been here?"

Frankie looked at her watch, "About an hour, I was restless."

"You’re mad. When are we going to speak to him?"

"About ten, and then I said we’d go and see Michelle. Get her statement and tell her the good news."

Cameron nodded, "Good."

They questioned the attacker, and he was shocked when he realised that Frankie was a detective, he admitted to the previous four attacks and they left him to the district attorney who would bring charges against him.

After they had interviewed him they made their way to the hospital to speak to Michelle. When she saw them she smiled.

Frankie smiled and said, "Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Better, the doctor said I could go home in a few days."

"That’s good. We’ve got some good news."

Michelle looked at Cameron and then Frankie. "You caught him?"

Frankie nodded, "Yeah. Last night, he picked on someone who fought back."


Frankie smiled at her. "Me. He admitted to all the attacks and we just need you to give your official statement. And he should go down for a long time."

Michelle closed her eyes, "Okay. I’m ready."

Half an hour later they were on their way back to the station, Frankie felt better that they’d caught the guy. She did feel guilty, but now she knew he was no longer out there and that Michelle would be okay, she relaxed.

They got back and John called them into his office. They went in and he smiled, "Sit down guys."

Frankie and Cameron sat down and waited to hear what John wanted to say.

"Well done for last night." To Frankie he said, "Are you okay."

Frankie nodded, "I’m fine. He didn’t get near me really. I’m just glad we caught him."

Cameron smiled, "She had him all under control when we got there."

John nodded, "Good. Right, I’m glad it’s over. You two get back to work."

Frankie smiled and said, "Yes boss!"

Cameron laughed and herded her out. "You too are incorrigible."

Frankie nodded, "I know. Come on, we’d better write up our reports."

Cameron nodded, they spent the next hour writing up what had happened the night before.

When they had finished, they put the reports with James and Aidan’s in a file and put it on John’s desk. They decided to grab some lunch, and while they were out they were called to another robbery by their old friend.

Frankie swore when it came over the radio, and drove to the address.

Cameron couldn’t believe it, for the past couple of weeks she’d forgotten about Robin Hood. And, when they got out of the car Frankie went up to the two officers by the cruiser.

"Hey guys, what have we got?"

"We were called about half an hour ago, had a look around and saw his note."

Frankie nodded, "Have you got it?"

The policewoman handed it to her, she read it and passed it to Cameron. It said, Missed me, Sheriff.

"He thinks he’s so funny."

Frankie nodded, "Forensics been?"

"Yeah, if that’s all detective we have to go back to the station."

Cameron nodded, "Yes, you go. Thanks."

They nodded and left.

Frankie turned to Cameron, "You ready?"

Cameron nodded, they walked in and started to look around. When her phone rang she answered it.


"Hey it’s Mel."

"Hey Mel, you got some good news for me?"

"Actually I might, I need to do some further analysis on it. But it might be something, don’t get your hopes up."

"I won’t Mel. Thanks, Cameron and I will pop in on our way back."

"Okay, looking forward to it."

When she put her phone away Cameron was looking at her.

"That was Mel in forensics, they might have found something."

Cameron smiled, "Really?"

Frankie nodded, "Yeah, but she told us not to get our hopes up, it might be nothing. We‘re gonna pop in on our way back"

Cameron grinned, "Okay, let’s finish here and we can go."

They looked around for an hour, but as usual couldn’t find anything of any importance. Both were hoping that whatever Mel had meant something. They got in the car and drove to the forensics lab, they went in; showed their badges and were shown up to Mel’s office.

Frankie knocked, and on Mel’s command went in.

"Hey Mel."

"Frankie, hey, how have you been?"

Frankie nodded, "Good thanks, this is my partner Cameron Taylor."

Cameron and Mel shook hands.

"It’s nice to meet you Mel."

"You too Cameron."

Frankie looked at Mel, "Well, should we be getting excited?"

Mel looked at both of them, "Yes, but not too excited. We got a partial print off the doorframe, where the letter was. We have to run it through the records. If we find a match, you’ll have your guy. But if he’s been a good boy up to now…"

Frankie nodded, "Then we have nothing. But, it’s a start."

Mel nodded, "I know. Sorry it’s not such great news."

Cameron shook her head, "No, it’s not great. But, it means we were right, he has started to slip."

Frankie nodded, "Thanks Mel, if something comes of it you’ve got my number."

Mel nodded and they left.

In the car Frankie said, "Well, you were right."

Cameron nodded, "Yeah, we’ll have to see."

Frankie nodded. They got back to the station and added the new information to the Robin Hood file. They worked on it for a while before heading home.

When she got home Frankie phoned Billy just to talk to him, and then she watched some television before going to bed.

Cameron got home and did some laundry and then followed Frankie’s example of TV and then bed.

In the morning they were back at work about half an hour earlier than they had too, they were both eager to catch Robin Hood. About ten o’clock Mel rang with the news that they didn’t find a match, Frankie thanked her and told Cameron the news.

"Oh well, at least we got something. Maybe next time."

Frankie nodded, "Yeah. I want this guy he’s getting on my nerves."

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