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Part 6

When we last left our story Gabrielle and Xena were basking in the love they shared.
{The door to the tavern opens.}
Ephiny: Awwww! Isn't that cute?
Xena: I am many things but cute is not one of them!
Ephiny: I wasn't talking about you warrior. We know Gabrielle is the cute one in this couple.
Xena: Thanks Eph.
Ephiny: You're welcome.
{Gabrielle started to get out of Xena's lap.}
Ephiny: Gabrielle don't move on my account.
Xena: Thanks Ephiny. I really didn't want her to move.
Ephiny: I kinda figured that. You looked like you were holding onto her pretty good.
Gabrielle: She is.
Xena: Have a seat Ephiny.
Ephiny: Thanks.
Gabrielle: Can we get you anything?
Ephiny: A love life?
Gabrielle: I meant something that's on the menu.
Ephiny: Oh, well then no.
Gabrielle: Don't despair Ephiny. Love and and romance are in the air. You'll meet someone soon. I can feel it.
Xena: Gabrielle's usually right about these things.
Ephiny: Well we do have that party tomorrow night. You two are coming aren't you?
Gabrielle: We wouldn't miss it.
Ephiny: Good. I thought Xena might skip out on the festivities.
Xena: Someone's got to be there to keep her out of trouble. Goddess knows I can't count on the Amazons to do it.
Ephiny: True. Maybe Gabrielle can match me up with someone there.
Xena: Gabrielle's good at that.
Gabrielle: If it's meant to happen it'll happen without me doing a thing.
Ephiny: Yea, as long as it doesn't include Xena. We know how you had to do all the work to get that to happen.
Gabrielle: True but it was well worth it. Sometimes the best things in life aren't given to you easily. That's what makes them all the sweeter when it does happen.
Ephiny: What you two share is rare. I don't know that I will ever find love like that.
Gabrielle: Oh Ephiny! Don't ever give up hope on finding your soulmate. She's out there waiting for you.
Ephiny: I hope you're right.
Gabrielle: I know I'm right.
Xena: Yea, Ephiny get smart and listen to Gabrielle like I do. You can't go wrong. Well, most of the time anyway.
{Gabrielle smacks Xena in the back of the head.}
Xena: Ok, I take it back.
Gabrielle: That's better.
{Gabrielle gives Xena a kiss.}
Xena: Oh yea...that's much better!
Ephiny: I need to get back. I have lots of stuff to do before the party.
Gabrielle: I can come a little earlier tomorrow if you need any help.
Ephiny: I might take you up on that.
Gabrielle: I'll be there a few candlemarks before the party. It'll give us some time to talk and catch up.
Ephiny: I'd like that.
Gabrielle: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow then.
Ephiny: Great! See you two later.
{Gabrielle and Xena watch Ephiny leave. When she was gone they went back to kissing. }
Cyrene: MMM, doesn't look like much work is getting done here.
{Gabrielle and Xena stop kissing.}
Xena: We're taking a break.
Cyrene: No need to explain dear. Hercuba and I take a break every chance we get.
{Gabrielle lets out a chuckle.}
Gabrielle: Lila told me she interrupted one of your "breaks."
Hercuba: Well, usually we hear her coming, but I guess we were a little preoccupied that time.
Cyrene: Once we start our "break" we find it hard to stop sometimes.
Gabrielle: We can relate to that.
Hercuba: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
{Cyrene turns to face Hercuba.}
Cyrene: I just love when you come up with these expressions of yours!
Hercuba: I am the mother of a bard. It's what I do.
Cyrene: And it's one of the many things you do so well.
Hercuba: Thank you sweetheart.
Cyrene: You're welcome honey.
{Cyrene and Hercuba turn to face Xena and Gabrielle.}
Cyrene: We better stop now we're embarrassing Xena
Hercuba: She turns a lovely shade of red.
Gabrielle: She's lovely in any shade but this one is a particular favorite of mine.
Cyrene: We'll let you get back to your "break". We're going to take a stroll down to the beach. Bye girls.
Hercuba: We'll see you two later.
Gabrielle: Ok moms, have a wonderful stroll.
Xena: Try to stay out of trouble!
Cyrene: We'll try but we're not promising anything!
{Cyrene takes Hercuba's hand in hers and they walk out of the tavern.}
{Gabrielle begins to sniffle. Xena rubs Gabrielle's back.}
Xena: You're really happy for our mothers aren't you?
{Gabrielle nods her head and begins crying harder. Xena just keeps rubbing her back. After a moment Lyceus, Eli, and Lila come out of the kitchen.}
Lila: Xena why is Gabs crying?
Xena: She's very happy.
Lila: Well, she doesn't sound happy to me.
Eli: There are such things as tears of joy.
Lila: She must be really joyful then because she's bawling up a storm.
Xena: She's really happy for our mothers.
Eli: Your mothers make a beautiful couple.
Lyceus: Yes, they do. Hey I'm going to take a "break" for a bit.
Xena: Ok, we'll cover for you.
Lyceus: Thanks! Eli, care to keep me company?
Eli: I'd like that.
Lyceus: We'll be back shortly.
Xena: Take your time. I'll come get you if we need you.
Lyceus: Thanks Xena. I owe you.
Xena: No, you don't owe me a thing little brother. See you two later.
{So Lyceus took Eli's hand in his and they both walked toward Lyceus's room.}
Lila: I wish I had someone to take a "break" with.
Gabrielle: You know Joxer kind of likes you.
Lila: I know. He's Ok but I'd really like to take a "break" with Ares. It's my rotten luck he doesn't want anything to do with me because of you.
Gabrielle: I'm sorry Lila.
Lila: Me too. I'm going back to the kitchen. If Ares comes back let me know will you?
Gabrielle: We will.
{Lila walks back to the kitchen and the door to the tavern opens.}
Joxer: Howdy chums!
Gabrielle: Joxer good to see you.
Joxer: It is?
Gabrielle: Yes. We were just talking about you.
Joxer: You were?
Gabrielle: Yes, Lila was just out here.
Joxer: Really? What did she say?
Gabrielle: She said she thought you were a fine man.
Joxer: Really?
{Joxer stands proudly.}
Joxer: I think I'll go say hi to her.
Xena: Good idea. She's in the kitchen.
Joxer: Thanks guys! I'll see you later.
Gabrielle: Ok.
{Joxer walks to the kitchen whistling his song along the way.}
Xena: Not that song again!!
Gabrielle: No worries. I can take care of that for you.
Xena: What would I do without you?
Gabrielle: Have Joxer running around in your head all day?
Xena: I don't even want to think about that!
Gabrielle: I've got your cure right here.
{Gabrielle kisses all thought of Joxer away from Xena as only she can do.}
Xena: Gabrielle you are magic. Thank you!
Gabrielle: My pleasure.

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