Her Blade



Completed 9/22/02




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Sex:  Well, considering this story is a PWP, and it’s built around the idea that Xena and Gabrielle love each other in a physical way, yeah there’s sex.  So, if you’re too young, or it’s illegal where you live, ya gotta hit the road.  If you’re offended by this, oh well.  You were warned.


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I pulled my blade from the belly of the last man standing.  He clutched at his stomach, his breathe, small gasps.  My blood sang with darkness, as it always does when battles ensue.  Power, fear, and arousal are my companions in battle, and my blood was filled with them this day.


I let my eyes roam the field, and finding no one except my companion, I approached her.  She sat upon a rock that jutted up through the ground.  Her face was buried in her hands and her body was trembling.


She’s hurt! Oh gods no! I dropped my sword and ran to her.


“Gabrielle, are you hurt?” I shouted at her. I may have sounded angry, but I could not help it. 


She shook her head no, but refused to look up at me.


“What is it then? Why are you crying?” I took her chin in my hands, bidding her to look at me.


She looked up at me then, and that is when I saw it.  There was no sadness or pain in her eyes.  Her eyes were filled with desire and longing. I took a fumbling step back.


No, no, no! I am darkness, she is light! I can not have her! I don’t deserve her! But my arousal surged then, my battle lust ready to consume me. How long I waited to see that desire in her eyes, that want on her face. I have waited so long.  And here we are, on a battle field and it is now that she desires me. It must be a cruel joke of the gods.


She stood up, and slowly approached me, her green eyes shining. She smirked when I took another step back.  My heart was pounding, and it was not from the battle we just won.


“Xena, are you afraid? Of me?” She smiled and I knew then, that my battle was lost. “You don’t need to be afraid. I love you, Xena.”


Oh gods help me! My body and my brain battled. I wanted to run. I wanted to hold her in my arms as a lover for a long time, stoke her hair and pepper her cheeks with kisses. Oh, I have held her, as she has held me, but never as lovers acquainted with each other’s body.


“I – I love you, too, Gabrielle,” I faltered, tripping over my feet.


“Xena, I know the battle lust is pounding in your veins. It flows through mine as well.” She spoke softly, “ I know why you disappear after battles.  I am not a child, you know.”


I nodded that she was right. It was pounding inside of me, every cell of my body hummed.


She took my wrist in her hand.  “Let me hold you tonight.”


I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.  Her touch was electric, and I was beyond the ability to say anything.  She was so close to me now, that I could feel the heat from her body


She continued. “Don’t let a stranger’s hands do what mine craves to do.”


This was my breaking point. I could not help myself. I took hold of her arms and crushed her to me, my lips meeting hers in a searing kiss that was anything but tender. She did not struggle and she did not refuse when my tongue sought hers in a primal dance. Sweet! She was so sweet and her passion poured through to me from her lips.


 “Am I… is this really what you want?” I asked her, pleading with my eyes. Please say yes, I would die now if you denied me!


She nodded, a faint blush rose on her cheeks. “You are everything that I want, everything I need.” My heart sang!


“Why now?” I asked her softly, my fingers sliding through her hair.


“I couldn’t stand the thought of you in another’s arms one more time.”  A lopsided smile appeared on her face.


Oh my bard!  My precious, sweet Gabrielle! How I’ve longed to hear those words, but can you handle this darkness inside of me? I kissed her again, tenderly this time, pouring the love I felt for her through the kiss.  Her arms slid around me, resting on my hips, pulling me even closer.  Reluctantly, I pulled away from her, not willing our first time to be on a bloody battlefield.


“Gabrielle…” I needed to know if she could love all of me, “There is still darkness in me. You are so good and light. I couldn’t handle knowing my darkness may put out that light.”


She reached her hand up and cupped my unwashed cheek.  “I love all of you.  Every part, every bit.”  There was tenderness in her voice, and I knew she told the truth.


I whistled loudly for Argo, and she came running immediately. I vaulted on to her saddle, and leaned over, offering my arm to the bard.  She took hold of it, starting to sit behind me.  I shook my head, and placed her in front of me instead. I could have moved back some, and I probably should have, but I wanted the delicious contact I knew would come when she sat so near me.


“Where are we going?” she asked, as she settled herself between my legs.


“To an inn,” I replied, though it was almost a gasp when her backside pushed into me.


I kicked Argo into a canter and slid my hand up her thigh.




Several candle marks later, we stopped in front of a rather weather-worn building.  Though shoddy as it may appear on the outside, I knew the rooms were warm, and the beds cozy.  I helped her down from Argo’s back, guiding her inside the building.


My blood sang with lust and power.  The ride to the inn did nothing to temper the almost out of control emotions that had erupted.  I wanted to take her there, on my saddle, slide my fingers inside that hot wet place. I wanted to posses her.  But she is my Gabrielle, my best friend, my love.  She should get more out our first time together than a quick fuck on the back of a horse.


I quickly paid the innkeeper her dinars and found that she had given us a room that was separated from the rest. 


I could barely wait a second more. I pulled her along behind me, having not let go of her wrist.  I shoved her into the room and slammed the door, pushing my body up against hers.


She looked up at me with those big green eyes.  She was trembling again, and her eyes held a question, that I knew needed an answer.


“Gabrielle, what is it?”  My hands were gently smoothing her red-blonde hair. She’s having second thoughts.  No matter what, if she said no now, I would back off.


“Well I…”  She swallowed and took a breath, “I want this to be more than a one time thing.”  She looked down at her thumbs.  I could tell she was nervous.


I almost laughed out loud.  “I thought you…”  I leaned in to kiss her sweet, full lips.  “Yes, Gabrielle.  We won’t be friends who occasionally find comfort in each other’s body.”  I placed small kisses on her neck and shoulder.  “We will be lovers.”  Then I kissed her full on her mouth,  pushing my tongue inside of her.


She whimpered, as I nibbled her bottom lip.  My hands, which had been on her hips, slid up her bare mid-drift.  Oh gods, how I’ve wanted to touch her this way, running my hands up and down on the bare skin of her rock hard abs.


She moaned loudly when I took a step back, and her body sagged against the door.


“Strip for me.”  It was a demand.


She looked at me, and smirked, her cute little nose wrinkling with the smile.  Then her gaze became sultry and filled with heat.  “As you wish Princess.”  My knees were weak.


She strode past me, kneeling on the bed, legs slightly apart.  Her eyes never left mine as she slowly removed the laces from her leather top.  When the last hole was free, she held out the lace, and dropped it to the floor.  I could see the pale skin between her breasts, and my mouth watered.  I’ve waited a long time to gaze at her body with passion in my eyes.  With a soft thud, her top joined the lace on the floor.


She reached around behind her back to release her Amazon belt and skirt.  That garment pooled loosely around her legs, and she was before me in only her barely there breeches.


I kissed her inviting lips again, pushing my tongue inside of her.  Gods, she tasted so good.  She was intoxicating.


She made a soft little sound in her throat.  It was delicious to know that I was affecting her the same as she was affecting me.  I was quickly loosing the ability to control my actions.


Lifting her, she settled her legs around my hips and I sat heavily on the bed.  Her arms were wrapped around my neck, and she pulled me in for a kiss that was the most passionate yet.  Gods, does she know how to kiss!  She explored every little part of my mouth.  It was this kiss that had me undone.  I could feel my breeches getting tight from arousal, and my nipples were as hard as hers.


I slid my hands up into her hair and grabbed a handful, pulling hard.  Our mouths broke apart with a pop.  She moaned with the loss.


“Oh no you don’t.”  I smirked at her, “This is my show now.”  Her mouth was silent, but her eyes were filled with questions.


I trailed the fingers of my other hand softly up the line of her jaw.  Such a strong jaw.  She can stop armies with her words.  “I’m going to take you, Gabrielle.  When we’re done, you’ll be mine.”  I kissed her again with fierceness.


“I’m already yours, Princess.”


I smiled into her neck and slid my hands up her abs to her soft, young breasts.  They were incredibly soft, softer than even I imagined.   I began kissing and biting at her neck while my fingers busied themselves with her hard-as-nails nipples.


“Oh, Xena,”  She moaned in my ear, “Please…”


“Please what?” I asked her, and my lips wrapped around a pert nipple, drawing her into my mouth.  She taste so sweet, it was a dream come true.


“Gods!  Touch me please, Xena, please!  I need you now.”  She threw her head back in ecstasy, thrusting her breast even deeper in my mouth.  I could feel my own wetness trickle out of me as she begged for release.


I could never deny her, so one of my hands left her breasts, and traveled slowly up her thighs.  I could smell her need, and her body shivered as my hands drew near the center of that need.  Oh, gods! She’s so wet!  She really does want this… me.


“Mmmm, Gabrielle you’re so ready,” I whispered into her ear, as I pushed two fingers deep inside.  She shuddered in my arms and whimpered.  I moaned loudly, as her body engulfed my fingers, and she began to ride my hand.  It was my turn to moan.


“Yeah, that’s it,” I continued to whisper in her ear, “Ride me, feel my fingers deep inside you.  It’s me who’s making you feel so good.”  By the gods, she is hot!  I think I could come right now, with out even being touched.


Her hips were moving a sensual rhythm, sliding up and down in long slow strokes.  I let go of her breast and leaned back a little bit.  I wanted to watch her face, and see those incredible eyes.


“Open your eyes baby,” I said softly, as she continued to take her pleasure from my fingers.  Slowly her eyes focused on mine.


I slid the fingers of my free hand into my mouth, though I knew they would not need the extra lubrication.  I was as wet as Gabrielle was, and she was dripping down my arm.


Making sure, that she was following the path of my fingers, I lead them under my battle skirt and beneath my breeches.  She was moving in long slow strokes, but as I began touching myself, she moved faster and harder.


“Oh yes Xena… mmmm… together.” She whispered as her face drew close to mine.  She kissed me then, pushing her velvety tongue in my mouth.


I had stayed away from her clit the whole time, but I knew she was more than ready. Hell, I was more than ready to scream her name into the night.  Using my thumb, I started stroking her in the same rhythm that she was riding me.  I used my own fingers to slide all over my own clit, in a pattern I knew would bring me to the edge.


She moaned loudly this time.  “Xena… oh Xena… I.”  One, two, three more strokes and she was falling over the edge, taking me with her.  “Oh gods, yessssss,”  Her core convulsed around my fingers.


“Fuck Gabrielle,” I screamed as I came.


She fell against me, and we both landed on the bed.  She was breathing heavily, her body limp, the same as mine.  After several quiet minutes, I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight to me.  She peeked up at me, and I could see tears gathering in her beautiful eyes.


“What’s the matter Gabrielle?” I brushed away a tear that threatened to fall.


“I’m so happy.  It’s the beginning.  The beginning of us.”  She gushed.  She must have read my mind because I was just going to ask her which beginning it was.


I smiled. I knew exactly what she meant.  Though we had been traveling for several years now,  we were finally complete with the other.


“Forever.”  I smiled, and I kissed her hand.  I knew it was a promise that I could keep.





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