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Reunion Part Four



Posted 11/7/2002

Xena gasped and Gabrielle moaned, as the smaller woman slid two fingers deep inside her lover, as far as she could reach. She pulled those fingers back out even slower, feeling every ridge, and bump, looking for that smooth magical spot. Finding it, she lightly stroked it, knowing that too much pressure would bring Xena's orgasm within seconds. She didn't want her dark haired lover cumming so soon. Gabrielle had dreamed of this moment for years, and she wanted to make it last as long as possible.

Propping herself up with her elbow, Gabrielle had the perfect view. She could see Xena's whole body, from her fingers buried deep inside the dark woman's cunt, to the blush of arousal tinting her cheeks.

The blonde bard leaned forward, delicately licking a hard nipple. She teased it, running the tip of her tongue all around it, finally taking it into her mouth, lightly sucking. Gabrielle's moans and hums of contentment sent paths of pleasure right to Xena's clit.

"Gods, Gabrielle," Xena panted. Her hips where moving now, thrusting harder and harder against Gabrielle's hand.

"I've always wanted to be this deep inside you, Xena," Gabrielle mumbled into a breast, as she stroked the special spot harder.

Xena moaned even louder, sweat breaking out all over her body. She was writhing beside Gabrielle, unable to stay still when every nerve ending in her body was singing.

"You're the most beautiful person I've ever known," Gabrielle said quietly, putting pressure directly on the spot deep inside Xena. "I love you, Xena," she whispered.

"Oh, gods," the dark woman gasped, as her body clamped down on the fingers inside her.

Xena came violently, with spasms and moans, her whole body trembling. Again and again, Xena's center gripped Gabrielle's fingers refusing to let go. Gabrielle's hand was covered in Xena's abundant juices, but she didn't mind at all. The smaller woman had plans.

The bard waited until Xena was relaxed, before removing her fingers. She painted her way up Xena's abs, spreading the dark woman's wetness. Gabrielle painted her belly button, breasts, and neck with the delicious substance.

Making sure that Xena could see her, Gabrielle kissed and licked her way along the path that her fingers had just made. The blonde woman straddled her spent lover, rubbing her own wetness on the woman beneath her.

"That was intense, Xena," she moaned, as she grinded her clit into firm abs.

"Watching you cum…mmm, so good," she continued riding her dark lover.

"Gonna cum all over you, love, just like you did for me," Gabrielle gasped as she cupped one of her own breasts.

Xena slid her hands up muscular thighs, massaging and squeezing. She slid her hands behind the blonde woman, cupping a firm, strong ass. The dark woman pushed and pulled, squeezing and spreading the blonde's cheeks apart. With each movement, Xena's fingers got closer to the blonde's puckered entrance. Xena reached farther, gathering moisture from between Gabrielle's legs. There was plenty.

"Oh…" gasped Gabrielle, working her hips even harder.

Xena slowly moved her fingers back, barely touching the blonde's tight entrance. Instead of pushing her finger inside, she massaged the area around it gently.

"You're so hot," Xena whispered, rubbing a little bit harder.

"Close," Gabrielle mumbled, her body trembling with its need for release.

One, two, three more strokes and Gabrielle came with the same intensity as Xena had only moments before. Waves of pleasure passed through Gabrielle's body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She collapsed on the woman beneath her. Xena wrapped her arms around the trembling, whispering terms of endearment.

Morpheus beckoned and neither woman refused.


"Xena," a pair of dark brown eyes looked up at the tall woman, "Are you gonna stay with us forever?" It was Lycia who asked Xena this question.

"Yes, kiddo, I plan on staying forever," Xena answered truthfully, helping the young girl lace up her boots.

"We're moving," Xenia stated, popping a bit of goat cheese in her mouth.

"You are?" asked Xena, pulling the laces tight, looping them around a small thigh.

"Yep," answered Lycia, who thrust her other foot out.

"I'm returning to the Amazons," Gabrielle interjected. She had been listening to for the last few moments, while making them all breakfast.

Xena turned around, her eyes lingering on her new lover. Her eyes asked a question, and Gabrielle looked away.

"Hey, girls, " Gabrielle sad, "Go out back and feed the animals."

"Awww, but it's her turn," Lycia complained pointing at her sister.

Gabrielle didn't have to say a word, just a motherly glare was enough to get the children to move.

"I'm settling down with the Amazons," Gabrielle explained, "I'm getting…older, and the Amazons know how to take care of their own. My oldest daughter is already there, training to be a warrior. She was such a head-strong child." Gabrielle sighed.

Xena smiled. "She was a cutie when I saw her last."

"Are you still their Queen?" Xena asked, taking a sip of hot tea.

"I could be, but Ephiny rules in my name," the blonde clarified, "And she'll hold the position until she dies or no longer wants it."

There was a pause in the conversation in which each woman looked lovingly at the other. Xena remembered other lovers, other friends, but she had never felt as comfortable with anyone, as she was with Gabrielle.

"Would you feel comfortable living there with me, Xena?" Gabrielle asked the quiet woman in front of her. Green eyes silently pleaded with the blue-eyed woman.

"I'd go anywhere with you," Xena said, smiling at the blonde.

"That's great, because we have to be out of the house in two more days," Gabrielle said, putting some warmed cereal down in from of Xena and herself.

"Are you taking all of this?" Xena asked, indicating the contents of the house.

Gabrielle shook her head no. "I sold almost everything in the house. Only trinkets and clothes go with us."

Melosa burst through the front door. "Mother, mother, there's a message," the girl huffed, handing the scroll to Gabrielle.

The bard unrolled the scroll, reading it, as two Amazon warriors entered the living space. Green eyes flew over the pages, and she paled noticeably.

"Queen Gabrielle," one of the Amazons said, "You must come quickly!"

Xena got up and stood next to Gabrielle, and read aloud over her shoulder.

"The warlord Santias has attacked the village and taken the Queen hostage…" Xena whispered.

Gabrielle nodded. "All right," she said, "Tell them we are on our way."

The Amazons saluted her, and made a hasty retreat.

Gabrielle turned to Melosa. "I'll get everything packed, you track down Autolycus, and get him here at once." Melosa nodded and hurried out of the house.

Gabrielle turned to the twins. "Get only the things you can carry in your bags. Don't worry about your clothes; we'll get new ones there. Hurry girls!" The children nearly tripped over themselves in their hurry to do as asked.

"You're with me, Princess," Gabrielle smiled at the amazed woman, pulling her into the bedroom.

Gabrielle pulled a trunk from the corner. It was beautifully carved, having dozens of chakrams lining the edges, while two figures were carved on the front of the keepsake box.

Xena looked closely recognizing the scene. The blonde noticed Xena's attention was riveted on the panel.

"That's you," Gabrielle said, smiling, "You saved me from Morpheus."

"I hadn't thought about that in years," the darker woman smiled, lost in pleasant thoughts.

Gabrielle opened a dresser drawer and gathered up some shirts, skirts and trousers. She stuffed the items in to the overflowing chest, and dragged the box into the outer room.

By then, the twins had finished packing their things as well.

"Lycia and Xenia, go get the horses hitched and bring them around front," Gabrielle ordered, and the girls ran off.

Melosa returned with Autolycus in tow. The King of Thieves hadn't changed much. His hair was grayer, and there were a bit more wrinkles, but Xena would have recognized the trickster anywhere.

"Auto," Xena purred, as he stepped in the door.

The handsome man was startled by Xena's sudden appearance. He worked his jaw a few times, but no sound came out.

"I'm glad to see you too," the tall woman said as she hugged the still shocked man.

"Xena," he squeaked, "I never thought I'd see you again!" He returned her ferocious hug.

He took a step back and kissed her hand. "It's a pleasure, definitely."

Xena smiled, and yanked her hand away from the suave man.

Gabrielle smiled at the touching reunion. Autolycus had been a good friend to the two of them when they traveled the world. He had helped them get out of more than one sticky situation. She and Autolycus had come to the opinion that Xena must have been killed in a battle somewhere, for the purpose of the greater good. They celebrated her birthday every year by telling stories and sharing a bottle of wine.

Autolycus turned to Gabrielle. "What can I do, Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle had started putting a few kitchen items in the chest. She packed a few items she couldn't bear to leave behind.

"I need you to stay here and collect the money from the buyers of my property," she explained. Finally satisfied that she had everything she wanted, Gabrielle closed the lid.

"All right," Auto agreed.

"Then when they pay you," Gabrielle continued, "take the last horse, and come to the Amazon village."

"Now wait a minute," the handsome man interrupted.

"You'll be safe, I promise," Gabrielle smirked.

"As if you didn't like all those half naked women pawing you," Melosa commented, as she dragged her things out in to the room.

"We're ready," called the twins from the front of the house.

All of them pitched in and put the belongings in the back of the wagon. In no time, they had everything packed and the children were seated safely in the back.

"I'll miss you Gabrielle," Autolycus said, as he hugged the shorter woman.

"And you too, my friend," she said as he kissed her hand, whiskers tickling her.

"Xena," he smiled at his long lost friend.

The tall woman nodded her good-bye to the man, as she helped Gabrielle up onto the seat of the wagon. Xena climbed up next to her, and lurched backward as the horses thrust ahead.

To be continued

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