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June lead Adrienne down a dark hallway, to the personal rooms. The family’s bedrooms were centered around a fireplace. The rooms met in a common corner, the fireplace occupying that corner. The rooms were situated in such a way that the fireplace heated all the rooms, as well as the hot water used to bathe.

The personal rooms were larger than the rooms offered to inn patrons, but the rooms held not only beds, but also couches, tables and chairs for guests.

The bathroom was very large, with four showers, and a large sunk-in tub in the center. There was a single toilet, behind a partition built into the furthest wall. It was not unheard of for people to bathe at the same time, because heating the water often took longer than people were willing to wait. Consequently, bathrooms were large rooms where often, many conversations took place.

June opened the door to her room, and motioned Adrienne inside. The room was large, with two windows that faced a field of wildflowers. A single bed fit between the windows, with a large couch on the opposite wall. The door to the bathroom was next to the couch, and a tall dresser with a dozen drawers stood on the other side. The largest bookshelf that Adrienne had ever seen was on one side of the bed. Its shelves were filled with leather and paperbound volumes. To see so many books in one place was a rarity. The room had a decidedly feminine touch, with light pink walls, and a canopy of rosebuds on the bed.

Adrienne looked around the room, setting her things on the bed. June dug through a drawer and pulled out a short summer dress, and boy-cut panties. Adrienne dumped out her clothes from her bag, realizing that she didn’t have a stitch of clean clothes anywhere.

"Everything dirty ?" June asked, seeing the frustrated look on Adrienne’s face.

"How’d you guess?" she asked, starting to stuff her things back in the bag.

"Wait a minute, ok?" June stuck her head out the door and hollered for the boy who served them. He came running, eager to do what was asked. "Can you take her things and my things and get them washed?" she asked with a sweet smile on her face. June gathered up the clothes, but Adrienne was reluctant to let them out of her sight.

"It’s ok," June urged Adrienne, "They’ll be washed and folded and back in your bag after dinner."

Adrienne looked from the boy to June and back again. "All right. But everything better come back to me, ok?"

June touched the tall woman’s arm lightly, letting her know that things were as they appeared. "Your things will all come back to you, and if not, my mom would surely pay to replace them."

The blonde shut the door and turned back to the dresser. With a little digging, she found a pair of drawstring pants, and a light colored tank top. She handed the clothes to Adrienne and said, "I’ve got a ton of underwear, if you want to take a pair; they’re in the middle drawer." She smiled sweetly at the taller woman.

"Bath or shower?" June asked, heading for the bathroom door.

Adrienne didn’t hear a word June said. She was busy digging through a drawer filled with some of the sexiest underwear she had ever seen. She hooked a finger around a barely-there black thong. She held it up, and smirked at June.

"You sure you’ve never…?" she purred to the quickly blushing blonde.

"I’m, uh, I like to feel sexy." June stammered, getting even redder.

"Evidently." Adrienne smirked, returning the black thong to its home. "I think I’ll go commando today," she continued, stepping by the smaller woman, and into the bathroom.


"So how do I work this thing?" Adrienne asked, standing in front of one of the showers.

June kept her eyes turned away, hoping that her body wouldn’t give itself away. Adrienne was very naked, and the blonde was extremely aware of the dark beauty’s assets. June was naked herself, and found herself curious why she wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about her own lack of clothes. June showed Adrienne how to lift the lever, and how to adjust the flow of water.

"Interesting," Adrienne thought as she watched June get into the tub, "She doesn’t even look at me, but I can smell her arousal. She is delicious. What is going through that pretty little head of hers?" She watched the smaller woman sit down in the large slate tub.

June sat with her back to Adrienne, hoping that it would help her not to stare at the gorgeous body the tall woman displayed. After washing herself, June laid her blonde head against the soft foam pad that circled the tub.

Adrienne found the soap, quickly washing her hair and body. She watched the blonde head as she cleaned herself, sighing with pleasure at the cascading warm water.

"Oh, this feels so good," Adrienne moaned, sticking her head under the flow again. She meant to tease the younger woman with her noises.

June’s eyes fluttered in response to the tall woman’s throaty sounds. She swallowed loudly, almost gasping as Adrienne continued.

"Oh, yeah," Adrienne purred, "So good." The dark haired woman knew exactly what she was doing.

The blonde woman flushed red, feeling her nipples tighten in response. She crossed her arms over her breasts, embarrassed at her body’s reaction. She was paying such attention to her body, that she didn’t feel the tall woman slip into the bathtub next to her.

June jumped when she felt Adrienne touch her shoulder, but still wouldn’t look at the dark beauty.

"Why won’t you look at me, June?" Adrienne asked quietly, sitting so close to the blonde that their thighs touched.

"I’m… you’re…" the blonde stammered.

"Do you think that I didn’t notice the way you looked at me?" the tall woman asked. She reached out to finger a lock of golden blonde hair.

"Look at me, June," Adrienne said, turning June’s face towards her. Deep green eyes explored a genuine face. Adrienne continued, "You’re incredibly beautiful. You’re kind, gentle, and strong. So incredibly strong." Adrienne’s voice trailed off in a whisper as she outlined June’s bicep. June’s eyelids trembled in response, closing slowly.

"God, how I want her!" June thought, "She wants me too. And least she acts like she does."

The blonde licked her lips as Adrienne leaned in even closer. What started as teasing was quickly becoming something more.

"Are you afraid that I might think that you’re sick or perverted? That you think that you’re taking advantage of me?" the dark woman whispered in June’s ear. Adrienne found that June was the most beautiful woman she had ever met. Just sitting this close to the woman got her juices flowing.

June could barely think, much less talk, so she nodded her answer.

"I told you, I’ve enjoyed the company of women," Adrienne purred. The tall woman leaned in to kiss a strong shoulder. She wanted to rub her hands all over the smaller woman, touching her everywhere.

"God," June croaked.

"I want you June," Adrienne said, nibbling on the strong muscle. She laid her other hand on June’s thigh, caressing the equally strong muscle.

"I want these luscious thighs wrapped around me," Adrienne whispered, sliding her hand higher. Her own nipples were tightening with arousal.

June moaned loudly, her breath quickening. The sound raced straight to Adrienne’s clit.

"Let me have you, beautiful June," Adrienne mumbled into the other woman’s neck. Adrienne slid her hand up to the junction of June’s hip, then even higher, to the bottom of a full breast.

"Oh, yes," June moaned.

Adrienne became even bolder, cupping a firm breast, trapping its nipple between her fingers. She slid her other hand up the blonde’s neck, pulling her even closer. Adrienne searched June’s eyes for any resistance, then finally leaned in to kiss full red lips.

June hesitated, for one moment, then felt a soft tongue brush against her lips. She melted at the intimate touch, finally putting herself into the kiss. Tongues met, and June moaned into Adrienne’s mouth. The sounds June made further enflamed the taller woman, and she pushed her tongue inside the other woman’s mouth, in a gesture of claiming.

They broke apart when the need to breathe asserted itself. Blue eyes darkened to indigo, when June’s half open eyes traveled down to Adrienne’s breasts for the first time.

"Lovely," June whispered, her eyes lingering on the full, rounded flesh.

Adrienne smirked. She lifted herself slightly out of the water to show the woman her rock hard nipples. She cupped her own breasts squeezing them tightly, moaning loudly.

June reached out to kiss Adrienne again, but this time the taller woman stopped her.

"Let’s get out," she told the blonde and stepped out of the large tub. Adrienne offered her hand, and June clasped it, following her out of the tub.


Adrienne directed June to the bed, laying her down softly. The blonde lifted herself on her elbows, watching as the dark woman closed and locked the doors.

Turning, the tall woman caught the blonde’s eye and smirked. She stood at the end of the bed looking down over the reclining blonde. Adrienne reached for June’s ankles, spreading the smaller woman’s legs open. She could see June’s center was wet and swollen, much like the state of her own.

The tall woman crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees, like a panther on the prowl. She walked up the blonde’s body, barely touching her. Soon her hands were at June’s shoulders, and she leaned down kissing June again. Very slowly, inch by inch, Adrienne lowered her body on to June’s. Each woman groaned at the skin to skin contact.

"I’ve never felt so…" June paused looking for the right word.

"Hot," Adrienne finished, attacking ruby red lips again. The kiss deepened and Adrienne slid her leg between June’s thighs. At the contact June cried out, thrusting her hips against Adrienne’s thigh.

Adrienne kissed her way down June’s face and neck, finally reaching her destination. She took one of June’s nipples between her fingers, squeezing. With her tongue, she licked only the tip of the hardened flesh.

"Oh," June panted, surprised as the intensity of the feeling. Her hands clasping the quilt beneath her, "Oh, yes, so good."

June was squirming now, under Adrienne. Adrienne smiled again, releasing her fingers, taking all the flesh into her mouth.

"Oh god," June breathed.

Adrienne’s other hand was slowly making its way down the muscular body beneath her. She stopped to tickle each rib, and caress a flat stomach. Lower and lower still, until her fingers slid through curly pubic hair.

"Please, Adrienne," June begged. She was on fire. Her clit throbbed, and although she had touched herself before, nothing had ever felt this incredible to her own body.

Adrienne slid her long fingers down, and through copious moisture. She avoided the center of the blonde’s need, preferring to tease her just a little bit longer.

A soft keening was heard from the blonde, and Adrienne took pity on her. Stroking the blonde’s clit softly, Adrienne whispered in her ear.

"Yeah, that’s it," she purred, "Feel me touching you. Feel how wet you are; how much you want me. Your clit is so hard, just begging for its release." The dark woman leaned down sucking a very hard nipple into her warm mouth.

"Yessss," the blond hissed, her hips moving in a near frantic rhythm.

"Come for me, June; let me have what’s mine," Adrienne whispered hotly into the blonde’s ear.

"For you," the blonde whispered, and cried out loudly, as an orgasm rocked through her.

Adrienne moaned loudly as well, as she pushed one finger inside the blonde’s spasming sex. She was surprised to find no resistance, but continued to push all the way inside the small blonde. June groaned softly, as Adrienne stilled her hand inside the blonde. The tall woman’s own need screamed at her, and she began to thrust her hips against the firm muscle of June’s thigh. June reached around grasping Adrienne’s flexing ass, adding to the dark woman’s movement. Adrienne pulled her finger from June, and rested her weight on her hands. She thrust harder and harder, until she tumbled over, waves of pleasure rippled through her body.

Adrienne gasped, and moaned, "Oh, fuck…yeah."

Pleasure continued to course through her body, and her arms were no longer able to hold her. She laid down softly on June, whose libido had screamed awake watching and feeling Adrienne get off on her leg. The blonde woman smirked at the gasping woman.

"Sleep… now," Adrienne mumbled, pulling a blanket over them both.

June looked puzzled for a moment, but gave in. "All right," June mumbled back, snuggling into Adrienne’s open arms.


Part Four


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