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Time frame: Season one, after Gabrielle became an Amazon queen but before she loses most of her innocence.

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Sexual content: Explicit sex between women of consenting age. If you are under 18 or have a problem with the concept of women expressing their love for each other sexually, then please go read something else!

Cheese factor: This is yet another in a long, long line of "first-time" stories that are plastered all over every alternative fan fiction site. I personally can't get enough of them, and I'm betting that I'm not the only one. It's all about first-time sex between Xena and Gabrielle, and I'm totally unapologetic about that.

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Acknowledgements: Thanks to Cherie for a certain bit of delicious inspiration. Thanks to Starr for being my lovely beta reader. Thanks to authors BL Miller, Imagine and Julia Noel Goldman for being so much better at this than I am.


Gabrielle's Impossible Dream

By Jett West

July 2011

Xena stood in the shadows at the edge of the light from the campfire, watching Gabrielle sleep. Her mind was wrestling with her recent realization that she loved Gabrielle, really loved her, not in the innocent way she would love a sister or even a best friend but in a passionate way! It had happened slowly, this love, but when the truth behind her feelings had suddenly become clear to Xena it struck her like a thunderbolt from Zeus' own hand!

The beautiful bard was nestled in their sleeping furs, sound asleep and obviously having a very pleasant dream. A smile played around the corners of her mouth. Xena watched with fascination as Gabrielle's face flushed an adorable pink as she smiled and stirred in her sleep. The movement caused the blanket to slip away a bit and Xena's gaze was riveted to the tantalizing view of an erect nipple straining against the thin sleep shift the blonde beauty wore.

"By the gods….!" Xena swore softly, as she felt her mouth suddenly going dry and heat rising in her neck and face.

Xena had gotten up from her warm, comfortable spot next to her companion to try to walk off the desire that she felt for Gabrielle which had been greatly intensified by the younger woman's proximity. That was nearly a candlemark ago and Xena was no closer to getting her feelings under control. She retreated to a fallen tree limb and sat down on it to think.

Just yesterday, while visiting Cyrene at her tavern, Xena had been blindsided by the realization of her true feelings for Gabrielle.

The scene was burned into her mind's eye forever. She had been sitting at a table in the tavern's kitchen, nursing a mug of port and watching her mother and Gabrielle working together on baking the next day's bread. They were talking and laughing together as if they had known each other for years. Xena watched them contentedly over the rim of her mug, enjoying the sight of the two women she loved most, obviously enjoying each other's company. Gabrielle turned to look over her shoulder at Xena and smiled, happy to see the warrior so relaxed. Her green eyes sparkled and Xena was sure there could not be a more beautiful woman in all of Greece.

"Now, there is a girl you could take home to Mother" Xena mused silently.

That's when it hit her! Xena's eyes went wide and the pit of her stomach clenched. Suddenly she knew that she was hopelessly and completely in love with the woman whom she had been calling her best friend! She briefly cast about in her mind to find an alternative explanation for her feelings but she knew in her heart that it was an irrefutable fact.

"Hera's tits!" she swore to herself, "how in Tartarus do I handle this one?!"

Sure, she had loved Gabrielle as a friend since the younger woman had steadfastly refused to go back to Poteidia and followed Xena to her next campsite. It had taken some getting used to, having a companion on the road, but they had quickly settled into a comfortable partnership. Xena had even realized that if Gabrielle ever chose to return home to Poteidia, she would miss her friend desperately. But LOVE? The real deal? She had never seen it coming. So much for warrior's instincts!

Since the moment of that revelation she had been trying to come to terms with what it might mean for their life together on the road. Xena had no idea how Gabrielle would react to the knowledge that her warrior friend had fallen in love with her. She didn't even know if Gabrielle realized that physical love between women was possible. She was from a small town, after all.

Xena suddenly realized that she had been sitting on the tree limb for a very long time. She really needed to get some sleep before Apollo's chariot started its journey across the sky, or it was going to be a very long day.

As the warrior slipped back into her place by Gabrielle's side under the sleeping furs, the bard rolled over, cuddled up closely and threw her arm across Xena's stomach. The warrior froze, every nerve ending alive.

"Get a grip", she admonished herself, "You can't lose it every time she touches you!"

The early morning sun filtering through the trees woke Xena. She opened her eyes and took careful stock of her surroundings. She sensed no danger and everything seemed to be in order. She rose from the bed roll carefully to avoid disturbing her still sleeping companion so she could spend a moment gazing at the face she loved.

"Gods, Gabrielle", she thought, "You are a woman of many profound words, what are you going to say about this?" Xena really didn't know what to expect from her friend, as well as she knew her.

"Wake up, sleepyhead! " The warrior leaned down and shook Gabrielle gently. "We should get moving if we're going to make it to Amazonia in time for Ephiny's party. "

Both of them were looking forward to seeing their Amazon friends again. Gabrielle, though still Queen, had named Ephiny as her Regent so as to leave the Thessalian Amazons in good hands while Xena and Gabrielle continued their travels together. Gabrielle loved the Amazons but she knew her place was by Xena's side. Ephiny had gladly accepted the position and the tribe was flourishing. The party was to honor the youngest Amazon warriors who had finished their combat training and were being assigned to various positions within the hierarchy. Gabrielle promised to be there for the festivities, and Xena had also accepted the invitation happily even though she was of the opinion that the Amazons would have a party for any and every reason…or no reason at all! As long as they didn't make her dance or wear any masks she was up for it. Not to mention, it gave her a great chance to admire Gabrielle's lovely body while she danced with her adopted tribe!

Gabrielle stretched and groaned.

"How can it be morning already? I was having some great dreams….:" the bard's voice trailed off as she apparently remembered a specific dream and her cheeks flushed just a bit. "I'll be back", she mumbled as she rose from the bedroll and headed for the woods.

Xena cocked one eyebrow as she watched her somewhat flustered friend leave the clearing. She grinned to herself and wondered just what sort of dream would bring such lovely blushes to Gabrielle's face.

The day on the road passed quickly, surprisingly without any need to pummel any highway robbers or bounty hunters seeking the former warlord's head. Xena welcomed the quiet day; she was still trying to figure out if she should tell Gabrielle that she wanted them to be lovers, and what repercussions might arise from that confession. Gabrielle noticed that Xena was even quieter than usual, but she had learned to be patient. The warrior would fill her in on her thoughts when she had thoroughly settled everything in her own mind.

This time though, Gabrielle sensed that something extra was going on in Xena's head. She had noticed a couple of furtive glances from the warrior, and was even sure that at one point she had caught Xena looking at her ass! Gods only knew what the warrior was thinking, and Gabrielle hoped she didn't have to wait too long to find out what was going on in the mind of her companion.

Apollo's chariot had already reached the western edge of the sky when they reached the spot that Xena had chosen for their next camp, the last camp they would make before reaching Amazon territory. They quickly set up camp with practiced ease. The many months of traveling together had established a comfortable routine between the two women and tonight was no exception.

Xena's hunt for dinner was as efficient as usual. While they waited for the rabbits to cook, she decided to get started on her daily ritual of polishing and repairing her weapons and armor. It would help her focus on something other than her dilemma. For her part, Gabrielle went over to their saddlebags to get her scroll bag so she could begin writing about the upcoming event at the Amazon village.

When she returned to the fire, she moved to step around Xena on the way back to her seat. Xena's sword, still in its scabbard, slipped from its place against the rock that served as Xena's seat and fell directly into Gabrielle's path. Startled, she attempted to step over it but instead caught her toe on the leather scabbard and fell face first into the surprised warrior's lap!

Gabrielle suddenly realized the close proximity of her face to Xena's crotch. She blushed and moved to get up. She heard Xena say "While you're down there…." Had she been looking at Xena's face, she would have seen Xena's surprised look. The warrior had no idea what was going to come out of her own mouth, and was mortified to hear her own words!

Gabrielle laughed a bit self-consciously but then the full meaning of the warrior's comment struck her! Her head jerked up and her wide eyes met Xena's equally surprised gaze as the bard did a priceless double take. Xena would have burst out laughing at the look on her friend's face if she hadn't been busily trying to figure out what to say next.

"Never mind, Gabrielle" Xena said, trying to play it cool, "It was just a bad joke."

Gabrielle finally scrambled to her feet and left the campfire, heading down to the nearby river. Xena watched her go with a puzzled look on her face. She didn't think Gabrielle would be really offended by her remark, but the bard did indeed seem to be bothered by something. Xena shrugged, thinking to herself that Gabrielle would compose herself and be back soon. She decided to turn the cooking meat over and wait for her friend's return.

When it occurred to Xena that Gabrielle had been gone much longer than she had anticipated, she too walked down to the river to make sure everything was alright. She found Gabrielle standing motionless on the river bank and it looked like the younger woman was crying! Xena, bewildered by that discovery, stood behind her friend and put her hands on her shoulders.

"Gods, Gabrielle, I was just joking around! Why are you…" Gabrielle wheeled around, cutting Xena off before she could finish.

"For Zeus' sake, Xena! If you say that one more time, I swear I will….I'll….SMACK you!" The tear stained face of the bard was showing anger and something else Xena couldn't quite place.

"OK, let's calm down, " Xena reached out and again placed her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders. "Please tell my why you are crying. I didn't mean to upset you."

Gabrielle took a deep breath and looked away from Xena's concerned gaze. She wiped her eyes, took another deep breath and began attempting to explain.

"Xena, I …I ….well, your comment when I fell into your lap was pretty crude. You have to admit that. Kind of funny too….but it just….. ", Gabrielle stopped, trying desperately to form a sentence that would make sense. Xena waited, completely unsure of what was about to be said. "Xena, when I realized that you had made a sexual comment about the two of us, I had no idea what to say. Then you said you were just joking. I couldn't hear that! I…" She stopped and searched Xena's eyes, trying to see what the warrior was thinking.

"Gabrielle," Xena's voice was hoarse, "What are you trying to tell me?"

"Xena, I couldn't bear to think that you would take something like that between us so lightly!" The bard took another deep breath. "I know that you were joking but I'm in love with you, Xena. I couldn't bear to think that you would only joke about it. I know I over-reacted, but it just tore my heart out because I've been waiting for so long for you to notice me as a woman and not just a friend!" Gabrielle stopped and took yet another shaky breath. She still searched Xena's face for clues to the warrior's reaction.

Xena stood stock still for a moment, trying to process what she had just heard. Gabrielle loved her! Her beautiful bard loved her! The tall warrior took her hands from the smaller woman's shoulders and pulled Gabrielle into a close embrace. They stood like that for a few seconds.

"Xena", Gabrielle whispered, "Xena…..please say something!"

Xena relaxed her arms and pulled back to look into the beautiful green eyes that were still uncertain. She grinned broadly and with no small amount of relief!

"By the gods, Gabrielle, are you kidding me?!"

"Xena, I didn't mean to…" the normally loquacious bard was nearly speechless yet again, "I know this is my problem. I didn't intend to let you know how I felt."

"No, no! You misunderstand! Just two days ago I realized that I'm so much in love with you that I can't even think!" Xena pulled her friend in for an even tighter embrace, "I've been agonizing over if I should tell you and how you would take it, and here you are telling me that you've been in love with me for…well, how long have you known?!"

Gabrielle began crying again, but this time with happy tears.

"I've loved you since the beginning, maybe even since the day you rescued my friends and me from the slavers! It wasn't long after I convinced you to let me travel with you that I knew I could never live without you again. I didn't dare to hope that you would ever feel the same way. You've seen and done so much, and you've had many lovers. I thought I would be too young and naïve for you." She looked into the warrior's blue eyes and finally found what she had been looking for, the warmth and love that she had never dared hope to see there.

"Gabrielle, you know that my past is a heavy burden for me to carry and I couldn't have come this far in my new life without you. Never worry about anyone or anything from back then. I love you more than life itself and I couldn't bear it if I ever were to lose you." The warrior leaned down and kissed the bard, softly at first and then with gathering intensity.

Gabrielle wound her arms around the tall woman's neck and kissed her back with all of the passion that she had been carrying in her heart for so long. Xena's tongue gained entry to her mouth and investigated it thoroughly, only to be met with Gabrielle's tongue returning each parry and thrust. The kiss deepened and both women were totally immersed in it, finally expressing their true feelings for the first time.

Suddenly Gabrielle broke the kiss.

"The rabbits! I can smell them starting to burn!" she pulled away and started running back toward the campfire.

Xena laughed uproariously. "Only you would think of food at a time like this, my sweet!"

She followed Gabrielle back to their camp, grinning broadly to herself. The young Amazon queen's appetite was legendary and the cooks at the Amazon village were probably working overtime in anticipation of their Queen's arrival tomorrow. There would be plenty of time tonight to explore their newly confessed feelings, and Xena was feeling very confident and relaxed now that their mutual secret had been exposed. Gabrielle wasn't the only one with an appetite, although Xena's hunger wasn't for food.

Dinner was a new experience. They sat close, within easy kissing reach, feeding each other and sharing soft kisses between bites of food. Both of them were completely engrossed in the new relationship that was forming between them. When the food was gone, Xena leaned over once more to kiss her bard. Her tongue traced her lips and when she reached the corner of Gabrielle's mouth, Gabrielle turned her head slightly to capture Xena's lips. This time the kiss deepened. They both leaned into the kiss as arms enveloped each other. It seemed as if they couldn't get close enough to each other to satisfy their newly admitted desire.

Xena decided it was time to take things to the next level. She stood to arrange their softest fur blanket next to the campfire, then picked Gabrielle up in her arms and moved purposefully to the blanket. As she sank to her knees with Gabrielle still in her arms, their mouths came together again and they both felt a new surge of desire. She lowered Gabrielle to the blanket and proceeded to strip off her own armor, leathers, and boots in record time. When she was naked, she lowered herself over her lover and resumed their kiss. Gabrielle reached her arms around the warrior's neck and held on for dear life, letting their building passion carry her away. Xena broke the kiss and her lips trailed to an earlobe, teeth nipping the flesh gently, then dropped to Gabrielle's neck. There she sucked and nibbled on the taut skin until she felt the bard's pulse pounding. Gabrielle's fingers were tangled in the warrior's hair and she tugged on it, pulling Xena even closer. A ragged moan came from the bard's throat as Xena kissed her way down to the edge of the green top that Gabrielle still wore.

"You, my sweet, are totally overdressed", was the warrior's response. "Sit up." The green top was soon history.

They had seen each other naked before many times, they had been bathing together for months at this point, but tonight Xena couldn't tear her eyes away from Gabrielle's breasts! They weren't large, but they were glorious. They fit perfectly in her hands too. She cupped them, her thumbs caressing the nipples softly. The nipples responded by becoming even more erect than they had already been before the warrior touched them. Gabrielle's breath caught in her throat as Xena's mouth explored first one breast then the other. She drew one nipple into her mouth and sucked gently at first, then more forcefully, switching to the other side and doing the same thing. Her teeth nipped the puckered skin lightly, drawing a shudder and a moan from the bard. Xena's blue eyes, darker from her rising passion, lifted to the blonde's face and reveled in the arousal she saw there. She reached up to kiss the bard again, their bare breasts fitting together perfectly. The sensation of their bare skin touching without barriers shot a bolt of desire to the warrior's core, she realized that the dark curls at the apex of her legs were soaking wet. Xena knew she had to completely possess the luscious body that trembled beneath her.

As if reading the warrior's mind, Gabrielle spoke breathlessly. "Xena, I need to feel you….all of you! Please…."

Xena complied happily by removing the Amazon belt and wraparound skirt the blonde still wore, slid her boots off, and then finally peeled off desire soaked breeches. She then knelt between Gabrielle's thighs and lowered her long body to cover her lover, lying breast to breast, hip to hip. They both gasped from the powerful sensation of the bare bodies touching so intimately.

As their mouths ground together in yet another scorching kiss, Gabrielle surprised Xena by rolling her over and sitting atop her. Xena lay under her lover and gazed at the beautiful sight of Gabrielle seated astride her hips. The firelight illuminated Gabrielle's body, her golden mane wildly framing her face. The bard's head was thrown back, her face clearly showing her aroused state. Xena gazed up at her beautiful partner, making a mental note to thank Aphrodite for the gift of the younger woman's love next time they happened across one of the goddess' temples. She reached up and caressed her love's breasts. Gabrielle arched into the touch, which caused her sex to come into direct contact with Xena's wet curls. Both women gasped from the pure pleasure of it.

Xena slid her hand between their bodies and caressed Gabrielle's swollen labia. "Gods, you're wet!" she exclaimed.

"That's your fault, warrior!" Gabrielle looked down at her with intense desire evident in her green eyes, "you see what effect you have on me!"

Xena laughed and continued her exploration. She carefully avoided touching the hardened nub that begged for her attention, she didn't want to send Gabrielle over the edge yet. She slowly slid a long finger into her lover and was rewarded by a groan. An added finger was met with Gabrielle's hips moving rhythmically against the warrior's hand. Xena increased the speed and depth of her strokes as Gabrielle's breathing became more labored.

"Xena, please…..more…." the bard's voice trailed off, lost in a haze of desire.

Xena slid her hand out from between them, chuckling at Gabrielle's groan of protest. She pulled her lover down for a fiery kiss and then rolled them both over so Gabrielle was under her. She then began kissing and nuzzling her way down Gabrielle's body, settling in between the muscular legs. She nuzzled the wet curls and then flicked Gabrielle's clitoris with her tongue, smiling at the sharp intake of breath she heard from her lover. Her tongue found the opening her fingers had recently occupied and she pushed it in as far as she could reach. Gabrielle's hips rose from the blanket to meet her, begging for deeper contact.

The warrior obliged by returning her fingers to their task, this time locating the sensitive spot on the vaginal wall that would take her lover to a whole new level of sensation. Her efforts were rewarded with renewed vocal encouragement from Gabrielle, though most of it was unintelligible. .

"Gods, Xena…." Again the breathless voice trailed off, the younger woman was nearing orgasm and she could barely speak.

Xena finally took the engorged clitoris in her mouth, laving it with her tongue. Her fingers continued their deep strokes as Gabrielle's hips bucked wildly against her hand and face. Knowing that her lover wouldn't last much longer, she sucked hard on the clitoris and rolled her tongue against it firmly.

"XENA!" Gabrielle shouted as her orgasm gripped her, rippling through her body and rendering her completely unable to form any coherent thought.

Minutes later, Gabrielle still lay in Xena's arms trying to catch her breath and enjoying the frequent aftershocks that followed the intense orgasm.

"Sweet Artemis, Xena, what have you done to me?!" she said in wonderment, "I had no idea it could feel like that!"

"I have many skills", said the warrior, trying to look serious.

"I'd have to say that particular one is my favorite", said the bard, still trying to regain some sense of composure.

Xena grinned, "Shall we add that skill to our weapons and fighting drills?"

Gabrielle sat up and leaned over the warrior, kissing her firmly. "Oh, I think I've picked up some of the basics. Here, let me show you….." She kissed Xena again, taking charge of the kiss by thrusting her tongue into the warrior's mouth, following it by a nuzzle and a nip to her neck.

"I should probably point out that you won't have to work very hard for this one", said the warrior, "You were so hot to watch, I almost came when you did!"

"You have no one to blame but yourself!" said the bard from around the nipple she was now greedily feasting on.

Xena smiled, closed her eyes, and gave herself over to the attentions of her lover.

Gabrielle moved down to lie between her warrior's long legs and began exploring. She parted Xena's wet folds with two fingers and ventured an experimental swipe of her tongue over the swollen labia and erect clitoris. Xena groaned and Gabrielle, encouraged by the response, began a systematic exploration of her lover's completely aroused sex.

Xena tried to be patient, but she could feel her orgasm gathering deep within her. Gabrielle could learn the finer points of lovemaking later!! She reached down and grasped the back of the blond head and pulled it close, meeting it with thrusting hips.

Gabrielle wrapped an arm around each of Xena's thighs and met each thrust with her tongue, keeping up with Xena's demand. She could feel the growing tension in Xena's body as the orgasm approached.

"Gods, Gabrielle…don't stop!" the warrior whispered hoarsely, "I'm so close!"

The bard, taking a clue from what Xena had done to take her over the edge earlier, latched on to Xena's clitoris and sucked on it as hard as she could. The warrior's response was immediate and intense. As a massive orgasm tore through her she arched her lower body; and Gabrielle with it, up from the blanket. Xena's body shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her.

Gabrielle watched in awe as her lover finally began to return to terra firma. The younger woman was amazed to see the warrior so unguarded in this moment, something that Xena never seemed to be. In fact, Gabrielle had never imagined in her wildest dreams that they would actually ever share what they had just shared.

Xena finally began to focus on her surroundings again, and noted her lover watching her with a smile on her face.

"What's going on in that mind of yours, my love?" Xena asked, reached down and pulled Gabrielle up to lie in her arms.

"Oh, I was just thinking about how I never dreamed that we would ever actually do…that. " The bard blushed a little, her green eyes sparkling.

"Speaking of dreams, I've been meaning to ask you about something," Xena smiled mischievously, "Last night you were dreaming about something that brought a blush to your cheeks. What tale was your bard's imagination spinning for you?"

"By the gods, Xena, can I have no secrets from you at all?" Gabrielle looked a little embarrassed. "I was dreaming about us making love, if you must know. I've been having dreams like that forever! I began to think that my dreams were the only way I would ever have you!"

"You might have said something," the warrior tried to look stern, "We've wasted a lot of time that we could have used so much more….creatively." She kissed Gabrielle seductively.

"Well at least I didn't just get around to realizing how I felt," the bard feigned indignation, "What in Tartarus took you so long?"

"I….well….I didn't know if you would ever feel this way about a woman!" Xena had the grace to look a bit embarrassed.

"Xena!" Gabrielle took her warrior's face in her hands and kissed her deeply.

"Yes, my love?"

"Shut up and make love to me again!"

So she did, with fervor.

~The End~

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