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Deepest Ocean Green Part 7

Maiden Voyage Itinerary for Queen Victoria Cruise Ship - From Orlando's nearby port of entry, Cape Canaveral we will sail to Miami, Key West Island and across the Atlantic to Cozumel. After a quick visit to the Bahamas, we will circle back to Fort Lauderdale, then make our way to return home to Cape Canaveral.

Chris found her thoughts careening toward Dean with more and more frequency as Georgia filled her head with subtle moves and techniques to attempt her seduction of Dean. When the two serious women had finally gotten down to the brass tactics, Chris found Georgia's strategy to be subtle and yet, fascinatingly persuasive.

She was amazed at the information the southern woman began to pour out during their brief conversation. Georgia began listing, the seven southern rules for getting what you want. Thank god, that Chris had total recall and quickly embedded the list into her memory. Although she thought they sounded very common, she decided she would analyze them later. As Georgia stated the finer points, Chris began to worry. She would have to do some research in order to learn the answers to some of the suggestions. Chris smiled as she thought about how enjoyable getting that information might be. She listened to Georgia rattle off all the rules.

"I will explain my seven southern belle rules and then, 'you too', can pretend to be from the south." Georgia laughed lightly at her own humor.

"First you need to look like a million stars. Be perfectly adorable and yet, have a cutting edge too, be sexy. Leave that one button undone, that you continuously button up. Oh! Wear dainty jewelry. The rule is really just jewelry, but for you make it dainty. My cousin's unique style of jewelry is to show her exotic tattoos through different holes in her t-shirt. Whatever works for the individual huh?" She took a breath, contemplating.

"Second, wear a perfume. I don't care if it's soap with wild flowers...just wear it. Your lover will thank you later. It's one of those hidden pleasures...you already know this, but...your only familiar with the phrases...don't eat onions before you go out on a date. Damn shame really...onions are so good! However, the aroma two hours later can pretty much turn off the love connection. But, wear a perfume and it can titillate the senses, making you unforgettable."

"Third, bring flowers or food. Any girl will love both. The rule is tried and true. Flowers melt the heart, no matter how butch and food is the ultimate gift to share later, while making love. Can't lose on either one. Chris nodded politely, as her mind reeled with the incoming information. Specific food choices are totally up to you. Try finger foods for a fun night."

"Choose a romantic setting." Georgia reminisced about her own experiences. "Brooke took me to the state fair and we had such a great time. We road the ferris wheel and went from booth to booth. Lord, we must have drained her bank account getting those really neat stuffed animal trophies. I just loved it. Then she drove me out to a scenic rest area to look at the stars and moon. If that cop hadn't been walking around I might have jumped her. It is all about the person and how well you know them. Romantic can mean a closet, if its done right!" Georgia chuckled and Chris laughed.

"Picking the perfect music is a must, if you're able to arrange it. Music is the best aphrodisiac, other than alcohol, but I'm assuming you want her to be aware of the experiences. Stick with the music selection you know she will love. Find a happy medium between you both. You will want to be able to stand it when you're necking or more."

"Ah, dancing, the sixth sinful treat of the southern belle rules. My mamma, God rest her soul, always said dancing was just one step from vertical to horizontal. She was so right. Two bodies pressed together, listening to music, feeling a pleasure of senses. It's an important erogenous experience that should be enjoyed thoroughly. Take your time and do it right. Let the entire song play through. Listen to her soft sighs and feel the trembles. God, what a rush!" Chris watched, Georgia pull back in the booth and shake her head at the intensity of her memories. Georgia smiled and winked at Chris.

"I am thinking there is a nap in store for one little angel today. Her mother had better be prepared." Chris smiled and blushed at the implications of what Georgia, was so forthright in blatantly explaining to her.

"Don't forget the last 'must do'. Your lover has particular spots on her body that crave attention. And no, I'm not talking about the obvious one. Just remember to enhance the entire seduction to touch the major sensitive spots with a soft caress or more. Try light scratches on the back of neck, focus attention on her ears, lots of soft kisses on the lips and maybe stroking her legs. Lovers forget that the love isn't all about having that wham, bam and thank you ma'am feeling. Slow it down and enjoy it."

Both women felt their respective partners returning, even without looking. As if they had a sixth sense, they both found themselves relaxing from the stress of the separation and feeling more alive since the departure of the two. Georgia turned her head, just as Chris did. Two sets of emerald green searched the restaurant for their nearing partners.

Chris just had time to thank Georgia and get a wink in return from her new friend before Brandy came barreling back to the table to climb into the booth and hug Georgia. Her freshly scrubbed features, pink with health, were full of trusting innocence. Her dark eyes shone with excitement. The two blonde women listened with fascination as Brandy described the bathroom full of seashells and pretty soaps.

Her two escorts were not far behind and walked up to the table as Georgia asked if Brandy used the soap. Brandy nodded and scrambled out of the booth to get back to her chair. With the green crayon she had found on the table next to Brooke's coffee mug, she picked up her purple spotted cartoon page and started adding the new color. Brooke slid into the booth next to her wife and reached under the table to rest her hand on Georgia's thigh.

Dean also slid into the booth and grimaced as she glanced at her watch.

"We have to be off. I have so much enjoyed the morning ladies. Thank you." Dean smiled, charming everyone at the table with her sincerity. Georgia, Brooke and Brandy said their goodbyes as Dean and Chris departed. Teasingly, Brooke noted that they would all be seeing each other on board the Love Boat. Dean and Georgia groaned. Chris just blushed. Chris gave Georgia a quick hug and waved at Brooke, as Dean was shaking Brooke's hand. The two uniformed women walked side by side out of the restaurant and hotel, getting noticed by several patrons. Their striking differences of contrasting light and darkness, along with the easy companionship between their bodies as they walked in synch, had more than one person looking twice. The two women left in the booth watched as well and commented to each other in low voices.

"They are perfect together. Right?" Brooke just nodded in response to her wife's comments and turned to stare at her own beautiful blonde. Georgia, was the one she could watch for hours. She knew, that she was always telling a white lie, when she teased her wife about "not being on her mind". The wonderful woman was always on her mind and Brooke was extremely happy to know it!

Dean and Chris taxied back to the dock and caught an available shuttle boat to take them to the ship. Chris kept looking over at Dean with curiosity. She wanted to start asking questions right away, but found that she didn't know where to start. What kind of music did Dean enjoy? What was her favorite color? What are her favorite foods? Will she like my tastes?At that thought, Chris' mind went into the toilet as she imagined exactly what tastes Dean might like. Oh the ideas on what she could do with her newfound knowledge. As she imagined, her body tightened with excitement and she blushed bright red.God I need to work off some of this sexual tension, Chris thought. Trying not to show her extremely erotic thoughts to the world, she looked down at the swiftly passing waters as they rode the shuttle. Dean looked over to find her 1st Officer blushing profusely.

Dean instantly wondered what had gotten into Chris. 'Just what did I miss at that table anyway?'

The shuttle slowed to dock at the shipside-floating pier and allow the passengers to step out of the boat.

"Are you alright?" Dean asked as she helped Chris step from the boat to the ship's docking ramp. Chris just nodded and gave her a sheepish grin.

"I have seven hours to kill before I get back to the helm. Would you care to join me at the gym? I feel like, I could use a good work out. Maybe we could work together on some treadmill sessions, or weights? Chris wondered for the umpteenth time, if Dean was able to read her mind. She nodded, grinning in response to Dean's offer.

"Sounds great, Captain. I'll catch ya there in an hour or so." Chris grinned. Dean nodded, smiling and they moved up the walkway to return to their cabins. They moved together side-by-side, periodically, their arms brushed against each other in tandem, almost connecting.Chris felt a warm rush of happiness flow through her as Dean reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze goodbye. They parted at Chris' door and Chris watched the dark haired beauty stride down the hall to enter her own cabin. She sighed. Shutting the door after Dean disappeared, Chris ran across the room to fly into the bed, her uniform be damned. She had a major crush on one hot, dark, exciting lady officer. Lord! She wanted to find a bedroom and seduce the hell out of her boss. Was this normal? Chris shook her head into the pillows and hoped that she would survive the tension.

Pushing her highly excited body off the bed, she looked over at her dresser and wondered, where that skimpy spandex outfit was stored. And don't forget the perfume and lipgloss! Chris chuckled at her resourcefulness. Soon she would be all ready to go "sweat". Glancing at her watch, she noticed, that she had only 45 minutes until she had to be at the gym.

Exactly forty-five minutes later Dean stepped onto the treadmill and punched the button. The incline rose to 12% as she started to walk. Her shorter blonde companion, decided to keep the 4% incline on the tread next to her. Dean tried, without success, not to stare at that gorgeous body wrapped in a painted leotard. Chris tried not to swallow her tongue at the muscular arms flexing beside her as they walked along. They both began moving in purposeful steps, along the revolving path, with matching determined expressions. The white cords of the portable headphone set were inserted into the techno phonics of the treadmill's music system. The women began running, music was blasting as they marched onward.

Chris knew she was on the right track, no pun intended, as she noticed the channel displayed on the treadmill radio that Dean was listening too. She switched over and felt the rhythm pulse into her ears. The vocals of Sarah rushed through her as she paced with the music.

You take me in no questions asked

You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me

Are you an angel, am I already that gone

I only hope that I won't disappoint you

When I'm down here

On my knees

And sweet


Sweet surrender

Is all that I have to give

An hour later, both women were feeling the burn. They agreed on a cool down period and began walking slower and slower, until they eventually stepped off the treads. Both looked exhausted and grinned with the pleasured pain that they'd endured. On many levels, Dean thought that the gym was a plethora of sexually oriented, torture devices. Now she knew, it was also for relieving frustrations. She looked over at the bench press and wondered if a few sets of lifts would help with the workout.

They both went on to other machines and without knowing, each kept the other within her sight. It wasn't that difficult as Dean was lifting free weights, while Chris worked at the circuit machines. After another hour,they both hit the showers. Completely refreshed Dean was combing her short damp hair, when she glimpsed the shower curtain behind her billowing out from the heated spray within. The scant instance of seeing some naked skin, had Dean wishing she was back on the treadmill again. Her blood pressure and body temperature rose sharply as her imagination filled up with thoughts of one naked, blonde, 1st officer bombshell.

Dean growled at her wasted, two-hour gym workout as she felt her body tightening up again with a heated tension. She smiled at herself in the mirror and that lop sided grin smirked back. Not totally wasted. I did get to watch Chris stretch and bend and contort in that spandex goddess outfit.

Chris stepped out of the shower; with a towel wrapped around her and looked over to see Dean, smiling at herself in the mirror. She grinned at the woman and just shook her head. 'Some people are totally nuts. What the hell is she thinking about that would make her grin so goofy?'

Dean turned at the motion from behind her and her gaze locked with Chris'. 'Oh my, my!' Chris swallowed at the visual connection.

Dean's goofy look became more serious. She sensually ran her eyes over Chris' body following down past the towel, to her feet and then back up. Blue eyes burned a trail across the already warm skin. Chris stood still in shock, holding her towel and bathroom bag against her body. The intense workout that had relieved her stress, seemed to be destroyed as her muscles tightened once again, inresponse to that primal gaze. Feeling a blush climbing higher, Chris licked her dry lips, rushing from the bathroom into the locker area. She threw on some sweats and a t-shirt and added as many defenses as possible. Her running shoes were becominga must. 'God, that woman had some magnetism.' "Grrrrr," Chris growled with frustration as she dressed. A breath of wind touched her damp skin. She shivered knowing Dean was just around the corner.

Chris stood, brushing her hair, when Dean walked into the locker area from the bathroom. They both acknowledged each other with shy smiles.

"I'm off to work in a few hours. I might go rest before my shift. I'll see you tonight, right?" Dean asked as she gathered up her gym bag full of items from the locker, that she'd procured earlier.

Chris nodded and thought of a hundred things, which she could be doing as first officer and none of which, would take her mind off Dean. She was going to have to sit down and make a plan. She needed a little time. 'When would be a perfect time to seduce the Captain? O' Captain! My Captain!'

"I'll see you later. We can eat dinner together. Thanks for the lovely day, Dean." Chris moved closer to the taller woman. She looked up at the Captain and quickly brushed a kiss across the angular jaw. Dean looked down at Chris and smiled brightly.

"My pleasure."

An hour later, Chris searched through her CD's and found one that she thought, would be the perfect music for a sweet seduction. Her mind spun, with the aggressive attitude she was using. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Sitting at her desk, she jotted down ideas and dismissed any niggling thoughts of failure. Everything would be perfect. She nibbled on the tip of the pen she was using and grinned with excitement.

Five hours later, well rested and feeling sated from the dinner that the two women were sharing at one of the on board restaurants, Dean headed back to take over her shift in the tower as the night fell.

Chris had seemed a bit preoccupied, but otherwise extremely cheerful and full of innocent flirtatious moments. She explained how much she'd enjoyed her day.From the morning breakfast they had shared, through her afternoon workout, and the scrumptious dinner they'd eaten. Dean had enjoyed the cheerful and relaxing conversation, even while internally rolling her eyes at her own rendition of the afternoon workout. She'd wound up spending almost all of her nap tossing and turning over the picture of her diminutive 1st officer, dressed in that snug little spandex outfit.

Now as she entered her control tower and accepted the clipboard to begin her shift, she stood over the massive amount of controls on her midnight shift and sighed heavily. She looked out at the ocean and the crystal clear, evening sky. The moon shone down, leading the ships bow in it's glowing trail. The stars were twinkling in a blanket of black velvet, reflecting like diamonds on the obsidian waves. Pearly white gossamer reflections lit up the ocean night from millions of miles, through the blackened space above.

The low-lit tower room, displayed its minute-by-minute updated course, through the green and red glowing panels. The reflection of which, lit upthe glass as Dean looked out. It was a kaleidoscope of red white and green, a true holiday coloring. She couldn't stop the smile as she steered the ship onward. She decided to ask Chris if a slight stay in Miami, could be arranged after the cruise ended. Only four more days until their final destination was reached and only four more days until the New Year arrived. Dean was looking forward to discovering, what both the ending and the new beginning, might bring.

The night passed and the ship was scheduled to be on course spending the majority of the next day out on the ocean. It's evening destination wasa Bahaman stop for the later hours of the night to enjoy and celebrate an early New Year, with Bahaman style. The official celebration had already started in the Bahamas. However, the capital island of Nassau had a livelynational festival called a Junkanoo. Starting the day after Christmas, thousands of revelers descend on Bay Street dressed in elaborate costumes and danced wildly, throughout the night and into the early morning. The revelry continued for the entire week until New Year's Day and ended that night.

Tanner Industries had passage and docking privileges prearranged on the main island of Nassau, one of the 700 Bahaman cays, allowing the passengers a chance to experience a national tradition of celebrating the New Year. The ship would be at the port, docking in the early evening. The main festivities would be held in Rawson Square, where the music, international foods, costumed street revilers and international exotic atmosphere would be available for the tourists. The cultural effects would be a constant on going celebration until well after New Year came in at the stroke ofmidnight.

Dean headed back to her cabin, only to feel a second wind strike her. Not feeling the least bit tired, she heard the booming explosions of the rifles shooting off the port bow and turned to head in that direction. Only during deep ocean sailing days the skeet shooting became available and it started during the early hours of dawn. She wasn't very surprised to see another tall, dark figure waiting her turn, while some of the small group at the pointed bow took turns with the three available rifles. The bellowed sound of an older mans voice yelled 'pull'. The automatic mechanical 'twang' of a machine shooting the skeet out at a high velocity released off toward the port side. The crisp sound of a rifle shot exploded, once again, into the air. The rhythmic fourth step was usually a distant crack of a clay target smashing to smithereens. The majority of the shooters however, were missing their target. Everyone laughed, or made comments in the friendly atmosphere. A nearby service stand provided hot coffee and some fresh donuts or fruit. It was perfect.

Brooke caught Dean's eye as she rested a good distance away from the direct action at a shooting rail across the wide bow. She stood watching the men fire into the air. The sonic sounding boomsof the rifles at close range, left you with a ringing in your ears and your chest tense with the scare, each time the trigger was pulled. Overly loud, the explosion echoed over the water that was hissing below as the ship surged onward through the cresting ocean waves. The men and women standing as far away as Brooke celebrated the recorded miss and hits with 'ooohhs' and 'ahhhs'. Brooke smiled with Dean at the collective reaction from the cheering group.

Dean greeted the lawyer and shook hands with her. Brooke gestured to the steaming brew, ten feet to the leeward side. Dean nodded vigorously as they both walked over to get a cup of fresh java from the stand.

"Gonna try your luck today? The wind's just brisk enough to allow for misses and nobody will blame ya." Brooke stated in challenge to Dean, as she quirked a dark eyebrow toward the broad shouldered captain.

Dean raised her own eyebrows in jest, offering a comically inquisitive response to Brooke's challenge and grinned.

"You do realize, that I've been on these ships for practically my entire life?" Dean commented, as she cupped the warm brew between her two hands. Brooke frowned and winced.

"Oops! Didn't think of that! You may want to take it easy on me. I've survived pregnancy and the attempt of raising a child. I'm an aged version of my younger self." Brooke winked playfully. Dean laughed and gestured Brooke over to the shooting gallery.

The two tall dark haired women stepped forward to compete together and right away became an object of interest as they both garnered the attentions of the others.

Obviously, the captain stood out with her uniform, but not only because of its clean white material. Her broad shoulders, tapered waist and rock-solid athletic form portrayed an appealing command. She also exhibited, a readily apparent, powerful charisma that impressed people instantly.

However, Brooke didn't rate to badly, without the uniform. She had worn a black pair of jeans with a casual corduroy button down shirt and a multi-zippered matching black vest. The four pockets were zipped shut, but the style was obviously fashionable and trendy. Her worn pair of cowboy boots was probably the kicker for some of the men. She showed style and good taste. Her own charisma was in competition with Dean's.

Dean was extremely happy, that for once, the attention was not completely on her. Brooke just pumped the rifle after picking it up and held it pointed out to sea steadily waiting for Dean. Dean studied the rifle, pumped it and glanced at Brooke.

"Ready?" Dean asked, watching as Brooke nodded.

They both yelled, "pull" together. Two clay pigeons flew into the distant air. The two women were blurs of action as they raised their rifles together. Almost firing together, the short sound of the two shots boomed into the air. The distant skeet shattered. The crowd shouted with excitement. Dean and Brooke grinned.

The shooting continued. The average round of clays given per turn, per customer, was twelve. After taking the eleventh shot, both women were tied, with ten broken clays apiece. The missed shots did not faze either woman. The twelfth booming shots sounded out as the growing crowd shouted out its glory of the battle. Surprisingly, they both missed. The annoyance on Brooke's face was matched only by Dean's embarrassment as they both stood grumbling at themselves.

"Oh for heavens sake you big babies. PULL!" Georgia's southern accent rang out in the air. The mechanical twang was made and the clay pigeon flew up and away. As it reached it's highest apogee, it continued on and began it's descent into the ocean. Serious shooters usually broke the clay as their target was on the rise. Both Dean and Brooke turned to watch Georgia holding the rifle in her arms watching the target flying further and further out. Just as the impossibility of shooting the clay pigeon was thought to become reality, she raised the rifle and fired. An indrawn breath of collective surprise was heard as the extremely distant clay target shattered, just before touching the waters.

Georgia lowered the rifle and handed it to the attendant standing nearby. She looked over at the two tall women and shrugged.

"Raised on a ranch and can shoot the whiskers off of a hummingbird at 300 feet. Let's go get breakfast." She suggested as she waved at the arriving Chris. The two dark headed women glanced at each other and started laughing.

"Thank god for the reality check." Brooke murmured as she and Dean walked over to the now chatting blondes. Dean nodded and searched for her 1st officer's emerald eyes, needing that connection. She knew, she would always want that connection. She smiled her lop sided smile and watched as Chris blushed so nicely in reaction to her smile. God! It was good to be the Queen!Dean smirked internally at the Monty Python, play on words. She felt an incredible rush in just knowing that, she'd put that charming blush on those adorable cheeks.

The ship arrived exactly on time at the Bahaman Island of Nassau and the official unloading of passengers commenced shortly thereafter. Most of the ship was empty and the crew was given permission to go ashore in small groups for a few hours each.

Dean found herself spending the evening hours in her cabin. She had changed into a comfortable T-shirt and slacks. Her bare feet were propped across the ottoman at the foot of her chair. Her dark hair was slightly damp from the shower, she'd taken an hour before. She was looking over some of the reports from the engine room, when she heard a knocking on her door.

Raising her head she uttered, 'come in' slightly distracted. Chris stepped into the room and was carrying a food tray. Dean raised a curious eyebrow. She stood up to help relieve Chris of the tray. The food was covered and Dean didn't explore it as she turned back to ask what the occasion was. Her curiosity died as any questions she might have asked, were stolen from the depths of her mindwhen she saw the beautiful creature standing in her cabin.

The blonde curling hair was arranged just so, wafting upward to accent the slim throat line of her neck. Her light green blouse complemented her darker eyes and was a vee neck, plunging down to hint at the cleavage hiding beneath it. Dean's eyes traveled downward to the tight fitting, cream pants and the dainty sandals. Her eyes flashed in a moment of such desire, that she was shaken from within. Her breathing deepened even as she tried to play it off as nothing. Her strong reaction to Chris had her off balance and her body struggled within, fighting the attraction...which was definitely something.

"I..umm...what...?" Dean coughed to clear her throat of its problems. "What's the occasion Chris? Not that I'm complaining at all. Nope. No complaints here."

Dean's slightly husky tones had Chris smiling. Her first goal had been achieved. She wondered nervously, if the rest of the evening would be as perfect. Reaching out she took Dean's hand in hers and brushed her thumb over the larger knuckles.

"I wanted to spend the evening with you and I thought that now, would be the perfect time. You're not too busy, are you?" Chris said with just a touch of batting her eyelashes for effect. Dean blinked, mesmerized and under Chris' spell. A slow shake of her head and Dean felt herself pulled over to the couch and pushed into it's cushioned surface. She watched as Chris retrieved a CD from under one of the covered plates on the tray and walked over to put it into the stereo.

The selection made, her fingers resting on the play button, Chris took a deep breath and hoped her dreams would become a reality as she started the music.

The first few notes of the song began and Dean smiled. It was a favorite of hers. She looked up at Chris who now stood in front of her and stared at the hand held out toward her. Dean searched the green eyes and saw nervousness and a steely determination.

"Dance with me Dean. Please!"

Dean had no idea what was going on, but with that plea in her mind, she instantly stood and took Chris' hand.

"It would be my pleasure." She murmured, as she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and held her close. The words of the music floated in the room as the two women floated in a euphoric haze.

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more
Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Chris lifted her head off of Dean's shoulder and searched above for those blue eyes. Dean looked down and melted into the gaze holding her captive. Chris pulled downward on her neck and Dean obliged willingly, as she brushed her lips across the onesthat were waiting below.

Their kiss deepened as they pressed closer together and tried to unite as one. The growing devotion inside both women had been crying to be expressed. They both moaned as the kiss deepened and their tongues entwined. Chris let her hands slide down from the shoulders to rest over the breasts of her soon to be lover. Dean moaned. The kiss broke as Chris rubbed her thumbs over the hardening nipples beneath the T-shirt. Dean looked into the sensual gaze with heavily lidded eyes and trembled as her nipples were pinched. Briefly closing her royal blues, she practically growled as Chris leaned down and bit at one of the nipples through her shirt.

Dean gasped and stammered, "Chris...God what you do to me. Please honey..." Chris hesitated and forced her closed eyes to open and look at Dean. Dean held onto the two smaller forearms. She looked down at Chris and Chris just nodded.

"I want to do so much more Dean. Please! Make love to me?" Dean felt her pulse racing and moved impossibly closer to Chris. "Yes!" Dean whispered huskily. The only answer she could give as she stepped back and moved toward her bedroom suite. Chris followed without hesitation.

They had moved into the bedroom, unhurriedly removing each other's clothing. Chris was not even aware of the fact that she was being somewhat aggressive as she furthered her exploration of Dean's form. She touched bared skin and leaned in to follow with soft kisses. Dean stroked the fire higher as she ran her hands from shoulder to hips along Chris' body Dean turned Chris around, so that the bed was behind her, slowly walking her backward to it's edge and urging her onto it's surface. Chris complied smiling at the trembling larger form still standing at the side of the bed. The vision of Chris naked, lying across the turned down sheets and looking up at Dean, was incredible.

"You are so beautiful, little one. I am almost afraid to touch you."

"Please Dean. Touch me." Chris said, with such a wanton tone that Dean leaned down and kissed her soft lips. She released her lips to move downward. She took a nipple into her mouth's heat and lathed it over and over as Chris writhed in pleasure. Her fingers sought out the wet heat between rigid legs and Chris cried at the first touch. Dean switched to the other breast even as her fingers slid into wetness and rubbed over the bundle of nerves. She stoked the heat with her mouth and moved lower to taste her lover. Chris gripped Dean's shorter hair, guiding her lower, knowing her own body was focusing on that touch. Dean's tongue slid into the blonde'scrisp curls and savored the flavor of her passion. She moaned with the exquisite taste and textures. Chris thrust her hips upward and cried out Dean's name. The raging fire was building to a crescendo. Chris searched for release even as she tried to hold back. Dean fed the fire and felt the all consuming, roaring release breaking loose even as she sucked the bundle of nerves into her hot mouth and brought Chris over the edge. Their spirits soared together as they shared the most intimate moment two women could share. Chris held onto the solid form of her lover as she rode the waves of passion.

The unbelievable sensations were forever stored in her memory and she knew there was so much more to feel, learn and explore. She felt long arms surround her safely guiding her through the pleasured haze of her orgasm and she whispered her only available thoughts at that moment.

"I love you, Dean."

Dean gave a strangled cry of surrender and kissed over Chris' face as she gave back the words in return.

"I love you Chris. I always will."

Chris smiled at her lover and reached over to cup a cheek in her palm. Dean held gazes with Chris as they both treasured the moment.

She lay on her back, completely sated, staring at Dean beside her. Dean had propped her head up on one hand and was staring back. The lightly stroking touch of her hands, roaming over Chris' skin and caressing her with long bold motions. The low lighting of the nightstand allowed both women to look upon each other in all their naked glory. Chris finally noticed some of the finer details between the two of them. The obvious contrast to her lighter skin tone from Dean's fully golden tanned body and the much darker cast of features, were extraordinary in her view. The dark hair and deep blue eyes were beautiful. Silken muscles rippled as Dean moved her hand from Chris thigh up over her waist. Chris moaned with longing as she felt the touch of Dean's hand cupping her breast.

Chris was so totally aware, that Dean had not released as she ran a soft stroke of her fingers over the broad shoulders and behind her head to rub over her neck. Dean's nipples tightened in response, while Chris watched. Dean's nostrils flared with the deeper breaths that she couldn't hold back.

The sensitive tremors of the taller woman conveyed a sense of dominating power to Chris. She recognized she had a control with Dean, when it came to making love with her. Chris raked her fingernails over the bared neck once more and something in Dean's eyes sparked into flame. Chris pushed Dean onto her back and feeling her lover comply, she sat up beside her looking down. Dean watched Chris and left her hands at her sides wondering what her new love would do.

"You're the most beautiful creature, I've ever seen. I want to touch you Dean." She whispered even as she reached out and cupped a breast with one hand. Dean couldn't control the arching of her back, or the low moan that escaped at the firm touch on her over heated skin. Chris lightly pinched the hard nipple and reached over with her other hand to repeat the touch on Dean's other breast.

She played with the full breasts and hardened nipples for a few minutes, then was distracted as she noticed Dean's muscular thighs clenching at each stroke of her hands. She slid her hands down the cut abs and heard Dean's breath hitch as she neared the dark curling hairs at the apex of her legs.

A quick glance at Dean's face showed closed eyes and a wrinkle of concentration on her brow. Dean was totally focused on letting Chris control this moment. Chris reached over and dipped her finger into the wetness. She gasped as Dean's hips arched upward. She let her fingers explore as she touched every ridge and valley. Dean's legs widened to allow more access and Chris intentionally stayed way from the obvious, hardened clit. She slid her finger down one side of the spread lips only to circle over and slide upward. The entrance to her inner recesses was a bit too much for Chris to explore at this moment. Dean's low growl was one of many indications, that her touch was driving her wild. The juices flowed and the muscles twitched. Chris leaned down closer to enjoy the sight. She spread Dean's lips to see the hardened bundle of nerves jutting outward. Dean went perfectly still as she felt the heat of Chris' breath blowing across her juncture. The innocent tease was beyond powerful. A gush of air was released as a light touch of her tongue stroked over Dean's clit. Dean tried not to buck at the tremendous sensations. She couldn't stop herself form reaching over and grabbing the blonde hair on top of Chris' head. She urged without pressure for Chris to continue.

Chris fell into the taste of Dean as a starving person. She let her tongue stroke over and over. Dean's muscles became rigid as she felt the rising tension. Chris barely heard the shout of Dean's release happening above as she sucked and licked running her tongue over the juices and bundle of nerves. Dean grasped the headboard, hearing a creak from the wood as she pressed upward with her pelvis. A second orgasm ripped through her as she bucked in response.

Pulling Chris away from her body she pressed her down into the bed and held onto her with trembling and weakened limbs.

"Chris. Oh my God. Chris." Dean gasped as she panted through her body'sreactions. Chris stroked the sweaty bangs back off of Dean's forehead and kissed her face. She savored the smells and flavors of Dean's essence even as she tasted the salt of her skin. They breathed in each other's air as they stared at each other. The quiet perfection of their night moved on. They drifted into sleep and held onto each other through the night.

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