JACKPOT By JLNicky 01/8/06

Disclaimer: Full of sex between two women. Written as a birthday present. Happy Birthday. WOOT! 45. Amazing you survived that long Harley girl. Do NOT Read at Work and realize that some people are so narrow minded they are unable to see the beauty and magic of love wherever it exists whether it is between to women or not.



Rhett held onto one arm of the swaying woman next to her. "Stand up straight, Cassy," she whispered. Cassy stood up tall, her five foot one height clearly shorter than the two taller escorts to either side. Cassy looked up at the tuxedoed pair and smiled a goofy grin before falling off balance. The groom, Rhett's best friend Barb, snorted laughter as Rhett grabbed the falling bride and stopped Cassy from toppling backward onto her ass. "You could help here a little, Barb?" Rhett growled playfully at the redheaded butch. Barb leaned over and thrust out her arm for the bride who immediately clutched it in a death grip. Rhett took a moment to run a hand through her short hair as the bride and groom tried to stand up straighter. The three of them took deep breaths of solemnity. Within ten seconds the bride and groom both burst out giggling in the sudden quiet moment. Rhett rolled her eyes, smiling at the helpless pair.

Filling the duties of the best woman, Rhett struggled to guide the drunken women toward their reserved seating at the comedy shop. Barb tried to show the same quality of sobriety as Rhett, but had consumed too many glasses of champagne. The snorts and snickers of laughter were evidence of the failing attempt. The bride's wandering hands were not helping. Rhett shook her head and helped them through the doorway.

The three women entered the huge show room of Harrah's Casino on the Las Vegas strip. The room was crowded. Laughter roared as the comedian on stage held everyone's attention. Rhett was thankful as they made their way down the aisle of the filled room toward the booth that had been reserved up front. The sound covered their entrance. Rhett's helpful guidance barely controlled exaggerated drunken movements. Putting Cassy and Barb into the booth, Rhett gave a grateful sigh of relief. She looked up onstage and found a woman giving the audience a droll recounting of her family's Christmas get together.

'The Mistletoe was fresh and hung with care by my extreeeemly smart brother-in-law. I would introduce his progeny, but his two kids, Bubba Duane and Sissy Marie are currently in hiding to avoid anyone knowing their names. Alas, my brilliant brother-in-law Dave 'The Moose'…Yes that was his high school nickname…explained he had found the mistletoe himself, out on his ranch. The entire time he is talking to me he is scratching his arms. Turned out his mistletoe was a collected sample of Poison Ivy. Seven people left his party with that little shared gift. Merry Christmas." The crowd laughed.

Rhett smiled as she looked over the comedian. She was a slender woman with mid-length brown hair, wearing leather pants and a shiny ruby colored silk blouse. Her black boots clicked as she moved across the stage. She looked comfortable and casual with her environment. She was attractive and charismatic. Rhett caught herself looking over other assets and grinned. The woman had a really nice butt all wrapped up in those tight leather pants.

The bride beside her suddenly cackled out a laugh, in a moment of quiet. All eyes were drawn to the noise and their table was suddenly a target. Rhett was gently shushing her two companions when she heard a cleared voice nearby. Looking up she found herself mesmerized by the twin gleam of green eyes looking back.

"Got a little trouble there, ma'am?" The comedian grinned down at the trio. Rhett felt a heat rise up her cheekbones; thank god she was tan from being out doors.

"Just a little wedding celebrating. Nothing the bride won't regret tomorrow!" Rhett managed to say, feeling a wave of heat surge through her when she caught those green eyes drift over her body. Rhett had to quickly grab Cassy as she tried to climb up over the table to get to her groom. The comedian laughed a wicked chuckle. "Looks like you have a handful to take care of." Rhett grinned as she held the spitfire stable. "The bride is about to show a bit more of the intended wedding night than the audience really needs to see." The sparkling eyed comedian met her gaze and Rhett felt a shiver dance across her skin.

"A wedding in Las Vegas? My goodness. I'd never have guessed." The woman turned back to the crowd. "I'm not much of a betting girl, but I'll throw some money down on the good odds to find at least a third of everyone in this room decided to get married by tomorrow. Waiter? Drinks all around please!" The crowd ran with the joke and the woman smiled with a slight wrinkle of her nose to show her sassiness. Rhett watched and suddenly swallowed as those green eyes turned back toward her. Hazel eyes meet sparkling green. The two women smiled. The comedian seemed to remember she was on stage in front of hundreds and she winked to Rhett then turned back to say something witty.

Moments later, Cassy said she wasn't feeling very well and Rhett performed the ultimate duty of rushing the bride back to the ladies room. She spent the next hour holding Cassy's head over the porcelain goddess. Barb was looking a tad green but was holding her own. She was sitting on the bathroom couch half asleep.

Rhett regretted not getting to watch the show's ending, but her friends didn't allow it. She promised herself to check into who the woman was later when she had time. In the meantime, she poured the two spent women into an elevator that headed up to their hotel accommodations. The suites they had reserved were gorgeous. Rhett spent a quick twenty minutes maneuvering Cassy into the bed and Barb promised she would return the favor someday. The two women were lying fully dressed on the bedspread and Barb groaned out a promise she'd get them undressed before she went to sleep. Rhett nodded and finally concluded her best woman duties.

Not a bit tired, she headed over to her own room. The distant clink of slot machines seemed to ring in her head. She had been here for three days fixing up the wedding ceremony and had not spent any time gambling. She checked her tux for her wallet and gave a small grin. Maybe she would try the lounge below.



Sitting at the bar in the huge lounge area of the hotel, she removed her tux jacket folding the silk tie and putting it into a pocket. Rolling up her sleeves, she felt almost human again. She glanced at her watch and was surprised it was just past midnight. The streams of people moving in and out of the hotel entrance amazed her.

The bartender sat an ice tea on a coaster in front of her and two rolls of quarters. Looking down into the bar counter Rhett smiled at the embedded video poker machine. She opened the quarters and shoved a few into the coin slot. The cards began to shuffle. Rhett lost her first hand and was grabbing more coins when a woman cleared her throat nearby. Rhett looked up from her machine to find amused green eyes looking back. Surprised, all Rhett could do was allow a goofy grin to spread across her face.

The comedian smiled and cleared her throat once again. "Is this chair taken?" Rhett looked at the chair then back at the woman and blushed again. She shook her head and tried to tamp down the growing excitement.

"Please." Rhett managed to croak out to the beautiful woman.

She received an arched eyebrow and a wicked smile in return. ""Isn't that a little to early to be saying, yet?" Rhett fell into that green gaze and felt a flutter of arousal run through her body. Licking her lips, she searched for something witty to say, but finding her mind blank she decided to keep it simple.

"My name is Rhett."

The woman watched the swift motion of Rhett's tongue giving moisture to her lips and then raised her gaze to meet Rhett's eyes.

"So nice to meet you, Rhett. My name is Lacy." Lacy leaned closer, across Rhett to casually remove a few of the coins from her hand. She dropped them into the slot of the video poker machine and then looked back at Rhett expectantly.

Rhett blinked as the woman brushed closer. A soft perfume surrounded her. It enveloped her senses. She smiled. She watched in slow motion as Lacy added coins to the machine. Her green gaze stared at Rhett urging her to continue with her game

Rhett couldn't seem to get the grin off her face. Suddenly the night seemed to be much younger. She pushed the electronic button to make the cards shuffle. Lacy used the moment to lean in closer to watch the cards. Her hand crept down to rest on Rhett's flexing thigh. Her head was bent close to Rhett, her chest pressing into Rhett's arm.

The cards flipped and Rhett tried to concentrate on choosing the right ones to discard. Lacy pressed closer. Rhett felt the hand on her thigh grip tighter as she pushed the second button to finalize the game. Rhett barely heard the clink of the ten coins she won as Lacy leaned into her space and purred into her ear. "You're quite the winner; what else can you do?"

The velvet hand on her thigh stroked up then down. Rhett felt her temperature take a leap. Lacy gave a slow sensual grin. She watched as Rhett swallowed and blinked again.
The smooth sultry tones made Rhett damp with sudden arousal. The intimacy was intoxicating. Lacy murmured a wonderful 'I've left something for you in your coat pocket. See you later.'

Rhett was practically panting as she watched the seductress walk out of the lounge. Those leather pants still hugging that figure tightly. Rhett ran a hand through her hair. She grabbed her ice tea to quench her the dry throat. Another blink of disbelief and Rhett was casually glancing around the bar to make sure she was not being observed. She slowly lifted the jacket from the back of her seat and in the pocket she found a door card to room 2455.

Decisions, decisions? Nope! Rhett felt that goofy grin growing as she tossed the coin rolls and loose change into her jacket pocket. She gulped a huge swallow of the drink and moved off the barstool. With a quick glance around the lobby she saw a flower vendor and crossed to buy a single yellow rose. Her inner voice told her Lacy would appreciate the sentiment.

An extremely slow ride up to the highest floors of the 2500 room hotel made Rhett feel a nervous excitement. Her thoughts swirled at 100mph as she asked herself a thousand questions of what if. Her feet, however, moved her closer until she was standing outside the door.

The silence in the hallway of these upper floors was deafening. Rhett heard her heartbeat galloping. She lifted her hand and knocked softly. She heard 'come in' spoken from the other side of the door. Reaching down she slipped the card into the electronic lock. The green light of clearance had double meaning. A push forward and the door swung open.

She entered the spacious room. Quickly noting the huge king size bed the TV cabinet, a single lamp softly shining, Rhett found her gaze finally settle on the leather clad figure standing near the window. Her back was toward the room. The room was silent. Rhett moved across the space and stood very close to the women. Their gaze met in the reflection of the hotel window glass. Rhett's arm curved slowly around to encircle the beauty and show her the single yellow rose. The slight reflection showed green eyes, widen with a moment of surprise, before rising to look at Rhett again. A soft hand took the rose and removed it. Fingers opened wider and Rhett found her entire hand being pressed upward to cup a breast.

Both women drew in a deep breath of arousal. Rhett felt her hotel seductress press back into her body. Her other hand moved forward to grasp a leather clad hip.

Green eyes stared at hazel as they both absorbed the warmth. Rhett parted her lips to breath in more oxygen. Her hand was cupping Lacy's breast and the hardened nipple was begging for attention.

"Touch me." Lacy said as she stared at Rhett. The barrier broken Rhett growled as her lower hand moved around the waist of the temptress. Rhett cupped the breast and pushed upward to slide her fingers and thumb to pinch the hard tip. Lacy leaned back into Rhett and closed her eyes.

A nimble fingered effort with a button or two and the leather pants were open. Rhett felt Lacy shiver in anticipation as her strong hand entered and slid down under the leather material. Her touch slipped beneath silken panties and into the slightly coarse hair. Although it was a tight fit, her fingertips managed to slip into a wet heat. Lacy bucked forward with her hips. Rhett moved her upper hand to caress the second breasts to spread the pleasure.

A steady rocking of her hips had Lacy opening her mouth with the need to breathe. Rhett felt the juice of arousal coating her fingers. She spread it over the hooded clit. Lacy moaned.

"Harder. Oh yes. Press harder." Rhett let the pressure increase on the engorged clit. Her hand was buried into the pants and she was drowning in the sensation of perfume, heat, and arousal.

Lacy raised her palms to the glass and pressed against it. Her ass rocked into Rhett providing a pressure for Rhett to ride.

They moved together forever as the release grew. Just as Rhett thought Lacy might not be able to hold back…Lacy growled her own tigress yell. She reached down and grabbed the hand pleasuring her and drew it out. They both stilled at the separation.

"I want more. God that was so good. But, I want so much more." Lacy panted as she leaned her head against the cold glass.

Rhett breathed harshly as she backed off her own growing desire.

Lacy turned around and stepped into Rhett's arms. Their lips met. Rhett found herself being thoroughly kissed. Their tongues stroked against each other as Lacy's hands disrobed her guest. The Armani tux jacket was tossed onto a nearby chair. The white tux shirt was ripped open and buttons flew. Lacy stepped forward pushing Rhett backward. They reached the edge of the bed. A trail of kisses from her lips down to her jaw and then her neck had Rhett sitting on the edge of the bed.

The huge surface was their playground as Lacy began to unbuckle the belt at Rhett's waist. Rhett watched the green eyed beauty as she removed her own clothes. She watched as the silk blouse was thrown on top of her tux. The leather pants were slid down those gorgeous legs. They both looked each other over.

Lacy wore a white lace trimmed thong. Her bra had been discarded with the top. Her breasts were rounded and topped with a darker hard nipple. She gazed down at Rhett wetting her lips at the sight.

Rhett wore a skintight set of black boxer briefs, their stretch material hugging her strong flexing thighs. Lacy enjoyed the lounging body with her eyes before leaning down and letting her tongue trace a path of wetness from Rhett's neck, down over a collar bone, to nip and tease her breast. Hands slid up the strong thighs and grasped the waistband of her briefs. Rhett lifted her hips as Lacy stripped them off.

The burning lips circled closer and closer to a nipple. Lacy kneeled on the edge of the bed and pressed her knees against the rock hard thighs. Rhett felt her legs spreading further. She groaned with the fire that position ignited. She couldn't remember the last time someone had been over her, demanding her obedience. Lacy let her nails scratch up the thighs as her lips finally closed over the heaving nipple. She grasped it in her teeth and gently lathed her tongue over its sensitive tip. Her hands reached the apex of Rhett's legs and fingers quickly spread open the drenched lips. A sensuous slide of a soft touch stroked over her clit. Rhett cried out. Her body arched. The assault didn't stop as Lacy bit slightly harder on the nipple. She stroked over the damp heat once again. Rhett bit her lip at the incredible sensations.

A flick of her tongue and another firm stroke had Rhett writhing on the bed. She couldn't stand the pace. Her body trembled with need.

"Please!" Rhett begged. Her repetition of that begging request totally passed over her head as Lacy chuckled. She released Rhett's breast and subjected her other nipple to the same treatment. The fingers tantalizing her clit slid downward and teased the drenched entrance. Rhett felt her body's reaction as she tried to spread wider for her teasing lover. Her nipple relayed lightening bolts of erotic pleasure as Lacy flicked the tip over and over. Rhett's sudden groan of overwhelming satisfaction echoed in the room as Lacy entered deeply inward. Her fingers slid into the pulsing slick walls, the friction growing as the touch thrust forward.

Lacy released a long sigh of satisfaction which had hazel eyes opening to find deeply aroused green looking down at her.

"You're so wet, so tight, so perfectly hot. Do you like my touch?" Lacy purred to her lover. Rhett gasped as the fingers were withdrawn and thrust back inward. She scrambled to respond, but could only gasp as the treatment was repeated.

"That's it baby. Let me fuck you. I want you to enjoy this ride." Her fingers began a rhythm that had Rhett grunting with each delicious entry. A stray thumb rose up to stroke over her clit at each entry. Rhett felt her world focus in on that touch. A mantra of 'more, more, more' chanted silently in her head. She lifted her knees upward and opened herself to this woman. The absolute trust she offered to her lover's was limitless.

Lacy watched the woman below her totally spread her body for the stroking touch she provided. She gasped as she felt the first deep tremors of an orgasm rush through the tight inner walls. Her fingers thrust harder, deeper, searching. She watched as Rhett, her eyes closed, moaned at the invasion. The heart wrenching need-filled moan had Lacy leaning down near her lover's ear.

"You're gonna cum in my hand, Rhett. I want you to cum in my hand. I'm fucking your gorgeous body and I want you to explode. Come for me, now!"

Rhett listened to the hungry voice and couldn't deny the request. Her muscles spasmed repeatedly with each cresting wave of the release that ripped through her body. She felt the fingers inside her become sucked inward as Lacy moaned feeling the orgasm.

"God yes, Rhett. I can feel you cum. That's so beautiful." Lacy held her lover as they rode the pinnacle to its conclusion.

Lacy's slow removal of her fingers from inside had Rhett arching and then meeting the green gaze.

"I want you." Lacy said as she exhaled at the shared passions. Rhett moved to switch positions and Lacy stopped her. She pointed to the drawer nearby. Rhett felt a gleam of excitement trickle back into her body as she retrieved a harness and dildo.

"Take me Rhett. Make me come." Lacy gasped with a voice full of need.

A quick rub of some lubricant onto the dildo and Rhett moved to lean over Lacy's now reclining figure. The head of the dildo rubbed the slit of her pleasure. Rhett practically collapsed as Lacy spread her legs, reached down and guided the tip into her entrance.

"Give me what I want, Rhett. Fuck me." Lacy locked gazes with Rhett and demanded she perform. Rhett never wanted to let a lady down. She thrust her hips forward and entered the depths of Lacy's body.

Lacy wrapped her legs around Rhett's waist and clamped them tight as Rhett withdrew and thrust inward again.

The two women grunted and moaned at the actions, each one feeling a desire of incredible mounting proportions growing. Rhett let her strong thighs work the harness and she set a pace that had Lacy crying out. The endless hours of horseback riding on her ranch had Rhett in the best-fit shape to deliver the fuck of Lacy's life. She thrust forward again and again. Lacy rode the connection between them with an upward hip-thrust of her own. Rhett watched as Lacy trembled near her orgasm. Reaching down she pressed over the fully visable clit. Lacy cried out.

"Oh fuck! Yes, right there. More, more, I'm cumming…" Her head thrashed to the side as Rhett pinched the clit and thrust into the wild creature beneath her. A sudden arching of Lacy's body had Rhett feel she was riding the woman, not the other way around. Her hands grasped the arching hips and held them down as she completed her last few strokes. Lacy collapsed back down onto the bed and weakly grasped Rhett's forearm. She pulled Rhett down and they spent the next hour entangled in each other.

The early morning sound of a shower starting had Rhett opening her exhausted eyes. She turned her head to the side and took in the empty side of the bed. Her body was sore. She grinned at the feeling. Pleasantly sore for good reason. They had spent the entire night making each other come. The crack of the curtain showed it was daylight. Rhett ignored that fact and hoped her companion was hungry. She picked up the phone nearby and ordered brunch. Her low murmur must have been heard.

Lacy spoke from the bathroom. "Get in here!"

Rhett tried unsuccessfully to tamp down the goofiest grin she knew was moving across her face. It was amazing how wonderfully she felt hearing that sweet little demand from Lacy. Rhett was beginning to think her little femme topper was addictive.

An hour later there was a knock on the door and Rhett, her dripping form wrapped in a terrycloth hotel robe, made a dash to her wallet to get a credit card. She quickly signed her name and practically shoved the waiter out the door. Only to smile when she heard "I'm waiting!" yelled out from the bathroom.


Lacy finished her final show date for her tour, amazingly winding up in Las Vegas once again. She stood in her dressing room remembering the show date one year ago when she had met Rhett. She was totally excited to round out her tour and move forward to her off months. Her producer was demanding, but she had argued for the next three months as down time to write more skits. She couldn't help but smile at the thought of how she would be spending some of those off hours. Rhett had created an office for Lacy to work in right there on the ranch. She had set up the very best computer equipment and a great stereo in the calm environment. They had spent part of last year finalizing the ranch office with a sitting area off to one side to fully relax in if she needed it.

Lacy couldn't wait to get back to her lovers. Her Vegas flight was leaving in two hours and she was going to catch the red-eye up to Oklahoma City. Grabbing her leather jacket, she tossed it over her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist. The feeling of something awkward from the inner pocket had her frowning. She reached in and encountered a cold softness. Withdrawing the single red rose she inhaled the sweet aroma. A small string along the stem had her pulling out a small-attached jewelry case.

Lacy eyed the small case and felt a single tear falling. She smiled as she opened the box and gasped at the diamonds and gold winking back at her. The door creaked slightly as it was pushed open. Lacy lifted her gaze to find her lover standing nearby. A question posed on her lips as she gazed back.

A quick loving smile and a nod yes was all it took. Rhett crossed the room and gathered her fiancé into her arms. They paused in the middle of the hug and touched lips.

"I'm yours." Rhett spoke her deepest desire.

"I'm yours." Lacy agreed, her heart shining in her eyes.



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