by JLNicky

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Samantha reclined back onto the pillows, excited and tense with need. Her lover Jude stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her. Their enjoyment in the bathroom had begun to grow wilder with each moment. Samantha let the scant towel wrapped around her body fall to each side as she gave her lover a magnificent view. Brown eyes gazed into her own and shared the same state of desire she was floating in. Slowly, the dark brown eyes stared into hers before traveling down her supine form. She watched impatiently, her body simmering with hunger.

Judeís own eyes looked at the feminine curves of her lover. Jude stood dressed in a fully opened button down shirt without pants or panties below. The beautiful inside swells of her breasts hung tantalizingly as Jude leaned down crouching onto her knees between Samís legs. Jude softly rested her hands on Sam's feet. Her eyes sought Sam's gaze and she spoke without sound. Her mission tonight was to give Samantha nothing but pleasure.

She leaned down and smilingly sucked a toe into her mouth. Sam closed her eyes to enjoy the erotic sensation. Fingers stroked the arch of her foot. Fingernails scratched lightly down her other calf. She shivered at the sensations. Jude's hot wet mouth suckled her toe in a pulsating rhythm. Her cheeks drew inward as pressure tightened around the digit. Hardened teeth scraped lightly over the pad once; then twice. She released the toe into the cool air as she moved on to another. Samantha groaned from the tickle on her toes but gritted her teeth to try to sustain the contact. She bathed each toe until they were all treated with sexual pleasuring. Jude ran her smooth hands up over Samís legs as she crawled onto the bed.

Sam opened her eyes to watch the delicious action. Judeís shirt fell open and her full breasts were exposed. Sam licked her lips with anticipation. Jude smiled wickedly at her lovers drawn gaze.

"You want to touch me?" Her husky tones jerked Sam's eyes from their target up to meet Jude's heated stare.

"You want to feel me against your skin?" Jude asked as she continued to move upward. "I don't think you've earned that privilege yet." Jude chuckled as she grasped Samís wrists lying beside her body.

Suddenly, Jude lifted the unresisting hands upward above Sam's head. Sam realized seconds to late the significance of the action. Velcro sounded in the quiet room. She was quickly and effectively tied to the headboard. Her eyes widened slightly as she arched to look above and take in the locking restraint of the Velcro cuffs her lover had hidden behind a pillow. She looked back at Jude and felt a surge of arousal shoot through her body at the blatant passion in the look Jude was directing her way.

Adding restraints was something new in both their agendas. Jude tried to convey safety and love with her eyes. She felt her own juices flow at the instant arousal her loverís body portrayed. Flirting for weeks with the idea of being bound and knowing she was unable to refuse anything Jude might have in mind, had set Samís imagination in overdrive.

Sam felt the wetness increase between her legs as she strained to escape the cuffs and realized she wasn't able to. The thought of Jude having control over her was taking her near orgasm. Her eyes were pinned by the lust she saw in Jude's eyes. Her mind spun in circles at what could possibly happen. She writhed with the exotic thoughts that flashed through her head.

Jude sat straddled over Sam's hips as she stared, fascinated with her beginning results. Jude watched as she noted the restraints enhancing the heat rising from Samís pussy. Samís center began to twitch, as if a hand was stroking its surface. An internal beat pulsed inside of her, growing stronger as she lay in a state of girlfriend-induced submissiveness.

Jude held still for a moment for Sam to fully realize her predicament. She flamed the heat higher by leaning down and holding onto Sam's waist. She ground her own pussy into the fire burning beneath her. Jude moaned and closed her eyes at the utter feeling of power. Over her own rich moan, she could her Sam groaning loudly with desire

Remaining in place, Jude let her wetness mingle in Sam's as she moved her hand up and pinched the rock hard nipples jutting out from Sam's chest.

Sam's eyes were shut tight as she shook her head from left to right and whispered 'Oh God!í Jude watched Sam closely, seeing how turned on she was by being unable to reach back and touch her in return. Judeís own pleasure increased each time she heard or saw Sam trying to get her hands free.

Straddling Sam, Jude moved faster, reaching out with her feet to push Samís legs further apart. She finally slid slowly backward until she was lying flat between Samís legs. Lying off the end of the bed, she carefully blew hot puffs of air onto the glistening curls of pussy hair before her face.

'Fuck!' Sam cried out as she attempted to raise her hips to meet the torturing mouth scant centimetres away from her nether lips. She found herself pinned down by Jude's strong arms. Her body was consumed with fire, as she bucked upward. Her chest heaved and arched as she craved some internal release to take away the erotic pain and to give her exquisite pleasure.

Jude continued to blow as she gently took the tips of her fingers and spread open Samís outer lips, looking into inner sanctum. The juicy glistening folds before her eyes were succulent with slick liquid coating the skin. The soft delicate tissues were just begging to be a culinary delight. Each fold and crease drew Jude into a pleasure of inspection as she took her time to memorize the intricate swirls of flesh the unknown artist gifted to Sam.

Sam panted from the hot breath blowing over her mound. She couldn't force Jude to do anything so she mentally begged. Her eyes looked down at the woman whose own gaze never wavered from her intended target.

"PleaseÖJude" Sam spoke aloud her thoughts.

Jude looked up briefly from her position and sweetly smiled. Her love displayed openly on her face as Jude begged Sam to understand her actions. This was all for her. Jude wanted to please her. This wasn't about anything else. Samantha closed her eyes at the heart-filled gaze and felt her own smile slowly unfold across her own face. Despite being overwhelmed by the passion and pleasure, Sam recognized what her lover was saying with the unspoken words.

Sam let her head drop back onto the pillow and struggled to deal with the need to reach her peak before her partner was ready to release her. She fought to control her body, as she knew her partner would carry her to the precipice and beyond. Nothing would stop Jude from taking care of her.

A sharp gasp tore from her throat as a warm wet tongue stroked the entire length of her most sensitive body region. She tensed as it was repeated. A flame of unbridled passion swept her higher. Bucking and writhing, she felt her core melting as Jude continued to feed the heat. Flat tongue and full strokes lapped repeatedly. Each stroke was given with such timed precision that Sam would feel her body begin to relax when another wave of wet contact would re-elevate her level of rapture.

Jude repeated her slow and deliberate lapping as she brushed against Sam's clit time and time again. She slowed her rhythm to induce a hard orgasm over time, but not fast enough to cause an accidental peak of pleasure to occur. It was a torture of pleasure-filled ecstasy.

Sam gasped and jerked at each repeated move. She felt her body collapsing after each downward stroke, and then tensing sharply at the return of Jude's tongue. Inside her head, she chanted 'Oh My God. Oh My God.Ē The increasing pleasure drew out endlessly.

Suddenly, Jude changed the rhythm and rested her tongue along the full length of Sam's moist, wet lips. Flicking her tongue rapidly generated more sensations from within Samís lower body. Sam's clit became rigid as each moment passed. Jude never lifted her tongue from its bed but continued to press down in a flexing caress of muscle-to-muscle. Sam arched upward higher and higher. Her body was without control. She cried out to Jude; her voice taut with strain and ache.

"Jude. Please Jude. I need you." Sam pleaded as she arched toward Judeís mouth.

Jude stopped teasing after hearing the plea and moved to satisfy her lover. No more games were played. Her tongue found a solid rhythm and lifted Sam into a higher state of arousal. Higher and higher, she swept her lover with each flick and suck of the hardened clit embedded between the folds. Sam felt her heels dig into the mattress as she attempted to press her body upward meeting Judeís mouth crashing down hard upon her.

With a sexual bliss-reaching peak, Sam felt the first sensual tingle of an orgasm against Jude's tongue as Jude carefully poised her fingers near the entrance of Sam's lower lips. A second spark hit Sam and she clenched tightly. The sinking and expanding sensation of the orgasm began to swarm over her just as Jude plunged her fingers inward. Sam gasped her release to the world.

Jude rode the pulsing waves with a steel tongue and thrusting fingers.

OneÖtwoÖthree thrusts of her hand and she was fucking the undulating inner walls with all the strength of deep penetration that was needed to push Sam over the brink. Her tongue never slowed as she milked Samís orgasm to its end. Sam ran out of breath, a silent scream of her release. She inhaled with a deep moan and sort shallow breaths as her pleasure continued coiling through her lower region. The powerful waves grew slower and slower and still slower. Her body finished its pleasure-filled ordeal. Sam collapsed onto the bedís surface, her mind sucked into the void of satiation.

Jude slowly removed her fingers and softly kissed the now closed lips protecting Samís hooded focal point of desire.

Crawling upward, she released Sam's wrists and rubbed their surface. She wrapped her lover gently into her arms. Reaching down, she pulled a blanket up over their bodies. Moving closer she moulded her body to Sam's, pressing tight against the back of Samís curled up body.

Leaning down to kiss the silken hair on Samantha's head, Jude finally spoke aloud the reasons tonight was all for Sam.

"Happy Birthday, my love."


The End

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