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They picked up the itinerary the next day and got more information about the trip. The band toured until June when they finalized the trip with a show in Nashville. Sammy and Sydney would fly over and meet them the week of the final concert. They were told they needed formal dress and casual. Summer clothes with bathing attire should be brought. It was going to be hot in Nashville in June. When they took off they would receive a thousand dollars spending money and be driven by chauffeured limo to and from the house for the entire week.

It sounded like a dream vacation to Sammy. Sydney shivered with a different excitement; she wondered about Justine. Sammy spent the next month exclaiming over his good fortune and helping Sydney make preparations for the trip. He did nothing but smile for the last two weeks of finals at school.

A few nights before the trip, Sydney realized she had not listened to the rest of the CD. She shivered with some excitement with the thought of hearing that sexy voice. Since Sammy reminded her he was staying with Benny that night she made plans to relax and listen to Justine's CD. After eating and retiring to the entertainment room with some wine, she recovered the CD from her purse. She unconsciously had been holding onto it for the last 3 weeks instead of returning it to her brother. Grabbing it, she tapped it rhythmically against her other hand. She recognized the fear of her interest in the singer. She didn't want to look like a fool twice, but her heart couldn't escape its connection with the artist.

Sydney lit a few candles in the den and placed the CD in the stereo. Sitting down in the nearby recliner, she tucked her sweatpants clad legs under her and leaned back to listen.

The first track, once again, had Sydney gulping her wine to cool down the heat that was rising in her body. She closed her eyes and absorbed those sexy lyrics and that sensual voice. Her nipples tightened with arousal. It had been such a long time but the power Justine had held over Sydney was still as strong, if not stronger. Sydney knew she was playing with fire as she listened to more.

The second song track started with a faster pace, still slightly blues with a strong mixture of jazz blended in. She heard the music and felt the beat run through her. It was strong but heady stuff. Enjoying the male vocalist bring in the lyrics, she got up and walked into the kitchen to get more wine. As she poured the wine, she heard the next tune come on.

This one was decidedly that same passionate voice she had listened to in her youth. Her knees felt a little weak as she gravitated back to her chair. That husky tone and seductive voice made her put her drink down before she spilled it.

After the first time she had listened to the group she had spent a few minutes online researching the Internet for the identity of the lead singer. She wanted to confirm Justine as that sensual vocalist performing. She pulled up the bios on the band. All she found were just a few pictures and no straightforward facial shots of the lead singer. She was always facing away or turned to the side. Sydney was disgusted that she hadn't found a good picture yet. She had found a single profile shot of a woman with thick dark wavy hair and a half grin. She would have recognized that grin anywhere. She had almost instantly been interrupted while looking at the shot. Sammy had walked into her office and, seeing the band on the monitor, had instantly pointed out Charlie Green and Chuck Temple. One was the drummer and the other a guitarist. The only solo picture of the J.T woman was of her with a cowboy hat and pantsuit in which she had posed with the hat slightly dipped and a guitar resting in her hands as she sat on a barstool. With lighting from above, the hat shaded her face. The picture had been in black and white. A sexy body build and a small smile were all Sydney had to go on. Her bios said 5 foot 7, black hair with blue eyes. Sydney imagined but simply couldn't make the picture of her Justine mesh with the now fuller body and build of this JT woman. Sydney looked, but even the name J.T. was not explained on the short bios.

Sydney spent the next hour of the night listening to the band play various blues and a few country songs. She replayed a few just to try and understand the lyrics. Looking at the lyrics sheet, she recognized lyrics with a gay theme in them. A few lines describing bodies and lips touching, with shadowed hints of sex made Sydney groan with sudden need. She smoothed the sweats with her slightly damp palms and berated herself. In just two days she was going to meet this band her brother worshiped and she could not be attracted to the lead singer whose musical voice was deadly with passion. She smiled and shivered as she sucked it all inside. One week wouldn't kill her. One week was a very short time. Maybe she wouldn't even remember Sydney. Sydney frowned with the pain of that thought and stood to go to bed. She flipped off the stereo and headed upstairs.

Her last thoughts before drifting off were of having arranged the store's management and double-checked the instructor schedules.Now all she had to do was pack and go. She was picking up Sammy tomorrow from Benny's and taking him shopping. That ought to surprise and tickle him. Maybe she'd talk him into getting a cowboy hat. Did they make black hats to shade dark blue eyes?


They stood at the airport Sunday morning with their tickets in hand. The entire schedule was first class. Sammy was wired to the max. Sydney was trying to remain calm and not think of the flying or landing part of the deal. She didn't know if it scared her or not, but it sure was shaking her up a little. Sammy was trying to sit still in one of the airport TV chairs and watch a few cartoons. Sydney was checking her purse for some gum when a tall man walked up and stood nearby. She smiled and he smiled.

"Hello, I'm Hank Simmons the band manager for JT and the Stars. Are you Sydney and Sam Walters?" Sydney stood up and nodded as Sammy came over to listen. "Well, if you two are ready to fly we have made a short change in arrangements. I happened to be out here on the coast and thought you might like to ride back with me in the company jet."

Sammy's eyes grew large with excitement and he began nodding. Sydney frowned and looking at her brother nodded hesitantly. Hank just smiled and tilted his head for a second.

"Can either one of you speak?" he asked teasingly. Sydney blushed pink and Sammy grinned widely.

"We are just so excited, Mr. Simmons. My sister and I have never flown." Hank grasped the younger man's hand in his own and shook formally. Hank took a second look at the blonde standing nearby and grinned. No need looking at the outside scenery on this trip. She was beautiful. Sammy nudged Sydney to introduce her as she stepped closer. Taking her hand in his, Hank shook it.

"I'm glad to meet you, Mr. Simmons. I'm Sydney and this is Sammy...ummm...Sam my brother." She grinned over at him. When they stood side by side, Hank saw the immediate resemblance. The height, however, was a little intimidating as Hank stood only 5 foot 6. They both seemed to tower over him. She and Sammy gathered their things and followed Hank to a different exit.

They settled into a small Boeing aircraft. It was spacious and luxurious. Sydney found the gum and started chewing like mad. Hank offered Sam and Sydney a drink. Sydney declined, but Sammy took a coke. Hank began to talk about the promotions tripthey were going to be included in and Sydney finally began to relax. When she looked out her window next they were flying above California, heading east, passing over miles and miles of crop fields. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes against the sudden clenching of her stomach.

Hank let them know it would be another hour and if they wanted to take a nap now was the time. Sammy nodded and noticed Sydney already had her eyes closed. He settled into his chair and turned on his headphones. An hour later they were scooped into a limo and heading across Nashville to their new residence.

Sydney clasped Sammy's fidgeting hand in hers as they drove through the gates of an elaborate fence up to a huge mansion. The front lawn was manicured to perfection. The driveway circled back on itself and the front of a huge two-story house boasted 4 pillar columns and weaving vines climbing up the exterior.

She leaned over toward Sammy and whispered something that made him blush. Hank raised an eyebrow and let their private conversation pass. He had a few contracts in his hands and was reviewing them as they pulled to a stop.

The chauffeur helped them out and began taking their luggage inside. A younger man came out of the house and walked toward Hank. Sammy almost bruised Sydney's arm as he grasped it quickly and whispered loudly, "That's Chuck Temple the drummer, Sydney." She touched his hand with her fingers and rolled her eyes. Chuck Temple flicked a cigarette off into the manicured bushes and smiled.

"How's tricks, Hank?" He shook Hank's hand. Hank smiled and motioned Sam and Sydney over to him.

"This is Sydney and Sam Walters. They are here for the contest trip.Be a nice man and behave won't you?" Hank mentioned casually. Chuck took one look at the blonde and chuckled. Sydney wore her dark sunglasses to shield from the sunlight, but her smile was met in return. Then Chuck grimaced as if in pain. Clasping his chest he moaned, "How am I gonna behave when someone so beautiful is melting my heart?" He quit acting suddenly and reached out to shake Sydney's hand. She continued to smile and raised an eyebrow at his antics.

"We don't get out much over here in the sticks. Pardon me now for any rude behavior I might display by accident."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Temple." Sydney saidand turned to un-pry her brother's hand from his tight grip on her arm. "Meet Mr. Temple, Sammy," she urged the 14 year old. Sammy bit his lip and flushed red. Sydney stepped back a little and let the 'great' Mr. Temple handle it all.

"Nice to meet you Sam. My name is Chuck. Congrats on winning the trip to the whole Nashville contest. I hope you have a blast with us during your stay." Sammy just nodded and shook his hand firmly. His gaze was definitely showing hero worship. Chuck gave Sydney a grin and peeled his hand out of Sam's.

"Come on, kiddo. Lots to show you and very little time. Just follow the steps up to the house." Chuck threw an arm over Sam's shoulder and pushed his baseball cap downward. Sam grinned and relaxed a little. Sydney smiled and followed the two of them up the 5 steps to the entrance.

Chuck kept up a dialog describing the 'pad' they would be staying in. He pointed out the spacious living area as they walked back through the house. The stairway leading upstairs was curved to show an upper inner balcony running around the second floor. They passed into another room, which opened up to the backyard where a sparkling pool was shining. The kitchen and dining area were off to the left. Sydney noticed a full designer kitchen with all of the amenities. She was about to follow the boys when her eyes fell on a cookie sheet cooling on the counter. Chuck caught her look and grinned.

"J.T. likes to bake, but don't tell anyone and please don't complain about anything tasting bad. She watches these shows on TV about cooking then, when we get back here, she tries them out on us like lab rats." The delicious smell of peanut butter mixed with chocolate chip was enough to turn Sam's head as the three of them headed over to take a look. Chuck grabbed a couple of cooling cookies and danced them in his hands at the heat. He tossed one over to Sammy and they bit into them at the same time, making identical grins and theatrical moans as their chocolate covered teeth smiled at each other.

"Stay away from my cookies, Chuck," a deep husky voice yelled from the stairway they had just passed. Sydney felt a shiver of anticipation rush down her spine. Chuck's eyebrows rose up to his sandy colored locks and he grimaced as if in trouble. The light, unhurried tread of sneakers approached from above as he attempted to shove the remaining bit of cookie into his mouth. Sam followed suit.

Sydney's green eyes were sparkling with laughter and a note of fear. She smiled weakly at the feeble attempts of the boys to erase the crumbs from their thieving mouths. Her body, however, trembled at the sound of that voice. She turned to see the owner. She caught a glimpse of sneakers and legs descending the staircase from above. The legs were bare and beautiful. She smothered a sigh at the sight of sexy short shorts, and she suppressed a visible shiver as her eyes savored the entire package walking downward. 'Panther stride' was not too primal a description for the way the woman walked. Her animal sensuality was tantalizing. Sydney could only stare, mouth slightly parted, at the tan body wrapped in a light blue bikini top with crisp white jean short shorts as it materialized off the bottom step. Her eyes rose slowly taking in the blatant feminine curves and gorgeous bronzed skin. She felt her heart speed up as her green eyes finally collided with and locked onto intoxicating blue regarding her back.

She felt herself falling into dark pools of deep blue as her mind and body instantly recognized the dark woman coming near. Her entire body went on arousal mode as one thin dark eyebrow rose upward in appraisal. Sensual full lips began to smile and Sydney swallowed in response. Gracefully pushing a lock of midnight black hair behind one ear, JT of JT and the Stars stared at Sydney with a growing spark of recognition in the depth of her blue eyes. Sydney thought the charisma this woman had was lethal. She felt a sudden blush creep upward in embarrassment at being caught staring. She forced her eyes to look away while she struggled to remember how to breathe.

"JT!" Chuck mumbled around a quickly swallowed cookie, distracting the two women and their mutually fused attention. He almost began choking as he inhaled cookie crumbs when he tried to talk. The blue eyes reluctantly turned away from the lovely blonde vision as she turned to look over at her band mate. The eyebrow fell in instant disapproval. JT took in the younger of the two guys standing near and then glanced briefly back at Sydney. A moment of surprise showed in her expressive face as she noticed the likeness between Sam and Sydney. She paused a moment then turned to assess the cookie damage. Her dark hair shone in the light of the sun's rays streaming through the kitchen. She let a slow knowing grin grow on her features as she watched Sam move closer to Sydney's side and looked at the cookie tray with a low tisking noise.

"Chuck, that tray was for our guests! You were not supposed to touch it!" Chuck grinned wryly as he noticed the playful nature of JT's expression.

"JT meet our guests Sam and Sydney Walters." He managed the introduction with a held out hand in Sydney and Sam's direction. JT looked back at the two blondes, her gaze immediately meeting Sydney's green eyes. Sydney saw her familiar half grin as she repressed the urge to lick the dryness from her lips. JT looked over at Chuck and arched her eyebrow. "So I guess that makes it OK!"

She held out a friendly hand to Sam as his wide eyes beheld the hero of his songs. He received a slight nudge from his older sister to get him jump-started and he blushed bright red as he shook JT's hand.

"N...nice to meet you," he stammered awkwardly glancing at his sister briefly. Sydney grinned down at him with amusement. She didn't find it too amusing seconds later as he let go of JT's hand and it was moved her way.

She slowly tracked the hand up to the arm and further raising her eyes to look into those blue oceans once again, she felt her mouth go dry. She couldn't stop the instant reaction she had thought she'd grown out of over the last 10 years. She shyly dropped her eyes to the warm hand held in her own before managing a brief 'Hello' as she felt a heat suffuse her face again. A pending sense of disquiet rose between the two women. Sydney peeked at her from between her bangs and saw the dark blue eyes were cloudy with questions. She withdrew her hand quickly and looked over at her brother. He was still blindly staring at JT in awe.

JT cleared her throat and Sydney met her gaze again. She felt herself relax a little as JT gave them both a soft smile. Sydney casually moved over to stand beside Sam and lean against the counter, listening to JT's voice as she welcomed them into her home. Sydney swallowed nervously when she saw JT's eyes track a casual perusal of her body before turning back to Chuck.

JT's fake fierce scowl was playful as she scolded her band member. "You did good then, Chuck. But, don't let me catch you sneaking more until they've had their fill." Chuck nodded soberly and turned to grin back at Sydney and Sam.

JT turned to look at them both and gave a smile showing perfect white teeth. "Have you met all of the band?" She looked over at Sam expectantly. He shook his head no and the excitement of the moment returned. His boyish exuberance was apparent as JT turned to look at Chuck. Chuck cocked his head toward the double patio doors nearby and JT nodded. She turned and motioned for Sam to follow. Sydney trailed behind as they all headed outside to a patio area.

They stepped outside into a wonderful world made for the rich. A huge pool was centered in the back yard surrounded by an acre of plant life and garden property. The chlorine clean scent of pool water wafted over the air mixing with the rich scents of flowers. The sun sparkled down onto the pool surface in flickering flashes of light that reflected onto the people lounging poolside.

Sam reacted to the small group gathered there with a gasp. JT looked him over and grinned back at Sydney. Sydney couldn't help but return the grin at Sam's childish enthusiasm.

"You know any of these guys Sam?" JT questioned the teenager. Sam named them one by one until all of the band members were pointed out. JT walked them over and introduced them to the band and to two of the wives in attendance. Sam enthusiastically shook hands with each member as Sydney gave a quick wave or nod standing back a little. JT returned briefly to the house. She was gone for a few minutes when Sydney felt the little hairs on her neck stand up.

JT was standing near her. She murmured softly, her voice low and curiously amused, "He this way with everyone or is it something we sang?"

Sydney, trying to ignore the overwhelming urge to lean toward the smaller woman at her side, managed to smile warmly at her little brother in the crowd of musicians. He was shaking hands enthusiastically with one of the band members. She eyed the dark haired beauty and shrugged as casually as she could get. "He finds your band and music fascinating and wonderful. He's a big fan," she answered truthfully.

JT's smile widened with her appreciation. "He's got awesome taste! Glad to be able to get to know him."

Sydney felt a slight disappointment as she watched JT move over to one of the lounge chairs and sit down. Spotting a nearby empty chair under the huge umbrella she took it and shook hands with a band wife next to where she sat. She retrieved her sunglasses from their hanging perch on her blouse and covered her eyes quickly to be able to look over at JT. Trying to hold up her end of the conversation about the contest, she realized she was licking her dry lips more than once.She mentally rolled her eyes and slapped her internal self after losing part of the conversation for a second time.

"You guys want to change into more comfortable clothes and rejoin us for some lunch and pool time?" JT's husky voice asked Sam as he finally perched his slender frame in a chair next to Chuck.

He nodded and glanced at his sister for agreement.

"This is your show buddy. You lead the way. I'm just following," Sydney remarked as Sam pumped his arm with getting his way.

"Chuck will show you guys to your rooms. Just make yourself at home. I had your bags brought upstairs. If you need anything use the intercom system on the walls and shout to someone. We can hear you out here and the cleaning crew are all over the house."

Sydney nodded thanks and steered Sam's reluctant form toward the house following behind Chuck. Sydney noticed the newly plated cookies resting on the counter and the cooling sheet in soapy water as they passed through the kitchen once again.

Chuck winked as he grabbed three more cookies and handed one to each of them. He munched on his own as they headed up the staircase.

Sydney was given a spacious room overlooking a side of the house with more gardens. Sam was next door in a slightly smaller room. Chuck gave a quick tour of the bathroom that divided the two rooms and pointed out the other rooms. He didn't have to say it, but Sydney felt the master suite at one end of the long hall was where JT slept. Pictures of the band album covers and some awards lined the hallway walls along with other personal pictures that had been blown up. Chuck and Sam pointed to one then another as Sydney went back to her room to change.

She jumped into a one-piece swimsuit and covered it with shorts and a pink tank. She wondered how hard this whole JT rush was going to affect her talking skills as she briefly glanced into a dresser mirror to see the slight flush on her still warm skin. She had to get over this problem quickly or everyone and Sam was going to notice she had a crush on JT. Although from the looks of things, JT's band members and her brother adored the famous JT. Sydney assessed the close bond JT had with the band members. She noticed how JT's charisma drew the band members to her and made them devoted followers.

Sydney patted her warm cheeks as she remembered those eyes roaming over her body. She was probably reading into things because of her own pent up cravings. Maybe it was just the attraction of JT's sexual magnetism. Sydney had never thought she would be attracted to that kind of charisma. It was like she was 19 again and meeting JT for the first time. She had noticed it then. JT had a wild, passionate sensuality. She seemed to burn with the dark edge of some unknown hunger. Sydney recognized it in JT's music. The lyrics reflected a deep and powerful inner soul exactly as Sydney had imagined it would for the young woman she had felt such a bond with. She wondered if JT even realized she produced a craving in Sydney that was growing harder to hide. The dark haired creature seemed oblivious to the reactions in other people. Sydney saw the instant reaction people had when they met Justine. She felt a spark of jealousy at the surge of possessiveness that passed over her thoughts. She eyed herself in the mirror and shook her head in confusion.

JT also seemed really nice which was a common no-no in the music industry. You didn't get ahead by being nice. You usually had to kick and scratch. Sydney wondered what had happened in the life of the woman downstairs. She shook her head in exasperation at the returning thought. Stop thinking and forget about it. Enjoy the week with Sam. This is his trip. Make it count. She pulled open the guest room door and strolled out into the hallway. She knocked on Sam's room door and got a mumbled 'I'll be right out' from him.

Standing in the hallway, she took a closer look at the pictures lining the walls. The band was shown everywhere, but the lead singer was absent in more than one photo.

"A little camera shy are we?" she murmured to the absent JT.

"Actually, I am." JT stated softly next to Sydney, making the taller woman jump.

"Jesus! You scared the hell out of me." Sydney tried to relax. Standing near her, JT just looked at the tall blonde. Her eyes held a seriousness that Sydney wasn't sure she was ready for.

"Sam said he was almost ready. Let me just hurry him along." Sydney nervously moved over to give the room door another quick knock. She raised her hand, but was stopped before she could. JT had reached out and touched her raised arm, grasping her bicep with her hand.

"Can you and I talk for a moment while he finishes?" JT inquired. Sydney frowned slightly and felt a shiver of excitement at the same time. She nodded to the shorter woman, biting her lip at the perfection of those sultry eyes looking up at her. She followed JT down the hall further away from Sam's door. Sydney watched the smooth stride of the curved figure walking away before her and again noticed that erotic movement of the huntress

JT turned around near another wall of pictures and caught Sydney watching her ass. Sydney raised her eyes from their target immediately. For a moment Sydney thought she noticed a slight darkening under the bronze skin. Was Justine blushing?

JT cleared her voice and started talking. "I didn't want to say anything in front of Sam but we were kind of expecting an older person to win the contest." Sydney wondered where this was going even as she took in every inch of the beautiful woman before her.

"I planned a bunch of places to go, but they aren't really fit for a 14 year old boy. Our manager didn't receive the profile info on him until yesterday. I figured we'd meet him and see what he is like then decide from there. I have no idea where he might like to go. Do you have any suggestions?"

Sydney thought for a second then, knowing her brother, she threw out an idea. "Are you guys going into studio anytime soon? He would probably pass out from joy at a chance to see someone doing tracks and to see you and your band actually record something will send him over the edge."

JT smiled, her eyes sparkling bright. "We can do that. Are you interested in tagging along?" She seemed to hesitate giving the offer. "If not, I can have Chuck escort him around and you can stay here and enjoy the pool this week, until the concert."

Sydney noticed a strange expression briefly cross JT's face before her tense smile returned. For a moment she thought she saw a hint of pain appear. She remembered her reaction to the CD and ducked her eye's briefly. Looking up shyly she met JT's blue depths.

"I'd love to hear you sing." Sydney cleared her throat, meeting those blue eyes. "I just don't know if I can take it." JT raised a questioning eyebrow at this. Sydney felt a blush cover her face as she prepared to let some of the old hurt be released.

"Your voice is the sexiest thing I've ever heard," Sydney muttered looking anywhere but at JT.

Sam chose that moment to open his door and see them standing down the hall.

"Ready to go, sis." Sydney drew a ragged breath at the timing and looked over at JT briefly. JT's expression was one of surprise. Sydney frowned. Hadn't anyone ever said that to her?

"We're coming, big boy." Sydney turned to smile at him. JT cleared her throat audibly, and then grinned over at him too.

"Let's go hit the pool." Her husky tones caressed Sydney's body. She felt her nipples harden and was glad she had worn a tank top to cover the bikini. This was going to be one hard week, she sighed to herself.

JT suddenly grabbed her arm and guided her over to grab Sam's arm too. The hallway was big enough they all three walked the twenty or so steps to the top of the staircase.

"After you," JT stated to Sam as she guided him to go down ahead. He grinned and started down.

Sydney was guided after with a slight caress to her arm. She managed to bring her raging libido down to a simmer by the time she reached the bottom of the stairway. That touching thing is potent. Wonder if she knows she does that to me.


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