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This is PART 6. This is the conclusion. YAY


Sydney watched Cindy glance at the empty storefront before stepping behind the shielding curtain from the storeroom. Cindy tried to catch her soaps when she could. Sydney turned back toward her office and sighed at the amount of mail she needed to sort through. People were always looking for specific instruments or placing orders by mail. She unclipped the string from the first batch and began to separate the pile of business-related mail from the individual people.

"Did you know they were gonna give a benefit concert in Los Angeles?" Cindy popped her head around the corner, curiosity in her eyes. She watched as Sydney leaned back in her chair and tilted her head to the side.

"What are you talking about?" She tossed a stray letter into the business stack.

Cindy frowned slightly at the tired sound of her boss's voice. After having relaxed only one day after coming back from the trip she and Sam had taken, Sydney had immediately shown up at work and begun to clean out the inventory in the storage room.

That had been four days ago. Cindy had left at 6 p.m. each evening to the thumping of boxes and instruments being moved around in the back. She wondered at the cleaning frenzy but didn't question it. She worried slightly when she had arrived to open the shop and found Sydney already there and still working. She had noted the different outfits Sydney wore and knew Sydney was going home, but…Sydney wasn't acting right. She rarely spoke to any customers and her usually cheerful sarcasm was now a somewhat subdued response, if any was given at all. Cindy eyed the tired lines that were evident underneath Sydney's eyes. She wondered if she should ask Tom to inquire about things.

"JT and the Stars. They are going to do a benefit concert in Los Angeles this Sunday." Sydney unconsciously let her eyes wander to the newly developed group photo she had placed in a metal frame on her desk. Her forehead furrowed in thought.

"Where'd you hear that?" She looked back at Cindy.

"The TV. They were listing the bands that were gonna perform for the Cancer Benefit of St. Anthony's Hospital. You know, the big fundraiser. The giant one held at Staple Center where the Lakers play. This year they have Whitney Houston and Elton John performing. It's supposed to be out of this world. I just noticed JT and the Stars are doing a few songs too," Cindy explained as they both noticed the jingle of the opening door. Cindy rolled her eyes.

"Damn. Now I won't know whether or not, Charles ends up kidnapping the alien bimbo pretending to be Joann in Day's of Our Lives. Guess I'll try and catch The Bold and Beautiful on channel 9 instead." Cindy let her eyes roll back in sarcasm. She grinned at Sydney and saw an echo of the grin returned. Clearing her throat, she turned to go meet the customer.

A woman stood over by the Panel A display. She was looking closely at the D-45 and other exotic keepers the store did not have for sale. Her baseball cap brim was the only thing stopping her from resting her nose against the glass as she read the small notations on some of the business cards Sydney had gathered from her elite customers. People like Santana, Cher, Janet Jackson or Shania Twain had all been asked to pen a note to a business card if they bought something. The blacked haired woman slowly straightened to stand and survey the Martin. She dropped the sunglass down from atop her head and returned them to cover her features. Her full lips were pursed in a silent whistle as she awkwardly shoved her hands into the pockets of her pleated slacks to keep from touching the glass.

Cindy wondered where she had seen her before and it suddenly struck her. The dark glasses didn't even begin to hide the beautiful features of the stranger. Cindy thought she recognized her and turned to go get her boss. But, she stopped. Knowing her boss's penchant for listening to her guitar spiels, she smiled slightly and pointed to a display near the office.

"We have a really nice collection of Gibson guitars…or is that Yamaha? I forget…" Cindy played the blonde and watched as Sydney immediately emerged from her office to help out. Cindy smiled as she watched the frowning woman stop with surprise as she met the gaze of the customer standing in front of the counter.

"Well!" Cindy smiled at the two silent women. She dusted her hands together as if finishing a project. "My work is done here!" Then she moved to the back of the room and disappeared behind the curtain into the inventory area to watch her soaps.

JT eyed the redhead as she disappeared behind a curtain. She rolled her eyes mentally at the fact that her incognito disguise was for shit! Turning to look at Sydney standing near a doorway, she let her hungry gaze roam over her features from behind the dark tint of her sunglasses.

"What are you doing here, JT?" Sydney asked, after drawing a deep breath to calm her nerves. The sight of the smaller woman started a fluttering of excitement in her stomach that only increased as Justine stood looking at her for what seemed an eternity.

The silence grew much longer than Sydney could stand. Her body could not deny the affect the other woman was having on her. Her nipples tightened with arousal. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other feeling the rub of her jeans across her wetness. Crossing her arms she attempted to hide the pointed tips trying to poke through her silk bra and blouse. She caught a faint smile on JT's lips and frowned.

"What are you doing here?" she queried, confused and frustrated by the attraction between them. She let her green eyes briefly look over the woman whose small smile grew into a full grin. Sydney wondered at the shadows showing around the edge of the sunglasses. She frowned in concern then shook her head. She had no control over JT's life and shouldn't be so worried.

"I came by to see your shop since I was in town." That husky siren of her voice had Sydney jerking her head up from the silent perusal she had been making downward. She could only imagine the blue darkness behind the sunglasses and wished like hell JT would remove them. Sydney tried to act casual as she waved her hand around the store.

"Take your time. I've got a lot of stuff on display."

Neither one of them moved from their current positions as the silence returned. Sydney frowned and eventually lowered her tired green eyes. She hadn't slept well since returning and she didn't really care if others knew it.

A hand holding some tickets was shoved into her downward line of sight. She jerked in surprise. JT stood within a foot of her. God, she hated that silent movement crap. JT held out her hand and urged Sydney to take them.

"I wanted to give you these. I'd like you to come to the concert Sunday if you are able." Sydney looked up at the face of her desire and met the blue eyes looking back at her. The electricity between them crackled in the air. She shivered despite the comfortable temperature the store maintained. Sydney could smell the light floral perfume JT graced her skin with. Her hand reached out and took the tickets without thought. She wondered if JT would always hold this power over her mind and body.

As her hand touched the tickets and the fingers that held them, she felt the small hand tremble. Sydney looked down and almost didn't see the fingers shaking, as they were withdrawn. She looked up at the blue eyes and found them hidden behind sunglasses again. JT shoved her hands into her pockets and turned as if to go.

Sydney reached out and barely touched JT's arm, stilling the rapid retreat in her tracks. Not turning back around, JT waited. Sydney let her fingers move from the bicep down the elbow then slide down toward the wrist. The light touch left a trail of heat in its wake. JT could not repress the shiver that ran through her body. Sydney stepped closer to breath in the scent of the smaller woman, and she leaned into the heat she found there. JT felt the taller woman's form behind her and leaned back into the only comfort she had ever felt before. She felt the pressures of her life disappear as they stood together silently.

Sydney leaned down over JT's shoulder and breathed into her ear. JT closed her eyes with pleasure.

"I'll be there! I want to see you," Sydney whispered as she felt her heart practically hammer through her chest at their closeness. All she could think about were the kisses and caring touches they had shared. All she could feel was the passion they had built. Sydney realized her position and instantly straightened, stepping back.

She drew in deep breaths and let her senses return to normal. Opening her closed eyes she just saw the back of the ebony haired woman closing the front door. Sydney frowned as the doorbells above never jingled. How does she do that? Sydney wondered, irritated. Still frowning and clenching the tickets in her hand, she slowly turned to enter her office and closed the door behind her.

Cindy moved from behind the curtain and took a deep steadying breath. Oh my God! She managed to think, quietly, as she pulled her blouse away from her perspiring skin over and over. The heat from the two women could melt an iceberg. Cindy grinned at the possibilities. She couldn't wait to see Tom B.


Again Sydney noticed the element of maturity that had not been in the first JT concert she had attended. This fund raising event was hosting multiple bands and local talent too. The top draw names were some of the highest paid entertainment in the last decade. Sydney was really excited not only to see JT and the Stars, but also Elton John. She was a huge fan of the English musician.

She walked up the concourse without company. She had been unable to use the other ticket and had turned it in at the ticket counter to be given to someone in need. The ticket rep had assured her there were plenty of the St. Anthony patients coming in to see the show. One of them would benefit from her generosity. She couldn't believe Sammy had stood her up to go out with his new girlfriend. Teenagers! Sydney rolled her eyes in silent bafflement. She guessed he was the new star on campus since being seen on the red carpet at the Nashville broadcast. She wondered when his head was going to deflate. She smiled as she walked by the Fox Sports Sky Box bar and restaurant area and noticed all the TV's tuned into the Lakers away game.

She headed for the private concourse that had been pointed out to her by the entry clerk. JT had given her a premier seat, somewhere down near the stage. Sydney had found out that JT and the Stars would be performing right before Elton John. It was a huge coup for the group. She was amazed at how much popularity the jazzy blues band had gained.

Passing by the Arena Club Lounges, she headed for the obvious smaller lines of the people entering the premier seating area. She was eventually escorted to a cushioned seat in the center of the huge arena, down in front of the stage. She sat and looked up to watch the band members of JT and the Stars change out instruments for the drum kit. At one point, Chuck noticed her and, after an initial frown while he tried to place her, his instant smile grew to a huge grin. She couldn't help but grin back. He waved a quick hello and she nodded. She began her search for the lead vocalist of the band and quickly realized she was not on the stage.

Thousands of people were sitting, standing, walking around the 20,000-seat pavilion. It was an all-day event hosting several bands. As the day's events wrapped up, allowing the final bands to start their sets, the crowd had begun to pick up. Sydney turned back to watch the stage as the first lick of a guitar sounded out below the level of music being played over the arena speakers. Sydney watched Charlie Green tune up his two electrics. Chuck got behind the drum set and thumped out a few beats. The crowd murmur rose with excitement. The flash of a deep red blouse had Sydney turning to see who was descending the walkway leading to and from the stage. The crowd had already decided to welcome the now waving woman as she strolled down the walkway in what could only be described as an outfit of sin. The deep red splash of color from her blouse stood out vividly against her paler skin. The shining silk material was a distinct perfection above the skin tight leather pants she wore.

Sydney held her breath while everyone around her released his or hers to start chanting the name of their favorite singer.

"J…T...J…T" Sydney listened to the call as the fully formed band started in on a well known JT and the Stars song. The solid strum of a pumping fast hit began to vibrate around the gigantic arena. Sydney never let her eyes waver from the fully corporeal woman who walked to the front of the stage and grabbed a mike with intended aggression. She glanced once over toward Sydney's seat then back at the crowd. Timing it perfectly, she broke into the hit song of Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash.

Darling you gotta let me know.

Should I stay or should I go.

If you say that you are mine.

I'll be here 'til the end of time.

So you got to let me know.

Should I stay or should I go.

It's always tease, tease, tease.

You're happy when I'm on my knees.

One day is fine, the next is black

So if you want me off your back.

Well come on and let me know.

Should I stay or should I go.

The crowd loved it. Her velvet tones crooned out the stamping lyrics as the crowd sang with her.

The benefit was a great plan to allow artists to give their own renditions of music they liked. Sydney was awestruck as JT leaned toward the edge of the stage and swept her hand through the flailing hands reaching up toward her. The Clash song hit a moment of energy as the band moved instantly into the Joan Jett song of Do You Want to Touch Me.

Sydney squirmed in her seat. The delicious ideas rushing through her head flew straight to her groin in support.

We've been here too long

Trying to get along

Pretendin' that you're oh so shy.

I'm a natural ma'am

Doin' all I can

My temperature is runnin' high.

Cry at night,

No one in sight,

An' we got so much to share.

Talking's fine

If you got the time

But I ain't got the time to spare.


Do you wanna touch (the crowd yelled Yeah!)

Do you wanna touch (the crowd yelled Yeah!)

Do you wanna touch me there?


Do you wanna touch (the crowd yelled Yeah!)

Do you wanna touch (the crowd yelled Yeah!)

Do you wanna touch me there?



Oh Yeah!

Yeah oh yeah oh yeahhhhh!

Yeah oh yeah oh yeahhhhh!

Every girl an' boy

Needs a little joy

All you do is sit an' stare.

Beggin' on my knees,

Baby, won't you please

Run your fingers through my hair.

My, my, my,

Whiskey and rye,

Don't it make you feel so fine.

Right or wrong

Don't it turn you on,

Can't you see we're wasting time, yeah.

Do you wanna touch

Do you wanna touch

Do you wanna touch me there?


Do you wanna touch

Do you wanna touch

Do you wanna touch me there?

Sydney licked her dry lips as JT grabbed a nearby towel from a stack of them near the drum set and wiped her forehead and neck. She threw the towel into the audience, letting the fans fight over it.

The steady beat of the drums continued as JT picked back up into the rock theme. ZZ Tops' hit came barreling out into the night. The crowd roared.

She's got legs; she knows how to use them.

She never begs, she knows how to choose them.

She's only lets me wonder how they're feeling.

You would get behind them if you can only find them.

She's my baby.

She's my baby

It's all right.

After pounding out the hard lyrics and allowing her guitarist to solo, JT spent a few minutes introducing her band members. She let Chuck keep a steady beat as she explained she was going to play just a few of the songs she enjoyed while growing up. She chuckled that sexy as hell rasping laughter as someone in the audience yelled 'I Love you!' The crowd swelled with applause as she quickly motioned in sign language "I love you, too."

The keyboard entry to a favorite song from Heart entered the drumbeat. JT held the mike close as she began to croon the words to I Didn't Want To Need You.

Baby I never gave my heart to anyone, oh no.

I used to think that love was a game.

I used to make it just for fun, Oh yeah!

When we spent the night together it didn't mean it meant that much.

Now I just can't live without your touch.

I didn't wanna need you, no no.

I didn't wanna want you like I do.

I didn't mean to fall.

I didn't wanna care at all.

I didn't wanna need you...no, no…

Like I need you now.

Oh, I can't get no sleep

Cause I keep thinking of you all through the night.

My eyes can't wait to see you again,

My arms can't wait to hold you tight, oh yeah.

When you're lying here beside me,

There's nothing else I need.

Never thought that this could ever be.

I didn't wanna need you, no no.

I didn't wanna want you like I do.

I didn't mean to fall.

I didn't wanna care at all.

I didn't wanna need you...no, no…

But I need you now.

JT reached into her repertoire and hit each rasping moment of Hearts' fantastic hit with precision. She begged the crowd to understand her pain. Sydney felt her heart melting at the power and agony. She blinked through a few tears that rushed to her eyes. The song transitioned again.

It must have been love.

But it's over now.

Lay a whisper on my pillow.

Leave the winter on the ground

I wake up lonely

The sound of silence,

In the bedroom and all around

Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away.

It must have been love.

But it's over now.

It must have been good.

But I lost it somehow.

It must have been love.

But it's over now.

From the moment we touched.

'Til the time had ran out

JT stood at the center of the giant stage and made the entire place pulse with her music. Sydney felt the songs move through her and sat staring at the woman who controlled everything happening around them. As the music continued an attendant suddenly approached Sydney. The man kneeled down and leaned close to talk to Sydney while she tried to drag her eyes from the stage.

"Ms. Salinger would like you to come with me." Sydney blinked in confusion. She looked back at the woman singing the Roxette tune and back at the young attendant. She carefully stood and followed him back through a guarded area. The officers stopped them both and quickly used a metal detector over their bodies. Sydney felt a shiver of excitement as she realized they were entering the backstage area. The multiple trailers set up down there housed every kind of musical equipment known to man. The young attendant wove them through the mess and quickly guided her to the side stage. She watched wide-eyed as JT and the Stars performed another two songs. As the crowd roared for more, JT began shaking her head.

She approached the crowd by waving her arms to have them quiet down a little. She used another towel to wipe the sweat from her drenched face. The sight of those tight leather pants swaying before her seemed to knock the breath from Sydney's lungs.She watched the sensuous figure move and tease. Her face flushed as she watched the sweat drip down.

At one moment the crowd had lowered its volume enough for JT to talk.

"Good to be here! I've enjoyed myself. Now I want to share one more song with you all tonight." The crowd cheered ecstatically. She laughed as she motioned for the young attendant to move the chair he was now holding out onto the stage. The young guy quickly walked out and placed a barstool near by where JT was pacing. She paused momentarily and grinned a wicked grin.

Turning to meet the green eyes staring at her she let her blue eyes dance. Sydney swallowed in sudden fear.

"I'd like for you all to welcome someone dear to me out onto the stage. She's a close friend and I wanted to let you all see just how special she is." The crowd screamed at the change of venue. JT motioned for Sydney to come sit on the barstool. The young attendant touched her arm and carefully urged her to walk onto the stage. Her eyes wide with terror, Sydney moved stiffly over to JT's side.

"Hi sweetheart! Relax. I won't let anything happen to you," Justine said after covering the mike. Sydney drew a ragged breath as the intoxicating smell of sweat and perfume smothered her senses.She watched as JT stepped back and yelled at the crowd.

"Gonna do a little number. One you all have probably been waiting for all night. Unfortunately, I…" JT grinned out at the crowd, "…was given permission as long as he could sing along. Ladies and Gentlemen, Elton John," JT announced as the crowd surged forward and the spotlight swung over to the side of the stage to fall on the one and only Sir John himself.

"Thank you JT. Glad to be here." His English tones announced his place of birth. JT nodded to her band and the music began to play.

The entry piano kicked in and Sydney jerked her head to look over at JT. She stood swaying slightly a few feet away her eyes focused solely on Sydney. The crowd went crazy.

"It's a little bit funny this feeling inside.

I'm not one of those who can easily hide.

Don't have much money but, boy, if I did…

I'd buy a big house where we both could live."

JT reached over and grabbed Sydney's hand.

"If I was a sculptor…but then again no

Or a woman who made potions in a traveling show

I know it's not much but it's the best I can do.

My gift is my song and this one's for you."

She held tight as she and Elton John sang together.

"And you can tell everybody...

That this is your song.

It may be quite simple but, now that it's done.

I hope you don't mind. I hope you don't mind.

That I put down the words…

How wonderful life is that you're in the world."

Elton sang the next verse as JT slowly leaned down and kissed Sydney in front of 20,000 people. Sydney never noticed either the dimming of the spotlight or the roar of the crowd. She only had eyes for her heart standing in front of her.

JT came back in on the microphone at the perfect moment.

"So excuse me forgetting but these things I do.

You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue.

Anyway the thing is…what I really mean…yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen."

The two artists combined vocals to finish the song out.

"And you can tell everybody...

That this is your song.

It may be quite simple but, now that it's done.

I hope you don't mind. I hope you don't mind.

That I put down the words…

How wonderful life is that you're in the world"

JT motioned for Sydney to stand. Her smaller companion captured Sydney in a one-armed clasp as JT waved to the crowd and managed to guide the two of them toward the side stage exit. Elton John blew JT a kiss and winked at the shell-shocked Sydney. She could only hold on tight.

Disregarding the mass chaos backstage as band members ran to and fro getting the stage built up for Elton John's performance JT led her blond love up the walkway, through a heavy door guarded by 3 men, into an inner hallway that led to another door labeled JT. Justine pushed it open and walked in backward as she pulled Sydney inward with both of Sydney's hands in her own.

"You're not mad?" JT whispered as her blue eyes met the dazed green ones Sydney had blinked only once after leaving the stage. Sydney slowly shook her head. She allowed the darker woman to pull her further into the room and shut the door with her foot. As JT came to a standstill she watched Sydney take a few extra shuffling steps that put the taller woman into her personal space. They stood looking at each other forever. JT felt her eyes filling with remorseful tears as she watched the pain and anger show deep in the depths of the green eyes above her.

Sydney felt her anger and pain surfacing, but for totally different reasons than JT could possibly imagine. She saw the blue eyes filling with tears and felt the breath leave her body.

"No, baby, no. Don't cry. I love you. Don't cry," Sydney pleaded with JT as she let her larger fingers stroke away the tears falling slowly down the upturned face. JT jerked her eyes back to meet Sydney's.

"You love me?" she whispered in raspy tones of disbelief. Sydney nodded and said it one more time.

"I love you. I have since I was 19. How could we possibly have wasted so much precious time? I'm such an idiot." Sydney leaned down and kissed the corner of JT's lips. She ran her tongue across the surface and felt them trembling. JT sagged into the taller woman and let those strong arms gather her up. She missed their strength. She missed their warmth. She missed the sensation as Sydney let her hands slide down JT's back to cup her butt.

JT drew in a ragged breath and felt the heat touch her sweaty body making her shiver. Sydney deepened the kiss until she felt JT responding.

"That's my girl! Sing for me angel. I'll be right here listening. Always!" Sydney promised. JT did just that. She sang with her body as Sydney played the music. Together they began a symphony others could only hope to create and treasure.

**************One month later, Sydney arched her hips off the bed into the skillful tongue of her lover's mouth. A groan of release was heard as she climaxed from the pleasure she was receiving. Justine held her hips down and extended the pleasure by controlling the movement. Sydney moaned and reached down to grab the head of dark hair between her legs.

Whatever past encounter Sydney had been through with Justine, the last four weeks of making love had taught Sydney never to underestimate her lover's prowess. JT was clearly the lover Sydney had been waiting for over the years. Their bodies entwined with ease as JT slid up the tall frame and wrapped her naked skin against Sydney.

"I love you, Justine," Sydney sighed, still trying to catch her breath. Justine merely kissed the blonde cheek and snuggled closer. Sydney had come to know over the bonding they had shared for the last four weeks that Justine didn't need to voice a response. Sydney could feel the love they shared. It was a strong river of emotion that was clearly flowing between them. Justine's happy purr of satisfaction breathing into her neck was all the utterance Sydney needed.

"I think we will need sustenance if we keep this up. Sammy has only been gone for his band camp weekend trip for less than eight hours and I don't remember getting out of this bed yet. What has gotten into you? You're almost insatiable."

Justine chuckled and buried her head in the neckline deeper. "I'm happy, Sydney. You've made me so happy," Justine managed to whisper into the nearby ear. Sydney smiled satisfied. "Not just because we sleep together. Not just because we are lovers, more than that. I am a happy person when I know you're near."

Sydney frowned at the sudden burst of information. She felt that too. She was unbelievably happy when Justine was around. It was like they were connected and ever since reuniting, the bond between them had only grown stronger.

"That's why I have asked the guys to help me move down here. I've decided to live here and hope you want to be with me too." Serious blue eyes opened and focused on Sydney. Sydney drew a deep breath of ecstatic surprise, then practically growled her approval with a tight squeeze of the other woman.

"Ow, ouch, oh lord. Sydney? Sydney, my love? Is that a yes? Can I hear you say it? I mean I don't know how you want to do this, but I have got to be near you. What do you say?" Justine begged her lover to reply.

"I'd say pack your bags and move in here with me and Sammy. We both want you here and we both love you. Please, baby. I want you here more than anything!" Sydney paused and hesitated; with a fluttering of nerves she added an afterthought, "If we need to, we can look for another house. I'm not getting rid of this one for Sammy's sake; he will inherit his parents' house when he's older. But, we can find something that will guard us all. I would like to share that with you."

Justine closed her eyes nodding at that obvious hurdle Sydney had handled easily. She had been worried about the safety and, of course, the band. If she moved, the rest of them would probably follow. The Walters' home was large and in a nice neighborhood, but it wouldn't keep the crazy fans at bay.

Justine looked into her lover's emerald green eyes and felt like singing to the world how happy she had become. She smiled musing at all the times she had sung to an audience of 20,000 or more people and had thought she was experiencing the best of the best. That was nothing compared to her singing to this audience of one. The fingers traveling over the still damp skin of the taller form beside her noticed a slight shiver of excitement. When she sang her song with Sydney, no matter what type of rhythm they shared, she always received much more beyond anything any audience could ever give her. The love and desire of Sydney's serenade spun and moved with their love, already forming a duet for two.


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