The House Call

by JLNicky

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I felt really stupid when it happened. I mean, I really thought I would be OK but I wasn't. The accident occurred when I used a chair to stand on instead of a step stool! How dumb could I get? Sometimes, I just don't think and I get in a rush and try to do the impossible. Well, I fell and fell hard. I fell off the chair and then again at the hospital. I fell for the cutest doctor I'd ever seen when she asked me if it hurt as she pressed her warm hands on my back. Yes, it hurt but not as much as I thought it would considering the fact that I couldn't think of anything but her hands on my skin. She was so gorgeous I started to babble in my head. My skin goose bumped at her touch and I shivered from the sensation of her hands sliding across me. I think I would have just had a good fantasy if she hadn't looked at me the way she did. Well, let me tell you what happened and you tell me if I am a little unhinged.

I had my sister drive me to the hospital after I fell. I was out in the stables, grooming a horse and landed on my back hard so I knew I should get it checked out! My legs and back were killing me in waves of intense pain. She took me to the local emergency room and helped me hobble inside. I waited while she filled out the appropriate papers, then was told to go into another room to wait for the doctor. The room I waited in held six beds, three of which had patients on them. I sat on the edge of the bed gingerly and my sister pulled up a chair to wait with me. Since I had divorced my husband 2 years ago and then announced I was lesbian my sister tended to treat me as a helpless nutcase sometimes. She continuously told me to think before I leap off of tall buildings but she encouraged me to tell her everything that occurs in my love life. She is a great sister, but very neurotic when it comes to refraining with tact. She told me women did not have to be so masculine in their actions and I was not (in her opinion) a very butch woman so why did I have to learn the hard way.

As she continued to berate me with her chatter, I scanned the room and watched some nurse and technician set up an x-ray machine over a patient 3 beds down. All of the sudden SHE walked into the room. A tall woman with a stethoscope draped around her shoulders and a smooth stride in her step was who SHE was. Her brunette hair was pinned up to show a very beautiful profile. She paused to check a patient's medical chart and then strode over to the technician and nurse to talk to them. I couldn't hear her voice clearly as she talked, but then she turned to the elderly man on the bed and greeted him clearly. Her voice was rich, calm, warm. She talked to the old man about the x-rays, calming him down by describing the procedure he was going to have done. I thought her voice was very sexy and had a little trouble concentrating on my sister's monologue nearby. The doctor patted the old man's arm and he smiled, muttering something in reply. My sister caught my attention and I turned away from the doctor's bedside manner to answer her. As I turned, my back shot white heat into my legs in painful bursts of agony. I grimaced with the pain.

"How are we doing the evening, hmmm?" the doctor asked, greeting me in my agony. She frowned as I rubbed on my lower back and the only thing I could notice was emerald green eyes. I couldn't stop the pain but my mind must have not been worried about it much. She introduced herself as the on-call doctor, Dr. Monroe. She proceeded to ask me to lift my shirt up so she could look at my back. I managed to remain calm through the inspection of my muscles only hissing and grimacing a few times as she touched a sore area. I could smell her light perfume and it was starting to affect my coordination. I suddenly realized she was talking but I couldn't tell what she was saying.

"Do you think anything is broken, doctor?" My sister stepped in, saving my lack of grace. I caught the doctor's concerned gaze and felt a weight shift in my body as her head shook no.

"Probably a serious bruise on her tail bone though. She will be sore for a few days."

My sister threw up her hands in relief and immediately started scolding me for "being so butch". She ranted on oblivious to her surroundings. "You couldn't just call one of the hands to help you. Noooo, had to act like a dyke and almost break your back!" When she said this I could have just popped her one. I looked up slightly embarrassed at the doctor and she was looking back at me with a raised eyebrow, smiling slyly. I saw something in her eyes that told me she was not as straight as she seemed and I blushed red as my thoughts took off with imagination. Her gaze remained calm but her eyes told me I had been right when she casually winked at me! I was flustered to say the least. I didn't know what to do and my sister was digging me in deeper with snide remarks about lesbians having different hormones and such.

Dr. Monroe regarded my sister for a moment and then looked back at me, smiling a very Cheshire like grin. I remained quiet as I cringed inside at every brow beating remark.

"Why don't you step out into the hallway while I examine her more thoroughly, Ms...?" Dr. Monroe stated casually grabbing my sister's arm and leading her out toward the waiting area. I shivered from the cold in the room and the difference of the heat in my veins. What the hell else did she want to check out?

Dr. Monroe returned and looked at the curtain resting against the head of the bed. She pulled close the curtain slowly, making us very secluded. Returning to my side to stood smiling down at me. I got a little nervous and attempted to apologize for my sister's remarks and over enthusiasm. She began shaking her head.

"Don't apologize for anything, Ms. Walker. Your sister is quite a charmer and fully capable of saying what she wants to. I didn't mind a bit!"

I nodded and waited for her to tell me what she wanted. My pulse raced with the thought of what I had imagined rested in her eyes. She had looked as if she was amused but, more than that, she had looked as if she was subtly checking me out. I know you may ask how a person can assume someone else is a lesbian, but it is more than just looks. The actions a person makes or certain responses or even an attraction between another and myself. The attraction, quite frankly, is a pretty positive sign that another woman is gay. I mean, it couldn't be just the fact that she was pretty, intelligent, a doctor and did I mention pretty, could it? Gay women don't always have an attraction to all other women. A hint of an attraction, in my book, usually meant something could happen. I wasn't gonna commit to a butch or femme look, but she had an instant understanding of my 'sister' dilemma and I think she had flirted with me while my sister rambled out her comments. I just knew she was gay and I clicked with her right away.

"I will have to examine you further Ms. Walker. Are you able to stand?" I snapped out of my analysis and nodded with hesitation. I edged my way off the bed and stood up as she grasped my arm to support. My ass was killing me and I closed my eyes in pain. My eyes flew back open when she asked me to remove my shirt. I locked gazes with her and almost panicked. She was smiling that sly smile again. I suddenly felt she was playing a game with me for some reason. I looked at her with a question in my eyes but she just stood there waiting for me to remove my shirt.

I slowly reached up and unbuttoned it, not looking at her. More quickly, I shrugged it off. The bad thing about this, I hadn't worn a bra underneath. My nipples pointed outward to protest the sudden cold temperature of the examining booth. The doctor gave me a silent, once over and cleared her throat as she stepped behind me to look at my back. I wasn't thinking too clearly and exhaled quickly as she touched my skin again. Her hands took a slow glide from my upper back downward across my skin toward my tailbone. I thought they might burn me. My mind jumped to the bedroom, as it so often does with excitement and I could feel her touching me everywhere.

"It's going to hurt worse tomorrow than it does today." She murmured, as she skilfully examined the rest of the area and moved a step away. She retrieved my shirt off the bed and handed it to me without comment. I slowly put it on and tried not to look around too much as I avoided her green eyes. She seemed to remain calm, but I noticed a small tick in her throat where her pulse beat rapidly. I wondered at the meaning of this and almost missed her comments.

"I'll have to see you in a few days, but since you work near my house I can stop by your ranch if you'd like?" I was still buttoning up and glanced at her confused and excited at the same time. "You wouldn't mind that would you?" She stared directly into my eyes. Her green depth sparkled with a hidden secret. A graceful eyebrow rose at the question. I suddenly felt as if she were undressing me with the look. Her gaze lowered to my last few open buttons and lingered there only to rise back up slowly and look me in the face. I felt a rush of heat sweep over me with her gaze as I tumbled into the heat showing there. I leaned back to try to escape and realized my mistake instantly. My butt and back rebelled. I jerked in pain only to feel the pain increase with the movements. Trying to freeze, I felt myself falling. Suddenly hands reached out and held me upright. Her sudden nearness was slightly intoxicating. I heard a chuckle in near my ear. "What's the matter? Would you have rather I let you fall and break a leg?" Her voice huskily asked. I looked up and met her eyes with mine. Amusement shone along with the deeper hint of desire.

I tried to tell myself she was just helping but I recognized that look. Her eyes suddenly dropped to stare at my lips. She leaned closer. My breathing stopped. The pulse beat at her throat was moving rapidly. She leaned in close enough to share air then moved off to the side to whisper, "be more careful" in my ear. With that she pulled backward and released me to stand on my own. I felt an immediate sense of loss.

She grabbed the ends of her stethoscope with a casual air but I noticed her hands were clenched tightly. She regarded me with a smile and another wink.

"You should be able to move regularly in about 2 days but tomorrow will be the worst.  I'd suggest two or more hot baths with bath salts and some mild anti-inflammatory medicine. You can get generics at the drug store or I can write you a prescription if you'd like. No heavy lifting and use a step stool from here out!" She laughed lightly at my frown of denial.

Grabbing the edge of the curtain to pull it open, she glanced back over her shoulder. She looked down at my breasts and shirt and smiled seductively.

"You're lucky you're in such great shape. The damage was minimal." Her eyes rose to meet mine and I felt a blush rise. I noticed her eyes darken slightly and felt my nipples tighten in response.

She pulled the curtain open and became the model doctor. I felt the oddest feeling of being in the twilight zone. She was very beautiful. How could anyone not respond to her? Maybe my perverted imagination was doing over time.

I had almost convinced myself of this very state of mind when I saw her pull into my driveway four days later. I was still in shock when she grabbed her medical bag and came onto my porch. I had been sitting there smoking a cigarette, dressed in a tank top and jeans. She had on a pink blouse and jeans with her rich brunette locks falling down around her shoulders. Her green eyes were even brighter than before and she looked me over with the eye of a professional. Her eyes stopped being professional halfway through the once over when they stopped to peruse my chest and suddenly hard nipples showing through the tank top. How does one control those suckers?

"Hello Ms. Walker. How are you feeling?" She asked, bringing her eyes slowly upward. I know my breathing increased and I found it hard to reply without letting her see I was as horny as a young schoolgirl. She looked into the excitement of my eyes and laughed a rich sound that somehow helped me relax. Her hair shimmered in the sunlight and bounced with her laughter.

Trying to remain calm I responded. "Hello Doctor. As you can see I am perfectly fine now. I was just taking a short break during the heat of the day."

She paused to look around briefly. Nodding toward the house, she became somewhat brusque. "None the less, I still think I should take a look at your injuries. Can we go inside?" I guess I have a thing for being a follower since she was leading; I let her set the pace. I invited her into my house and guided her to the living room. I quickly went to the kitchen to get us both a soda. I just knew it was somehow hotter in my house now that she was there. The soda should cool me down at least. I saw her glance around and nod approvingly at my bachelorette status. I did keep it fairly clean as houses go, especially in the last three days it had become an obsession. Just in case of visitors, I kept telling myself.

She took a sip of her soda and set her bag down on the nearby dining room table. She looked over at me and gave me another once over. I, of course, took the same liberty. Again, I found her attractive with a very nice build. She had a more feminine look today, but that edge of aggressiveness was still present. I found my eyes meeting her around the same instant she met mine. We both smiled. I knew at that moment the attraction was mutual.

"Why don't I take a look at your back and then I can decide for myself if you are fully healed. Ok?" She said putting down her drink and reaching out to take mine from me. I looked on in surprise and met her doctor's facade firmly covering the silken smile of two seconds ago. She leaned over and pulled out a chair. Sitting down, she looked back at me standing beside the couch. Her eyes became darker as I watched. Once again, she asked me to take off my shirt. I felt my nipples tighten with her request and the sexy tones in which she spoke. I blushed slightly. It was one thing in a hospital environment to disrobe, but I was in my own home and didn't even know her. She gave a daring half smile in my direction.

I slowly untucked my tank top and slid it upward over my head. I refused to turn around. I watched her expression and realized this was exactly what she wanted me to do. I took the tank and tossed it on the table right beside her, all the time feeling her eyes roam over my unbound breasts and hard nipples. The pulse beat at her neck returned in full force and began beating rapidly.

She asked me to turn around. The sexy tones of her voice made me shiver. I complied, liking the scenario of her commanding my every action. I didn't have to think much, just let her tell me what she wanted. It was somehow liberating. As I made a slow circle to end up facing her she shook her head slightly.

"I can't tell if you're healed yet", she looked up at my face with a slight breathless quality in her voice. "Take off your pants".

I looked at her, feeling the juices in my body begin to flow, with the lustful rush I had only imagined. She grabbed my tank top and clenched it in her hands. I unsnapped the top button of my jeans while I gazed at her face. She swallowed visibly. Moving to the next few buttons, she watched my hands intently. I felt the heat burning between my legs as I pushed my jeans downward and stepped out of them. Standing in my panties she looked me over. I began to turn a slow circle without her prompting. She cleared her throat a few times and shook her head again when I was completely facing her.

"I still can't tell. Will you remove the panties, please?" She managed to say.

I slid the panties down and stepped out of them. My pubic hair was trimmed and my wetness was apparent. She licked her lips unconsciously. I held my breath as she watched from a distance. She motioned for me to circle again. She sighed in mock frustration and shook her head.

"I can't tell. I'll have to examine you more closely. Come here please", she directed me. I moved closer to her. She reached out and drew me between her legs. I felt the rough fabric of her pants rub against my outer thighs. She looked upward and met my gaze. Her right hand reached up and traced a finger over my chin. She inhaled. Her hand slid downward to stroke my neck. The soft touch aroused me more. A quick trace of my collarbones then her hand stopped above my breasts, resting. Our eyes had never parted.

I felt her tremble as she reached up with her other hand and cupped my breast in her palm. She tested the weight, ignoring the turgid nipple. Her eyes fell to watch what her hands were doing. The resting hand swept down and cupped the other breast. She leaned forward and flicked over my nipple with her tongue. Once, then twice, I trembled back. Reaching behind me with one hand, she pulled me closer and engulfed my breast into her mouth. We both moaned. The vibration from her mouth caused me to gasp. The hand behind me ran down to cup and kneed my ass cheek. I felt the wetness of myself touched by air. She switched breasts and hands. It was exquisite, the roaming hands and her hot tongue. She was making me melt with her touch. Her mouth left my breast and her hands came back up to cover and lightly pinch both nipples. I arched my back at the pleasuring pain. Closing my eyes, I revelled in the sensations. My legs were not meant to be standing up at a time like this. I whispered for the couch with a moaning voice. Her teeth suddenly grazed over my swollen nipple as she moved to stand.

I wanted more and I wanted it now! She pushed me back toward the couch and I helped guide her as I moved without sight. Her eyes met mine and were filled with a deep green sea of arousal.

"I need to examine your body!" she smiled as she pressed me down onto the couch. I was more than willing. I just hoped she'd take her time and check really carefully! I didn't want her to miss anything.

She stood looking down at me for a moment. Then she kneeled down and ran her hand across my chest and down my stomach into my pubic hair. The wetness glistening there covered her fingers like silk. "Does that feel good?" she asked, as I hissed my need. Her fingers circled the one place I needed her touch the most. I managed to nod and bite my tongue from begging. She began rubbing her fingers in a rhythmic motion as I moved my hips to the beat. Her other hand began to unbutton her own blouse. She opened it wide enough to allow me to see her breasts. Her nipples were so hard. I wanted to taste them badly. I closed my eyes momentarily to swallow the impulse. She was the one directing this show; I didn't want to break from the delicious sensations her hand was creating. Every other stroke had begun to press against my clit. I opened my eyes to see her above me, holding her breast in her palm.

"Take your medicine!" she ordered me. Her breathless voice was the one to beg first. I leaned over and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Circling her nipple with my tongue, I felt her busy hand run directly over my clit. I began to flick my tongue over her rigid nipple as she drove a finger into my wet pussy. She moaned above me as I moaned below. I could feel my walls sucking her in deeper. She added a finger and began to draw in and out.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I reached for her and pulled her to me. My tongue swept over her skin, tasting, licking, sucking. Her hand was lifting me to a high pinnacle orgasm. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt the wave of my orgasm crest. My body arched as I clung to her tightly. She played my body to the peak and the wave crashed down on me with explosive force. I bucked my hips to grind against her hand. It was wonderful.

When I next opened my eyes I was sharing the couch with her. She was on the other end reclining on what space was available. Her hand was stroking herself slowly. She was smiling down at me. I knew she needed doctoring. My slow crawl to her end of the couch held just a touch of panther as I stalked my prey. Widening her thighs, I dove inward to taste the bounty. Her juices tasted golden. The flat of my tongue ran the length of her causing a sharp gasp from above. My hair was her lifeline.

"Suck on my clit." She demanded. I complied.

God she was delicious. I pressed my tongue into her. Her hips surged upward. The heat of her passion was drenching me. Her thighs clamped together as she reached her own climax. She rode my tongue as she cried out. I held her hips from beneath. Slowly unclenching her legs she began to relax.

Later, I walked her out to her car. She commented that I wasn't as fit as I should be. She reluctantly, with a sly smile, promised to return to check me out in a few days. I hope I don't get charged for these house calls because I intend to see that they go on forever.

The End

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