Amy's Eyes
JM Dragon
© 2005 by J M Dragon
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Love/Sex: This story features relationships between adult women. If this bothers you, is illegal in the State, Province or Country you live or if you are  under the age of 18, find something else to read. There are loads of general stories out there.

Language: No strong language.
Violence: There is no violence in this story.
Hurt/Comfort: There are scenes of heartache to be dealt with by the characters.

Dedication: For all my friends who made my stay in Atlanta last summer an unforgettable experience. Thank you ladies for your input and inspiration. Remember - what happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta...well for the most part.

I'm staring at you from a distance, as it always has been. At the same time I recall with vivid clarity everything about you, everything… particularly your eyes!

I even remember the first time I was captured, or, should I say enchanted by a simple glance across a table. What a meal that turned out to be. Who could have thought that in a single moment my life would change forever and ever and ever. A fairy story of sorts perhaps, and I'm hoping, as I always will, for the rest of my life, that my story will finally be realised and my fantasy will be reality.

“Amy, Amy over here I want your autograph, pleaseeee…” were the screams of the admirers that worship every point you score. And me, me, I'm no better, a groupie some might call me. I confess I am for you only! Ah those were the days. College days and you were a fabulous football player then, as you are now…

* * *

Things changed though as I knew it would. We had to grow up and find our feet in the outside world. Although, I was never sure for a long time if you did realise there was more to life than football. It was a hard road to travel. I guess you could, on reflection, call our fledgling relationship permanently under a rain cloud. There were lots of tears and rows all because I was jealous. You were a desirable commodity in college and I was…well, I was the good-looking girl who caught your eye for all of three months. That was all that was left of your semester before you qualified. I was in my first year but wanted desperately to follow you to the town you'd chosen, or, rather had been chosen for you. You had a contract to play football in the professional women's league and I couldn't go. Well, the truth was you didn't want me for you never once asked if I would consider moving colleges. I had years to dwell on the fact that I was just another interlude while it lasted. You had bigger fish to fry and I obviously wasn't part of that plan.

Time passed as it does and I had qualified in my chosen subject, law. I wanted to be a great lawyer and my heart told that if I received the right cases I would succeed. What I hadn't bargained for was you entering my life again out of the blue; on reflection that analysis matched your beautiful eyes.

Fate was rather cruel to have you entering my life again at that particular moment. For years I went to sleep seeing those vivid blue eyes staring at me complete with that smouldering expression. At the time, I thought I'd been the only one you graced with that look. It had been nothing more than a foolish delusion of young love - I know that now. Although, back then a simple glance from you was always enough to set my juices flowing and when you touched me… I melted.

Things are different now. I am a changed woman heading to what I hope will be a relationship with someone I care a great deal about. Hayley is as far removed from you as anyone could be. Our friendship means a great deal to me. I won't do anything to unsettle it…damn isn't that what we all say at the time. God what a fool I am to think that I'm immune to your charisma. Foolishly I assumed that the passage of time had somehow given me a protective shield against you and those eyes.

* * *

“Ms. Macalister your ten-o-clock appointment is here,” Shirley my assistant announced in a cheerful breezy manner.

Staring at the woman I give her a puzzled look. What appointment? I don't have any until this afternoon. “Are you sure Shirley?”

With a bright smile she nods her head. “Remember? Jed Dempster's cases…his wife went into labor this morning. You volunteered to take some of his cases if necessary.”

“I recall...of course I do. I didn't realise that he had any today…he never mentioned it.” My mind is now pre-occupied with this new situation, hating the thought that I am totally unprepared.

“Well, he isn't exactly in the frame of mind to give instructions. It's his first, and men in my experience at that time go to pieces, they haven't a clue.” Shirley grinned, her own three children testimony to her comment. Her hubby had been all dithery when their first was born. For the second he was a little better. When their youngest was born he was an old hand to the point he slept through the whole process in the corridor waiting for news.

Giving a rueful smile, I motion for her to bring in Jed's client. There isn't a file or she would have given it to me, which means new business and that gives me a breather. As the door shuts behind Shirley, I sigh in resignation of what is probably going to be one of those days. On top of everything else, Shirley forgot to mention the client's name.

Placing the files that I'd been working on back in the in-tray, I shuffle around a few papers. The door opens and Shirley walks in closely followed by another person. Shirley's ample proportions obscure my view for a few moments as she announces the client's name.

“Ms. Fraser, this is Ms. Brooke Macalister she's holding the fort for Mr. Dempster in his unexpected absence.” With that, Shirley breezes out as quickly as she entered.

I stare at the client unsure which happened first - my eyes bulging out of their sockets or my jaw hitting the desk. All I know is that I am in a bemused state of being.

The woman who Shirley introduced smiles warmly and holds out her hand in greeting. “Hi, your assistant told me about Jed. I expect he'll call me later with the news.”

I am being totally rude and I know it. However, as hard as I try it ias impossible to prevent my total silent preoccupation with the stranger…it is incredible!

There is silence in the room for a few moments until the woman speaks again, “Is there a problem Ms. Macalister?”

This time I shake myself out of my fixation wondering if phantom dreams had come to haunt me. Because, sure enough standing in front of me, is the woman who has made up my dreams for years. And, secretly probably still does. Although, I refuse to acknowledge that might be a possibility. “No, no I'm sorry. Please sit Ms. Fraser.” My tapering slim fingers point to the seat opposite my own. Turning away for a few seconds I gasp in a deep breath. This isn't how I expected to see Amy again.From her comment she knows Jed more than in a professional capacity. Perhaps they are friends?

“Great, Jed tells me that you are as good as he is, maybe better. Anyway, I doubt he'll leave Cathy's side until they are both out of the hospital. Unfortunately, I can't wait for I need a professional view of my problem now.”

“You're right, Jed's taking paternity leave for six weeks. I'll do my best to represent you as he would. I'm afraid I haven't any background on your particular problem perhaps if you explain the details.” I'm tempted to remark on our previous knowledge of each other but decide against it. What would be the point, Amy has obviously forgotten me to such an extent that she doesn't recognise me at all. The thought gives me a bitter taste in the back of my throat. After all these years, I'm still a gullible fool taken in by her pretty face and gorgeous eyes.

“Okay, it's like this…my grandfather left me a house in Santa Barbara, near the beach, a couple of months ago. I now want to arrange to pass it over to a charity for the aged. I'm a professional football player and don't want anyone to know I'm giving the donation. It has to be completely anonymous or the deal doesn't go through. I have the deeds here with me I need you to check that everything is in order and proceed accordingly.”

I hold out my hand for the document and our fingers touch for a brief moment. The burning sensation I feel has me moving so abruptly away from the desk that I almost fell out of my chair. Those wonderfully expressive blue eyes take that moment to capture mine in amusement. My chair spins slightly out of control causing the documents to slide across the desk and land on the floor. Fortunately I didn't meet its fate too. “That was clumsy of me, sorry.”

We both reach for the documents at the same time and this time our hands engage for a little longer and I feel faint. My gaze is snared by eyes that stare into my hazel ones with what I am sure is a sensual spark. No way, she can't be coming onto me…can she?

“I've got that, thanks. Would you care for a coffee as I read the contract?”

“Sure. Look how about I make some calls while you read the document? I'll go outside in the lobby and leave you in peace. Call me back in when you're done, okay?”

I am nodding my head like a toy dog in the back of a car window as Amy breezes out of my office. Though not quickly enough for me not to notice the sexy swaggering of her behind as she moves her athletic figure away. Closing my eyes briefly, I have to admit the woman still has a great body. I recall all too vividly what her body language, from our college days, had been and now she looks like she has even firmer abs, and …the rest, god I'm drooling! This surely can't be happening to me. I need to be professional it is the only way to get through this.

For now, my scrutiny of the document is perfunctory. I will it read over more carefully when Amy leaves for right now I am having a hard time concentrating. With her out of the room time I feel like time is going in slow motion so I deliberately keep my mind on the task at hand. When the door opens and deep blue eyes watch me speculatively I amunaware until I hear her purr.

“Hi Ms. Macalister, have you finished. Didn't want to begin any more calls if you were done?”

I almost jump out of my skin when the voice I once called the sexiest tone on the planet asks her question quietly. In truth, it still is the sexiest voice I've ever heard in my life. If Amy gives up football she would make money doing voice-overs on TV. I am sure of that.

“No, its fine I'm done. Now I need you to tell me exactly what you have in mind as far as the privacy clause or any other notes you might have.” My voice takes on a clipped professional manner. No way do I dare any other tone or I might embarrass not only myself but the practice as well. My hormones aren't going to jeopardise my career, even for those sexy blue eyes.

An hour later Amy has left and I am alone in my office. If everything the football player has stated is correct then there shouldn't be a problem. Who is going to jeopardise such a wonderfully generous gift; the house is most likely worth a fortune in that area. Still, Amy is going to furnish more information to support her terms tomorrow. I did wonder why she doesn't use her own lawyers and Amy, reading my mind, said then it wouldn't be a private donation. She explained that her lawyers, especially the commercial ones, would hound her to milk it for all the publicity she could. If I didn't already have strong feelings for her I would have gained them at that point in our conversation. To my surprise, her achievements haven't spoiled her and she has grown into a caring woman. God how I wish she knew who I am.

Glancing at my watch it is eleven-thirty and I'd agreed to meet Hayley for lunch at noon. My friend works in the county clerks' office as supervisor and that is where we met a couple of years earlier. Right now though, I felt like taking a cold shower rather than making bright small talk with my friend. As I contemplate the options available to me I decide to take a long look at myself in the mirror. Have I changed so drastically that I am un-recognisable from college days?

Sure the hair is in a neat style and I no longer have that initial bloom of youth. Yes, my eyes hold a harder glint to them now but experience has a habit of doing that to a person. My type of career choice hasn't made life easy since I am a bit of a taskmaster especially towards myself. I give my body a once over and determined that my figure hasn't changed that much. Oh sure, I'm not as trim as I had been…all the sitting at a desk has taken its toll. I've often tried to explain this to friends who jokingly chide me about my weight gains. Um, maybe I have changed significantly enough to be unrecognisable. That revelation hurts though, deeper than I had imagined it would.

Walking out of my office, I flip the Fraser file to Shirley. “I'm having an early lunch with Hayley. If you need anything page me, otherwise I'll be back by one-fifteen.”

“Okay, I'll take my lunch when you get back. I must say Jed certainly knows how to pick the beautiful clients. I'd bet he's spitting blood he missed looking into those blue eyes,”

Unable to help myself I reply, “I never noticed.”

Leaving the room but able to hear the shout of laughter and the words that follow my departure, “Yeah right and when did you suddenly need a white stick.”

* * *

Hayley Lancaster smiles warmly when she sees me approach her. “Hi Brooke, how was your morning?”

I sit down and sigh heavily. “Oh just this and that. Jed's wife went into labor at nine this morning therefore we are another down at work. Randy won't be back from his sabbatical until tomorrow.”

“Way to go Cathy, I bet she touches down without a problem.” Hayley grins when she hands me the menu.

That is a rather strange comment. “I've never heard that kind of phraseology for a birth before.”

Hayley rolls her eyes. “Don't you know anything Brooke? Cathy used to be a line-backer for the Panthers a couple of years ago.”

Realisation hits me right between the eyes. I now understand the connection between Jed and Amy…football!

“No, I didn't. Jed never mentioned it, or, at least I don't think he did.” Looking over the menu I decide on a tuna salad.

“Yep, she was a star athlete for a while there.”

“What happened?” Suddenly I am interested in knowing all the details. It is a loose connection to Amy and I always hve liked Cathy. I had gotten to know Jed's wife when she occasionally came to the office and when we all would get together for dinner. She definitely is a neat lady.

Hayley sipped on her soda while giving me a rueful glance. “She was, according to reports, ousted from her position by an out-of-towner. They never renewed her contract. But, by then she was getting married to Jed and decided that she'd had enough of the football politics.”

Digesting the information I wonder if Amy had been the out-of-towner. I will have to look into when Amy joined the team. I am so lost in my thoughts that Hayley has to touch my hand to get my attention. Looking at my friend, a part of me is disappointed that I don't have the same reaction to Hayley's touch as I had when Amy had done the same thing earlier.

“Sorry Hayley what was that?”

“Doesn't matter, eat up your lunch.”

I could tell by Haley's tone that she is hurt by my lack of attention. Hayley, and myself to a degree, had hoped for a while now that we might move our relationship onto a more intimate plane. However, looking at her now I realise that we don't have the spark that can carry our relationship to next level. We are friends and that is all it will ever be. In a way I think we both know this and are relieved. Sex ruins really great friendships.

I do as she suggests and eat my lunch with little relish. I profusely apologize to Hayley for my lack of communication before returning to my office. At least in my office I can leave my tumultuous emotions aside and concentrate on work, thank god for work!

* * *

While waiting anxiously for Amy to arrive I am pacing my office like a demented person. Shirley commented in passing earlier that I looked different this morning. For that observation I virtually bit off her head off. Shirley, for her part, has, with her usual good grace, ignored my obvious bad temper when she brought me the morning mail.

I make the appointment with Amy for nine o'clock. The best attack for my stupid out of control hormones is to get the meeting over with as soon as possible so I could go back to my usual ordered life. Now, as the minutes tick slowly to the hour, I want to kick myself for being idiotic. Shirley had been right when she noticed the change in my appearance. Today, my hair is flicked back a little more casually and my clothes are less business like. My make-up, usually flawless for my daily routine at the office, wasn't good enough. Therefore, I'd woken an hour earlier to ensure it was perfect.

As the minute hand hits the hour I expect to see Shirley walk in with Amy. Ten minutes pass and I am still Amy. Annoyed, I walk out of the office, look over to where Shirley normally sits and notice she isn't there. Glancing down the short corridor where the offices of Jed, Randy Granger and the senior partner James Lucas who rarely appeared at the office these days, I see no one. The thought occurs to me that perhaps Randy, who is due in the office today, has arrived and Shirley is in his office. I listen carefully and hear nothing before I realize that Randy's plane landed late last night and he wouldn't be in until the afternoon. Where is everyone, I think as I tug at a piece of hair that is irritating me on the right side of my face. Every time I place it behind my ear it springs out immediately. Aargh.

“I see you suffer from hair that attempts and succeeds in doing exactly what it chooses.” That voice. It feel like my favourite indulgence has just been granted. Spinning aroun, I see Amy step away from the stairwell and enter the lobby. “Sorry, I'm late. The cab didn't turn up where I requested and then we were stuck in traffic.”

I was lost for words…again!

Amy Fraser is smiling warmly at me and I just stand here dumbstruck just like I did when we first met yesterday.

“I have my notes and all the stuff you need. Shall we continue from yesterday?”

My god what must this woman think of me. I probably look like a foolish teenager who has a crush on someone …that analogy is a little too close to the truth.

“Absolutely. My assistant isn't here at the moment. When she returns I'll have her bring in coffee I'm sure we could both use it.” Get a grip for god's sake. I'm no longer a love struck teenager mooning over the best football player on campus. No, I'm a competent lawyer who is required to act professionally for a client.

Leading the way into my office, I don't sit at the desk but instead point to the two small sofas in the room. It is probably not the best idea I ever had in my life, but at this moment practicality has disappeared out of the window. Why am I putting myself through this, why, why? Then, Amy's eyes catch mine I know the answer to my question immediately. It is the simple matter, if I can call it that, of being head over heels in love with this woman. I have always been, and probably will be for the rest of my life. How cruel life is. It taunts me maliciously as I return a weak smile. This is no time to analyse any of this I have to do what she is paying me for. I need to act professionally.

An hour later we have sifted through letters and emails and have a decisive conclusion to her proposal. It now will simply be a matter of contacting the third parties and have them agree with all of Amy's clauses. “I'll draft a letter. You will need to approve it prior to my sending it out. Shirley has your address so we will send it over…”

“No. Please, I'd rather return here and check it over when it's done, if that isn't a problem for you?”

I want to wrap my arms around the woman and declare she can spend as much time as she wants in my office whenever she wants…but I don't. “That's fine. I'll have my assistant call you when it's ready and fax a draft to you so you can familiarize yourself with the document. Then, if you have any comments you want to make or changes you require forward those to Shirley and I'll deal with it before your next appointment.”

Amy Fraser stood up quickly, her six feet two height towering over me. “Okay, I'll wait to hear from…you. Bye Ms. Macalister.” She is gone before I manage to stand or reply. Have I heard right? Amy wants to hear directly from me? No, it must be my imagination and she probably meant ‘you' as in the practice.

The door opens suddenly and in walks a broad shouldered man in his mid-thirties dressed in an immaculately cut business suit. His face has a dark goatee beard that matches his short hair and he sports rimless spectacles. Grinning widely he picks me up out of the sofa and hugs me tightly. “How's my best girl?”

“Randy, its good to see that you're back,” I say to him. Then unexpectedly I hear Amy's voice again.

“Sorry to bother you, I left my briefcase.” Quickly she picks it up and leaves the room as fast.

I can't do anything but look dumbfounded. Randy has me in a bear like embrace so I am unable to move or go after her. Did I catch Amy's expression correctly? For a second there her expressive blue eyes had looked hurt and miserable. How can that be? Obviously she doesn't recognise me from the past.

“Brooke, who was that?” Randy's tone is exaggerated, as he kisses me and places me on the ground again.

“She's a client…my client,” I reply softly. My brain tries to process what Amy thinks she might have seen. Though it probably is my over active imagination considering things that I hope is there but isn't.

His belly laugh to my comment has me looking at him strangely. “You know, if I didn't know you better Brooke I'd say you were smitten. But, that isn't possible is it? You're a great believer in not mixing business with pleasure…right?”

“Of course.” I smile at him and change the subject. “Anyway me tell all. I'm dying to know what happened in Italy.”

* * *

In the almost ten years that Shirley worked with Brooke Macalister she couldn't recall a time when she saw her lose concentration in the office. If she really thought about it she had never seen the woman ever really relax. But, ever since her meeting three weeks ago with Jed's client something definitely changed in the woman's life. She just isn't herself.

Now she is apt to forget her appointments unless it is with Ms. Fraser. In the presence of the woman her boss appears to be gawky like a teenager. Today, Jed is returning to the office for a few hours in the morning, Shirley thought. Since the workload for the practice has taken off dramatically in the last month maybe he will take back his client.After all, if the papers delivered this morning are any indication it looks cut and dry so there won't be a protracted legal case.

“Shirley, I appear to have left my diary at home, who's first on my list today?” I say as I approach her desk.

Previously in my working life I have never forgotten anything for the office. However, in the last couple of weeks I've left my planner behind several times. My mind and heart are full of only one thing that is rapidly eating away at every aspect of my life. Soon it will consume me totally and what will I do then.The job is suffering and so am I. Ever since Amy came back into my life I haven't seen Hayley to get her advise on my situation. To be truthful, I don't want to risk hurting her by talking about another woman. Randy, my other closest friend, understood advising me to get on with my life. He reasoned that if the woman didn't recognise me it was a sure sign I hadn't been of any importance to her back then. You have to move on, he told me. That was sound advice and of course I didn't taken it. Nope, I became angry with my friend and we haven't spoken privately since. That was a week ago. My whole life is crashing and burning around me because of those eyes. Well, I have to blame something. My own weakness and cowardice on the subject can't possibly be the reason.

“Again?” I can tell she regrets the remark as soon as it leaves her mouth.

My angry glance has her quickly diverting her eyes to check her copy of my schedule.

“You have a ten-thirty appointment and one at three. The deeds are back for the Lawrence file and we received this by courier.”

When she hands me the envelope I scan the address. “Thanks.” I say retreating towards my office noticing Randy entering the lobby.

“What's the matter with Brooke Randy, she's never been this testy in all the time I've worked with her?”

The man stared at the closing door of his colleague and friend's office. “She needs a vacation. Have you any mail for me?”

Shirley gave him an unbelieving glance. She is sure he knows what is bugging Brooke…it was bugging her big time.

* * *

Massaging my temples I concentrate on the documents in front of me. The contents are exactly what I have requested for Amy. They didn't bother to challenge anything except to request to name the new facility after someone she nominated. In a way I am pleased that it has been a cut and dry case. Yet, it means that any chance of prolonging my moments with Amy has now diminished. In fact, it is all a formality now. All I need to do is have her sign the agreement and she is able to get on with her life. Another problem solved. I should call Amy and tell her the good news, maybe offer to buy her lunch…oh god what am I thinking? This has gone too far. Amy is now and always has been out of my league. I have never wanted to acknowledge it in my heart and that is what has me weeping inside. I am a hopeless case and it hurts like hell.

Picking up the receiver and punching in her number I wait for the connection. A strange voice answers, “Hello.”

I am flustered for a second, who is this person? “Hello, may I speak with Ms. Fraser please?”

“Sure, who may I tell her is calling?”

“Her lawyer, Brooke Macalister.”

“Just a minute.”

Then in the background I hear footsteps and the alien voice shouting to someone. “Amy darling your lawyer's on the phone. Make it quick will you or we will be late for practice.”

The words, spoken in such an intimate way, set off a seismic reaction that broke my heart into little pieces.

Seconds later, the voice that quite simply rocks my world answers the call, “Hi Ms. Macalister have you news for me?”

“Yes, yes I have. The other party has agreed with all your terms. If you can drop by the office today you can sign the papers and everything else is a formality.”

A happy sigh was the initial reply from Amy until I hear her say “thank you,” softly when the other woman asked her to hurry along once more. “Ms. Macalister is there any chance you could fetch those papers to the field for me today? I have practice all day and tonight is a play-off. If we win we go into the semi finals so I can't leave because after the game tonight we are heading out of town for a week to train.”

I am slightly annoyed at the request. It is easy enough to send Shirley over with the documents for as long as they were witnessed correctly it didn't matter who gave them to Amy. “I'll have my assistant drop by the practice field this afternoon at two. Is that convenient?”

There is silence for a few seconds before Amy responds. Her tone seems to drop provocatively and it reminds me of how I felt while lying in Amy's arms after making love to her and hearing that particular tone. If only I had been able to stay in those arms all those years. “I'm sorry you can't be the one to bring them. However, sure, two is good. Now I have to go.”

“Good luck with your game Ms. Fraser.” I replace the receiver and feel the shards of my broken heart stab even harder than before, as tears run down my cheeks. Minutes later I become aware that I am blubbering like a child; that hasn't happened since I last watched one of those tear-jerking movies. Wiping away my tears, I take in a deep breath and decided that I am in sore need of a vacation…unfortunately it will be alone.

A moment later Jed knocks on my door and enters with a wallet of photos of his newborn baby girl. One glance at me has him closing the door quietly, giving me a long serious look while summing up the situation rapidly as an old friend does. “Hey there Brooke girl, Randy told me you've fallen for a client.”

I want to angrily deny the quietly spoken words but I can't because it is all true. My whole life has been dealing with the truth in the best way I can and lying now didn't help anyone, especially me. “He was supposed to keep my secret.”

Jed walks over to me engulfing me in a hug similar to the ones Randy subjects me to from time to time. “He would, except it has been eating away at him seeing you so sad. Now Shirley's asking questions and you know what that means.”

“What does it mean?” I ask tearfully.

“Once our Shirley gets it into her head to find something out she will. I know first hand and it isn't pleasant.” He grins good-humouredly. Everyone knows that Shirley doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Her only reason for asking is out of genuine concern.

“I guess I've been acting a little strange lately. How are Cathy and your new addition? Please show me the photos I haven't an appointment for another hour or so.”

Jed grins at my change of subject as he looks me straight in the eye. “Here's the deal, you tell me your problems and then I'll show you Cathy's and my pride and joy.”

Shrugging my shoulders I realise how lucky I am to have found such remarkable people, to not only work with, but to call friends. Randy and Jed treat me like a kid sister and I feel that they are the brothers I never had. “Okay, only you go first.”

* * *

The overhead lights are dazzling as I gaze at the field. I haven't been to a football game in years…okay since the break up with Amy. The field appears much larger than I remember it was in college. The audience is certainly vastly different in size. As I gaze at the cheerleaders I recall the pretty girls who had been cheering for their team in college. Those thoughts brought with them the knowledge of all the pangs of jealousy I experienced when Amy would leave for the away games. It was all because I knew at least one of them had been Amy's lover in the past. Now, as I looked them over in the adult world, I wonder if I have really changed much from that jealous lover? Maybe one of those women is the one that answered the phone at Amy's home several weeks ago.

“Are you looking forward to the game Brooke?” Cathy Dempster poked my arm offering me a hotdog. We are sitting in a box in the main stand. Although Cathy no longer plays professionally, she still has her heart in the game and having the seats is her one major indulgence she carries over from her playing days. Jed had been insistent that I go along with his wife to the final game of the season. Of course I was reluctant at first but his persuasion was relentless and in the end I decided what the hell could it hurt now. Anyway, I enjoy Cathy's company and she is always a fun person to be with.

“Absolutely, haven't been to a game in years.” I took the hotdog and bite into it with relish.

“You've been missing some great games this season. Marcie Talbot and Greer Randolph have been marvellous. Though the star of the show is undoubtedly Amy Fraser. Of course you'd know that you were in college together weren't you...”

Before I could answer the two teams enter the field and the place erupts as they settle into the game.

Two hours later amid cheers, applauding and screams of joy bouncing off every surface in the arena I gave Cathy a high five while laughing with joy. The miracle had happened and the Panthers, for the first time in their history, were at the top of the league. And who scored that miracle last point, could it have been anyone else…Amy.

I hold my breath when Amy heads for the line forcing myself not to shriek and become carried away with the joy of the moment. The woman I love succeeded where so many others have failed. However, I have learned after years of practice to school that show of emotion. It isn't good for a lawyer to have anything but a poker face.

“Wow, isn't that marvellous. Let's go Brooke.”

I am surprised at Cathy's low-key analysis of her team's win. I half expected her to be jumping all over the furniture in the box. She didn't. Now we are heading home or at least that is what I think. For some strange reason I am not surprised when, instead of turning left to the car park, we head right for the tunnel to the player's area.

As we head down the tunnel I have to wonder what I am doing by going with her. If Amy is there will she even bother to acknowledge me? Her business with my firm is over and she has no reason to be other than merely polite with a simple hello and goodbye at best.

As we near the door marked private, my eyes became glued to the tunnel exit onto the field. There was a large crowd all shouting one name and one name only…Amy!

Needless to say Amy is there in the thick of the crowd signing autograph books, posters and team programmes. As I watch in fascination I wonder how she has the vigour to keep her fans happy after using all that energy on the field.

Cathy glances in my direction as she holds the door for me. “Are you coming inside Brooke?”

I turn to her only half listening as my eyes return to the only person that matters to me…Amy. “I, I'll catch up…” It is a foolish thing to say because I don't even know where she is going.

Her eyes glance in the direction of mine. “Sure, take your time.”

* * *

I'm staring at you from a distance, as it always has been. At the same time I recall with vivid clarity everything about you, everything… particularly your eyes!

I even remember the first time I was captured, or, should I say enchanted by a simple glance across a table. What a meal that turned out to be. Who could have thought that in a single moment my life would change forever and ever and ever. A fairy story of sorts perhaps, and I'm hoping, as I always will, for the rest of my life, that my story will finally be realised and my fantasy will be reality.

“Amy, Amy over here I want your autograph, pleaseeee…” were the screams of the admirers that worship every point you score. And me, me, I'm no better, a groupie some might call me. I confess I am for you only! Ah those were the days. College days and you were a fabulous football player then, as you are now…

“Did anyone ever tell you it was rude to stare?” That voice again. I'd know it in a hundred years time if I never heard it again until then.

I nervously return her regard and those blue eyes hold a twinkle in them that years ago I would have said she only ever used for me. I could idiotically fool myself into believing it even now. “Sorry, it brought back memories…” Realising I was being stupid I added, “great game. I think you'll become a member of their hall of fame after today's performance.”

Her deep blue eyes, which have a voice of their own that I am sure only I can hear, speak to me. As with everything about Amy, in my eyes it is indistinct, out of reach, I don't understand the communication. “Yes well we'll see on that one. I'm sure I'll be feted for a few days then another will take my place. I think it was this season or never to achieve the top. For me anyway, I'm not getting any younger.”

“That's true, opps sorry that doesn't sound very supportive does it.”

That twinkle in the eye again has me breathing heavily. This is so not me and at the same time it is. It always has been when she is around me. I'd give anything for her to ask me to her bed just one more time, no matter how cheap it makes me appear. I crave those strong arms holding me. Her tapering fingers trailing over my body to bring it to a fever pitch, her long tanned muscled legs holding me close and inviting me to places that I know from previous experience but am more than happy to map out again and again and again. She is sexy, beautiful and in my fantasyland the only woman for me…is it only a fantasy? Don't I want her in my reality as well?

“Why didn't you say something?”

It is a cryptic comment, something I, as a lawyer, would say. What does she mean? Has someone been talking? Then it dawns on me what Cathy had said earlier, oh sure Jed! He is supposed to be my friend, “I'm sorry I don't understand…”

A slim finger over my lips silences me effectively. She probably doesn't realise how much her touch affects me. I want the ground to open up on me but at the same time I want her touch all over my body. “I've missed you.” Her head bends slightly as she kisses me tenderly.

My heart is somersaulting in any direction it can and my senses are overloading as her lips gently explore mine. It is like the first time we kissed, except where youthful passion guided us then, this time gentleness and tenderness leads the caress. I have my eyes closed because I'm afraid that I am dreaming and if I open them I'd wake to find that I'm not here with the woman I love at all.

“Brooke, why didn't you acknowledge our previous time together?” She has dropped her helmet to the ground and I haven't even noticed. Her arms gather me as close as possible notwithstanding the body armour she is wearing.

I gaze dazedly into those sexy, blue eyes that had captured me a long, long time ago and I know that Jed hadn't said anything. Amy knew all along that we knew each other, but why didn't she mention it? “Why didn't you?” I whisper into her sweaty shirt but it didn't matter. She is reality and I am here where I know I need to be…nothing else matters…not now.

Her slow smile that makes her eyes glow captures mine and I feel myself entering a world that holds Amy and I alone. “I wanted too, almost did once or twice. I guess I worked on the theory that you didn't want anything to do with me, we didn't exactly part on the best of terms did we?”

I move out of her gentle hold and look up at her beloved features. She has a few bruises on her face and my fingers touch them absently but with infinite care. “No we didn't. I wasn't angry with you just upset. I thought that you decided that I was just another fling.”

For only the second time since I've known her, those marvellous eyes of hers reflect pain. I had seen that in my office that day. “You were never a fling Brooke, never! I wanted desperately to have you in my life but I was building up a career and you wanted to be the best lawyer in the state remember.”

“I would have gone to law school wherever you were. I wanted you to ask me.” My tears threaten to drown us both as she cradles me to her chest.

“A part of me wanted to be selfish and do that. Then I made myself believe that you would find me when you'd qualified and we could be together again. I guess I wasn't thinking straight.” Amy blushes at her own arrogance and selfish thoughts back then.

I realise that I might have thought I was grown up back in college but I now know that I hadn't been. Today I am and no way am I going to let stupid misunderstandings stand in the way of my happiness now. “There was a woman in your room that last call I made to you a few weeks ago. Is she someone special in your life?” I don't want to ruin someone else's life, as this road I am travelling on at high speed at the moment, is slowly running out of track as we near our conclusion. I am prepared to crash and burn alone for my feelings but refuse to take an innocent party along with me, even though Amy looks like she means every word.

Amy laughs as she hugs me again. Then with a passion I do recall, and returned with equal measure, she kisses me and we are lost souls to everyone but each other.

“Mary is between apartments. She is staying for a couple of nights. I have no one in my life except…”

Ah there it is, there is always something that will stop me in my tracks. My expression must reflect my thoughts for Amy pulled my chin upwards smiling that glorious smile of hers. How I love her, always have, always will. “Except you. From the moment I held you for the first time back in college I've never had anyone else in my arms since the day we parted.”

She's been celibate since we parted? No way. She is a star football player. There has to have been at least one lover in the past decade or so. Though why I find it hard to imagine is beyond me. I only need to look at my own reserved lifestyle in that area since her … “I don't understand, are you telling me that you've never been with another woman, since us … that is.”

Her serious expression told me without words the truth. She really had been waiting for me all those years.

“What about you and that guy in your office it looked rather cosy to me?”

For the first time in weeks I laugh happily, this is way too good to be true. “No way, you spoiled me for everyone, man or woman. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you and I will love you until the day I die.”

There I said it and probably said something along those same lines when we were in college. Now it isn't a youthful sentiment that is fragile and prone to break at anytime. No, this is the adult version, and it has a strength that can't be broken unless she chooses to break my heart.

“I love you too Brooke. I want to share the rest of my life with you starting from this moment. I want to feel your skin next to mine, your heart beating steadily in tune with mine, as mine will be with yours. Your love changed me forever Brooke, will you make me whole and spend forever with me?”

I have to be dreaming this isn't happening to me it can't be. “Forever might not be long enough,” I whisper. Amy grins satisfied with my answer and we kiss again passionately.

The tunnel is no longer ours alone as we are brought down to earth suddenly. A hand touches my shoulder and a familiar voice asks if I'd found what I was looking for.

Cathy Dempster has a huge smile on her face, bigger if that is possible than Amy's and mine. Then I see a wink pass between Cathy and Amy I know then that there has been a conspiracy. “Okay, what's the story?”

Both women laugh at my affronted expression and Cathy shakes her head. “Amy and I are old friends from way back. She told me about you and how she felt about you years ago. We kept in touch, and when she saw your photo at the house a few months ago she nearly had a heart attack. Jed and I tried to arrange a meet between you a couple of times, it didn't work out. I guess fate decided to intervene at last, because look at you now.” Her satisfied expression makes me smile at the way my life has been manipulated. But, what a way to let go.

“I need to take a shower and see the coach. We have a party that I can't get out of at the Majestic Hotel. Can I entice you two beautiful ladies to join me?” As she speaks her eyes capture mine and I know she wants me there. However, her message is loud and clear that it wouldn't be for long. We have too much to catch up on.

Cathy shakes her head. “I'll wait with Brooke until you are finished here. Sorry I won't be going with you but I need my beauty sleep and anyway Jed would be gutted if I went to a party without him.” Her indulgent tone tells us she didn't miss any of the parties of her youth. She has her own happy plans and it only includes her husband and new daughter.

* * *

The bed is gigantic as we sank into its depths. Even in my wildest dreams I could never have pictured that tonight this would be where I'd be, in your arms.

Later as we lay sated and loved in each other's arms I think about us and how we reached this moment. All I can think of is that finally, you are no longer at a distance and I can stare at you forever and ever and know you are mine.

Because now I know for sure, my fantasy and reality is the same…Amy, my girl with the enchanting eyes, loves me as much as I love her.


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