~ Echoes of the Past ~
J. M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly
Part 11
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Language - Violence - Hurt/Comfort:  There are elements of strong language, violence,  physical and/or mental, as well as emotional hurt and discomfort in this story.

The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental. 

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Dedication: This story is dedicated to Parker who graciously let us use her name.

Author's Note:   This story the third storyline to J.M. Dragon's When Heaven Meets Hell and Fatal Hesitation. Although it is not necessary to read these two stories it might give the reader more background.

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Chapter 26

Amelia considered going back to the bar to forget her troubles in a wash of alcohol again. It didn’t solve the dilemma then and it won’t now. From her perspective, at that moment she was a spare wheel in Olivia’s life that much her friend had pointed out in stark clarity. The words still echoed in her head, “I don’t need you Amelia. Please go.”

As she pulled up besides a building, she was vaguely surprised to see that it was home. Home, its Olivia’s home not mine. A gremlin in her head kept repeating, I’m just here because she allows it. She instinctively deactivated the security, watched as the garage door went up and parked more by instinct than purpose. Amelia stepped out of the vehicle and sighed heavily as she saw Teal and Sophie heading in her direction. Explanations, I can do without that right now.

“Hey how is she, I wasn’t expecting you back so soon.” Teal asked. Her ready smile quickly replaced by a frown when she saw her friend’s face. “There hasn’t been complications has there?”

“No, no she’s doing great. She’ll be back tomorrow, they’re just keeping her in overnight for observation…they do that with concussion victims.” Amelia replied mechanically.

Teal let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great news, isn’t it?”

Amelia nodded. “Yes it is. Look, do you both mind if I take a nap, I’m exhausted. All in all it’s been quite a hectic few hours.” It was her excuse to sidestep any more questions - it didn’t happen.

“Have you seen Parker? I was expecting her to check up on me, if not in person at least by phone,” Sophie asked.

Amelia wanted to give Sophie a reality check. Telling her that Parker is fighting for her life, won’t accomplish anything - it will only exacerbate it. “I’m sure she’ll be in touch as soon as she can, Sophie. If she hasn’t called by the morning, Olivia will know why and you can ask her.”

Leaden footsteps took her toward her room and once inside she sank onto the bed. With her head turned to the pillow, she cried like a baby at the possibility that she was losing Olivia. Have I already lost you?

Teal watched Amelia leave, a thoughtful expression crossed her face then she turned to the other woman in the room. “Sophie, how about making us a cup of coffee.”

Sophie, aggrieved at being in the dark, shrugged. “I’ll do better than that. As we haven’t had anything since early this morning, I’ll make us snacks.”

“Excellent idea. Do you mind if I leave you for a few minutes?” Teal smiled warmly. “I’ve just remembered a message that I need to give to Amelia.”

Sophie responded with a smile of her own. “Take your time. I like to prepare meals and always work better in the kitchen on my own.”

Teal waited for Sophie to climb the stairs and enter the kitchen before she tentatively tapped on Amelia’s bedroom door. When she didn’t receive an answer, she opened the door, popped her head around it and with difficulty saw that Amelia was on the bed. By the muffled sound, she knew that her friend was crying. This isn’t how she should be feeling if Olivia is ok. What’s really going on? She stepped inside the room and walked the few feet to the bed and asked, “Amelia why are you crying? Is Olivia ok? You can tell me, please.”

From the depths of her despair, Amelia heard the entreaty bordering on worry in Teal’s voice. She pushed the pillow away and quietly replied, “She’s fine it’s nothing but a mild concussion and we both know she has a hard head.”

Thank god for that, Teal silently thought before peering up to her friend. “You know, I’m not good at talking to inanimate objects Amelia. Will you at least sit on the edge of the bed and speak to me.”

With a heavy sigh, Amelia moved to accommodate the request. “I need to be alone right now Teal, please.”

“We’re friend’s Amelia, and friends don’t leave without trying to help when they see someone in pain. I’ve known you enough years to figure out something has broken your heart. Just tell me who and I’ll make them pay.”

A tiny smile flickered around Amelia’s lips at the diminutive woman’s defense of her honor. “That’s a bit drastic Teal. You have to give your heart to someone or something for it to be broken.”

“Ok, then what’s happened to make you cry?”

“I guess for the first time, I found out where I am in the scheme of things around here. I feel inconsequential.”

Teal rolled her eyes. “What a crock that is Amelia. If Olivia was here and she heard you say that, she’d be taking you to task for it. You are as important in the scheme of things, as you call it, as the rest of us…more so from certain people’s point of view.”

“That’s just where you’re wrong Teal, she doesn’t give a damn.” The words seemed pathetic and selfish.

“Who… Olivia? Give me a break Amelia, we both know different and if you don’t I can tell you…” Teal didn’t finish as Amelia interrupted her.

“She said, and I quote. I don’t need you Amelia. Please go.”

Teal frowned heavily. No, no way…I’d stake my life that Olivia loves Amelia. “Look Amelia, it’s been a rough day she probably wasn’t thinking straight after a blow to the head. Are you sure, that’s what she said? In what context did she say it exactly?”

“Those were the exact words and in context to me being there for her…especially now,” Amelia said.

“Especially now? Why now?”

“Parker was shot, she’s critical. Olivia wanted to be with her.”

Teal’s mouth had dropped open in astonishment. “Why didn’t you mention that? That poor woman in the kitchen is waiting for Parker to get in touch.”

“I can’t tell her. Sophie will want to go to the hospital and that wouldn’t be a safe place for her right now. I suspect it will be in the morning.” Amelia tried to calm her own shattered emotions as she focused on the completion of the mission.

Then it dawned on Teal what the impact of Parker’s condition would have on Olivia. She’ll think she is responsible. “Look, Olivia’s one of those people who doesn’t want anyone hurt on their watch. You know that Amelia…I know you do. She’ll want to ensure that Parker is ok that’s all.”

More to emphasize it on her own psyche than for Teal’s benefit, Amelia whispered, “Parker was Olivia’s partner ten years ago. When I say partner I mean like you and Phil…they lived together. She didn’t want me there because she’s realized that she still loves Parker and I’d be an embarrassment.”

“My god, I didn’t know Amelia, but that doesn’t make any difference to what you and Olivia have together. She cares about you Amelia.” Not knowing what else to say Teal shrugged. “Besides, I know that Parker and Sophie are sleeping together, surely that means something.”

“I’ve watched Parker. No matter what you say, she loves Olivia. It’s in the way she responds when Olivia is close to her or even speaks.” Because that’s exactly how I feel. Amelia felt the wave of anguish wash over her again as tears fell unchecked. “For Olivia’s sake, I hope Parker makes it. They both deserve to be happy and I think that Olivia realizes she still loves Parker too.”

Teal didn’t hesitate. She literally jumped on the bed and placed her smaller arms around her friend. Amelia took comfort in the sympathy of her friend and leaned into Teal’s embrace. “It’s going to be ok Amelia, it really is. Everything will return to normal when this case is over you’ll see.”

“It can’t ever be again Teal. I feel so lost. What will I do without her in my life if she doesn’t want me here anymore?” Amelia sobbed into the small woman’s shoulder. I can’t even admit to my dear friend Teal, that I love Olivia. I couldn’t bear it if she felt sorry for me.

Teal didn’t say anything as she silently comforted her friend. Her thoughts shouted, oh my poor Amelia…you think this isn’t a broken heart. What will we do with you?

+ + +

Dan Estevez readjusted his legs as he sat in a chair outside Parker’s room. When the hospital staff asked why he was there, he flashed a badge and said he was protecting the woman. How gullible they all are. Just flash a badge with an official looking ID and no one questions or checks you out. He saw a man and a woman who he guessed were in their fifties, hurrying toward him. When they got to the door, he stood up and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Davis, I’m Dan Estevez…a friend of Olivia Santos.” He offered his hand.

Ed Davis ignored the proffered hand. “Where is our daughter?” he demanded.

“Oh Ed,” Ruth said. “He isn’t usually this rude you have to understand we’re worried about our Parker.”

“Yes, I appreciate that,” Dan said. “Would you both come with me to the family room so I can speak with you in private?”

Ruth’s hand went to her mouth. “Oh, my god…Parker has died.”

“No, no she is very much alive. I just need to tell you about the circumstance revolving around her being injured.”

Ed pushed past Dan “We’ll see our daughter first then we can talk.”

Ruth patted Dan’s arm. “We just want to see her for ourselves. You can understand that can’t you?”

Dan nodded. “I’ll be right here until you’re done.”

After Ruth entered the room, Dan heard a loud sob and clenched his jaw. Damn you O’Donnell I hope you rot in hell.

+ + +

Ruth took Parker’s hand and held it close. “Ed, look at our little girl…she’s so still,”

Ed said nothing as he fixed his eyes on his daughter while gnashing his teeth in anger.

“Parkiepoo, its Mom, can you hear me?” Teary eyes looked at Ed. “Do you think she can hear me?”

“She hears you,” an unfamiliar voice said.

Ruth looked toward the door and saw a nurse. “What do I say?”

“Just speak to her like you normally do. The conventional wisdom says that coma patients hear everything you say to them.”

Ruth’s hand went to her mouth again. “When will she wake up?”

“No telling,” the nurse said. “Do you mind stepping outside for about five minutes I need to check her vitals?”

“Come on Ed let’s speak with that nice man outside.”

+ + +

Dan escorted Parker’s parents to the family room and closed the door. He said, “I want to tell you how Parker was injured.”

“You better tell us everything if you know what’s good for you.” Ed said.

Dan’s eyes fixed on the older man realizing he was close to exploding. “I plan on doing just that Mr. Davis.” Dan cleared his throat and began. “Your daughter and Olivia Santos were protecting a woman named Sophie Durant from an assassin.”

“That’s the young woman Parker had at the house,” Ruth said.

“The man they were looking for killed a friend of Ms. Durant’s whose funeral was today.” He looked at his watch. “There was a shootout and your daughter had the man cornered. He was the person that shot her…then I shot him dead.” He heard Ruth softly crying and noticed that Ed’s face was stoic. “Your daughter was directly responsible for tracking him down. It was because of her determined pursuit that we got a confession about who he worked for.”

“He should rest in hell,” Ed said.

Dan nodded. “I’m sure he is.” After a cough Dan continued. “It was because of Olivia’s connection with an organization that works undercover that we were able to track and find the man. When we brought your daughter to the hospital we thought it wasn’t prudent to tell anyone about the operation.” He tugged at this collar trying to make it feel less constricting. “We told them that Parker attempted suicide,” he said. “I wanted you to know what really happened so if any of the hospital staff mentions suicide you will know that was not what happened. We’ve replaced your daughter’s initial doctor with one that works directly for our group.”

“I don’t understand,” Ruth said. “Did Parker work for the group too?


“Then why was she there?”

“Olivia Santos.”

Ruth nodded, she didn’t need further explanation for she knew Parker was there to be near Olivia.” My daughter still loves her… I saw it in both their eyes.

Quiet prevailed in the small room. Ed finally stood up, approached Dan and held his hand out. “Thank you. I’m sorry about earlier and being rude…I’m just worried about my little girl.”

Ruth asked, “Where’s Olivia?”

“She’s gone after the person that hired the assassin.”

With and understanding nod, the couple stood up and started for the door. Just as Ed Davis took hold of the doorknob, Dan added. “Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Davis there’s one more thing you should know…”

Chapter 27

The droning of the engine of the helicopter and the whirling of the blades above Olivia, amplified the pain in her head. For the second time on the journey, she reached for the pills Dan acquired before leaving the hospital. Just as she popped two more in her mouth, the pilot pointed to the landing pad.

“That’s where we’ll put her down,” he said.

About time too. “You’ll be contacted when we need a collection,” Olivia said. Her gaze scanned the miniscule figures waiting on the roof of a federal building. Minutes later, she saw the thumbs up to vacate the transport. She hopped onto the landing pad making sure her head was low enough from the back draft of the revolving rotors.

Two people moved forward to greet Olivia. “Is everything set up?”

Stevie looked at the woman whose face seemed etched with anger. “Yes, we know her whereabouts. Chris is there now and told us that the woman just got home.”

“Who else is in the building with her?” Olivia barely looked at her colleagues as she walked rapidly to the elevator.

“As far as we know,” Sally said, “there is the household staff that consists of two women, the cook and the nanny. The child is in the house and there’s also a gardener on the grounds.”

Olivia glanced at Sally as a frown knitted her brow. “I take it there is an adequate exit plan in place?”

“Yes, everything is set in motion.” She pulled out a schematic of the area. “We also have a way to get in undetected.”

Stevie added, “Whenever you say, it will be a go.”

Silence greeted their plans for a few moments as Olivia felt a searing pain in her head. Damn concussion I hate headaches. “Good, how far away are we from the residence when we hit street level?”

“We have a van in the garage and it should take about thirty minutes to get to the house depending on the traffic,” Sally said.

Stevie added, “She went to the bank this morning and I managed to plant a small tracking chip on her clothes.” She waited for a response of, what if she changes clothes, but got none. “Chris is monitoring her movements in the house with a remote device.”

With a low curse Olivia growled, “Damn Philly and its narrow one way streets. We’d be better off on motorcycles. I take it the driver is familiar with the foibles of this city?”

“Yeah, I went to Penn so I know all the streets.”

Olivia gave Sally the once over. The woman was new to her ops team transferring from one of the other six teams or the HQ team. It doesn’t really matter where she’s from as long as she does her job. “Stevie advise the pilot we’ll be ready for pickup again in two hours.”

Stevie gave Olivia a furtive glance then quickly strode toward their vehicle to make the call. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to put up with her high and mighty attitude anymore. This is all her fault anyway for underestimating O’Donnell.

Sally said, “You do realize that the mansion has a gate? Two hours is optimistic at best.”

The bomb that had been ticking in Olivia’s head exploded at the young woman’s words. Her lips curved into a snarl. “Two hours is all you have. If you’re incapable of meeting my targets go back to where you came from or better yet, join something that you can take your time in - origami might be more in your line.”

Sally gaped at the rejoinder. Who the hell does she think she is? I’ve heard all about Santos and her cowboy ways. “Chris is inside the grounds. He has the code for the gate when we get there he’ll open it then we’ll have to go about a hundred yards to reach the house. Fortunately, there’s lots of cover so we should go undetected. We noticed that the door near the pool is always open and that will be where we enter.”

“Then the only thing that remains unproven is your driving skills, let’s go.” She climbed into the back of the vehicle where Stevie was waiting.

Bitch. “I can assure you that my driving skills are more than adequate. No matter what I drive I never get lost, have an accident or fall off a motorcycle.” Sally locked her eyes at the woman in the rearview mirror before buckling her seatbelt.

Olivia leveled a glacial glance in the young woman’s direction. A low blow - I like it. “You’re on the clock as of now.”

Sally threw the vehicle into gear and the wheels squealed as she drove toward their target.

+ + +

The dark van stopped in front of the gated mansion’s driveway. Olivia glanced at her watch. Nice ...twenty-two minutes. Each woman affixed a headset and did a sound check. Then, from inside the van someone said, “We’re here Chris.”

Chris Archer whispered, “The gate to the side of the bigger one is open. I’m about twenty-five yards to the left of that.”

Once the three women exited the vehicle, Olivia spoke into her headset. “Chris you take care of the gardener and Stevie along with Sally will neutralize the inside help.”

They approached the smaller gate, pushed it open and moved to the left toward a stand of trees. Chris waved them over indicating that they should keep low. Stevie crouched next to the man. “What do you have?”

“The gardener is about fifty feet over there.”

Olivia ground her teeth at the reply. “What part of neutralize the gardener didn’t you understand Chris?” Her eyes scanned the terrain for any other obstacles. If you want a job done, you have to do it yourself and they call themselves the elite of DOCO! God give me strength.

“I did, just give it another minute.” He pointed to the man tending the roses and said, “Five, four, three, two, one…there he goes.” The gardener collapsed backwards.

“What did you do to him?” Stevie asked.

“It’s a prototype of a spray that renders a person unconscious for forty-five minutes and when they awake they have no idea that it happened.” He grinned. “Pretty neat isn’t it?”

Stevie grinned. “Do you have any left for us to use inside?”

“Sure do.” He handed the two women aerosol cans. “Just be sure you don’t use too much. We don’t want them out any longer than we need to get the job done.”

“We’ll be careful,” she said. “Come on let’s get going, we have less than forty-five minutes.”

“She’s in the master bedroom.” Chris started for the house along with the others.

Olivia made a mental note to add that concoction to her next shopping list with DOCO. She continued her private surveillance of the area and the home in particular. Obviously, they aren’t expecting any serious crimes around these parts or they would have better security implemented. Then, she returned her attention to her colleagues who were now out in the open and heading toward the house. Why is everyone around me so eager to rush things? Damn you Parker! I wonder how you’re doing. You really should have left it to the experts. “Where do you think you are going Chris?” she said.

“I’m going to the house to help out,” Chris said as whipped his head around to look at Olivia. Who the hell does she think she is to question me?

“Hey, we’re wasting time here.” Stevie’s bravado was short lived when she saw the scowl on Olivia’s face.

As Olivia stepped closer to the figures, she felt the tension building particularly in Chris. “I asked you to secure the perimeter Chris. You have extinguished the known threat. What happens if someone unexpected arrives and you’re inside? You stay here and deal with it…end of story.” Her glacial eyes moved to Stevie and Sally. She flicked her head toward the house. “You have two minutes.”

Stevie and Sally ran toward the house and gained entrance before neutralizing the cook and the nanny. “All secure.”

As Olivia entered the building, she spoke to Stevie. “Check on the child. I don’t want anything tragic happening to an innocent. Sally, you keep a close eye on the nanny and the maid. I’ll contact you next when we need to exit the building…you be ready.”

+ + +

Olivia activated the recorder in her pocket and quietly opened the bedroom door.

Evelyn Durant, who sat at her desk compiling a list for the nanny, felt a slight breeze on her cheek and unconsciously wiped a hand across it. She had exactly one hour to get into the city and meet her husband at the art museum. Her ears perked up when she thought she heard a strange sound. A quick glance of the room showed nothing out of place. Just as she finished the list, she felt something cold against her neck.

“Shamus sends his regards from the grave Evelyn. I’m here to replace him.” Olivia’s intimidating voice was cold and menacing. She felt her finger twitch eager to squeeze the trigger of her Glock semi-automatic. It would be so easy to end it now.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Evelyn said. “Exactly who is this Shamus person and where did we meet?”

Cool and aloof…she’s good I’ll give her credit for that much. Olivia, with the gun never leaving the woman’s skin, stealthily moved to face Evelyn Durant. “If I mention Sophie, inheritance and assassin would you remember?”

Evelyn assessed the woman with the gun and felt a small shiver run down her spine. She found herself drawn to the cold blue eyes. I saw that same look in Shamus’ eyes-inhuman. “You certainly don’t look like an assassin,” she said. She fixed Olivia with her own cold, hard stare. “You’re guessing and this is all some elaborate ruse.”

Olivia gave the woman a feral grin. “Is that a chance you want to take Evelyn,” she purred.

“How do I know that he is dead? Maybe this is a deception to extort money.”

Olivia reached inside her jacket pocket and took out the cell phone used to capture images of Shamus’s body. “See for yourself.” She held the phone so Evelyn could see the picture. “If I go back one you’ll see his useless cousin Sean.” She flicked the button. “See they’re both dead.”

Evelyn looked briefly at the pictures. She sighed and let her eyes gaze over Olivia’s face and body. “What, exactly do you want from me?”

Olivia tipped her head to one-side not hiding her deliberate assessment of the woman from her head to the heaving breast implants. Fear, is that fear I see in those deliciously formed breasts? She flicked her tongue over her lips and caught eyes that held veiled panic. “For starters I’ll complete the task you gave Shamus, but I’ll want more than what you were paying him.” Her voice changed from menacing to sultry and playful as the tip of her gun made small circles on the woman’s cheek.

Evelyn still wasn’t convinced. “I don’t respond well to demands.”

This is taking far too long. “Fine by me…but don’t forget that I’ve got her and you want her. It’s your call as to what I do next. I can keep her safe for the next few months or …”

Evelyn let out a nervous laugh. “You don’t have her.”

Olivia smiled, glad that she had the foresight to take a picture of Sophie in a staged hostage condition. She pulled the picture out of her pocket. “It’s dark and a bit grainy, but you’ll get the general idea.”

Evelyn’s eyes darted from the picture to the cold blue eyes of Olivia. “I’m not interested in keeping her safe. You’ll need to deal with her before August third…can you do that?”

A thin smile played around Olivia’s lips and she raised an eyebrow, “of course.”

“You can play with her anyway you want, but her body needs to be found no later than the end of July.” Evelyn leveled Olivia with a hard look. “How do I know you can deliver?”

Olivia winked. “I’ve never had any complaints.” She moved her gun down along Evelyn’s neck to rest in the valley between her breasts. “All I need from you is confirmation of your arrangement with Shamus and your agreement to my payment terms.”

Evelyn gulped when the cold steel touched her breasts it felt strangely erotic. “You give me confirmation the job is done and I will pay you.” A quick glance at the clock brought a smile to Evelyn’s face. “The nanny should be here any moment so you either agree to my terms or leave…I’m sure you don’t want anyone to identify you.”

Gotcha! The scent of victory permeated the air as Olivia moved to within inches of Evelyn’s face. She could feel the breath of the woman on her cheek and it made her nauseous. “Forget the nanny Evelyn. It’s just you and me, and right now, I’m the one with the upper hand.” The gun moved under the flimsy bra and stopped over a nipple. As the cold touched on the sensitive skin, the other nipple became visible through her silk shirt. “Shamus liked to play with little girls I prefer mine more…” Her eyes greedily rested on Evelyn’s breast. “Mature,” Olivia said. This is working out better than I imagined. Homophobes were so predictable…they’re always scared shitless by ignorance.

Evelyn grabbed the barrel of the gun. “Get that thing away from me!” she ordered. She couldn’t disguise the panic in her voice. “I want the body to be found to prove she is dead. Is that clear?”

“You grab the barrel again and I’m not sure I will be able to keep my finger from pulling the trigger.” Olivia let out a cruel laugh. “You really don’t like your stepdaughter do you. Hmm, I wonder if I should just keep her safe.” She let her eyes feast on Evelyn’s breast again. “No, she’s not my type. Enough of this small talk…either you agree to my terms or not.” Olivia shrugged. “Either way I get paid.”

“She’s offered to pay you?” When Evelyn saw Olivia nod she eyed the woman who she was certain wanted to harm her. I can’t let that happen. She said, “I‘ll match whatever Sophie offered along with the hundred thousand I still owed Shamus ...” Her eyes opened wide and she shivered as she considered another option. Has someone else sent her here? Gus…no he wouldn’t do that.

A feral look glinted in Olivia’s eyes when she heard exactly what they needed to indict this woman for conspiracy to commit murder. “Oh Evelyn, I certainly don’t want your money.”

Fear permeated Evelyn’s eyes and face as a hand clutched the opening of her silk blouse. “What do you want then?”

Olivia closed in on Evelyn and ran her tongue along the woman's cheek. “You Evelyn…and right now, I’ve got you.” Her hand turned like a vice around Evelyn’s wrist as she spoke into her mike. “Stevie, Sally we have what we need, time to leave.” Although her earlier injuries protested, Olivia managed to pull the stunned woman from the chair, drag the awkwardly walking woman out of the room and down the stairs to the two waiting women. “Let me go,” Evelyn screamed. “Are you going to kill me after you and your friends rape me?”

Stevie’s eyebrows shot up as she heard Evelyn’s panic filled screams. Christ what did Olivia say to her. “Want me to deal with the mouth?”

The distaste Evelyn’s comment had on Olivia’s already overworked system had her almost puking on the stairs. In your dreams, you bitch. “Take her away and use that stuff on her and keep her as far away as possible from me.” She looked at Sally. “Get this tape to the local police. It will be interesting to see how they treat one of their elite involved in such a scandal.”

“You got it,” Sally said.

Stevie grabbed Evelyn and covered her face as she squirted a small amount of spray in Evelyn’s direction. I’m going to love watching you go to prison. The girls inside will have a field day with a rich bitch like you…you’ll deserve everything you get.

Olivia adjusted her headset. “Chris I need you to keep the child safe until one of the help wakes up and is fit to take over. If they spot you show them your police ID.” Thank god, that’s over, now to get Parker back on her feet. She closed her eyes for a few seconds recalling how she’d left Parker. Then grimaced as another scenario she’d set in motion came to the forefront of her thoughts. That is another matter outstanding, but that will have to wait.

To be continued

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