"Just Dinner"


J Rosestar

Original fiction - short story - PWP

Disclaimers: The characters are all mine.

It's PWP so of course it's NC-17.

Involves a sexual encounter between two women.

"Just Dinner" A sexy woman, sent from the main office to help set up a new computer system, is invited to dinner.

Special thanks to:  Vic who beta'd this for me. And just does all kinds of great things. Without her, nothing else would matter.

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"It's just dinner." Alice told herself for the tenth time in the past hour. What could I have possibly been thinking?

It had been an interesting two weeks at work. The main office sent two instructors to the satellite office to train them on the new computer system. Alice resisted change. As far as she was concerned there was no need for a new system, and she didn't want to have to learn a new one.

When the instructors arrived, Alice found herself very interested in the new system. Both instructors were women. But one was just the kind of woman Alice always lusted after - tall, dark and aloof. She was also just the kind of woman who never took notice of Alice. Even in office attire, Alice did not need her gaydar pinging to know this woman was family.

Alice was average size, average height with average brown hair color. The only thing, in Alice's opinion, that was not average were her blue eyes. Her eyes were the deep green-blue of a tropical ocean sea.

Forcing herself into business mode, Alice stood waiting for the introductions. "Grace Alvin" the lead woman held out her hand for Alice to shake. Woodenly, she shook the hand trying to keep the sound of her heart from beating out through her ears as she nervously waited for the second woman. "Natalie Harmon" was the name of the goddess in the navy blue pants suit.

"Nat," a slightly deep voice said as a hand reached toward Alice's. Frozen, but trying to make her mind work she reached for the hand and said the first thing that came into her head. "Is that gnat - with a G?" As the words came out of her mouth, she wished she could retrieve her hand to physically shove the words back into her mouth.

With a roll of her eyes and a shake of her head, she could do nothing but smile stupidly and mumble a quick "sorry, couldn't help myself." She hoped that no one would notice the embarrassed pink tinge on her cheeks. Fortunately, her boss and the other woman were already deeply engrossed in conversation. The only one to notice was, of course, Nat.

"Don't worry, I've been called much worse things than a bug." She smiled at Alice with the comfortable ease of someone who was always in control of herself. The smile also contained a hint of recognition, her gaydar had apparently pinged as well. That surprised Alice, since she usually fell under everyone's gaydar. Or, maybe not. Maybe not, maybe she can tell that I'm already imagining the wet dreams I'll enjoy tonight. Horrified at that thought, Alice shoved all emotions to the back of her brain. Mentally forcing that door closed, she put herself fully into non-emotional career mode.

Nat suggested they go to Alice's office so she could make sure the system was working correctly. Alice led her into the office. Once there, they got down to the business of work. Alice was surprised at how easily she became comfortable around Nat.

Over the two weeks the women had been in the office, to Alice's surprise, she and Nat had bonded in a work-related friendship. All right, she admitted to herself, it was perhaps just a little more than a work related friendship. Probably just our shared secret, she thought. While neither mentioned the fact that they were gay, it was obvious to both.

Tuesday the women were flying back to the main office in Cincinnati. Alice could not help but be disappointed that Nat was going away. To her surprise, Alice found herself inviting Nat to dinner Friday night. Dinner yes, but why did I have to suggest it be at my house rather than a restaurant. Because she's probably tired of eating out? Alice mentally rolled her eyes. Why did I have to say it like that?

She looked back toward the dining room table. Everything seemed to be in its proper place. The table set up was simple, just as she would have set it for any friend. There were no candles or wineglasses on the table. It contained just place settings for two. Each place had a bowl already pre-filled with a mixed leafy salad. She hadn't even put any flowers on the table as she normally would. Alice did not want to give any wrong impressions to the woman.

She took one last peek at the lasagna in the oven. Last night she had cooked the sauce and noodles. She then layered them along with three types of cheese into a baking pan. Tonight all she had to do was put the pan in the oven to finish the cooking process. On top of the stove, she had french bread sliced and covered with a buttery garlic spread. She would put that in the oven about fifteen minutes before the lasagna finished.

Agonizing over what to wear, Alice tossed yet another outfit onto the bed. Nothing too sexy, but nothing too plain. There were probably a dozen or so different outfits tossed on the bed, discarded as not appropriate - or just not quite right. Alice snorted thinking about that. Good thing she will not be coming into the bedroom and seeing the mess I am leaving. She had finally settled on a pair of jeans that were worn enough to appear casual, but still good enough to show she had put some thought into them. Over the top of the jeans, she wore a pale sea-green pullover sweater. It too looked casual yet was one of her favorites. People often commented on how it brought out the green-blue of her eyes.

As the doorbell to her apartment rang out, she glanced quickly back toward the kitchen to make sure it looked appropriately clean. She had placed a basket of fruit on the counter to make the place appear nice and homey.

"Damn!" She sputtered as she saw Turtle, her tortoiseshell cat perched on a barstool. Quickly running to grab the cat, she knocked over the crystal bowl that sat next to the basket of fruit. It fell crashing to the floor, broken. Turtle took that moment to leap from the stool, heading under the table. Catching him by the tail and pulling, she managed to get the very upset and unpleasant cat into her arms. Running to the guest bedroom she threw him inside and slammed the door before the angry cat could react.

The doorbell rang again.

"Just a minute." She shouted to the door. She smoothed her sweater and fluffed her hair as she walked to the door.

"Sorry." She said sheepishly as she opened the door. She was completely blown away by the image standing just outside her door. Nat was also wearing jeans and a grey sweater. Since it was cold, she was wearing what appeared to be a military type of jacket with a row of buttons across the top of each shoulder. In her hands she carried a bunch of roses. In fact, it was a variety of roses; red, white, yellow, pink, lavender and even orange.

"I, um, brought you some roses." Nat said with unusual shyness. She entered the apartment, handing the roses to Alice. "Someone once told me that the color of the roses mean something." She continued talking as Alice, carrying the flowers, led her to the kitchen. "But I could never remember color meant what, so I thought I'd play it safe and just get two of each color."

"Thank you, they're beautiful." Alice sniffed them as she reached the edge of the counter. "Why don't you…oh shit!" She stumbled on the broken bowl. With quick reflexes, Nat grabbed her arm, helping her remain upright. Somehow Alice managed to hold onto the flowers.

Completely frustrated with herself, Alice turned to lay the flowers on the counter. With her hands free of the flowers, she turned toward Nat, who still had hold of her arm. She casually placed her other hand on Nat's shoulder. Alice shook her head.

"I'm really not the klutz I seem to be when I'm around you."

Nat looked down at the broken crystal on the floor and graced her with a patient smile. "Uh, huh. Sure." The smile slid into a full grin. Alice found herself grinning in return. She knew that, by all appearances she was really that klutz.

"Why don't you have a seat?" Alice motioned to one of the two barstools next to the counter pass-though. "Can I get you something to drink while I put these in water?" She motioned to the flowers. "And clean up this mess," she added, nodding her head toward the broken crystal on the floor.

"That would be nice. Something smells really great." Nat sniffed the air as she pulled out a stool.

"That would be the lasagna. I forgot to ask if you like Italian food." Alice suddenly realized that Nat might not like what she'd planned.

"Oh, I love Italian food." Nat responded eagerly. "And that smells really great. Now, about that drink…" Sitting on the stool, she leaned in to the counter. With her arms on the counter, she used her hands to cup her chin as she watched Alice pull a vase from under the sink. "What do you have?"

"I've got a bottle of Chardonnay chilling. Or would you rather have a soda? I've got tea and coffee as well." Alice ran down the list of every possible drink in her kitchen.

"I think a glass of Chardonnay would be great. I could stand a little relaxing." Nat smiled at her. "I thought I heard something break." Nat said, looking down at the broken crystal. "If you hand me a broom and a dustpan, I'll clean that for you," she offered.

"Oh no." Alice quickly replied. "You're a guest. I can't have you helping me clean house." Laying the flowers next to the sink, she poured each of them a glass of wine. Taking a big sip, hoping to get some courage, Alice handed the other glass to Nat. "My cat did that," she explained.

"Where's the cat now?" Nat asked.

"In the guest room." Alice nodded her head toward the back of her apartment. "I-well, some people don't like cats, so I shut him in there." She began cleaning up the broken glass.

"I like cats. In fact, I have one at home waiting for me."

Alice's heart momentarily paused as she heard, 'at home waiting for me.' It reminded her that Nat was leaving soon. Does she have someone, beside the cat, waiting for her at home, Alice wondered.

"One of the few things my ex left when she cleaned out my house." Nat replied, almost as if she could read Alice's mind.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Alice was almost finished sweeping up the broken glass shards. "Was it long ago? Wait, no, I didn't mean to pry." Dumping the final bits of glass into the trash, she returned her activities to the flowers.

"It's okay." Nat assured her. "It's been almost a year, and life at home is much more peaceful with her gone." She added enigmatically. Alice wanted to ask more, but didn't want to appear too nosy. "You can let the cat out if you'd like."

"Trust me, it's better if she stays in there until after we eat." Alice laughed. "Otherwise, she'll be winding herself around our feet and making a general pest of herself. It's her way of begging for food."

"Why don't you pour her a glass of milk while we eat?" Nat suggested. "That's what I do with Harry when I have company."

"Harry? That's his name? What does Harry look like?" Alice quickly moved herself past the thought of Nat having company.

"Harry is a Blue-gray Persian. Her full name is Harriet Van Harmon." Nat laughed. "Don't let the sound of all that fool you. I found her in the parking lot at work. Skinny little thing that someone must have dropped off."

Alice caught the look of sadness and anger that passed over Nat's face as she explained. "I don't understand how people can do that." Alice commiserated. "That's pretty much how I got Turtle."

"Turtle? Your cat's name is Turtle? That's an unusual name for a cat."

"Not really," Alice admitted. "She's a tortoiseshell cat. Not very imaginative at all." The buzz of a timer went off. "That's my fifteen minute warning. Dinner's almost ready." She put the tray containing the garlic bread into the oven and reset the timer. "We can move over to the table and start on our salads."

Nat moved to the table as Alice refilled their wineglasses. They grazed on the salad until the buzzer went off alerting Alice that the main course was ready. Alice brought the lasagna pan, setting it in the center of the table on a hot pad. Returning from the kitchen a second time, she had a wicker basket, lined with a colorful linen towel and filled with the garlic bread.


"I'm stuffed. I think I need a nap now." Nat laughed as she pushed her chair away from the table. "That was delicious."

"Me too," Alice responded. "And thank you," she added in response to the compliment.

The conversation, food and wine worked their magic to relax them. Away from the restrictions they felt at work, both allowed themselves the enjoyment of slight teasing and flirting as they discussed a variety of topics. They found out they had many things, beside rescuing cats, in common.

Alice picked up their dirty dishes, carrying them into the kitchen. Placing them in the sink, she turned around and found herself face-to-face with Nat. She was holding the now cooled pan of lasagna. Alice took the pan from her hands. Placing it on the counter, she turned back to Nat, who was still standing directly in front of her. "You really don't need to help." She told her.

"I wanted to." Nat responded, without stepping back. Their faces inches apart, Nat pulled up her right hand to gently stroke Alice's cheek. Reacting to the touch, Alice turned her face slightly up toward Nat's. Gently Nat moved her hand behind Alice's head, slowly, gently pulling her in for a kiss.

Their lips were magnetically drawn together. Alice opened her mouth in surrender as Nat's tongue entered it. Their arms moved up to pull the other closer. Alice felt herself melting as a small moan escaped from her. Embarrassed, she pulled away.

"I'm sorry…" she began. "I didn't mean to…" Alice didn't know what to say. She wasn't sure what it was she 'didn't mean to.'

"You don't want to?" Nat asked gently.

Silence stood between them as Alice ran a series of arguments through her mind.

She's leaving in two days. It's not as if you're going to see her again, so why not?

It's a first date. Who does this on a first date?

You're probably not going to get a second date anyway, so why not?

I'll look desperate. You are desperate, stupid. Desperate for a fuck? Or desperate for her?

Her. The answer took Alice by surprise. It wasn't just because she hadn't had sex for a while, but she really liked Nat.

Yeah, but she probably doesn't like me back. At least not the way I like her.

So, why not enjoy yourself. Let loose for one night. It's not like you are an 18 year old virgin, so there's no reason to act like a prude. You know you want to sleep with her. She wants to sleep with you. To hell with tomorrow, enjoy tonight.

"Yes, I want to." Her internal argument squashed. She took Nat by the hand and led her back to her bedroom. "Oh no." Alice groaned as she saw the pile of clothes strewn across her bed.

"No problem," Nat laughed. "The bed in my hotel room looks about the same right now."

"Really?" Alice asked as she quickly shoved all the clothes into a pile, then off the back side of the bed to the floor.

"No." Nat said sheepishly. "It would have if I'd been home, but I didn't bring that many clothes with me." They both laughed.

Nat reached out to Alice's hand and pulled her close. Moving her arms behind Alice's back, she pulled her into a tight hug as her mouth found Alice's. The kiss deepened as Nat moved her hands down to the bottom edge of Alice's sweater. Her hands slid under the sweater, as Alice's found their way up the side of Nat's sweater.

Alice moved her hands up the front of Nat's chest, molding her hands over Nat's bra. She gasped as she felt Nat's thumbs rub over her nipples. Nat's moan caused a surge of wetness to slip between Alice's legs.

Somehow, both women managed to slip off their sweaters. As they unfastened each other's bra, they rubbed their pelvises together. Nat kissed her way down the side of Alice's neck. Both moaned as warm, wet lips encompassed Alice's nipple.

As Alice's bra fell to the floor, Nat's hands worked greedily at the snap, then the zipper of Alice's jeans.

"Oh god." Alice moaned. She spread her legs as Nat's hand worked its way inside her jeans.

"You're so wet." Nat whispered as she moved her mouth back up to grab Alice's lips and tongue again. Her hand moved lower, as her finger reached Alice's slick, wet opening.

"Oh yes." Alice cried as she moved her pelvis up, allowing Nat's finger to come in contact with her hard clit. She moved herself up and down in time with Nat. She opened her eyes in disappointment when she felt Nat's hand pull out of her jeans.

Looking down, she saw Nat unzip her jeans and start pulling them down. She reached down and helped Nat remove them. With little disruption of their kissing, both women were soon naked. Nat gently pushed Alice backward. She lowered Alice onto the bed, climbing on top of her. Crossing over Alice, Nat kept her right leg between Alice's. She lay lengthwise next to her.

Alice's hands roamed Nat's body, coming to a stop at her breasts. She massaged Nat's breasts, then grasp each nipple with a thumb and finger. Rolling the nipples and pulling them, Alice lowered her head to grab the nearest nipple with her mouth. She felt herself gush at the sound of Nat's moan.

Nat's pushed her knee to Alice's center as she slid her fingers up and down the slick folds of Alice's pussy. Alice's hips raised to meet the hand, trying to get more pressure on her clit. Nat's mouth suckled Alice's nipple as she continued her rhythmic motions, running along side her clit, while avoid direct pressure.

Alice's hand moved down to find the wetness dripping from Nat's pussy. Nat raised herself on her knees, allowing Alice access to her.

"Please," Alice begged as she moved her pussy up to Nat's fingers. "Inside, please."

Nat complied, moving two fingers down, entering the slick hot opening. Her thumb circled Alice's clit as the fingers pumped in and out.

Alice moved her hand so she could enter Nat with her fingers, sliding them in and out. As they came out, she circled Nat's clit, slipping her fingers back inside Nat.

As they pumped inside each other, their mouths joined. They matched each other's pace. Each woman getting slicker, wetter as their tempo increased. Pelvises pressing into hands, fingers sliding in and out. They felt their clits explode as they each made a final, deep shove inside the other. With a load moan both of them came.

They remained frozen in place, luxuriating in the closeness of the other. Their fingers remaining inside them, filling them with satisfaction.

Nat slowly eased herself down to lay next to Alice. Their bodies remained plugged together with their fingers. She gave Alice a slow, satisfied smile. Alice returned the smile as both slowly removed their fingers, moving their hands up and pulling the other close.

As Alice stroked her hand over Nat's shoulder and down to her waist, and back up. Nat smoothed her hand down Alice's shoulder, up her neck then back down her back.

"Wow." Nat said the simple word, her voice held a touch of awe.

"Yeah, wow." Alice replied with a smile.

They both knew that the word didn't begin to cover what they'd experienced, but it was all either was willing to admit.

As their sweat began to dry, both began to feel chilled. Alice stood up to pull the covers back. Realizing what she was doing, Nat stood on the other side of the bed, on top of the pile of clothes, and pulled back the other side.

They climbed under the covers and rolled together in the center of the bed. They held each other quietly as they communed together in quiet comfort. The satisfaction and completeness they both felt was replaced by an inner glow of peace.

A deep meowing growl pulled them from their revelry. "Turtle," both said at the same time. With a laugh, Alice asked Nat if she would mind if Turtle was allowed out.

"Not at all." Nat responded.

"She usually sleeps on the bed." Alice said apologetically.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Nat said. "Harry sleeps with me too."

Alice slipped out of the warm cocoon to give Turtle her freedom. Turtle immediately ran to the bedroom, jumping on the bed. Slowly she stalked the stranger who dared tread into Turtle's space.

By the time Alice returned with fresh glasses of wine for both of them, Turtle had made her peace with the stranger. Alice couldn't hold back the chuckle as she saw that Turtle had settled herself in on the pillow; wrapping herself slightly around Nat's head.

"You like my hat?" Nat asked with a laugh.

"Yeah, looks good on you." Alice pulled out the remote. "Would you like to watch a movie or something?" She was surprised at just how comfortable it seemed to have Nat in her bed.

"Sure." Nat raised slightly to take her glass from Alice. Turtle, showing her displeasure at the sudden removal of her support pulled herself up and slowly tread her way to the foot of the bed.

As the power came on the TV, they heard canned laughter in response to the maniacal laughter coming from the noisy neighbors of the main characters in a sitcom. Using the remote, Alice scanned through the channels until they found a classical movie they both loved. The two women as they sat comfortably together, plumped up with pillows. Trying just to enjoy the moment, Alice tried to keep her mind from thinking about tomorrow and especially not Tuesday.

Nat forced herself to keep from thinking about the promotion she had accepted. A promotion that would require her moving here. How Alice would take the news? Hopefully, Alice would be as happy about it as she was. Maybe someday, she could tell Alice that part of the reason she accepted the promotion was so she could remain near her.

*The end*

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