"The Stranger"


J Rosestar

Original fiction - short story

A woman goes home with a seductive stranger for a night of new experiences.

Disclaimer: This story features graphic sex between two consenting females. If this bothers you or is illegal where you are, then what are you doing at this site anyway? Go away.

It also contains light BDSM scenes.

These characters are entirely mine. They reside deep in the recesses of my mind - lucky me.

Thanks to -

Minxfic for her beta work.

Zero who served as adviser, mentor and supporter.

And most importantly, my primary beta and the person without whom nothing else would matter: The person who encourages me, gives me strength and holds my heart; my life-partner, Vic.

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** *** ***

"My place."

It was a statement, and a question. She knew if she agreed it would be the last hint of a question she heard tonight.

"Yes" she replied, with a slight tremor.

As the two women left the bar, the taller one led the way to a white pick-up truck. Opening the passenger door, she helped the smaller woman into the vehicle. The driver rounded the vehicle to get in behind the steering wheel.

Once they were on the road, she turned to Kelly. "Do you have a safe word?"

"Safe word?" Kelly asked.

"I didn't think so." Gina smiled reassuringly at Kelly. "From this moment on, you will have no say in anything unless you use your safe word. Red means you want to stop completely. Yellow means you want me to ease up a little and let you catch your breath. Do you understand me?"

"Yes." Kelly shook her head, reassured that she had a safety net.

"Then tell me, what are your safe words?" Gina demanded.

"Red to stop and yellow to slow down." Kelly replied.

"Good girl." Gina gave her a smile and patted her hand. "It's important, because no matter how much you scream, tell me no or beg me to stop, unless you use one of those two words, I'll do anything I want."

"Now, no more talking." Gina continued, I want you to just sit there and think." She told the smaller woman as they continued the ride.

What am I doing? I've never gone home from a bar with a stranger before. Oh, but what a stranger! The passenger peered out the corner of her eye at the woman driving. A few inches taller than herself, with a strong athletic body, the woman was wearing a white cotton button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The shirt was tucked behind a wide leather belt, and into faded bluejeans. She had short black hair and deep brown eyes.

They were opposites in appearance. Kelly was slim with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very feminine. Tonight she had chosen a light spring dress and sandals.

Kelly's partner had been cheating on her for the past year. It wasn't a well-kept secret. Tonight she decided it was time to go out and have some fun. Even so, she did not expect to find herself going home with someone. Especially not this someone with a hint of danger in their eyes. The dark-haired woman excited her. She reached something deep inside her. Something Kelly hadn't known existed.

Kelly spotted the woman almost as soon as she entered the bar. Kelly had watched her before when she'd been here with her partner. She knew the woman was part of a leather group that sometimes came to this bar.

Leaning casually against the wall, with one booted foot propped behind her, she was an imposing picture of nonchalance and authority. As Kelly watched, the woman brought the bottle of beer to her mouth. At that moment, the woman turned, as if feeling Kelly's eyes focused on her. A slow smile spread across her face. Something caught in Kelly's chest as she automatically returned the smile. Shyly, she glanced at the floor, then up at the woman who was still smiling. Kelly pulled her attention away from the spell of the tall, seductive stranger.

A short time later, Kelly looked back to where the woman had been. To her disappointment, she was gone. Kelly's eyes roved the dance floor trying to spot the woman. She hadn't noticed the movement to her left.

"Would you like to dance?" Kelly's heart drop to the floor when she realized who was asking.

As they danced, the woman introduced herself as Gina. Something in the way Gina looked at her made her feel attractive and sexy. Kelly found herself flirting mercilessly with the stranger. Without making her feel intimidated, Gina let Kelly know who was in control. That led to the request. Now Kelly wondered what she had gotten herself into tonight.

They soon arrived at a typical residential home. Gina came around to open the door for Kelly. She exited the vehicle and followed Gina inside the house. Kelly found the silence awkward but managed to keep quiet. Gina took Kelly's hand and led her through the living room, directly into a bedroom.

The lack of anything personal in the room caused Kelly to believe it to be a guestroom. It was very neutral with white walls and beige carpet. In the center of the room was a four-poster bed, covered with a solid blue bedspread. In one corner was an upholstered chair, in a darker blue. Standing next to a wall was a small dresser, with nothing displayed on top of it. The rest of the room was void of anything. There weren't even any paintings or pictures on the walls.

Once in the room, Gina stopped and turned to face Kelly.

"Turn around."

As requested, Kelly turned her back to Gina. Gina slowly unzipped the back of Kelly's dress. She put her hands on Kelly's shoulders and turned her to face the chair in the corner of the room. Gina walked over to the chair and sat down, leaving Kelly in a state of confusion.

Gina looked at Kelly's face. She smiled slowly at the woman's discomfort. Kelly started to move toward Gina.

"Stay there. Take off your dress." A demand, not a harsh demand, but definitely a demand.

Reaching up with shaky hands, she removed the dress from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Now she was wearing only her green silky underwear and sandals. She stood, nervously looking into the dark eyes.

"Remove the shoes." The sandals came off.

"Now, take off the bra." Slowly and with trembling hands, she removed the bra.

"Play with your tits." A flush rose in Kelly's face as she hesitated.

"I don't like to repeat a command. Now!" Spoken sharper than the other words.

Kelly reached up to start massaging her breasts. She could feel herself blushing as she looked at the floor.

"Look at me. I want you to see me watching you." The voice was no longer sharp, but still demanding.

Kelly forced herself to look back into those dark eyes. She felt her face tingle with the force of her blush. At the same time she could feel her dampness seep out, wetting her underwear.

"The nipples." The woman raised her right hand and put her finger and thumb together to demonstrate what she wanted.

Kelly moved her fingers to the nipples. She pulled and played with the nipples keeping her eyes glued to Gina's face. She could sense Gina was enjoying her display and discomfort.

"Enough of that. Take off the panties." Kelly stopped the manipulation of her breasts and reached down to remove her panties. Now she was standing completely naked and vulnerable.

"Spread your legs apart and put your finger inside yourself." Kelly's eyes widened as she couldn't believe what she heard. She just stood still, staring. Her face flushed anew as she realized what the dark woman wanted.

"I mean it! Do as I said." Kelly worked through her embarrassment as she spread her legs and tentatively put the middle finger of her right hand inside her pussy. She couldn't believe she was doing this. It was as if part of her were outside watching herself do this. Watching a person she didn't know, didn't recognize.

"Now move it in and out, slowly." She's telling me to play with myself her, in front of her. I can't do that. Unable to say no, she did as the women told her. She couldn't resist that voice, or those eyes. She continued to look into those dark eyes as she moved her finger in and out of herself. Her body began responding. She moved her hips rhythmically along with her finger. Kelly's need overcame her shame. She closed her eyes as her body took over.

"Keep your eyes open!" The voice stabbed into her mind. "I want to watch your eyes. Look at me." Kelly opened her eyes to focus on the woman in the chair.

"Stop." The dark woman ordered. "Remove your hand."

Her desire to finish fought with the need to obey inside Kelly's mind. Looking into the dark eyes Kelly forced herself to obey.

"Come over here." Gina motioned to the naked woman.

Kelly slowly, walked toward the seated woman. Fear and desire caused her heart to thump rapidly as she walked. She could not take her eyes from those hypnotic brown eyes. She continued until she stood between Gina's spread bluejean covered legs. Gina grab hold of Kelly's right hand, the one she used on herself. She brought the hand up to run the fingers under her nose. Kelly reddened in embarrassment as Gina smelled the fragrance and smiled.

Gina took Kelly's middle finger and placed it inside her mouth. Kelly moaned and felt her knees weaken as the moisture and heat of Gina's mouth covered her finger. She sucked the finger clean of Kelly's essence.

Letting go of the hand, Gina hands and eyes began a slow and thorough inspection of Kelly's body. Placing a hand on each breast, she began pinching and pulling the nipples. Kelly fought to hold her breathing steady. The hands moved down Kelly's sides until they reached the bottom of her hips. The left hand holding Kelly's hip, as she moved her right hand to Kelly's center. Using her fingers, Gina began exploring the wet slit. Kelly felt the fingers moving beside her clit. They remained on the sides of the swollen bud. Kelly moved her hips in an attempt to move her clit directly under a finger.

"Don't move!" Gina's husky voice warned her as her hand stopped all movement on the woman's body.

Forcing herself to remain still, a gasp slipped from Kelly's mouth as she felt a finger lightly run over the top of her clit. She managed to remain still as the finger moved teasingly over the bud again. A slight moan escaped her lips. Gina looked back to Kelly's face and smiled. Then all contact stopped. She removed both hands from Kelly's body and replaced them onto the arms of the chair.

"Step back." Kelly stepped back a couple of steps her center throbbing with need. Gina stood.

Using her finger, still moist with Kelly's juices, Gina traced down the side of Kelly's face and around to the bottom of her chin. She raised Kelly's chin. "You know you teased me terribly, back at the bar."

"I know," was the quiet, meek reply.

"You know you will have to be punished for that."

"Yes, I know." Kelly dropped her eyes to the floor.

"I didn't give you permission to look away." Gina lifted the smaller woman's chin higher. Kelly returned her eyes to connect with the dark brown eyes that seemed to look deep inside her.

"Take my belt off me." Gina removed her hand from Kelly's face and folded her arms over her chest, leaving the belt accessible.

Kelly brought her eyes down to the belt. To her continued embarrassment, she felt wetness drip between her legs. She slowly unbuckled the belt and removed it from the bluejeans. Knowing what was going to happen caused Kelly to blush again as she doubled the belt and handed it to the taller woman.

"Get on the bed, on your knees, with your feet just hanging over the edge. Go down on your elbows, so your ass is exposed to me." Gina demanded.

Kelly followed the instructions. She waited, her face flush with anticipation as much as embarrassment. She was afraid to look behind her, so she waited. Her entire body tingled in anticipation, every nerve on fire.

Kelly's body jumped when two hands, unexpectedly gentle, touched her buttocks. They slowly massaged her hips.

"Such a nice firm ass. It's going to look so hot when those white cheeks turn pink." The hands reached around to meet under Kelly's stomach. The right hand moving inside her wetness. A moan escaped Kelly as a finger circled her clit.

Kelly's center throbbed at the nearness of the finger. She was so hot. She moved her pussy against the hand. The hand pulled away, all physical contact broken.

"You know you don't move until I tell you to." The authoritative voice sneered.

Crack! The belt came down suddenly, stinging her hips. Kelly cried out, she hadn't expected it. Another, and another. Kelly could feel the sting. Each slap across her ass brought more stinging, and more need arising inside her. Kelly could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks.

She didn't know how many times she had been whipped, but it stopped as suddenly as it started. The hands were back, massaging her now tingling ass. Kelly felt a finger sliding through her slit and into her wetness then it was removed to circle her anus.

"No, please no. I've never done that." She plead as her ass pulled way from the finger.

"Tonight you have no say." The spoken response, as a hand reached around her stomach to pull her back into position. The wet finger slowly entered her anus, moving inside, to its full length. Kelly felt the full feeling it gave her. Slowly, back and forth the finger moved, fucking her ass. Without realizing it, Kelly began to respond, moving with the finger. Without warning, the finger was quickly removed, leaving Kelly feeling empty.

"Lay down, on your back in the middle of the bed. Spread your arms and legs." Kelly did as she was told.

Gina moved to the dresser and came back with four leather straps. She used these on Kelly's wrists and ankles to tie her to the four posts on the bed. Kelly was now tied naked, spread-eagle on the bed. She was completely at the woman's mercy.

Gina, still fully clothed, got on the bed from Kelly's right. She moved over to half lay on Kelly, her right leg between Kelly's. The bluejean material pressing against Kelly's center. Gina put her right arm over Kelly, cupping her chin. She brought her face to Kelly's.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes," was the helpless reply.

Gina moved in to kiss her. Gently at first, then pressing harder. Their tongues met and circled each other. Kelly pulled at Gina's tongue and began sucking on it. Gina wrapped her arms around Kelly and their bodies melded together with their kiss. Kelly pressed her center against the cloth-covered knee. Both bodies arched together with need.

Gina pulled back from the kiss. Moving her leg from the over the woman, she lay down next to her. Supporting herself on her left arm, she continued to watch Kelly's face, as her right hand wandered down Kelly's body. She moved her head down to pull Kelly's right breast into her mouth, as her right hand pulled and pinched Kelly's left nipple. Gina rubbed her face into the breast as her tongue surrounded the nipple. The teeth gently clamped around the nipple as she sucked hard on the tip. Gina's right hand began winding its way down to the curls between Kelly's wide-open legs, not touching flesh, just brushing the curls.

Kelly's need was so strong. She arched her hips to meet the hand, to feel it in her core. To cum, Kelly needed to cum desperately. She felt her desire building, felt her release coming.

"Don't!" The sharp order hit her like cold water. Kelly's passion-filled mind tried to comprehend. Her body was still reacting to the touch.

"Don't move, I said." Kelly understood. She focused all her abilities on keeping her body still. Oh God it's so difficult. Her body ached. She had never felt this kind of need. Her body ached to move, to respond. Her core ached for release.

Gina's right hand reached further down to Kelly's open and waiting hole. The hole was saturated with Kelly's juices. A finger pushed its way inside. Kelly gasped, then moaned. Somehow, impossibly, she managed to remain still.

"Do not cum. You cannot cum until I give you permission."

Kelly tried to concentrate on what she was being told. Every nerve was fighting for release, but she managed somehow to keep her body still, her release temporarily restrained.

"Please, oh please...I need it. I need you. Please fuck me." The desperate plea came from Kelly. She didn't know how she was going to be able to hold off.

"No, not until I tell you." Gina sat up to give herself more access to the body next to her. She added a second finger, then a third, each sliding in easily through the juices. Gina slowly began pumping in and out. Kelly found her body automatically responding. Her mind a haze of feelings. Her body on fire. Every nerve reaching out.

Gina maneuvered so her left hand could begin stroking Kelly's swollen bud, increasing pressure on the clit. With her right hand, she pumped faster and faster to match Kelly's rhythm.

"Please....please, I can't hold it any longer."

"NOW. Give it to me now! Cum for me Kelly. Give it all to me."

Kelly felt the release. She felt her body explode. Wave after wave of passion swept her. She was lost to the world. Captured by the electricity that streaked through her body. Her body was in wild abandon, bucking and flopping on the bed. Slowly, ever so slowly, she returned. She collapsed against the bed.

She looked up to find two dark brown eyes staring at her. The lust so clear and plainly written in them. Kelly felt the fingers ease from her pussy. Slowly the hand moved up to rub against her still throbbing bud. As she felt the touch, her hips arched up. She could feel herself responding again. Her need already back.

"Please, please more. Please fuck me some more." She pleaded.

"Mmmm so responsive." Gina smiled seductively at Kelly. "Good, because I've only just begun."

The End

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