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One Day The Heavens Opened And Sent Me An Angel

By J.S. Connolly

Copyright 2003


“I’ve just got to get out of
this prison cell. One day I’m
going to be free. Oh somebody,
Oh somebody, can anybody find
Me somebody to love.”-Queen

Part 1

Riley watched as the last truck in her pile to be checked left the warehouse grounds as she let out a heavy sigh of relief. It had been non stop all day, and she thought she'd go mental if one more driver gave her an attitude about her not working fast enough or the fact that their trailer wasn't ready for delivery. They seemed to think she should have eight arms and do everyone else's job as well as her own so they wouldn't have to wait. They didn't care or understand that she was out there by herself trying to get a few dozen trailers in and out of the yard as it was and she was literally running her ass off just to make sure they all stayed on schedule. "It's a good thing they didn't give me a gun for this job or I'd be making tomorrow's

headlines." She went back inside the small guard shack and tried to find something good on the radio. She stopped when she heard a familiar song she'd always liked. The song playing had always evoked strong emotions in her as it was about trying to find your true love. She wished she could find that special someone who would make her melt with just one look. She was a die hard, hopeless romantic and she'd paid the price for it as many of the women she'd met who had claimed that they were as well told her so just to get her into bed. She turned the music up and closed her eyes as she sang every line straight from her heart along with the singer. She was so immersed in the song that she didn't hear the sound of a truck pulling up to the gate.

Cass pulled her rig to the gate and opening the door let out a nervous breath, as this was her first day on the job. Shaking her head she wondered to herself, "My word, what was I thinking moving all the way up here, and what demon possessed me to land me in this line of work where women are the objects of smarmy and lewd comments." She had come up from the South, and was the daughter of very wealthy parents so it wasn't as if she lacked for anything well almost anything. The life she led there was stifling with many rules about what a proper lady was supposed to act like and although she wasn't by any means a wild woman she resented the restrictions all the same. Also, everyone was very religious, so the fact that she'd never had or wanted a relationship with a man was something that would never be allowed in that life, so she had decided that she needed a change and chuckling ruefully she realized she'd found it in spades. She found the people up north she to be cool and unfriendly when compared to those back home, at least those outside her family's circle, and that was if they acknowledged her at all. "What I wouldn't give to meet one genuinely warm and friendly person," she said to herself with a heavy sigh.

As her feet hit the ground she heard a voice singing along with the music on a radio, and she cocked her head looking for the source. Blue eyes widened at the sight she saw through the window of the tiny shack. She watched a small blonde who had her eyes closed pour her heart out as she sang in a strong lilting voice. She stepped closer to try to make out the words and bit her lower lip as the blonde sang pleadingly the final lines of the song. Cass could hear the pain in the small blonde's beautiful voice, and held back a gasp as she moved closer to see sea green eyes open as a tear slid down each pale cheek. Cass had an overwhelming desire to wipe the small woman's tears away and take her into her arms.

Riley wiped the tears from her eyes only to have them widen as she saw the truck, 'Shit, just what I need some asshole driver teasing me,' she thought. Her light eyebrows furrowed as she found she couldn't remember ever seeing this truck before, and wondered where the driver was as she didn't see anyone sitting in the cab. Cass took it all in and approached slowly as she didn't want to startle the smaller woman She cleared her throat to get the blonde's attention. Riley having turned the music down heard a sound coming from her right and clenched her fists. She turned slowly ready to send back any snide comments the driver might throw at her, and swallowed as she fell into a pair of warm blue eyes framed by long raven hair. Cass wasn't prepared for the luminescent eyes that fell upon hers and felt her throat constrict as she lost herself in sea green for a moment before forcibly yanking her mind back to reality. "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't startle you, but I heard you singing and couldn't help but listen," she said hoping her voice didn't sound as shaky as she felt. Riley's eyes widened and her face became flushed with heat. Cass groaned internally, "Nice move now you've embarrassed her," she thought mentally kicking herself, "Please don't be embarrassed you have such a beautiful voice." The sincerity in her voice and the soft southern lilt washed over Riley like a soothing balm and she managed a small smile, "Um, thanks I normally don't do that here, but there's just something about that song you know?" Cass nodded in understanding and Riley's smile grew larger. "So, are you new? I don't remember seeing you here before unless you usually come during one of the other shifts." Cass shuffled her feet a bit, "Yes, actually this is my first day on the job." Riley could see and feel the other woman's nervousness and remembering how overwhelmed she'd felt when she'd first started wanted to put her mind at ease. "Hey, I know you must be nervous. It's understandable. I was a wreck myself for awhile when I first started here. Everything was so new to me as I'm guessing this job is to you, but you'll get the hang of it in time so try not to worry too much, and if there's anything you need to know don't be afraid to ask me. If I have the answer it's yours, okay?"

Green eyes shined with such genuine warmth Cass held them as if they were a beacon leading her safely back to shore. "In fact, why don't you come inside and I'll answer any questions you have you while I get your paperwork together." Cass nodded and smiled gratefully as she headed for the door. Once inside she took in all of her small blonde savior, who was smiling shyly. She took everything in from the tight uniform, which showed off very nicely the blonde's lean muscular body to the short wispy hair, which framed a cherubic face. She was tempted to lick her lips, as one thought flashed across her mind, "Sweet lord help me she's so adorable, and that body Ugh. How I'd love to kiss and lick every inch of it." Meanwhile Riley's eyes took a similar journey as her eyes took in legs that seemed to go on forever up to slender hips, full breasts encased in a tight T-shirt, full sensuous lips, and baby blue eyes that held her own with a warmth that suffused her entire body. She swallowed and thought, 'She's an angel with the body of a goddess. I'd love to worship at her altar. Oh boy, I am in so much trouble.' For a few minutes which seemed to last an eternity to each of them blue and green met unwaveringly. Connor was the first to break the gaze feeling hot and exposed by the piercing blue eyes of the southerner. She drew a breath before speaking and hoped to keep the quiver out of her voice, "Why don't you grab the chair behind you and pull it over here, and I'll get you all set up." Cass kicked herself mentally hoping she hadn't given away too much, 'Yea right! You only looked at her as if she was a seven-course meal. It's a good thing you didn't get to desert or she'd be running for the hills. Relax and don't be stupid she's the first genuine person you've met since you moved here so don't blow it.' "Okay, I really appreciate this it hasn't been easy with me being from the south. I feel so out of place," she smiled nervously. Riley smiled warmly at her,"I can only imagine, but like I said don't worry too much I'll help you anyway I can. Now scoot over here." Cass smiled appreciatively at the cute blonde and Riley got the information she need and put together her paperwork telling her what she needed to do going in and coming out of the site for each type of drop and pickup. Cass took notes, as she knew she might get flustered and forget. The blonde had been so nice she didn't want to have to bother her too much. Both reveled in the ease in which they talked as they got to know each other a bit as the warmth generating between them grew. They both looked up at the sound of engines and Riley knowing what some of the drivers might try to make of the southerner being inside with her wanted to spare gentle woman from their crudeness. "Cass, you should probably go get started." Cass was a bit taken back by the abruptness of Riley's words and her heart sank at the idea that the connection they'd been feeling was a fleeting one for the blonde. She sighed and looking at Riley with sad eyes said forlornly, "Alright, I guess I'll see you around. Thanks, bye." Riley could see and hear the hurt and felt like a complete ass for being the cause so she called to Cass as she turned toward the door. "Cass, wait a minute please. I'm sorry I didn't mean for that to come out the way it did it's just that I couldn't stand it if they,' she pointed to the trucks coming down the road, 'tried to make something crass out of my helping you or you needing my help. I don't want you to have to deal with that you don't deserve to be subjected to that kind of behavior. I really wish I could talk to you more, but unfortunately duty calls for both of us, and for me that means the pig brigade headed this way," she said with a smirk and a gleam in her eyes. Cass smiled at her sincerity, and then began laughing at Riley's description of the other drivers. "Are they all that bad?"

"No, not all of them. Some are really nice, sweet guys but it fits for the rest of them." After she'd gotten down to a slight chuckle she wiped her eyes and spying a grinning Riley she motioned her over. She then took her small hand in her own larger one and squeezed it gently, "Thank you Riley, you're a life saver darlin." Riley tried but couldn't keep the blush from her face and suddenly found her work boots very interesting. Cass internally sighed, 'Oh yes, she absolutely, unequivocally adorable, Lord help me.' Even as she thought this she couldn't stop herself from reaching out to bring her hand to caress a soft pink cheek. The touch took Riley by surprise and she lifted her head just as a pair of soft lips brushed the opposite cheek. Cass was sorely tempted to linger and nibble on a delicate earlobe, while Riley bit her lip to stifle a moan at the delicious feel of Cass's soft lips. A loud honk broke the moment, and moving away Cass waved as she headed out the door leaving behind a very flustered Riley who now with great difficulty had to somehow find a way to focus on her job.

Part 2

“Your kiss filled with tenderness. I want all I can
get of your sexiness. Showers your love comes in
showers and every hour on the hour you let me
feel your loving power. There’s a rainbow over my
shoulder when you came my cup runeth over. You
gave me your heavenly love and if one night you
hear crying from above it’s cause heaven must be
missing an angel. Missing one angel child cause you’re
here with me right now.”-Tavares

Over the coming weeks they would talk as much as they could either at the warehouse or on the phone if Cass was on the road. Cass would bring Riley coffee before her last stop every night to make sure the small woman was alert enough to drive home safely. Cass's concern as well as the sweetness of the gesture touched Riley who gratefully consumed the much need caffeine. Riley helped her as much as she could but could only console the sweet southerner when the other drivers became too much for her friend. She knew that as much as she'd like to tell them all off it wouldn't help Cass in the long run as they'd have one more thing to tease her about and she wouldn't give them the ammunition. Little by little they exposed more of themselves to each other and the initial attraction each felt grew into much more, but neither was willing to risk the special bond they'd formed over what each felt was unrequited love. Nonetheless, Cass's initial kiss on the cheek became a common way for them to part, which in both of their minds was the only good thing about separating from the other, and terms of endearment like sweetheart and darlin were spoken often. During one particular period they didn't see on another for two weeks as Cass had a few long distance deliveries to make. Despite the many phone calls made both were still miserable and aching inside for the mere sight of the other.

On the day that Cass finally made it back she smiled for the first time in two weeks as she checked the time. She knew that Riley was on duty and she was only minutes away from seeing the adorable blonde with her own eyes. "God I've missed her so much I just hope I don't do anything crazy because of it like kissing her senseless. Although god knows I'd love to kiss her everywhere," she said to herself wickedly as she pictured the blonde in her head. She couldn't help the moan that escaped as she thought of doing just that as she used her hands to caress a firm delectable ass. She reached over to the other seat and finding her water bottle poured some down her shirt hoping to cool herself off. "Oh god, she makes me so crazy," she thought aloud as she headed down the road to the warehouse. Meanwhile Riley was as usual listening to the radio as it had been a slow day and between that and waiting for Cass to get back she was going insane as each minute seemed to last hours. She put a tape into her boom box and began to sing and dance to an old 80's song, which made her think of a tall sexy southerner. Cass chose that moment to pull up to the gate and just as it was on the day they'd met found an oblivious Riley singing and this time dancing as well to the music. Cass watched the seductive swaying of Riley's hips with hungry eyes and a pounding heart. She could feel the fire inside her growing beyond her control, so she was thankful when the song ended along with the movements of the lean body that was tormenting her. A slow song came on as she watched Riley still singing sit up on the wood railing of the small stoop outside the shack. She recognized the song as she'd heard it on the radio, and remembered it was by a new singer. She smiled as she watched and listened to Riley sing the beautiful song about finding true love and realizing it's worth for she'd thought of the small blonde when she'd first heard it and had every time since.

Suddenly just watching wasn't enough so she moved toward the small blonde who had stolen her heart until she was close enough to see the tears slide down her cheeks. She knew the song must be touching something deep inside to cause her to cry just like it did the day they'd met, but today she did what she was afraid to then and cupping the small face in her hands she gently brushed the tears away. Riley felt the soft touch and knew who it was instantly, but felt a bit impish, "Unless you are a tall sexy southern drink of water I'm calling the cops," she said hearing a soft chuckle. She opened her eyes to be met by a pair of baby blues inches away. She gave Cass a brilliant smile as she spoke, "I guess I don't need to call the cops," and as large hands left her face she jumped into Cass's arms wrapping her own around the tall woman's neck and her legs around her waist. Cass was a bit startled at first by Riley's actions but then closed her eyes and buried her face in the small woman's neck and breathed in her sweet scent as she held her tightly and with a contented sigh knew that she truly was home. They held each other for long moments until Riley lifted her head from Cass's shoulder. She brushed raven hair from her eyes and caressed her cheeks as she placed soft kisses on her forehead, nose, eyelids and then both cheeks as blue eyes watched with wonder and adoration. She settled Riley back onto the railing and looked at her with watery eyes "What's wrong sweetheart?" asked a concerned Riley who continued to brush her cheeks with gentle fingers. Cass was so overwhelmed she buried her face in Riley's neck and kissed her there tenderly as she felt the tears fall. Riley felt the wetness on her neck and her heart broke for whatever was hurting her beautiful friend, "Baby what is it? Please tell me." The concern in Riley's sweet, gentle words were her undoing and she sobbed loudly as she spoke with a shaky voice, "I'm…I'm sorry I don't mean to cry all over you. It's just you …you make me feel so special, so wanted and loved. The beauty of it is just so overpowering it takes my breath away," she finished with a shaky breath and kissed her neck again as she trembled in Riley's arms that held her tighter. Riley's eyes filled with tears from the sound of Cass's sweet words and the gentle kiss for she'd never had someone appreciate her love like the woman wrapped in her arms. After a few minutes Cass began to feel a bit embarrassed and lifting her head tried to pull away but was stopped by the strong legs that wrapped around her and the gentle hands that held her face, "No, don't pull away from me please Cass. That was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me,' she said as Cass looked up to see teary eyes,' I can't tell you how much it means to know that my caring effects you so deeply. But I can tell you that to me you are very special and wanted and loved more than I can express, so please don't be embarrassed." Cass's heart was overflowing with love for Riley and she ached to show her just how much she adored and cherished her but knew she couldn't and wouldn't risk their friendship. However, her emotions took over and cupping Riley's face she kissed it as the blonde had done to her except that temptation got the better of her and she placed a short sweet kiss on her lips. She had to restrain herself from going back for more as she stifled a groan at the delicious softness of them. Riley felt like she was being worshipped and could understand why it had such an effect on Cass. And when she kissed her lips she felt as if she'd gone to heaven and had to grip the railing to keep from burying her hands in raven hair and devouring the sensuous lips that touched her so tenderly.

They held each other close and talked softly telling each other how much they were missed as well as what had happened in each of their lives for the last two weeks. All the while adjusting to their friendships new found intimacy as Cass nuzzled Riley's neck while Riley caressed her back and shoulders causing Cass to sigh in contentment. They were talking with their foreheads touching and their arms still wrapped around each other when they heard the unmistakable sound of a truck coming up the road. Both were reluctant to let go especially Cass who was rested her head against Riley's chest and listened to her heartbeat. "Cass come on you know we can't let them see us like this they'll try to make something out of it." Cass lifted her head look at Riley, "Why, what's wrong with what we're doing. We're two friends who haven't seen each other in two weeks, so what's the big deal if we're hugging. Friends do that all the time." Riley smirked at her as she drew her closer with her legs, "Sweetheart, friends do hug but I don't know of any that tend to wrap themselves around each other like we are right now. Think about it. If you came in her and saw someone standing where you are with my legs wrapped around their waist what would you think?" Cass swallowed wondering how to answer without saying that they would be road kill when she got through with them. "Um, I'd think they were very, very lucky," she said wiggling her eyebrows while moving back to avoid the hand aimed at her stomach. "Jeez Cass when did you suddenly turn into such a Smartass."

Cass smirked and winked, "It must be your influence darlin. You do have quite the mouth on you when someone gets you irate."

"Yeah well you can blame that on the Irish in me I know I do. Anyway, I guess it's back to business," Riley finished with a sighed. "Maybe for you, but I'm not working today."

"What? Then why do you have the truck and what are you doing here and not at home sleeping you must be exhausted." Cass blushed slightly and kicked a rock near her foot, "Um, yea I am. I have the truck cause I haven't been home yet I came straight here, and I'm here because well I missed you and didn't want to wait till Monday to see you." Riley felt like she might cry," And you say I make you feel special."

"You are very special, and I'm very tired so I'm going to go but I'll be back later with your usual."

"Cass you don't have to do that if you don't have to be here."

"Hey, I haven't done it in two weeks, and you know I worry about you being alert enough to drive home so humor me and let me bring you a coffee later, okay?" Riley smiled, "Okay," she said as both saw the truck getting closer. "Good I'm glad that's settled. I'll see you later, she said and gave Riley a soft kiss before heading to her truck. Riley licked her lips as she watched the sexy sway of her hips and moaned when Cass turned to wink at her before getting into the cab. True to her word Cass was back later with Riley's coffee and that day was to become the beginning of a new ritual of quick kisses and long hugs that had both in a constant state of frustration. Each retired alone to their beds at night to erotic dreams that only made their love and longing intensify.

Part 3

“…Come and take me where I long to be.
Take me in your arms. Roll me through the night.
Take me to your heart. Rock me tonight.”-Billy Squier

Riley was on her way out the door one night when the phone rang and was picked up by her relief only to be handed to her as she was told it was a friend. “Hello"

"Ry..Riley,” a teary voice called out causing Riley’s heart to ache as it always did when her friend was upset, “Yeah sweetheart it’s me. Are you okay?” Cass began to sob, as she said, “No."

"Cass, honey where are you? I’m going to come get you."

"I’m…I’m at the company lot I just brought the truck in and was about to go home, but it seems I don’t have one anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it seems my roommates decided they want a friend of theirs to live with them and since there are only three rooms and they rented the room to me they want me out."

"Come on they can’t do that they have to at least give you time to find another place."

"Well they're not. They told me their friend is moving in right away so I have to go get my things by tomorrow.” Riley couldn’t believe the audacity of these people and cursed under her breath as she felt her temper rising which only intensified with the sound of her friends sobbing, “Riley, what am I gonna do."

"I’m coming to pick you up, and your coming home with me, okay? I have an extra bedroom you can use, all right? she said as her heart broke from the sadness in Cass’s voice. “Alright, thank you darlin you’re an angel.” Riley was glad Cass couldn't see her blush, “Well I wouldn’t go that far, but anyway just stay in the car and wait for me I’m on my way and if you need to talk to me before I get there just call me on my cell phone."

"Alright darlin see you soon."

"Count on it sweetheart” Riley turned away from the eyes of her relief as Cass made kissing sounds causing her to blush profusely. She hung up the phone and quickly left to get Cass. The tall woman ran to her and then fell into her arms and kissed her on the neck when she climbed out of her car at the company lot. She sat on the hood of her car and stroked her back and kissed her head until her crying quieted down and then brushing away the tears on her cheeks kissed her softly and then taking her hand brought her to the car and took her home. When they arrived at her apartment she drew Cass a bath to help her relax and mentally told her downstairs neighbors to screw off if they didn’t like it, as the slightest noise at night seemed to piss them off. She had someone to take care of and she would do just that no matter what it took, so they could bang on the ceiling for all she cared her only concern was for one tall southerner. Cass was very appreciative of her thoughtfulness and after soaking in the tub for awhile dried herself and put on a soft blue terry robe. She then went looking for Riley who she found upstairs in the large attic working out. From the sweat clinging to her body it was easy to see she’d been at it for awhile, and Cass watched as the sweat flew from her hair and the muscles flexed in her arms and legs as she pummeled a large punching bag with her fists and feet. She couldn’t recall ever seeing anything so sexy before as the sight of Riley in tight shorts and a half T-shirt that showed off her toned abdominal muscles which were slick with sweat. Cass wanted nothing more than to crawl over there and taste those muscles with her mouth and tongue, and knew she’d end up doing just that if she didn’t leave right away so she made her way downstairs and into Riley’s room where she fell on the bed and groaned. A few minutes later she heard Riley come down and go into the bathroom to clean up and dozing for a few minutes woke to see Riley walk into the room in a towel with her hair still wet. She almost groaned again as she wished for gravity to cause the towel to fall. She watched as Riley put on a pair of boxers under the towel and a tank for which she discarded it causing Cass to bite her lip as she gazed upon a strong back. Riley turned to see Cass watching her and swallowed at the sight of the gorgeous woman lying almost naked on her bed in nothing but a robe. She mentally shook herself, “Um hi, you feeling better? Can I get you anything?"

"Hi, I do feel a little better Thanks, and the only thing you can get for me is you because that’s all I need, so come on over here and get into bed,” she purred. Riley swallowed at the husky sound of her friend's voice. It seemed to beckon her and she couldn't help but followed as she climbed onto bed and slid under the covers. She stared at the ceiling while her heart pounded at the close proximity of an almost naked Cass. Cass sighed thinking she was making Riley uncomfortable and wondered if she should just get up and go to the other room when she looked over and noticed the sweat on Riley’s upper lip and saw her swallowing hard. She moved closer and raised herself so that Riley would have to look at her. Cass could see the love and fear in her eyes and realized she wasn’t the only one who’d been holding back because of their friendship. She caressed trembling lips with her fingertips as she spoke softly, “It’s okay baby you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Neither of us do,’ she said as she leaned down to a delicate ear and kissed it to feel the lips under her fingers let out a trembling breath, ‘ I love you Riley so very much, and I need and want you so badly that I ache. I want so much to make love to you right now, but only if that’s what you want too. If you want us to just be friends that’s what we’ll be because more than anything else I just want you in my life. I couldn’t bear to be without you.” She lifted her head to see watery eyes looking at her with so much love she thought she’d burst. “I love you too beyond words,' Riley said as she reached up to kiss full lips, ‘love me Cass please love me.” Cass didn’t wait for her to ask again as she moved to lie on top of the woman she loved and craved and began nibbling on her lips until they opened for her hungry mouth as small hands buried themselves in her hair and pulled her closer. Neither could stop moaning as their mouths came together over and over while small hand untied her robe and slid inside to cup a firm ass. Cass moaned into Riley’s mouth as she reached down to pull her shirt off and began to lick a nipple with her hot tongue before taking a breast into her mouth. Riley groaned and arched into the delicious mouth gently sucking her breast as small fingers entwined themselves in dark hair. "God baby that feels so good."

Cass raised her head from the succulent breast and caressing it gave Riley a tender kiss, "Good because all I want is to make you feel good and show you just how much I love you, and I plan on loving every inch of you sexy little body." The hunger in Cass's eyes feed Riley's own passion and she kissed her deeply while pushing the robe from her shoulders to be thrown across the room. The sight of Cass's body made her groan as her hands began to map a scorching path over the soft warm flesh. "You're a goddess,' she said as she flipped Cass onto her back. "My sweet, sexy goddess," she growled into her ear before taking it into her mouth as she kissed her way back to full lips, which she captured hungrily. Cass moaned deeply into her mouth as large hands traced their way down the blonde's strong back and slipped beneath her boxer's to cup a tight ass. She had never been so turned on before, and although she had previously known that Riley had this effect upon her seeing the passionate side of the little blonde increased this fact to the point that she felt like she would burst into flames from the slightest touch. She flipped Riley back over so she was above her again, "God baby, you make me so crazy. I just want to devour you.' she purred as she looked down to see a muscled stomach glistening and slide down to kiss and lick the quivering muscles,' Mmm, so good. I've wanted to do this for the longest time. When I saw you working out earlier I wanted so badly to lick the sweat from your sexy little stomach." The words and the feel of Cass's mouth sent flames to her center for she never thought the sweet, soft spoken southerner could be so erotic, "Oh God Cass, where did you learn to talk like that?"

"I wouldn't know since I've never said anything like it before. I guess you just inspire me,' she said as she sucked on the soft flesh, 'Do you like it?"

"Oh god yes, can't you tell?" Cass slipped a hand inside Riley's boxers and groaned at the wetness that met her fingers. She had to taste it now and so slide the boxers down the blonde's thighs and threw them to the side. The sight and smell of her love's passion was too much and she began licking the insides of her thighs, "Oh Riley your so delicious baby, she groaned as she licked her slick folds while small hands kept her close, ' I love you so much." Riley couldn't stop moaning as she caressed the hair beneath her fingers and groaned loudly when a hot tongue entered her, "Oh yeah, love me baby. Love me with that luscious mouth." Cass continued to spear her tongue deep into the warm wetness until Riley arched and climaxed, and after lapping up every drop she could find placed a soft kiss on the outer lips before moving up to hold her. Riley nuzzled into a warm neck as large hands caressed her back and sighed contentedly while placing kisses on a warm neck. Cass sighed and then moaned as the kisses turned into sucking. Riley slid a thigh between Cass's legs and kissed her sweetly on the lips before working her way down to take a breast into her mouth while she teased the other with her fingers. Cass groaned and knew it wouldn't take much before she went over so she gently nudged Riley down as she said, "Baby please I'm so close." Riley could see she was by the way she was biting her lip and moving up kissed her tenderly, "I want to see you when you go over. I want to see your beautiful face as you give yourself to me. Please let me see you." Cass was touched and turned on at the same time as no one before had cared enough to ask such a question. She wrapped her arms around the woman in her arms and kissed her deeply hoping to convey all her love in it. Riley began moving a strong thigh against her swollen center causing her to moan while Riley watched her intently. They exchanged soft kisses, which turned into heated ones as Riley quickened the thrusting of her thigh. When Cass arched her back while releasing a long breathy moan from sensuously parted lips Riley gasped, as she'd never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in her entire life. She pushed dark sweaty hair from Cass's flushed face and kissed her softly, "Thank you so much. You're so beautiful. I love you so very much" Cass looked into loving green eyes and her heart overflowed with love for the adorable blonde, "I should thank you. No one's ever cared so much before, and loving you defies description. All I can say is that I feel as if I have heaven lying in my arms." Riley couldn't stop the tear that slid down her cheek, "I know what you mean, but you never have to thank me for loving you. Although you should know I plan on doing just that for a very long time" she said as she kissed full lips and looked into baby blue eyes that gazed at her with pure adoration. "Really, you think you can deal with me for that long," Cass said with a smirk. Riley chuckled, "Absolutely, so get used to having me around."

Cass sighed and kissed her softly, "Oh, I think I can get used to that very easily," she said smiling at Riley who kissed her back, and then snuggled into long arms that held her close.

The End

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