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By J.S. Connolly
Copyright 2003


"If I could reach the stars.
I'd pull one down for you.
Shine it on your heart, so you could see the truth.
That this loving I have inside is everything you see.
but for now I find it's only in my dreams that I can change the world.
I would be the sunlight in your universe.
You would think my love was really something good.
Baby if I could change the world."-E. Clapton

Meg dressed in a dark green skirt suit looked at her aloof boss dressed impeccably as always in a light blue Armani suit from the corner of her eye as they waited for the elevator that would take them down to the lobby of the thirty story office building. She took in the expressionless face and distant eyes deciding that the woman was beautiful regardless. She'd only received a nod to her quiet 'thank you' as Tanner had held the office door open for her before locking up the office for the night, but coming from her that was more than enough for Meg. The woman had been through a great deal losing her wife and son a few years back and since Meg had been with her before the tragedy occurred she knew there was more to her even if it was buried under pain and anger, so she let things pass that she wouldn't from anyone else. The constant late nights due to an overload of work that she had a hard time dealing with on her own being the main thing. The fact that she'd always had a bit of a crush on her boss gave her another reason, and although her friend Ellie thought her a little crazy to put up with it she admired the small blonde's loyalty to the tall dark haired woman.

The elevator finally reached their floor and Tanner breathed a mental sigh of relief as they got on and she moved to the opposite side. The close presence of her small assistant never failed to leave her unaffected, and she'd been feeling guilty about over burdening the sweet green eyed woman, who put up with her moodiness over the last few years without a single complaint. She had a bit of soft spot for the adorable blonde, although she refused to admit it consciously. She knew to do so would only bring her more pain, for she believed such a beautiful woman inside and out must have someone special, and she wasn't willing to risk her heart when she wasn't entirely sure she had anything left to give anyone. She glanced at the display wondering why the light for the 11th floor was lit, but didn't ask although she was tempted. She shrugged assuming Meg had pressed it by mistake and leaned against the wall of the car careful not to look at the small woman for she knew those eyes would see straight to her soul and was afraid that she would see too much, so she kept her eyes averted as she heard the elevator doors open. She made the mistake of looking up briefly when she heard someone enter, and could feel her heart start to pound wildly as she heard, "Hey mom, the doctor says I'm 100 percent" and saw Meg affectionately ruffle the tall boy's short brown hair. She gasped loud enough for both to hear as they turned to look in her direction. She quickly looked away turning her body sideways as she began to tremble while two sets of eyes widened in alarm.

'God I wonder what's wrong with that woman. She looks so pale as if she's going to pass out. I hope she's okay?'

'Oh my god I can't believe I told Ben to meet me here. I should've known it would upset her, but I didn't know she'd be leaving now too. She looks like she's seen a ghost she's so flushed and has such a look of panic in her eyes. She can't even look in his direction I hope she doesn't pass out I'm not sure I'd know what to do.'

'Breath Tanner, Breath. Just don't look in that direction and you'll be fine, maybe. God, I don't need this now. Why couldn't I have waited to leave then I wouldn't have to deal with this. Its too much.'

Suddenly there was jarring motion and with a loud thud the car stopped. Three sets of eyes looked up to see they were on the 6th floor, and it seemed that they wouldn't be going anywhere as the elevator had stalled. 'Oh man the elevators stopping, and she really looks like she's going to freak. I hope mom knows what to do if she does cause it looks like we may be here awhile.'

'Damn it I can't believe this is happening. Look at her she's shaking like a leaf and holding onto the rail so tight her knuckles are turning white. I have a really bad feeling about this. I just hope I can help her cause she looks like she's going to go down any second.'

'Oh, son of a bitch. Great just fucking great we're stuck in here for god knows how long and my legs feel like goddamn playdough. I just know I'm going to end up humiliating myself by falling apart. I just have to remember not to look at him. Don't look! Don't look! Oh, shit! you just had to look that way didn't you dumb ass.' Meg and Ben watched with wide eyes as Tanner's eyes rolled back before her body hit the elevator floor with a resounding thud.

Meg immediately went to the still form and checked her pulse, which was beating wildly. "Ben Honey you see that phone by the buttons pick it up and let them know that we're stuck."

"Sure mom, do you think she'll be okay?"

"I'm not sure, I hope so", she said softly. "Hello, we're stuck on the elevator on the umm sixth floor. How long before you can get us down. Oh, okay that's not too bad, thanks."

"How long did they say?" "About half hour, do you know who she is mom?"

"Yea, she's my boss," she said as she brushed the hair out of Tanners eyes with one hand while holding her hand in the other.

"Wow, I wonder why she passed out do you have any idea."

"Yes honey I do, but it's very personal to her so I can't tell you. Let's just say if she wakes up you probably shouldn't be in her direct line of sight or she may pass out again." Ben looked at her with a confused look on his face, but respecting what his mother had said didn't ask anything further, "Okay." Megan smiled at him warmly knowing he wanted to ask more questions, but was refraining because of what she'd said 'I'm so lucky to have such a sensitive son. I can see he's trying not to fidget like he does when he's nervous or unsure of what to do.' "Thanks, I know this is confusing, but she's been hurt alot and I don't want to cause her anymore by betraying her privacy."

"Sure, I understand Mom and I wouldn't want you to. I just feel bad that I'm a reminder of something painful for her."

"Oh Honey, don't feel bad, If anyone should it's me. I knew the effect it would have on her and should've told her you were meeting me before we got on the elevator so she could get the next one and I didn't," she said regretfully.

"She'll be okay mom you'll see. She couldn't be in better hands."

" Thanks, baby." Ben's face turned red at the endearment, "Aw mom, you're embarrassing me."

"Sorry, but you'll always be my baby."

Meg drew her attention back to Tanner and felt her heartbeat slowing down to a normal pace. Tanner's mind slowly worked its way back to consciousness as it registered the warmth of a small hand in her own and another on her cheek, and mentally sighed at the softness as her other senses started to pick up the scent of soft lavender the sigh deepened. 'God, she's so soft and warm, and smells so good too. I wonder if she's that soft and warm everywhere. All right, stop it Tanner just stop it right now. You don't want to go there, and you shouldn't be going there either. She deserves better than a shell of a person, and besides she probably already has someone, so just stop it right now.'

Meg watched as Tanner's eyelids fluttered and then slowly opened, and she quickly looked at Ben who moved out of her line of sight the best he could. "Well this is embarrassing beyond belief," she said trying not to make eye contact with Meg which was difficult, as she was so close. Meg lifted her chin attempting to get frightened blue eyes to focus on her, "Please, don't be embarrassed this is all my fault I knew he was meeting me and should have told you knowing that it would be hard for you, I'm so sorry Tanner," she said as Tanner lifted her gaze to see misty green eyes that tugged at her heart. She reached up with trembling hands to cup the small woman's face, "Hey, it's okay. We'll maybe not okay, but if it had to happen I'm glad it was in front of you and not someone else, so please don't cry Meg." Meg looked deep into sincere blue eyes, and let out a shaky breath as she nodded and turned her face to brush the palm of Tanner's hand with her lips, "Thank you." Tanner thought a lightening bolt had struck her heart with the feel of Meg's lips on her palm and her hands began to shake, so she brought them away hoping to hide this fact from the adorable woman by sticking them in the pockets of her suit jacket. Meg noticed, but was afraid to say anything that might scare or humiliate Tanner anymore than she already had been, and was starting to feel a bit claustrophobic to make matters worse.

Tanner realizing the effect that her pulling away from the small blonde had on her as well as the flushed sheen to her already pale face took one hand out of her jacket and gently retook Meg's smaller hand in her own caressing the back with her thumb until a bit of color returned to the blonde's cheeks, and was rewarded with a brilliant smile that she returned with a crooked grin. Meg's heart fluttered for it had been a very long time since she'd seen Tanner do anything but scowl if she did anything at all, and the sight just took her breath away, 'God, I'd forgotten how sexy she is when she does that. I think if she smiled I'd be the one passing out.' The two women sat there gazing into each other eyes as Ben tried not to turn red as he'd never seen that look on his mother's face before, but he knew what it meant all the same, and he was glad to see that Tanner seemed to feel the same from the way she looked at her mom. It didn't hurt he thought that Tanner was a knockout. 'Wow, wouldn't mind seeing her around the house. Tall, dark, blue eyes, and probably could kick the ass of anyone who messed with mom. Not to mention she's successful and smart as all get out to hear mom talk about her. Yep, mom definitely has excellent taste.' The women's gaze was broken by the movement of the elevator car.

Both grinned sheepishly at the other, and Meg stood to help Tanner to her feet but noticed a panicked look coming back into her eyes. "It's okay Tanner, just get up you don't have to look at him if it makes you uncomfortable. Neither of us will be offended." Tanner gulped and nodded as she took Meg's hands and hoisted herself up. Despite Meg's words she started to feel stupid for not being able to at least look at her son, and fighting with herself the whole time scanned the car for him. Spotting him, she tried not to look away as her heart sped up. She took him in and noticed the only physical similarity between mother and son was emerald green eyes, but also like his mother they seemed to be warm and understanding. She swallowed hard, and around what felt like a boulder in her throat tried to speak, "Umm, hi. Sorry, about this I bet you're confused." He shrugged and smiled, "It's okay, mom said it's private so don't worry about it. I won't say anything. Things happen, you know."

Tanner smiled slightly, 'He may not look much like Meg but he definitely has her compassionate nature.' "Yea, they do. Thanks." Meg stood watching the interaction aware of the courage it was taking Tanner to look at never mind talk to her son, and looked at Tanner through admiring eyes as they began to well up with tears.

All eyes looked above the door as the car stopped and sighed in relief seeing the L lit up, and as the doors opened they saw the elevator repair man who was on duty. He was a small stocky man with a receding hairline and according to the patch on his shirt his name was Tim. Tim looked at three of them apologetically, "Sorry about that, I hope it didn't mess anything up for you." Ben just shook his head as did Tanner, while Meg who'd spotted the man's name said, "It's okay Tim. Things happen. Thanks for getting us down so quick.

" "Sure thing Miss, you're very welcome," he said with a goofy look on his face.

Both Ben and Tanner suppressed a laugh because they knew Meg's charm was hard for anyone to resist so they couldn't blame the man for being smitten. After all not alot of people bothered to learn the names of laborers especially in a building like this that had a lot of high finance, medical and legal establishments where too many of the workers thought they were above blue-collar employees. As Tim went on his way he seemed to have a bit of a bounce in his step probably because of the smile Meg gave him before the three of them made their way toward the lobby doors. As they stepped outside they all took a deep breath. Meg was the first to speak, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes, I guess you will," Tanner said.

"Okay, bye," Meg said as Ben waved.

Tanner returned the wave, and whispered,"Bye," as she looked forlornly at Meg's retreating form.

To be continued

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