by JS Stephens
Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. Just a little vignette that popped in my head.
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I lay back, feeling you snuggling against me. It's a grey, snowy day, and we don't have to do anything or be anywhere, so when you suggested a nap, I followed your lead eagerly. Now in the afterglow of our hot loving, we lay, half dozing, comfortable silence blanketing us.

We face each other, bodies touching. Not perfect bodies, we're middle-aged and don't care. We both have padding, but I still get hot just thinking about you, as I always have this many years. We snuggle closer, arms around each other, the warmth of our heated skin adding to the coziness of the moment.

I awake some time later, and don't want to get up yet. So I scoot back enough to look at you, take in the lines in your face, the dusting of grey in your hair, the familiar rise and fall of your breasts as you slumber peacefully. This is the best time, the afterglow of love, the time when we are in our own world. Sometimes we talk and dream, sometimes we simply sleep, but it always feels so good, so peaceful.

I skim your body with my hand, feeling the familiar curves under my hand, enjoying the feel of your luscious body. Outside is it bitterly cold, winter won't release its grip, but inside, under the covers, we are warm, at peace.

Your eyelids flutter open, and you smile. Oh, that lazy smile, it pieces me and makes my heart overflow with love. Our years together have only strengthened this connection, and our lovemaking is better than in the early years. Years of trust, of learning each other's bodies and pleasures, just make it better every year. "Hey," you say softly, "I love you."

"I love you, sweetheart," I reply, voice husky. I resume tracing your body, enjoying the sensation of your skin under my hands.

"Turn over," you say, and I smile. I roll over on my stomach, feeling your hands floating over my back, lightly at first, then probing for tight spots, working out knots. I relax under your magic hands, humming with delight. You slow down, touch light again.

"Allow me," I say, and you roll over on your stomach. I repeat what you have done for me, concentrating on the tough tension knots I know are near your neck, following with lightly scratching your back, watching you shiver in delight.

"Meow!" "Ruff!"

We laugh, as reality starts seeping into our cocoon, as our pets huddle outside our bedroom door, letting us know it is their dinner time. "I love you," we say as one, then laugh.

It has been a good afterglow.


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