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                        Clear Conscience

                                 By Jynaki

                        © August 2008


Boom! Boom! Boom! The fist pounded on the door. “Sarah!” A man's voice boomed. “I know you’re in there. Open up!” Three more loud pounds rattled the flimsy door of room number One-Thirty-Four. The voice in their earpiece told them to stand by and be ready.

“There’s no Sarah in here.” Another man’s voice trembled on the other side of the door.

“I’ll kick it in if you don’t open this door! Sarah!” The burly man’s patience eroded and he turned to his equally large partner friend.

The chain jostled and scraped against the wood as it released. Just as the seal broke and pulled ajar, a woman stepped from behind the two men and forced it open completely. Brillian lights flooded the doorway and the man’s eyes went large and wide like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What’s this? Carla?” His hand shot up to block out the glare and another clutched the bedspread in a gathered ball at his hip.  “What’s going on? What are you doing here?”

A vengeful sneer twisted Carla’s face as she looked him up and down. “You tell me, Huh? Who’s the bitch Richard?"

“What the fuck are you doing here? What’s all this shit?”

“I’m Phillip Webb, host of the Deceevers television show.” Phillip, dressed in his favored white t-shirt, leather blazer and jeans, stepped forward. Salt and pepper grey hair at the temples, made him look distinguished and trustworthy.

“Deceevers?” Richard said. “Carla what did you do?”

“What did I do? You needle dick bastard I’ll tell you what I will do-” The five man television crew outside the room and those in the booth back at the studio cringed with the resounding slap across Richard’s face. He stumbled.

“Don’t you ever touch me again!” The thin man held his stinging cheek. The bitter taste of blood touched his tongue.

“How long Richard? How long have you been done this?”

“Does it matter?” She always nagged him about this or that. He always bought what  she wanted never once asked about his needs.  “I wouldn’t need to if you’d open your legs more.” He yelled back.

“Open my legs more? You mean like this?” Her foot left the floor with lightening speed, and connected solidly with his groin. The crew nearly dropped their cameras as they grunted in sympathy and protected their own crotches.

The veins bulged against his neck and turned his face scarlet red. Richard grabbed his groin and rolled back onto the bed. “Gawd!”  He panted to catch his breath. The cameraman jumped again as the voice in his earpiece yelled for him to zoom closer. Preserved on film for all eternity the anguish Carla wanted her husband to feel for hurting her.

Carla wore satisfaction like a new pair of shoes. The grin spread dramatically across her face until she remembered the woman on the bed. “And you, bitch, what’re you doing with my husband?” Carla ran to the other side of the bed, but the woman was quicker. She scampered across a still groaning Richard to stand behind the camera man.

“You...You hit me and I’ll sue your fucking ass.”

“Then you better find a lawyer,” Carla went after the woman but was stopped by Phillip.

Surprisingly, Richard got to his feet, his stance wide for balance and comfort. “I didn’t mean it Carla. I swear! I love you.”

The camera panned to the right to capture her vengeance while another panned to the left to collect every angle. The voice in the earpiece told the camera men to step left, to zoom out, and increase the lighting.

“How dare you say that to me?” Carla screamed through the tears that had fallen from her eyes. She yanked on the bedspread draped around his mid drift.

“Carla don’t!” The naked husband said and tugged the bedspread out of Carla’s grasp. It’s embarrassing enough his affair exposed on national television. He didn’t want the nation to see Carla told the truth about his needle dick as well. She slapped him and again he stumbled backwards onto the bed.

“Okay, give him a chance to catch his breath.” Phillip stepped between them as his producer instructed through the earpiece he wore. “Come on-“

“You filthy mother...” Carla ranted as Phillip shook his head. “I don’t need this-”  Carla turned to leave. The cameraman and the boom guy bumped into one another as Carla turned on her heel and marched back in to the room.

“Please, Carla,” Richard held up his hands. “No more hitting.”

“You know what? You want to fuck that bitch? You can have her!” She worked the wedding ring set from her fingers and threw them at him.

“Come on Carla, I said I’m sorry.”

“You want him skank?” She jabbed a finger at the woman cowered behind the big camera man. “You got him. But let me tell you this. He won’t have a goddamn thing when I’m through with him.”

“Now wait just a goddamn minute.” Richard’s reserve of courage propelled him to his feet. “I bought the house we live in. Me. I bought the drapes, the carpet, the beds, and the furniture. I bought the fucking clothes on your back! YOU won’t have a goddamn thing when I’m done with your ass!”

Like a boxer working the speed bag, her hands rapidly slapped at his head and face. Richard  blocked and covered as best he could. Carla reached down and snatched the   protective bedspread and everyone gasped. Stunned, her mouth dropped open as she looked at his groin and then back to him. His face colored to a shade she’d never seen before. Knobby knees on thin legs were exposed. Around his non-existent hips he wore leather studded straps attached to the rubberized Gates of Hell. His limp manhood held upright by the five rings turned colors from being closed off for too long and from her field goal kick.

Carla pointed burst into perils of laughter. “What the fuck is that?” The microphone picked up the crews poorly controlled chuckles. Richard picked up the bedspread and wrapped it around his waist. He sat heavily upon the bed, head bent in humiliation.


“The woman, Phillip, who is she? We need to know.” Iocca Barnes yelled into the mike. Thirty miles away the executive producer and director of Deceevers guided her crew. “You guys never got a make on her. Do it now!”

She created Deceevers. A television show exposing infidelity in all of its despicable faces   before the camera. It’s her baby. The first season instantly became a network cash cow in ratings and popularity. Now in its third season with more cases of suspected Deceivers than they could possibly investigate and broadcast, it promised to have a six or seven season run at best. To make sure that would happen, Iocca demanded each bust to be sensational, raw and passionate. This segment felt as though she had amateurs on site. She shook her head in dismay. How could her crew of five years not know what she wanted or what’s needed to explode the ratings for the week?

 “There’s fuzz in the boom. Clean it up,” Iocca said.


“Carla, now that you know Richard's having an affair,” Phillip pressed the crying woman. What’s going through your mind?” She waved him away and cried, too distraught to speak.  Phillip decided on another angle and trudged back to the motel room. He sat next to the emasculated man. “Your mind must be racing about what you're going to do next.” Richard remained mute. “Do you want to fight for your marriage?” Richard pulled the protective cover around him. His anguish etched across his face along with Carla’s hand prints.


“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Iocca cheered.  “Oh yeah, he’s good.” She never doubted Phillip would come through to make the couple demonstrative and enkindled like the pro he was.  His ingenuity saved the show again.

 “Yeah,” the young technician couldn’t believe her boss rejoiced in another shattered life.

“That was great but it could’ve been better,” Heather Duncan said.  

“The boys were sloppy.” Iocca never turned from the screen.

As Iocca’s assistant, Heather anticipated what her next line of thought. “It can be fixed during editing.”

“Yeah, we can.” Iocca’s body swayed with the excitement on the screen. Heather shuddered and   gripped the arms of the chair as her boss’ ass dared her to take a nibble.

“Where’s the server?” Heather said refocused. “The cameras should roll while he’s getting served.”

The idea took Iocca’s attention away from the screen and the smile suspended Heather’s heart beat and enflamed the center between her legs. “You’re wonderful.” Into the mic she said, “Where’s the guy with the divorce papers? Serve him now!” She shook her head listening. “I don’t give a shit. Push the guy to the door and serve the bastard the papers. Tell him we’ll black bar his face to keep his identity. Camera one stay on the husband, camera two, on with the wife.” On the monitors her orders were carried out. Richard’s sobs with shame and   he pulled on his thick black hair. “This is great shit.” She watched the cameras pan away from the hotel room to the outside.

“Wait,” Heather said and stood behind her. She placed a hand across Iocca’s back with partial innocence and pointed. “Something moved in the back of the room.”


“Near the bathroom.”

“Mark,” Iocca said into the microphone. “Scan the room with the camera again.” The camera lens panned and caught the half naked man as he ducked behind the bed. “Mark, zoom in, get him.” She slapped the table. “I’ll be damn. He’s having a go with both... Phillip,” she barked into the microphone. “There’s a man in the room. Tell the wife and keep the camera on her.”

“What a jerk,” Heather said.

“Good catch, Heather.” Iocca patted the one hand that rested on her shoulder. The Technician next to them looked at her with disdain.

“Thanks.” Heather beamed then sneered at the tech. On the monitor, Carla stormed back into the hotel room and confronted Richard again, Iocca’s body released the tension and began to hum with the thought of a show that rivaled the best they’d ever shot. A little tweaking it would be outstanding.

“Rap it up for tonight, guys,” Iocca said. “We’ll start with the editing bright and early tomorrow.”

One technician lagged behind. Sensing Heather wasn’t going to leave with the others she said, “Can I say something?”

“I presumed you would since you’ve stayed behind.” Iocca said.

“It’s just that...” she gathered her nerve, ready to risk unemployment for her conscience.  “Don’t you think it was a little... much? I mean, that woman’s life is –“

“And you think we should’ve been lenient with her, more sensitive?” Heather interrupted.

“Something like that, yeah.” The tech’s big brown eyes fell to Iocca with  hope.

Iocca thought a moment and animatedly flipped the switches on the console. “No.”

“Ooh,” the technician’s disappointment clear. She couldn’t be heartless? Could she?

“At the first hint of suspicion Carla started preparing for the truth.” Iocca said. “She wanted proof, knowing it could hurt to find it. The most precious thing she had, Richard threw   it away. We gave her what she wanted and we got what we wanted – a great show equals sponsors and ratings. That’s the bottom line. I thought you would’ve understood that by now.”

“I do but,” she bit her bottom lip. “Doesn’t it ever bother you?”

Iocca contemplated the question. In the beginning, the destruction of people’s lives because they asked for confirmation of their suspicions gave her many sleepless nights. As Deceevers grew the guilt over the exploits quickly replaced by its reward – the growing of her bank accounts.

“No,” Iocca replied flatly. “My conscience is clear. Our job is to expose Deceiver’s to the   nation.”

“Don’t forget, we’re the good guys,” Heather added. “People want someone to listen to what they think is happening. Someone to tell them they’re not imagine things.” She shrugged. “So, we listen better than a shrink would. We help to solve their problem. We prove to the survivors they deserve better and give their divorce attorneys the evidence to go after more because they do deserved better.” And my father’s network gets fatter because of it, Heather thought.

The technician saw the cruel and cunning grin flash across Heathers lips. “Yeah, okay” she said unconvinced. Back pack slung over her shoulder and lips sealed she left the booth.

“We’re going to have a problem with that one,” Heather said.

“Think so?”

“We don’t need a squeamish techie in the control room.” The dreamy look the techie had given Iocca didn’t get past Heather. She wouldn’t stand for it. Not now, not ever. The technician could be eliminated to keep the competition to a minimum – one.  

“She’s young, idealistic, and has a strong conscience. Those aren’t bad qualities.” Iocca shrugged into her new blazer. The soft leather caressed her as if tailor made.

“As long as it doesn’t affect production,” Heather said and her nose flared at the scent of the leather. Always the ultimate aphrodisiac, it ignited her libido. Standing close to Iocca enflamed the made her breath quicken from the throbbing between her legs. A lecherous smile spread across her lips. “That looks fabulous on you.”

“Thanks. Gail got it for me yesterday.”

Gail, Heather snarled silently. For three years she’d tried to convince Iocca she’s better in every way imaginable. Not that tripe Gail. “The way you direct the team is electrifying. It made my skin pebble.”

“Thanks,” Iocca said shoving papers into the leather satchel.

“Irresistibly seductive.” She ran her fingers lightly down Iocca’s leather arm.  

“I’ve heard that.”

“Let’s have a drink to celebrate the show.” She stepped closer to Iocca.

“That sounds like-”

“I’ll meet you in your office in ten.”

“I’ll have to take a rain check.” She zipped her satchel closed.

“I’m calling in the six you haven’t used.”

“That should tell you something, Heather.”

“It tells me you’re afraid to be alone with me.” Her hand trailed Iocca’s sleeve once more.

“We’re alone now and nothing’s going to happen.”

“An easy fix.”

“Yes, it is.” Iocca leaned closer to Heather and felt the heat. Heather puckered and her eye lids fluttered close anticipating the kiss she’d waited kiss three years in the making. Inches away from touching, Iocca pulled back and said, “Not happening.” She couldn’t resist.

“That was unwise,” Heather said belaying her temper.

“Are you threatening me?” Iocca challenged.

Heather paused and looked deep into the storm that clouded over Iocca.  “It’s unwise to tease me. You seem to take pleasure in doing that.”

“I’ve told you before, just because I created a show about people who cheat doesn’t mean I’m one of them”

“I’m not going to tell and the crew isn’t here with their cameras.” She slipped her arms around the executive producer’s neck.

“The answer is no.” Iocca stepped out of the stubborn hold. She didn’t want Heather’s floral perfume imprinted on the leather. “It will always be no.”

“One day you’ll come to your senses, Iocca Barnes.” She called after the executive producer but the door had already closed. “Mark my words.”



Iocca’s spirits soared from the electrifying show. It’ll tear the hearts right out of the viewers. It’ll make them angry with the Deceiver and sympathetic with the victim. She couldn’t wait to tell Gail about it.

Iocca stepped inside the condo and listened. No sounds blared from upstairs, or music blasted from the office downstairs. Silence. She took the stairs two at a time to the second floor and headed for the master bedroom. Maybe Gail’s already asleep. Quietly she opened the door quietly and peered in at the untouched bed. Flowers clutched in her hand, down the stairs she bounded for the office they shared. Gail wasn’t there. In the kitchen she found a vase and put the flowers in it. She found her rock tumbler in the other cupboard and poured more than two fingers of bourbon.

She checked her watch then sighed heavily. Ten o’clock at night and Gail wasn’t home. Not unusual, especially when she‘s the middle of making a deal for the development company she worked for. Iocca shot the bourbon and let its strong acrid taste course down her throat and explode in her empty stomach. She wanted to be on the couch with her partner, her life mate sharing the fantastic elements of their days. She wanted to be curled in bed, after making love talking about everything and nothing. That’s what she wanted.  What she got, an empty home for the second night this week. She missed Gail. Her heart missed her. Her body ached for her.

Hopes doused and not sure when she’d see her partner, Iocca left the flowers in the center of the kitchen aisle where Gail was sure to see them. She poured another drink and ascended the stairs to the bathroom for a shower. Then she’d be tucked between the sheets waiting for her beloved.



The aroma of fresh coffee drifted up to the bedroom and Iocca groaned with delight. She        loved waking to the aroma of her favorite caffeine laced beverage. A must have to energize her every morning. Beneath the smooth aqua sheets she stretched and heard the bones of five foot  six inch frame pop awake. Her hand stretched to touch the silk hair of    her lover beside her. She was enchanted by the way Gail’s wheat colored strands glided through her fingertips. Eight years after they first met the touch was still new and she fell in love again with it and its owner. Her hand landed flat upon Gail’s pillow.

Where’s Gail?

Iocca rose up on her elbow and turned on the bedside lamp. The sheets were cold. The comforter was pulled back on Gail’s side exposing untouched sheets. Gail hadn’t slept or snuggled with her during the night. She turned her head to the side and the alarm clock on the nightstand read six am.

Iocca descended the stairs headed for their office. She peered in and there, on the couch slept Gail. She hated when Gail worked all night. Quietly, Iocca closed the door and followed her nose to the freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen. Gail raised her head as she heard the door close. She listened to Iocca’s footsteps move away from the door. Gail rolled onto her back and sighed with relief.

Iocca returned fifteen minutes later with a tray of coffee and toast just the way Gail liked it – light brown and lots of strawberry jam. No butter. She’d flavored her lover’s coffee with the French Vanilla she adored, and her own with Hazelnut. If she couldn’t start her day waking next to her lover, she could at least have breakfast with her before they both were inundated in work.

The gentle kiss to her cheek caused eye lashes to flutter and open. Dark brown eyes filled her heart and a bolt of heat traveled down her body to fester between her legs. “Morning baby,” Iocca kissed her again. “Worked all night again, huh?”

“Umm, yeah I did.”  Gail cleared her throat and forced a yawn as she sat upright to make room for Iocca.

“I brought you some toast and coffee.”

“Thank you Coco. And the flowers are beautiful.”

Iocca grinned at Gail’s love name for her. “My pleasure, sweetheart.” Iocca kissed the hallow of her neck. Then inhaled deeply, sniffed audibly and wrinkled her nose. “What’s that?”


“That you’re wearing.” She sniffed again. “I don’t recognize it?”

She searched her mind quickly for an answer. “It’s umm... a new perfume. I borrowed it from Susan the other day. Do you like it?”

“Not particularly, it’s too spicy. Sorry.”

“No problem, I won’t wear it again.” She made a mental note to leave a bottle of her own cologne in her purse.

“Want to pencil us in for dinner tonight?” Iocca half heartedly joked with partial seriousness.  She missed being with Gail and if making an appointment would give her time, she’d make one.

“I can’t.  Driscoll and I are meeting with a client tonight.”


“We need to lock him in or Hanson and Associates will.”

“You had dinner with him two nights ago.” Gail coughed on the piece of toast lodged in her throat.

“We did meet with him, but he wasn’t convinced.”

“You should bill these expensive schmoozing dinners to his account when you land him.”

“We should.” Gail sipped her coffee.

“I miss you and want to spend some time with you. Don’t you miss me?”

“Of course I do, honey. It’s just... well things are hectic right now at work and this client is very important.”

“I know.” Iocca couldn’t believe the whine came from her. Iocca leaned over and kissed her lover's neck again. Her body shifted to gather Gail in her arms. “Baby, we need a quickie.”

Gail swallowed hard and closed her eyes thinking of what to say. Her lover’s hands moved up and down a tense thigh. The fire wasn’t there like it should be. Where was the raging inferno Iocca turned her into with each touch? It wasn’t there. Not in the mood for a quickie, she was in the mood for a shower. Her clothes felt sticky and old. The energy for a round of sex no matter how short was too much for her weakened state. “Coco, not now, I’m sorry.”

“A taste of you would jump start my morning.”

“I’m sure it would.” Gail smiled at her.

“Always.” Iocca kissed her lips just as Gail’s cell phone rang. “Who the hell could that be?”

Gail grabbed her purse and dug for the ringing phone. She looked at the caller ID and cut a side glance to Iocca. Her heart tried to pound its way through her chest. “It’s umm, Driscoll,” she said with little confidence. “He really can’t do anything without me.” She sent a private prayer he’d never find out what she’d said about him.

“I’ll tell him you’re on my time now.” Iocca reached for the phone and Gail held it out of her reach.

“You will do no such thing. I’ll talk to him.” Into the receiver she said “Driscoll, this is early even for you. Hold a sec.” She gave a nervous glance at Iocca and pressed the receiver to her chest.

“Finish him quickly and come shower with me, ok? I promise: no hanky-panky... much.”

She sashayed out of the room with her coffee.

“I’ll be there soon.” She wagged her finger at her partner.  When the door shut she waited another few seconds before whispering into the receiver. “Are you crazy? Why are you calling me?” She listened to the voice on the other end shaking her head. “You’re taking a huge risk... No, not now... In a couple of hours.” She closed the phone and sighed heavily.


Iocca sat at the desk making last minutes changes to her report. She chewed a soggy piece of toast as her eyes darted back and forth over the computer screen and her fingers flew like demons over the keyboard. She’d finished her last thought and pushed the download button when Gail’s cell phone rang.

“Gail!” She called twice and when her lover didn’t answer she did. “She looked at the caller ID and it said N. Aughty. “Hello?”

“Gail?” The woman on the other end questioned.

“No, she’s unavailable right now. Is there a message you’d like to leave?”

“Umm...” she stammered. “No, thank you. I’ll try her later in the morning.”

“I’ll tell her you called.”

“Thanks. Good-bye.” The line went dead.

“What are you doing?” Gail asked stepping into the room seeing Iocca with her phone. She’d hoped Iocca didn’t see the panic she felt inside.

“You had a call. Someone named N. Aughty. That’s an odd name.” She looked at the ID again and chuckled. “Put it together it’s naughty. Isn’t that wild?”

“Yeah,” Gail breathed. “Driscoll and I’ve had a riot with her name.” She took the phone from her lover and slipped it into her slacks pocket.

“Anyway,” Iocca grabbed the disc and kissed her lover deeply. “I’ve got to run. I’ll call you later. I’ve gotta hear your sexy voice.”

Alone, Gail’s palm rested on her forehead as it rocked back and forth.


Iocca placed her latte on the conference table and waited for the division heads to settle down from teasing one another. At the head of the table where she stood, Heather sat to her immediate right and Phillip to her left. From the looks of the oddly dressed group, a strangers first thought is what could they possibly have in common? From Phillip and his ties or casual pullover to jeans and rock band logoed t-shirts. Her confidence in them went beyond their attire and straight to the skills they possessed.


“Okay people, let’s settle down.” She said and the shuffling of paper and chairs filled the room as their attention turned to her. “What do we have?” She sat in the oversized leather chair.

“I have a call from a woman, Sondra Grabble who believes her girlfriend, Lauren Meyers is seeing someone,” Phillip said. “Both are in their late thirties, together for four years.”

“Same as the one I have,” Heather said. “Bethel Humphreys and Tammy Ronnin, both are in their late twenties and together two years.”

“A special on lesbians,” One of the men said, “Gotta love this job.” The others laughed with him.

“Addresses are here in town,” Phillip smirked.

Heather checked the address of her file. “Two counties over.”

“Phillip, you start.” Iocca settled back into the chair, latte in hand and listened to the story of Sondra Grabble.

Two hours later Iocca headed for her office followed by Phillip and Heather's bickering. She rubbed her temple; each argued their point like children wanting to go first. Both of them were on the verge of being kicked out when her phone beeped.

“Zip it!” Iocca voice rose above the din and reached for the telephone.

“Bitten any asses lately?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Who the...” Iocca barked then paused. “Evelyn?” Her voice softened. “Wylie, is that you?”

“The one and only, Chica.”

One person in her life called her that. “Wylie, god it’s good to hear from you. Have we got some... wait, hold on a minute will you?” She pushed the hold button on the console. Then she turned to Phillip and Heather with the same menacing annoyed look as before. “First we tape, then we decided who goes first. Now, go away.”  She sat behind her desk and picked up the receiver. “When did you get back?”

“Last night. How are you doing my friend?” Evelyn said.

“Fantastic. And you?”

“Never better, but single again.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Iocca’s heart went out to her friend.

“She wasn’t the one for me.”

“Evelyn, you’ve said that about every woman you’ve been with.”

“You make it sound like there’s been dozens.”

“Haven’t there?”

“Smart ass.”

“If I can’t be honest with you, who can?" Iocca smirked.

“Let’s get together for lunch and catch up.”

“I’d love to, but can’t. There’s too much going on right now,” Iocca said disappointed.

“What about dinner?”

“Can’t, Gail’s finally got a night free and I’m going home to make the most of it.”

“Still in love huh?”

“Eight years.”

“She’s a lucky woman.”

“I’m the lucky one. Listen, I have meetings tomorrow I can’t cancel and filming that night. So lunch the day after tomorrow’s the best time, and we’ll all go.”

“That’ll do.” Evelyn hesitated. “Don’t take this wrong but, can it be just us? I love Gail, you know that. It’s just... there are some things I want to tell you that I can only say in front of you. Is that okay?”

“Sure. No problem. Are you okay? Do I need to be worried?”

“No. I’ll tell you all about it at lunch.”

“I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Me too. Ciao.” Iocca reached into the desk drawer for the bottle of aspirin. The day started to look a little brighter. Evelyn Wylder, best friend extraordinaire, was back in town.


The candle’s silhouette danced across the table, the curtains, and the television, its reflection covered the two bodies locked in a sensual embrace upon the blanketed floor. The stereo echoed softly the sounds of smooth jazz in a heavy bass beat. The song was Gail’s favorite and drove her wild with passion.

Gail’s legs were wide and her hips rose to greet Iocca’s fingers on beat to the bass. Gail’s head moved from side to side as the kaleidoscope of brilliant and colors fluidly twisted behind her eyes. Iocca’s lips took the hardened nipple into her mouth and fed hungrily upon it. Gail groaned, needing her release.

“Now baby,” she panted. “I can’t take...” Her words were stolen from her as Iocca nibbled

on her nipple and put the vibrator upon her engorged clit. Head craned back as her   shoulders rose from the floor. Iocca held on and let her lover’s orgasm consume her. Gail’s wetness ran across her fingers and she shivered in desire to taste her lover.

The vibrator's light touch streamed through her entire body. Gail’s muscles locked rigid in her release, strained under the pleasure Iocca caused within until she collapsed back onto the floor. Legs placid and her arms spread to her side, the only part of her that moved was her heaving chest, gasping to take in air.

Iocca leaned above her lover and stroked her face. She placed shadowy kisses across the beautiful face before working her way down Gail’s neck. It was hard to keep restraint, she wanted to have Gail on her tongue, she needed the splendor upon her lips. Spent from her first orgasm, Gail couldn’t protest for the chance to reciprocate before she came again. And Iocca was determined to make her come again, and again.

Moving her lover’s legs apart for her, Iocca heard a weak moan of protest but ignored it. Gail was hers tonight for the taking. Iocca’s hands pulled apart Gail’s center exposing the swollen nub to her. In the dimness of the candles she could see how enlarged her lover remained. She was able to see the glistening nectar that would quench her thirst like a desert oasis.

And it did.

Iocca’s tongue stroked up the trail Gail’s cum had made from between her firm behind through her center but stopped short of touching her clit. Gail was more alive and her hips followed upward. Iocca sucked the hardened clit between her lips and her tongue circled, and flicked feverishly upon its captive. Gail’s entire back lifted from the floor and her fantastic abdominal muscles revealed sensually.

“Coco!” She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her again. Suspended in an incredible wave of passion, her muscles gave way and she flopped once against upon the blanketed floor spent and needing oxygen.

Iocca pulled Gail’s nectar onto her tongue from her bottom through her center several more times before leaving her favorite place. She gently blew a trail across the sheen of orgasmic sweat, arousing Gail once again. Leaning up on an elbow with her legs pressed together Iocca tried to stop her own orgasm from skyrocketing as she lay beside her love and cradled her in her arms. “I’m so lucky you’ve chosen me.”

“Hmm,” Gail managed. She shifted her leg across Iocca’s causing her moist center to snuggle against her hip. “Ooh.”

Iocca smiled when Gail shifted her body to lie atop of hers. Their legs parted knowingly. Bound as one, their thighs easily moved against each others wetness.


“I need you in me,” Iocca panted. “Fill me.”

Gail’s body shivered as the thought. For eight years Iocca had refused to allow her to do just that. Her clit began to throb. “Oh I will. But are you sure?”

It was the last piece of herself she’d never given to anyone. She never wanted anyone to penetrate her with a dildo until this moment with Gail. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Gail strapped on the dildo and eased the handle inside of herself so she’d be able to feel the pleasure as Iocca took it from her. Gail placed her back against the headboard. She wanted to watch Iocca as she took control. Iocca straddled Gail’s lap and kissed her. She rose up on her knees and positioned the dildo inside the lips of her opening.

“Careful,” Gail cautioned surprised at her patience. Fucking always made her impatient. She wanted to be inside of Iocca badly. But she needed to go slow with her lover’s first time. She watched Iocca’s eyes closed as she lowered herself onto the dildo and it slipped into her tight cavern. She groaned as she watched Iocca’s tongue wet her lips. Gail grasped her butt cheeks and gently eased the rest of the way in, Iocca’s muscles surrounded the dildo. I’m going to fuck you blind, Gail told Iocca silently. I’ve waited a long time and I’m going to have you in every position.

Iocca expelled her breath, amazed at how comfortable her center accepted being filled. She leaned forward and pushed her nipple directly into Gail’s mouth. She wasn’t expecting it but it was suckled hungrily, and Iocca’s hips moved up and down then a gyrated circle.

“That’s it Coco.” Gail panted. “Ride me hard.”

Iocca ground down on the shaft pushing it deeper inside pressing as far as it would go.  Her body moved in a deliberate slow rhythm. She was hot, and Gail was about to come from watching her as well as from the handle moving inside her own wet center. She reached behind the pillow and pilled out the vibrator. With ease pushed the switch to the first level and grinned lecherously. Gail knew Iocca’s orgasm would be powerful.  

She lowered the vibrating round head onto Iocca’s mound and felt her body jerk violently. “Gail...” Iocca’s voice faded to a guttural sound and her body froze for an instant, jerked, and she resumed her riding more fiercely, deeper. Iocca reached for her nipple and pinched.  “Oh...” Iocca moaned. “Oh...” Her face contorted beautifully, she threw her head back, both hands grabbing Gail’s nipples and pinching as her screams filled the room. The shaft of Gail’s temporary member was swallowed inside her completely as she rode Gail’s lap. Feeling the vibration on her stomach travel down to her throbbing clit, Iocca‘s screams of orgasm mixed with Gail’s. Her body froze under the wetness on her stomach and dripping between her ass. Iocca lost strength and lay on her lover with labored breathing, a veil of blonde hair covering them both.

Iocca raised her hips until the slick dildo released her and she fell on the bed beside her love. Gail quickly stripped off the device and curled her body around Iocca.

“Marry me.” Iocca said.


“The first time I asked, we were new. You said we needed to focus on our careers.”


“We’re beyond that now. We have careers, we have a home. We have love.”

“Coco, I love you, you know that. Our friends know we love each other. What purpose would getting married serve?”

“If I were a man you’d marry me.”

She searched her eyes in the flicker of the candle light. “It means that much to you?”

“Yes. It does.”

“Then yes. I will.”



“Ok people look alive,” Iocca said and adjusted her ear piece and starred at the monitors. “Let’s make it happen.” She took her favorite chair adjusted the position to view all of the monitors. The technicians were at the control panel at the ready for the live feed from the cameras on site with Phillip.


The face on the screen radiated as she spoke of meeting Lauren Meyers, the brass and cocky head of Meyer Manufacturing. Sondra’s repeated rejections of Lauren’s advances made the chase more of a challenge it seemed.

“I was awakened one night to the sounds of a four piece string quartet serenading me on my front lawn.” Sondra blushed. “What girl could resist?” Beyond her tear blurred vision Lauren stood confident in front of the band with two dozen red roses held against her heart.

“What about your neighbors?” Phillip smiled.

“They weren’t too pleased with me, but that moment is when I gave in. I fell in love with her and it’s lasted for two years, nine months, and fifteen days.” Phillip eyed her curiously. “Time stopped when I suspected her of cheating.”


Sondra detailed her life with Lauren. Their busy careers left only snatches of free time. Iocca felt a chill travel her spine. Sondra’s description seemed as though she had personal knowledge of her and Gail. Not yet strangers, but definitely ships passing in the night. She’d missed Gail horribly the last few weeks. Hearing Sondra’s anguish over what was possibly lost with Lauren caused Iocca made a vow. She’d finish the final three shows of the season then devote unending time to Gail.


“She hasn’t been herself, lately.” Sondra was saying. “She’s been temperamental, cold and distant. I know,” she said. “Number one sign right? The other night, she crawled into bed just before the alarm sounded.”

“Did you confront her about it?” Phillip said.

“No, I couldn’t. I should’ve. But I couldn’t.”

“Sondra,” Phillip’s voice dripped empathy. “You wanted to know if Lauren was a Deceiver.” He paused for several beats to let the suspense build for Sondra. “I’m sorry Sondra. Lauren’s a Deceiver.” Her tears flowed and Phillip patted her shoulder in feigned comfort.  

“I felt it. I knew I wasn’t making things up.” Like a pendulum, her mood swung and transformed into simmering rage. “Who?”

“Would you like to see our proof?”


“Good Phillip,” Iocca said into her mike. “Stretch it a little. Harry and the boys have Lauren in sight but haven’t confirmed she’s in the room yet.”

A monitor marked number two went to black. The technician sitting before it said, “We’ve lost camera two.”

“Get it back!” Iocca’s snapped with frustration.

“I umm...I’m trying.”

“Richard,” Iocca barked into the mike. “What’s going on?”

Into her ear she heard, “Camera’s malfunctioning.”

“No shit Sherlock. Fix it! Don’t mess this up. You understand me?”


On the small screen of the potable DVD player, Phillip showed Sondra the video of Lauren and  a woman with light blonde hair sitting in the park kissing and laughing. “Lauren would never   do that in public.” Sondra said. The scene switched to Lauren getting out of an unfamiliar sports   car and entered the darkened room of the Innesterial Motel with the woman. Her face was    never fully exposed to the camera. The sound of Phillip’s voice was deafened by the blood rushing through her ears.

“Ok Phillip,” Iocca said into the microphone. “They’ve just entered the motel room and the lights are off.” She loved this part of the chase. Her body tingled in near orgasmic splendor.

The ratings were going to shoot through the roof. “Get her there now!”

The monitors displayed Phillip helping Sondra into the SUV.  As they moved towards their destination, the dashboard camera focused on a subdued Sondra and Phillip. Experience      taught him to leave her to her thoughts of confronting her unfaithful lover. Phillip stared

at the woman and the tide of emotions that rolled across her face.  

“I can almost predict what’s going to go through the minds of the women on the other side of that door.” Iocca’s voice sounded far away to those in the control. “A sudden knock on the door, a flash of panic and they gape at one another wondering who it could be. The only one who knows is the desk clerk. They’ll question each other. Then the door opens a crack and gotcha! The deer caught in the camera spotlight look.”


“You know this so well, Iocca.” Heather said drawn to Iocca’s excitement. Her body craved Iocca’s touch. She was soaked from the sudden rush of wetness between her thighs.

“Make it good guys. I want academy award quality, got me?” Iocca dared.


A short time passed before the cameras were poised and ready for when the door of room two-thirteen opened. Iocca perched on the edge of her seat in anticipation. So far her crew worked in sync with little guidance from her. Iocca knew they would capture every marvelous second of the bust.

Phillip left the SUV at a fast pace to catch up to a near sprinting Sondra. The sound man stopped her before she reached the door and Phillip caught his breath. He covered his mike and whispered something to her. She nodded and waited for the burly camera man to pound on the door. Seconds later, a pair of blue eyes peered through the crack.

“Sondra?” Lauren said just before Sondra shoved the door completely open and stormed the room like a paratrooper. Lauren stumbled backwards and was instantly bathed in a flood of   light. Iocca tingled inside as the woman stood draped in the bed spread shielding her eyes

from the lights. “Wait I -” Sondra’s open palm connected with Lauren’s cheek and made her stagger. The woman in the bed slid to the floor dragging the thin white sheet as cover.


 “Find out who the hell’s on the other side of the bed!” Iocca’s voice rose in excitement.


 “How could you Lauren? How could you do this to me?”

“What the fuck is this?” Lauren said holding her stinging cheek.

“I’m Phillip Web, host of Deceever’s television show,” Phillip stepped to their side.

“They followed you and that bitch!” Sondra shoved Lauren backward onto the bed and ran to block the woman from fleeing to the bathroom.

The woman tried to use the sheet to shield her body and face until Sondra ripped it from her.

A shapely tattooed behind exposed would receive a black bar during editing. The hair on the back of Iocca’s neck prickled. Before the team could stop her, Sondra grabbed a fist full of the woman’s sandy colored hair and pulled her backward. The woman bounced upon the bed legs opened further exposing what lay beneath the blonde apex. Hands feebly tried to cover her face and her private areas were now public.

The acrobatic woman flipped to the other side of the bed bounced and landed on her feet. Just as quickly Lauren wrapped her in a portion of the bed spread. Phillip couldn’t believe his eyes when the woman turned to face the camera.


All color drained from Iocca, and she gripped the arms of the chair as the brown eyes she dearly loved welled with tears before the camera. She was caught in the spotlight with Lauren. Silky locks stood on end as she used a piece of the comforter to cover her reddened face.

Iocca lost the ability to breathe as a sizeable lump blocked her airway. Gail was having an affair? Like someone had kicked her in the chest, the shattering of her heart burned with a raging fire and searing ache. An affair, her mind reeled. On her show. Iocca swayed and Heather perched on the edge of her chair to catch her.

The technicians in the room looked from one to another not sure what was happening. Heather kept her eyes riveted upon Iocca. She was the only one in the room who knew Gail. She was also the only one who saw Iocca’s jaw set to keep the emotions from spilling.


“Umm,” Phillip stammered. He wanted to shut the camera’s down for Iocca’s sake. She had to be crushed. He contemplated what he should do. Sondra had plans of her own.

“Sondra,” Lauren shouted. “Sondra, can you get these people out of here so we can talk.”

“Talk about what? Look around you Lauren.” She stretched out her arms to include the expanse of the room. “Look at...” her voice choked on new tears as she pointed to her lover in the comforter. “You.” The mournful sound transformed into rage at the sight of Gail. “What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend?”

“Leave me out of this.” All her modesty stripped away, she left the shelter of Lauren’s side to gather her clothes and to put some distance between herself and Sondra.

“Bitch, this is because of you!”


Iocca sat at the console surprisingly calm. Her rigid posture held her tense shoulders razor straight. The telling sign of something wrong was in her voice. Broken and flattened tone as she spoke through the microphone. “Phillip, get the woman’s name. Camera one, stay with him. Cameras three and four follow Sondra and Lauren.”


Phillip took an awkward step to get Gail’s attention once she’d zipped her pants. “Miss.”

She stared straight into his eyes. “Leave it alone Phillip.” She walked out of the motel and into her car.


Heather watched Iocca. Her mouth twisted and contorted in gnawing torment that her personal life was on display. It settled into a bitter downward line. She wanted to go to her, to earnestly soothe the sting of public heartbreak. Heather envisioned Iocca wrapped in her arms and never letting her go.  

Iocca slowly rose to her feet. “Heather you’re in charge. I’ll see you all in the morning,” she said quietly and left not wanting to look back.

“That was weird,” The tech said. “She should be creaming her jeans about this. It was fucking fantastic.”

“Shut up!” Heather said.



Iocca hesitated inside the open door of the condo. Her stomach clenched as she heard faint sounds from the TV upstairs drifting in the stillness. Gail was home. She despised what was coming. The thought of it made her body feel heavy, fatigue set in as if she’d run a marathon. Surprised at her own reaction, she was still numb from the shock. She’d seen where histrionics had led the other victims and deceivers that were on her show. It led to fatigue and feeling of defeat. She was already there. She was mature, no need to yell and fight. It wasn’t worth it. It wouldn’t turn back time.

She dragged herself into the kitchen and summoned the energy to open the cupboard. Limbs of iron found a glass and then the bourbon. The pungent odor assailed her nose. She hesitated, then swirled the brown liquid around in the glass. Drinking wouldn’t leave her with a clear head. Was one really needed?  There were no decisions to be made. Gail had seen to that.

Iocca threw her head back and tossed the shot of bourbon. The burning paled in comparison to the implosion earlier watching the monitor. Her beloved Gail naked. The team saw lesbians, naked lesbians. Her lover was now fodder for their fantasies. She knew their twisted humor

and Neanderthal commentary. Then what? What would she say to them? What could she say? Her jaw set tightly. It was too much.

Iocca poured another shot and spotted the roses in the vase on the counter. The blooms were opened and their sweet aroma sickened her. She snatched the vase and aimed for the wall. She’d almost hurled it when she pulled up short and opened the bin where the trash was kept and tossed it in. The roses and vase landed with a resounding thud in the empty trash can. She closed the bin and downed the waiting shot. The acrid brew landed in the pit of her empty stomach like a hydrogen bomb. Iocca heard the shuffling feet across the hardwood floor and knew it was time. Repulsed at the thought of Gail, belligerence crept to the edge of her tongue poised at the ready.

“Can we talk?”

“A little late for that, don’t you think?” Iocca said through tight lips.


“I don’t think so. I do love-“

“Don’t you fucking dare!” The storm erupted and Gail jumped as Iocca slammed the glass on the counter. “You love me!? You love me? Is that what you were thinking while you fucked Lauren, that you love me?”

“I do love you.”

“Don’t make me puke.” She grabbed the neck of the bottle and shouldered past Gail.

“It was a mistake, Iocca. I swear.”

Iocca stopped in the hall and wavered, bottle dangling loosely at her side.  “Last night,” she shook her head, “we made love last night. It was...” she trailed off and shook her head once more. “But it was a lie. You looked me dead in the eyes and lied.” Her stomach spasmed to reject the alcohol. “Why?”

“Iocca –“

“You said you’d marry me. You fucking LIED!”

“No I didn’t.”

“Why goddamn it?” Her torso shook uncontrollably. It hurt too much to hold in any longer.

Gail jumped and rubbed her hands together. The tears hadn’t slowed since she’d left the motel.     She wasn’t unhappy in her life with Iocca, she cherished it, but the draw to Lauren was too irresistible. A compelling attraction she’d grew tired of fighting and gave in. Never had Deceevers ever entered her mind.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Iocca sneered.

“I don’t. It wasn’t something I planned. It felt like an infatuation.”


“I didn’t realize it would go that far.”

“You’re a goddamn liar! It’s been going on for weeks.”

Gail’s chest heaved evenly. “No it hasn’t.”

Iocca stormed up to Gail and stared directly into her eyes. She smelled Gail’s uncertainty   fearing she was about to be struck. “Is this your first time with her?”

Gail’s mouth worked to make words but no sound came through. She was afraid to answer       for the crazed look in her lover’s eyes. A breath of air passed through her lips to form, “No.”

Thunderstruck, Iocca mechanically stepped away from Gail. She forced herself to speak, “Why didn’t you just leave me?”

“I don’t want to leave. It was a mistake, Iocca. It’s the best I can do.”

“The best,” Iocca glared at the Deceiver. “Was us. Me. And you...” her voice choked off as her face was stained with tears. Tired of being strong, her strength dissipated with the pain in her heart. Gail would see how deeply the wounds were cut. “You fucked it up.”

“I know I did. I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to make this right. Iocca, please-”

“Just,” she waved a defeated hand, “go away Gail.”

Secluded behind the closed door of their home office, Iocca found the couch in the dark and dropped down on it, draining what was in her glass. The liquid travelled down her throat and she felt like curling in on herself. She wanted arms to wrap around her for comfort, to soothe the hurt away. Desperate to be held and rocked. Everything was shattered because Gail had an infatuation.

She wept for the times she’d bragged that their life was near perfect. She had glorified their   romance and compatibility bordered on the obnoxious. She and Gail thought alike on many levels and loved passionately. Obviously Gail’s love didn’t run as deep as hers. In a scandalous way, she was proven wrong. Disgraced in front of her crew, soon she’d be humiliated across the country.

Doesn’t it ever bother you, the young technician had asked.


A rap on the door asked for permission to enter. Iocca didn’t answer but lowered her head back to her computer where she’d been all night. Gail opened the door and gasped. The smell of stale alcohol filled the room added to Iocca’s haggard and drawn appearance. She placed the cup of coffee on the stand beside Iocca’s desk and waited with hands crossed in front of her. Iocca was going to ignore her. It annoyed Gail to no end and she usually waited for Iocca to begin speaking to her again. She was good at that when angry. Today, she wasn’t in the mood to play Iocca’s game.

“Hi,” Gail said and Iocca’s fingers continued to fly across the key board. She hated being invisible. “Coco, I want to talk.”

Don’t call me that.”

“I’m sorry.” Gail said meekly.

“Yes you are.”

“Can we have a civilized conversation, please?”

“About what?”

“After eight years I believe we have things to talk about.”

“After eight years I believe you’d have learned to keep your legs shut?” Iocca said through clenched teeth.

“That wasn’t fair.”

“Truth hurts.”

“I deserve better than that.”

“You deserve!?” Iocca sprang to her feet. “I deserved better than seeing your naked ass in my camera lens!”

“I’m sorry it happened. I’m sorry for everything.” She was exasperated. “Please, Iocca, I’ll do what ever you want me to.”  

“You told me that you loved me,” Iocca’s quiet voice filled the silence. “That’s all I ever believed, all I ever needed to believe.”

“It’s true. You know it’s true.”

Iocca sniffed and shook her head. She’d thought the crying was over, that there weren’t any      more inside of her. The sight of Gail caused flashbacks to the night before and magically, there were more tears. “I want you to leave.”

“Just like that you want me to leave?” She couldn’t be serious. Leave the condo, leave her life. Just walk away. It was her turn to be angry. “How can you be so cold?”

“As easy as you could fuck Lauren Meyers.” She shut down her computer.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Gail punctuated each word with a point of her finger.

“Yes, you are.” Iocca brushed past her.


Continued in Part 2

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