by karenk

Disclaimers:Characters and story are mine. I guess it can be considered uberish. My whole writing experience was sparked off by Xena, so resemblances to any of those famous characters are not a coincidence.

One more thing, this story is inspired by the song Babe by Take That. Once again, I mean no copyright infringement.

Fade in:

"Hi... um, I'm looking for Jodie?" the tall, raven-haired woman stood on uncertain legs at the porch of a small house. She did not recognize the old man who had answered the door.

"You talking about Ms Gold?" the old man asked in return.

"Yes... is she here?"

"She moved out last year... I'm renting this place now..."

"Moved out? Wha... do you know where?" Dana couldn't believe it. She was too late...

"She didn't tell me..." the old man answered slowly, looking carefully at his unexpected visitor.

"I... thanks anyway, sir... I'll be on my way now..." defeated, Dana turned awkwardly to walk back to where her limo and driver were waiting patiently by the sidewalk for her.

"Wait, miss..." the old man felt sorry for the beautiful woman who clearly looked shattered and distraught, "she left me her new number in case I needed to get in touch with her... I'll go get it... won't be a moment..."

Number? Dana's ears perked up and her turned immediately back towards the door, a little too fast as she gasped at the pain the sudden movement caused her back and legs. She willed herself to remain upright, all too familiar with the frequent stabs of pain that had engulfed her for the better part of the past two years.

She held herself together as she waited for the old man to return which he soon did. Baring a small scrap of paper.

"Here you go, miss. Why don't you call her and ask where she is?" the old man said kindly.

"I intend to, sir. Thank you so much." Dana accepted the scrap gratefully and slowly turned back again to her limo.

"Where next, Miss Law?" Dana's driver since her very first day of school asked as he appeared at her elbow to help her inside the limo.

"I'm not too sure yet..." Dana was still slightly dazed, "why don't you just drive round the block or something?"

"Sure thing, Miss Law."

"Nigel... it's been more than 25 years... can't you call me Dana?"

"No, Miss Law... it's not proper." Nigel answered seriously.

Dana rolled her eyes at the all too familiar argument between her and her family's loyal driver. She took a deep breath before glancing down at her still tightly closed fist. Within which laid everything she had fought so hard for. The telephone number of the person she had fought against all the odds for.

She opened her fist slowly to reveal a slightly crumpled scrap of paper. Picking up her car telephone, and with trembling fingers, she started punching in the numbers written on the paper.





"Oh gods... Dee?"

"Yeah... I'm back again..."

"Oh gods..."

"I'm so sorry, love. I... no... please don't cry..."

"No... I just can't believe... are you all right?"

"I will be... once I see you... can I? Where are you?"

"I don't think..."

"Please, Jodie... I need to see you. Just tell me where you are now and I'll be straight down..."

"Dee... maybe I should..."

"No! Jodie... please. Babe... I need to see you now. I've got so much to tell you..."

"So do I..."

"This is the place, Miss Law."

"Thanks, Nigel. Would you wait here for me... in case..." Dana said nervously as she exited the limo.

"Of course, Miss Law. But I don't think you have anything to worry about..." Nigel said with a smile as he watched his boss stand up to her full height and returned his wide, encouraging smile with a weak one of her own.

Dana slowly made her way towards the gate of a small, quaint cottage, hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She noted the white picket fence, the neatly mowed lawn and the cute little porch swing just outside the main door.

Exactly the way you've always wanted to live, Jodie... no wonder you sounded reluctant to let me come... why would you want me back?

Dana tortured herself with those nasty thoughts as she half-limped her way up the path to the front door. But before she could knock on it, the door swung open and Dana found herself staring once again at the face of the one who represented, to her, the other half of her soul. Tall, green-eyed and willowy while she herself was blue-eyed and more powerfully built... little good it did her when a semi-trailer smashed head-on into her four wheel drive, plunging her life into one constant nightmare and pain. Such unspeakable pain that she had turned everyone away... even the other half of her soul. She only hoped that Jodie would forgive her.

"Hi..." Dana greeted the blonde, shyly, head bowed.

"Dee..." Jodie used one hand to lift Dana's head up for them to look at one another eye to eye. Her emerald ones started tearing, "I've missed you so..."

"Me too... so, so much..."

"Then why? Why did you push me away?"

"I don't know..." Dana whispered.

Jodie reached out and gave Dana a bone-crunching hug which shot pain all the way down Dana's back to her legs but she did not pull away.

"I love you... I always will... I said I'll wait for you and I have..."

"I love you too, Jodie... I've..." Dana trailed off as she noticed for the first time a small head peeking out from a doorway inside the house, "who's that?"

Jodie smiled brilliantly, "Let me introduce you to our little girl... that's Tanya. Tanya... come here and meet your mama, sweetie."

"Jodie?" Dana asked, uncertain what Jodie meant by that introduction.

"Have you forgotten? I told you I was finally pregnant the day before your accident..."

"I..." Dana was speechless as she had indeed forgotten. She knelt down carefully, reaching out for little Tanya who had slowly made her way to the front door.

"Hello..." Tanya said shyly, batting her big, bright sky blue eyes.

Dana was certain her heart was now lost to another... this was the child she and Jodie had wanted and had tried to have for years. Her blue eyes, Jodie's blonde hair and smile. "Hi, little bit. I'm your..."

"I've told her all about you... I knew one day you'll find your way back. To me... to us..." Jodie had also knelt down alongside them.

Dana choked back a sob as she pulled her daughter into a hug while Jodie hugged her, making them into a human sandwich.

"Don't you dare push us away again... don't you dare..."

"Never... I'm back for good. I swear..." Dana finally allowed herself to cry.

"We're finally a family..."

"I've waited for this moment for the past two years... often it was all I had to wake up to..."

"Me too, love. Me too..."

Nigel crossed his arms over his chest. Happy and glad that all seemed well again, though he was slightly concerned when that little girl showed up at the front door... but since now his boss was being helped up by that very nice Miss Gold and the little girl had already ran in ahead of them... he guessed it was okay. Yup... all was well... they had just walked into the house arm in arm while the door swung close. He walked over to his side of the limo and made himself comfortable for another long wait. A wait he was glad he could make.

Fade out:

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