by Karrie V.

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Part 1


March 28, 2012 - 10AM - Hollywood , CA - Paramount Studios

“Quiet on the set!” Peggy yelled again. As the director of the new film, Behind the Badge , Peggy Anderson was close to her breaking point. Being only a month into production she was already two weeks behind, fed up with her cast and was beginning to think this was the worst professional decision she had ever made. “Making a cop film will be a cinch for you…it will show the industry that you have diversity as a director!” her agent stated. Diversity my ass were her thoughts now. She had already gone through two technical consultants. The first one didn't even know the difference between a shot gun and a revolver. The other idiot gave the lead actor a bloody nose while “teaching” him how to properly take a suspect down and handcuff him. Tensions were running high as she met with the producers that night to discuss the issue and for over an hour they heard her ranting and raving. Finally, due to the amount of money already invested and the political hosh posh involved the producers knew that they had no choice but to give in and fix the problem themselves. They had promised her that she would receive someone top notch today. Peggy swore to herself that if she ended up getting another idiot who was equivalent to a lame mall cop that she was walking off the set and never coming back. The only bright side of her long grueling days was when she was able to direct her leading lady, Beth Huntington . Although quite young and not too experienced the girl had a knack for the trade and a genuine likeable personality. On top of that she was a professional, who always came prepared to the set and never complained, unlike most of her stars.



March 28, 2012 - 11AM Los Angeles , CA - Hollenbeck Divison

“Nuccio, in my office ASAP!” the Captain hollered. As Nuccio looked up from her never-ending pile of paperwork on her desk she cringed seeing the Captain already walking towards his office with his back to her. “Now what?” she grumbled. Grudgingly she got up from her desk and headed towards his office. She remembered the last time he called her in so abruptly and it wasn't a happy memory.

December 16, 2010 – 1PM

“Nuccio, close the door behind you.” the Captain grinded out.

She closed the door seeing her fellow officers nervously watching from there desks. “Yes, sir is there something you needed Captain?” she softly stated.

Piercing grey eyes bore into her. “Nuccio, have you been going to your therapy sessions?”

Inwardly sighing she replied, “Yes Captain, why is there a problem?”

“Have you been going twice a week as assigned?” he said in an agitated tone.

Kate looked down knowing full well that he discovered the truth. She was skipping her appointments and postponing them continuously for the past month. “Ummm, well you see captain…”

“Do you understand the ramifications if you do not attend those sessions?” he interrupted. “Do you have any idea what I will be forced to do if you don't agree to go to every single appointment from here on out!? This is the second time I've had to talk to you about this and there will not be a third do you hear me!?!” he finished now fuming.

All Kate could do was release a heavy sigh and look down at the floor. She knew she should be going but it just hurt too much to do it. After a month and a half of sessions she went into a deep depression and had a nervous breakdown. She couldn't sleep, she couldn't eat and she was at the end of her rope. Having to talk on and on about that horrendous night over and over again was taking its toll on her. Why must she be reminded of the pain and loss? What did it matter now? Couldn't they just leave her be to deal with it in her own way? Now that her best friend and partner were gone and all she was left with was desk duty, probably indefinitely. She was forever scarred from that day forth not only mentally but physically. Every day that she limped into a room she felt the eyes upon her and the sorrow consumed her all over again, knowing deep down that it was her fault those events occurred and no way of going back to change it.

“Are you even listening to me Nuccio?” The captain bellowed bringing Kate back to the moment at hand.

“Yes, captain and I'm sorry it's just…well I …I don't…I..I'm sorry Captain,” she whispered.

The Captain took a long hard look at Kate seeing the paleness of her face and bags under her eyes, her lack of sleep keenly apparent. She'd lost a lot of weight too in the last couple of months. The Captain softened a bit. “Look, Kate I understand this is hard for, but you must remember that we all lost a friend and comrade that day too. You've got to get past this, if you don't it'll just keep eating you up inside. Everybody has a breaking point Kate and we all care for you here and we sure as hell don't want to lose you too.”

Kate looked down after that and stuttered,“I knnnow Captain and I'm trying my my best really I am…”

“Well it's just not good enough anymore!” cutting her off. “I need more from you, in fact, you know what? We all need more from you! Ever since you got back you haven't given me half as much as you used too. You were on the top of my list Kate, the best damn cop I had in this department, but now it's like I got a goddamn rookie again. I won't stand for it anymore, it's been 6 months, we're all grieving but you've got to learn to let it go.”

“Alright Captain I understand, I'll make an appointment today, ok?” Kate said.

“I want progress reports from here on out Kate, I'm not saying I need to hear what's going on in your therapy sessions but I'll be keeping tabs on you and if I hear you skipped out on one appointment I'll be forced to take drastic measures Kate.”

“I understand Captain and I appreciate you giving me another chance,” she replied feeling the helplessness engulf her once more.

The Captain's eyes softened at her look of defeat and replied, “I believe in you Kate I always have, you're a good cop who just had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just remember if you ever need anything I'm here, ok?”

The compassionate look she received from her Captain was almost to much to bear and she began to feel the walls closing in around her. Before she she broke down Kate replied “ok” while turning and rushing from the office.

Knock knock. “Come in.”

“You wanted to see me, Captain?” Kate asked nervously.

“Yes, Kate come on in and have a seat.” He said while signing off on a report in front of him.

After a moment of silence the Captain finished and looked up at her. He quickly looked her over noticing the differences in her from merely 3 months prior. The constant bags under her eyes were gone, along with the utter look of defeat and despair that usually accompanied it. She gained some of the weight back she had lost and had even gained more muscle giving her a better physique then before, which was hard to believe possible. She had always been in excellent shape and had even taken the men's physical during the academy wanting to prove not only to herself but also her fellow comrades that she could do it. She never wanted or expected special treatment for being a woman on the force and always went above the call of duty to prove that she should be treated just like everybody else. Kate gained the admiration and respect of the entire department with her determination and passion for her work. She was highly recognized within the Division and moved her way up the ladder fairly quickly, being promoted to Detective III within 6 years of being on the force. At 28 years old Kate Nuccio was in the prime of her life and had become one of the best officers on the force, until one fateful night that changed everything.

The Captain shook his head lightly getting a grip on his wandering thoughts. “I wanted to talk to you about an assignment I think you'd be ideal for Kate .”

Kate 's silently let go of the breath she had been holding and her eyes brightened at the prospect of being put back in the field. “What is it Captain?” She asked anxiously.

Fidgeting a bit he continued, “Well, it's not your normal assignment you see, I got a call from the chief today and it seems that he's been asked a favor of sorts.”

Kate cringed hearing the tone of his voice. “A favor from the Chief?” She thought it over. Usually when you hear that line it's never good. She kept chanting in her head. Please don't make me be a babysitter for his wife or something!

The Captain continued on seeing he had her attention, “Well you see as you know the chief is getting some beef from the council lately due to his, shall we say “lack of” respect for the Entertainment community. It seems that a few of the big Networks and Studios are very anti-police as of late due to some comments made by him.”

“You mean like when he called them a bunch of pansies who wouldn't know a real cop from a fake one if it bit them in the ass or was it when he told them that they could all go to hell for all he cares cuz he's not gonna be there babysitters at awards ceremonies anymore?” Kate said with a bit of chagrin.

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up,” he chuckled.

He continued on…“Look, I ain't gonna sugar coat this for you because you know me better-basically the Chief's PR people want us to work on a better image. It turns out they have a friend producing this new cop flick coming out called, Behind the Badge, and they think it's a good opportunity to show the “positive” sides of the department. Not only do they want us to support them in anyway possible they asked us to pick one of our best officers to be a technical consultant on the set and teach the cast and crew the basics of being a real cop. They also want to make sure everything is portrayed accurately or “in the best possible light” for us, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” She replied slumping into her seat. “So I'm the lucky officer that was chosen huh? Good old gimp Nuccio since I can't do much else, right?” She mumbled bitterly.

The Captain sighed, “Listen, I know this isn't a pretty assignment but I chose you for a reason Kate . I need someone I know who can do this and do it right. If I send some half-assed rookie in there it isn't just him who may get a kick in the ass it's me too. My job is on the line here as well as yours so I'm not about to risk it because I didn't take things like this seriously. I think you are the best for the job because you're good with people, you've taught half this department how to be a cop for Christ 's sake and quite frankly I trust you.”

“It doesn't seem like I have much of a choice here boss.” She stated somberly.

“Well I guess that's because you don't, I expect you to be at this address at 0800 hours tomorrow,” ending the conversation while handing her a sheet of paper with the specifics of the job.

As she got up from her seat looking at the paper a frown began to form. She looked up at him and asked, “There are no start/end dates on here, how long is this assignment gonna be Captain?”

“Well from what I'm told it just began shooting about a month agoand they have at least 4 to 8 months left, so unless they fire you or tell you otherwise that's how long. Don't let me down Kate I'm really counting on you this time” he said looking back at the reports on his desk.

“Ok Captain I'll do my best” she said once more turning to leave.

Just as she opened the door the Captain called out, “Oh and Kate …thank you.”



Part 2

March 31, 2012 - 9AM - Hollywood , CA – Paramount Studios

It was early morning at the end of the week and the cast and crew were becoming restless, especially knowing that after this particular shoot that they would have 2 consecutive days off since this production began a little over a month ago. Beth had just gotten out of her dressing room and was quickly coming around her trailer when she collided with someone full force. As she began her descent to the hard ground her worst fear was that she'd ruin the brand new costume she had just put on. Just when she was ready for the pain of cement two strong arms pulled her in and held her tightly breaking her fall.

As Beth looked up from her human pillow she gasped at the piercing blue eyes gazing up at her. She had never seen such beauty before and in that one moment she oddly felt completely comfortable and safe. As she continued to gaze everything else just seemed to fade away, she was so entranced that she didn't hear the woman talking to her. She saw the women's luscious her lips moving but no sounds seemed to be coming from them. Wait did I just think luscious!?!

“Are you ok? Hello, anyone home? Are you ok Miss?” Kate inquired again.

Due to the lack of response Kate was fearful of moving the small blonde from on top of her. As she visually inspected the woman lying on her she came to notice the stunning green eyes that bore into her. It unnerved her because she felt as if this stranger could see right through her and into the depths of her soul. Just as Kate was going to ask again if the girl was alright she heard someone coming around the corner.

“Whoa! What happened here… Ms. Huntington are you alright…do I need to call an ambulance or the police?” The nervous P.A. rambled on.

Beth came out of her musings and quickly jumped off of Kate. With a blush rising she began to apologize profusely for her clumsiness.

Kate was a bit stunned at first seeing the mute girl now talking a mile a minute. How cute…whoa where did that come from?! Q uickly re-gaining her own composure she explained that accidents happen and not to worry. They stood there for a moment just taking each other in when the PA politely coughed to get there attention.

Beth then turned his way giving him her full attention. “Yes, Jimmy I'm sorry is there something you needed?”

“Oh , umm yes Ms. Huntington they are waiting for you on set and wanted me to come fetch you,” he replied shyly.

“No worries Jimmy I was on my way over until I accidentally bumped into…ummm...I'm sorry I don't believe we've met, I'm Elizabeth Huntington and you are?” She said with a grin extending her hand.

For some reason Kate was off kilter by the warmth in the blonde's eyes and took a moment to respond again before stuttering, “KKate…Kate Nuccio” shaking Beth's hand.

“Well again I apologize for my clumsiness, I really must get to set now but maybe we'll bump into each other again sometime, however let's try and make it less dramatic huh?” She said with a dazzling smile.

Kate couldn't help but return with a flirtatious smile of her own, “I'd like that Ms. Huntington, in fact I have a feeling we'll be bumping into each other much sooner than later.”

“Oh, Really? Well great and by the way please call me Beth all my friends do!” Beth replied and began walking away.

Before Beth turned the corner Kate couldn't help but give a quick retort, “Does that mean we're friends now?”

Beth stopped her forward progress and looking over her shoulder gave Kate a good long look causing the officer to blush and look down a bit in embarrassment. Kate was drawn again so quickly, it was like the blonde beauty could see right through her, making her breathless.

Beth saw the quick change of emotions flash across her face gauging whether or not she was serious. She kept her gaze waiting for Kate to look up at her again. She surprised herself when she replied in the softest of voices “Yeah, I'd like that.” Slowly she turned and walked away.

A small smile crept up Kate 's face. Dumbfounded by the response she finally released the breath she hadn't realized she was even holding. She was a bit taken aback by the intensity of the entire exchange and the way this woman made her feel. That was the crutch of it really, she made her feel. After years of learning to build walls around her heart and soul for protection in a mere matter of minutes, no seconds, this woman made her feel again. What exactly she wasn't quite sure of yet, but the thought left her with the feelings of both great fear, anxiety and fascination.



March 31, 2012 - 9AM - Hollywood , CA – Paramount Studios

As Kate proceeded to the Director's trailer she was still processing the past few hours of her day. Looking back on it everything seemed like a whirlwind of activity going on around her and all she could do was hang on for the ride. When she got to the studio that morning she had no clue where to go and after the second, “I don't know” she decided to take matters into her own hands and investigate the entire place herself. It only took her 20 minutes to find the hectic circus they called a set and another 10 minutes to find somebody who could tell her where to find the director. After being sent on a wild goose chase for the third time her frustration and anger were firmly in place as she came barreling around the corner colliding with the beautiful Beth Huntington. All she remembered following the collision was grabbing onto someone and holding them tightly as she turned there bodies so she would take the brunt of the fall. And did she ever take the brunt of it. As she slowly got her bearings and looked up into those hazel green eyes her heart skipped a beat. It was as if she truly began to breathe for the first time in all of her 30 years of age. Her heart was hammering beneath the petite body on top of her and her panting had more to do with the stunning creature looking down at her than the actual fall. Why had that woman affected her so much? Was it because she was so off guard going around that corner or was there more to it then that? Thinking back on there conversation, an albeit brief one at that, she came to realize that there was something quite hypnotic about the little blonde. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was there that was for sure. Kate unconsciously grinned remembering the few minutes of easy banter they shared, but before she was able to get too lost in her memories the door to the trailer swung open.

Peggy was barging out of her trailer only to be stopped dead in her tracks by the tall figure in front of her.

Kate gave Peggy the once over and said in her best cop voice “Are you Ms. Anderson ?”

Taken aback by the unwavering figure she replied sharply, “Who's asking?”

Kate, immediately realizing her hostile demeanor wasn't going to get her anywhere and tried a different tactic. “I apologize, my name is Detective Nuccio and it seems that I've been sent on a little bit of a wild goose chase, do you happen to know where I could find a Ms. Peggy Anderson ?” Giving a warm smile.

Peggy was shocked by the turn around of demeanor coming from this woman. The shift of behavior was so natural and sincere she was tempted to offer her an acting job. Gaining her voice she replied, “Well you're looking at her, how canI help you and make it quick I was supposed to be on set 5 minutes ago?”

“ Ms. Anderson it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Detective Nuccio sent from the LAPD Hollenbeck Division. It seems that I will be your Technical Consultant for this production.”

Peggy was impressed. She definitely wasn't expecting this as her replacement consultant. The last few duds were over the hill men, who showed up late and in sweat pants and a torn t-shirt. They talked down to her as if she was a nobody and if there was anything Peggy hated it was an egotistical, sexist ass. Especially, when she new more about there “supposed” profession than they did. She didn't get to be where she was by being an idiot. Back in college one of her professors told her that in order to be a good Director you have to know your subjects. Never go into a project blind, do your homework and get as much information as you can about not only who you'll be working with but what your project is about and study she did! She decided to test her newbie a bit to make sure this wasn't some wannabe actor cop putting on a good show just so they could get there 10 minutes of fame.

“It's nice to meet you Detective, if you will follow me I will show you to wardrobe so you can get out of your suit, I'm sure it's uncomfortable. I'll also have one of the P.A's get you a script so you can learn your lines before you have to be on set. He'll show you around and give you the grand tour of the place. I see that Captain Bellows took me seriously this time by sending the real deal.” Peggy began walking toward the set but didn't miss the look of apprehension and confusion on Kate 's face before turning her back on her.

Kate wasn't sure what just happened but she sure as hell wasn't going to be put on the screen so they could show off the “real deal”. That was NOT what she signed up for and decided to nip this in the bud before it got any further. Stopping in her tracks and putting on her “non-nonsense cop face” she spoke aloud.

“Excuse me Ms. Anderson I think there is a misunderstanding here.”

Peggy stopped walking and turned around abruptly giving Kate her most innocent doe-eyed look, “Oh, and what misunderstanding is that?”

“Well it seems that you are under the impression that I will be in this production and that is not the case. As for the script I will only need it in relevance to what you'd like me to teach the other actors or yourself. I am here to consult not act. Furthermore, I don't know who a Captain Bellows is but I was sent by Captain Garcia from Hollenbeck Division.” Kate finished exasperated.

Peggy gave her a hard stare trying to see any façade this woman may be hiding behind. Kate matched it with one of her own glares trying to figure what the hell was going on. After a minute Peggy burst out laughing. Composing herself Peggy walked up to the officer and gave her a good slap on the back.

“You're my kind of gal Nuccio! I have a feeling we're gonna get along just fine!” She continued walking toward the set while Kate just stared at her slack-jawed.




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