A Kiss


A slow breeze poured over us and I saw her smile (so bright and beautiful) beaming for one uncontrollable moment before she could stifle it. Her skin felt like soft ivory against mine, the blanket wrapping u sin our own little world of warmth, and I nuzzled against the top of her head; her hair tickled my lips. Gentle sunlight played across our bodies while the breeze passed unnoticed over our heads. I sighed, blissfully happy to be holding her for a change.

Everything we'd endured, every pain, every feeling, all the moments of suffering, sadness and joy melted away in respect for our rare time of harmony and peace. A droplet of sweat dropped over the tip of my nose and onto my tongue; she laughed. Her body turned in my arms and she looked upward at me (I was sitting up over her) with the most wonderful look of happiness permeating her entire face. The crystalline blue of her eyes reflected the clear late afternoon sky into my own, seemingly transmitting what she felt directly into my awaiting heart. Our souls were speaking to each other.

I pushed the blanket off of my chest, then exposed to the air, and draped it off the edge of her shoulders. She gazed at me, a longing naked in her and I, waiting for a connection that words could never hope to accomplish. She opened her folded arms to embrace me and I leaned forward to accept the welcome touch. Our skin pressed firmly together (we ignored the heat) and I could feel her heart beating in time with my own. A few more seconds of euphoria and we separated from our perfect bond to watch each other drift quietly again.

My hair was clumped all around my face; she brushed it aside with her hands. The soft flesh of her palms cradled my cheeks and a crescent moon of tears welled in her lower eye lid, but refused to fall. I fingers danced across the curved hill to push away the liquid before it had a chance to scar the beauty before me. Her mouth opened to release a sweet breath, her throat shook as she tried to swallow, and her one hand dropped to grace my stomach and the skin of my outer thigh. The opposite hand strengthened its grip on my face and pulled me towards her.

Her eyes closed and the tears we'd fought rolled across her cheek, dripping from the thick lashes like dew from a web. I licked my lips as our faces came closer together, our breath mingling into a clean haze that floated around us and into our hair. My nose touched hers and I shut my eyes; my body knew the way without thought. My mouth crept open the slightest bit at a time until the familiar sensation gossamer silk leading me into a core of feathers and petals. I lost all connection with the spinning world outside of us for the most wonderful eternity I had ever experienced, surpassing the others that had seemed to be the epitome of perfection at the time of their existence, before falling into the peaceful gray and black of a dream.

My eyes opened and the gray faded away in favor of the pure white snow in her eyes and the cream of her skin. I looked all around me and could seeing nothing but the lingering and unmasterable smile of my beautiful warrior princess.

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