It is a thin line that we walk

as we watch our steps, afraid of what others will say  

and with ever conscious minds we talk

of the progress of each new day

Yet,  there is few who ever stop

to notice the beauty in the sky

always worried about reaching the top

that they never realize that with each passing day they die

and the moon grows old

in her ever stoic way

and the sun grows cold

as she meets us at each new day

and we grow more blind

to the tragedy that is all around

and we don't seem to mind

the number of bodies we've placed in the ground the rivers run red

and the tears fall unchecked

as we weep for the dead

and all the lives that have been wrecked and yet we still lack the grace

to do away with the violence

and it seems we are all standing in one place and still walking in silence

(c) Kate Edwards 07-08-01

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