Violence. Only a teeny bit, this is a romance.

Angst.LOTS AND LOTS OF IT, SO BE AWARE!I think there's a lot of crying in the story, mainly because I was crying a LOT when I wrote it, so… beware!

Love/Sex. Yes, between two women, and a man and a woman.

Age.If you're underage, and it is illegal where you are to read this type of story, then close this page. J, Thank you.

Title: This novel is not formerly titled, but Billie and Jewl is the identification name I'll be using.

Billie and Jewl (UNTITLED)

{Part 4}


Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 2002-present


PART ONE: Billie

Chapter Ten

They left the reception early, wanting only to be alone together. They were at Johanna's house, in the bedroom, holding each other tightly and kissing passionately. Standing naked in the middle of the room, their arms wrapped tightly around each other's bodies, their passion was evident in the sounds of their breaths and moans. Billie pushed them towards bed, but Johanna, remembering the present, pushed against her strong shoulders, trying to stop her. "Wait, wait." She tried to turn her face away from Billie's mouth, but couldn't keep the passion from making her moan. "Billie, please, hold on!" She gasped against her mouth, still kissing her back. "The present!"

"Later." Billie growled; her hands were busy; one held Johanna to her, the other was in her panties, stroking through the heated wetness between her legs.

Johanna threw her head back and shuddered, her stomach muscles tightening convulsively. Her cry was shaky, accented by her shudders. She almost lost herself in the feel of Billie's fingers, but she remembered once again. "Now, Billie, I want to give you the present now!" She whispered hotly, meeting Billie's amused, and aroused, eyes.

"Boy, you have a one track mind." Billie laughed huskily. "What is it about this present?" She asked, removing her hand slowly from between Johanna's legs. Her fingers were coated with Johanna's essence. She brought them to her lips and licked them as Johanna kneeled beside the bed and reached under, pulling out a box. She stood back up and went to Billie, holding the box towards her with both hands. "Let's sit by the window." She said, padding towards the window and sitting down on a chair, mindful of the black shades.

Billie sat down beside her and took the box from her. She looked at Johanna curiously and then back at the box, proceeding to open it. She stared at its contents. The brand new leather belt was black and it shone beautifully. But it wasn't the belt that caught Billie's attention; it was the flesh-colored dildo that rested beside it. Billie stared at it for a long shocked moment; she'd never seen one before. Johanna stared at her, trying to gauge her reaction. Finally, Billie lifted her eyes and met Johanna's. "What am I supposed to do with this?" She asked hoarsely.

Bewildered, Johanna frowned. "You're kidding," She said in a low voice. Billie shook her head, looking embarrassed. "You've never used one of these?" She realized there were a lot of things Billie hadn't said to her.

Billie shook her head. "I've only had one other lover, Johanna. And she was as innocent as I was when we started." Billie confessed softly.

Not asking any questions, Johanna smiled gently, leaning down and kissing Billie's lips softly. "Its okay, my love." She said gently, and gestured to the box. "What does it look like?"

Surprised at the question, Billie said: "Why, a penis."

"Yes," Johanna said. She pointed at the leather strap. "This belt here goes around your thighs and waist," She explained. "I want you to put it on and make love to me with it."

Billie realized what Johanna meant and felt a shiver of excitement shoot down her spine; but she was still reluctant. "If you want this," She said uncertainly. "Why don't you do it with a man?"

Johanna laughed, and gently slapped Billie on the shoulder. "The thought of sex with a man disgusts me, darling. What arouses me about this thing is penetration, and the fact that it's you doing it to me." She looked at Billie for a long moment, her eyes smoldering. "I knew that it would be good with you, from the first time we made love." Her eyelids drooped, her breathing pattern changed, as she was once again aroused.

Billie could feel her body heating up again, the hotness between her legs increasing as she watched Johanna's nipples harden again.

Johanna continued hotly: "The way we move together," She stood up and pushed down her panties, stepping out of them and moving to stand tantalizingly in front of Billie, wrapping her arms around her neck and straddling her thigh.

Billie groaned as Johanna's wetness slid against her thigh, feeling her own wetness drip between her thighs; she grasped the box tightly and breathed in her delicious scent. She could feel Johanna's nipples brush against the skin of her chest, growing harder.

Johanna moaned very softly, arching slightly towards her. "Do you want to use it?" She whispered as her breathing grew faster; she moved her wetness slowly against Billie's firm thigh, her hips undulating slowly. She ran her fingers through the back of Billie's hair, and met her eyes.

Billie's breathing grew erratic; her eyes were trapped by Johanna's. She felt herself tremble; her buttocks tightened as she reflexively strained her hips towards Johanna. "Yes," She gasped, her muscles clenching with excitement. "Yes!"

Johanna sighed, shivering in her arousal. She took the box out and pulled out the straps and dildo. Suddenly, she was in a hurry to be pressed against her lover, bodies arching, hips undulating against one another sensuously. She helped Billie into the straps, adjusting them firmly and perfectly. When she was done, she threw the box on the floor and pulled Billie towards the bed. She threw herself back onto the bed and dragged Billie on top of her, her breathing raspy; cupping the back of her head and pulling her down to kiss her deeply.

Billie hesitated, afraid to hurt her. She pulled her mouth away from Johanna's, her eyes worried. "Will it hurt?" She asked shakily, still trying to get used to the straps and weight on her crotch.

Johanna met her eyes, stroking her cheeks softly with her hands. Her heart beat erratically in her chest. "Oh, Billie, I'm so wet…" She whispered hoarsely, shaking her head.

Billie gasped and closed her eyes tightly, shuddering violently as a wave of pleasure clenched the muscles between her legs. She brought her hips between Johanna's spread legs and felt Johanna guide her inside. She trembled as she felt the ease with which she entered, felt Johanna's breasts rise up to meet hers as she arched and groaned. Johanna's hips rose to urge her deeper, her legs rising to wrap around her waist tightly and pulling her all the way inside.

All remaining caution abandoned her as she began to move against Johanna, as their hips thrust into each other, and both women moaned in unison. Cupping her hands behind her head, Johanna kissed Billie deeply and thoroughly, and she felt Billie tense. The kiss they then shared was wild and full of heat. Billie's mind told her that she herself was inside Johanna, that the heat of Johanna's passion surrounded her body. She lifted herself onto her elbows, holding her body suspended over Johanna as she thrust her hips against her, her moans growing louder.

Johanna threw her head back, crying out loudly, losing herself in the hot sensations coursing through her body.

Johanna lay on her side, sweaty and limp with exhaustion. Billie lay behind her, her arms wrapped around her holding her close, her head lifted to kiss her neck and behind her ear. Their sweaty bodies merged together gently. Johanna turned her face to meet Billie's lips. Their mouths met and their tongues danced against one another; Johanna turned her body towards Billie's, their hands free and tender as they caressed.

Johanna pulled her lips away to gaze at Billie, her hand caressing her flushed face. "I'll never love anyone like I love you, Billie." She whispered; her eyes were full of love and passion. "There'll never be anyone but you."

Their lips met again, no more words were spoken as each woman lost herself in the other.

Chapter Eleven

Billie brought the fork up to her mouth, taking a bite of the veal Parmesan Lorna had prepared just for her. She moaned appreciatively, it tasted delicious. "This is great, mom!" She exclaimed.

Johanna agreed wholeheartedly, meeting her lover's eyes. She sat opposite her, enjoying the sight of her. She and Billie loved this particular recipe, especially with Lorna's innovations. She chewed slowly, distracted by her thoughts on Billie.

Lorna looked pleased, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she smiled. She glanced across at her son, who ate his food, silently enjoying it.

She noticed that her son was surprisingly quiet as they all chatted around him. Lorna knew he'd seen Jewl that day; she could tell by the preoccupied expression on his face. It worried her, because it meant that Jewl was not doing well at all. He looked up from the table and stared at Billie for a long time. "Why don't you and Jewl speak any more?" He asked softly, surprising her and Johanna into silence.

Billie's smile faded and she straightened, staring at him with an instantly unreadable expression on her face. She knew Johanna was now staring at her also, with an expression that asked the same thing. She'd always known about Billie and Jewl's friendship, but never pressured Billie into telling her anything. Billie's eyes narrowed as she said, "She does not agree with-" She paused, but then continued in her low voice. "My lifestyle." She was angry with him, angry that he'd brought the subject up in front of Johanna. Angry that she knew by the look in his eyes that he knew she was lying. She put her fork down very slowly, her appetite gone. She was aware of Johanna looking her over cautiously, but she didn't allow her face to show any type of emotion. "Why do you ask?" She asked calmly.

Joseph met her eyes. "I just wondered," He said, shrugging. "She's been… depressed. I worry about her. She's lost a lot of weight." He shook his head, staring sadly down at the table. If only Jewl would talk to me, he thought. I know it has to do with Billie, I know she's in love with Billie. But why won't she talk to me? "I don't know what to make of it." He continued, sighing. "Or how to help her."

Billie glanced at Johanna, who continued to stare at her with a curious expression. I feel like she's seeing right through me! She smiled uncertainly and Johanna smiled back, though she continued to gaze at her. Billie looked at Joseph again. "I'd love to be Jewl's friend again," She lied. "But I don't think that's possible."

Joseph shook his head, and stared down at his plate. He looked up at her seriously for another long moment, finally standing up and leaving the table without a word. Billie stared down at the table, her jaw clenching; she could feel Lorna and Johanna staring at her, but she didn't acknowledge them.


Johanna was lying on her back, her left leg lifted to rest over Billie's hip. She was nude and inviting, though at the same time she was thinking about Billie and Joseph's conversation during dinner. She ran her fingers through Billie's hair, brushing it away from her eyes. Billie lifted her head and their eyes met.

Billie was on her side pressed against her, her hand caressing her stomach gently. Her hair was tousled and fell onto her forehead again as Johanna took her hand away to caress her arm. She smiled down at her, bending closer. She closed her eyes as their lips met; her mouth opened to welcome Johanna's tongue. She trailed the tips of her fingers softly across Johanna's torso, teasing lightly around her pink nipples, drawing a moan from her.

Johanna broke away from their kiss, gasping as Billie ran her finger lightly across her nipple. She groaned as Billie bent down and circled it with her tongue. She suckled gently, biting softly then licking. Without warning, she slipped her hand between Johanna's legs, teasing with her fingers. Johanna arched, thrusting her hips upward against Billie's fingers. Billie brought her mouth to Johanna's and breathed in Johanna's loud moans. She felt Johanna tense as she cried out when she entered her, her body bucked as orgasm came instantly, her moans growing strangled and frantic.

Excited beyond words, Billie shifted and straddled Johanna's thigh. Their bodies pressed together as Billie's fingers thrust in and out of her wetness.

Johanna's fingers felt lightly down the line of Billie's spine. Billie was lying on her stomach, her face turned towards Johanna, a lazy smile on her face. Johanna was lying beside her, on her side, her head cradled over Billie's arm. She was thinking again, her mind very far away from the bed and Billie knew it was a matter of time before she spoke.

Finally, Johanna said: "Billie, what is the real reason for you not being Jewl Rothschild's friend any more?" The pressure of her fingers on Billie's back never changed, but she felt the muscles of Billie's back tense up.

Billie lifted her head and moved away, lying on her side and gazing at Johanna for a long moment. "I already told you." She said evenly. "She doesn't agree with my lifestyle. I guess she felt betrayed, or something." She hated lying so much. She wished she could tell Johanna the truth, but she didn't feel up to it.

Johanna didn't believe her for one second, but she said nothing. She knew there was more to it, but she trusted Billie to tell her sometime. "Okay," She said, smiling to appease her lover, reaching over for her and pulling her closer.

Billie went willingly into her arms, her arms wrapping around her silky body as she rested her head against the soft shoulder.

Continued in Part 5

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