PWP. As we all know, PWPs tend to have little plot, and lots of other things. :: Wiggles eyebrows::

SEX. Oooh, yeah! So be prepared, it's very explicit. If you don't like, I accept your opinion, but I wont accept cruelty in your comments.

LOVE. Lots of it too.

Sequel note- While this is NOT a Noemí sequel, it IS little vignette, showing us what happens on their second year anniversary.

Dedication- This is for Tonya. You've always loved these characters, and always made me feel like I accomplished something with Noemí. Thank you for your support.


Noemí Vignette-

"It's our anniversary"

Copyright 02-23-04

By Katia N. Ruiz

The lovers celebrate their 2nd anniversary.

"I'm nervous!" The panicked voice as soon as the phone was picked up.

"Aw, honey, you shouldn't be!" Its friend said instantly.

"But what if she doesn't like it?"

"Terri, that woman loves anything you do!"

"I guess," Terri sighed, knowing it was true. "I'm still nervous."

Michaela chuckled. "She loves you, darling. Anything you do will be special to her, this even more so." She paused, but her friend didn't respond. She could just picture Terri biting her nails. "Did you put on the outfit?"

"Outfit? This is barely an outfit!" Terri exclaimed, refusing to look at herself in the mirror, at the risk of changing her mind and her clothes.

Michaela laughed, shaking her head. "What about the gift?"

Terri swallowed spit. "I think she'll hate it."

"She won't hate it, trust me. This from Victoria, she asked." Michaela reassured.

"You had Victoria ask her? Oh my God!" Terri flung herself despairingly onto the bed. She could feel her face flushing furiously in embarrassment.

"I sent her on that particular mission." Michaela admitted, knowing Terri wouldn't be mad at her at the end of the night. "This from the source: she'd absolutely, positively, love it, which is why I suggested it in the first place. Now take a deep breath, and relax for your woman, who should be home soon."

Terri did as she was told, and was glad to feel her body relax; just a little. "Thank you for watching Imogene." She said with a small smile.

"She's an angel, Terri. Best behaved baby I've ever seen. Glad to see Noemí hasn't spoiled her." Michaela replied, smiling at the napping toddler lying next to her on the bed.

"That's only because I don't let her." Terri said, laughing. Her laugh died as she sat up quickly. "I think I hear the car, gotta go!" She hung up without waiting for a reply. Her heart picked up a staccato rhythm as her nerves returned. She threw on the dress' matching silk robe and tightened its noose around her slim waist. She went out to the hallway and leaned her shoulder against the wall, waiting.

Noemí ignored her coat and picked up the bouquet of roses and the box of chocolates. She practically bounced out of the car and towards the front door, ice blue eyes smiling. She walked into the house, holding both presents behind her back. She was surprised and disappointed to find the house so quiet. I guess she's not home. She thought with a sigh. "Terri?" She called out, just in case.

"Over here." The answer came from the hallway.

Noemí's face drew up from its small scowl to a full smile and froze as she stepped into the hallway. She swallowed hard as her eyes fell to an exposed thigh peeking from between the folds of a silk red knee-length robe. Her hands dropped from behind her back as she forgot all about her own presents.

Terri eyed the box and the roses clutched in Noemí's grasp. She slowly relaxed as pride over the way Noemí reacted to just the robe took over. Wait till she gets a hold of what's inside. She smirked at the thought, feeling an anticipatory tingle between her thighs. "Those for me?" She ventured.

"Uh? Oh, yeah." Noemí responded hoarsely, her eyes stuck to the expanse of flawless thigh flesh just waiting for her caress. That thought galvanized her into action.

Terri put a hand up to stop Noemí's forward momentum. The bewilderment flashing across her lover's face almost made Terri laugh. "Now, hold on," Terri said, each second pushing her nervousness away. She just needed to take a look into the fire in Noemí's icy-looking eyes, and Terri knew the power she possessed. She reached up and slipped her hand beneath the collar of Noemí's shirt and slowly caressed the smooth skin. Noemí's throaty groan made her swallow hard in expectation. "Come on." She whispered, her eyes held by the passion in Noemí's. She finally tore her eyes away and walked into their bedroom.

Noemí fought the urge to drop the box and bouquet and just throw herself upon her lover. She could feel the excitement building inside and knew she would come within minutes of their touching one another, she was so worked up. Terri did that to her, with just a look, a word, even with she wore. It could be some innocent jeans that fit her waist just right, or the right bra, or even just wearing her hair loose and falling over her shoulders as it was now. She could feel a sweat break out of her temples as she imagined what Terri wore under the sexy robe.

Terri could hear the hitch in Noemí's breathing and she smirked again. I do that to her. She mentally preened as she turned to see Noemí placing her gifts on the dresser with trembling hands. "Come here," She whispered, her own excitement rising at her lover's near loss of control.

Noemí walked into Terri's arms, wrapping her own around her smaller lover's waist. They kissed softly at first, but it quickly escalated into a full French kiss. Noemí could feel Terri pressing her breasts against hers, as the younger woman began to loose control.

Terri pulled back, gasping, and started rapidly unbuttoning Noemí's shirt. She grabbed Noemí's hands as she reached to undo the robe's noose. "Let me." She whispered, stepping back and undoing the noose. The robe fell open and Terri watched Noemí's nostrils flare instantly. She waited as narrowed eyes took in the very short and red, see-through lingerie dress.

Noemí had never seen Terri look so sexy, and she bit her bottom lip as her eyes moved down from a snug bra to the edible panties hugging Terri's lips. She then eyed the strong-looking legs and thighs, briefly thinking that their almost daily workouts were paying off really well. With their workouts, their sex grew more passionate, and Terri's stamina had grown to twice as much as usual. The thought had Noemí's heart racing a mile a minute.

Terri felt her wetness grow when Noemí's eyes moved back from her legs and thighs to rest again on the cherry red panties. "Come here, baby." She spread her arms again in welcome and moaned when Noemí wrapped her in a passionate embrace. Noemí's mouth devoured Terri's, her hands caressing her scented hair. Their tongues battled for control as Terri reached between them to continue unbuttoning Noemí's shirt. She felt Noemí's hands briefly leave her ass to pull off the shirt, leaving her in a sleeveless undershirt. Together, they pulled the undershirt up and off.

Terri's hands immediately began to massage the taller woman's breasts, eliciting a deep groan and a squeeze of her buttocks from Noemí. "You are so sexy, baby." Terri moaned into Noemí's mouth, lifting her hands up as Noemí pushed her lingerie up and off. Her hands returned to their place at Noemí's breasts as she felt the large hands beginning to unbuckle her bra straps. She tore her lips away from Noemí to take a nipple into her mouth.

"Oh God," Noemí threw her head back and groaned deep in her throat. She panted hard as she felt Terri's soft hands rub her sides, her teeth nipping gently at her hardened nipple. Grasping the silky hair with firm, though gentle, hands, she pulled Terri's head back and kissed her once again. She pushed Terri down onto the bed, lying fully on top of her and beginning to kiss her way down her body.

Terri moaned, her fingers digging into Noemí's toned shoulders in anticipation. "God, I love you," she whispered as Noemí took possession of a nipple. She spread her legs eagerly, already wanting to feel Noemí's mouth between her legs. So much for foreplay, She thought fleetingly as Noemí caressed her opened legs with gentle hands. She didn't care.

"Hmm, I love you," Noemí whispered reverently as she opened her eyes to take in Terri's breasts, inhaling sharply when Terri pushed her down towards her panties. She wasted no time in burying her face between the welcoming legs, eagerly tasting the cherry panty.

Terri's back arched when she felt Noemí's tongue slither across her clit as she tried to lick every single piece of the edible panty off her crotch. Suddenly, Noemí moved up and kissed her again. Terri's passion rose once again at the taste of cherry on Noemí's lips and tongue. She reached between them and loosed Noemí's belt and opened her pants. She slipped her hands beneath her boxers and began kneading the firm flesh of her buttocks.

Noemí moaned deep in her throat and pushed her hips into Terri's in a slow rhythm. "I love it when you do that." She whispered into her lover's lips, pushing her tongue deep into Terri's welcoming mouth.

Terri groaned, her breath hitching every time Noemí's groin made contact with her clit. She pulled her head back and met her lover's eyes, her hands caressing the back of Noemí's head. "I have something for you." She said softly.

"Oh, yeah? What is it?" Noemí whispered hoarsely, moving down to kiss Terri's sensitive neck. "I'm so hot for you." She groaned into the scented skin at the joint between shoulder and neck.

Terri moaned lightly, wrapping her arms tightly around Noemí's neck. "I hope you'll like it." She whispered, clenching her eyes closed and moaning when Noemí moved down and took an erect nipple into her mouth.

"As long as it's beneficial to this," Noemí murmured against the other nipple.

Terri didn't respond as she slipped her hand under a pillow and pulled out the box. She gasped when Noemí's fingers slipped deftly between her thighs, her hot tongue still lapping hungrily at Terri's aching nipples. She was almost forgetting about the present, but forced herself to focus and say, albeit shakily: "Here." She almost whimpered in protest when Noemí's gentle touch stopped.

Noemí thought her eyebrows would fly off her forehead, they rose so high. The name 'Babes in Toyland' displayed proudly across the rectangular box, the picture of the objects inside accompanying it. "Is this what I think it is?" She remembered having a conversation with Victoria about this particular subject. Victoria, you sly girl!

Terri watched the devilish grin suddenly appear on Noemí's face. Suddenly feeling shy, Terri looked away from Noemí's smoldering eyes. She could almost feel herself being filled deep by Noemí's thrusts. She couldn't wait.

With a low chuckle, Noemí brought her up hand to gently turn Terri's face toward hers. "So how does this thing work?" She asked sensuously, pushing her hips into Terri's.

Terri moaned softly at the pressure between her legs. She pushed her fingers through Noemí's hair, bringing out a moan from deep in her lover's throat. "I think we'll have to figure it out together," she whispered.


"I feel a little weird," Noemí said, looking down at their new accessory. She stood in front of the bed, modeling it for Terri, hands alternatively resting on her hips and crossing at her chest.

Terri giggled, her fingers entwined at her chin as she stared at her lover. All trace of shyness was gone, since Noemí looked more embarrassed than Terri had felt when she pulled out the box. Michaela had made a good choice, Terri thought, as Noemí adjusted the belt unnecessarily. "Noemí," She whispered, suddenly serious.

Noemí lifted self-conscious eyes to her lover. She sucked in a hiss of air at the sight of Terri lying there with her legs spread. She felt her wetness throb against the strap.

"Come here," Terri continued, her voice hoarse, and opened her arms in welcome.

Noemí didn't hesitate in moving onto the bed, slowly crawling on top of Terri and kissing her deeply. Terri's responding kiss was full of heat, her tongue pushed deep in Noemí's mouth. Noemí groaned when Terri lifted her legs up and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her down onto her body. She could feel the dildo nestled between them, and she shifted uncomfortably.

Terri could feel Noemí's anxiety and pushed her fingers through the red-blonde hair. She remembered what Michaela said about making Noemí relax and adjust to the strap. "Get on your back, baby," she whispered, meeting Noemí's nervous eyes. It felt strange to be the one in charge. Noemí usually took control in their lovemaking; it always turned Terri on, a lot. But the new thought of leading set her afire.

Noemí looked at Terri's face as she rose. The younger woman's nostrils were flaring, her shaking hands reverently caressing Noemí's strong shoulders. Her eyes trapped Noemí's with their passion. At Terri's urging, she flipped onto her back, blushing furiously when the dildo stood straight up.

Terri's laugh was infectious and Noemí found herself relaxing. Her laughter faded when Terri moved up above her, straddling her thighs. "Oh God!" She gasped, her hands moving to her lover's thighs.

Terri raked short nails gently against Noemí's hard stomach, her eyes enraptured by the clenching muscles under her hands. She moved up slightly and pressed herself against the dildo as her hands moved up to Noemí's breasts.

Noemí's head fell back at the dual sensation of the strap sliding between her legs at Terri's movement, and the fingers caressing her nipples. She moaned deep in her throat, pressing her hips up rhythmically. She opened her eyes and lifted her hands to Terri's face, pulling her down for a passionate kiss. Both women moaned into each other's mouths, losing themselves in each other.

Noemí's hands shook as they moved over Terri's back and buttocks. She could feel the younger woman's control slip as she reached between them and palmed breasts swollen with arousal. She pulled her lips away from Terri's to whisper: "I want to taste you," and watched Terri's face flush with desire. She assisted Terri as she moved up along her body to straddle her face. Inhaling her scent deeply, Noemí didn't hesitate to bury her face in the sweet copious wetness.

Terri melted when Noemí's tongue entered her and she leaned her forehead against the wall, crying out Noemí's name. She reached down and grabbed a handful of Noemí's silky hair, her eyes clenching closed. Noemí's groans of pleasure were muffled by Terri's smooth sweetness, and her strong hands moved up and down Terri's torso. They hungrily felt Terri's body as her mouth and tongue devoured her.

Terri could see the lights building behind her eyelids as her pleasure reached its limit. With a loud cry, she arched her back and thrust her hips down onto Noemí's accepting mouth. She calmed down slowly, her body trembling and weak. She slid down against Noemí's body and collapsed with her head resting on a strong shoulder and her leg resting on strong thighs. Reveling in their love, she slowly caressed Noemí's hard stomach and firm breasts. She felt the nipples instantly harden under her palm, and lifted her head to meet her lover's heated eyes.

Noemí's eyes raked over Terri's flushed face. They kissed slowly as Noemí's hands urged Terri to straddle her again. Breathing harshly, her eyes narrowed, she pushed Terri's hips down onto hers.

Terri knew what Noemí wanted; she could feel the rubber slide against her wetness and she thrust her hips up and down against it. She groaned and let her head fall as it slid against her clitoris. Moving a shaking hand between them, she guided the head into her wetness. Her harsh breathing increased as the thickness pushed against her tight walls. She felt Noemí slowly push up into her and she dug her nails into the taller woman's shoulders.

Noemí moaned deeply, lifting her knees and thrusting her hips up slowly with her legs. "Oh God, Terri!" She grunted, and moaned again when Terri slid all the way down, her hips jerking as she moaned too.

Terri began to slowly rise and drop, groaning. She had thought that only the penetration of Noemí's fingers could feel good, but this, while it was different, felt good too. Knowing that it was Noemí attached to it made the experience incredibly erotic. A small orgasm rocked her, and she moaned and pushed down hard against Noemí, whose responding moaned readied her for faster movement. She felt more than saw Noemí's arms wrap around her, the larger hands grasping her shoulders as she was pulled down and thrust into hard.

Their moans echoed in the otherwise silent room, the soft sound of Terri's wetness reaching Noemí's ears. "Oh," Noemí groaned as the strap continued to slide against her hard clitoris, and her nostrils flared as she fought for control. Her anxiety faded completely as Terri's moans rose in volume against her ear, her slim hands buried in Noemí's wet hair.

"I want you on top of me," Terri gasped, undulating her hips.

Noemí turned them over without tearing her hips away from Terri's. She felt Terri's legs slide around her waist and pull her down tight against Terri. "I love you… so much!" Noemí panted against her sweaty neck, delighting in the feel of their breasts pressing together. She began to move against her lover.

Her hands alternatively caressing the smooth and sweating back and hair, Terri moaned: "I love you." She let her legs fall open and straightened them slightly, feeling Noemí's thighs press against hers at the taller woman thrust into her.

Noemí could feel the pressure between her legs increase, and she rose up on her hands. She bent her head and looked down between them, moaning at the sight of the shaft sliding in and out of Terri's wetness, feeling herself moving closer to the edge. She watched as Terri's hands rose shakily to her face, grunting as Terri slid a finger into her mouth, silently urging her to suck. Noemí's eyes closed as she sucked hungrily at the finger, her thrusts picking up speed as she became even more excited.

Terri slipped her left hand behind Noemí's neck, yanking her down for a deep kiss. She was coming again, moaning loudly into her lover's mouth, sucking on Noemí's tongue.

Terri's passion pushed Noemí over the edge, and she came long and hard, her cries of pleasure muffled by Terri's loving mouth. She collapsed completely on top of her lover; her face was now buried in the niche of Terri's neck and shoulder as shaky breaths cooled Terri's sweaty skin. After a few minutes, she slowly lifted herself off Terri and lay down on her side, gazing lovingly at her prone lover.

Terri's eyes were closed lightly, long dark lashes resting on flushed cheeks. Terri's muscles felt like jelly, her hips like they'd turned to water. "That was hot." She sighed contentedly, stretching languidly.

Noemí chuckled. "It was a new experience." She said slowly, eyeing Terri's beautiful breasts.

Terri turned her head to gaze into Noemí's tired white-blue eyes. "I hope you liked." She said coyly, grinning softly.

"Oh, I loved." Noemí hastened to reassure, caressing Terri's cheek softly.

Terri turned towards her, and reached for the strap. "Here, let me help you with this." She said, sitting up.

Noemí turned onto her back and allowed Terri to remove the straps, sighing in contentment when Terri lay back down in her arms.


"I have a present for you." Noemí said after a long time. "It's not as great as yours," she continued teasingly. "But I hope you'll like." She got up to retrieve the box of chocolates, aware of Terri's hungry gaze.

Terri couldn't help the twinge between her legs at the sight of Noemí's nude body. She never tired of admiring the sultry mouth, strong shoulders, perfect breasts, washboard stomach and thighs; she never tired of desiring the whole package. The faint scars along her left arm and thigh gave her character, and Terri had to admit to herself that she found them very sexy. She found everything about Noemí sexy. She shifted onto her side and groaned softly at the small twinge of pain at her hips. "Sore," She replied to Noemí's questioning gaze.

"I'm so sorry," Noemí said, climbing back onto the bed. "I got a little excited."

"No, No," Terri admonished, moving into Noemí's arms and kissing her softly. "I think it's just a first time thing."

Noemí tightened her arms around Terri as the smaller woman slipped her arms around Noemí's neck. "I love you."

Terri smiled. "And I love you." She whispered, sifting her fingers through Noemí's disheveled hair. "So tell me about my present."

"Oh, here." Noemí said abruptly, pulling back and handing the box of chocolates over.

Terri chuckled. "Its just chocolates, baby." She said gently, taking the box and sitting up, leaning against the headrest. She opened the box slowly and gasped. She'd never seen a diamond so big on a ring, and it sparkled beautifully, just for her. It sat at the center of the box, perfect amongst the perfect chocolates. She looked up at Noemí, who was now on her knees in front of her, uncertainty all over her eyes. "It's gorgeous!" Terri said, awestruck by the beauty of the diamond.

Noemí smiled shakily, removing the ring from the box and reaching for Terri's left hand. She looked into her lover's face as she held the ring at the tips of suddenly trembling fingers. She was enraptured by Terri's eyes, and said in a shaky whisper: "Will you please marry me?"

Terri's eyes filled with tears and she nodded rapidly, unable to speak. As soon as Noemí slipped the ring into her finger, Terri threw her arms around her neck, kissing her passionately.

Noemí was surprised to feel relief, and realized that she'd been afraid Terri would say no. She returned the kiss with equal passion and quickly urged Terri down onto her back, where she proceeded to show her just how much she loved her.


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