Storm Surge

by KatLyn


Rating: NC-17

Status: WIP

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Part 3

Chapter Ten

Alex and Conner used the dinghy to get to the island. They tied the little boat to the pier and made their way to the hut that was the office used by the rangers. Conner bought a map of the island as a souvenir for Alex. After looking it over, they decided to hike to the ocean side of the island about 2 miles away.

During their hike, Alex listened as Conner once again became a tour guide and spouted off fact after fact about the island.

"The island, three miles wide and eighteen miles long, is a bit larger than Manhattan. It is a lot less crowded too: Cumberland Island limits visitation to 300 people per day. You must make a six-month advance reservation to gain access to the island. It serves as sanctuary to the threatened loggerhead sea turtle, which can weigh up to 350 pounds and lay eggs from May to September. Other wildlife on the island includes wild horses, and hogs. These species are said to be feral: meaning that their ancestors were domesticated animals that have now returned to their wild state."

Conner looked at Alex, smiling sheepishly. "I know, I get a little excited telling people about this area, so let me know when you want me to shut up and I will."

"I don't want you to shut up. I like hearing you talk of the things you love, and obviously you love this island." Alex threw her arm around Conner's shoulder and gave her a hug as they walked. She reluctantly dropped her arm as she remembered they were in a public place. Clearing her throat, Alex said, "Now, continue with your tour, Ranger Harris." "Very funny. Remember, you need my help to get back to Amelia, don't make me madŠI just might leave you stranded on this not quite deserted island." Conner laughed, poking Alex in the shoulder.

"OK, as I was saying: Much like its feral animals, Cumberland Island is also in the process of returning to its wild state. The island, established as a national seashore in 1972, is reclaiming the land. This is most evident at the Dungeness ruins. Andrew Carnegie's brother Thomas built the estate in the early 1900s. It was abandoned in the 1920s and burned down in 1959. The haunting stone ruins are now being usurped by the forest's overgrowth."

"What was it before it was a national seashore, just a deserted island?

"No, originally it was home to the once-thriving Timuncuan Indians, around 2500 B.C. It has also been the home of an English plantation, an international port, Civil War fort, turn-of-the-century playground for rich tourists, terminus of Florida's first cross-state railroad, and world headquarters of the shrimping industry, which was first modernized here, " Conner explained.

"An aura of simple innocence belies what was once a hotbed of corruption, buccaneers, and bootleggers. Named for the daughter of England's King George II, Amelia Island was under the Spanish flag in 1807, when the Jefferson Embargo closed all U.S. ports to foreign shipping. The Spanish harbor of Fernandina became the nation's center for smuggling slaves, liquor, and foreign luxury goods, as well as buried pirate treasures."

Alex was fascinated by Conner's knowledge of the island and its heritage.

"Amelia Island played another historic role during the Cuban War for Independence (1895-1899), when freedom fighter Jose Marti was overheard plotting his strategies in his island suite in the Florida House Inn, Florida's oldest surviving hotel. This led to the demise of the ill-fated revolution."

"OK, tell me you're really on the payroll, here right?" Alex teased

Laughing, Conner attempted to punch Alex in the shoulder again, but this time the other woman was ready for her and moved too quickly.

"Nooooo, I just really love the area. It fascinates and bewilders me at the same time."

They had been walking for about 30 minutes, when through the tunnel of trees, Alex saw the first waves of the ocean crashing to the shore. As they cleared the trees, Alex was astounded with the beauty of the shoreline. As far as she could see, there was nothing hindering the natural flow of the environment. The dunes were unencumbered by fences or beach bars, as they are on so many other shores. The sea grass swayed in the wind, as the sea gulls lazed easily on the beach.

Alex and Conner walked about a half-mile further down the beach to a completely deserted area. Alex spread out the large beach blanket, as Conner removed the backpack, and began setting out their feast. Alex had kidded Conner earlier about the amount of food she had prepared, but was now glad, because the hike had worked up an appetite for both women.

Conner pulled out a thermos and poured a dark red liquid into plastic glasses for each of them. "Sorry about the plastic, but glass isn't allowed on the beach area."

Alex gave Conner a teasing glare. "Well it's nice to know you follow some of the rules."

Knowing she was busted Conner took on an innocent look. "What do you mean some?"

"Well, if my memory serves me correctly, and I know it does, I believe alcohol is not only prohibited from the beach, but from the entire island." Alex tried to give Conner a stern look, but it was totally broken up with her next comment.

"Hmm, well then, I guess we'd better drink up. I wouldn't want to have to arrest you."

The women enjoyed a relaxed lunch, talking about their pasts and families. They cleared away the remnants of their meal and put them, trash and all, back into the backpack. The beach was practically deserted, so they decided their belongings were safe to leave on the beach, and they took a long walk further down the shoreline, sometimes stopping to look at shells that had washed onto the wet sand.

Before either woman realized it, they had walked well past sight of their blanket, and decided to head back. As they were turning around, Alex placed her hand on Conner's arm stopping her so they were facing. Alex reached out and stroked Conner's face gently looking into the other woman's eyes.

"I can't remember the last time I had as good of a time as I have today, Conner, Thank You."

Looping her finger in the neckline of Conner's T-shirt, Alex pulled Conner to her and placed a gentle kiss on the other woman's lips. Conner whimpered at the contact of their lips, and Alex allowed herself to succumb to the heat she felt in her body, as she wrapped her arms around Conner's waist. She spent a long moment savoring Conner's bottom lip as she sucked it gently into her mouth, tasting it with her tongue. Conner ran her fingers through Alex's hair feeling the soft silkiness of the tresses, trying to pull her closer still.

Conner pulled back suddenly, grabbing a haggard breath and looking at Alex, as if trying to comprehend what was happening. She suddenly pulled Alex close and kissed her persistently, her tongue probing, opening her lips until their tongues were dancing in unison. A deep yearning groan escaped Alex's throat as she felt Conner's tongue join hers, savoring the warm sweet flavor of the other's mouth. Conner tasted like the warm, sweet wine they had drank for lunch, and Alex found herself probing deeper in search of more.

Lost in a passion she did not want to stop, Alex broke the kiss. Breathing heavily from the excitement she had just felt rush through her body, she placed her head against Conner's so they were touching noses. Eyes closed, lest she might be swept away in the tide of fervor again, Alex whispered breathlessly, "I think we had better take this somewhere a little more private, or we're likely to be arrested."

Conner stepped back quickly, completely breaking the contact with Alex. She looked disheveled, and a little disappointed as she tried to compose herself, and stop the rampaging heat boiling through her veins. She felt like she might have gone too far, too fast for Alex, but she had been so overcome with her need she couldn't contain her desire.

"Ummm, YeahŠsure, we probably need to get back to the boat anyway. It'll be getting dark soon, and I think I might have a couple of running lights out." Taking a deep breath, Conner ran her hand through her hair in a frustrated gesture, and turned to head back towards the blanket they had left on the beach earlier.

Alex could see the frustration and uncertainty in Conner's face. Taking Conner's arm, stopping her mid-stride, Alex turned Conner until they were facing each other. She could feel the trembling in Conner's arm, and felt her breath caress her cheeks.

"I didn't say I wanted to stop, Conner." Alex looked hesitantly into her eyes. "Šjust get somewhere a little moreŠummmŠ private." Taking a ragged breath, Alex looked out over the water before bringing her eyes back to Conner's. "IŠI want youŠso much right now, I hurt. I want to make love to you Conner, hereŠright now." Alex looked around as if trying to determine if there was a possibility of just that happening. Letting go of a torn sigh, Alex added, "However, I think we would be a lot safer, and more comfortable, back at your house, OK?"

Conner smiled and pulled Alex close for a tender hug. Both women relaxed, as they understood that this break in their touch was going to be tolerable, but only because they knew that soon they would not have to stop. Conner pulled back and looked at Alex with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"Race ya." Conner laughed as she sprinted towards their forgotten blanket.

"No fair, you got a head start," Alex yelled to the back of the running woman, as she shot into a sprint of her own. "Cheateeeeer!"

To Conner's surprise, Alex quickly caught up with and passed her. Alex ran with the grace of the long distance runner she was, and Conner held back, taking the time to appreciate the flowing figure, gliding like a gazelle, in front of her. Conner almost tripped several times as she let her mind wander, and gaze at the muscular body of the woman she had so recently held in her armsŠa body she intended to hold again before the night was through.

By the time Conner reached the blanket, Alex was already pulling the cap off a bottle of water. Conner bent over, hands on her knees, gasping for air, while Alex leaned back on her elbows and grinned up at the gasping woman. "Looks like you need a little PT, officer," she said and took a big swallow from her water bottle.

Conner felt what little air was left in her lungs escape as she watched Alex's lips encircle mouth of the bottle, and saw a hint of her tongue as it met the hard edge of the plastic.

"YŠYeah, I guessŠI could useŠa little moreŠexercise." Conner plopped down on the blanket, knowing that if she did not get off her feet she would end up on her face and in another humiliating situation.

"Well, I happen to know a very good personal trainer," Alex said, grinning, exposing the dimples that turned Conner's body to mush. Taking another long pull on the bottle, Alex wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and passed the water to Conner.

Conner took a long pull from the bottle and the water felt cool sliding down her throat. She held the bottle above her and poured what was left of the cold liquid across her stomach. Alex bit her bottom lip hard, trying unsuccessfully to stifle the deep groan that escaped her lips.

Conner's lips turned up at the corners with just a hint of a smile. She had heard the moan that Alex failed to suppress, and got a measure of courage from the sounds of lust and need rising from the woman next to her.

"Oh yeah, and just how much does thisŠahhŠ'very good'Špersonal trainer charge for her services?" Conner was playing the game and hoped Alex was going to play along with her.

Leaning up on one elbow now, Alex found herself reaching for Conner, and drawing her fingers through the now warm water pooled on her belly, drew arcing designs on the woman's skin. Conner gasped and saw the muscles in her stomach respond to the soft touch of Alex's fingers.

Alex glanced up at Conner and, seeing the dark cloudy expression, decided to make her suffer just a little longer. "Hmm, let's see. I could probably negotiate you a good deal...ONLYŠif you throw in a few sailboat trips, and maybe a romantic walk or two on the beach."

"WellŠummŠI think ŠI mightŠbe ableŠto affordŠthat." Conner was still breathing hard to replenish the oxygen she had used during her run and subsequent bout of lust for the woman next to her.

Alex rolled over on her stomach so that she could see Conner better. "I was hoping that it was an offer you couldn't refuse." Alex wiggled her eyebrows and laughed as Conner lay there trying to recover.

"Damn woman, what did they feed you at the FBI Academy?" Conner tried to snarl, but the grin on her face kept getting in the way.

"Hell, they didn't feed us anything, woman. Once a week they would drop a ham bone from a helicopter and whoever reached it first got to eat. Makes for a good reason to run fast."

"HmmŠwell now, Agent MontgomeryŠjust what prompted the fast run today?" Conner added, grinning as she sat up on the blanket close enough to Alex to feel the heat from her body, and smell the sweet musky scent of her glistening skin. "Looks to me like all the food was eaten a long time ago."

Alex gave a low growl and leaned in, capturing the woman's mouth for another kiss, letting Conner use her imagination to answer her own question. Alex gently bit Conner's lower lip, savoring the salty sweetness of its taste, a mixture of the salt from her sweat, and the sweetness of her skin. Taking her time, Alex slowly pulled Conner's lower lip into her mouth, gently running her tongue over the firm, slick surface and only released it when she heard the guttural moan she was listeningŠwaiting for. She placed her hand on Conner's face and gave her own mischievous look back to Conner.

"I'm waiting on dessert."

It was all Conner needed to hear. She stood and reached down to help Alex to her feet. Together they walked back towards the ranger station, each woman quiet in her own thoughts of what was yet to come that evening.


By the time Alex and Conner reached the rangers station, it was getting dark out and as they made their way down the pier, a ranger looked up from Conner's dinghy.

"I was just about to send someone out to look for you two. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the island."

Alex and Conner both grinned and stole a look at one another.

"We sure didŠa very memorable trip," Alex replied as she stepped over into the little craft.

Conner handed Alex the backpack and climbed in beside her. They said their good-byes, as Alex untied the lanyard, then headed the short distance back to the boat.-------

Conner motored to the port side of the boat and Alex tied the lanyard to the cleat. The women climbed onboard and maneuvered the dinghy toward the stern so Conner could use the onboard winch to lift the small craft from the water. By the time the women completed the task, they were wet and tired.

"Why don't you go change into something dry, while I get her started and headed for home," Conner said as she handed Alex a dry towel.

"You sure you don't need any help?"

"Nah, I could do this in my sleep. Go ahead, get changed, you look like you're freezing."

Alex headed down the companionway as Conner climbed into the cockpit, and began uncovering the controls. She once again found herself in the warm, inviting cocoon, Conner used as her cabin. Alex removed her clothes. And as she began to dry the dampness from her cold body, her nerve endings screamed at the contact. Alex was close to becoming completely unwound. The only thing that had kept her from tearing Conner's clothes off and making love to her right there on the beach was the fact that they were both law enforcement officials, and the thought of getting arrested for indecent exposure, was enough to keep her raging hormones in check. Now, though there was nothing holding her back, and her body was screaming for relief.

Conner attempted to engage the motor, but each time she turned the key, the engine only sputtered, and growled its refusal to cooperate.

"Damn, Lady, come on. I know I haven't treated you very well lately, but god I need to get homeŠlike now, I'm dying here."

Alex heard Conner swearing up on deck and smiled. Must be as frustrated as I am, she thought. She looked up through the forward hatch and saw that the moon was going to be full tonight, the weather perfect, thinking it wouldn't be so bad if they found themselves stranded.

"Damn, sonuvabitchŠstart damn you."

"Well, if you spoke to me like that, I just might give you the cold shoulder too." Alex laughed as she climbed up the ladder.

"Sorry, I'mŠummm, just sort ofŠahhŠin a hurry, ya know. Conner's face turned a crimson red as she looked at Alex's knowing face.

"Well, I was just thinking that it wouldn't be too bad if maybe weŠyou knowŠahhŠgot stranded out here for the night." It was now Alex's turn to redden, as Conner's eyes lit up in comprehension of Alex's very strong hint.

"Hmm, You know, you may have a point there, Agent Montgomery. I seem to recall seeing a couple of steaks in the freezer below. I know I have a couple of bottles of wine on board. You think you might like to grill the steaks and dine with me under the stars?" Conner had taken to the idea immediately, and was now forming a great evening n her mind. 'Shady Lady' just might be doing me a big favor tonight, she thought.

"Well, if I remember correctly, you haven't been on the boat in quite a whileŠjust how old are those steaks." Alex teased, "I'm not sure I want to get stranded out here if I have food poisoning."

"Cute. The steaks were left by Benny, the mechanic at the Marina. I let him use the boat sometimes and he gives me good deals when I need something repaired. He used it a couple of weeks ago, so I'm sure that's when he left them." Conner strolled very slowly over to Alex and stopped only when she could feel the heat radiating off her body.

"Anyway, the last thing I want to do to you tonight is give you food poisoning." Smiling and bringing her lips so close to Alex she could feel her breath, Conner whispered, "I have muchŠmuch more interesting things in store for you tonight."

Conner could hear the intake of breath as Alex's body responded to her words. Alex's eyes turned a deep blue and as her hand found Conner's face, she bent slowly and took Conner's warm lips between her own. Their tongues fought for control, as the heat surged through their veins. Alex let her hand slide down to the hollow of Conner's neck, stopping to fist the cloth of her shirt. Alex pulled Conner closer, and as their kiss deepened, she felt herself lose all resolve, and fell into the chasm of her desire.

Conner, gasped as Alex's hands inched their way down her chest. Using only her index fingers, Alex traced a burning path between her breasts, and continued down, urged on by the low moan coming from deep within Conner's throat. The muscles in the woman's stomach went into spasms as Alex spread her hands to gently caress the tight muscles under the thin fabric, and play circles around her navel. Electric shivers ran up her spine as Alex slowly took Conner's hands in her own and brought them up to lay flat against her chest.

Alex broke the kiss, and looked intently at Conner, her lips swollen from the long consuming kiss. She could feel Conner's hands tremble beneath her own, and knew she was as lost to the passion as she herself was.

"Can you feel how fast you make my heart beat?" Alex asked in a low husky voice.

Conner could not find words, only nodded, and pressed her hands closer against Alex's chest.

"I want you so much." Alex did not know how much longer she could keep standing on the deck. She did not know if the rocking was from the ocean or her equilibrium, but either way she knew she had to get Conner belowŠin the cabinŠin the bedŠinside her.

Conner took Alex's hand in her own and slowly turned toward the companionway, stopping at the opening to sate her need again for the sweet taste of Alex's lips. She climbed down the ladder, and turned to gently take Alex's waist as she descended into the salon. She wrapped her arms around Alex's torso and pressed her body close against the woman's back, slowly caressing the firm taut muscles of Alex's stomach, then climbing slowly to play with the sensitive skin just below her breasts.

Alex bent into the touch, and held onto the rungs of the ladder. Her legs were weak and shaking from the adrenaline surging through her body. Every nerve in her skin was on alert as Conner's hands teased and stroked. When Conner bent to tenderly bite the back of her neck, Alex released a pent up primitive growl from her throat, urging her on. Conner slowly moved her hands up and took a breast in each hand, gently squeezing. Alex was shaking so much Conner thought she might fall. Shifting her weight, she brought her right leg forward, placing it into the hot, wet V of Alex's legs.

"OhŠmyŠgod," Alex cried as Conner's leg made contact with the bundle of nerves, only the fabric of her shorts separating them. Her knuckles white from griping the rungs of the ladder and losing the fight to remain standing, Alex allowed some of her weight to settle on Conner's leg.

"God, ConnerŠI...needŠoh yes.

Alex completely lost the ability to speak as Conner gently pressed the sensitive nipples between her fingers while she once again leaned in to nip gently at her neck.

"You feel soŠdamnŠgood AlexŠso soft." Conner's breath was coming in ragged gasps as she tried to remain in control. "Šand you taste even better." She wanted this first time to be slow, specialŠunforgettable. She knew she had to fight hard to keep from taking Alex right here on the floor.

"I want you AlexŠnowŠnakedŠin my bedŠ" Conner whispered hoarsely in her ear, as she pulled on the hard nipples, "Šwhere I can touch you." Conner nipped at Alex's ear lobe, "Šand taste you." She pulled her fingernails across the sensitive skin of Alex's stomach, "Šand feel your entire body pressed against mine."

Alex used all the strength she could gather and turned around to face Conner, her eyes dark, her skin glistening, and her breath ragged, as she passionately consumed the other woman's lips.

Conner's lips parted to allow Alex's tongue to hungrily search out her own. Her hands entwined themselves in Alex's dark silky hair, pulling her closer, deeper. After a long moment, Alex broke the kiss, and slowly opened her eyes, eyes that pleaded of mercy. After a few moments, she finally found her voice.

"Conner, pleaseŠI need you."

A slow smile spread across Conner's face as she took Alex's hand and led her into the forward cabin. Conner turned, and again took Alex's lips in her own, tugging lightly at her bottom lip.


Conner pulled away and smiled gently at Alex. "Don't move" was all she said as she stepped to the port hatches and opened them. She came back to stand in front of Alex, and reached up to release the forward hatch above them, letting the cool night breeze glide through the cabin. The only light came from the full moon, and cast a gentle shadow over the two women.

Conner pulled Alex forward for another kiss as her fingers searched out the buttons of Alex's shirt. Conner felt the woman's hands join hers to quicken the chore, but Conner gently pushed them away.

"Let me, AlexŠplease."

Conner slowly unbuttoned Alex's shirt and very slowly pushed it off of her shoulders, exposing the small firm breasts she had caressed just moments ago.

"I want to undress you very slowly," Conner whispered as she leaned forward and bit Alex's collarbone. "Švery slowly." She smiled.

Conner feathered kisses down Alex's chest, stopping to appreciate the beautiful curves of the woman's breasts, but careful to avoid the ultra sensitive nipples. Instead, placing tender bites and licks on the hot scorching skin around them. Alex reached out and put one hand on the bookcase and one hand on Conner's shoulder as she knelt before her.

Conner could feel the uncontrollable trembling of Alex's hands as she steadied herself. She let out a low hungry groan as she continued her journey down Alex's body, leaving a warm wet trail in the aftermath, as she kissed and licked the her way down this sensuous woman's stomach. The flavor was like no other Conner had ever tasted. A hint of saltiness mixed with what could only be the liquid fire of Alex herself. Conner growled a moan of hunger as she slowly circled the small indention of her navel. She felt Alex's hips thrust forward in an urgent need for contact as Conner gently nipped the skin just above the waistband of her shorts.

"Conner," Alex rasped. "Woman, you'reŠkilling me. I need you baby, I need to feel you touch meŠplease.

"Soon loveŠ very soon."

Conner gripped the buckle of Alex's belt and pulled the leather back through the clasp. Conner tore open the snap of Alex's shorts, feeling her strength weaken as she neared the wet heat that she yearned to taste. She grasped the sides of the shorts and pulled them down until they were bunched at Alex's feet, exposing the soft, clipped curls lying in the junction of Alex's legs. She slowly lifted each of Alex's legs to rid her of the encumbering clothes. When she was finished, and Alex stood before her totally nude, Conner reached out and, starting at her feet, slowly ran her hands up Alex's body, not stopping until she was once again standing and facing the most beautiful dark eyes she had ever seen.

"You are so, beautiful Alex."

Alex's eyes closed as Conner leaned in and kissed her neck, nipping lightly on her ear lobe.

"Ooooh, god, Conner, pleaseŠI need youŠI need to feel you next to me." Grabbing the strap of Conner's swimsuit top, she pulled until the tie came undone. She reached behind her and released the tie in the back, letting the top fall between them to the floor.

Placing her hands flat on Conner's back, Alex slowly brought them around in a gentle caress until her hands cupped the small orbs of Conner's breasts.

Conner closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let out a deep moan as Alex massaged her nipples with the pads of her thumb, watching as the nipples hardened into small peaks, aching to be kissed. Conner's entire body jerked as she felt Alex take one small nipple in her mouth and circle it with the hot, wet smoothness of her tongue.

She dug her fingers in Alex's hair as she felt her bikini bottom being lowered and kicked the remnants of the swimsuit aside as it hit the floor. Lifting Alex's chin with her fingers, she urged the woman to stand so she could fully press her body against her own. The two women stood quietly in their embrace as they each explored the others body, placing tender kisses on the smooth hot skin of the other.

Conner shifted, bringing her leg between Alex's, and released a hungry moan as she felt the hot wetness. She kissed Alex deeply while gently while turning her towards the bed and laying her down, never breaking contact with Alex's mouth. Climbing up and straddling the Alex's leg, she let herself settle against the sensual skin beneath her.

"God, you feel so good, Alex," Conner whispered as she feathered kisses on the woman's face and brow. Alex melted into the shape of the other woman, closing her eyes to memorize the feel, the taste, the smell of this creature beneath her.

Lifting herself up on one arm, she lowered her lips to Alex's neck, tasting the sweet skin, while exploring her way down Alex's torso. Making slow trails downward, she finally came to Alex's breasts and kissed circles around each nipple. Alex entwined her fingers in Conner's hair, pulling her head where she needed to feel her lips, and her hips bucked under Conner as she blew a gentle breath against the nipple, then ever so slowly enveloped it in the warm soft cocoon of her mouth.

Alex had not allowed herself to feel any physical emotion in a long timeŠnot since Feryle. Today, when she finally permitted Conner to release the pent up fire, she felt as if she would explode from the overload of emotions in her brain. She clung to Conner as if she were her lifeline, holding on as this gentle woman revived feelings she thought were lost forever, taking her over wave after wave of rolling passion. Alex threw her head back in the pillows and let out a mournful cry as she pushed Conner's shoulders, pleading for her to travel farther down her body.

Conner let herself be led, allowing Alex to tell her with her cries and urging hands what she needed. Slowly, she prolonged the sweet torture, knowing the release would eventually be worth it to Alex.

When she finally reached the junction between Alex's legs, and felt the soft curls against her cheeks, Conner could hardly contain her hunger. Inhaling the sweet musky scent of Alex made Conner long to taste her, knowing the explosion to follow, would consume them both.

Alex's skin was indescribably smooth, flawless, covering muscular legs. Conner nestled herself between Alex's legs, feeling the long sensuous limbs as they wrapped themselves around her shoulders and pulled her forward in a silent plea for solace. Conner teased the outer lips with her fingers, and gazed, for the first time, at the object of her desire. The small hard bundle of nerves that made up Alex's clitoris was reaching out for contact, pleading for a touch, a kiss. Instead, Conner turned her head and gently bit the inside of Alex's thigh.

Alex bucked wildly at the sweet pain and tightened her grip on Conner's head, pulling her toward her center, to the hot wetness that could only be cooled by Conner's mouth and tongue. Conner let herself be pulled in, and kissed the outer lips, tasting the warm sweet need flowing from this gorgeous woman.

She groaned in anticipation and she felt her own hips press against the bed in her own desire for release as she drew closer to the source of Alex's lust and longing. She slowly parted the soft lips encasing the hard bud of nerves and with a tender touch kissed the core of Alex's being.


Conner was overwhelmed with desire as she felt Alex's hips thrust up to meet her mouth and heard her cries. She moved closer and tucked the bud between her lips, sending spasms throughout Alex's body. She spread the outer lips wider and slowly licked the entire length of the shaft as Alex bucked beneath her.

"Conner, I need youŠplease." Alex's voice was almost a growl as she reached down and taking Conner hand, led her to the entrance of her sex, silently telling Conner what she needed.

Conner had an uncontrollable need to grind her hips against the bed beneath her. She could feel her own wetness seep from within the folds that held her aching clitoris. She reached down and moaned as she felt the wetness between her own legs and heard Alex whimper as the contact was broken. Delving deep for one luxurious moment, she felt the contractions as her body responded to her own touch, then she was bringing her fingers back out and up and she slide them into the slick wet opening that was the very core of Alex's being.

"ConŠner,Šoh babyŠthat feelsŠsoŠgood," Alex's breaths were torn and uneven as she rode the wave higher and higher.

Conner, pressed deeper and upward, knowing by Alex's torn cry that she had found the spot she was searching for. Slowly but firmly sliding her fingers in and out of Alex's womanhood, Conner stroked her to the peak. Slowing her ministrations, she held Alex there allowing her to linger, languishing in the heavenly torture.

Conner watched as Alex's face glowed with desire. Eyes closed and her head thrown back in ecstasy, waiting, pleading for the rapturous release she knew was sure to come, if Conner would only permit it.

Seeing the sweet torture on Alex's face let Conner know the woman was on the verge of climaxing. Drawing one arm under and around her leg, Conner gently opened Alex, completely exposing the small bud she knew would take her over the edge with just one touch. Conner eased closer, brushing her cheeks against the soft skin of Alex's thighs, hearing her moans of desire rising with every inch she traveled. Very slowly, Conner reached out and licked the swollen shaft in one long luxurious stroke, taking Alex over the edge of the abyss and holding her close as she fell into her orgasm.

"Oh ConnerŠI'mŠit'sŠcoming. "

Alex gripped Conner's head in her hand and buried her face closer.

"YesŠdon't stopŠoh my godŠConner."

Hearing Alex's cries of release and feeling the contractions around her fingers sent Conner over the edge, and they both fell into a uniting orgasm. The surprising release shook Conner to the core as she felt her own body quake from the wracking spasms, and she probed deeper, lapping up the liquid fire that flowed from Alex as her own body shuddered from the contractions.

Alex had never had an orgasm rack her body like the one she was now in the throes of experiencing. Every cell in her body screamed and the blood surged from her brain to her core as Conner's tongue slowly caressed the screaming bud of nerves. Conner let Alex's body continue the long slow release as she gently licked and kissed the ultra-sensitive nerves and felt the muscles contract as the orgasm overtook her body in a long slow wave.

She continued to gently press in and out as Alex's hips lifted up to meet her thrusts and after what seemed like a lifetime of rapture, Conner began to feel Alex's body begin to relax into a satisfied exhaustion.

Slowly licking and kissing the pulsing shaft, Conner let Alex settle quietly back to earth. Gently rubbing her cheeks against the inside of her thighs, she savored the aftershocks of her own release. When their breathing slowed, Conner began to slide out, but Alex caught her, hand urging her to stay.

"Don't leave me yet, I want to feel you inside me."

Conner could still feel the aftershock contractions of Alex's release as she pressed back inside. Alex let out a slow moan as she pressed her legs against Conner's head.

"Stay inside me and come up here. I want to feel you inside me when I kiss you."

Conner released a groan of her own and moved up, placing warm kisses on Alex's body on the way. When she reached Alex's face, she lowered her mouth to the other woman's lips, letting them both savor the remnants of Alex's essence that lingered on Conner's mouth.

"You are so beautiful," was all Conner could say. She did not have the words to describe what this woman had just made her feel as she came beneath her lips and around her fingers.

Kissing Conner gently, she told the woman what she knew words could never convey. Her hands trailed a light path from Conner's shoulders down to her hips, where they pressed hard against her. They lay pressed together, their bodies glistening from their passion, for a long while, taking pleasure in the warm glow that surrounded them.

Alex began to draw small, invisible circles on Conner's back with her fingers. Hearing the ragged breaths coming from the woman suddenly stirred a need in Alex to taste and feel the woman that had brought her such pleasure.

Alex shifted and slid her leg between Conner's and saw the surge of heat in the woman's eyes as her thigh made contact with the fire between Conner's legs. In one slow motion, Alex rolled over, taking Conner with her, until the other woman was pressed firmly beneath her body. Alex gently kissed Conner, pressing her tongue against the warm lips until they parted and she found the warm sweet organ that had just brought her so much joy.

Alex could taste herself on Conner's mouth and felt her own body stir again as she remembered the orgasm that had racked her body only moments before. She was surprised that she was already aroused again and pressed herself against Conner's leg, relishing the sweet sensation.

Sliding down Conner' s torso, Alex paused at the hollow of her neck and placed a light kiss there before continuing her slow decent, savoring every inch of her body on the way. Pushing herself up on one hand, Alex slowly bit the nipple of Conner's breast.

"Oh, Alex," Conner moaned and wrapped her legs around Alex's waist, pulling her closer.

Smiling at the effect she had on the woman, she slowly took the small nipple into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue until it was hard and she heard the haggard gasps from Conner.

"God, you taste good." Alex's eyes were hooded with desire as she looked at Conner, wanting to consume all of her in one mouthful.

"Ummm, no, you taste better. I can still taste youŠI want to taste you againŠnow," Conner growled, the need apparent in her dark eyes.

"Soon, loveŠsoon. But right now, you're all mine," Alex said as she slid further down Conner's body. She leaned in to kiss the taut stomach and lick a small circle around Conner's navel.

"You're all mine, and I don't want any distractions." Sliding further, she blew a light breath on the dark curls between Conner's legs.

"I want to see your face when you come for me." She bent and nipped at the soft skin of Conner's inner thigh.

Conner let out a long slow moan and reached for Alex's face. Cupping her cheek in her hand, Conner smiled and gently lifted her hips, silently telling Alex what she needed.

"Don't think I'm letting you off that easy," Alex said with an evil smile and bent to kiss the moist outer lips of Conner's sex. "I seem to remember you making me beg, and now it's my turn."

Alex's throaty growl sent shockwaves down Conner's spine as she felt Alex's lips graze her lower lips once more.

Alex reached up and caressed Conner's small firm breasts as she continued to tease the woman unmercifully. Using her free hand, she reached down and massaged Conner's lower legs, wanting to taste, feel, and touch every inch of her at once.

Slowly, gently, and with featherlike touches, her hands caressed the soft skin beneath her fingers, finally meeting at the hot, wet center of Conner's desire. Alex lifted Conner's legs over her shoulders and lowered her face to drink the sweet nectar that was, and could only be, Conner.

Alex inhaled the sweet musky scent and dove deeper as she ran her tongue beside the hard bundle of nerves, careful not to make contact. Conner thrust her hips higher, urging Alex lower to the warm wet opening that led to her center. Alex smiled and pulled back just enough to make Conner think she was leaving, and Alex heard her agonizing whimper. Turning slightly, she gently bit the swollen lips of Conner's sex, then slid her tongue across the wet slick folds, sending Conner to a new, more potent summit.

"AleeeexŠoh godŠplease...touch meŠI need you so muchŠpleeese.

Conner's fingers were intertwined in Alex's soft mane. Her hands pulled the woman closer, imploringŠno, demanding a reprieve from the agonizing pleasure. Alex teased, licked, drank of the woman until Conner was openly begging for more.

AlexŠAlexŠpleaseŠIŠI need youŠinside me nowŠgod, Alex pleeeese.

Conner succumbed to the passion she felt, passion she had not allowed in her life for too long. She let herself fall, knowing Alex would keep her safe, would watch over her as she rode the waves of her passion.

Alex felt the transformation in Conner as she shed the protective shield she had built around herself. Having Conner allow her to experience this vulnerability made Alex tremble with a new desire for the woman beneath her.

As Conner lay naked beneath her physically and emotionally, her emotions and passion raw, and exposed; Alex pulled Conner closer, embracing, nurturing, and encouraging the conversion from protector to protected. She celebrated the freedom their joining had brought, and felt the passion of her rebirth rise to new heights.

In one swift movement, Alex dove her fingers deeply into the fire and placed a long, slow kiss on the swollen bud, enveloping the warm, wet core between her lips.

The sudden overwhelming change in sensations drove Conner to the edge of the cliff and the muscles in her back convulsed, bringing her to a half-sitting position. Resting on her elbows, she opened her eyes and met the dark, penetrating gaze of the woman commanding her passion. The look in Alex's eyes conveyed the words she would not stop to utter, words that encouraged her to let go, to free herself, to feel the passion, to fall into arms that would protect her, and not let her fall.

Alex felt the hot walls of Conner's core pulse as the first waves of the orgasm gripped her. Conner tucked her feet beneath herself, lifting her hips, trying to get the other woman deeper.

"Oh, God AlexŠyeeeessŠharder baby...I need you deep."

Alex curled her fingers up, searching for and finding the spot she sought. Plunging hard, she lifted Conner higher and higher until she ascended to the apex of her desire. Gently, almost reverently, Alex licked the hot, hard bundle of nerves, sucking it between her lips, feeling the spasms as Conner fell into the flood of her climax.

"AŠAleeexŠohmygodŠdon't stopŠyyesŠooohhhh yeees."

Conner gripped the back of Alex's head, pulling her deeper as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

As Conner floated peacefully back to earth, Alex moved upwards, leaving her fingers buried in the wet, sweet core, and captured the other woman's lips in her own, sharing the nectar of their joining.

Conner wrapped her arms tightly around Alex's shoulders and her legs around her firm hips. Holding each other close, they let their breathing slow, lingering in the afterglow of their lovemaking, astounded by their awakened passion and need for one another.

Alex had not known desire this fierce in such a long time and the emotions had her spinning. For a fraction of a moment, Feryle's face flashed into her mind and she felt a surge of disloyalty for what they once shared. They had shared this intense passion in the first few years of their relationship, then as it always happens in long term relationships, their passion changed from sexual lust to loving contentment. Was she being unfaithful? No! Would Feryle want her to live life alone, and lonely? Certainly Not! It was this moment Alex felt herself set free, not from the love they had shared, she never wanted to be free of those memories, but from the pain, the loss, the loneliness. Alex felt the weight of the last months lift from her shoulders as she held tight to the magnificent woman beneath her.

Conner could feel Alex trembling and reached to lift her chin. As Alex looked into the eyes of the woman she had just made love to, Conner saw a solitary tears slide down her cheek. She reached out with the pad of her thumb and wiped the tear from Alex's cheek.

"What's wrong?" Conner's heart lurched as she tried to interpret the reason for the tear. Frantic to know the reason, Conner asked, "Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

Alex only swiveled her head and bent to place a tender kiss on Conner's neck

Letting her head fall to the pillow in frustration, Conner reached up and tore a hand through her hair.

"Oh God AlexŠyou hate me, don't you?

Alex tried to speak but was cut off as Conner continued.

"Damn, I knew we should have taken things more slowly." Taking an exasperated breath, she reached out and cupped Alex' face in her hands. "God, Alex, don't push me away." A tear formed in Conner's eyes, and slid down the side of her face toward her ear. "I'm sorryŠso sorry, I knew you weren't ready for this, but I just couldn't stop. I nev--"

Alex stopped the words with a deep absorbing kiss, one that took Conner by complete surprise. Alex's tongue pushed and probed, opening Conner's lips, and with passion, not words, she made her lover feel what she felt at that moment...PeaceŠTranquilityŠthe beginning flames ofŠyesŠthe only thing it could beŠlove.

As Conner began to realize the tears Alex shed were tears of joy, not anguish, she wrapped her arms tightly around the woman and let herself flow into the warm embrace of their newfound love.

Tongues probed, hands searched, and senses mingled as they once again took each other to the other side, only this time their descent was long, slow, warm, and in complete harmony with one another.

As their breathing slowed and they lay peacefully content within each other's arms, they slept.


Chapter Eleven

The boat rocked gently in the changing tides. The moon was in full view through the hatch and cast a warm glow over the woman lying next to Conner. She and Alex had fallen into a peaceful sleep as they held each other after making love the last time. Now Conner was lying there watching as Alex slept, taking advantage of the chance to unself-consciously gaze at the perfect face, and those perfect lips. Conner had never noticed how long and silky Alex's lashes were before, but now with her eyes closed she could appreciate their beauty. Conner smiled as she realized that she had never before watched any of her previous lovers sleep and leaned down to place a feather like kiss on Alex's forehead as she recognized that she had never wanted toŠuntil now.

For Conner, waking up early was rare. She was usually the last one awake, and certainly the last one to get up. She had never been a morning person. However, things just might change if she found herself waking up next to Alex on a regular basis. She could not resist the urge to reach out and trace a gentle line down Alex's jaw. As she did, Alex stirred, snuggling in closer to the warmth of Conner's body. The cool morning air had drifted into the cabin from the open hatch. Careful not to wake Alex, Conner reached down and pulled the sheets up over their naked bodies. Gently nuzzling her face into the crook of Alex's neck, Conner breathed in the scent wafting from the woman's body. She could smell the natural spicy scent of Alex herself, and smiled as she also took in the aroma of their lovemaking. Pulling Alex closer, their bodies fitting together in a perfect spoon, Conner fell back into a gentle slumber.


When Conner next woke, she reached out for the warmth of the other woman, and found nothing but a cool, empty bed. Opening her eyes, she looked around the cabin trying to ascertain if this had all been a dream. There on the floor were the strewn pile of the clothes they had removed from each other the night before. Sitting up and searching through the sheets for her shirt, Conner was startled when a naked Alex strolled into the cabin, smiling and holding out a cup of hot coffee.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Conner took the coffee as Alex bent down to place a tender kiss on her lips. Conner curled her fingers behind Alex's neck and eagerly returned the gesture.

Crawling into the bed beside Conner, Alex snuggled close to steal some of the warmth radiating off her new found lover. 'Umm it's a little chilly out there without any clothes on."

"Damn, and I thought you were just glad to see me." Conner laughed as she gently pinched one of Alex's hard nipples between her fingers.

'Ahhh, god, woman, you'd better be careful, or I'll make sure that coffee gets cold before you get a chance to drink it."

After taking a long swallow of the hot liquid, Conner bent and captured the hard nipple in her mouth. The contrast of sensations sent Alex soaring, her hips involuntarily thrusting from the sensual assault.

"Conner," Alex whispered, "do you haveŠany ideaŠwhat you do to me?"

Conner continued with her early morning exploration, capturing the other nipple in her mouth and gently biting it with her teeth.

"Ooooh, yes." Alex curled her fingers in Conner's hair and pulled her closer, leaning back to give the other woman an unobstructed path to other regions of her body.

Conner released Alex's nipple with a slurp and a quick kiss. Raising her head, and producing a mischievous grin, she straddled the Alex's hips and continued off the other side, landing lightly on her feet beside the bed.

"Hold that thoughtŠmeŠmorning breathŠgotta have toothpasteŠtoothbrushŠnow," Conner said as she ran into the head.

"Damn, woman, you're killing meŠget back here."

Alex could hear the water running and the sounds of her new lover brushing her teeth. She smiled at the intimate closeness, and realized just how comfortable she felt lying here naked in the daylight with Conner. She had not even been this bold when she and Feryle had just gotten together. Somehow the thought did not bring her distress, just added more data to the equation. She burst out laughing as she heard the other woman gargling in the other room.

"Woman, get out here now before you drown yourself."

Conner stepped though the door, wiping a mixture of toothpaste and mouthwash from her mouth as she lifted herself back onto the bed. Throwing one leg across Alex, she once again straddled the other woman, pressing her legs together tightly, forcing Alex's together as well.

"The only thing I plan to drown in this morning, Agent MontgomeryŠis you."

Conner's husky voice hushed as she bent to take Alex's nipple in her mouth again, resuming where she had previously left off.

Alex lifted her hips, aching to bring Conner closer to her, needing to feel her inside. She lifted Conner's chin with her fingers, and as mouths parted, tongues dueled, and hands searched, their passion reached a new height.

Conner pulled away quickly, dark eyes focused on Alex's face. "I want to make love to you AlexŠslowly. I want to learn your body, I want you to tell me what you need, what you want me to do, where you want me to go, and how you want me to go there." Conner leaned in taking the woman's lips in her own, sliding her tongue along Alex's bottom lip until she moaned.

"Oh Conner." Alex sighed. "I want youŠwant you toŠto--" Alex closed her eyes, and bent her head in embarrassment. She had never had anyone ask her what she needed before and did not know how she was supposed to answer.

Conner gently lifted Alex's chin and placed a tender kiss on the tip of her nose. "I want you to talk to me. I want to know what you wantŠwhat you likeŠwhat you need. There is no reason to be embarrassed, love. I want to make you happy, and give you what you need."

It was now Conner's turn to hide her eyes. "Anyway, it really turned me on last night when you talked to me." Conner gave the woman a sidelong glance and saw the dimples appear as Alex broke out in a grin.

The tension-filled moment now broken; the women continued their exploration of one another's bodies. Hands once again met flesh, mouth met lips, and soul met soul, as they felt the heat melt their hearts.

Conner traced small kissed downward until she came to the hollow of Alex's neck.

"I love the way you smell." Conner continued her trek down Alex's chest

"I love the way you taste." She ran her tongue in circles around the nipple.

Pressing her hand against the back of Conner's head, Alex pulled the woman closer.

"Ummm, that feels so good." Alex was watching Conner's ministrations, and her hips lifted in a silent plea.

Conner lifted her eyes to Alex's. Dark, half-closed eyes relayed to Conner what her touches were doing to the other woman. Parting Alex's legs with her, and lifting up on one hand, she reached for Alex's lips with her own.

"You drive me crazy, Alex. It takes all I can do to keep from ravishing you in an instant. Talk to me, tell me what you need."

"Ahhh, oh Conner, I need all of youŠeverywhere. " Alex took Conner's hand and gently pushed down, taking Conner to the hot, wet heat below. Using her own fingers, she pushed Conner's inside.

"That's what I need. I need you inside of me."

Conner gasped as she felt the immense wetness. Taking Alex's hand, she turned it so Alex's fingers were inside along with hers.

"Do I do this to youŠmake you this wet?" Conner's eyes were dark, her voice husky, as she slowly moved their fingers through the slick evidence of Alex's desire.

"YesŠoh god yesŠyou do." Alex hips bucked in an attempt to take the women deeper.

"Show me what you like, Alex." Conner slowly ground her hips, pressing their hands deeper.

Alex's eyes widened in embarrassment. She attempted to remove her hand, but was stopped by Conner's fingers intertwining with hers. She slowly turned Alex's hand until their fingers rested on the hard bundle of nerves, and slowly moved Alex's fingers, making slow circles around the bud.

"Is that what you like?" Conner continued moving their hands in the slow circular motion. "Šor do you like it like this?" She pressed their hands harder.

"Oh yes, like that."

Conner could feel the trembling in Alex's legs as she thrust her hips higher. Still looking in Alex's dark eyes, she gently placed soft kisses along Alex's jaw line, then moved up to capture the warm lips that were parted, waiting for her. Running her tongue lightly over Alex's bottom lip, Conner smiled as she felt the woman respond to her kiss.

"See, Agent Montgomery, that wasn't so bad. Now tell me more," Conner demanded in a sultry voice.

Letting out a long sigh, Alex ground her hips harder into Conner's. "You're soŠso bad, Officer Harris."

"No." Conner chuckled as she matched Alex's thrusting hips with her own. "I'm goodŠvery good, and you're going to make me even better."

Conner moved her hand lower and slid two long slender fingers inside the other woman. When she felt Alex once again attempt to remove her hand, Conner held her there with her hips. No I want you there. I want to watch as you make yourself come for me."

"Ahhh, Conner," Alex growled. She bit her lower lip, as she continued massaging the hard nub.

Conner slid lower on the other woman's body, planting light kisses along the way until she once again found Alex's nipple. She took it in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, and tenderly tugging with her lips.

"YesŠdamn, you feel so good inside me." Alex's hips were now moving in the rhythmic motion with Conner's hand.

Conner continued her southward journey, stopping only for a moment to lick small circles in and around Alex's navel, causing the woman to moan again in her dark desire.

"God, ConnerŠplease I need toŠneed to feel your tongueŠpleeeeese." Alex was now totally immersed in her desire for Conner.

Settling between Alex's legs, Conner teased Alex more by placing soft kisses along her thigh and moving up to kiss the swollen lips of her sex. She slowly licked the hot swollen lips and could feel Alex's fingers brush against her tongue as she continued pleasing herself, which sent Conner's hips into a frenzied thrusting of their own.

Pulling back, Conner laid her cheek against Alex's thigh and watched her rub the swollen bud as she continued to slowly pump her fingers into the woman. Conner had never seen anything as beautiful as her lover, lying here caressing herself, giving in to the passion she felt.

"Harder, babyŠgo inside me deeper." Alex gasped as her hand began to rub her clit faster. "Now, ConnerŠI need youŠplease."

The contented moment was now replaced with a determination to please the woman beneath her. Conner pressed her fingers inside the woman harder, curling them up until she found the spot she knew would send Alex over the edge.

"Ahhhhhh, yes, oh god, Conner, don't stop."

Alex's hand was moving faster now with a determined need. Conner bent down and joined Alex's fingers in their ministrations, licking Alex's clit and fingers and gently biting the swollen lips of her sex.

"Yeeees, oh, Conner, yes!" Alex screamed as she felt the first surges of the orgasm overtake her body.

Conner continued licking Alex, now fighting for possession of the hard nub. She attacked the tender shaft, flicking her tongue in quick jabs.

Alex arched her back, bringing her hips closer to Conner's probing tongue as the first contractions started. Moving her hand and grabbing the back of Conner's head, she pulled the woman closer, burying Conner's face in her sex.

"Oh ConnerŠI'm coming babyŠdon't stop."

Conner continued pushing her fingers into Alex, in long deep thrusts, and licking the shaft of her clit in long slow motions. Conner felt herself on the verge of an orgasm as she ground her hips into the mattress. Alex could sense the rising surge in Conner and slid her leg beneath and between the other woman's legs.

Conner almost lost control as she felt Alex's long soft leg slide against her wetness.

"Mmm," Conner growled as she continued licking Alex, never slowing the rhythmic thrusts of her fingers into Alex's core.

Feeling the wetness between Conner's legs sent Alex over the edge. Thrusting her hips one last time, her body convulsed in the rapture of her orgasm.

"Ohhh, ConnerŠyesŠoh GodŠCoooonner."

Alex felt the heat surge through her body as the orgasm over took her. Conner had engulfed the hard clit between her lips, and was now gently sucking the nub as Alex rode the waves. The orgasm seemed to go on forever as Conner teased the hard shaft, pulling more and more spasms from Alex.

Alex's head once thrown back now tilted forward so she could watch Conner pull the orgasm from her. She had never felt such intense pleasure and needed to look into the face of the woman giving her this gift. When their eyes met, it sent Conner over the edge in her own orgasm, and together they rode the waves, knowing something magical had just happened between them.

Finally, Alex's contractions slowed and her hips settled back down to the mattress. Conner continued nurturing Alex, careful not to hit the ultra sensitive nub, instead running long strokes along her swollen, now satisfied lower lips.

"Mmmmm, you taste soooo good," Conner growled as she continued licking the remnants of Alex's juices. "I could stay here all day, tasting you, licking you." Conner looked up into Alex's half-closed eyes as she placed a long gentle lick along the slowly receding shaft.

Alex ran her fingers through Conner's hair and cupped her face in her hands. "Šand I could let you stay there, but I want you here holding me." Alex pulled Conner's shoulders, bringing the woman up, against the length of her own body.

Conner slid up and lay quietly against the length of Alex for a few moments, her body warm and still trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm. She raised herself up on both hands and bent to capture Alex's mouth in her own, delving deeply with her tongue, as she shared the juices of their lovemaking. Alex took advantage of the distance Conner had created between them and cupped both of her breasts in her hands, rubbing her thumbs lightly over Conner's hard nipples.

"Ummm, we're never going to get out of this bed if you keep that up."

Pinching the nipples lightly, Alex bit Conner's bottom lip as she responded in a throaty whisper. "I didn't intend to get up anytime soon."

Alex tucked her legs under Conner, forcing the other woman's legs to straddle her hips. In a slow, light caress, she ran her hands down Conner's side until she reached the taut muscles of her hips. Cupping one in each hand, she pulled Conner forward until the short curly hair of Conner's sex was mixed with hers.

In an attempt to keep her balance, Conner sat up straighter and reached to grab hold of the built-in bookcases that served as the headboard. Alex once again took advantage of the woman's movement, slid her hand between their bodies, and plunged into Conner in one swift movement. Conner's gasp of surprise lit a smile across Alex's face, as she slid another finger into Conner.

"Ahhhhhh, Alex," Conner screamed, as she tried desperately to hold herself upright. She pushed her hips forward, melting into the rhythmic thrusting of Alex's fingers. Not thinking she could stay in this position any longer, Conner began to lean in an attempt to roll them both over. Alex noticed the motion, and reached out to hold the woman on top of her.

"No way." Alex reached up and licked one of the hard nipples. "You wanted me to tell you what I wantedŠwell this is it." Alex switched to lick to other nipple, and gently bit it, sending another surge of heat throughout Conner's body.

"I want you sitting here on me, looking me in the eyes, while I make love to you."

Using her free hand, Alex wrapped her fingers in Conner's hair and pulled her head down so she could capture the swollen lips in her own. Alex matched her thrusting fingers with her tongue, sliding in and out of Conner's mouth.

Breaking free for a breath, Conner stared deeply into the other woman's eyes, saying "God, you're beautiful" as she ground her hips harder against Alex fingers "Šso beautiful."

Alex flattened her hand and let Conner's weight press her clit against the palm of her hand. Seeing the lusty look on Conner's face and hearing her moans spurred Alex's courage.

"This is what I want." Conner's dark eyes stared into her own. "I want you to come for me, like this." She grasped Conner's hips with her free hand, pulling her harder and faster against her fingers. "I want to see your face, and you to see mine." Her fingers moved deeper. "Šand I want to hear you scream my name ŠI want to know I'm who you're thinking of when you come for me."

Conner's knuckles were white from gripping the bookcase. The blood was boiling though her veins as Alex talked to her and told her what she wanted. Conner had never been this turned on by anyone, and felt the hot juices of her desire as she slid over Alex's hand.

In one ravishing moment, Conner bent down to engulf Alex's mouth with her own, pushing her tongue deeply into the other woman's mouth, as she ground herself harder against her probing hand. Alex reached up and firmly rubbed Conner's nipple between her thumb and forefinger, sending Conner over the edge.

Conner arched her back, thrusting harder against Alex's hand, trying to get her fingers deeper. Her eyes locked with Alex's as the first spasms of her orgasm shook her.

"AleeeeeeexŠoh my GodŠbabyŠI'm comingŠ OhhhŠdo you feel it?

"Overwhelmed by Conner's words, Alex reached up and cupped Conner's face in her hands.

"Yes, baby I feel itŠgod, you're so tightŠgive it to meŠ Come on let it go, I've got you," Alex whispered.

At Alex's urging, Conner let the rush overtake her and gave in to the torrent of spasms surging through her body. Looking into Alex's eyes, she saw warmth there like she had never seen before on a lover's face. Alex's eyes told her what she was not ready to put words to, told her what only making love could relay, that there was hope, there was a future for them, that there was at least, on some level, love wanting to break out of her long protected heart.

"AhhhhhhŠyesŠit's yours, Alex, all yours. Take itŠtake it baby."

Alex did, and continued to plunge her fingers into Conner until she felt the muscles finally begin to relax. Conner's eyes never left Alex's as the spasms slowly receded and she came back down to earth. Still holding onto the bookcase, Conner slumped forward, breathing hard as she recovered from the orgasm.

Alex sat up, sliding between Conner's outstretched arms, and held her, supporting the weight of the exhausted woman she had just made love to. Nuzzling her face into Conner's neck, she placed light kisses along her jaw line, slowly making her way to capture Conner's lips with her own.

"Thank you," Alex whispered. "You're so beautiful when you come."

With a shy look, Conner smiled and kissed Alex on the nose. "Why are you thanking me, I should be thanking you. IŠummmŠthink I got the best end of that deal."

"HmmŠdon't think so, I love to watch your face when you come. It's so intense, soŠso intimate." Alex traced the scar under Conner's chin.

They lay in each other's arms, relaxing with the lazy morning. Soon, Alex's stomach growled in protest of being neglected, which made both women laugh.

"Well. I haven't been a very good hostess. I think we need to get some food into you before your stomach gets really pissed."

"Yes, well I am a little hungry, not that I've noticed before now."

"Well, why don't you get some clothes on so I can concentrate, and I'll call Benny to come tow us in. Then we can go back to my house and make some breakfast."

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I'll bet Magnum will be ready for breakfast too.

"Magnum," Conner groaned. "Damn, I'll bet that little shit has shredded everything in the house by now." Smiling sheepishly "Actually, I hadn't even thought of him. I'm a baaaaad cat sitter."

"Well, as much as I hate to, we better get going. What time is it anyway?" Alex said as she slid out of the bed. She had not paid any attention to the time given her earlier distractions, but she knew it was still early. It was still dark out when she had previously been up getting their coffee.

"It's just a little past six." Conner said sliding out of the bed and reaching for Alex once again.

"Not a chance, missy. You want more of meŠI need nourishment." Alex slid from Conner's grasp, only to wrap her arms around her from behind.

Not being able to look in Conner's eyes made her next comments easier to say. Nuzzling her face into Conner's hair Alex breathed in the spicy smell of her shampoo.

"Conner," she whispered. "I don't know how to say thisŠand maybe I shouldn't at this point." Conner tensed as she anticipated Alex's next words. "Šbut I just need to tell you thatŠummmŠI don't know what it is about you, butŠummmŠanyway, I just want you to know I've had a great weekend, and I want you to know thatŠwell, I don't usuallyŠummmŠactually I've neverŠummmŠ slept with someone on the first dateŠand, ummm." Alex knew she was stammering and stuttering, but she just could not seem to put her feelings into words.

Conner felt Alex's uneasiness and turned in the other woman's arms. "Alex, it's OK. I feel the same way too, and, ahhŠalthough I can't say I'm as noble as you about the first date thingŠthis isn't just another one nighter for me Alex." Looking at anything but Alex's eyes, Conner continued. "I want to see more of you AlexŠa lot more, actually. I know things have been crazy in your life the past year, so I want you to tell me if I push to hard. OK?"

Alex smiled and cupped Conner's face in her hands. "OK, I want to see more of you too, and yes I will tell you if things get too intense too soon." Biting her bottom lip, she gave Conner a sidelong glance, then her eyes moved to the rumpled unmade bed they just vacated. "Although I don't know if my body can stand anything more intense than what we just experienced."

Conner's face relaxed and her slight frown was replaced with a raised brow and slanted smile. "Oh yeah? Well I have a whole lot more of that intenseness, whenever you're ready." Conner pulled Alex into her arms for a slow, tender kiss, and as their tongues explored, their breathing got heavier. Alex placed a hand on Conner's chest pushing her away and offered a bright dimpled grin.

"Food, you promised me food. Now go, call the tow boat, or whatever you call that thing, and get me food."


Chapter Twelve

Conner radioed Benny at the Marina and went below to make a fresh pot of coffee. She could hear the shower running in the forward cabin and knew Alex was taking a shower. Pushing away the temptation to join her, Conner searched for something solid for them to snack on during their wait for Benny. Finding some frozen bagels, she thawed them in the microwave, and retrieved plates and cups from the cupboard.

Her mind wandered back to their morning together. In her wildest fantasies, Conner had never imagined that she and Alex would have ended up spending the night making love. Yes, she was interested in the other woman, but she had decided to take it slow and see what happened. Maybe, she thought, it had just been the romantic setting of the island and the boat. Set away from the rest of the world, they could pretend real life did not exist. Sighing heavily, she hoped that had not been the case. Hopefully, Alex would not get back to the city, back to what was once her and Feryle's home, and decide she had made a terrible mistake.

Seeing Alex step into the galley, Conner held up the plate of bagels. "Food, as I promised."

Alex had seen the frown on Conner's face as she rounded the corner, and wondered what she was thinking. Although Conner's mood seemed to be jovial, Alex noticed a thread of strain in the smile. Shaking off her curiosity, Alex snarled.

"Food? You call that food? I want eggs, bacon, toast, and juice. I want the works."

"Hey, it's all I could come up with in this tub. I'll get you food when we get back on land, but for now, nibble of these meek offerings, and quit snarling." Conner laughed. "Are you always this grouchy when you're hungry?"

"Actually, no; I'm usually worse. It just happens that I woke up in a great mood this morning, so the hunger didn't irritate me so much." Huffing and chuckling at the same time, Alex grabbed a bagel from the plate.

"Hmmm, well I'll have to remember to always make sure you wake up in a good mood, Agent Montgomery." Conner was busy putting jam on her bagel but stole a glance at Alex, who was now in a full blush.

"Uh huh, I guess you just might have to do that, Agent Harris." Alex moved closer to Conner and bent to kiss a spot of jam off Conner's lip.

"Umm, maybe I do like this kind of breakfastŠquite tasty."

Just as Conner was about to take advantage of Alex's closeness, she heard Benny pull aside.

Sighing hard, Conner dropped her hands and moved to the ladder to go above. "Damn, his timing," She growled climbing up the rungs.

Alex chuckled and climbed up behind her, taking the opportunity to admire the muscular legs as they disappeared through the companionway.


Conner and Alex helped Benny tie the boat up in preparation for the tug back to the marina. As they got underway, Conner went below to retrieve their pre-breakfast snack. The two women sat lounging in the cockpit, enjoying the scenery and chatting about their weekend.

"Umm, I'm a member of the local sailing club. Sometimes we have weekend cruises to different islands and towns up and down the coast. There is one in a few weeks, and ummmŠwell, if you're interested, I couldŠwell put us on the list." Conner knew she was asking Alex for another weekend commitment, and was not sure if it was the best thing to do. However, she had immensely enjoyed the last couple of days, and wanted to let Alex know she was interested in more.

"Hmmm," Alex almost purred. "Sounds like a relaxing and fun trip. Why don't you tentatively write us in, and when you have the dates and all the other information, we can make a decision then, 'kay?"

"Great, I'll have Benny pencil us in when we get back to the marina."

The rest of the short trip was spent telling Alex about the Naval Submarine Support Base at King's Bay, located in St. Mary's, Georgia, adjacent to Amelia and Cumberland Islands.

They had been forced to give passage to an incoming submarine on their way back to the Marina. Both women had been struck by the contrast of the sight. In one direction, Alex and Conner could watch the wild horses feeding in the marsh off Cumberland and witness the unspoiled natural environment of the surrounding islands. However, with only a slight turn of their heads they could view the passage of a nuclear submarine as it made its way through the channel back to St. Mary's.

"Wow, talk about coming back to reality," Alex spoke in a quiet voice.

Conner was not sure if Alex was speaking only of the ending of their weekend escape, or if she was referring to her entire life. Conner placed a hand on Alex's back. "You know, coming back to reality doesn't mean we have to forget the last couple of days. We can take them home with us you know."

"I know, I didn't mean what you are thinking. I'm sure I'll not forget this weekend for like ever." Alex leaned over and kissed the tip of Conner's nose, gently tracing the line of her jaw with one finger. "After all, you'll probably have a little scar right there on your chin to always remind us of this weekend."

Conner rolled her eyes and smirked. "Alright already, I know I've been a klutz, but it was only because you had me so stressed."

The two women laughed, leaned back in a relaxed comfort with one another, and were soon back in the marina. Conner had Benny write them in for the sailing trip and asked him to check the engine sometime the next week and have her ready to sail the next weekend. Although Conner had not asked Alex, she was silently hoping for another weekend getaway.

The women loaded their packs in the Jag, and were soon heading towards Conner's condominium. They stopped off at the grocery store so Conner could get food for breakfast and decided to add a few more things, just in case Alex would stay for dinner.

Raising the garage door, Conner could not help but smile at the Jeep sitting in the other stall. Looks like it belongs there, she thought to herself. Alex caught the smile, and somehow knew what had provoked it.

"My Jeep seems to like the luxury of your garage," Alex mused. "She just might have to come visit more oftenŠdoesn't get this kind of treatment at home."

"Well, she's welcome to come visit anytime she wantsŠoh yeah, and by the wayŠyou're, ummm, welcome to tag along, too, if you want." Conner added the last part with a teasing grin as she hit the button to lower the garage door and reached out and took Alex in her arms.

Placing a gentle kiss on Alex's lips, Conner sat back and let out a satisfied sigh. "I've wanted to do that since Benny showed up."

The women headed into the house and were met by a very attention-deprived and very energetic Magnum. The cat pounced on Conner's shoulder just as she cleared the door her and causing her to scream and fling the bag of groceries she held in her arms to the floor.

Plucking the cat off her shoulder, she held him under his front arms and dangled him in front of her face. "Jesus, you little shit. You trying to kill me or something?"

The cat simply meowed and swatted Conner on the nose, causing her to shriek with pain as the tiny needle-sharp claws contacted her skin. The sight had Alex almost in tears, and she held her stomach as she laughed.

"God, Conner, I hope I never see the day some big bad drug dealer sneaks up behind you." Alex could not keep from laughing as she watched the stare down that was now occurring between the two, albeit out of the swatting range of Magnum's claws.

Conner dropped the cat gently to the floor, and wrinkled her nose at Alex. "Har, HarŠdrug dealers I can handle, catsŠwell at least this particular one has managed to get the best of me."

The women retrieved the groceries from the floor and headed to the kitchen, Magnum, trailing behind being very vocal about his hunger.

"Well, I think he's just precious," Alex said, bending over to scoop up the cat. "See, he's not a bad boy; listen to him purr." As if the cat and Alex had conspired against Conner, Magnum reached over and racked his rough tongue against Alex's face, then bent his head to nuzzle her neck.

"Damn catŠWell, you can feed the precious little baby while I go get cleaned up." Conner growled as she tried to hide her smile. "I'll be back in a few. Make yourself at home. There's juice in the refrigerator if you want some," Conner added as she headed down the hall to her room.

Conner entered her bedroom and noticed the blinking light on her answering machine. She hit the play button and listened to the messages as she turned on the shower and got clean clothes from her closet. The first message was from Seth, telling her he would be by Monday night to pick up Magnum.

"Couldn't be too soon for me, pal."

The next was a message from someone wanting to sell her vinyl siding. "Go stick your vinyl siding up yourŠwhy am I talking to the damn machine."

The next message got Conner's full attention. It was Captain Peterson. "Alex, this is Peterson. I wanted to let you know there has been some progress in the

Hernandez case and we are having a task force meeting tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I want you there, so be prepared to give a complete update on all you have so far. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot we have some new people coming in on this case, and I will need you to provide them with copies of everything you have. Uhhh, Conner, IŠwell, just get a good night's sleep. Looks like it's going to be a long week."

Conner stood and stared at the machine. Peterson rarely called her at home, unless it was important. He knew how much this case meant to her. This monster had murdered one of her ex-lover's best friends. Running her hand through her hair, Conner realized there was yet another important factor involved that made this case even more important to her now. Sam's friend was also the partner of the woman she had just spent the weekend making love to: Feryle Hughes.

"Damn, Harris, you always have to go and complicate things, don't you?" Conner said to herself as she hit the erase button on the machine. Heading for the shower, she was glad for a few minutes by herself. She was going to need it before facing Alex again.

Standing in the shower, Conner thought about what this could mean for her and Alex. She was sure Alex would not be thrilled about her involvement in the case. However, she had not mentioned anything about Hernandez to Alex. MaybeŠjust maybe, she could end this thing without Alex having to know. She quickly finished her shower and headed back to the kitchen.

Conner stopped short and her frown turned to a pleasant smile as she spied Alex, lying on the sofa, asleep. Magnum had crawled onto her chest and was nestled between Alex's breasts in a peaceful slumber.

"Damn, cat. She better not have a scratch on her when you two wake up, or you'll be needing all of your remaining livesŠgot it?" Conner whispered as she scratched the top of the purring cat's head. She quietly headed to the kitchen to fix breakfast for the hungry, sleeping woman.


Alex woke up to the purring cat on her chest, and lay there stroking his head as she listened, and laughed at Conner in the kitchen. Magnum quickly tired of the bouncing and jumped down. Alex stretched, thankful for the power nap, but felt guilty for leaving Conner to do the cooking. It was obvious from the grumbling and clanging that natural culinary traits were not in the woman's genetic make up.

"AhemŠyou need some assistance, Chef Harris?" Alex was leaning against the doorframe, attempting with great difficulty to hide her amused look. Conner was on her hands and knees searching through a cabinet, for what, Alex was not quite sure.

"No thanks," Conner said defiantly, self-consciously brushing flour off her sleeve. "I can manage."

Sitting back on her haunches, Conner growled at the other woman. "Just because cooking isn't one of my most favorite pastimes, doesn't mean I can't fix a simple breakfast."

Alex walked over to the stove and looked at a very interesting concoction in the skillet. "Ummm hmmm, and just what are you preparing for this glorious meal?"

"It's a old family recipe called Sailors Sunrise. It's one of my favorites." Conner took Alex by the arm and led her towards the door. Giving her a little nudge, she ordered Alex out of her kitchen. "You need to go outside on the deck, and enjoy the morning, and get out of my way, so we can eat before midnight."

Alex let herself be led out onto the deck and placed in a chair. She knew that for some reason preparing breakfast was important to Conner, so she relented with little argument. "OK, OK but call me if you need any help."

"Thanks, but I won't. Just relax and enjoy the fresh air. I'll have everything ready in a few minutes." Conner then retreated into the kitchen to fight the culinary demons.

Alex sat on the deck, thinking about the weekend she and Conner had spent together. She knew Sam and Karen had been disappointed when she called late on Friday to cancel their cook out. However, both women did seem to shrug off their disappointment when they found out Alex and Conner were going sailing together the next day. Leaning her head back against the pillow in the chair, Alex smiled. "Boy, would they ever be surprised to find out what I've been up to this weekend."

"Hey, I didn't mean to bore you so much you started talking to yourself." Conner walked out into the warm sunshine and sat on the end of the deck chair Alex was lounging in.

"Not bored, just thinking about Sam and Karen."

Conner looked out over the ocean, a frown crossing her face, causing a thin line to crease her forehead. "I take it they didn't approve of you going sailing with me."

Taking Conner's hand, Alex gave Conner a reassuring smile. "Not at all. They were not happy I called to cancel. However, when they found out what I had planned, they were more than happy to reschedule. Sam loves to play matchmaker, so you should probably be warned that she will most likely call to have you over next weekend."

Conner could not read the expression in Alex's face, so she decided to just jump in and see if there was any water in the pool. "And what do you think of that? Would that be OK with you?"

A deep frown crossed Alex's face; her lips were pinched tightly together forming a small line across her face. "Well, ConnerŠyou knowŠI'm not sure. I mean, if you had to choose between facing Sam and Kelly all alone, getting drilled to no end, or having someone there by your side to protect you." Alex broke out in a grin. "...which would you choose? Of course, silly, I want you there. I'd ask you myself, actually I will now. However let's keep it our secret, so Sam and Karen can enjoy their scheming."

Conner's shoulders noticeably relaxed, and the movement did not escape Alex's keen eye. "Kay, Now my lady, time for breakfast."

Alex was pleasantly surprised at the breakfast Conner had prepared. The interesting concoction she had earlier spied in the skillet was now a delicious mixture of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and several ingredients that even Alex did not recognize, and of course shrimp. This was set on a bed of fluffy white rice and accompanied by what tasted like homemade buttermilk biscuits and jam.

After stuffing themselves on the meal, both women sat back rubbing their stomachs. "I think I'm going to explode," Alex groaned. "I have to correct my previous observation. You certainly didn't look like you were very astute in the kitchen when I walked in, but you just proved yourself to me. I stand corrected."

Conner blushed a bright red as Alex bestowed the compliments on her. "Well, I have to admit, it's probably the only thing I do cook well, but thanksŠ I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I did. And since you cooked, I get to clean," Alex said, standing and picking up the empty dishes.

"No way, my house, my kitchen; my mess," Conner countered.

After a few minutes of friendly arguing, Alex won out and sent Conner on her way to the deck."

As Conner sat on the deck listening to Alex move around in the kitchen, she could not help but think of how natural it sounded and felt. She knew she was setting herself up for a big disappointment if things did not work out between them, but she decided to just enjoy the experience and worry about the fall later if it came.

Once the dishes were done, Alex wanted a tour of the island. They climbed into Alex's Jeep, so they could enjoy the open top, and headed out with Conner at the wheel.

Conner took Alex down to the City Marina they had passed on their sail to Cumberland. They spent a couple of hours strolling through the various shops along the brick-paved streets, moving easily among the other tourists. Conner then drove them to Fort Clinch State Park, the Civil War-era fort that overlooked Cumberland Sound. They enjoyed a leisurely walk through the park, which was replete with cannons, jail cells, a blacksmith, and hospital. Before they realized it, the day had swept by and it was dusk was beginning to settle over the island.

Walking back to the Jeep, Alex thought of how much she had enjoyed the weekend, and realized that she was not ready for it to end. However, she did have a busy day tomorrow. It was to be her first day back at the local FBI field office, and she knew it would be a stressful day in many ways. She had not been back in the building since the warehouse raid, and knew just walking through the door would stir up a flood of emotions.

Conner watched as Alex's face took on a dark mask. She walked silently beside the woman, deciding to let Alex talk if she wanted and content to just be with her if she did not.

"It's getting dark, and as much as I don't want to, I guess I had better be heading back to the city."

"I know--I've enjoyed it too." They were simple statements, but carried a lot of meaning for both women.


Arriving back at Conner's, the women quietly began to gather Alex's belongings for her trip home. After stowing everything in the Jeep, Alex returned to the house to say her good-byes to Conner.

Conner was standing at the window, looking out at the receding tide. Alex eased in behind her and embraced the woman in her arms and bent to plant a kiss on Conner's neck.

"Mmmm, you taste so good." Alex continued to kiss and nibble on Conner's neck. Moving her hands in small circles, she caressed the taut muscles of Conner's stomach. Alex could feel an excited tension building in Conner's body which caused her own to react likewise.

Deciding to toss all caution to the wind Alex nibbled on Conner's ear lobe and whispered, "You know, it's only about an hours drive from here to my houseŠand ummmŠit's really not that lateŠwhat do you think about giving me another tour of your bedroom before I go?"

Conner let out a primitive growl as she turned in Alex's arms. She pressed her lips against Alex's forehead in a tender kiss, and without saying a word, took Alex by the hand and led the way down the hall.

The room was dark, only the fading light seeping through the blinds, as Conner reached for Alex. Alex, gently took Conner's arms, and placed them by her side once again, and reached up to take hold of the top button of Conner shirt.

"You have made me feel so good this weekendŠmade me feel so many wonderful things I never thought I would feel again. Now it's my turn to make you feel some of the same things. I want to make love to you like you did to me this morning. I want you to talk to meŠtell me what you wantŠI want to be the one to take you there."

Conner gasped as she felt Alex slowly unbutton her shirt. She felt electric shocks each time Alex's fingers met her skin as she undid the buttons. After what seemed like forever, Alex gently pushed the shirt off Conner's shoulders and leaned in to nip the tender skin in the hollow of her neck. Conner shook her arms to shrug off the shirt and reached up to wrap her arms around the other woman.

Alex quickly grabbed Conner's arms and once again placed them by her side. With a quick bite to her collarbone, hard enough to get her attention but not be too painful, Alex looked up and locked eyes with her lover.

"I want you to be very still; don't move, understand? The only thing I want you to do is talk to me." With a mischievous grin on her face, Alex added. "I'll do all the work, you just lay back and enjoy the ride." She reached between Conner's breasts and unhooked her bra. In one fluid motion she pulled it off Conner's shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up.

By now, Conner's breaths were coming in shuttering gasps. Both women could feel the heat radiating off the excited woman. Conner's knees gave away just as Alex gave her a slow push, effectively sitting her on the side of the bed.

Standing over Conner, Alex gave her a evil grin and pushed her shoulders back sending Conner into a prone position with her feet hanging off the side of the bed. She moaned as Alex leaned over her body to suckle on one of her hard nipples. Resisting the temptation to reach out and pull Alex closer, she tucked her hands and watched as the other woman continued undressing her.

Alex unbuckled Conner's belt and opened the snap. Letting her hands roam freely, she caressed the hard tight muscles of Conner's stomach, before grasping the zipper of her jeans and pulling it down slowly. Conner's chest was rising and falling in quick thrusts as she tried unsuccessfully to control her breathing. Alex let her eyes completely flow over Conner's upper body as she hooked her fingers in the jeans.

The only movement Alex allowed was letting Conner lift her hips as she pulled the jeans down. After removing Conner's shoes, she pulled the jeans off her legs and stepped back to admire the beautiful woman lying before her. Alex felt a rush of heat surge down her as she let her eyes fall on the trimmed hair between Conner's legs. Slowly, she lifted each of the long slender legs and placed them on the edge of the bed. She gently pushed Conner's knees apart, allowing her an unobstructed view of Conner's sex.

Alex stepped back and, never breaking eye contact with Conner, slowly removed her clothes, piece by piece, until she stood completely naked. In the back of her mind, Alex could not believe her own actions. She had never been this outwardly bold with anyone and still could not understand what it was about Conner that made her want to be this daring. She shook off her inner self and stepped between Conner's legs. Conner let out a ragged breath at the slight touch of their skin.

Placing one hand on each inner thigh, Alex slowly stroked the sensitive skin. As she reached the junction at the top of her legs, Conner whimpered and thrust her hips out to meet Alex's hands. Alex ignored the silent pleas and continued up her stomach until she reached the small mounds of Conner's breasts.

Planting her hands on each side of the woman's head, Alex bent in and captured her lips as Conner reached up and placed a hand behind Alex's neck. Grabbing her hand and pushing it back down once again, Alex ducked her head and nipped Conner's neck.

"Looks like you're going to be uncooperative." Putting on her best interrogation face Alex asked, "Am I going to have to handcuff you to the bed to keep you still, Agent?"

"Oh god." Conner's eyes were dark and hooded as desire swept through her body. She had never had anyone make her feel what Alex was making her feel at this moment, and her body responded in an almost violent need to be satisfied.

Alex knew she was driving the woman crazy with her teasing, and it only spurred her on for more. "Are you going to be good, or am I going to have get mean?" Alex ducked once again and bit Conner's neck.

It was not a feeling of control that urged Alex to continue; she did not want to control Conner. It was more like a power that she possessed when they made love. She had never felt like she had the ability to satisfy someone as Conner said she did her. That was the power Alex was seeking, a power to please and satiate. A power to bring her lover to her knees with desire, then gently lift her back up with gentle kisses, and soothing words.

The passion driving Conner had sent her imagination into a frenzied state, and she decided that two could play this game. "Looks like you're going to have to get mean, Agent, cuz I have no intention of being good tonight." Conner watched Alex's face as her eyes turned a deep blue and closed half way. Using a surprise attack, Conner slipped a hand free and captured Alex's hard nipple, rolling it between her fingers.

Alex's took in a shuttering breath before recovering and grabbing Conner's hand, once again pushing it above her head. Keeping Conner's hands pinned, Alex captured her lips and plunged her tongue deep into Conner's mouth. Tongues dueled for control as Alex slid up and straddled Conner's body, rendering her helpless, as the other woman rested her weight on her stomach.

Breathing hard, Alex finally broke the kiss and stared into Conner's eyes.

"Do you feel how wet I am for you?" Alex growled as she slid across Conner's stomach, each stroke teasing the hard bud buried between her swollen lower lips.


"Do you want to taste me Conner?

"Yeeesss." Conner was now grinding her hips up in an effort to make contact, although Alex had purposely positioned herself out of reach.

"Well, if you want me, you had better behave, or I'll stop. Do you understand me? "

Conner's eyes turned dark, and she growled in agreement.

"DO NOT MOVE, not a muscle, unless I say you canŠgot it?"

"Yes." Conner was almost screaming. She would have agreed to anything as long as Alex kept touching her.

Alex removed one of her hands and placed it along the side of Conner's face. With an intense tenderness, she placed light pecks across her forehead, eyes, nose, and cheeks, and finally captured her mouth in a long, passionate kiss. Conner felt her senses reeling as Alex explored her mouth with her tongue.

As Alex continued her exploration, she dropped her free hand to Conner's side and traced a light path up her ribs, sending tremors through the woman's body. Smiling through her kiss, she eased down further and removed the other hand holding Conner's arms down. To her surprise, Conner left her arms bent above her head and allowed Alex full access to her body.

Feeling more certain of herself, Alex slid off Conner's stomach and again stood between the woman's parted legs. She bent and continued trailing a path of kisses over Conner's body, stopping to suckle on first one nipple, then the other. Raising her head, she saw Conner watching her and noticed that the woman had grasped the sheets in her fists.

In the boldest move Alex had ever made, she lifted one leg and placed it on the bed nest to Conner's side, allowing the woman a full view of herself. Conner stared at the Alex's hot, glistening core, and thought she would die from her need to reach out and touch Alex. Instead, she gripped the sheets tighter, wanting and needing to experience every second of Alex's fantasy.

Alex saw Conner swallow hard, and unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation. She reached down and pinched Conner's nipple, just enough to get her attention. When their eyes met, Alex reached down and buried her fingers inside herself.

Conner's moan was indescribable. Her face had turned a dark shade of red, and for a moment, Alex thought she had pushed the woman too far. Finally, Conner took a deep shuttering breath and the natural color returned.

"You like it when I do this, don't you?"

"God yesŠplease, AlexŠlet me touch you?"

As she continued to stroke herself, Alex smiled and spread her legs further apart. "Not yet, lover." She slowly removed her fingers and leaned over Conner, and parted her lips with her wet fingers. "I will, however, give you a little taste."

"Ahhh, Alex." Conner devoured Alex's fingers, sucking the warm juices off of them, and quietly whimpering as her need to be touched increased.

"Do you want me inside you?" Alex asked as she let her fingers trail down Conner's body stopping just at the hairline of her sex.

"Yeees." Conner lifted her hips, her need now reaching a point of desperation.

Alex slowly let her fingers fall until she felt the wetness on Conner's outer lips, knowing she was even wetter inside. Kneeling between Conner's legs, Alex gently traced the folds of Conner's lower lips, gently parting them with her thumbs to expose the hard nub. Beginning at Conner's left knee, Alex began placing slow torturous kisses along the length of Conner's thigh. When she reached the tender cleft, she paused for only a second before gently enfolding the hard nub between her lips.

Conner's hips bucked wildly as the contact sent tremors throughout her body. "OhŠmyŠgod, Alex." Her words came in shutters as Alex's tender lips rhythmically squeezed, and her tongue placed feathery touches directly to the tip of the ultra sensitized nerves.

Alex continued her slow ministrations as she watched Conner's face above her. As Conner bucked beneath her, she reached up and plunged three fingers deep into the woman, sending her into a frenzy of motion.

"Aleeex, God, I need to touch you, pleaseŠAlexŠpleaseŠ come here.

As Conner screamed her name, Alex felt her own body spasm and knew she could no longer deny Conner's need. Remaining deep inside, she slid her body up onto the other woman, and felt the electrical surges bolt through her body in response to her touch.

Conner released the sheets and wrapped her arms tightly around the other woman's neck, capturing Alex's in hers. Their tongues dueled in their united passion as Alex felt her body cry out for relief.

Conner pulled her mouth away, and took a shuttering breath. "Alex ,I need to taste you now, please let meŠI've done what you wantedŠnow I need thisŠplease."

Alex smiled and placed a warm kiss on Conner's lips, and then she slowly rolled off her body and sat up looking down at Conner. For a moment, Conner thought Alex was going to make good on her threat and quit, and just as she was about to speak, Alex bent and placed a trail of kisses down Conner's stomach. When she reached the soft line of hair leading to Conner's sex, she lifted her leg and straddled Conner's face, allowing the woman full access to her desire.

Conner wrapped her arms around Alex's legs, and just as she was leaning in to kiss the swollen folds of her outer lips, Alex plunged her fingers deeply inside of Conner once again, sending her into another passionate whirl.

Conner buried her face in Alex's sex, raking her tongue the length of the hard, swollen shaft. The muffled moans of the women continued as they matched each other stroke for stroke. They held on as they soared higher and higher until at last they fell in unison into their orgasms.

After a few minutes, their breathing slowed and Alex turned around to face Conner. When their eyes met, Alex saw one prominent brow raised and a smirk on her lovers face.

"Hey," Alex said as she placed a warm kiss on Conner's lips.

"Hey yourself." Conner maintained their eye contact. She wanted Alex to squirm a little, so she just lay there quietly looking at the other woman.

Squirming was exactly what Alex was doing, and a lot of it. She knew there would be sweet hell to play for the torturous pleasure she had just made Conner endure. She ducked her head breaking the eye contact and gently bit Conner's jaw.

"Hmmm, you really know how to make a woman feel good, you know." Alex tipped her eyes up and gave Conner and innocent grin.

"Uh huh."

Alex was getting nervous that she had taken things too far. Not quite knowing what to do next she placed her hand on Conner's chest, and as she was pushing up into a sitting position, Conner pounced.

In one smooth quick motion, Conner flipped Alex over and somehow managed to straddle her stomach pinning Alex solidly to the bed. Grabbing her hands, she shoved them above Alex's head, and held them there in a position similar to the one Alex had previously held hers.

"You will pay, and pay dearly for that little stunt." As Conner grinned, Alex let out a relieved sigh. "However, I will require at least an entire night. However, considering the late hour, I will reserve my revenge for another night." Conner nipped Alex's ear lobe, "So be prepared my dear..." She kissed her nose. "Šfor a night of sensual torture."

Alex laughed as she threw her arms around the other woman's neck and hugged Conner close. "I've had such a great time this weekendŠI ahhŠdon't want it to end."

Turning her head and glancing at the clock, she groaned. "As much as I hate to, I need to get going. My first day back is tomorrow, and I have an early meeting."

"I know I don't want it to end either, but we have lots of time. We'll be together soon." Conner nuzzled Alex's neck and took in one last breath of her lover's scent. Conner slid off Alex and they began to dress slowly, neither wanting to, but preferring to crawl back into bed to hold each other as they fell asleep.

They made small talk until they reached the door to the garage. Alex turned and pulled Conner close, kissing her deeply, trying to satisfy her need until they could be together again.

"Will you be at the precinct in the morning, or out on the streets?" Alex asked. She decided not to tell Conner her meeting the next morning was with her captain, choosing instead to surprise her if she was going to be in the precinct.

"I'll be in until around ten or so, then I'll probably head out to the streets."

"Good. You mind if I give you a call sometime in the morning?"

"Actually, I'd be upset if you didn't, I want to know how your first day back is going. Maybe we canŠuhhŠmaybe get together for lunch. That is, if you have the time."

"I'll make the time for lunch. I'll call you and we can decide where we want to go, OK?" Leaning in for one last kiss, Alex held Conner close for a few moments, before straightening and turning to climb in the Jeep.

"Please drive carefully, OK?" Conner said, as she leaned in for another quick kiss.

"I will, sweet dreams, Agent Harris. I know mine will be." Alex grinned as she started the Jeep and backed out of the garage.

Conner watched Alex drive off until the taillights disappeared into the night. She slowly turned and went back into the house. As she stepped through the door, she realized for the first time how quiet and empty her condominium seemed at this moment.

Conner fed Magnum and headed for bed. As she lay there, she could smell Alex's perfume on the pillows and sheets. She tossed and turned for and hour before getting up and searching through the kitchen until she found a bottle of scotch. She poured herself a large shot and knocked it back in one swallow. Turning, she saw Magnum sitting there, staring at her curiously.

"Yeah, hotshot, I'm miserable. Go to bed and leave me alone."

Conner turned and headed back to her room. She lay on her side and hugged the pillow that still held Alex's scent. After what seemed like forever, she fell into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of the mysterious woman that had swept into her life and stolen her heart in just a few short days.


Continued in Part 4.

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