Part 11: A Change of Heart

Read disclaimers in part 1 if you're interested but if you‘re already this far into the story, you must know it by heart.=)

Oh and I guessed on some of the lyrics so I don't know if they are right.


Heading back to their room Alex was trying to keep her dripping to a minimum since she didn’t want to clean up the hallway too. Finally when they got there the taller woman unceremoniously stripped off her shirt and walked over to the exercise bike to get another. Michelle was glad that Alex was facing away from her otherwise she would have seen the shock but mostly appreciation in her shining green eyes. But being the good friend that she was she turned away to give her friend some privacy whether she wanted it or not. She still saw that pensive look on Alex’s face though so she thought she’d try to get her mind off of her most recent problem.<We’ll deal with that one later.> "Um you mind if I put on some music?"

"suhmmur gohh hemdn." The reply was slightly muffled since she was just pulling on a t shirt.

"Was that a yes?" She asked even though she was heading towards Alex’s radio.

"Yeah. You don’t have to ask. Just help yourself." Alex launched herself onto her bed bouncing slightly missing the riveted look on the smaller woman’s face.< Ooh, she bounces in all the right places too. Stop it! You’re her friend. That‘s it.> "Um thanks." Grabbing a cd book from the stack below the radio she looked for anything she knew. The sprawled woman was just about to start some much neglected math work when she heard a snort. Looking up she saw Michelle staring down at the cd’s, then glance at her with a little smile only to look back down flipping to another one. She did this a few more times until Alex couldn’t take it anymore. "What?"

"Oh. Nothing."

"You don’t like my taste in music?"

"Well I was just thinking"

"Interesting, great, stupendous?" She tried to fill in.

"I was going more for eclectic... Are you sure you’re only 21?"

"Yes, why?" Alex wondered where her friend was going with this.

"Because by the looks of some of these cd‘s, I’d guess you were 45." Michelle started laughing at the appalled look on her friend’s face.

"The music I like is NOT old, their classics."

"Yeah. Sure. Half of these songs are older then you AND me put together."

"I’ll have you know that most of the music you deem new, are actually just remakes, rip-offs of the originals." Alex informed her.

"Hey I’m not saying its a bad thing to like old music." Seeing that Alex was about to object she corrected, "Fine, Classics. So defensive." Deciding to move on since she didn’t want to rile her up anymore, she flipped to another section.

"So tell me what kind of music tickles your fancy then?"

<Where does she get this stuff.> "Tickles my fancy huh. Well lets see. Here’s one. I love Madonna. Anything by her is good. Seems you’ve got most of my favorites already." Michelle held up the cd in question.

"Yeah I like her too. What else?"

"Okay. I like 80’s music too. But that’s as "Classic" as I can get." She just knew that Alex had rolled her eyes. "I also like country. Grew up with it 24/7 at home. Got any of that?"

"Oh I'm so sorry. Must of been hell huh?" Alex had such a sympathetic look on her face that it made Michelle want to laugh. She couldn’t let her get away with that crack though, so she narrowed her eyes instead. "You think you’re so funny don’t you."

"Yup. It’s no wonder you’re such a romantic with all the achy breaky music you grew up listening to."

"I'm not going to deny that. I love those slow love songs too. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a cynic if you gave it a chance." She got a groan for that. "But I’m also into dancing. Don’t you have any rave music?"

"Oh no. Don’t tell me you’re one of those techno ravers with their little light sticks waving around."

"Nah I listen to it once in a while but only when I'm in the mood. Why what’s wrong with it?"

"That stuff has no words and it gives me a headache."

"Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s something different. An Original I like to call it. Besides that stuff is great to dance to."

"Are you saying you can’t dance to 60s music?" She could hear the challenge in Alex’s voice so she decided to push some buttons.

"That’s exactly what I’m saying." Michelle stared straight at Alex issuing the challenge.

"Put in that first one. I guarantee you’ll know every song on that cd."

Shrugging her shoulders she flipped to the beginning of the case and slipped out the first one to put in. The first song that came on she recognized immediately. "Ha ha. What do you know, I actually do know it. Now where did I hear this from."

"I told you. Everyone knows this song. It’s from the movie Joe vs. the volcano with Tom Hanks."

"Oh yeah! I love that movie. Meg Ryan was great!"

"Remember that little dance he did on that raft? Every time I heard this song I would always have to do it."

dum dum dum dum dum bi du bi dum

Well I love love ya darling

come and go with me

don’t leave me baby beyond the sea

I need ya darling so come go with me

And that’s exactly what the taller woman did. She acted out the exact dance from the movie. Michelle couldn’t stop laughing throughout the performance.

Come come come

come into my heart

don’t leave darling

we will never part

i need ya darling so

come go with me

"Wow! I didn’t know you could sing. You’re great!" When the next song started she was stunned again. "Hey I know this one too!"

"I think we have a closeted oldies fan on our hands people. Come on you like to dance. Get with it." Joining in with her friend’s antics they danced right through the whole cd... of which Michelle knew every single one as promised.

The last song started with a slow melodious tune that she vaguely thought sounded familiar. They were both out of breath from all the fast paced music that this next one was welcomed. She started swaying to the soothing music as her heart calmed a bit. Her breath caught though when she felt hands slip around her waist from the back and Alex’s voice drifting into her ear.

stars shining bright above you

night breezes seem to whisper I love you

birds singing in the sycamore tree

dream a little dream of me

Slowly Michelle turned in the arms holding her so close to see Alex with her eyes closed gently swaying to the music. Alex took her hand in hers and held it next to her heart while her other hand circled the smaller woman’s waist. Michelle’s hand was placed on her shoulder.

say nighty night and kiss me

just hold me tight and tell me you miss me

while I'm all alone and blue as can be

dream a little dream of me

All Michelle could think about were the times she actually did dream of her friend. Of how things could be different. Standing so close she couldn’t help but wonder if that was at all possible. <Don’t be a dope. She’s only showing you that you can dance to this stuff.> Her hand unconsciously went around the other woman’s neck to bring them closer together.

stars fading but I linger on dear

still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn dear

just saying this

sweet dreams till sun beams find you

sweet dreams that leave your worries behind you

but in your dreams whatever they be

dream a little dream of me

But she couldn’t help to think that Alex was singing to her. Green eyes stared dreamily up at the chiseled features looking for some clue to what was going on. But as if sensing her eyes Alex spun her out of her arms only to pull her back so she wasn’t facing her anymore. Michelle was a little disappointed at first but now she could feel her hot breath on her neck that sent shivers right down her spine.

stars fading but I linger on dear

still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn dear

just saying this

sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

sweet dreams that leave your worries far behind you

but in your dreams whatever they be

dream a little dream of me

As the song tapered off to silence, "What’s the verdict?" Michelle heard whispered in her ear.

"Wha..?" Being wrapped up in Alex’s arms she could barely think let alone speak.

"On 60s music. Do you like it?" Michelle’s neck was so tantalizingly close that Alex had to fight to not bend a little closer to taste it.

"Oh it’s definitely a favorite." The huskiness in her voice was not lost on either of them but just when Michelle was about to turn around,

Knock knock knock. "Hey Alex! Phone." Susan threw open the door a second later.

"Okay. Thanks. I gotta go to practice anyway. I‘ll see you later." She was deep in thought as she left her friend standing there.<What just happened here?>

"Hey Michelle. You okay?" Susan thought she looked a little shocked.

"Remember what I said about timing?"


"Work on it. Please. Because if I could move, I’d kill you." Susan was smart enough to run back the way she came before Michelle got feeling back in her limbs.

"Hello?" Alex was still a little breathless from the dancing when she answered the phone.

"Hey Alex."

"Tom! What’s up?"

"Do you know how long I’ve been trying to call you?"

"You’re good at math right? 50 girls, two phones, you figure it out."

"Ah. So you’re saying it’s a miracle I got through at all."

"Yup pretty close. So what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight?"


"Look before you turn me down again, I’d just like to say that I really want to see you. We haven’t gone out since you got your cast off."

"I know. But I just have a lot of things going on right now."

"Anything I can help with?"

"No. It’s personal. Plus you know with practice everyday I have to do my homework at nights."

"Yeah but I haven’t seen you in forever. First it was Michelle and your arm. Then you say you’re having a bad week with Michelle and can‘t leave her right now. Now it’s practice. What‘s going on?"

"What can I say? I have a life." Alex was getting a tad irritated.

"Yeah, without me."

"Hey don’t start getting all possessive on me now. You know the rules." She reminded him.

"Yeah I know. Just one night. Any night. Come on, I miss you babe."

Trying to rub the frustration out of her eyes, "Okay fine. Not tonight though. How about next week?"

"I’ll hold you to that. I’ll see you then."

"Yeah bye." <Great. Another thing to pile on. He’s right you know. He is your boyfriend right? You should be glad he’s still interested after blowing him off so many times.> "What ever. I just don’t need this right now." She said as she headed out the door.

Later that night in bed all Alex could think about was her impromptu dance with Michelle earlier. She couldn’t believe she let things get so far between them. In fact all she could do lately was think about her, she couldn’t help it. To top it all off, now Kat was in the picture. Ever since she found out about Michelle though, she couldn’t help but think what if she had met her before Kat? She didn’t know what she was going to do. Even Michelle noticed that she looked a little more skittish then usual. She thought she was thinking about Kat’s untimely appearance so being the friend that she is she tried to help. "What do you think she was doing here after all this time?"

Alex, glad for something else to think about, but not too thrilled with the subject, "I don’t know and I hope I don't find out either. I don't think I can handle seeing her again. Hell look how I handled this one. If you weren't there who knows what would have happened."

"That’s just because you were so surprised to see her after so long. Next time you’ll handle it better." They snuggled down for a restless night of thinking for the both of them.

The next time came sooner then Alex would have wanted. In fact only a day had gone by but there she was on the couch once again. "Well well. We meet again. Gonna speak to me this time?"

<Oh no! Not again. I will not freeze. I will not freeze.> She chanted this until she got her mouth to work again. "What are you doing here?"

"Tsk tsk. Not even a hello? And here I've visited you twice. Your manners are sorely lacking. That irritating little blond must be rubbing off on you in all the wrong places."

"WHAT are you doing here?" Alex repeated a little louder.

"Ooh. Forceful huh?" Alex could feel her gaze traveling up and down her body like a bug crawling under her skin. "I like that. Fine. I’m just here visiting some old friends and low and behold my little protégé lives in the same building and on the same floor. Imagine my surprise."

<Damn! Amy.> "So now that you’re done you can leave now and leave me alone."

"Oh come now. I just got here. Plus I can‘t leave until we‘re... reacquainted." Just the sound of her voice made the other woman tremble. Kat had gotten up from her seat and started her way over to where Alex was statued by the door to stop right in front of her. Her voice pitched to its lowest register, "Wouldn’t you like that?"

The raven haired woman could feel her hairs standing on end while her eyes went wide with the implications of just how acquainted this woman wanted to get.

It’s a nightmare come true! When Michelle came back from classes she was greeted with her worst nightmare. Well maybe not worst but this sure came close! Alex was pressed up against the wall with Kat practically ravaging her mouth. All the shorter woman could do was stand there and stare because she lost all feeling in her body. Kat gave Alex a final peck before releasing her and the taller woman slid down the wall in a heap.

"Oh! Hello Michelle. I was just borrowing her for a minute. No harm done." But just as she was about to pass by her to leave, she added, "Guess you don't have a rein on her after all. Ta ta."

"Why don’t you just leave her alone you vindictive slut! Stay out of our lives."

Only that evil cackle came back as a response as Kat sauntered out the door. It felt like her heart was just ripped out of her chest. After everything that had happened between them, she actually thought they could have had something other then friendship. But after what she just saw it all got flushed down the drain.

She went over to her prone friend who was only coming to her senses just now. "What’s going on Alex?" She reached down to help the shaking woman to her feet. "Are you crazy? What the hell was that?"

"Why? What happened?" Groggily the taller woman tried to get her brain back on line.

"Well I walk in to find you lip locked with satan’s spawn! I thought you hated her."

"I do! Dammit! Its just that whenever she’s around... I can‘t control myself." Alex started pacing, "her little love sick puppy waiting on her every whim." She looked so disgusted with herself Michelle decided to lay off and be a friend. "Come on. Lets head to our room and see if we can figure something out."

"What’s going on in your head when she’s around." Michelle watched her friend as she made her way over to the bed.

"That's just it. My mind goes blank and I’m not thinking. I'm like a zombie when she’s around. My head knows she‘s evil but my body well...its a little slow on the uptake. It responds to her without my consent! I don‘t know what to do..." Alex sat down on the bed while dropping her head into her hands.

"Can’t you just remind yourself of all the things she’s done in your life to bring you out of your trance?"

"I try Michelle. But she has some kind of power over me."

"What kind of power?"

"I don’t know. It’s like I would do anything for her...Just like before." A tear ran down her friends face. "It’s like I’m fifteen all over again." She looked so sad and beaten Michelle had to do something to reassure her.

She walked to the bed and wrapped the taller woman in her arms, "Look, we’ll get through this. You can fight this. I know you can."

"I don’t know. Sometimes I feel so powerless. Maybe she was right. I am weak."

"No you’re not. You’re the strongest person I know and you’ll get through this. You aren’t that little girl anymore."

"Not when it comes to her. It’s always been like this. Even in high school I was powerless against her. She’s the only one who ever had that kind of control over me." Rethinking her statement, "Well there's one more person now."

"Who?" Michelle wracked her brain trying to think of anyone who was close to Alex.


"What!?! Me?"

"Don’t act so surprised. This past year has been an eye opener for me. The things you’ve taught me...shown me since you’ve been in my life, well I never would have thought me capable of doing."

"Well, yeah but that's not a controlling power. I’m more along the lines of... a positive influence." Michelle clarified.

Chuckling, "Call it whatever you want but when it comes down to it you're my best friend and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you."

Releasing the woman in her arms, "Thanks. I feel the same way... but I don’t think I like you comparing our friendship to her."

"Well its not exactly the same thing. Just the same results. With her it’s all about power and fear to get what she wants. But with you, its all about friendship and... love." You could tell she was unaccustomed to the word which touched Michelle’s heart even more that she would use it to describe their friendship. "I care about you so much that I would do anything to never lose those things. That can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands." Alex reached over for her friends hand. "But I'm glad you have it. I trust you."

Michelle had tears in her eyes by now. "Thank you." She knew that her friend had the same power over her and she would do anything to help her with this Kat thing.

Michelle decided to recruit a little help. There was too much time to cover for only one person so she turned to her two best friends that she knew would help.

"No way!"

"What? Susan, why not?"

"Why should I help her? She hates me."

"She doesn't hate you."

"Yeah right. I heard her that night. I don’t know how you managed to tame the beast but I’m not foolish enough to stick my hand in that cage."

"Susan. Look at the way she’s been acting lately. She’s over it. You even talked to her the day after we fought and she didn’t bite your head off now did she."

"Well no..."

"That’s right. I’m asking you as MY friend to help out another of MY friends."

"I’ll do it Michelle."

"Capri!" Susan was flabbergasted.

"What? I want to help. You may not like Alex but I do. She’s a cool person when you get to know her."

"Thanks Capri. Alex and I appreciate it."

"Damn! Well I might as well help out too then."

"Thanks. I’ll go get Alex and we can discuss a game plan or something." Michelle left to the whispering of the other roommates. "What’d you go and do that for? We shouldn’t get involved with that one."

"Why not? I think Michelle changed her whole outlook on the alternative lifestyle." You could even hear the smirk in her voice.

"No one can change that fast. Michelle is awesome but I doubt she can work miracles."

Back in the room Michelle had another person to convince.

"We need help with this. I already went over all this with you. They can keep an eye out for her."

"No. I don’t want everyone involved in my business. I can handle it by myself."

"Argh! You agreed with all this last night."

"Well I changed my mind."

"Alexxx..." she whined. "Pllleeassse..."

"Stop it. You know I hate it when you do that." No end came and Alex snapped. "You’re driving me INSANE!"

"And you’re driving me crazy." Michelle countered.

"You’re driving me nuts!" Alex could tell she had ran out of adjectives to use by the even angrier look on her friends face. <I got you this time.>

"Damn it! I hate when you drive!" She stomped her foot with a pout since that was the best she could come up with. Michelle was so frustrated with her. All she wanted to do was help.

Alex on the other hand burst out laughing. <She’s just too cute!> After she calmed down a bit, she asked her friend who was glaring at her, "You really think they will help?"

Relieved that the other woman was at least listening to her, "Yes. We’ll get through this you know."

Alex and Michelle took a seat on the opposite couch.

"Okay so what do we have to do?" Capri was eager to get started.

"Well I think you know Katherine right? Red hair, brown eyes... drop dead gorgeous?" Michelle went over.

Susan‘s eyes widened, "Damn! Yeah I know who she is. She’s HOT!"

"Ugh. Yeah anyway, We, as a Capri and I, have to try and keep her away from Alex." All the raven haired woman could do was stare at the ground. She didn’t want help but Michelle had talked her into it. She knew no one would help her anyway because of the way she acted.

Turning her attention to the sullen Alex, "From her? Why, did you go and threaten her life too?"

"Susan! Its not like that. Its personal and this is for Alex’s protection, not hers."

"You’re kidding right? She could kick the crap out of anyone with one arm tied behind her back."

"Yes but this is different."

Pointing to Alex, "Are you saying that she could beat her up?"

That was the last straw on the taller woman’s patience and she got up to leave, "I told you this was a bad idea."

"Sit down, please. We’re not done yet." Glumly Alex retook her seat. Susan was totally astounded that she listened. <Maybe they really are friends.>

"So will you help?"

"I’m in!" Alex looked up at a smiling Capri and couldn’t help but smile back.

Susan wasn‘t nearly as enthusiastic as her roommate. "Hey Michelle you know I would do anything you asked me to do with only a minimal amount of protest but you aren’t even going to tell me why we’re gonna do this?"

"It’s not my decision. When Alex is ready she’ll tell you. Sooo?"

Everyone was staring at her with pleading eyes so what else could she do? "Okay okay. I’m in too."

A few days later the two roommates were walking down the hall. "So Capri, how’s that project coming along? You done with it yet?"

"Oh yeah! I had to spend the entire night at the library to get all the info I needed. But its finally done. All I got left is a spell check..." She was yanked away from the main room they were about to enter. "Oh my god! There she is!"


"That's Katherine."

"Really? Where?" Peeking into the common room she was very surprised. "You were right Susan. She is hot."

"Like you would know." Susan snorted.

Ignoring her friend‘s comment, "Alex should be in her room about this time right? We should head over and give her the heads up."

"Oh I think I'm in love." Susan leaned against the wall while her hand fluttered to her chest.

Shaking her head in the negative, "Don’t even go there Susan. There’s a reason why Michelle doesn’t like her and it must be a pretty big one because she likes everyone."

"Yeah yeah but it could be because of Alex. Might not even be about anything Katherine did." Susan reasoned.

"Okay, but is she worth bringing the wrath of Michelle down on your head?" Capri knew something bad was going on with this Kat woman. She could feel it and so tried to reason logically with her friend.

"Ooo, yeah you’re right. Come on I guess we have to go warn Alex." Reluctantly Susan put her eyes back in her head and let her friend pull her away from the fantastic view.

But Alex wasn’t in her room. She was running late and just as the two women went looking for her, in she walked through the door.

"Hello. We meet again." Kat was there standing in front of the TV.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was already having a bad day and didn’t need this on top of everything else. At that moment the taller woman wished she had stopped to talk to that irritating little man that was toting the clipboard he wanted her to sign. <Damn why do I always have to be so impatient. I still would have been there getting my ear talked off if I hadn’t of yelled at him> "I thought I told you to leave me alone."

"Oh? Was that before or after you fell puddled to the ground." Kat smirked, she could tell she hit a sore spot when the taller woman cringed.

"In that case just to clarify, LEAVE ME ALONE! I don’t want anything to do with you." She noticed that Kat was moving closer so she started to step back.

"Really? I think that's your girlfriend talking because your body is practically screaming for my attention." Alex was slowly being backed into the wall behind her.

"Kat please..."

"Begging already. Can’t wait huh?"

"NO! I don't want this."

"I think you do." Kat finally had her against the wall and was just about to go in for the kill when a throat was cleared behind her. Alex’s eyes were shut tight so she didn’t see the incredulous looks on the two faces in front of her.

With such a bored expression on her face Kat turned to the intruders. "Did you want something?" But turned her attention back to the beautiful woman she had at her mercy.

Susan’s mouth wasn’t quite working yet so Capri had to come up with something. "Yeah.. um I need to talk with Alex for a minute. She has my book that I absolutely need."

"Well she’s kind of busy right now. She’ll get back to you so run along now."

"No!" Kat’s head snapped around at the little girl who dare interrupt her. Her eyes filled with an evil glow which scared Capri just a little. "Uh what I mean is that I really need it now. It can’t wait. Alex you okay?"

Hearing a familiar voice call her name snapped her brain back into action. "Oh yeah. Yeah its in my room." Slipping out from her prison she quickly made her way where the two friends were standing. "In... in my room. I’ll go get it."

"I’ll come with you." Capri left with a practically sprinting Alex to leave Susan all alone.

Still staring at the vacated space she never noticed Kat stealthily moving closer. "You’re Susan right?"

By the time she looked up the goddess stood right in front of her. "Bu..uh.. yes. yes I’m Susan. That’s me."

She smiled when she noticed the nervousness in her voice. "I’ve seen you around before. I’ve been meaning to introduce myself but I just haven’t had the chance."

<The most gorgeous woman in the world is talking to you you twit! Get your mind out of the gutter!> "Uh oh yeah?" She croaked out.

Moving in for the kill, she stepped even closer. She knew the effect she had on woman and flaunted it every chance she got. "Oh yes. I just never knew what to talk about."

Swallowing the nervous laugh that wanted to come out she tried to act cool. "Well I’m pretty easy you know. You could have talked about ...MATH and I’d still be interested." She gave a little grimace to what she thought of the subject.

"Ha ha. Good to know. Well I have to be going now. But I will see you later." She turned to walk out the door but gave a small smile to her maybe new conquest and sauntered out.

Susan blew out the breath she was holding and wiped the sweat from her hands. <Damn that woman has it going on! Michelle’s going to kill me> she thought as she headed up the hall.<If I didn’t know better though, I’d swear she was going to kiss Alex if we hadn’t of interrupted. Gotta find out what's going on there first before I go any farther>

Back in the room where Alex was hiding, she decided she better fill in Cappi on what was going on. She could see all the questions in the young woman's eyes that she wanted to ask but she didn‘t. Capri remembered that Alex would tell her what was going on when she was ready but it’s because Cappi didn’t push her is why Alex thought she ought to know. And also the fact that she just saved her butt. So she told her everything, the condensed version at least. She waited for the laughter she was sure she was going to get but again she was wrong. "That BITCH! How dare she treat people like that. I’m going to kick her ass the next time I see her. Why you just..."

"Whoa calm down there."<I really got to learn how to read people. I’ve been wrong every time I thought I was so sure> "It uh, thanks for your concern but she’s my problem and I'll handle it."

"Alex are you sure? She almost kissed you back there."

"I know. Thanks for stopping that too. If you hadn’t of stepped in, well I don’t even want to think what might have happened."

"Has this happened before?"

"Yes. Last time Michelle saw us. That’s why she asked for your help."

"Well now that I know what she looks like I’ll be keeping an eye out for you. She won’t get in that door without me knowing I can tell you. Oh! Can I tell Susan? She‘s probably still trying to get rid of her. We came up with a plan so she‘s coming to get me when she‘s gone."

<Susan’s actually helping me? Only because she was forced.> "Yeah I guess so. I don’t feel like repeating it later."

A knock came at the door a second before Susan’s curly blonde head poked in. "Capri? She’s gone."

Capri turned back to Alex, "Are you sure you’re okay? We could stay..."

"No. I’m fine. You go on. I got a lot of homework and stuff anyway. Don’t worry about me."

"Okay but let us know if you need anything." She tried to ignore her friend’s rolling eyes.

Reluctantly the taller woman turned to the head in her doorway. "Susan? Thanks. For following through. I know you didn’t want to."

"Sure. Any friend of Michelle’s..." She didn’t finish because she didn’t really feel that way. Capri could see the tension between these two so she grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her out the door. "We’ll see you later Alex. Come on Susan." "Wait! She didn’t tell us what's..."

"I’ll tell you later." By then they were halfway to their room.

Alex sat heavily on her bed trying to get her bearings back. <What am I going to do? Next time there won’t be anyone to stop her and then I'll be screwed. I don’t even know how far she’d go?> That thought scared her the most. If Kat got any farther then kissing her, she knew for sure she’d be lost forever under her spell. <It’s hopeless anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t fight so hard...> Hope was all but gone from the taller woman.


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