Part 5: A Change of Heart

See disclaimers in part 1. Be warned, there’s sexual as well as physical violence ahead. Nothing graphic. I put it all in one chapter so you could have the option of skipping it if you want. Though you’d miss a hell of a lot, just email me and I’ll fill you in.

I’d also like to thank everyone for their patience during my hiatus. Hope you haven’t lost interest.=)


With everyone piled into Alex’s station wagon, they were on their way. The owner protested the whole way that it was her mothers because of all the ribbing coming from her passengers, most coming from her supposed blond haired friend of course. She shut them all up though when she told them they could all just walk to the party. It was Michelle in the front still trying not to laugh, with Capri, Susan and their other friend Katie in the back. When they got there, the party was in full swing. It looked like a lot of people had walked since there was no problem finding a spot.

Michelle was planning on spending the evening with Alex but her plans were dashed to pieces as soon as they walked in the door. A tall, very handsome, dark skinned man came up behind the duo as they were talking. When he put his arms around her, Michelle saw her visibly stiffen at first but then a smile spread across her stunning face. When she turned in the man’s arms, she kissed him soundly on the lips.

"Hey Tom. I didn’t know you’d be here! Oh!" Turning around to face the shorter woman, "Tom, I’d like you to meet my new roommate Michelle," she said with a smile on her face.

<Wish I could make her smile like that> "It’s very nice to meet you Tom. Alex has told me all about you," she forced a grin on her face and stuck out her hand in greeting.

"It’s a pleasure. I deny everything by the way." He said with a wink while kissing her hand.

<Damn! He’s charming too. I want to hate him but I can’t> "Don’t worry. Nothing too graphic."

He looked skeptically at her, "Okay. But just remember that my Alex here, likes to exaggerate."

<HIS Alex? Maybe now I can hate him> she thought while trying to hide the scowl.

Alex noticed it though. "Hey Tom. Can you get us something to drink?"

"Sure thing. Be back in a sec." With that he fought his way toward the makeshift bar.

"You alright Michelle?" She asked with concern.

"I’m fine." She turned, muttering something about finding Susan.

But Alex grabbed her arm before she could disappear in the crowd, "Are you sure? If you’re not feeling well I could take you home."

"No, I‘m alright. You and Tom go enjoy yourselves." Trying to reassure her friend, "Really. Plus I want to have fun tonight. Last chance and all." With that she let the sea of bodies overtake her.

"You sure?" But she was gone already. <That’s weird. She was fine in the car. Better keep an eye on her anyway. > Tom came back, "Hey where’d your friend go?"

"Never mind." And with that she took her drink and went to claim their spot against the wall.

The blonde found Susan on the couch talking with a beautiful girl. <Whoo hoo, she moves fast. Better not bother her. > A tap to her shoulder made her turn into the chest of a man asking her if she wanted to dance. He was tall but not as tall as Alex was and he had those disappointing brown eyes. But he did have the dark hair and chiseled features. <Ah, close enough> "Sure. Lead the way."

Michelle was plastered within the hour. But at least she was having fun. <The hangover will be worth it. > That same guy was stuck to her the whole night always supplying a new drink when she’d drain hers.

Alex always kept one eye trained on Michelle. She noticed how much she was drinking and started to worry. She thought about how her friend had acted when she met Tom all night. Finally, she figured out what the problem was…well at least what she thought was the problem. <She’s jealous. When she saw my boyfriend she couldn’t stand it. I guess she misses what’s his name more then she’s letting on. I’d better go check up on her. That chump she’s with is not helping any with all the drinks. > "I’ll be back Tom."

She made her way over to where Michelle was dancing, "Hey, how are you doing?"

"OH! Hi Alex! I’m doing just peachy. How bout you?" She asked while throwing her arms around Alex’s neck.

"I think you’re drunk Michelle. Maybe we should go home. It’s getting kinda late."

"No way! I’m having too much fun here." Pulling Alex’s head lower, "And I don’t think I’m drunk, I know it." A throat cleared, and there was old faithful diligently handing over a full cup of beer to Michelle. "Thank you. Did you meet Alex yet? This is Brad. He lives here."

"Michelle, I really think we should get going. You’ve had way too much…fun tonight." She tried taking the clinging woman’s half-full cup away from her but Brad stepped in between them.

"She’s fine Alex. I’ll take care of her." He tried to sound sincere but the taller woman saw right through that.

Using her full height, "Move." She pushed Brad aside with a glare, "Come on. Time to go."

"NO! Go back to your boyfriend Alex and leave me be." She resumed dancing with a smug Brad.

<Ooh. Another guy to add to the hit list. > "FINE!" The pissed-off woman stormed back to where Tom was. "Sorry stud, I have to cut the evening short. I’ll see you later though."

"Shit. Are you sure?" He stepped closer and started nibbling on her neck. "We could go upstairs and claim a room…Come on. I haven’t seen you the whole week."

"Ah…um later okay?" She kissed him, "I promise." Giving him a wink, she turned to find Susan. <Can’t just leave them here right? >

Michelle on the other hand felt bad about what she said. So bad that she wanted to throw up right there. "Excuse me. I gotta get some air."

"Oh! I’ll go with you." A very helpful Brad led the way to the front door.

It took Alex a long while to find Susan. She was trapped in a corner by a very eager young woman kissing her…well, everywhere. Alex was hesitant to interrupt but she’d do anything for Michelle. She called Susan’s name without looking at them. When they didn’t answer she kind of nudged her leg with her boot.

When she finally looked up, she almost laughed at the expression on Alex’s face. "I’m kinda busy right now. Do you want something?"

"Yeah. Michelle’s wasted and I think I should take her home. So if you guys want a ride I’m leaving now." Still not looking down.

Pushing aside her date with an apology, "What??? Where is she? Are you sure? She never drinks." Susan was worried.

"She’s over there danc…she’s gone!" Alex started scanning the crowd for her or her drinking buddy. "Dammit! I shouldn’t have left her with that guy. I don’t trust him."

"What guy?"

"I don’t know. She must have met him here. Short guy, dark hair. He kept plying her with drinks." Two worried faces turned towards the stairs. "Susan, you go check upstairs. I’ll check outside." With a nod, Susan grabbed a still dancing Capri and ran up the stairs.

Alex practically bulldozed her way to the door. Once she was outside she took a breath of fresh hair to calm her frazzled nerves. <What was that? > She heard something but wasn’t sure what it was. It sounded like it came from around the corner, so she went to investigate. At first she saw nothing, <There it is again! > "Michelle? Are you out here?" She could make out a car in the driveway up ahead. She tried calling again while walking towards the car. Now she could hear muffled noises coming from the shaking vehicle. "Michelle! Answer me!"

"ALEX! Help m…" The sound was cut off. Then what she thought sounded like a slap spurred her into action. Running up to the car she tried to open the door but it was locked, all the while calling Michelle’s name. With nothing around her to break the window, she braced herself, "let go of her you bastard!" and slammed her right elbow shattering the driver side window.

"What the fuck!" Came from within the car and when the door opened she could hear Michelle whimpering. The figure that stepped out of the car was HIM all right. He was inspecting the damage done to his car. "You bitch! Look what you did to my car!!" He tried to grab Alex to slap her but she was faster. The enraged woman blocked the hand that was reaching for her and uppercutted him making his head snap back painfully.

"Michelle, are you all right?" Brad started to get up, "What did you do to her you SHIT!" Alex saw the body barreling towards her and moved to the side at the last second. She kicked him in the ass on his way past sending him sprawling up the driveway. "Michelle!" Alex turned her head to try and check on her friend, which caused her to miss the fist that connected with her jaw. The dazed woman dropped to her knees from the blow. "Dammit!"

Brad reached out and grabbed Alex’s hair to turn her face up. "You again. I guess you want some of what your friend got huh?" He slapped her across the face never letting go of her hair. Alex was in such a rage; she hardly felt the pain it caused.

Looking up, "you like hurting women you prick? Try someone who can fight back!" She saw the fury fill his eyes at her words and the fist that raised to come down on her. But it never came. For Alex was in perfect alignment with his most private parts and slammed her fist straight ahead causing him to let go and double over in pain. Getting up, "You like that?" With a kick to his face, his body snapped to attention, "This will teach you to never, EVER hit a woman again!" She grabbed his hair and slammed his already dazed head onto the hood of the car knocking him unconscious. "Slime."

Alex ran over to the open door to check on her friend. She was stock-still leaning against the other door. Her skirt was raised but Alex was relieved to see her underwear none the worse for wear. She had a busted lip and a huge bruise already forming on the side of her face. Carefully she got in the car. "Michelle?" Calling her name softly so as not to scare her. But when she reached out to touch her, the other girl started to fight back kicking and screaming. One kick connected to Alex’s arm causing her to yelp in pain. "Michelle! It’s me Alex…. Stop fighting. I won’t hurt you." The frantic woman started coming to her senses and looked up into concerned blue eyes.

"Alex?" Confused green stared back at her.

"Its me. You’re safe now. Its over." She said while scooting closer.

Michelle had tears flowing down her face now. "Oh Alex!" She choked her from squeezing so hard. "I’m soo sorry for what I said to you earlier!" She was frantic trying to explain what happened. "I wanted to go look for you but Brad said you left already."

"Shh, Michelle. Its okay." All the while stroking her hair.

But still she went on, "I- I was so sad that you left me bu- but then Brad offered to take me home. I didn’t know that…that." And she cried even harder.

A crowd started forming around the car. They must have heard the fighting. "Did someone call the police?" Alex called out. A couple of people rushed back to the house. Come on. Let’s go outside. I don’t like it in here." Alex started sliding out of the seat but when Michelle started to turn green she stopped. "What’s wrong?"

She didn’t get an answer because just then Michelle hurled all over the floor. "Feel better?" Alex started rubbing her back. <Good! Serves him right> A nod from Michelle and they both made their way out of the car.

An anxious Susan and Capri met them as they got out with a flurry of questions.

"Later! All right?" One look at Alex’s face and later sounded better and better.

They all helped Michelle to a grassy area away from all the onlookers and set her down. She was still clutching to Alex so she sat down as well. Since her adrenaline rush and all the anger she felt were melting away, she really started feeling the pain. They stayed like that for a while till Michelle looked up at Alex’s face.

She gasped, "What happened to your face?"

"Lucky punch." When Michelle reached up to touch it, Alex pulled her head aside. "Don’t worry about it. Anyway, look who’s talking!" She gave a little laugh and pulled out a Kleenex from her pocket. "Here. Your lip is bleeding. Don‘t worry it‘s clean."

"Thanks." She looked back toward the crowd where Brad was still knocked out cold. "So, you kicked his ass huh?" Michelle said with a hint of a smile.

"Damn straight." and pulled her friend closer watching her right elbow that felt like it was going to fall off.

Tom came over at one point but Alex quickly dismissed him saying she was okay. He looked really worried and didn’t want to leave but she used her persuasive skills saying Michelle needed some privacy. Finally with a kiss and a "are you sure?" from Tom, he left when the police came.

Michelle had to recount everything that happened. When Alex tried to give her some privacy to talk to the police, she held on to her hand asking silently for her to stay. The raven haired woman was glad to hear her own question answered when the police asked if he had raped her. The answer was NO. He tried but she fought him the whole way until Alex showed up. Then it was the taller woman’s turn to get questioned with her friend squeezing her hand in support.

When it was over, the police led them over to where the ambulance showed up. Right there, Alex decided to give Michelle some privacy whether she wanted it or not. She hated hospitals and she knew that’s where her friend was headed.

"Wait! You not going to get checked out?" Michelle really didn’t want to be left alone.

Alex saw the panic in her friend’s eyes and she was torn. "I’m fine. I don’t need to go to the hospital." Seeing the dejected look she was causing, she added "but I’ll meet you there."

Michelle smiled and nodded, "Okay." Then went to give her rescuer one last hug, "Thank you Alex. You saved my life… what’s wrong?" She felt the body stiffen in her arms and a groan of pain escaped from her lips. She noticed Alex was being very careful with her right arm. "You’re hurt!"

"No!" It came out a lot more forcefully then she intended, "heh, really I’m fine. Don’t worry." Michelle tried to reach out to get a closer look but Alex pulled away. "A little ice and it’ll be as good as new."

"Then let me see it!" When she refused, "Alex, You’re going to the hospital. You smashed your elbow through a window for goodness sakes! It could be broken." For the first time Michelle saw fear in those baby blues and she figured it out. "You don’t like hospitals do you?" When her friend’s face hardened, "Come on. I’ll be right there with you." Alex didn’t move. With a sigh, "You can at least let the paramedics look at it." Looping her arm with Alex’s good one she literally pulled her friend toward the truck.

As it turns out, Alex did fracture her elbow and it took everyone to force her into the ambulance. Not liking to show fear in the face of others she stopped struggling and resigned to her fate. She spotted Susan and tossed her her car keys.

Catching them, "I’ll meet you guys there, okay? Come on Capri." Susan said giving Michelle a final hug and went toward Alex’s car.

Getting a little privacy in the back, Michelle asked, "So how come you don’t like hospitals?"

Alex didn’t answer right away so she thought she wasn’t going to get an answer. "My father died in one." With a shrug, "We spent three days straight after the accident in the hospital watching him get worse and worse. Ever since then I wouldn’t step into a hospital if I could avoid it."

Michelle just offered silent support while holding Alex’s hand and giving her a one armed hug. They were quiet the rest of the ride.

Even though Michelle was the one attacked, Alex seemed to be the one worse for wear. She needed to get a cast for her arm and had just as many bruises on her face as her friend. When she saw her for the first time, the shorter woman was frantic. <It’s my fault she’s hurt! I should have listened to her. > Alex saw the fear on her friends face and tried to reassure her that it didn’t hurt. But Michelle wasn’t buying it. "Oh shit! I’m soo sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."

"Why are YOU apologizing. It wasn’t your fault." A confused Alex stared at her.

"It is my fault. If I only listened to you…" Her eyes filled with tears. She thought of something while looking at the cast, "Damn! I probably ruined your bowling career for the rest of your life too!" Being even more dejected.

Alex looked down to where Michelle was looking, <Oh! Because of the cast. > "Don’t worry about it. It comes off in six weeks." Chucking her on the shoulder, "No biggie."

But what if it doesn’t heal right, there could be complications or ..." The worried blonde tried to say.

Rolling her eyes, "You don’t need two arms to bowl with. Besides, I hardly use that arm anyway." With Michelle’s confused look, "I’m a lefty... I bowl with my left arm," while waving the said arm for emphasis.

She breathed a little easier at that revelation but still thought it was her fault. "But still, if only I.." She was cut off by an arm being wrapped around her shoulders.

"You know what Michelle?" her friend said, "You worry too much." Finally getting her roommate to smile, Alex steered them to where Susan and Capri were waiting to take them home.

By the time they got there it was morning already. As they were walking into their dorm room, "Hell of a week huh Michelle? Sure you still want to be my friend?" Alex asked jokingly but with a little insecurity thrown in.

"Always Alex. Best friends." Michelle gave a little smile and fell into her bed fast asleep.

Alex just shook her head and settled in her bed as well. <Maybe things will finally get back to normal. > She banged her cast against the wall and grimaced in pain. <Shit! Maybe not. >


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