Part 8: A Change of Heart

See disclaimers in part 1.


The two roommates silently fell into the pattern of sleeping in Alex’s bed at night. Since the new arrangement the dreams never got a chance to surface. It never was discussed but was always constantly on both of their minds. Michelle felt like she was being a burden to her friend because of the dreams but Alex’s problem was that the feelings she was trying to get rid of were in full force now that she was actually in the same bed as her. The taller woman would always be at the very edge of the bed trying to distance herself as much as possible. Michelle figured she was trying to give her more room so she’d squeeze herself against the wall as well. There must have been 2 feet of space between them if you didn't count snuggles in the middle. All of this was totally useless because once they would fall asleep they’d both gravitate toward the other. Alex would usually end up on her side with snuggles in her arms and Michelle against her back. But lately, unbeknown to Alex snuggles would end up on the floor and knowing the raven haired woman, she would grab the closest thing to her. The blonde loved it when that happened. In fact she has been known to help in snuggles decent though she’d always replace him in the morning. Since Alex barely flinches anymore when Michelle gets up, she was in the dark with this little ritual.

Even though the taller woman tried to distance herself from her growing friendship she couldn’t help but notice that in reality they were getting closer. It was inevitable. If Michelle were to ask her to lunch she’d say she was busy but after watching her friend’s face fall in disappointment she’d immediately say she’d squeeze her in just to see that smile. On the weekends when normally she’d be out on a date with Tom, she found herself canceling or cutting it short just so she could spend the night with her. In her opinion she’d think she was whipped.

The shorter woman felt the same way. They were getting closer. Alex had begun to open up more even going as far as telling about her childhood and stories about her and her father. Michelle also noticed that they were getting closer physically as well. The taller woman wouldn’t hesitate anymore to sit right next to her and throw her arm around her shoulders or when she laughed she’d grab onto her arm. The only thing that could be better was that she noticed that Alex didn’t really want to associate with her other friends. Whenever she’d invite her over to Susan’s to study or just go to a movie she’d always refuse. Since Susan was the one she’d go and talk to about everything, she wanted her to know the real Alex and become friends. She’d just have to keep on trying.

They had both come home from class and both were looking forward to their upcoming weekend. "Hey Alex, how about we go to a movie tonight?"

"On a Friday?" She was busily unpacking her book bag.

"Yeah, what’s wrong with a Friday? Oh! Unless you have a date or something?" She tried to hide the disappointment in her voice.

"No. I just meant that if you go to the movies on a Friday, the theatre will be full and then you’ll end up sitting next to some loud mouthed teenager who won’t shut up throughout the whole movie."

"Hey! I’m still a teenager myself don’t ya know. And we aren’t all that bad to begin with. I must defend my age group."

Alex turned away from her bag and gave Michelle the once over very slowly. "Well can’t argue with that. You’re not bad at all." Wiggling her eyebrows she smiled at the blush that crept up the girls face she continued with her bag. <Its so much fun to mess with her!>

<Whoa! That was interesting...maybe I was right> When the other girl finally got her voice back, "Er, um so do you wanna go with a loud mouth not so bad teenager?" She got a snort of laughter for that. "And I'll even give in a little bit. We can go see an older movie so it won’t be as crowded. How’s that?"

Alex pretended to think for a little while tapping her chin. She shrugged her shoulders, "Ah why not. Got nothing better to do. I can suffer through a movie with you."

"Oh well thank you very much. Don’t sound so enthusiastic next time. I might get the idea that you actually want to go out with me." She flopped down on her bed.

To Alex she sounded serious so she had to clarify, "Hey I was only joking you know. I’d love to go to a movie with you..." Michelle still lay there not moving. "Really. I’d even go if I had to sit next to a screaming baby all night just to be there with you." She went over to touch her friend’s shoulder because she was shaking like she was crying. "Hey."

But when she did Michelle flipped over shaking with laughter. "You’d do all that for little ole me?" Alex just stared wide eyed at her until she started laughing along.

Giving her friend a little shove, "You little shit. You had me worried for a second there."

"Only a second? If you saw your face..." She couldn’t finish because she was laughing so hard. Seeing Alex’s raised eyebrow she tried to control herself. "I’m sorry." Fanning her face to cool down. "Whew. That was fun huh?" Slapping her friend on the leg, "Come on, our movie awaits," as she got up to get ready.

Michelle had it all set up. She and Alex showed up at the movies and low and behold Susan and Capri were there with a bunch of their friends as well. Of course the sneaky blonde acted as surprised as everyone else when they all spotted each the same line for the same movie no less. After all introductions were made, they headed in to the theatre to wait in the lobby. Alex distanced herself by sauntering off to the video games that they had followed closely by a grinning Capri. 5 games later they had to find seats before it got too crowded. The two gamers were challenging in one of those head to head driving games laughing the whole time. Michelle had to smile at that. <At least they’re hitting it off. One down...> She strolled over to where they were. "Hey guys. Come on the movies going to start in a few minutes."

Capri gave a cursory glance trying not to take her eyes off the road. "Wait. Just let us finish this game. I’m finally kicking her butt!"

Alex barely looked up as well, "Yeah right! I’m right behind your smashed up ass Cappi. Maybe if you weren't such a road hog I could get through." They ragged each other till they hit the finish line with Capri barely holding off Alex by an inch. She jumped out of that chair and did a little victory dance all around the taller woman who was just pulling her long frame from the game.

Pumping her fists, "Yes! Did you see that Michelle? I finally beat her!"

Michelle held up her hand and high fived the excited woman. "Yeah. You smoked her!" Alex looked like she couldn’t have cared less but you could see a smile playing around her lips. "Yeah yeah. Come on before we miss the movie." She threw her arms around both women and lead them away. When they found their seats Alex took the aisle seat with Michelle to her left. Capri sat on the other end where Susan was. You could see from where they were sitting that she was telling of her close call win. The shorter woman poked Alex in the ribs, "You stinker. Don’t think I didn't see you take your foot off the gas at the last minute."

Alex turned with a straight face, "I have no idea what you’re talking about. She beat me fair and square." Michelle looked at her friend skeptically before turning back to the screen. She remembered all the butt kicking that Alex did to her whenever they played games like those and knew she was unbeatable. She leaned over and whispered, "You can be really sweet when you want to be." Alex couldn't hold back the smile this time and just shrugged her shoulders. Michelle patted her friend’s hand while the lights went down and left it there. When Alex didn’t pull away the smaller woman smiled and returned it to her arm rest. Katie was snuggled up to her date next to Michelle so she had her entire arm rest but the one next to Alex was another story. She tried to squeeze her elbow on to it but the raven haired woman was having none of that. She wouldn’t budge an inch. The blonde really started to flex a little muscle and Alex finally gave in by sliding her arm slightly to allow the other woman some space. But as soon as Michelle got comfy, Alex would slowly start to nudge her arm off. The smaller woman gave her the evil eye to which the taller woman replied with a "what did I do" look. The shoving match continued till Katie poked Michelle who finally noticed the whole row watching the display. She blushed immediately but threw in an elbow to Alex who was trying not to laugh. Michelle solved the problem by just laying her whole arm over her friend’s to which Alex didn’t protest one bit.

Popcorn got passed on down the lines for everyone to share in several of those cardboard boxes. Every two people had to share one box so of course Michelle and Alex had to share. Occasionally fingers would brush the other while reaching for the buttery kernels and each would smile silently enjoying it. The others watched on in fascination for they all knew that Alex was supposedly straight but the way these two interacted pointed in other directions.

When the movie was finished, they all exited the theatre with Alex, Michelle, Susan, and Capri leaving to go back to the dorms passing on the offer to go to the bar. It was close by so they all walked back. On the way they were discussing the movie they had just seen. Well fighting might be a better word to describe it. On one hand Michelle loved the movie along with most of her friends (who weren‘t there to back her up) but Susan, Capri, and especially Alex just hated it.

"What was there to hate. It was a tragic story that was actually based on true life events. You can’t hate a movie like that." Michelle said trying to make them see her point.

Susan threw up her arms, "Well it was pointless. They had two different stories going on at the same time. I was just waiting for them to come together but the movie ended with nothing happening. What's up with that?"

Giving her friend an exasperated look, "That’s what really happened. The stories can’t join if it never happened."

Alex shot Michelle a dubious look. "Come on. And how do they even know that happened at all. Nobody survived to tell the tale so to anyone’s knowledge it could all be made up."

Capri totally agreed. "Yeah! That's right. I think they would have made a lot more money too if they embellished on the ending. Have those fisherman find that missing guy or something."

"Stop ganging up on me. Not everything is about money Capri. I still say it was a good movie." Three sets of eyes rolled at once. "Oh hey guys!"

Two women were walking towards them to which everyone knew who they were except Alex. They had their arms around each other but Alex didn’t notice. To her they looked like how Michelle and her normally are together so she didn't give it a second thought.

"Hey Michelle. You just come from the movies?" She glanced at the tall one that she didn't recognize. <Thought I knew everyone as gorgeous as her. She’s gotta be straight for me to have missed this one!>

"Yeah we did. It was great. I was crying by the end." She heard something that sounded suspiciously like a snort from behind her. When she whirled around to find the culprit sure enough there was Alex with a completely innocent look on her face. Staring at those shining blue eyes in challenge, "Don’t mind this one. Sometimes she just can’t control her bodily noises." Three sets of eyebrows went up. Susan couldn't believe her friend had the balls to say something like that to her and Capri couldn't wait to see what Alex would come back with. And for the person in question well hers went up out of pure amusement. Now later as Michelle thought about when things turned to crap, she realized her first mistake was turning her back on her tall friend. The second one was that she didn’t stop at that. She just had to add with a tsking sound and a head shake, "I just can’t take her anywhere."

She didn’t hear the gasp that left her lips when Alex came up behind her snaking her left arm around her trim waist. Still in shock she barely registered the words that were breathed in her sensitive ear. "Well now, maybe we should see what...bodily noises I can get out of you." The chuckle that followed caused a violent shiver to race through her. She could feel the warmth that emanated from the taller woman who couldn't be standing any closer. Everything that was this wonderful woman attacked Michelle’s senses nearly causing her to faint until...

"My god people, get a room will ya. There are children present." She turned to the woman attached to her arm to nuzzle her neck, "But I think they have the right idea. You wanna skip the movie and go back to your place?"

Before either woman had a chance to respond Alex had the one who made the comment up against a telephone pole with her feet barely scraping the ground. She was being held up by the scruff of her shirt all the while she's clawing at the cast that's pressed to her throat. Everyone was so shocked by what just happened no one could do anything but stare. Hell no one even saw the enraged woman move! When the woman stopped trying to get free and opened her eyes she saw clear eyes so empty of anything that she thought they couldn't be real. More pressure was added to her throat and now she could barely breathe. When she felt that she was about to pass out she heard someone speaking to her.

Alex spoke so calmly that if they couldn't see what was happening no one would have given them a second glance. "What did you mean by that?" Noticing the other girl was ready to pass out she eased the pressure a little...but not much. "Did you think that I was like you?"

She let the poor woman hang there waiting for the fear to enter her eyes. "Well we’re not. You’d do yourself a favor to remember that. Am I making myself clear?" She added more pressure to get her point through finally seeing the fear that she wanted. Then just let her drop to the ground in a heap gasping for breath. Her friend rushed over to the fallen woman as soon as she hit the ground.

When everyone finally came to their senses they rushed over to the fallen woman. After a quick glance to make sure she wasn't seriously hurt she turned her attention to the fuming woman standing stock still a few feet away. Slowly she walked over to her friend and called her name softly so as not to startle her. "Alex?" She moved a little bit closer. "You okay?" A minute passed with no movement from Alex. Stepping right next to her now Michelle laid her hand against her friends back feeling her stiffen up even more. Alex quickly took a step away from the hand and turned around. She only stared over Michelle’s head and asked "Is she alright? does she want to press charges?" with no emotion whatsoever.

"I don't know Alex." Looking over to her friends she watched them help the fallen woman to her feet. "I doubt it. She doesn’t seem to be hurt." Turning back to Alex, "Are you sure you’re okay?" A stiff nod was the only reply. Seeing that she wasn't going anywhere with her right now she walked back over to make sure her friend was alright when she caught the conversation that was going on.

"What the hell is her problem? Is she fucking nuts!!!" The woman was still rubbing her sore throat where you could see a bright red mark right across her neck.

Michelle turned to see if Alex had heard her. She figured she did when she saw the raven haired woman stiffen even more if that was possible.

"I should fucking throw her in jail for that!" She was glaring at the woman who did this to her.

"Tracy, please don’t do that. She’s just..." looking for the right word, "sensitive about all this." Michelle was trying to smooth things over so no one had to get in trouble. She knew it was wrong of Alex but in her mind it was all a little misunderstanding which caused Alex to overreact.

Traci the woman still rubbing her red neck, "That’s no excuse! Look what she did! I almost died here." Her ranting turned more whiney at this point so Michelle knew she was just fine. "She can’t just explode on someone if they say something that rubs her the wrong way!"

Holding up her hands in a calming gesture, "I know, I know. She's working on it. Please Tra. She’s my friend."

Tracy stared at her incredulously. "How can someone like YOU be friends with someone like that! I'm surprised you're not dead yet."

She panicked for a second hoping Alex didn't get the implications Tracy was making. Looking back over toward Alex she noticed she was still off in space and breathed a sigh of relief. Saving that problem for later she went back to her original quest. Practically whispering it, "Please Tracy. She's really working on her problem. Since she’s friends with me that just proves it. I promise it won’t happen again." Turning her pleading green eyes on the woman she gave in immediately.

Shaking her head at her friend‘s tactics, "Okay. Okay. Damn you play dirty. Just keep her away from me."

"Thank you Tra. You're a good friend." Michelle turned to walk toward Alex when Traci reached for her arm and pulled her close. "You be careful around her. And if you ever need help...or anything just call me." She said this while staring at Alex trying to make her point clear on what kind of help she offered. "Okay?"

"Yes. I won’t need to but thank you for caring." Giving a little wave the two parties went their separate ways.

They got back to their dorms with Alex going straight to her room. Susan now didn't trust Alex at all and tried to convince Michelle to stay in their room tonight. Michelle tried to reassure Susan everything was alright and that she’d handle things by herself then headed for her room as well. Trying to rein in her thoughts of what this could mean she took a breather outside of the their door. <She’s homophobic. I can’t believe it. What will she do when she finds out about me?> Opening the door she saw Alex staring out the window. She hadn’t even noticed that she wasn’t alone anymore.


She jumped a little when her name was called but then she rushed right over to Michelle. "I’m so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen." Alex had her head bowed and couldn’t look her in the eye.

<At least she’s regretting it. So she can‘t be totally against it.> Taking her friend’s hand trying to comfort her, "What did happen back there?"

"I was only going to tickle you. I promise. I would never do anything like what she was implying. I swear."

Anger suddenly engulfed the smaller woman and she dropped the hand she thought she knew. "Its not even about that. You should be sorry you almost killed someone! That was my friend that you had suspended by her throat Alex. Violence never solves anything but only causes more violence. Do you even realize what you just did?"

It took a minute for the realization of what she almost did brought her to her knees. She was so angry at that woman she could have killed her and for what? All she did was make a crack at her. "You’re right. I’m sorry." She choked out as a tear slipped down her cheek. Michelle couldn’t stand to see her friend in pain and kneeled next to her to put her arms around her. "Is she okay? Did I hurt her?"

"She’s going to have a sore throat for a few days but that's it."

Wiping her eyes she left the comfort of her friends arms to stare out the window again. "She’s right you know."

Getting up herself, "Who’s right."

"Your friend. You shouldn’t be friends with me. I’m a horrible person and I’ll only end up hurting you." She had such a desolate look on her face Michelle could feel her heart reaching out to her. "No you’re not."

Turning her most sinister look on the girl, "Oh I am. This just proves it."

Unfazed by the look, Michelle went on. "Okay then. We’ll get to the bottom of this. You went berserk when she thought you were gay. Why?"

Alex stared long and hard at this slip of a girl who was questioning about her worst memories and fears. Anyone else would be lying unconscious before they even finished. But with Michelle, she actually had the urge to tell her. About a minute passed before she made up her mind to open up for the first time almost positive she’d get laughed at when she did. "I don’t ever want to be like that again... And I don't want to be reminded of it either." Crossing her arms in front of her she waited for the ridicule.

Michelle was thinking of the many reasons why her friend was so homophobic but the one she got totally threw her. She knew Alex was expecting some sort of response from her but only one question came to mind. "Who hurt you?"

Alex couldn’t believe it. Nothing but compassion was shining from her friends eyes. She smiled a sad smile at the irony of it. She was so sure of what would happen if she ever told anyone. "It was a while ago. It doesn't matter anymore."

"If you’re still hurt by it then it does matter." Slowly she wrapped her arms around her friend feeling her stiffen. "If you ever want to talk about it I'm here."

A huge shuddering breath escaped from Alex as she calmed down from all the troubles of the evening. Michelle felt her go slack in her arms making her squeeze just a little tighter. Alex finally knew without a doubt that she should trust this woman but just in case, "You sure you want to get into all this? Last chance to run for your life."

The shorter woman chuckled a little, "Yeah I'm sure. We’re friends right?"

"Yeah. Best friends."

By the time the whole story was told Michelle wanted to go out and kill whoever this Kat person was. Damn her moral values on violence. In fact she promised herself that if they ever do cross paths that Kat would be the very first person to ever be punched by her. She decided she should leave the room for a little while to calm down. Alex told her of how they met in high school. Of how this girl was the most beautiful, most popular girl in school even though she was only a junior at the time. And of how Kat wanted her. HER! She couldn't believe it. She was only a sophomore and a late bloomer at that. She was still trying to grow into her body. By all means she’d be considered pretty but Alex never thought so. At first, things started out simple enough. A smile in the hall or a wink in passing all making Alex blush to her roots. Then one day she’d actually gone up to Alex to introduce herself and ask her to lunch. She started hanging with Kats friends. Going to movies where she’d get to sit next to her. Talking on the phone about everything and anything. Alex thought she was the best thing in the world. Then Kat took the next step. One day Alex was walking down the hall with her arms loaded in books when she got yanked into the girls bathroom. She was too shocked to protest but when she noticed it was Kat doing the pulling she went willingly. She asked if anything was wrong but Kat just shook her head with a disarming smile on her face. Suddenly the books were scattered across the floor while she was pressed up against the wall. Kat asked her if she wanted this as much as she did. Alex didn't even know what she was talking about. But when Kat’s lips pressed tightly to hers all coherent thought disappeared. That kiss awakened emotions in her she’d never felt before. Hands roamed for the first time, passions flared in both people. Before she knew it Kat had released her from the wall only for her to slide limply down still trying to catch her breath. Kat stood over the gasping girl and told her "I want you Alex. You‘re mine now. Do you understand?". She wiped away the tears that had fallen from Alex caressing her cheek. Alex nodded dumbly still too shocked to think. "Good" was all she said and walked casually out the door. She told Michelle she should have known something was wrong then but she never had a bad thought about her. Things went on for about a month with just kissing and with Kat doing most of the touching. She was treated like she was somebody in Kats life until she gave up the ultimate gift. The very next day she knew something had changed but she was so wrapped around Kat’s little fingers that it didn't register. Kat became more demanding, more bossy of her. Alex became more a slave then anything else. Kat would order her to do things for her like carry her bag or get her lunch or a soda in front of everyone. She never noticed that everyone that was supposedly her friends were all snickering behind her back. Or maybe she just didn't care since to her, the most perfect girl in the whole school chose her to be with. She stayed with her for another two months after that. Also when Kat would decide she wanted Alex again, it was a lot rougher then the first time. She would take total control leaving Alex vulnerable and weak. Sometimes she’d wake up with bruises. But she took it all for she knew that she was in love with this woman. One day she decided to tell her beloved how she felt for her. She gathered up her courage and walked right up to the woman she loved and poured her heart out. Kat took one look at her and laughed out loud. A loud, condescending kind of laugh while pointing at her no less. What she said Alex would never forget for the rest of her life. "You LOVE me?" With a disgusted look she reached out and yanked Alex’s hair back bringing her right up against Kat’s body. "You’re more stupid then I thought. I would never love someone as weak and pathetic as you. Because I've had so much fun with you these last months I'll give you a little advice. Love is not real. Its a weapon, a power over someone. Nothing more. You’ll do good to remember that." Kat leaned forward and kissed her hard while still yanking painfully on her handful of hair while Alex tried pushing her off. When she pulled away, "See what I mean? Weak." While Alex sat on the ground crying all she heard was that evil cackle as Kat walked away. Even then Alex still would not put blame on her for what she did. She always thought that it was her fault Kat broke up with her. She had been moping around school for another week when Amy, one of Kat’s friends, approached her. Yes the very same Amy that lived on the floor with them and that's when she learned the truth of what really was going on. Amy told her of the bet that was made between them. Basically it was that you find a girl and take her virginity. Not rape mind you but she has to be willing. Alex was Kat’s little wager. When she heard this all she saw was red and turned on the nearest thing which was Amy. The rage coursing through her made her strong enough to hold Amy against the wall. They were about the same height back then but Alex was a lot skinnier making her smaller. Alex asked who her little protégé was and found out that none of them besides Kat could go through with it. Apparently most of them still had a conscience. She questioned Amy on everything until she was seeing stars from not enough air. Amy told her that once the bet was won they were suppose to break it off. But because Kat had done such a good job at fooling Alex that she kept her around after as a trophy of sorts. Since she was the only one with "the guts" as they called it, to follow through with the bet she wanted to parade her victory in front of her friends that didn’t.

Michelle knew Amy and it puzzled her why she would come forward with all this when she didn't have to. Alex also wondered that then and confronted her a while later. Again forcing the information out of her, turns out Amy wanted a shot at Alex. She thought that if she was the one who told Alex the truth that she would be grateful. Eventually turn to her for a sympathetic shoulder that would lead to other things. But she never expected such rage or power from the once slave of her friend. Kat never came back the next year because her family had to move for some reason. Alex never bothered to find out. Her life became normal again though she did start protecting other girls from Kat’s old entourage so nothing like this again could happen to anyone else. She vowed to herself to never be weak again.

That night Alex slept peacefully. She had never slept better since a huge weight had been lifted from her chest. She finally told someone, trusted someone. That was a big thing for her. Michelle always slept peacefully if Alex was nearby but not tonight since she had an even bigger problem now. The next day Alex had an appointment to go to and told Michelle she’d be gone the whole day because after she had to go to practice. Capri had a project to research so she wasn’t going to be around either so the blonde was going to spend the day with Susan.

"What am I gonna do?" Michelle was sitting on Capri’s bed with Susan across the room on her own bed.

"You should have told her last night. Now it will look like you deliberately didn’t tell her." Susan didn’t know what her friend was getting herself into but she was still scared of what Alex might be capable of.

"Don’t say that. I don’t need to hear I should of’s okay. There’s nothing I can do about that now."

"Well you can’t keep it a secret forever either."

"I know. I’m going to tell her."


"Well I have a plan about that. We have to show her that not all lesbians are bad. If we get her over her bad feelings towards it then it won’t be so bad when I tell her."

Susan looked at her friend like she was crazy. "Michelle you don’t have 10 years. Because from what I saw last night it will take her at least that long. Why does she hate gay people anyway?"

Michelle wanted to tell her friend but she didn’t think Alex would appreciate other people knowing. "Well its personal. She has her reasons but all I can say is that I don’t blame her." <She is such a wonderful person. She has so much capacity to care but won’t let anyone in. That’s gotta be so lonely.> Michelle didn’t know that every time she thought of her friend that strange look comes over her.

"Oh no Michelle. Please don’t tell me this."

Shaking herself out of her reverie, "What? Don’t tell you what?"

She really started looking at her friend hoping she‘d find a clue. "I don’t know. You tell me? What were you just thinking about?"

A puzzled expression crossed her face at the question. "Susan are you all right? I have no idea what you’re talking about."

"Alex right?" Seeing an even more confused look cross Michelle’s features, "You were thinking about Alex." Now one of disbelief had taken hold. "What? did you know that?"

"Okay. Please deny this right away. But do you have...feelings for her?" She was hoping for a response along the lines of are you crazy? or even get outta here! But not the dead silence she got. "No Michelle. It can’t be." Still nothing. "She hates people like us! What are you doing?"

"How did you know?" Susan barely heard the question since it was barely breathed.

Shaking her head in defeat, "I’ve seen that face before. When you thought of her it was clear as day." Trying to lighten the mood, she gave her friend a sly smile, "Damn. The first girl you decide to fall in love with you go and pick miss mission impossible right?"

That provoked a little smile. "I never realized people could tell. But yes, I think I'm in love with her. And she doesn‘t hate people like us, she hates HER. Once I get her to face that, everything will be fine."

Susan got up and moved to the other bed to be closer to her friend. Putting her arm around Michelle, "Please don’t kid yourself like that. Even if she does get over her hatred, that still won’t make her a lesbian you know."

"I know. I’m not planning on telling her about this, or anyone else. I’ll get over it. But I just can’t help it sometimes. Everything about her just calls to me."

"We’ll worry about all this later okay. Solve the first problem before we tackle the other."

"Yes you’re right. Got any ideas?"

"I think the direct approach is best. Just sit her down, tell her, and then take off running before she has a chance to react."

"Stop it. You’re so bad sometimes. I can just see that conversation. Hi Alex! Guess what? I’m gay! She’d probably collapse from shock on the spot. Either that or runaway and I'd never see her again. Then when she comes to, just to be cruel I’ll shout from the top of the building Alex! I’m in lo..."

A loud slam came from the hallway outside of their door. A sudden feeling of dread overtook Michelle at that moment and she knew what...or who that was. "Susan..."

Her friend got up off the bed, "I’ll check it out." Susan had an inkling of what it could be so she slowly opened the door. She heard Michelle whisper, "Please god. Not like this. Don’t let it be her." But when the door was wide enough to see out into the hall a grim look crossed her face at the all too familiar scene. This time it was Amy suspended with a hand squeezing her throat. "Are you suicidal? " Alex practically hissed the words to a purpling Amy. "Don’t ever touch me again or you’ll be pulling back a stump. You got that?" She was uselessly clawing at the iron clad grip at her throat. But when Alex saw Susan’s head snake out of the door she dropped her charge to the floor and sneered at the peeking woman. The look Susan got from her all but froze the blood running through her veins, but Alex turned on her heel and walked away. Susan knew without a doubt that Alex must have heard to warrant that stare. Making sure Alex was gone she cautiously moved into the hall to reluctantly help Amy to her feet. "What the hell did you do to set her off?"

Finally catching her breath, "All I did was slap her ass! She was bent over in front of your door and the view was too good to pass up. I didn’t think she’d snap."

Susan went back into her room to see Michelle hunched over with her head buried in her arms. She walked over to her and put her arm around Michelle’s shoulders. Finally her head popped out of hiding, "Was it her?" She asked hoarsely. All Susan could do was nod. "Did she hear anything?"

"I...I think so." She had to swallow a few times to find her voice.

"No..." That's all Michelle could manage before she burst out crying.



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