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Part 4

The next morning Tia woke to find Reilly's side of the bed empty and cold. She glanced at the clock and noticed that it was fairly early. A bit confused, she stretched then got up to go in search of her young friend. Like a child on Christmas morning, she crept down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, the sight that greeted her brought an unexpected wave of emotion.

Reilly lay on her back, her dark head resting on the arm of the couch while a similar dark head rested on her chest. The little boy had his fists curled in Reilly's shirt and the younger woman's long arms were wrapped securely around his little body. Hearing a noise above her, Tia turned to see Kelly making her way down to the first floor. Tia motioned for her to be quiet and pointed to the two sleeping figures as her friend came down beside her.

"Aw isn't that cute," Kelly whispered.

"Impossibly so," Tia agreed. In their sleep, the figures on the couch looked remarkably alike. The professor noticed how much their facial structures held the same lines and how the dark hair fell around their foreheads in identical fashion.

Kelly noticed her friend's perusal and whispered again, "It's uncanny isn't it?"

"Yes it is," Tia replied absently, "I mean, Tristan has always looked a lot like Becky which is good because it makes him seem as though he really is hers. But if I didn't know better I could swear…"

Tia stopped mid-sentence and turned wide eyes toward Kelly.

Kelly met her gaze and waited for the inevitable response.

"Dear God," Tia gasped, "Kel…?"

"Talk to Reilly, T," Kelly said simply.

"Is he…?"

Kelly shook her head, "No, Tia. You need to talk to Reilly."


A deep intake of breath stopped their conversation and they both turned to see Reilly stirring on the couch. Kelly smiled when her friend's eyes blinked open and walked over to them.

"Hey," Reilly whispered, "Good morning."

"Good morning," Kelly answered, "You two look awfully cozy."

Reilly glanced down at the little boy then looked back to her friend, "Yeah I guess we are. Something woke me up last night and when I came down here he was standing in the hallway crying. Apparently he had a bad dream."

"Rei, you could have come to get me or Becky…you didn't have to stay up with him."

"It's okay," Reilly assured her, "We talked about the dream and I guess we fell asleep. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not," her friend replied easily.

"Why don't you take him back to bed while Tia and I go fix some coffee," Reilly suggested.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute…come on buddy," Kelly said softly to her sleeping son, "Let's get you back to bed."

The child whimpered a little bit when he was moved, but he never woke up. Reilly stood up, stretched then walked over to Tia and hugged her.

"Good morning," the young woman said to her friend.

Tia still wasn't quite over the shock of her suspicions and simply nodded. Reilly furrowed her brow in confusion, but didn't say anything. The pair went into the kitchen and Reilly started making coffee while Tia simply sat down at the table and watched her.

When her task was finished, Reilly walked to her friend and sat down beside her.

"What's wrong, Tia?"

"I'm not sure," Tia answered as honestly as she could.

"Did I do something?" Reilly asked again, still confused but getting worried.

"No, no," Tia answered, "You didn't do anything wrong. I just…"

"I think she's in a little bit of shock Rei and if you want me to leave while you two talk, I will."

Reilly glanced up at the tall lawyer in utter bewilderment, "What are you talking about?"

Kelly glanced at the professor and said, "I think she needs to ask you something."

Tia sighed and waited for Reilly to look at her before she spoke, "Rei, please don't think I'm prying and please don't be upset. When I came down and saw you and Tristan lying on the couch…I couldn't help but notice how alike you looked. I made a comment that if I didn't know better I'd swear…"

"He's mine," Reilly finished for her in a whisper.

Kelly came up behind her young friend placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "Rei, do you want me to leave while you two talk?"

Reilly shook her head and Tia did the same. The lawyer took a seat for herself and waited.

"Yes, Tia, Tristan is my son," Reilly got right to the heart of the matter.

"He's a product of…" Tia started.

"When I was raped, yes," Reilly finished for her, "I wasn't in any position to take care of him when I found out about him and asked Kel and Becky to take him. He only knows me as his aunt and his godmother. And that's the way I want it."

"Rei, I understand…really I do, but this is still a bit of a surprise."

"T," Kelly spoke up, "Please don't feel bad that Reilly didn't tell you about this. Nobody knows except the three of us and Tyler."

Tia glanced at Reilly, "Your dad knows?"

"Yeah, he is the one who flew me out to Washington to have him. I think it was even harder for him to give up his grandson than it was for me to give up my son. But, we both are still a part of Tristan's life. Dad sends him Christmas and birthday presents and has put some money in a trust fund for his education."

"Jesus," Tia whispered, "This is too much."

Reilly hung her head as Tia got up from the table and walked out of the kitchen.

Kelly watched her friend go and for the first time since she'd known Tia she was genuinely angry with her. The lawyer got up herself and followed the professor out of the room, leaving Reilly alone to stare at the table and let the guilt wash over her.



Tia practically ran up the stairs to her bedroom and almost got the door shut before Kelly could catch her. Her old friend stopped the door with her hand and stepped into the room with anger flashing in her eyes.

"You wanna tell me what the hell all that was about?" Kelly demanded as she closed the door.

Tia remained silent so Kelly continued, "Do you have any idea how hard that was for her to admit? Do you have any idea the kind of guilt she has carried with her for nearly seven years because she gave up that beautiful little boy? Do you have any idea?"

Still Tia remained silent.

"Tia, Reilly has dealt with more shit in her life than any one person should ever have to deal with. And she has done it better than most people would given the same type of situations. That girl down there…and make no mistake…she is still very much a scared little girl sometimes…was forced to grow up very quickly. There was never a doubt in my mind, Becky's, Reilly's or Tyler's as to whether or not she loved Tristan. As much shit that's happened to her and despite the way he was conceived she wanted that baby. But at the same time, she knew that she wouldn't be able to give him the kind of life she wanted for him. When she first told Becky and me about being pregnant we were floored. Then she told us what had happened and what she wanted…we didn't hesitate for a second when she asked us to take him. But she never stopped loving that boy. So, if your walking out on her just now was out of some misguided belief that mothers don't just give up their babies then you better back the fuck up and pay attention to what I've just told you. You crushed her just now by walking out on her. She loves you, Tia. No more bullshit and no more beating around the bush…. that girl down there loves you with every beat of her amazing, loving heart. If you love her the way I think you do, you better get your ass back down there and listen to her."

Tia glared harshly at her old friend and felt the anger building. She honestly just needed some time to process what Reilly had told her and needed a little space, but Kelly had just accused her of being a closed-minded bitch and she wasn't going to stand for it.

"How dare you talk to me like that," Tia spat, "You don't even know why I walked out, but you presume to think that I would pass some kind of judgment on Reilly? Fuck you, Kelly."

"Then explain it to me," Kelly challenged, "Explain to me what is bothering you and why you just left like that."

"I just wanted a minute to absorb everything…for God's sake Kelly you may have lived with this knowledge for the last several years, but I just found out. Give me a break."

"What is the big deal? I don't understand why you need to absorb anything…she had a problem, we all found a solution, and my son is a very healthy, happy little boy."

"I don't know," Tia said, shaking her head, "I just feel way out of the loop and I am so damn sad because of what she's been through."

The fire faded from Kelly's eyes, "I can understand that, but you've got to remember that all of this happened a very long time ago."

"I know, but that's part of why I left, I didn't want her to think that I was pitying her…I guess I messed up, huh?"

"Yeah, you did," Kelly affirmed, "Look, I know you're upset and I know that you've had nothing but surprises since we got here, but try to look at this from our point of view…it never mattered to us that Tristan isn't biologically mine or Becky's and Reilly made her peace with all of this a long time ago. The three of us decided that we would tell him when he gets older, but for now everything is working the way Reilly wanted it. You have to respect that."

"I do, Kel. I just wish that she never had to go through any of this."

"Believe it or not, Reilly doesn't feel that way," Kelly explained, "I know it sounds odd, but while she hates what happened to her she doesn't regret Tristan or what she did for him."

Tia sighed, "I guess I better go find her and talk to her. Kel, I'm sorry for what I said to you."

"Don't apologize to me, go talk to her. I'm going to go get Becky up then start some breakfast for the kids…what time do you need to be at work?"

"In about an hour and a half, I won't be gone all day…it's just one class and then some office hours."

"Alright, go find Rei and we'll get breakfast started…and Tia?"

The professor looked at her in question, "T, if I know Rei she's probably either pissed as hell or really hurting. Just be careful and be honest."

A twinge of fear flashed in Tia's eyes, so Kelly spoke quickly, "Tia, she would never hurt you…I just meant be careful in choosing your words. She can be pretty fragile."

Tia nodded and left the room after giving the tall lawyer a hug.

Reilly sat quietly at the table after Kelly chased Tia out of the room. She couldn't believe that Tia had just walked out on her like that. The professor hadn't even given her a chance to explain and it hurt more than Reilly thought it would. A deep scowl formed on the younger woman's face and she slapped the table hard as she stood up. Going into the laundry room, Reilly pulled a sport's bra and pair of shorts of the laundry and made her way down to the gym. The young woman quickly wrapped her hands and put on her sparring gloves intent of attacking the heavy bag to relieve her frustration and anger.

After spending a few minutes stretching she got to work. She imagined the face of a man who had haunted her dreams so many years ago and who was still managing to mess up her life. The young woman let the anger burn and attacked the bag with fury and rage. In truth, she wasn't as angry as she was hurt and disappointed that Tia didn't even allow her the chance to explain further. Reilly shook her head; she didn't want to think she'd been wrong about Tia. After all they'd been through, Tia couldn't just walk away from her because of something that wasn't her fault.

For several more minutes Reilly punched and kicked the bag, working up a quick sweat. A gentle throat clearing from behind the bag caused the woman to pause her assault. She peeked around and saw Tia standing near the bottom of the steps. The young woman tried to look indifferent, but failed miserably as she saw Tia's eyes flash in sympathy at the look of hurt that she guess was in hers.

"Hey Rei," Tia said quietly and walked cautiously over to her friend.

"Hey," Reilly said and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"I'm sorry, Reilly. You needed something from me up there and I blew it because I was being selfish. I'm sorry."

"I'm sure I surprised you," Reilly said unable to the bitterness out of her voice, "But I didn't think you'd just walk out like that. Tia, I didn't have a choice at the time. I only did what I thought was best for him. It hurt like hell to give up my baby even if I did know that Kel and Beck would do their best by him. I didn't have a choice!"

Reilly had walked closer to her friend as she spoke and ended up face-to-face and toe-to-toe with the smaller woman. Tia could see the coiled tension, but held her ground.

"I know that Reilly. Since I've known you, you have never done anything but you're level best and what you thought was right. I'm sorry I walked out like that. Part of me is so damn sad and angry that you had to go through that while another part of me was a little upset that neither you nor Kel or Beck ever told me about this. I was just shocked."

"T, I didn't intentionally keep this from you…I never thought it would come up, but when the girls and the kids showed up and I had a feeling that I was going to have to tell you. I had asked Kelly about it yesterday morning and she agreed that you'd probably figure it out. I was just as surprised as you were this morning."

"I think I know that now," Tia said softly, "I'm so sorry I did that Reilly. I really am."

"It's okay, but Tia let me tell you that I don't regret Tristan. Whether he knows me as his mother or his aunt, I love that little boy and will continue to do what I think is right for him."

Tia nodded, "I know…Kelly told me the same thing."

Reilly let a wry smile curve her lips, "Was she really mad?"

Tia chuckled, "Let's just say I had to find my ass before I could come down here and talk to you because she chewed it off."

The young woman laughed, "Sorry about that, she's a little overprotective sometimes."

"No, she just loves you and I deserved it. I really am sorry."

Reilly felt her world right itself, "It's okay, I'm not angry anymore."

"Good, now can I have a hug because I just realized that I really hate fighting with you."?

The tall woman smiled and wrapped her arms around the professor and felt Tia respond and bury her head in Reilly's neck.

"Well," Reilly said stepping back, "Think we ought to head upstairs and get some breakfast?"

"Yeah, Kelly offered to fix it so if we want a kitchen left we'd better go supervise."

"Was Becky up when she offered?" Reilly asked with mock alarm.

"No," Tia answered.

"Oh shit, then we'd better get up there right now… and put the number to the fire department on speed dial."

The two friends laughed and headed up the stairs.


The kitchen managed to survive Kelly's attempts at cooking and after breakfast, Tia went to work while Reilly, Kelly and Becky packed up the kids and headed down to TAB's. Given the relatively early hour, no customers were in the shop when Reilly and her crew entered. The young woman secured coffee for the adults and juice for the kids then left her friends to explore while she went in search of Al.

A few minutes later, Reilly returned with her manager at her side, the two of them chatting amiably. Kelly and Becky left the kids to their books and toys at a low table near the children's books and went to meet their cousin's friend.

"Kelly, Becky," Reilly said proudly, "I want you to meet my manager and very good friend Alysha…aka Al. Al, these are my cousins Kelly and Becky."

"It is very nice to meet you both," Al stated as she shook their hands.

"Same here, Al," Becky replied, "I must say that this is an absolutely adorable store. Reilly told us how much you do for her around here and how much she depends you…I can see why."

Al turned her attention to Reilly, "See, I told you that this place would fall apart without and it's nice to know that someone recognizes that."

The young woman laughed at her friend, "Yeah, yeah…Al you really do need to have a doctor look at that head of yours…I'm afraid it's going to blow up one of these days if it swells any further."

Al slapped her friend's shoulder playfully and caught sight of the kids, "And who are these little darlings?"

Reilly grinned, "Those are Kelly's and Becky's kids…hey rugrats, come over here for a minute."

The two children dutifully obeyed and Reilly made the introductions, "This little man here is Tristan and the little beauty next to him is Sierra. Kids, this is my very good friend Al."

Al smiled and held out her hand to Tristan who slapped it as way of greeting and then knelt to speak to Sierra.

"My aren't you a pretty little thing," Al complimented, "You look just like you're mama."

The little girl eyed the new stranger for a moment then piped up, "Mommy, is Al my aunt too?"

Reilly, Kelly and Becky all laughed and Al stood up confused.

"I'm sorry, Al," Becky offered, "We were originally coming into town to stay with our friend Tia and discovered…much to our delight…that Reilly was living with her. Tia is Sierra's godmother and the kids call both of them ‘aunt.' I think Sierra got overloaded on the info."

Al chuckled, "That's perfectly alright and if you want to call me Aunt Al and your moms say it's okay, I have no problem with it."

Sierra grinned up at her and said, "Okay."

The kids trotted back to the table and the adults sat down to enjoy some coffee and nice visit. An hour passed and the kids started getting a little restless so the small family decided that they should probably get going. Some customers were starting to filter in as well so it looked like things were going to get pretty busy for Al. Kelly and Becky bought a few of the books the kids had expressed interest in and after their packages were paid for, they all bid their farewells and left the store, promising to return again before they left town.

When they arrived back home, the kids played out the in back yard while the cousins prepared a picnic lunch for when Tia got back from work. Reilly filled her friends in on all the stuff that had gone on over the past few years and how happy she'd been despite the hell she'd gone through with Maggie. The young woman spoke with palpable excitement about graduating from school and revealed how nervous she was about taking her board exam the following week. Kelly and Becky assured their young friend that she had already made it past the hard part when she received her diploma and that they were confident she would breeze through the licensing exam.

"Tell me about this new job," Kelly said as she started packing up a small cooler with the sandwiches, "You're going to be working here in town right?"

Reilly nodded, "Yes, for right now I'll just be working at the university hospital in their outpatient department. Dr. Baldwin, the chairman of the PT school, gave me a really awesome recommendation and they hired me on the spot. I haven't told Tia this yet because I wanted to wait for Dr. Baldwin to get back to me, but sometime within the next year or so, she wants me to come back and teach some of the classes for her."

"Really," Becky asked with a raised eyebrow, "That's really great, Rei. But don't you have to have some kind of teaching degree to do that?"

The young woman shook her head, "That's the cool part, no, I don't. Elizabeth, Dr. Baldwin, said that my master's degree allows me to teach. If she gets what she wants, then I'll be on faculty part time and practice the rest of the time."

"I had no idea you even wanted to teach…all you've ever talked about was just being a PT," Kelly added her two cents.

"Well, until I went through it I didn't think I wanted to teach either, but I think I'd like it. I mean, let's be realistic here…I've been working in and around PT for over ten years with my tech job and volunteering…I want to keep some variety in there so I don't get burned out. Plus, the kinds of classes I'd be teaching would basically be about procedures and techniques so it will be fun because I really like that stuff."

"It sounds like you're really excited about this so I'm happy for you kid," Kelly said and threw an arm around Reilly's shoulder.

"Thanks Kel, I am really excited and I think it will be a great opportunity…who knows I may decide to go back to school at some point and get my doctorate so I can teach full time. This just gives me a few more options."

"And it's always good to keep your options open," Becky agreed, "So, now that we've got your future planned and this picnic packed…we better get ready to go because Tia just pulled in the driveway."

The two other women laughed and Reilly said, "Okay, I'll go get the kids and you guys can throw this stuff into the jeep. We'll probably have to take two cars."

"Oh sure leave the hard labor to us," Becky teased, "You just want to go play."

"And the problem with this is what?" Reilly teased right back.

Kelly laughed as Reilly dashed out the back door with a huge smile on her face then started gathering their stuff. She and Becky were making their way through the living room when Tia came through the front door.

"Hey guys," the professor said brightly, "I see we're all set for our little outing…where's Reilly?"

"She's in the backyard rounding up the kids…how was work?"

"Same as usual," Tia replied with a smile, "I lectured, they took notes, then they came to my office afterward to ask me what the hell I was talking about because they didn't really pay that much attention."

Her two friends chuckled and Kelly said, "Why don't you go change while we get this stuff into the car. Reilly suggested that we take two…do you want to drive?"

"Sure," Tia replied easily, "Let me go get out of the monkey suit and we'll take off."

The three women went about their separate tasks and within fifteen minutes they were all on their way to city park.

After they found a suitable spot on the grass, Kelly passed out sandwiches and drinks for everyone and the small family enjoyed a very simple, very delicious lunch. When they were finished eating, Kelly and Reilly played soccer with Tristan while Becky and Tia took little Sierra over to the playground. Everyone had a very good time and Tia once again found her attention drawn to her young roommate. Reilly was playing keep away with Tristan and the professor was amazed to see how much control the young woman had over the soccer ball. Every now and then, she would give the ball to Tristan and coach him gently on how to keep it away from her. Before long, Kelly and her son ganged up on the young woman played soccer's version of monkey in the middle. The young woman ran back and forth between them laughing like a child and having the time of her life.

Before long, some other children and a couple of teenagers asked if they could all play and soon there was a full-scale soccer game.

Becky and Sierra were both playing on the swings and the little girl's high-pitched squeal tore Tia's attention away from the game. The professor made her way over the giggling child and started to push her in the swing. Fearless, Sierra kept asking to go higher and higher so Tia complied, but not so much that she would endanger the little girl. Soon the four year old grew tired of the swings and begged Tia to take her over to the slide where she and Becky took turns catching the little blonde as she descended.

They three of them played for a little while longer until the shouts of the soccer game finally drew the little girl's attention away. Becky, Tia and Sierra made their way back across the field toward the rest of their family. Sitting on the blanket they'd used for lunch, the three small women watched the game before them and cheered on Tristan, Reilly and Kelly.

The game continued for well over forty minutes. Sierra got tired of watching and decided to snuggle into her spot on her mommy's lap and fell promptly asleep. Becky gently laid the little girl down on the blanket and covered her with a light sheet so the sun wouldn't burn her fair skin. The small woman then turned her attention just in time to see Tristan steal the ball from one of the other children and break away down the field. The proud mother and her friend both jumped to their feet and cheered him on as he dodged defenders. Once he was within range, the little boy expertly kicked the ball past the unprepared goalie, thus scoring the game-winning goal. Tristan whooped in triumph and giggled wildly when his aunt Reilly and his mama placed him on their shoulders and carried him around the field. The rest of kids who had joined the game laughed and shook hands indicating their thanks at being allowed to play. Becky and Tia came up to the threesome and congratulated Tristan on his well-played game. Given the information she'd received that morning, the professor could easily see the similarities between Reilly and her son. They had the same brilliant smile and their eyes twinkled in the same manner, as well. Both sets of brown eyes were shining with pride at that moment…one for the praise he was receiving and the other with a mother's love. Becky went back to their blanket to pack up their things and wake her sleeping daughter, while the other four

cleaned up the cups they had used to mark their makeshift field and goals.

After stopping for ice cream, small group headed back to the house. Everyone was completely exhausted. The kids settled down in their room for a nap and the adults all spread out in the living room to do the same.

The ringing of the phone woke Tia up and she noticed that they'd all been asleep long enough for the sun to start making it's decent into the western sky. The professor walked to the kitchen and groggily picked the phone, muttering a sleepy hello into the receiver.

"Hi there sweet pea," Sue's voice cheerfully greeted."

"Hi Aunt Sue," Tia said with a yawn.

"Sweetheart did I wake you up? I'm sorry."

"Well, yeah you did, but I needed to get up anyway. We all took the kids to the park today and were exhausted when we got home. All of us took a little nap."

"Oh, did you have fun at the park?"

"Yes we did," the professor replied with a smile, "Sierra, Becky and I played on the playground while Tristan, Reilly and Kelly organized a park wide soccer match. It was fabulous."

"Well that sounds like a lot of fun," Sue sounded genuinely happy, "So I take it the visit is going well?"

"It sure is."

"Well good," Sue affirmed, "I'm glad you're having fun. Listen, I know we talked about Matt and I watching the kids tomorrow, but I think that they should at least meet me before then. Would you mind if we came over for a little bit tonight? We'll bring some steaks and burgers and stuff to cook on the grill."

"That sounds fine to me," the professor agreed, "Kelly is dying to see you again and the kids will love you I'm sure."

"Good, then you go wake up everyone and we'll run out to the store then head over to your house."

"Alright, we'll here, see you in a few."

"Bye sweetie."

Tia hung up the phone and shook her head to clear out the cobwebs. She got a drink of water then went back into the living room where the other three women we just starting to wake up. Satisfied that they were on their way to being conscious, she went to the kids' room and found two wide-awake children sitting on the bed playing with a puzzle.

"How long have you two been awake," Tia asked with a small chuckle as she walked into the room.

"We woke up a few minutes ago," Tristan explained, "You all were still asleep so we stayed in here."

Sierra climbed on her aunt's lap and gave her a hug as the professor sat down on the bed. Tia hugged the little girl then said, "Why didn't you wake us up, pal?"

"You were asleep," he replied reasonably, "And my mommy gets really grouchy when you wake her up."

Tia bit her lip to keep from laughing. Becky's fondness for sleep was a well-known and documented fact. The blonde lawyer could sleep through anything and absolutely hated to be pulled out her coma any sooner than she had to.

"Well you could have gotten me or your mama or Reilly, but thank you for letting us sleep. Hey, you guys wanna have a cookout? My aunt is brining over some burgers and stuff to cook on the grill."

Tristan's eyes lit up, "Oh yeah, that sounds cool."

"Well good," Tia said and stood up with Sierra still in her arms, "Everyone else is awake now so let's go."

They left the room and joined the kids' mothers and Reilly in the living room. Tia filled them in on Sue's plan so they all agreed that it was time to get moving. Kelly and Reilly both decided to take a shower while Becky and Tia fired up the grill and started making some stuff to go with dinner.

Sue and Matt arrived while Reilly and Kelly were still in the shower. Becky had gone with the children to get them a change of clothes before dinner so Tia was the only one in the kitchen when her aunt and uncle came in. Both of the Walkers embraced their niece and gave her a fond kiss on the cheek before getting started on dinner.

Matt chatted amiably with his niece as he prepared the burgers and steaks then excused himself so he could get the grilling started, leaving his wife and Tia to chat for a little bit as they laid out the rest of the food.

Kelly came into the kitchen after her shower, her lips forming a wide smile when she caught sight of Tia's aunt. The counselor saw her at the same time and made a beeline for the tall woman. Sue and Kelly embraced for a long time and both of them were almost crying by the time they pulled away. Sue was the only person aside from Tia's roommates who had known that the two of them had been seeing each other. The older woman had accepted Kelly with open arms and an open heart. Even when they stopped seeing each other and Tia's mom had threatened them, Sue continued to encourage their friendship.

Becky and the children came in just as the hug was ending. Becky watched the scene with a grin.

"My goodness," Sue gushed, "Look at you…I do believe you are even prettier than you used to be."

"Thanks Sue," Kelly said blushing, "And you don't look a day older than the last time I saw you…I guess Matt is doing good by you."

Sue laughed and shook her head, "You always were a charmer, Miss Kelly."

"Where is Matt?"

Sue shook her head, "Oh, he has taken it upon himself to start dinner outside. You can go say hi to him after you introduce to me this lovely woman standing behind you and these two adorable children."

"Sue," Kelly directed her attention to Becky, "I'd like you to meet my partner Becky."

The older woman who looked so much like Tia stepped up to the other lawyer and gave her a hearty hug.

"It is so good to meet you, Becky," Sue greeted sincerely, "I can't tell you how happy I am that Kelly found someone so lovely to share her life with."

Becky blushed and nodded her head, "Thank you Sue, but I do believe that I am the lucky one." The shorter blonde shot a loving glance at her partner and received a small wink in response.

"And these two," Kelly said indicating her children, "Are Tristan and Sierra. Kids, I'd like you to meet Tia's aunt Sue."

Tristan held out his little hand like a perfect gentleman, "It's nice to meet you."

Sue smiled and took his hand, "It's nice to meet you too, young sir. My aren't you a handsome thing."

Tristan blushed, "Thank you ma'am."

Sue ruffled his short hair, "And hello to you, little princess Sierra. My you look just like your mama."

Sierra smiled shyly.

Sue turned her attention to Kelly, "They are beautiful, Kelly. You and Becky should be very proud."

"We are and thank you, Sue."

Sue turned her niece and asked, "Where's my favorite soccer player? You didn't run her off did you?"

"Present and accounted for," Reilly said as she walked into the kitchen. She gave Sue a warm hug then took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Well, this is turning into a regular family reunion," Reilly commented.

Sue looked at her quizzically then directed her gaze at Tia, asking for an explanation.

"Oh yeah," Tia said and slapped her head, "I forgot to mention that part. Becky is Reilly's cousin."

Sue's expression was almost comical, "You are kidding me?"

"I wish I were sometimes, Sue," Becky said with mock frustration, "Unfortunately we all look and act so much alike I couldn't deny the little twit if tried."

"You love me and you k now it," Reilly said to her cousin.

"This is true," Becky confirmed and gave the young woman a fond look.

Sue was still a little shocked, "Oh my heavens…what a small world. So I guess that means that you've known Kelly for a while too."

Kelly answered her, "Yes, actually Reilly is the one who introduced me to Beck."

"Amazing, just amazing," Sue gushed.

After a few more minutes of chatting, Kelly took her wife and kids out to meet Matt while the other three gathered up the rest of their dinner and took it outside. With Tristan's help, Matt finished his duties and soon they all sat down to enjoy their dinner. The conversation was kept light and funny. The kids really seemed to take to Tia's aunt and uncle and vice versa. Kelly broached the subject of the Walkers babysitting the following evening. Sue and Matt readily agreed, as did Tristan and Sierra so they were all set.

As it got later, the kids started to fade so Becky and Kelly excused themselves to put them to bed. Reilly, Tia and the Walkers cleaned up from dinner and sat in the living room for a little while to chat. Kelly and Becky rejoined the group and informed Tia and Reilly that their presence was expected in the kids' room to say goodnight.

The two women excused themselves and went to fulfill their duties. Sue smiled fondly at them as they left and leaned back against her husband.

"Have they figured it out yet?" the older woman asked Kelly and her partner.

"They've figured it out…individually, but as a couple they are still flapping in the wind," Kelly answered.

"Sue, this really isn't any of our business," Matt chided gently.

"Matt, I promised you I wouldn't try to press the issue or play matchmaker. I did not say that I wouldn't inquire from time to time…you hush."

Matt smiled at his wife and hugged her tightly.

"Anyway," Kelly continued, "They know how they feel and we know how they feel, but neither of them has told the other."

"Both of them are still afraid to give away their hearts," Sue said with a sigh, "Well, I hope they figure it out soon. The tension between them is likely to hurt someone if they don't."

The four of them chuckled. Reilly and Tia came back into the room and looked at them curiously, figuring that they had missed something, but also figured they didn't want to know about it.

"Well, ladies I think I'm tired," Matt said and stood.

"Yes," Sue agreed, letting her husband help her to her feet, "If we are going to keep up with those two little balls of energy tomorrow night then we should probably get some sleep."

Tia hugged her aunt and uncle tightly, "Thank you for dinner, it was great having you here."

"Anytime, sweet pea," Sue said fondly, "I'm glad we got to meet the kids and Becky and to see Kelly again."

The tall lawyer came over to her older friend and hugged her fiercely, "Sue it's always good to see you too. I'm glad you got to meet my family. I love you."

"I love you too, charmer. You take care of all of your babies. Becky has my number now and will not hesitate to call me if you step out of line."

Becky laughed at the outraged look on her partner's face then walked over to Sue and gave her a friendly hug.

"We'll see you tomorrow, Sue. Matt thank you for agreeing to watch them."

"It is our pleasure, Becky," Matt said sincerely, "They are good kids. Maybe I'll teach Tristan how to hit a golf ball tomorrow."

"If you think you're windows can survive it, go right ahead," Kelly told the older man, "I tried to teach him one time last year and he's got a wicked slice."

They all laughed and said their goodnights. When the Walkers left, everyone decided that they were tired and went to bed. Tia and Reilly got ready for bed and just when they laid down they heard a loud moan echo through the upstairs.

The two women looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh my God," Tia finally gasped out, "I can't believe I just heard that."

"Heard what?" Reilly asked, feigning innocence, "I'm choosing to think that I heard nothing."

Another sound of passion resounded and Tia looked at her friend in question.

"Was that nothing too?"

Reilly threw an arm over her eyes and commented to the darkness, "For God's sake Becky, shut up."

"How do you know that was Becky?" Tia teased.

"You tell me," Reilly said before she could stop the sarcastic remark.

Tia looked at her in shock for a few seconds. Reilly was waiting for Tia to decide if she was mad at the remark or not. Suddenly Tia started ticking her young friend and didn't relent until she cried for mercy.

"I told you once not to sass me, young lady," Tia teasingly growled, "And for your information…you're right that was Becky."

Reilly laughed at the devilish look in Tia's eyes and put up her hands in surrender, "Okay, okay. I'm sorry I said that. It just slipped out."

Tia laughed, "It's okay, I started it. I still can't believe we can hear them."

"I'm not, whenever I go stay with them I make sure to pack the ear plugs. There's a reason the kids' rooms are on the ground floor of their house. Unfortunately the guest rooms are upstairs."

Tia giggled furiously.

"I am going to have so much fun with this tomorrow," Reilly said, already planning to tease her cousin's relentlessly, "They may never have sex again when I'm done with them."

"You never know, it might encourage them," Tia suggested.

Reilly thought about that for a minute, "Yeah, you might be right. But I'm still going to tease them."

The professor and her friend settled down again and waited to see if any more moans were going to pierce the stillness of the night. When they didn't hear anything more, they snuggled up together as they had for the two previous nights and fell asleep. Neither of them had mentioned how aroused they'd become at hearing Becky's cries, but both of them were uncomfortably aware of just how good the other's body felt. Both of them slipped into the realm of dreams with visions of soft skin and soft lips.


The next morning the sunlight streaming through the window tracked across Reilly's face causing the young woman to slowly blink her eyes open. With one hand she shielded her eyes from the glare then tried move her other hand. Reilly frowned in confusion as she realized that her hand was trapped and turned her head slowly to see what was hindering her. Her brown eyes widened in shock as she realized that her missing appendage was trapped between the professors smooth thighs. The young woman's brain slowly started to kick into gear and she realized that there was an unfamiliar weight resting on her left breast and when she looked down she saw that Tia's hand had snaked up underneath her shirt and was gently cupping her.

A flush of embarrassment washed through her and she decided that she needed to get out of this particular situation before Tia woke up. Deciding that the first order of business was to retrieve her hand, the young woman gently started to pull. Tia stirred a little bit and Reilly held her breath hoping the small woman would wake. When Tia settled down, Reilly pulled again and slowly brought her hand out of the warmth created by Tia's thighs. Once her hand was free, Reilly slowly started to move Tia's hand out from under her shirt. The professor obviously didn't like that idea and whimpered. Reilly almost jumped when, in her sleep, Tia squeezed her breast tightly then began rubbing it.

Jesus. Reilly thought as Tia's palm scraped across her nipple. The young woman was torn between staying right where she was and getting out of the bed. Deciding that her libido would not behave if she didn't get away from the sweet torture, Reilly quickly jumped out of the bed.

The movement jarred Tia and she woke with a start.

"What's wrong," Tia asked in alarm.

"Nothing," Reilly managed to squeak out and quickly covered her chest with arms to hide her erect nipple, "I just needed to go to the bathroom."

"And you needed to break a land speed record to get there?" Tia asked teasingly as she stretched.

"Uh, no I just really needed to go. Sorry I woke you up, go back to sleep."

"No, I'm up now," Tia said, "You gonna go?"


Tia chuckled, "That was articulate…if you have to go to the bathroom you better go…I don't want a puddle in the middle of my floor."

Reilly's face turned beet red, "Oh, yeah. I'll be right back."

Tia looked on in confusion as Reilly bolted from the bedroom. She wondered why the young woman didn't just use the bathroom in the room adjacent to her bedroom, but didn't give it too much thought.

The professor stretched again then got up and pulled out some work out clothes. She went into her bathroom to brush her teeth and splash some water on her face before she changed. After several minutes, Tia was sitting her bed in her sports bra and shorts waiting for Reilly to return. When the young woman didn't come back, Tia got up and went to find her.

Hesitantly the professor knocked on the door down the hall from her bedroom and called out.

"Rei, you okay?"

"Yeah," Reilly's voice sounded muffled through the door, "I'm okay."

Tia waited for a second then heard the lock on the door release and saw her friend emerge. Reilly's face was wet and the hair at her forehead was matted.

"What's wrong sweetheart? Are you okay?"

Reilly tried really hard not to blush, "Yeah, I think I just woke up too fast. I needed a minute to splash some water on my face. I'm okay."

"Okay," Tia drawled, "Well, do you want to go work out with me before everyone else gets up?"

"Sure," Reilly said, recovering her composure, "I bet Kelly is already downstairs so maybe she'd like to join us."

Tia grinned, "Okay. If she's there I'll ask her…you go get changed."

Reilly gave her a brief smile then headed back to the bedroom. Tia was still confused at her friend's strange behavior, but just brushed it off as quirky and went downstairs.

Indeed, Kelly was in the living room when Tia came down and agreed to work out with her friends. Surprisingly, Becky was not only awake, but was fixing breakfast when the two women walked in and sat down to wait for Reilly.

"What is this?" Tia asked.

Becky turned away from the stove where she was fixing some eggs and smiled brightly at Tia, "It's breakfast…what's it look like?"

"I mean what are you doing up? I thought that you had an extreme allergy to this time of the morning."

Becky threw a dishtowel at her smirking friend, "Shut up, Tia. I am just in a really good mood this morning and got a wonderful night's sleep."

"Yeah right," Reilly said as she came into the kitchen, "I wouldn't call what you were doing last night, sleeping."

Becky and Kelly both looked at her in outrage.

"Don't look at me like that," Reilly teased, "I tried to convince Tia that the loud ‘Oh God' we heard last night was you saying your prayers but she didn't buy it."

The two blondes turned bright red causing Tia and Reilly to burst out laughing.

"Shit," Kelly cursed, "I told you they'd hear us."

"Like I cared at that particular moment, Kel. Besides, you're the one who started it," Becky accused.

Tia and Reilly laughed again. Kelly stuck her tongue out at her the two laughing women.

"Alright," Reilly finally acquiesced, "Let's head down to the gym. Becky, you want to come with us?"

"I'm not feeling quite that good this morning, I'll go down later. You three go ahead and I'll finish breakfast…Oh and Kel?"

Kelly faced her wife, "I know you and Reilly…one word and you can sleep with the kids tonight."

Tia and Reilly laughed again at the chagrinned look on Kelly's face. Indeed she had planned on bragging just a little bit during their workout.

"Yes honey," Kelly replied quietly.

"Good, now go play."

Two laughing women and one very solemn one made their way down the stairs and started their work out. An hour later the three sweaty women came back upstairs. Becky took one look at them and sent straight to the shower. Kelly briefly kissed her children good morning then obeyed her wife.

The rest of the day was spent inside. A summer storm poured its reviving rain down in sheets making outdoor play impossible. The children entertained themselves and the adults by playing board games like Jr. Monopoly and Disney Trivial pursuit. They all piled into the living room to play then watch movies and generally rest.

At about four o'clock, the four women started getting ready for their night out. Sue had called Sue and asked her come pick the kids up at around 6. Sue agreed and informed her that she and Matt would take care of getting the kids some dinner.

After settling the kids in their room to watch a movie and packing up some of their things, the four women started getting ready. They had decided to go out for dinner then out to either a club or bar, depending on what they felt like after dinner.

At six o'clock, Sue rang the doorbell and whistled when Tia opened the door. The professor was dressed in a snug pair of black jeans and white tank top underneath a red button down shirt.

"Oo, look at you," Sue said as she stepped into the house.

Tia laughed, "Thanks."

Kelly and Becky entered looking particularly good themselves. The shorter of the two was wearing a khaki color skirt that stopped a two inches above her knee and a forest green shirt that showed off the generous curve of her breasts. Kelly wore a pair of low riding khaki pants and a tank top the same color as her wife's shirt thus highlighting her eyes.

"You all look great," Sue complimented.

"We know," Kelly teased with mock arrogance.

Becky slapped her partner in the stomach and addressed Sue, "Pay no attention to her, she's been like this all day."

"Wonder why," Tia muttered in a low voice.

"What was that dear?" Sue asked.

"Oh, nothing. Thanks for coming to get the kids. Reilly went to go get them."

"It's no problem, Matt and I are going to take the to MacDonald's then see what kind of trouble we can get into."

At that moment Reilly came into the room and Sue's jaw just about hit the floor. The young woman was wearing a pair of drawstring cotton pants that were hanging precariously low on her hips. The loose fitting black material flowed easily around her backside and legs highlighting them to perfection. Reilly wore a tight tank top that hugged every inch of her feminine features with a long-sleeved white cotton shirt over it, covering her broad shoulders. The contrast of the white with the young woman's dark hair and tanned skin gave her a glowing appearance.

"Oh my," Sue whispered to her niece, "She looks stunning."

"Yes she does," Tia replied in a low voice, still not believing that Reilly looked as good as she did.

"Hey Sue," Reilly called cheerfully as she walked into the room and held out a bag to the older woman, "Here's their stuff, they'll be along in just a second. Tristan is helping Sierra pick out a game to take with them."

"Why thank you, dear," Sue said taking the bag, "Reilly this is going to embarrass you, but you look fabulous sweetheart."

The rest of group instantly agreed and right on cue, the young woman flushed a bright crimson.

"I have to agree with you my dear aunt, you look great."

"Who?" called Tristan as he entered the room carrying his sister's favorite board game.

"We were talking about how pretty your aunt Reilly looks," Sue addressed the little boy and took the game from him.

Tristan looked at his large playmate speculatively and replied, "She doesn't look any different to me."

"Thank you Tristan," Reilly replied, "I don't think I look any different than I usually do."

The little boy smiled proudly when his aunt agreed with him and hugged her tightly.

"Well, are you two ready to go?" Sue asked, "I've got Matt in the car and he is going to bust if we don't get him to MacDonald's soon."

Tristan cheered and gave brief hugs to his aunts and mothers before he joined Sue at the door.

Little Sierra looked around in a bit of confusion and started to tear up. Kelly saw her and swept her daughter into her strong arms.

"What the matter, baby girl?"

Sierra shrugged and hugged her mother.

Kelly rubbed the little girls back and motioned for her partner to join her. Becky took her cue, wrapping both her wife and her daughter in a big hug.

"Hey sweetie," Becky cooed, "Come on now, you've been talking about his all day. Remember, you wanted to teach Sue and Matt how to play your game?"

Sierra nodded but didn't let go of Kelly's neck.

"Sierra, come on now, you are gonna go do some really cool stuff and before you know it you'll be begging me and Mama to let you stay longer. You go play with Tristan, Matt and Sue."

Sierra slowly released her Mama's neck and leaned toward Becky to hug her. Kelly set her back on her feet and after hugging her two aunts; the little girl took Sue's hand. The older woman told the girls to have fun and let her know if they were going to be really late.

The four women stepped out onto the porch, waving and watching until the Walkers' taillights disappeared before piling into Reilly's jeep and heading toward the restaurant.


Over dinner the four friends talked, laughed, and entertained not only themselves but also several of the wait-staff as well as other patrons. At one point Tia thought that they weren't going to need to go anywhere else because almost everyone in the small little bistro was having a grand time. Kelly and Reilly had let the full force of their devastating charisma and unfailing wit come shining through keeping their dinner companions and everyone else thoroughly entertained.

After a couple of hours, the group decided that it was time to go. The four women, with their bellies full and their hearts light, left the restaurant, setting out to their next destination. On the way to dinner, they had decided that none of them were really in the mood to go to a club so they had all agreed to visit one of Reilly's favorite bars.

During the short drive back across town, Reilly shifted a little in her seat and addressed Tia.

"Hey T, are you sure this is okay with you?"

Tia laughed, "Yes, Reilly…you've asked me that five times now. I don't know about you, but I'm having a great time so far. It's not like I've never been to a gay bar before. Relax."

The young woman smiled sheepishly and nodded her head, "Okay, I'm just making sure."

"Well, I'm sure…so calm down."

"Yeah, runt," Kelly chimed from the backseat, "Relax. It's all good."

Reilly looked at Kelly through her rearview mirror and stuck her tongue out. The older woman responded in kind causing Becky and Tia to giggle.

Nothing more was said after that and just a few minutes later they were stepping through the doors of the bar. Since it was relatively early, there were only a few other patrons inside. Reilly made a beeline for the bar after they paid their cover charge and flagged down the bartender.

A young redhead, approximately Reilly's age smiled broadly as the young woman approached the bar. She was much taller and much bigger than Reilly, with quite a few more holes in her face and ears than she was most likely born with.

"Well if it isn't Miss…as in ‘missing' Reilly Fredericks," the large woman bellowed, "Shit girl, where you been?"

Reilly smiled and felt Tia come up beside her, "I've been around. It's been a hell of a summer. How you doing Amy?"

"Same old, same old," the redhead replied, "Who are your friends?"

Reilly turned to the group and introduced everyone. Amy smiled and asked them all what they'd like to drink. None of them were really in the mood for alcohol, so they all ordered water and sat at the bar for a long time just chatting with Amy and talking about the bar. Another hour passed and more people started filtering in. Each of the people Reilly knew, the young woman greeted and hugged. Most of them had asked the same question Amy had, wanting to know where she'd been. As the seemingly endless throng of familiar faces drew Reilly's attention, Tia felt herself starting to get a little jealous. Most of the ‘friends' that had greeted her young roommate were women who had no qualms whatsoever about staring openly and lecherously at Reilly as if contemplating what she would be like for dinner. Reilly took all the attention in stride, but never strayed to far from Tia's side, which made the professor feel a little bit better.

Kelly and Becky were having a great time as they continued to chat off and on with Amy and other patrons at the bar. The two lawyers loved the atmosphere of the tiny bar and for the most part the people were friendly and very cordial. At one point in the evening, someone fired up the jukebox that stood in the corner, much to the delight of everyone and soon tables had been pushed to the side to make way for some dancing.

Tia, Becky, and Kelly managed to drag a very reluctant Reilly onto the makeshift dance floor. The four of them danced to several songs, each taking turns pairing off to dance to the fast, upbeat music. Tia was having a great time although she was still a bit annoyed at the couple of women who seemed to have taken an interest in her roommate. During one song in particular, she thought she was going to scream when a small, tight blonde came up behind Reilly while she was dancing with Becky and started to rub herself sensuously against Reilly's backside. Fortunately, the young woman was averse to the attention and moved swiftly away to dance beside her cousin.

After several songs, the four women were hot and thirsty so they made their way to a table and ordered some more water, which Tia offered to get. Kelly and Becky excused themselves to the bathroom, leaving Reilly to sit at the table and take in the scene. The young woman was feeling light and happy. The evening had been perfect so far and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Tia was completely comfortable in her surroundings and had even danced a few times with Reilly out on the dance floor. The young woman let a sweet smile cross her lips at the memory of Tia's body brushing against hers. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the figure that approached her until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Thinking that it was one of her friends, she turned around and immediately the smile faded.

"Hello Reilly," Maggie's low voice practically sneered, "I see you've decided to go slumming tonight."

"Maggie, you were served with papers…you can't come within five hundred feet of me and I know this place isn't that big so why don't you leave."

Her ex lover sat down across from her and replied, "This is a public place, Reilly. I can be here if I want to be here."

"That seat's taken," Reilly almost growled, "I suggest you find another place to sit."

"Now, calm down, I just want to talk to you."

"I've told you before that I have nothing to say to, Maggie. Just leave me alone. My friends will be back in a minute."

"You're friends will just have to wait, I have a few things to say to you."


Kelly and Becky came back from the bathroom and intercepted Tia as she was making her way back to the table. Kelly had noticed the brunette sitting at the table with her cousin and didn't like the look that she was giving Reilly.

"Hey T," Kelly greeted her friend then indicated the table, "Do you know who that is sitting with Reilly?"

Tia stood on her tiptoes to try to see through the crowd and when she caught sight of Maggie she scowled deeply.

"Shit," the professor cursed, "Guys promise me you won't go ballistic?"

Kelly and Becky looked at each other in confusion then glanced back at Tia waiting for an explanation.

The professor sighed, "That's Maggie."

Kelly's eyes darkened and Becky's body went rigid. They both turned their heads back toward Reilly.

"Guys," Tia tried to calm them, "Relax, we are in a very public place and Reilly can handle her. Just calm down."

"Don't worry, Tia, we'll behave as long as that bitch does," Becky promised, "But if she so much as blinks an eyelash the wrong way, I'm going to drag her out of here and beat the shit out of her."

"And I will gladly pay her bail money," Kelly added.

Tia smiled at her friends, "Okay, I get the picture. Let's just get over there and see if we can't scare her off before you two end up in jail."


Reilly saw her friends moving toward the table from over Maggie's shoulder and sighed. She honestly wasn't sure if she was relieved or nervous about the prospect of her cousins meeting Maggie and one glance at Kelly's face answered that question. The blonde's jaw was set and clenching, her eyes flashing making Reilly pray that her ex-lover wasn't stupid enough to antagonize the angry woman further.

"Maggie, my friends are coming back over here, please just leave me alone."

The brunette turned her head to see who was approaching. Two blondes and Reilly's friend Tia were making their way through the throng of people and none of them looked happy.

"Well doesn't that just figure," Maggie sneered, "I had a feeling something was going with you and that bitch, Tia."

"Of for crying out loud, Maggie," Reilly sounded exasperated, "Pull your head out of your ass. There was and is nothing going on with Tia and me. We're just friends."

"We'll see," she answered and waited for the group to approach.

Reilly shot a look over Maggie's shoulder and hoped that Tia would understand. The professor did, indeed, recognize the uncomfortable, panicked look on Reilly's face and held up a hand to stop their progress toward the table. Tia pulled Kelly and Becky closer to her and spoke to them for a few minutes. Reilly watched confused as the professor explained something to them and they nodded their heads. When they started walking toward the table again, Reilly was a little nervous at seeing the devilish look on Kelly's face the wink that Tia shot her. All of this happened while Maggie continued to glare across the table at the young woman.

The group approached from behind Maggie and Becky wrapped an arm around Tia's shoulders and led her to a chair next to Reilly and pulled the professor into her lap. Reilly did a double take at when she saw the professor in her cousin's lap but didn't have time to process it before Kelly pulled a chair closer to her and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Hi sweetie," the tall blonde lawyer said cheerfully, "Sorry it took us so long this place is getting really crowded."

Kelly turned her attention to Maggie and asked, "Oh, hello. I'm sorry, I hope we didn't interrupt…I just couldn't wait to get back to Reilly."

Reilly caught on to what her friends were doing and swallowed a laugh before she spoke, "Um, I'm sorry I should have introduced you…this is Maggie. Maggie, you already know Tia and this is her…um…friend Becky. This lovely lady sitting next to me is Kelly."

Kelly wrapped an arm around Reilly's shoulder, "Hi."

Maggie's face had gone a deep shade of red and the pulse point on her neck was beating wildly. The short brunette leaned forward and plastered a fake smile on her face as she addressed Kelly.

"Hello…Kelly was it?" Maggie waited for Kelly to nod before continuing, "I'm very glad to meet you, but could I ask a favor?"

A slow song started to play and Becky and Tia excused themselves to the dance floor, neither of them able to contain their mirth any longer at the bewildered and angry look on Maggie's face. Kelly cocked her head to the side as if listening to the song then grinned widely.

"I'm sorry Maggie, but I love this song," Kelly apologized sweetly then turned to Reilly, "Sweetie, please dance with me."

The young woman smiled indulgently and nodded as she stood, holding out a hand for Kelly.

The lawyer took the offered hand and turned to Maggie, "I'm sorry, we'll be right back. I've got to dance with my girl."

Reilly nearly lost it on the spot and gratefully followed the lawyer to the dance floor leaving Maggie to stare after them with a murderous glare.

Kelly and Reilly joined Becky and Tia on the dance floor, faced each other and began to sway gently to the music. The taller lawyer wrapped her arms around Reilly's neck and pulled her close.

Reilly chuckled in her friend's ear as she led her around the floor and asked, "What the hell are you three doing?"

Kelly laughed, "We're saving your ass, preventing me and Becky from going to jail, and having one hell of a good time…God, did you see the look on her face, that was priceless."

"So essentially we've swapped dates?" Reilly asked and peeked at Tia and Becky over Kelly's shoulder. Tia was resting her head on Becky's shoulder and chuckling softly. The young woman wished that it were her shoulder that was cradling the dark head and feeling Tia's body pressing against hers.

Kelly tapped her friend on the back, drawing Reilly's attention away from the other two women.

"I think your ex wants to cut in," Kelly whispered.

Reilly spun Kelly around and saw Maggie moving toward them with an angry, determined gait.

"Shit," Reilly muttered, "Any more bright ideas genius?"

Kelly grinned wickedly, "Just one…do you trust me?"

Reilly looked at her friend in confusion and replied hesitantly, "Yes."

"Then just go with it," Kelly whispered. The blonde cupped Reilly's face in her hands and very slowly started to kiss her. Reilly was shocked for a moment then gave into the kiss and responded, pulling the blonde closer. By all accounts, it was a very chaste kiss, but it served its purpose well.

Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, any threat or comment dying on her lips at the scene before her. The brunette was beyond angry at that point. She wanted desperately to pound on the annoying blonde woman and reclaim Reilly, but somewhere in her demented mind, she realized that she was probably going to end up in jail or worse if she pushed the issue. With a growl, she turned away from the two women and stalked through the bar and out the door.

Kelly felt a tap on her shoulder when Maggie passed into the night and broke away from Reilly's lips, turning to find her wife looking at her with a look of amusement and surprise. She glanced at Tia and found a similar expression, but directed at Reilly and not her.

"Uh, hi honey," the blonde said, stepping away from Reilly, "I uh…I mean."

"Relax Kel," Becky replied, "As long as you promise me you didn't enjoy that, I won't drag Reilly's scrawny ass out of here and kick it."

Reilly's eyes almost bugged out, "Me? That was totally her idea."

Becky raised an eyebrow at her cousin and was about to comment when Kelly grabbed her and kissed her soundly. The stunned woman responded after a moment and returned the passionate embrace. Tia took the opportunity to talk to her roommate.

"That was interesting," the professor teased.

"The kiss or your little plan to drive Maggie…and me…insane?" Reilly replied.

"Um, both?" Tia answered with a chagrinned look.

Reilly laughed, "Tia that was actually kind of fun…not the part where I kissed my cousin's wife of course, but attempting to make Maggie spontaneously combust."

"She did look a bit perturbed," the professor agreed, joining in Reilly's laughter.

Becky and Kelly had ended their kiss, but were still locked tightly around each other as another slow song started to play. Reilly snaked a long arm around Tia's waist and bent to whisper in her ear.

"Would you dance with me?"

Tia faced her young friend and nodded her head then wrapped her arms around the strong neck just as Kelly had done a few minutes before.

The pair didn't even hear the music as they held each other. As Reilly had wished earlier, Tia's head rested on her shoulder and the professor's thighs brushed against hers as the moved across the floor. The young woman's heart was near bursting. Her chin was resting atop Tia's head and both of them had their eyes closed. They continued like that for several moments, simply enjoying being close to each other.

Tia wasn't even sure her feet were on the floor as she held onto her friend and let the tall woman lead her around the floor. She could hear Reilly's heart beat gently pounding in her ear from where her cheek rested against the broad shoulder. The professor reveled in the feeling of Reilly's body moving with hers and hoped that the song would just go on for hours. Feeling Reilly loosen the hold on her waist, Tia looked up to see golden eyes staring at her love and desire.

"Tia," Reilly said in a low voice, "Can I ask you something?"

Tia nodded and smiled.

The young woman found her courage and asked, "May I kiss you?"

The professor almost swallowed her tongue and felt her heart swell with emotion at the innocent, hopeful tone with which Reilly had spoken. Tightening her arms to pull Reilly closer the professor grinned shyly and whispered, "Please."

The young woman bent her head and closed the distance between them. Slowly, she brought her lips to Tia's and gently tasted what she'd been wanting for so long. The noise, the chatter, the people and even the music faded from their consciousness as the two women deepened their kiss. Tentatively, they brushed their tongues against the other, eliciting a quiet moan from both of them. After several moments of sweet exploration, Reilly pulled away and stared at the woman in her arms. Hoping with every beat of her heart that Tia wouldn't regret what they'd just shared.

The professor opened her eyes when she felt Reilly pull away and stared once again into the deep brown eyes that she loved so much. Before she could say a word, Reilly spoke.

"Are you okay?" the young woman asked hesitantly.

Tia smiled sweetly, "I have never been better."

"Are you sure?"

Tia chuckled, "Maybe you'd better do that again to make sure."

Reilly grinned from ear to ear. She bent her head to taste Tia's lips again when the song ended and her cousins walked over to them.

"Now I know that wasn't part of the plan," Kelly teased but wore a wide, bright smile.

Tia turned in Reilly's embrace, but the young woman kept her arms around the slender waist.

"I can't let you have all the fun," Tia replied and shared a wink with Becky, "Besides, I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

Reilly hugged the professor and grinned at Kelly who nodded her head in approval.

"Well," Becky piped up, "I think it's time we packed up this party. I called Sue when we went to the bathroom and she said that the kids were already in bed asleep. She said we could just pick them up tomorrow so why don't we get out of here."

The rest of the group agreed so they stopped to say goodbye to Reilly's bartender friend then the four of them walked out into the night each holding onto the woman who held her heart.


Kelly and Becky fell asleep during the ride back to the house. Tia and Reilly chatted quietly as they drove, never letting go of the other's hand. The professor felt utterly ridiculous and deliriously happy because of the feelings coursing through her body. She felt like a teenager with a crush, but she knew it was much more than that. After two years, she had finally taken the leash off her desires and not only allowed Reilly to kiss her, but had responded in kind. She knew there was probably a lot for them to talk about, but in that moment when she'd kissed Reilly on that dance floor in front of God and everyone, the details didn't seem to matter.

Kelly woke up as Reilly pulled the car into the driveway and shut off the engine. The tall lawyer kissed her wife gently to wake her up then led her sleepy partner through the front door that Tia unlocked then up the stairs to their room, bidding their friends goodnight. Reilly and Tia each blew their tall friend a kiss then headed to their own room. As they changed clothes, both women were suddenly very nervous. Reilly wasn't sure how her friend would react to sleeping next to her and Tia was wondering how she was going to control her desires with Reilly right next to her in the bed. After they had changed, both women stood in the center of the room, alternating between staring at each other and the bed.

Finally Tia spoke, "Reilly, it's okay if you aren't comfortable being in here."

"No, it's not that…I just didn't know how you would feel about us sleeping here after I kissed you."

Tia smiled at her friend's devastingly charming sincerity, "Sweetheart, I promise you that I wanted you to kiss me…hell I've been dreaming about it for a long time."

Reilly blinked, "You have?"

Tia strode up to the young woman and wrapped her arms around the broad shoulders once again. She stared deeply into Reilly's eyes.

"Reilly Fredericks, you are a very beautiful, charming person. I think that any chance I had of not being attracted to you flew right out the window that one day in anatomy lab."

The young woman smiled and brushed Tia's cheek with her fingertips, "I know what you mean. I feel like an ass for saying this because I with Maggie at the time, but I was attracted to you the first time I saw you. You are very beautiful, Tia."

Tia closed her eyes and leaned into Reilly's touch. The young woman watched in fascination as Tia moved her cheek against her palm. Slowly, Reilly bent her head and kissed the small woman again. This time the exploration was just as sweet, but ignited a flame of passion in both women. Placing her hands on Tia's hips, the tall brunette pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Lips and tongues danced across one another bringing soft moans and whimpers to float across the otherwise silent room.

Neither of them was sure exactly how they ended up on the bed, but neither of them cared as Reilly gently laid Tia across the mattress. The connection of their lips was broken only once when Reilly crawled across the smaller body to turn off the bedside lamp, thrusting the room into darkness. With unerring accuracy the younger woman found Tia's lips again and set her desires free.

Tia threaded her fingers through Reilly's soft hair and pulled the woman into a deep, crushing kiss. The professor's body was on fire and she couldn't get enough of the woman poised above her. As the intensity between them rose, Reilly lowered her body to rest fully atop Tia's. Their breasts brushed against each other through the fabric of their shirts causing both women to growl with desire.

Slowly, Tia's hands snaked up the back of Reilly's tank top and short fingernails trailed across the smooth skin and rippling muscles of the younger woman's back. The smaller woman continued to pull the shirt up and she smiled when Reilly broke off their kiss to remove the barrier. Tia stared wantonly at the generous breasts that were revealed to her and wasted no time in cupping the firm mounds in her small hands. Reilly gasped at the contact and stiffened for a moment.

"Are you okay?" Tia managed to whisper and took her hands away, "If this is too much we can stop."

Reilly's breathing had become a bit ragged, but she answered, "I'm okay. It's just that it's been a long time. This is pretty intense."

Tia raised her hand to brush Reilly's cheek, "I understand sweetheart. It's pretty overwhelming for me too and if you want to stop it's okay. I don't ever want to hurt you, Reilly."

The young woman felt tears sting her eyes and kissed Tia again then whispered, "I love you, Tia. I have loved you for so long."

Tia's heart soared, "I love you too, honey. More than you will ever know."

Reilly stared into Tia's eyes and slid a hand up the front of the smaller woman's shirt, feeling the smooth skin of her abdomen.

"Tia," Reilly whispered, "May I please make love to you?"

Tia snaked an arm around Reilly's neck and pulled her head down. Before their lips met Tia whispered, just as she had on the dance floor, "Please."

The two women kissed and an explosion of heat and passion ripped through both of them. Reilly continued to stroke Tia's belly with her fingertips and gradually worked her way up to cup the professor's pert breast. When Tia arched her back to encourage the contact, Reilly pulled the shirt up and over the woman's head then gently laid down, causing their skin to contact for the first time. The young woman left Tia's lips to blaze a trail down the professor's jaw and along her neck. Tia grasped Reilly's shoulders and threw her head back to allow her lover better access.

A shiver ran through Reilly's body when she felt Tia slide a muscular thigh between her legs and start a slow rocking motion with her hips. The younger woman pressed her own leg against Tia's center and smiled when the professor gasped. Steadily, Reilly worked her way with lips and tongue down Tia's neck and collarbone. She nipped at the soft skin of Tia's breast and felt Tia's hands in her hair, guiding her to erect, pink flesh of her aching nipple.

The young woman brought a hand up to fondle Tia's other breast while her mouth went to work on the other. The rocking of Tia's hips kept cadence with Reilly's suckling and soon both women were panting with need. Reilly's switched to lavish attention to the other breast, while Tia started a sweet torture of her own by reaching between their bodies to pinch and rub Reilly's own sensitive nub.

"Oh God," the small professor moaned quietly as Reilly increased the flicking motion of her tongue across her swollen nipple. The professor's passion was rising quickly and she almost cried out when she felt Reilly gently tugging at the waist of her shorts and began lowering them. The pressure of clothing was too much for the highly aroused woman so she quickly flipped Reilly over and removed the garment and her panties, leaving her naked and ready for Reilly's touch.

The younger woman grinned when Tia threw her clothing to the side. She watched the gentle bounce of Tia's breast and let her gaze blaze a trail down the professor's torso to the patch of neatly cropped hair that covered her soon-to-be lover's true desire.

Tia was too aroused to wait any longer to feel all of the younger woman so she tugged on Reilly's shorts and grinned when Reilly obediently lifted her hips, allowing her to remove her clothes. As Reilly had done with her, the professor took a moment to peruse the naked body of the woman laying on her back and felt her heart rate pick up a little more when her gaze fell to the junction of the tall woman's legs.

Reilly sat up and pulled Tia onto her lap. Both women gasped as their bodies finally made full, naked contact. The young woman feasted once again on Tia's breasts and moaned when she felt the evidence of the small woman's arousal coating her lower abdomen.

"Dear Lord," Reilly whispered around an erect nipple, "You are so beautiful."

Tia was finding breathing a bit difficult with the assault of Reilly's mouth and hands on her body, but managed to choke out, "Please, Reilly. Make love to me, please."

The younger woman didn't need any other invitation. She gently laid the smaller woman on her back and slid a strong thigh between Tia's spread legs. Once again, she captured willing lips with her own and felt Tia start to rock her hips against the firm muscle of her thigh. As Reilly once again made her way down Tia's jaw and neck, the young woman slid her hand down the professor's side and came to rest just above the dark patch of hair. She lifted her head from Tia's collarbone and looked at her in question. In her state of arousal, Tia could only nod and hold her breath as Reilly slid her hand the rest of the way down and separated her outer folds with her middle finger. Both women gasped at the same time when Reilly's finger started to wander across the smooth, slick tissue and gently manipulate the pulsing bundle of nerves.

Tia's hips took on a rhythm of their own as Reilly moved across her sensitive flesh. The professor was panting and writhing under the passionate assault and cried out softly when Reilly once again captured her sensitive nipple. Tia let her hands roam all across Reilly's broad, muscular back and bent her knee to bring her own thigh into contact with her young lover's hot, wet core.

Reilly continued her gentle ministrations on Tia's center and pressed her own rhythmically against Tia's thigh. The professor's moans and whimpers were sending her own desires through the roof and she decided that she needed to be inside the small woman. She worked her fingers down the length of Tia's sex and paused for a moment at the professor's opening.

Tia felt Reilly hesitate and gasped loudly, "Please, Reilly. Please I need you inside me."

The young woman kissed Tia hard and at the same moment that her tongue thrust into the professor's mouth, she slid two fingers into Tia, feeling the soft tissue contract immediately. Tia tore her mouth away from Reilly's and arched her back, pulling the young woman deeper inside her.

"Yes, Reilly…Oh God," Tia panted, the rocking of her hips keeping time with Reilly's gentle thrusts.

The young woman continued to slide in and out of her lover and felt the need to completely connect with Tia. Slowly she kissed her way down Tia's body, never stopping the pumping of her hand and brought her lips to rest just above the woman's pubic bone. This time she didn't stop to question; she simply let her desires take over. With precision, the young woman settled between Tia's legs and separated her lips with her tongue.

"Oh," Tia gasped and immediately spread her legs wider. Her fingers tangled in Reilly's hair, her hips taking on an almost frantic rocking as Reilly lapped up her passion.

"Pleas Reilly, I need…more," Tia panted.

The younger woman pulled her fingers from their warm haven and pulled Tia's swollen bundle of nerves firmly between her lips as she slid three fingers into her lover.

In a matter of seconds, Tia's body went rigid and loud scream erupted from her throat. Reilly kept up the motion of her fingers and continued to suckle the smooth flesh as if she were a newborn taking her first sustenance from her mother. Tia screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her. She trembled with the force of the aftershocks and finally lay still, gasping for air and clawing gently at Reilly's shoulders, silently asking the young woman to hold her.

Reilly slipped her fingers from Tia's slick canal and gave the pink flesh before her a final kiss before she crawled up and lay down beside the spent woman. Tia rolled to her side and buried her face in Reilly's neck, snuggling as close as she could. The young woman kissed her sweat soaked forehead and whispered words of love as the woman in her arms struggled to regain her composure.

"Are you okay?'' Reilly asked as Tia's breathing returned to normal.

Tia gently snorted, "Am I okay? Jesus, Reilly that was amazing."

Reilly smiled brightly, "Are you sure? I didn't hurt you did I?"

Tia propped herself up on one elbow and looked at her young lover with unfailing love, "No, love you didn't hurt me. Quite the contrary, I feel fabulous."

"I love you," Reilly said with a grin, "God, it feels so good to finally say that."

Tia returned the sentiment and bent her head to kiss Reilly's full lips. Her spent libido started to get a second wind as she tasted herself on the young woman's lips and she couldn't wait any longer to feel Reilly moving and moaning beneath her.

"My turn," the professor whispered as she broke the kiss and started to blaze a trail across Reilly's strong jaw. She nipped and licked the delicate flesh of the young woman's neck and smiled when Reilly squirmed a bit.

"I forgot you were ticklish there," the professor said with a grin, "I'll try to be more careful."

Reilly chuckled, but quickly felt her breathing increase as Tia made her way across her collar bone and down to her breast. The young woman couldn't stop the moan that floated from her lips and arched her back bringing her generous mounds closer to Tia's exploring lips.

Tia wasted no time in lavishing attention on Reilly's breasts. She used her hands, lips, teeth and tongue to bring each one of Reilly's aching nipples to almost painful erection, causing the younger woman to pant with desire. Just as Reilly had done, she slowly moved her hand down the young woman's side and spent a moment running her hand across the tight flesh of Reilly's backside before moving it between the young woman's legs. Quickly she dipped her finger between the folds of Reilly's core and started her own sweet torture. The young woman's hips rose of their own accord when Tia brushed across her swollen nub and grasped frantically at the smaller woman, trying to convey her need for release. Tia understood the message, but continued to softly stroke her lover…wanting to prolong the experience.

"God, Tia please," Reilly begged causing the professor to smile around the nipple between her lips. She increased the pressure of her fingers, causing Reilly to rock her hips faster. Very slowly, Tia kissed and licked down Reilly's defined abdomen, exploring the ridges of the defined muscles. The professor then placed her body between Reilly's legs and lifted the young woman's legs. Reilly was frantic with need and had to bite her lip hard to prevent the orgasm from ripping her apart before she could feel Tia inside her. The professor wasted no time in tasting the young woman. A small tremor started at Tia's own center, threatening to send her over the edge again, but she kept at her task. She was determined to bring her young lover crashing over the edge of pleasure. The professor used her lips to suckle the pulsing bundle of nerves then glided her tongue down to dip into Reilly's hot core then back up. Tia couldn't wait any longer to posses Reilly completely, gently she brushed her fingers through the wetness coating them with Reilly's essence then gradually pushed two of them into the warm canal. Reilly grasped Tia's other hand tightly and arched her back. After only a few pushes and a hard pull at her clit, Reilly went rigid as her body exploded. She closed her eyes tightly and saw an explosion of color and light. Once, twice, three times her body shook with the force of her release and finally Tia released her nerve center and slid her fingers from their haven. The small woman crawled up Reilly's still trembling body and laid her head on Reilly's heaving chest.

For several moments neither of them spoke. Reilly's breathing eventually evened out and she grasped Tia tightly to her. With her free hand, the young woman wiped away the tears the coursed down her cheeks.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?" Tia asked and maneuvered her body on top of Reilly's so she could look at the tall woman's face.

Reilly nodded her head and kissed the professor tenderly.

When they separated the young woman tucked Tia's head under her chin and sighed heavily.

Tia smiled against the skin covering Reilly's collarbone and asked, "Rei, are you going to say anything? Are you okay?"

Reilly kissed Tia's head before responding, "Tia, honey, as soon as my brain starts to function again, I will be happy to talk to you.''

Tia laughed and hugged the woman tighter, "That's exactly how I felt a just a few minutes ago."

"Tia thank you so much," Reilly's voice caught as the tears started again, "It's been a long time since…"

"Sh, sweetie…I know. It's okay. Thank you so much for letting me love you."

"I love you so much," Reilly choked out, "So very much. I've known for a long time that I loved you, but I was afraid to say anything. I didn't want to make a mistake?"

Tia slid to Reilly's side and raised her head to look at her young lover, "What mistake, honey? Do you regret this?"

"Oh no, Tia," Reilly's voice was apologetic, "No, I wasn't afraid I'd regret it…I just didn't think that you could ever feel this way about me."

"Because you're a woman?" Tia asked, trying to understand.

"Partly," Reilly answered honestly, "I mean, I knew you felt comfortable with me and didn't give a damn that I'm gay, but I didn't know how you'd feel if you knew how I felt. The other reason I was afraid is because I didn't want what happened to me and Maggie to happen to you…I love you so much."

Tia cupped Reilly's cheek and held it in place so she could stare into Reilly's soulful eyes, "Reilly, I want you to listen to me and believe me. I have been falling for you for years. Even if I had not been with another woman before you, I think I still would have loved you and been attracted to you. And all this time I kept my mouth shut about how I felt about you, because I was afraid of hurting you. You've been through so much and I wasn't sure if I would be enough to help heal those wounds. I love you, Reilly Fredericks. And regardless of what happened in either of our pasts, we are together here and now."

Reilly rolled the professor onto her back and kissed her deeply and passionately. No more words were spoken as the night wore on. The two women shared their bodies over again and near dawn, they slipped into sleep with their bare bodies wrapped tightly together and their hearts full of love and hope.

Late in the morning, the two new lovers finally made their way downstairs after another bout of lovemaking and a joint shower. Both of them were a little nervous about seeing their friends after the previous night, but were prepared to endure plenty of teasing for the amount of noise they made.

After searching the living room, the kitchen, the gym and the pair's bedroom, Tia and Reilly looked at each other in confusion when they couldn't find Becky or Kelly anywhere. Tia went to the window and noticed that the couple's rental car was missing and glanced at the front door where a note had been taped. Reilly noticed it too and slowly pulled it off the door and read it.

The young woman's face flushed a bright color causing Tia to walk to her with a smile on her face and take the note out of her hand. The professor chuckled and patted Reilly's cheek as she began to read.

Dear Reilly and Tia,

Way to go girls! It's about damn time you figured it all out. We're sorry to leave before we really get to tease you like you did us yesterday, but unfortunately we had to go pick up the kids and head over to her my sister's house for some pre-wedding stuff. We should be back in time for dinner, but we'll call ahead to make sure that Tristan and Sierra don't see or hear something that would surely necessitate having the birds and the birds talk way to early in their lives.

In case you are worried Rei, rest assure that we didn't hear much last night. Becky decided that hearing her little cousin in the throes of passion would scar her for the rest of her life so we slept in the kids' bed last night…much to my displeasure. I was looking forward to giving you a good dose of hell like you gave me yesterday. Anyway, have a good day you two and don't forget to keep hydrating yourselves…you don't want to get dehydrated.

We love you and we'll see you later.


Kelly and Becky

The professor was blushing just as hard as Reilly was and both of them laughed long and hard at Kelly's teasing.

"I am going to kick her ass when she gets back here," Reilly said as her laughter died down.

"Not if I get to her first," Tia threatened, "Like she has any room to talk."

Reilly walked over the couch and sat down, still chuckling. Tia followed, waiting until the younger woman was seated before she put the note on the coffee table and moved to straddle Reilly's thighs. The tall woman grinned and gently cupped Tia's backside while the older woman settled herself.

"What time is it?" Tia asked then kissed her young lover gently.

Reilly smiled into the kiss and answered, "I have no idea why?"

"Well," Tia began, "I think that it is still before noon."

"Uh huh," Reilly muttered, distracted by Tia's gently assault on her neck.

"And I think," the professor flicked her tongue across Reilly's ear, "That we have plenty of time before your cousins and the kids get home."

One of Reilly's dark eyebrows raised in question, "You may be right…what do you think we should do?"

Tia chuckled and started rocking her hips slowly, "I think we should grab some water and go back to bed…we're gonna need it."

"I think you're right," Reilly said the grasped Tia's firm globes tightly in her hands and stood up. The small woman wrapped her legs around Reilly's waist and kissed her hard. The young woman almost stumbled but managed to make her way into the kitchen without dropping her precious bundle. She set Tia on the counter and kissed her quickly before grabbing two bottles of water out of the refrigerator. The young woman handed the bottles to Tia and once again lifted her. Reilly was intent on taking her lover back up to the bed, but Tia apparently didn't want to wait. When the young woman stepped between her legs to pick her up again, Tia pulled her close and kissed with passionate abandon. The water bottles fell to the floor but neither woman noticed. Reilly quickly pulled her shirt off and did the same for Tia. Neither of them had bothered with bras so they instantly started fondling each other as with an almost frantic need. The younger woman yanked Tia's shorts and panties off in one fluid motion. She bent to kiss her way down Tia's neck and chest. The young woman captured a pink nipple between her lips and sucked hard causing Tia to gasp loudly then did the same to the other breast. She continued on her way and pulled Tia's hips to the edge of the counter and knelt. Tia rested her legs on Reilly's shoulders, allowing the taller woman to support and screamed when Reilly's mouth enveloped her center. She rocked her hips against the younger woman's face and moaned loudly as Reilly entered her…first with her tongue then with two long fingers. Thrusting her fingers and flicking her tongue across the hot bundle of nerves, Reilly felt Tia's body start go rigid and wrapped a long arm around the professor's waist to support her as the orgasm ripped through her body. Tia leaned back on her hands and screamed Reilly's name, her body humming and trembling. When the wave passed, the professor let her body go limp and slide down off the counter into Reilly's waiting arms. The young woman pulled her into her lap and kissed her for a few sweet minutes then hugged the woman tightly.

"Wow," Tia sighed into Reilly's shoulder, "I definitely think I need that water now."

Reilly chuckled and reached behind her to pick up one of the forgotten bottles of water and handed it the woman in her arms. Tia took a long pull of the sweet, cool liquid then offered some to her lover. Reilly took a drink herself then wrapped her arms around the woman again.

"We didn't quite make it to the bedroom, Rei." Tia said with a chuckle.

"I couldn't wait that long, you are just too damned cute," Reilly replied and tickled her friend lightly causing Tia to squirm.

"Want to try that again?" the professor asked after a few moments.

"Absolutely," Reilly replied, "I figure we'll make it as far as the living room before we need to go again, but at least we'll be making progress toward the bed."

Both women laughed and pulled themselves up off the floor. They did manage to make it all the way back to Tia's bedroom and spent the rest of the day making love and chatting while rested in each other's arms…their hearts finally free and ready to bound to each other.

To be continued

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