DISCLAIMER: This story is a very short Uber romance.  The characters of this little blip may bear a slight resemblance to certain characters found on a show that is copyrighted by MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.  As far as I know, all my characters are original and are copyright Kelly Aten.  I don't want to step on any toes, just write. Thanks for the inspiration.


LANGUAGE: English (that's bad enough)

SEX: Nope, just heat and … oh yeah, hunger!

UNDERAGE WARNING: Heh, I'm definitely old enough but that won't be necessary for this story.

PERSONAL NOTE: None, you don't really want me to get personal do you? 

Heat and Hunger
By K Aten




You show up at four in the morning in monochrome black boots and a one-piece jumpsuit. You smile at me and I notice the tantalizing skin revealed by the open zipper. I think you may be cold and I know you're beautiful; my mouth waters. Finally, a woman I could fall in love with. You order black coffee and blackberry pie and I chalk it up to the foul weather. It puts me in a black mood too. As a gift, I serve your coffee with a sweet smile instead of sugar. The pie is warm and lonely on the white plate; I feel like that pie. I'm getting warmer by the minute and I know I want your mouth on me. I laugh to myself as I walk away. A short while later, the jingle of the door and a cold blast of air tell me my relief is here. But when I look up, I give a startled yelp. My warm green eyes meet with glacier blue. I guess you want to pay your bill. When our hands meet over the change, the heat I feel makes me gasp and shiver. I understand now how you can just walk out into the swirling snow without a coat. You are more than hot. The departing smile you send my way leave me more than hot too. I go into the back and gather my things, leaving off the jacket. I think I'll walk home.


Months later I'm at my apartment, pacing and sweating. My t-shirt and shorts cling to my body and I shiver. I feel like I have a fever, or the flu, and you're my antibiotic. But I never saw you again. You never came back and now I feel like I'm burning from within. Months ago, your touch ignited a hunger inside me. I sigh and run my hands through short blonde hair; I need a cut. I'm hot, and for the first time in my life, I'm truly lonely. Making a quick decision, I put on my hiking boots and head for a café down the street. It's spring but not warm yet and I welcome the breeze. I decide, before I even arrive, to order an iced latte and maybe a piece of pie. When I walk through the door, the morning crowd takes me by surprise. I manage to find a small table in the corner, at the edge of all the chaos. The man next to me is reading a newspaper and I steal a glance at the date. I blink my surprise realizing its Saturday and I've never been in this café before. Out of the corner of my eye I see black slacks with an orange apron heading my way. I look up to order, and it's you. My green eyes meet your blue and, in an instant, I melt. Suddenly, I'm starving. In a loud whisper I ask for black coffee and a piece of blackberry pie, never having looked at the menu. You nod, smile, and walk away. Two lifetimes later, you return. You're carrying an iced latte, and the pie has a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream on top. The plate is black. I raise my eyebrow and you shrug, giving me a sweet smile. 'You look hot' is the only answer I get. I shiver and return the smile. In this instant of clarity, I'm aware of two things: You know, and I'm ready to feed my hunger.

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